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Oracle DBA Justin - How to backup and restore an Oracle database with RMAN (basic)

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How to backup and restore an Oracle database with RMAN (basic)
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Kvasi (1 month ago)
So 19 minute tutorial for something that in SQL Server is done in the GUI with a mouse click? Is Oracle really that much less user friendly?
Andrés Esteban Gamboa (2 months ago)
Great, simple yet so useful.
elonge musinga (3 months ago)
Love your videos Justyn keep up the good work
dba dba (7 months ago)
thanks you Justin
Andrew Yunisov (8 months ago)
https://www.baculasystems.com/products/bacula-enterprise-data-backup-tools/oracle-database-backup-software - RMAN vs. DUMP in Oracle backups, might be helpful
Jorge Contti (9 months ago)
Justin, I've been looking a simple and useful video like this for weeks, thanks for your amazing explanation. Please share us more knowlodge about rman!
Vinayak Budapanahalli (10 months ago)
perhaps, I seem like a newbie, but, what is finance in command set ORACLE_SID=finance Finance is a DB name here?
Jorge Contti (9 months ago)
Yes! When you use "SET ORACLE_SID" you're setting the name of your instance/SID/database.
Mahmut Çifçi (11 months ago)
thanks man
brahim bouazza (1 year ago)
thank you sir for this tutorials
matthew evans (1 year ago)
Hey Justin These seems overly complex ... oracle express adds back-up and restore to the start menu ... why not show us how to back up using these ... rather than going into so much detail
Russell Cannon (1 year ago)
matthew evans Oracle Express is a toy. No corporation would use that. Professional DBAs wouldn't use that even to play with. The first realease of each major version of Oracle Database both Standard and Enterprise Edition is publicly available for download from OTN. There is no Start Menu backup application. You either create user-managed backups or use RMAN to create inconsistent, recoverable backups. That is what real DBAs do. If you think this is too complex, then check out how multi-level RMAN backups work. Cheers, Russ
Lê Minh Thịnh (1 year ago)
How to fix when run RMAN TARGET / I get this mess Recovery Manager: Release - Production on Fri Jul 15 14:48:12 2016Copyright (c) 1982, 2009, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.RMAN-00571: =========================================================== RMAN-00569: =============== ERROR MESSAGE STACK FOLLOWS =============== RMAN-00571: =========================================================== RMAN-00554: initialization of internal recovery manager package failed RMAN-04005: error from target database: ORA-12560: TNS:protocol adapter error
Alex Salgado (1 year ago)
Were you able to find a way around this error?
Larry Loose (1 year ago)
Great video. Very helpful. Well put together too, a lot of videos out there are pretty terrible.
Cion Chen (1 year ago)
Hi Justin, thank you to share this tutorial to us, it was very useful for me.
Fawad Hasan (1 year ago)
Hi Justin! that was an aWesome video. But I am having a trouble restoring the control file! I am getting this error. RMAN-06172: no AUTOBACKUP found or specified handle is not a valid copy or piece Any help will be highly appreciated! Thanks in advance.
Javier (1 year ago)
Try turning Direct NFS on
Guillermo Cortés (1 year ago)
Nice and smooth video, yo helped me a lot today sir!!!
Robert Chui (2 years ago)
awesome, do you by any chance offer tutorials in case someone wants to prepare for OCP and OCA exam?
Dawn Schubert (2 years ago)
Thanks for explaining all the details; other videos I have watched did not!
Priyanka Bhalla (2 years ago)
thanks please tell me how to prepare for OCP and OCA exam n where from i learn
Johnny Phan (2 years ago)
I have error message (RMAN-03009: failure of backup command on ORA_DISK_1...) I need help, thank you
Debora McGee (1 year ago)
Increase your disk size or backup to a different location that has space. Within rman type show all and you will see where rman stores the backups;
Johnny Phan (1 year ago)
How do I do that to make it work
Javier (1 year ago)
No space on disk/partition, backing up your db will create a file bigger than the current available space in your disk/partition
Edel Cruz (2 years ago)
Clear and simple! Thanks.
