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Is this REALLY the UK’s BEST Fish and Chips?! | 3 Award Winners COMPARED

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We reckon we NAILED the Best Fish & Chips in London so it was time to branch out. We took your suggestions and headed South West(ish) in an attempt to find AMAZING food. Not only did we try all the Fish & Chips but we discovered a lot of gems on the way thanks to you guys! Check out the membership video for more of that: http://bit.ly/LostHungry If you're not already a member, sign up here to access all our content: https://sorted.club/sign-up/ WANT TO SUPPORT SORTED?? Here's how to get involved... SUBSCRIBE to the channel and press the bell button to get notifications every time we post: https://goo.gl/pqaw14 Join the Sorted club for EXCLUSIVE podcasts and video specials: https://goo.gl/otD6NF Grab a copy of our AWESOME cookbook Desserts In Duvets: https://goo.gl/dEPqoo Create and account and carry on the conversation with other foodies on our forum: https://goo.gl/P73eMr MASSIVE thank you to Jaded for our intro music, you can check them out here: http://bit.ly/JadedSpot
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SORTEDfood (4 months ago)
Don't forget, Sorted Members can watch the FULL Lost & Hungry episode over on our website! -> http://bit.ly/LostHungry
Philip Sandercock (3 months ago)
You drove to Devon when in fact the winner for best fish n chips is in Kernow land or to city people cornwall . If anyone comes to cornwall for a stay head to falmouth and yoyr looking for the harbourside restaurant and takeaway. It's won numerous awards and it's the creme da la creme shame on you!!!! .. devon I mean devon shame on you insulted to us Cornish folk. It's common sense really... think best Cornish pasties most amazing clotted cream, best fish and shellfish around, ddissapointed guys
Killer Funghoul (3 months ago)
Albert Graham agreed, i’m scottish and we have bloody good chippys up here.
Albert Graham (4 months ago)
ohsocoordinated (4 months ago)
Well, it depends. If you're dining out in a restaurant, it's cleaner and easier to use the cutlery. You can't guarantee you'll have access to a bathroom to wash your hands before and after eating.
Mari Anna (4 months ago)
Mijemu mijemu Excuse me but I'm neither gay nor a boy
Peter Henson (5 days ago)
Why no good (award winning) chippies in the south (east) of england??????????????????
The Blade Runner (6 days ago)
This video should be called, " man scratches his back with a fork in a chip shop".
Will Haer (7 days ago)
how can fish be meaty lmao
Arran Ross-Paterson (8 days ago)
How could you miss kerbisher and malt
pours more gravy (9 days ago)
As a Cumbrian it hurts to say it but the best fish and chips I've ever tried was in Durham.
Harvey Smith (13 days ago)
You ain't been to the village fish bar alverstoke you ain't had fish and chips
Joe Herrera (17 days ago)
So it was England's best fish and chips not the uks :/
Nate DS (17 days ago)
My mind just went blank after seeing the old man using a fork as a back scratcher. like why do that? cant you just ask for someone to do it for you? you got a friend infront of you.
RW_78_05 (18 days ago)
Does it piss anyone else off that they share one fish and chips for four people
bong donkey (19 days ago)
The restaurant in Bath, was almost $20 US for Fish n Chips!GTFOH!!lol!
sirelmo1707 (20 days ago)
Good job Mike for doing all the driving, being the designated driver and letting the others have a drink.
Dolli Munster (22 days ago)
What was James drinking in the car after Kingfisher?
alienresearchlab (23 days ago)
Man this makes me hungry - So Cal needs fish and chips!
These guys definatley fucked later
Eric George (26 days ago)
No. Yorkshire is the home of the UK's best fish and Chips, notably Olivers in Redcar, which are unreal, and spot on every time and for second best, try some from Whitby.
Stephen Wootton (29 days ago)
Do an ultimate fish and chips battle
ey up check out my review of a chippy here :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-RSil6s6os
Nioka Gordon (1 month ago)
omg ben is soooooooooo annoying
tasmia darr (1 month ago)
Why do people think James is grumpy? He's too handsome to be grumpy. And he can cook. If he can put up shelves too, he might be perfect...
