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Dad VS Daughter Gymnastics Challenge| Rachel Marie

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Happy Father's Day to all the amazing fathers out there! My dad and I celebrated father's day with a gymnastics/strength competition! Who is stronger? Rachel or her dad? 4 different challenges ~Leg Lifts~ ~Dips~ ~Panel Mat Race~ ~ Handstand~ Leave a comment letting me know who you think really won this competition!! Maybe next time I can get my dad to try girls gymnastics!! Vault, Bars, Beam, and Floor? ~Like & Subscribe~ Follow coach Rachel on Instagram @Rachelmariesgg I post Family Friendly videos every Saturday - so be sure to subscribe and hit that notification bell to be notified when I post. I also have a new channel that just started - You should go check it out. Ultimate Gymnasts https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW3G2XfMS5C4Rgter2G40kA
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Text Comments (1271)
Rachel Marie (5 months ago)
I look a lot like my dad!! Who do you look more like? Your mom or dad?
Natalie Jones (3 days ago)
Rachel Marie my
milestone donaldson (6 days ago)
Taehyung Is My Husband (19 days ago)
My mom
Kylea Brown (28 days ago)
I look way more like my dad
Emily Sin (1 day ago)
Well done Rachel and dad
Nasim Bi (1 day ago)
The choc
Cliff Charmant (2 days ago)
I’m a girl and I look like my mom I’m on my brother account sorry😐
Julie James (2 days ago)
Rachel’s dad wins because of his strength
Anganathi Dano (2 days ago)
I look like my dad thanks for saying that Rachel
Heidi North (3 days ago)
milestone donaldson (6 days ago)
milestone donaldson (6 days ago)
Rachel qon
Chrisooo1000 (7 days ago)
Rachel won because of efoort
Brookie Doodle (8 days ago)
I think that your dad won because I was not expecting a tie. I also look more like my mom.
Lexi loves band (9 days ago)
Rachel won
daniel hutton (10 days ago)
Leonard Wong (11 days ago)
Come on..... Is this even fair? Girl you sure are crazy competitive! Sheesh! Embarrassing your old man like that. Give your dad some face. He raised you well. So nice to see a family working n playing together.
lisa gould (11 days ago)
Brandon Munnik (11 days ago)
The girl
Trista Mendietta (12 days ago)
Angel Wroten (14 days ago)
Dad should win
Rachel wins, like if you agree!
Anne Kathurima (18 days ago)
Unicorn Squad (18 days ago)
Rachel won
Na'ima Washington (20 days ago)
Rachel sure win 😍❤️😘
DiKy (20 days ago)
The dad
one girl one world (22 days ago)
ur dad for fathers day! ik I'm late lol
Alyssa Tucker (22 days ago)
You dad has to use a wall and that's not fair I could hold a handstand for 20 seconds he is older and he should at lease try
Megan Nelson (22 days ago)
I think Rachel won because of the hand stand that was good
Lily Mastin (23 days ago)
Rachel wins because she didn’t use a wall matt
Elle Belly (23 days ago)
The father
Kayleigh Heard (24 days ago)
Rachel won
Amber Parker (25 days ago)
Mackenzie Burns (26 days ago)
Dad won
sierraisciara MSP (27 days ago)
I’m selling replay buttons 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00
Kylea Brown (28 days ago)
Rachel won!!😊😊😊
Angelina's world (28 days ago)
Dad won
Angelina's world (28 days ago)
EMMA SCOTT (29 days ago)
Just the fact that your dad can do all that, he should win!!!
R.L. Angus (29 days ago)
I look ALMOST exactly like my mom
Mattie Hodges (29 days ago)
I'm pretty but I think Rachel won.
Anitra Blankenship (1 month ago)
Rachel wins!
