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How to Play the Market During the Selloff

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It's market madness. If you thought Wednesday was a rollercoaster, you might want to close your eyes because it looks like the selloff will continue into Thursday trading. TheStreet's tech editor, Nelson Wang, and its London Bureau Chief sit down to discuss the market. Martin Baccardax looks long-term for investors while Wang focuses on the tech sector, which experienced a brutal selloff in Wednesday trading. And, don't forget that Citibank C and JP Morgan JPM are both set to report earnings on Friday morning. Watch to see what else TheStreet's reporters have to say. https://www.thestreet.com/video/how-to-play-the-market-during-the-selloff-14741945 SUBSCRIBE | http://t.st/TheStreetTV _ Want to Buy $1 Worth of Stock for 90 Cents or Less? You can with certain so-called “closed-end” mutual funds – an often overlooked investment class. Click here to register for a free online video in which TheStreet’s retirement expert Robert Powell and an all-star panel tell you all you need to know-- https://webinar.thestreet.com/2018091... ___ You can also find us on... ACTION ALERTS PLUS | https://buff.ly/2khDJhL FACEBOOK | https://www.facebook.com/TheStreet/ TWITTER | http://twitter.com/thestreet PODCASTS | https://soundcloud.com/thestreetlive THESTREET.COM | https://www.thestreet.com/ LINKEDIN | http://linkedin.com/company/theStreet INSTAGRAM | https://www.instagram.com/thestreet/?... Sign up for ActionAlertsPlus.com today for exclusive insight into Jim Cramer’s charitable portfolio: https://buff.ly/2khDJhL
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khareef el (2 months ago)
The Irish looking Yankee is so scared, she never saw a bear market in her life...
Jay M (2 months ago)
Governments allowing banks to printing money out of thin air (in part to cover ever expanding gov debt) creates market distortions that end badly with the price being paid by the average worker.
Marek Kolenda (2 months ago)
Between 24,000 to 25,000 points down bottom line
Marek Kolenda (2 months ago)
Down could get buttom 24,00£ or 25, 000 points then go up agien.
What happened to the guy?
Oh thank goodness!!
Marek Kolenda (2 months ago)
Lydia Santiago - My Investment Journey Vacation

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