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Is this REALLY the UK’s BEST Fish and Chips?! | 3 Award Winners COMPARED

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We reckon we NAILED the Best Fish & Chips in London so it was time to branch out. We took your suggestions and headed South West(ish) in an attempt to find AMAZING food. Not only did we try all the Fish & Chips but we discovered a lot of gems on the way thanks to you guys! Check out the membership video for more of that: http://bit.ly/LostHungry If you're not already a member, sign up here to access all our content: https://sorted.club/sign-up/ WANT TO SUPPORT SORTED?? Here's how to get involved... SUBSCRIBE to the channel and press the bell button to get notifications every time we post: https://goo.gl/pqaw14 Join the Sorted club for EXCLUSIVE podcasts and video specials: https://goo.gl/otD6NF Grab a copy of our AWESOME cookbook Desserts In Duvets: https://goo.gl/dEPqoo Create and account and carry on the conversation with other foodies on our forum: https://goo.gl/P73eMr MASSIVE thank you to Jaded for our intro music, you can check them out here: http://bit.ly/JadedSpot
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SORTEDfood (6 months ago)
Don't forget, Sorted Members can watch the FULL Lost & Hungry episode over on our website! -> http://bit.ly/LostHungry
Philip Sandercock (5 months ago)
You drove to Devon when in fact the winner for best fish n chips is in Kernow land or to city people cornwall . If anyone comes to cornwall for a stay head to falmouth and yoyr looking for the harbourside restaurant and takeaway. It's won numerous awards and it's the creme da la creme shame on you!!!! .. devon I mean devon shame on you insulted to us Cornish folk. It's common sense really... think best Cornish pasties most amazing clotted cream, best fish and shellfish around, ddissapointed guys
Killer Funghoul (6 months ago)
Albert Graham agreed, i’m scottish and we have bloody good chippys up here.
Albert Graham (6 months ago)
ohsocoordinated (6 months ago)
Well, it depends. If you're dining out in a restaurant, it's cleaner and easier to use the cutlery. You can't guarantee you'll have access to a bathroom to wash your hands before and after eating.
Mari Anna (6 months ago)
Mijemu mijemu Excuse me but I'm neither gay nor a boy
msec Ses (3 hours ago)
These guys are such a bunch of pretentious wankers. The gormless one with the lisp and the smug, know it all one with glasses are so annoying I want to fucking punch them through the screen.
Beansman (11 hours ago)
5:13 that was a “motherfucker” from James! Nooo he’s too innocent to swear!
Camp Hike Survive (20 hours ago)
One town will take the fish and chip crown, Whitby.
Katie Brooks (1 day ago)
Can you do a series where you compare London’s a worst food with London’s best?🤗
Jay Bob (4 days ago)
My guy with the lisp Very meaty 😂😂😂🤮
number2 (5 days ago)
Fucking shmucks
JSkillz (5 days ago)
I'm not sure there is such a thing as 'good' fish & chips. Never been a fan. It's just beige, bland, unhealthy fried food basically. Really good video though guys. BTW, I live in Plymouth and Rock Fish almost went out of business because they spent a load of money on a refit, then around the time they reopened, the retractable bridge that gives you access to it had problems with its turntable and was unusable for a long time.
Kyron King (6 days ago)
bunch of wannabe posh boys AKA mommys boy arrogant faggits.
wyndwalker (6 days ago)
when i see him says, "in Plymouth, 250 miles away," i love the defeated look on his face. As a Midwesterner from America, that's a nice drive.
Nikita Leeson (7 days ago)
You should try scotland soooo many great places
mallaka8 (8 days ago)
What a bunch of pretentious dickheads.
mallaka8 (8 days ago)
The batter lookedterrible on that fish from Bath. Just shows how meaningless these awards are. I think Yorkshire does the best fish and chips. They tend to fry in beef dripping.
Craig Harding (9 days ago)
Hi I’m Barry and he’s Scott BANG and the dirt is gone
Joe Box (10 days ago)
Not one real fish and chip shop. Yep, nothing to see here.
Joe Box (10 days ago)
Fish and Chips are northern, particularly mushy peas.
X. Wolfsteller (10 days ago)
Kristy W (11 days ago)
You should do a trip to New England and go to Plymouth NH and Plymouth Massachusetts to try the fish there since they are both on the water and New England has excellent seafood.
Gleds (11 days ago)
Grey Line (12 days ago)
The little guy with the beard is the duck egg for the guy that played Jason Bourne that wasn’t Matt Damon. If that makes sense. Anyway great video men.
nick mamone (12 days ago)
No Babes!
MEAT BALL (13 days ago)
Love living in plymouth now 😁😁
Johnny Nimmons (14 days ago)
Check out Papas in Dettling Kent. A1.ALSO A WINNER.