Clara Bromfield (1 month ago)
Anthony Braxton (1 month ago)
Rachel Marie
Leah Earle_amazing13 (1 month ago)
I look like my dad more as well you both did great your dad is very nice 👍
cupcake lover2018 (1 month ago)
Your dad because he is not a gymnast
Tim Balderson (1 month ago)
Rachel One
Ashlynn Petix (1 month ago)
Well both that what people say
Lily Irwin (1 month ago)
Rachel and I look like my mom
Dusti Beckham (1 month ago)
I say RACHEL for the win
Kara Ford (1 month ago)
I vote for rachel because she ceped her toes pointed or her legs strast but your dad did verry good too
Gisselle Vasquez (1 month ago)
R A C H E L wins
Aimee Nielacny (1 month ago)
Dad and I think Rachel won because your dad used something to help him and you didnt
Petula Thompson (1 month ago)
LiveLoveSoftball 77 (1 month ago)
Dad definitely won that one
Miller Sis (1 month ago)
Mandy Fegan (1 month ago)
dad wins
Savi Sukelal (1 month ago)
Rachel won
Charles Lee (1 month ago)
Lily Yusko (1 month ago)
Missmanji2 (1 month ago)
Dad won
TaNiah Shaw (1 month ago)
Jaclyn Williams (1 month ago)
Then I can vote for niether of u because I'm ugly Xd
Addie Ball (1 month ago)
Go Rachel
Pilar Rivera (1 month ago)
Rachel wins
Abigail Newman (1 month ago)
Your dad wins
Alexis & Danica (1 month ago)
I think both did great
Beulah Uluocha (1 month ago)
I like my dad more
Beulah Uluocha (1 month ago)
Rachel won
Ellen Pellegrino (1 month ago)
Dad should win but I'm awsome
Ali Husain (1 month ago)
You are so cool
Arianna Pettitt (1 month ago)
hayley avison (1 month ago)
I think Rachel won
Nermeni Ahmed (1 month ago)
AcroIvy7 (1 month ago)
Rachel wins
Lynnze Michel (1 month ago)
Rachel because your dad on the hand stand part he could just lean against it and win so Rachel won
Mackenzie Gates (1 month ago)
And funny thing I have a concussion from doing a handstand. I fell from a handstand
Mackenzie Gates (1 month ago)
I think Rachel won because the dad did the handstand against something
#bffs #friends (1 month ago)
Rachel won
Hailey Mineo (1 month ago)
Dad should win.
Vennesya Jezmeen (1 month ago)
The handstand competition rachel won because her father use a wall mat
Tabitha Gollihugh (1 month ago)
I think Rachel won 😊
Alia El Tabbaa (1 month ago)
Nathan Wolfe (1 month ago)
Mia Luther (1 month ago)
I like equals 1000 votes for dad GO DAD🤣🤣
Luaya Grenay (1 month ago)
Sofia Pacelli (1 month ago)
my dad but i would say that i am pretty and awesome so Rachel won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Renante Sanon (1 month ago)
Renante Sanon (1 month ago)
Marii Early (1 month ago)
Your dad
Mel Nolan (1 month ago)
your daddy
Olivia G (1 month ago)
Eliana Fuchs (1 month ago)
Dad wins for relly good efert
Pippa Hartnett (1 month ago)
rachel won ove
Icypandaplayz (1 month ago)
on the first one Rachel swing slightly
kailie kat (1 month ago)
I think rachel won... but what about fathers day?
Melanie Weber (1 month ago)
Karen Loehr (1 month ago)
Rachel because she didn't use a mat
Tania Perez (1 month ago)
i think that her dad won well their both amazing i think that her dad is a bit stronger and i love my mom and dad i cant pick their both amazing although my mom can get me in trouble because of my puppy IF I CAN ONLY MEET ALMOST EVERY SINGLE YOU TUBER THEN IT WOULD BE RACHEL I STARTED GYMNASTICS ON TUESDAY WITCH WAS YESTERDAY FOR ME ITS AMAZING LIKE RACHEL
Natalia Sitko (1 month ago)
Vicky Boyle (1 month ago)
Rachel won

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