Michael Harrison (1 month ago)
I hate Bristol
Enikő Jerez (1 month ago)
What is that hot blonde guy's name with that camera in his hands? I bet his backpack is full of fish and chips!!!!!!! ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) I am already a hungry Hungarian ! LALALALA :D
catherine griffiths (1 month ago)
Why don't you come to Wigan you'll be amazed or Ashton in maker field
catherine griffiths (1 month ago)
These guys absolutely funny keep it up
Jezza Corbyn MP (1 month ago)
Grosvenor's Fish Bar in Norwich, they have a wine cellar connected to the old tunnel system which they use for seating, not to mention the fella who owns the place frequently comes out and talks to customers
Ben Crook (1 month ago)
Americans probably confused that there are other parts of the UK outside of London
Steven Cassidy (1 month ago)
I thought some of the best were at Stones in Acton
BethStar11 (1 month ago)
Anstruther has the best fish and chips. Fact. Love your Scottish Viewer
Not Known (1 month ago)
Cod's a dirty bottom feeder that's ALWAYS full of worms. You know those little coloured cord-like bits you see? Yeah, they're worms. Eat pollack or haddock.
peace chan (1 month ago)
I still can't comprehend how you Britain fellow make fish in a batter and potato chips taste so good
pierce (1 month ago)
As an American it's funny to see how short the drive is. It takes me 1,020 miles across 6 states to go visit family (of course I don't usually drive but I have many times)
nathan Elwell (2 months ago)
Three fish and chip shops that I really rate are "the Lyn bay" Ilfracombe, "Squires" Braunton, and "Jimmy's fish bar" Christmas steps Bristol. The latter does amazing Scrumps (Bristolian term the crispy little bits of batter that fall off the fish)
syed sihab (2 months ago)
Even if i had millions I would still go for £4 .
Rhys Thomas (2 months ago)
Main dude with glasses is good, the other two are dumb retards. Get rid of them! 'Uhhh crispy batter uhhhhh' fucking neaderthal
Christopher Norton (2 months ago)
Cant believe i missed you guys in Plympton
Michael Mason (2 months ago)
Gotta check out Aldeburgh Fish & Chips. Well worth a trip up there!
donner (2 months ago)
Whats the matter with you lot. Its like you have never been to a normal fish and chip takeaway?
Steve W (2 months ago)
one of your mates is Boris Karloff reborn
Martin D (2 months ago)
Come to the black country and try battered chips ..... they will change your life
Joebi Wan Kenobi 316 (2 months ago)
I’ve moved down to Plymouth for uni, will have to check it out
Karl Porter (2 months ago)
I have to say, having driven at least 7 road trips that were over 800 miles each way (usually in a day each way), and been a passenger for at least 8-10 that were 2500 mi each way, it was very entertaining to me hearing you hype it up as a road trip/big journey to go a couple hundred. It was very cute and made me check my biases a bit since not everyone lives in a huge nation.
Jason Young (2 months ago)
Does the UK have the same open container law that Connecticut USA does? eg. everyone except the driver can have an alcoholic beverage open?
David Kenyon (2 months ago)
I was expecting you going to the magpie in Whitby. That has to be the best surely
Deathbagel (2 months ago)
Things about this video that wouldn't work here in the US: No place would get away with charging for a plastic knife and fork, also, I'm jealous, it's illegal for a passenger in a car to drink a beer in most US states (which is silly...)
kitty queen (2 months ago)
I really love this format of just a few of you doing a small road trip like this one or the one to France! More of these, please!
James Chiles (2 months ago)
We moved to Dundee 3 years ago and based on many recommendations have tried many different fish & chip shops. All terrible - or at best mediocre, until the Tailend opened. It's an amazing restaurant, producing gorgeous stuff, and most importantly - fried in dripping, which is the only way to do it properly. My memory from childhood is that Yorkshire always did the best fish & chips - at least partly due to the fact that they used dripping. Sadly, it's a dying trend. Oil will go so far, but it won't produce the real deal. Dripping FTW.
