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Oracle 11g Hints Overview

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In this Video tutorial we will discuss about Optimizer hints in Oracle. What is optimizer hint, when & why its needed. Different Category of hints. Description of mostly used hints. Demonstrate how query plan can change with the influence of hint.
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Text Comments (24)
Rajesh dandu (6 months ago)
Great explanation...!! Good work.
Sanjay Nanhe (11 months ago)
Thanks Anindya . Very informative.
Purusottam Singh (11 months ago)
Thanks for the video..can u plz share the ppt with me @ [email protected]
Ramu Jagini (1 year ago)
can you pls share the material.. sqls and ppts?
snmn77 (1 year ago)
Thank you ! It is informative.
Durga Reddy (2 years ago)
Hi very nice tutorial. Its very use full for others. can you send hints_presentation.sql file
Bharath Ram (2 years ago)
Hi Durga - I am an Oracle DBA for a fortune 500 company. I am trying to create similar content for helping people like you. May I know what triggered you to learn SQL tuning. What do you do? What is the single biggest challenge for you right now in your career?
Sanjay Nanhe (2 years ago)
very useful Presentation. Thank you very much.
Suman Amara (2 years ago)
Thanks good presentation
Subodh Kumar (2 years ago)
Good Presentation
Vijesh Vocalist (2 years ago)
I appreciate ur work. But in your session you never mentioned when shld we use XYZ index over ABC index. Merits of one index over the other or any practical situations. The only thing I cld gather here is available indexes and sorry nothing else.
Фил Philipp (3 years ago)
Хорошее видео, кратко и в тоже пора все обхватывает. Что резануло - обучите его использовать ESC для снятия выделения в SQLPLUS и композиции CTRL-C для копирования :) Ну раздражает это - скопировал из блокнота в буфер, переключился в SQLPLUS и скопировал блок, снял выделение, опять копирует из блокнота.... Это ламерство
Shashi Das (3 years ago)
Great Help !!
Srinivasa Rao (3 years ago)
Awesome presentation!!!
R.A. Davila (3 years ago)
great presentation!
stuti mohindra (3 years ago)
hey what kinda hints to be used when i want common data residing on two different tables on two different data bases and the number of rows in both tables is about 1.2 million and the select statement is taking about 25 minutes
srikanth katrue (4 years ago)
Good presentation. It is helping me through the initial phases of performance tuning. 
Pramitha Pb (4 years ago)
Hi Anindya ...  Good Presentation for beginners .. Keep up the work .. I think there needs to be further explanation about Ordered Hint .. It seems to be confusing !
prabhu v (4 years ago)
Thanks Anindya! Good Presentation. Keep up the good work!!
Kuntala Dutta (4 years ago)
very nice explanation
Dhruv Puri (4 years ago)
Thanks Anindya for such a good tutorial
Sivakumar R (5 years ago)
thank you. good one.
Anamika Roy (5 years ago)
well explained. good one for begineers
andy moor (5 years ago)
a good tutorial

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