Marvin Becks (14 days ago)
Fish and fries* shits*
Maniac Zombie (14 days ago)
ah, I can't believe you guys were in Devon!
xXIcariaXx (18 days ago)
Haddock over cod anyway...
Luke Fry (19 days ago)
Jesus, lock up your daughters with this dangerous group
Richard Jones (19 days ago)
Best fish and chips in South Wales (and wider) here http://penalunas.co.uk/
dmcgee3 (19 days ago)
240miles away? Is that considered far away to you?
Allan (16 days ago)
In Britain it is, everything tends to be close here so you rarely travel to different areas
John Laney (20 days ago)
Best fish and chips, Harbour fish and chip shop, Lerwick Scotland
Tom A (21 days ago)
For some reason I always prefer takeaway fish and chips to sit down fish and chips, it’s probably just in my head
Felix Stepp (23 days ago)
2:59 hahHhHhahha
al a (26 days ago)
LOVE you guys!
John Rankin (27 days ago)
How are you gonna do a comparison video and use different fish at different restaurants?
Ruth Skinner (30 days ago)
The place opposite Finsbury Park Station in London is really good, and usually packed.
yyxy wise man (30 days ago)
Fuckn give it up You are only making yourself look fukn stupid.Fuckn fish n chips don't come a fuckn box.You have fucked any credibility you may have had .Fukn in a box.Give it up now.fuvkn losers.Christ
SpicyBacon (1 month ago)
0:22 Hi! I'm Barry Scott!
Bookcase - Books (1 month ago)
you need to come to Hull and try Papa's
Shoreham View (1 month ago)
I’ve never seen such expensive sub par chippies 😣😣 Shaws in Killamarsh, it can not be beaten! ROAD TRIP NORTH! 😁 DO IT PLEEEEASE
Alex Warren (1 month ago)
Go to Birmingham and Manchester and decide which city has the best curry mile
Emily Joyce (1 month ago)
I was surprised when he said it was only five and a half hours to get there. That's a pretty short trip actually. Still wouldn't drive that far for just food but that's not so bad. Although I've done twelve hours drives in one day so my perspective is slightly skewed haha
Regan Ayre (1 month ago)
Highly recommend my chip shop near bath, homemade secret recipe batter beats all of these
The One (1 month ago)
white people smh..
Ella Perkins (1 month ago)
I live in Plymouth, this is so funny 😂
truth exposed (1 month ago)
Try the best fish and chips around the North Yorkshire coast side like Scarborough, whitby etc. Try out a place called Harpers fish and chips, love them
Lynn Meiger (1 month ago)
I've been at the one in Plymouth!!!
Dddsasul (1 month ago)
8:40 is the face of true disappointment and boredom
john g (1 month ago)
The Inbetweeners try fish and chips.NIce vid lads,white wine with fish and chips though?
stan giles (1 month ago)
its London , so all is fixed , its awful for chip shops
Will Day (1 month ago)
went the wrong way boys, YORKSHIRE
George Orwell (1 month ago)
Right boys, here is your problem: Firstly to find the best fish ‘n’ chips you have to invent a time machine and go back to 1977 (or there abouts). Then you will find crispy chips, smothered in salt and vinegar that are crispy until you reach the bottom of the bag, where what’s left will be mushy. Now, that may seem strange to the soy-boys (Not you lot) generation, but the chips were exceptional, why??? – Here lies wisdom: ‘cooked in beef tallow/lard’. You could smell those chips from 3.78 miles away as they were so good and tasty, and NOT PC healthy chips. The fish should ALWAYS be haddock or Cod (Not necessarily cooked in the beef tallow – I’m not a cook nor an expert). Anyway, on your travels you may find such a non-pc chip shop that still cooks the chips we Brits did for decades, possibly in Scotland. The last place I had the gastronomic delight was the esplanade in Wellington, New Zealand. On the stall there, it proudly stated ‘cooked in beef tallow’ I knew that before I read the sign, as the taste told me so. (But that was a one off as their fish n chips are normally demonic.) Anyway – build that [email protected]#*ing time-machine, and when you go back, please, please bring me back a scotch/mutton pie from that era. Thanks Lads – good video.
Kjca (1 month ago)
To be honest lads, I’ll just stick to the local chippy.
Christina Myers (1 month ago)
whoooaaaaa wait.... can you drink alcohol in the car there?!?!
Russell Kilgour (1 month ago)
Please reserve judgement for Scottish fish and chips! The fish bar in Anstruther, Scotland beats anything else i've tried in the North or south, but several up here are better than the best i've had down South. I challenge you to put the nations to the test!
