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The Secret of Kells Album T19

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The Book of Kells
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Jas sth (7 months ago)
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mind maker (1 year ago)
Does Mofedest Miracle really work? I see a lot of people keep on talking about Mofedest Miracle. But I'm not sure if it is good enough to knowing the complete secrets to happiness, health, and success.
SackboyIon (2 years ago)
It's so sad that most people in the movie animation industry works for Computer Generated Animation, and The Secret of Kells (2009) and Song of the Sea (2014) are two of the greatest examples of what Traditional Animation can do
Alex Boghitoiu (9 months ago)
SackboyIon indeed this two movies are so beautyful and not like others
This movie was amazing
Alex Boghitoiu (9 months ago)
Final Fright Productions yes it was
E K Robin (3 years ago)
I need to find an arrangement of this violin part... xD
Jay Sexton (4 years ago)
I'm Scottish on one side, Welsh on the other.  We Celts are cool, aren't we? Every culture has beautiful aspects about it.  This is such great music!
The Teotl Report-l (3 years ago)
Beth Boyle (3 years ago)
+Jakub Jarý PIctish or Celtic or a mix.
Jakub Jarý (3 years ago)
+Jay Sexton If you are Scottish you are not Celt :D
Rexfire91 (5 years ago)
Such a beautiful theme for such a beautiful book.
Grace McKittrick (4 years ago)
true dat
Retch Rotten (5 years ago)
Aisling's Song
The Red Baron (5 years ago)
Not as great as us Slavs ^^ Jk we are all cool.
Jay Sexton (5 years ago)
Wonderful movie and soundtrack. I'm Scottish, but Irish are great, too! Great music! Good beer, great literature and poetry. Man, we Celts are cool, aren't we?
Oh my goddess I read that in Professor Farnsworth's voice xD
The Red Baron (6 years ago)
Being Irish must be cool. People knowing you for such great music. Sucks when all the people know YOU for is genocide like it is the situation with mine... Love your culture...
Jotak (6 years ago)
Song* of the sea
mvs109 (6 years ago)
Good news! the makers of the Secret of Kells are making a new movie: Sound of the Sea.
Alex Boghitoiu (9 months ago)
mvs109 i saw it already
Leila Rangel (6 years ago)
if I listen to it when I'm alone I always cry, it's too beautiful .-.
bubblineofficial (6 years ago)
Ahhhhhhh the flute part that starts at 1:20 is really beautiful...........
luveedoves43 (6 years ago)
mmm...love this part - -,
Alex Boghitoiu (9 months ago)
luveedoves43 it's my favorite part
Connie Giang (7 years ago)
This soundtrack is beautiful. Combined with the fluid animation and beautiful imagery...it was so sublime. Beautiful and breathtaking :)
Alessandro Tavera (7 years ago)
fran momberg (7 years ago)
3:10 ..realmente la mejor parte! <3 :DD
TwistedMidniteDreams (7 years ago)
@NinkonWho /shrug/ according to the design sketches, Brendan was *thirty* when he returned to Kells. I was wrong though, eighteen years. I have no clue how old Tang was, though...
Jay Sexton (7 years ago)
The pages of the book are sp detailed and the artwork is so intricate. Brendan did a good job. I would've gotten squareeyes a long time ago. The music is beautiful too.
Cesar Joughin (7 years ago)
is there any manuscript for this available
Alex Boghitoiu (9 months ago)
Cesar Joughin i think not
TwistedMidniteDreams (7 years ago)
Cellach was a bit of an ass, but he really didn't deserve to be tortured with the belief that he killed his own nephew for nearly twenty years...
Skewb Historian (7 years ago)
How come this is a related video in half of my videos?
ZanthiaKhala (7 years ago)
@i8ZackEFFRON "The book Of Kells"
Tiny (7 years ago)
Two people are Vikings ;)
lake7less (8 years ago)
like?! love!

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