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Did N.O.A.A Confirm The Existence Of Sea Monsters?

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Support Us On Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/MysteryHistory We Are Also On Steemit: https://steemit.com/@mysteryhistory Julia, is the name given to the unknown source of a sound recorded on March 1, 1999. It was recorded on the eastern equatorial Pacific, using an autonomous hydrophone array. Heard for many thousands of kilometres, the source of the sound has been largely dismissed as an iceberg running aground somewhere off of Antarctica, it’s the point of origin being somewhere between Bransfield Straits and Cape Adare. What gave this story a rather chilling twist however, is a classified image which later surfaced, a classified image later redacted, taken by a NASA satellite, which shows something with an enormous shadow, within the waters of Cape Adare at the time, which if confirmed as a living animal, would be classified as a sea monster of gigantic proportions. The USA’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrations, or the NOAA for short, have captured and subsequently released, a number of mysterious sounds of possible underwater monsters over the past few years. The Upsweep is an unidentified sound detected on the American NOAA's equatorial autonomous hydrophone arrays. This sound was present when the Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory began recording its sound surveillance system, SOSUS, in August, 1991. It consists of a long train of narrow-band upsweeping sounds of several seconds in duration each. The source level was high enough to be recorded throughout the Pacific. The sound appears to be seasonal, generally reaching peaks in spring and autumn, but it is unclear why. The source can be roughly located at 54°S 140°W, which is near the location of volcanic activity, but the origin of the sound remains a mystery. The Whistle, recorded in the Mariana volcanic arc of the Pacific ocean, but since it was only recorded on one hydrophone, rather than the three required to triangulate a location, it is considered "unidentified. Bloop is the name given to an ultra-low-frequency and extremely powerful underwater sound detected by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in 1997. The sound's source was roughly triangulated to a remote point in the south Pacific Ocean west of the southern tip of South America, and the sound was detected several times. According to the NOAA description, it rises in frequency rapidly over the duration of one minute, and was of sufficient amplitude to be heard on multiple sensors, at a range of over 5,000 km. Dr. Christopher Fox does not believe its origin to be man-made, such as a submarine or bomb, nor is it familiar to geological events such as volcanoes or earthquakes. The audio profile of Bloop does indeed resemble that of a living creature, yet the source is a mystery both because it is different from any known sounds and because it was several times louder than the loudest ever recorded animal, the blue whale. Slow Down is name given to another mysterious deep sea sound, recorded on May 19, 1997, in the Equatorial Pacific Ocean, name was chosen because the sound slowly decreases in frequency over a duration of 7 minutes. It was recorded using an autonomous hydrophone array. The sound has been picked up several times each year since 1997. And finally, the Train is the name given to a sound recorded on March 5, 1997 on the Equatorial Pacific Ocean autonomous hydrophone array. The sound rises to a quasi-steady frequency, what is especially interesting about this sounds is its origins, which are also within Cape Adare, the same general location as Julia. Could some of these sounds be the mating calls of unknown sea monsters? Maybe one day. We will find out… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_unexplained_sounds
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chess747 (6 days ago)
Is everyone sick of all the bull shit, like weather balloons in space, and not a UFO, or like this, oh it’s a chunk of ice, and not a sea monster. We are sick of all these bull shit cover ups. Take the dark side of the moon, it’s well known to have aliens their, and now we have China visiting the far side of the moon. This sounds like a motor of sorts to me. Or if you want to put the first sound up, it could be the Cracken.
Jef puckett (8 days ago)
Creatures are worried about the trump presidency and what it might ultimately mean for life at Sea.🤔🐲🐉🐋🐙🐳🐬/🕊
Truth Reigns Forever (9 days ago)
It’s the biblical Leviathan. All these so called “megalodon teeth” is a lie. They’re not “millions” of years old. Lol. And they they’re not belongings of “megalodon”. ☝️🤔. Megalodon is myth.
Jayvee Hernandez (14 days ago)
Monsters are hiding from the real monsters.
FastFoxx 99 (16 days ago)
The Slow down is cool as hell Under water hangar doors opening...