TWENNY (1 month ago)
You drove all that way just to go to Devon for fish and chips? may as well gone the distance and go to Cornwall, theirs is much better
Lewis Hall (1 month ago)
haha i stayed on that boat in bristol. its shit init haha
MistaKay90 (1 month ago)
you southern fools know not of decent fish and chips. Go north to find at least close to decent gear.
Bob Enion (1 month ago)
North West
Adrian Fitzsimmons (1 month ago)
Yorkshire has the best Fish and Chips and this is from the mouth of a Lancashire man!
Stalwart Shinobi (1 month ago)
any fish and chip shop hat serves cod deserves an award! the ones around me dont seem to sell cod anymore, just haddock :(
Francois Ni (1 month ago)
Emily (1 month ago)
Firstly I'm so offended BC u never went to Scotland !!! Fish and chips in Oban will blow Ur mind
ibi ibi (1 month ago)
Go to nandos
Victor Lui (1 month ago)
Fish & chips!!! 😆😍❤🤘👊🍻🍺
James Hughes (1 month ago)
Moaning about it being a takeaway how very london. The best chippy’s are takeaway only
Banana Man (1 month ago)
£13.95 for fish and chips 😵. I would want jaws on my plate for that price
Paddy Mcdoogle (1 month ago)
My favorite food ever.
Jon Chui (1 month ago)
I don't care what anyone says - the best fish and chip shop is Mario's fish and chips in Isleworth, Greater London :P
Warren Glenny (1 month ago)
NORTHERN IRELAND has amazing food
gracesquared1 (1 month ago)
As someone from Texas it appalls me that y’all stopped to sleep on a 3 hour drive 😂 shorter than I go to visit my family
Atif Rana (1 month ago)
The refrigerator cut seems to be stolen from Guy Ritchie. Good one.
Jake Lynch (1 month ago)
They actually stayed overnight in Bristol so the map was wrong
Karin Cope (1 month ago)
I grew up in Victoria BC Canada and I always had halibut fish and our take out was always in newspaper. I worked in a fish n chips place by Beacon Hill park and we would get whole halibut and potatoes in 100 lb burlap bags and chipped into large plastic trash cans , we went through bags and bags of potatoes it was crazy busy.
mp3ste1 (1 month ago)
you cant judge a chipshop by one visit surely its got to be atleast a two week regular standard of fish and chips to win any award
MrNemesis (1 month ago)
Aww you were in Bristol and you didn't stop to say hello
Rexehuk (1 month ago)
You didn't do the henbury fryer in Bristol???
Howzer The man (1 month ago)
£14 for fish and chips is a piss take they’re less than half that up in the north
No NameGiven (1 month ago)
Fish Dish in Felixstowe... Menu looks expensive, massive plates of really nice food.
DARREN DAY (1 month ago)
3.00 😂😂😂🤣🤣
Lauren Cranidiotis (1 month ago)
More road trips, and outdoor adventures please! Also, I’d like to see the rest :(
Charlie (1 month ago)
Come up North. Papas Fish N Chips in Hull is the Best!
Eric Ashby (1 month ago)
F L A K Y F I S H is a great gamer tag... thanks Sorted!
Sarah Bates (1 month ago)
My saliva😭
Optimus Grime (1 month ago)
You won't find the best fish and chips anywhere south of the Midlands. Fact Midlands and the North fight it out for the best
Alex Birchwood (1 month ago)
As someone who has had fish and chips in both england and scotland i'd say we scots got it better
Don Gato (2 months ago)
LONGJOHNSILVER'S>>mostukchippys Alaskan cod,halibut,haddock is still better than whatever toxifish is left at bottom of the overfished North Sea!
Omi Wan (2 months ago)
"I just want some lunch" Lol you always have that one mate who doesn't really care but is there for the food
Sirus Fischbacher (2 months ago)
3:02 so we just gonna pretend that guy didn't just scratch his back with his fork?
atrelogan (2 months ago)
Please do more of these!!
Naufal Azi (2 months ago)
Find fish & chips because mr.bean😂
Fraser Shaw (2 months ago)
Ronald Bryan Domingo (2 months ago)
*shows 7 miles on the map* ".......5 hour drive......" O.o
Peter Henson (2 months ago)
Why no good (award winning) chippies in the south (east) of england??????????????????
The Blade Runner (2 months ago)
This video should be called, " man scratches his back with a fork in a chip shop".
Will Haer (2 months ago)
how can fish be meaty lmao
Arran Ross-Paterson (2 months ago)
How could you miss kerbisher and malt
pours more gravy (2 months ago)
As a Cumbrian it hurts to say it but the best fish and chips I've ever tried was in Durham.
Harvey Smith (2 months ago)
You ain't been to the village fish bar alverstoke you ain't had fish and chips
Joe Herrera (2 months ago)
So it was England's best fish and chips not the uks :/

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