Jenelle Bryan (2 months ago)
Best fish and chips are in Belfast
R Kuang (2 months ago)
How dare you guys zoom in on the fork back-scratching. 😂 I can’t stop laughing.
Jack Clemmey (2 months ago)
Theres one called kingfisher in denby dale, Yorkshire. By far my favourite
Dorion_FFXI (2 months ago)
I love the difference in the sense of scale between different countries. I used to drive 400+km per day for work where I live and it's nothing. I wasn't even a long haul driver or anything.
Brumay de Jongh (2 months ago)
I really enjoyed this video!
Buffsbeard (2 months ago)
Fish and chips have changed a lot over the years . Batter is nowhere like it used to be . Different texture and taste . Maybe in the past a yeast batter was used , don't know but it is just not the same . Chips seem to be stodgy and tasteless . The quality of potato used is no where as good and the way they are fried seems to of changed .
Jonah Lossiah (2 months ago)
I love how 240 miles is so ridiculously long for some in the UK haha. I understand it’s a different situation, but I’m used to going 270 miles to drive to Uni here in the states, and that’s no big deal
firehandszarb (3 months ago)
fish and chips with a pint of guiness, and im from cider country
simon furlong (3 months ago)
Such a shame you lads didn't experience PEARLS IN EAST ACTON try and look it up wicked video chaps.
Davey Lad (3 months ago)
How the hell do you get fresh fish in London? In fish I mean Sea Fish, not dragged out of the Thames.
VeniVidiAjax (3 months ago)
What is this mushy peas ..... so not british, someone pushed that crap on the menu somewhere, and all of the sudden everyone uses it....blehhh
kindinot (3 months ago)
Vegan fish and chips at the Railway, Southend on Sea, probably the best in the world, I have no connection to them.
Warwick Flint (3 months ago)
Guys...if you ever go to Scotland...go try the fish and chips at Stonehaven...I don't like fish n chips normally but The Bay...insane...
Tweety Pie (3 months ago)
I was born in Plymouth, and still live nearby.
Lovey Murr (3 months ago)
Sweet cool places i can go eat at when i visit my friends in London. also im just a lonely boi living in the great US.
Co HD (3 months ago)
quayside in whitby ffs
Mini Mixers (3 months ago)
I tasted the award wining fish and chips and I’m being completely honest it was the worst fish and chips I ever tasted :/
Si H (3 months ago)
Cod? Haddock is where it is at - cod is a bottom feeder and typically carries a large number of parasites (cod worms). Gross. Haddock makes the best fish and chips hands down.
Kira Siberian (3 months ago)
alright, talking about Fish and Chips, I grew up in a little town called Fleetwood (google it, its just a little North of Blackpool) and we had some deli chippy shops, Dolphins, in the back streets of Fleetwood, do some crunchy and crispy chips, where as Chatworth Chippy do a mean fish and their Donna meat is the bomb. Now I live in Shrewsbury (I know, quiet a trek from my home town) and like 80% of the takeouts do fast food with little to none grease because Shrewsbury is a mid/high class estate area and the snobs of the place don't want to get grease on their designer clothes that costed them above £1000 for the outfit, so its bland, and horrible and tastes like cardboard, it took me forever to find a chippy shop and a pizza place that did greasy fast food that tasted like home (because being half an hour to an hour bus journey away from Cleveleys and Blackpool meant I could enjoy all their takeouts (also, if you ever do a pizza takeaway vid, I recommend Duke's Pizza in Cleveleys, Lancashire, they do amazing pizzas)), so yeah, I enjoy on a weekly bases a chippy tea from a little place called Frydays, and they do a proper northern chippy tea, so good!
Gunn Gin (3 months ago)
Cod or haddock
stecky87 (3 months ago)
First, we call this a fish fry here in the States. Second, deep fried Oreos are really good, by you *have* to eat them fresh
Nikko Logdat (3 months ago)
favorite food of animated Mr. Bean?
Steve H (3 months ago)
Is Jamie a part-timer now?