Ram Nirmohi (16 days ago)
Everything is monster ? You people are monsters who captured the whole earth by destroying all indegineous culture and imposing shitty european cultures. The sound is of "Sheshnaag" , leave them alone otherwise everything will be destroyed.
Abe Menes (3 days ago)
Ram Nirmohi great movie
patooie (20 days ago)
And this is why i absolutely despise going to the beach
Sgt. SLaughter (22 days ago)
ItsPersonal (30 days ago)
The Bright Side is tha you?
Sarah Coffins (1 month ago)
Weird we know more about the stars in the sky then our own Ocean
nothing more (1 month ago)
Its a civil war between the black whale wambamba and the white whale moby dick.
Brian Smith (1 month ago)
This seems quite plausible, but I wish they would stop saying "Sea Monsters" and showing Fantasy drawings of such -- at one point they even reference Cthulu -- It's extremely possible some big, Deep Sea creature pops up seasonally -- but there is no evidence they have attacked people, hit ships, etc -- Historically, and Biologically, most very Large creatures aren't even carnivorous, they eat either plants, or in the case of Marine Life, Huge quantities of Krill and other small creatures -- the only exceptions where when many Large animals were around for consumption (Dinosaur Epochs) and Large Predators Like Great White Sharks, and Salt Water Crocodiles -- both of which actually go through periods where they don't eat at all, and Gorge themselves when opportunity arises -- This Creature Might truly exist, but If It does Its Diet would be similar to what Large Whales eat, or possibly Large swarms of small creatures living near Hydrothermic Vents down deep -- the evidence clams these sounds are by Deep Water Volcanic activity
Koka K (1 month ago)
noise must be chewbacca diving
nurindah lestari (1 month ago)
upsweep sounds like a pack of dolphins
Frank Drebin (1 month ago)
Did NOAA confirm the existence of sea monsters? Nooooo.
Rick McGilvray (1 month ago)
I dunno about any of the others, but I know for a fact that the “bloop” proved to be a giant iceberg calving off into the ocean. It’s the sound you hear when you drop anything into water - just BIG and LOUD..... “Bu-loooooop!” 😉👍🏼
Andi MushroomEffect (1 month ago)
Can't wait to see them rise to surface and fight each other like in Godzilla movies.
flash gordon (1 month ago)
Rose (1 month ago)
The Upsweep sound is actually the alarm of a military deep-underwater base that was compromised by a Swedish secret agent not known as Hamilton. The lack of evidence shows that he placed several small bombs throughout the base with a timed detonation, so when the bombs exploded, the base would instantly implode by the enormous water pressure, taking everything and everyone out. He himself must've been compromised as well, since the alarm was raised. He made it out though, by firing a torpedo into the deep ocean, whilst hanging onto it and swam to the surface and back to Norway, where he took a bus back to Sweden. He is since incognito at a secret location at a medium sized flat in Mjölby. According to classified sources, it was a russian funded North Korean submersible underwater base, with the objective to research the idea of creating a huge tunnel system under the US mainland, so that it would sink into the ocean. This idea came up since nukes is extremely harmful to the North American environment and wildlife, which was to be preserved and protected at all costs. But Sweden, being a completely neutral nation, took it upon itself to prevent that. This is all of course extremely confidential, and should any of this reach the public, Norway will deny any involvement of their busses. Or even the existence of any busses. Norway doesn't have any roads and therefore no need of busses. And Sweden alibi is that they were busy being neutral in Afghanistan. The US is yet to be informed of the event that didn't occur.
vicente velez (1 month ago)
its "el chapo" drilling a well to escape from prision.
Luis Landey (1 month ago)
Maybe if you turn off the creepy post mortem music I could actually probably hear those mysterious sounds. Haha
SuperEurobeat M3 (1 month ago)
Chill guys it's just a mosasaurus.
Nada 049 (3 days ago)
Bruh wikipedia isnt always right my guy
Edde Mane Ribay (1 month ago)
Godzilla type monsters. Maybe we don't want to know what these sounds are coming from. Lol
Aqua Man (1 month ago)
Yes a recording of monster sounds by NOAA. Best album ever.
Patricio Martinoli (2 months ago)
Godzilla,The Kraken,Leviathan and Cthulhu are rising....