Ashwini (2 years ago)
Very usefull stuff.Thanks alot justin
soccer boy (2 years ago)
Hi Justin, thank you very much for this simple but great explanations. can you help, being trying to practice but keep getting this message when trying to connect to RMAN:                                                                                                                                       Recovery Manager: Release - Production on Fri Jul 15 14:48:12 2016Copyright (c) 1982, 2009, Oracle and/or its affiliates.  All rights reserved.RMAN-00571: =========================================================== RMAN-00569: =============== ERROR MESSAGE STACK FOLLOWS =============== RMAN-00571: =========================================================== RMAN-00554: initialization of internal recovery manager package failed RMAN-04005: error from target database: ORA-12560: TNS:protocol adapter error
askimad (1 month ago)
make sure oracle_sid is set properly +Ravi Ranjan Kumar
Ravi Ranjan Kumar (2 months ago)
I am also facing the same issue.. Did you find any way to fix this ?
Alex Salgado (1 year ago)
were you ever able to find a way to fix this error?
Johnny Phan (2 years ago)
Hello Mr. Justin... could you create in Udemy the good one?
gideon17you (2 years ago)
This is fantastic! Thank you very much Justin.
Essam Tarhoni (2 years ago)
amazing Justin.
taniue bertrand (2 years ago)
fantastic JUSTIN !!
DR4050 (2 years ago)
Hi Justin Many thanks for this video - it does explain RMAN in simple words and fully understandable. Cheers!
Donville Tomlinson (2 years ago)
Thanks for the post! This helped me out in my Oracle Database class
herath nilupul (2 years ago)
this has been very useful, thanks heaps
richihiatus (2 years ago)
Took me a minute to find somebody to just simply show how it is done in normal English. Thank you Justin.
Ngọc Nguyên Phạm (2 years ago)
thank you very much! you are the number 1! thank again
التقني بحت (2 years ago)
it clear..thanx
Mojahid Rahman (2 years ago)
Hi Justin, You are the best !! This is really great.
sidrah shah (2 years ago)
justin, do you provide private training? i am interested pls
Maxi Vargas (2 years ago)
Vijaya Satya (2 years ago)
Thank you Justin
DEEPAK RAJ (3 years ago)
Rashida Bastwala (3 years ago)
thank you.
Ad-Din Coder (3 years ago)
Can I use this method for 11g version with latest oracle sql developer? I want to save my work in lab and do work in notebook as localhost. Will work or not?
Tom Nguyen (3 years ago)
Hi Justin i am have a hard time to install Primavera P6 version 8.3. The error message was "ORACLE XE PROFESSIONAL DATABASE CREATION FAILED" how do i correct that do you know ? can you give me some help thanks.
Natanael Rocha (3 years ago)
Thank You my friend, this video is helpful,
gideon17you (3 years ago)
Thank you Justin!
я не говорю по английски и нехорошо разбираюсь в oracle, однако я все сообразил. хороший задание.
Lorena Ferreira Marani (3 years ago)
Very useful!Thanks :D
nad a (3 years ago)
Hi Justin. I must say your tutorial are one of the best if not the best number one as far I m concerned.I m going back to school to learn Oracle after being laid off .I have a small request in regards of the RMAN videos,if you could put them in a chronological order that would be very helpful especially for beginners.Thanks in advance
Great Video! Thanks for sharing!
Madhulika (3 years ago)
Hi Justin, Thank you for great tutorial, it was very helpful. I request you, if you could please post tutorial for Flashback technology?
Jagdish Belapure (3 years ago)
Is there any website or link from where we can access all the videos by you? please let me know
Jagdish Belapure (3 years ago)
Hi Justin, I find video tutorials by you are very very useful.. Thanks a lot for sharing those.
Montip Pandang (3 years ago)
thank a lot
Putra Bagus (3 years ago)
when i want to restore controlfile with command restore controlfile from bla bla bla it says no autobackup found, what i have to do to fix that? thank you b4
Иван Чернов (3 years ago)
nice tutorial! the only thing that didn't work for me - restore controlfile from 'backup_piece_with_controlfile', but when i tried doing that with a full path of a backup piece, it worked fine
Nelson Nelson (3 years ago)
how do I tell rman to backup to another location say like a network mapped drive?
Chris H (3 years ago)
I hate Oracle but have no choice but to use it.  Thank you for taking the time to put this tutorial together.
gideon17you (3 years ago)
Great work Justin. Thank you very much.
Henry Koay (3 years ago)
Thank you very much for the tutorial man, it's awesome. Have a good day, god bless
Prabhu R (3 years ago)
Simple super
Tejinder Dhami (4 years ago)
nice one
Ramakrishnan Anbumani (4 years ago)
too good , so simple and very good explanation. "you save my ass!" and my pay check thanks lot
Prashant Kadam (4 years ago)
great video thanks.But what if i dont have backup piece name.