Mark Lyne (3 months ago)
The best Fish and Chips is up North in Lancashire and Yorkshire, damn they are too die for. I found Fish and Chips in London bland and rather a depressing affair and the biggest scandal is they charge you for scraps!!!! Sacrilege lol. When I lived in London my mate used to wind up local fish and chips shops by asking for a chip barm cake hahahaha the confusion on their faces.
Richard B. (3 months ago)
Do a comparison video in Scotland!
Scarlett Williams (3 months ago)
Please can you find the best takeout on curry mile in Manchester
insertgenericuserid1 (3 months ago)
14 quid for fish and chips! thats insane
Marc Walton (3 months ago)
"bit of sog" :D
SourceOfBeing (3 months ago)
The subtitles at 5:13 - does that say what I think it says?
Josh Crosse (3 months ago)
Missed out not visiting Hip Hop Chip Ship in Manchester. They won mobile operator and are excellent, worth a trip North
mynamesholly (3 months ago)
You NEED to go to the Magpie Cafe in Whitby - best fish and chips ever
Thomas Koch (3 months ago)
Go on a roadtrip for some Haggis!
Charlotte Hoelzl (3 months ago)
PLEASE find germany’s best pretzels PLEASE
jarrod neuhaus (3 months ago)
It is about the journey not the dishtination!
Sidanth Dayal (3 months ago)
Wolverine at 2:56
Effy Traveler (3 months ago)
I am envious. My local fish and chips place in the U.S. is a British fish and chips restaurant, and it is not good at all.
Zahra Panchbhaya (3 months ago)
There's a place called Banny's fish and chips in Burnley that is too die for. There's always queues to get in but they do the most incredible indian take on fish and chips as well as a great traditional fish and chips. Really nice seating area too.
Zahra Panchbhaya (3 months ago)
Scotland has some brill fish and chips! You should come up to anstruther!
agent00x (3 months ago)
Surprised the best didn't come from Whitby. If you're doing a followup, a lot of chefs say their best fish and chips come from Whitby, usually the magpie cafe.
pamela taylor (3 months ago)
Sea salt and sole Aberdeen !!!!!! Thee best
SirMeatwad (3 months ago)
Can't hear hardly a word they are saying over the noise in the restaurant. How does something like that happen with a channel of this size?
linsey Thorpe (3 months ago)
I have a national fish and chip winner at the top of my street and am always disappointed when I get diah and chips away from home
Cheryl-jayne Gauldie (3 months ago)
Arbroath smokies. Wee fishing town right on the north sea n we've even got the little bright coloured houses ( for Ben). Chip shops and restuarants galore nom nom
john boswell (3 months ago)
no one can be the best when it comes to food because its subjective its what each individual prefers and likes
Ian McBain (3 months ago)
UK best?! 3 “best” restaurants south of London... I stopped watching after 1 minute.
Doctor Fairlight (3 months ago)
"The only thing missing from that dish is the VIEW"? The VIEW! This is the most stupid food review I've ever come across. What do you expect to see out of a Bath Fish & Chip Shop window? Sydney Opera House perhaps? The Hanging Gardens of Babylon? Herds of Wildebeest sweeping majestically by? Sheesh! And please, for goodness sake, trim the fat from these videos. They're flabby. Nevertheless, thank you for the work you have done.
Bea McCullagh (3 months ago)
You were in Bristol and you didn't go to farrows?! It's another award winner like 10 mins from where you slept!
CJ3World (3 months ago)
Squires in Braunton, Devon guys
dylan foley (3 months ago)
are you seriously telling people to eat cod and then say you love food ? fucking idiots. theres nearly no more cod left all good food personalities are trying to get people to try other fish ..
Piet Leys (3 months ago)
Why is Thibeau Courtois playing chef ?
DaveItYourself (3 months ago)
I never have fish when I go to the chippy. Battered sausage or pukka pie all day.
Gordon Aitchison (3 months ago)
The only fish and chips worth eating, regardless of shop, is when they are just made, anything else is soggy and kept in a heater.
batman (3 months ago)
Guy with the specs so irritating
Tyrese Okeke (3 months ago)
Haddock is way better than cod what are you talking about mate?!

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