Fallen But Saved (2 months ago)
Totally unrelated but I bet the military would also want to classify the locations of its various submarines
Jowey de la Nota (2 months ago)
they found the bloop
Babar Ahmad Khan (2 months ago)
Requires more proof
Mark Strawder (2 months ago)
Turn the damn spooky music off if you want ppl to actually hear the sounds in the video. #IJS
VietNamball (2 months ago)
dony satiz (2 months ago)
JohnnyOmm (2 months ago)
Lapras is hungry
Catherine Roque (2 months ago)
The deep is so darn dark we may need light stations and lights to know whats down there but we need so much electricity.
Jak Saw-tooth (2 months ago)
Job 41. Nuff said.
Well it could be that of a mating call, come on if your were a horny sea beastie looking for a good time you would try to let everyone and everything in the area that I want to fuck and i want to fuck now.
Brent vlogs and games (2 months ago)
thats a bloop
Brute Insight (2 months ago)
Always Iceburgs, Can Scientist Just Confirm That There Are Real Sea Monsters Under Us. It Would Be Really Cool To Know That We Have One, Heck We Would Not Be Scared At All😆
Precious Gems (2 months ago)
M.J. Leger (2 months ago)
So far, only a small portion of our oceans have been mapped with sonar and other means, so there could be a lot of things down there that are as yet unidentified! (Possibly the same with remote sections of land.) Plus, it changes over time, plates move, new canyons are opened up, new islands form -- it's been going on for 4, 1/2 billion years and isn't likely to stop! But if you compare what we knew 100 years ago with now, we've learned a lot and will continue to learn over the years as technology advances even further and farther.
Ryan Johns (2 months ago)
That train sounds sinister creepy
Mane (2 months ago)
That's a rock pointing out of the water
Monique Marilyn (2 months ago)
An iceberg..that's almost as bad as the weather Roswell weather balloon cover story!
KELSIB WELLS (2 months ago)
Most all of them have an organic or animal sound to them except for (Slowdown) that sounds like a huge machine or engine! Like the Droning of the Hub of something slowing down, towards the end it almost downshifts! before it stops, could be underwater UFO of gargantuan proportions slowing down for an underwater Landing LOL ,who knows...
Zoes Dada (2 months ago)
If they let us hear it its nothing.
Hugh Janus (3 months ago)
Bruh, if your going to play audio clips why not turn the shitty music DOWN?
Mr Nobody (3 months ago)
Leave Godzilla alone.... smh
Robemar Joseph Tabucan (3 months ago)
When i was a kid, i was so fascinated with sea monsters and nessy, i would always watch documentaries on nat geo over and over again.
Chito (3 months ago)
The last sound is highly compeling.
Soth O (3 months ago)
Man all I hear is the piano playing
kurg antes (3 months ago)
francis geba (3 months ago)
Check out bills channel that pic in thumbnail is just a rock
Stop looking in outer space and use the technology to explore this world.
X4Android _RobloxYt (3 months ago)
Okay now i dont want to go on the beach
m beginization (3 months ago)
I bet it lives in the inner ocean that feeds our oceans
Kassi Jackson (3 months ago)
Hopefully we'll be able to explore the ocean in it's entirety to find out what the real source of these noises are rather than theorize about them
Ewan859 (3 months ago)
fuck if Cthulhu is real, then were all jacked
Jose Betances (3 months ago)
Somethings down there that cant survive at higher waters
Son Goku (3 months ago)
They definitley know something
wp r (3 months ago)
The sounds could be caused by methane or other gasses escaping from the sea floor. Sea farts.
Jason Faulk (3 months ago)
didn't they conclude the bloop was a huge piece of ice breaking off an iceberg and falling in the water
WPO 4 (3 months ago)
TrueVo1d (3 months ago)
No, they discovered another underwater animal
FunnyGamer YT (3 months ago)
Why do t they just send a high tec robot to the deep ocean with a high tec camrea
Cretaal (3 months ago)
People need to learn how to geology. A creature wouldn't be heard through south America's landmass (bloop), so a massive icequake is very likely the explanation. To be clear, volcanic vents do whistle underwater due to the speed of the ejections under such hot extremes. There are already some massive creatures in the water, but I guess finding the fucking Kraken (collosal squid) wasn't good enough. Good lore fodder, but the video is sensationalist bullshit
Jared Sergent (3 months ago)
Everyone: look a brand new species Scientists: Nope just an Iceberg
Gamer Tech (3 months ago)
The Whistle sounds like what'd you hear in like a dungeon in Skyrim.