Rodrigo Moraes (4 years ago)
Very good.
Darren Arni (4 years ago)
Has anyone use Acronis B&R 11.5 to backup Oracle DB? Have you any success restoring? Surely that must be an easier alternate...typing all those RMAN commands for an hour or so..you're going make some "typo".
Farith Mendez (4 years ago)
noce como carajaos llege a qui
gideon17you (4 years ago)
Thanks Justin. You made backup and restoration very easy, using RMAN
HENRI J (4 years ago)
Great video Justin, so easy Thank you!
Leo Podstanicky (4 years ago)
great stuff
sophea ouk (4 years ago)
Hi, if we have new server and want to recover the database?
Ngoc Son Dang (4 years ago)
nice tutorial. You explained really well.
Jerin Baby (4 years ago)
Hai Justin its very helpful, but can you post video with complete recovery. i.e. if complete database crashed, if i have only last day backup, then how can i recover the database. i mean from the scratch 
Hristina Georgieva (4 years ago)
Thank you very much for the tutorial! Was very helpful! 
Leo Podstanicky (4 years ago)
many many thanks - very cool explanation indeed
Deitra Watson (5 years ago)
Thank you, Justin. This RMAN backup and recovery video helped tremendously. Season Greetings!
Andre G. (5 years ago)
Thank you for these fine tutorials!
130 031 (5 years ago)
DUD! you save my ass!
Sreenivasulu Bommineni (5 years ago)
Hai Mr Justin, It is very good and easily understandable. try to continue your demos.
sarvesh chaganti (5 years ago)
thanks alot dude
ThunderSoul97 (5 years ago)
This leaves a lot to be desired. You have to create a service for the database in order to connect to it, otherwise you connect to the "default" database. I want to be able to connect to user schema (database) that I created myself. That's what I want to backup. This tutorial is useless without knowing how to create a service for the database you want to backup.
Suresh Ramkrishnaiah (5 years ago)
nice video
Neil Aspin (5 years ago)
Excellent video, mate!...many thanks!
tthebestt (5 years ago)
and now I am stuck here 16:33 it gives me these errors ora-01190: control file or data file 1 is from before the last RESETLOGS ora-01110: data fole 1 'the file location'
tthebestt (5 years ago)
everything was working perfectly until I reached this 13:47 I have copied the controlfile name but when I paste it and run the command, it shows me this error RMAN-03002: failure of restore command at 09/08/2013 RMAN-06172: no AUTOBACKUP found or specified handle is not a valid copy or piece however, I tried this command and it seems to be working restore controlfile from autobackup; by the way the oracle version i'm using is 11g release 2
Angel R. Bejarano (5 years ago)
hello, it was ok but when i tryied to restore it gave me an error about autoarchiving is not set up.. do you know where can I check this..??.. this is very help full.. thanks for this video.. I am using 11.2.0 ..
jon raj (5 years ago)
Manoj Mahato (5 years ago)
hi i mfrom nepal ur videos helped me lot.
osman gany (5 years ago)
where u from?
rgunasekar (5 years ago)
Really simple and very useful.. thank you justin....
Lkhagva FeLiNa (5 years ago)
Awesome thanks a lot
mohamed gado (5 years ago)
شكر هلم من مزيد
Alexander Canales Soto (5 years ago)
excellent work, thx
Robin Dong (5 years ago)
you are not only show the steps but also explained very well. thanks a lots.
Rezaul Islam (5 years ago)
thanks a lot
Müyesser Sabuncuo (5 years ago)
Devon Brooks (5 years ago)
thanks for the video
Monika khairnar (5 years ago)
Very helpful tutorial ! thanks for uploading !
Nikhil Pandya (5 years ago)
thnx a lot
Mayank Namdev (5 years ago)
very helpful.
Md Tanweer (5 years ago)
Thanks for your video very very thanks again I have RMAN configure as this.. CONFIGURE CHANNEL DEVICE TYPE DISK FORMAT 'c:\rman-backups\'; After configure then how specify the location at the time of RMAN Recovery I am waiting you reply Thank you very much..
Psr PSr (5 years ago)
Thanks , really is very good
Sandeep Reddy (5 years ago)
I hit backup database; this is what happened RMAN-06056: could not access datafile 28 any help? This is the first time i`m backing up my database
Padmasri Chantigari (5 years ago)
really helpful

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