Cardinal Curtis (3 months ago)
ya know if it's a species living in our ocean then it's not a sea monster it's a new type of fish or mammal
Keyser Söze (3 months ago)
Why are you playing that stupid music in the background you son of a bitch
Unpretentious Wind (3 months ago)
this tentacle was large
Tryn (3 months ago)
God if this is real why does the government hide shit like this?! it would be less dangerous if people knew not to go there as something was living there
Calen Crawford (3 months ago)
Does anyone else think that "slow down" sounds like the turbo-wind of a generator in combination with flooding of a boiling room flood chamber and the release of the gas within it?
Chris Hunter (3 months ago)
IM STARING AT YOH SAUL (3 months ago)
Ok im annoyed How would you feel if you are a large and mysterious sea creature to ever live but then ONE OF THE MOST INTELLIGENT CREATURE ON THIS PLANET DISCOVERED YOU AND HAS GIVEN YOU THE WORST NAME POSSIBLE FOR A MONSTER (BLOOP) LIKE TF?
Viktor Reznov (3 months ago)
Use the gta v mod to remove water, job done creature found
Terd Ferguson (3 months ago)
Remember when our subs thought they were catching nuclear subs leaving for international waters? and it turns out it was just mackerels farting when in schools.
Terd Ferguson (3 months ago)
Its easy people, whales get diarrhea too.
R. J. (3 months ago)
It's mostly machinery and technology sounds, not creatures. Most of it anyway....imo
lucian kristov (3 months ago)
Isn't this the bloop? Anyways I'm thinking it was a whale.
acius mao (3 months ago)
a rock watch bills channel real or fake this is not creatcher its a rock'
The Littlest Panda (3 months ago)
You low-key sound like Nicholas cage 🤔🕵🏼
Stephanie King (3 months ago)
Don’t listen to Cthulhu’s whispers! 😱
Andrew k Adams (3 months ago)
Slow down sounds like some kind of motor being shut off
thelegendthemanme (3 months ago)
Just long lost echoes of Cliff Burton 🤘
DouglesThe Shrimp (3 months ago)
The slow down was pretty scary..
ジェイソン (3 months ago)
Hope they won't go down there deep in the ocean to find those monster. Who knows they will wake up something monster that can destroy earth
Drex Ferguson (3 months ago)
I'm not saying it was my ex mother-in-law farting in the water on her Daytona trip.. but their definitely needs to be some more research done..
Wane Braddy (3 months ago)
Sounds like water flowing to me.
joshua cadiz (3 months ago)
If these monster is exist, Please don't disturb it ^_^ for our own safety
M.R. Wall (3 months ago)
Don't let this distract you from the fact that Mr krabs sold Spongebob ....
hunter hornet (3 months ago)
They think they observed some kind of creature in one of Titan's lakes. One photo shows something and than another taken a while later does not show it at all.
Kamon23 (3 months ago)
quick answer is no
Leej Vargas (3 months ago)
It would be easier to hear, if they weren't playing the dramatic melancholy music in background.
Ryan Dingley (3 months ago)
Martha giving Godzilla a reach around.
Lavian Alexander (3 months ago)
Emperor Leviathan...
Enlightened Dystopian (3 months ago)
So funny that all we have is highly speculatory information yet this is definitely a sea monster
Grimreaper57 (3 months ago)
It’s fascinating to think about how much we don’t know about the ocean. Just think about yourself floating in the middle of the Atlantic and think how far down the bottom is, an average of 2 miles of dark deep mystery.
RG59P (3 months ago)
i already am scared of the megalodon i dont want to find out that theres even a bigger thing than that
Manos Fuzzman (3 months ago)
The kaijus are coming! Quick! Built robots!

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