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Oracle AUTOTRACE Fundamentals to Analyze & Tune SQL

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This Tutorial will explain fundamentals of Oracle AUTOTRACE. Set up & Use AUTOTRACE. Review PLAN & Statistics generated by AUTOTRACE. Understanding Statistics details.
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Edukondalu Muchumuri (11 months ago)
bro ,what happened if you use statistics on a table.what is mainly difference before and after statistics in a table. thanks in advance
Hi Sir,it is very nice, if possible could you please send the PPTs to my mail "[email protected]"
snmn77 (1 year ago)
Thanks a lot !
Quoc Vinh Nguyen (2 years ago)
Thank you very much.
K Kalyan (2 years ago)
Nice video, Crisp and neat.
Raghavendra jamili (2 years ago)
It's Superb explanation with nice content about auto trace with best examples.
Raghavendra jamili (2 years ago)
It's Superb explanation with nice content about auto trace with best examples.
Suman Amara (2 years ago)
nice thanks for you inputs
Palanisamy M (3 years ago)
nice tut...
R.A. Davila (3 years ago)
great again!
Jagdish Belapure (3 years ago)
Hi Anindya, Thank you very much for explaining Explain Plan and Statastics in AUTOTRACE. This is very helpful for me. I would like to watch more DBA videos from you. Also, I am looking how we come to conclusion that we need to go for query optimization by analyzing the explain plan and statistics and how can we chive that. Please let me know if you have any such a tutorials. Please let me know your views on: [email protected] Regards, Jagdish
Shirantha Fernando (3 years ago)
But how do we come into a conclusion of optimizing the query by looking at the explain plan. I meant was, How do we come to state that we need to apply indexes by looking at the explain plan.pls let me know that
Raghavendra Setty (3 years ago)
Awesome explanation and thanks for sharing wonderful fundamental videos... Please do share latest videos. Thanks
Ahmad Al Khaldi (4 years ago)
Subbaraju Sagiraju (4 years ago)
Nice one..
pardeep kumar (4 years ago)
I saw your video on TKPROF as well..what is the difference between AUTOTRACE and TKPROF..both look like doing the same functionality
harshal lagwankar (4 years ago)
Is it possible for you to cover analytical function and collection in oracle?
Shrikrishna Mudrale (4 years ago)
Really useful video and stuff.. Thanks.
Kazi Mohammad Mokarem (5 years ago)
Thanks for this videso
Kiran Shetty (5 years ago)
Good one
Nitin Chauhan (5 years ago)
Good explanation...
Pravin Dwiwedi (5 years ago)
Excellent Tutorial.. superb simple explanation...I am preparing for interview... very helpful
Anindya Das (5 years ago)
explain plan shows the plan..autotrace shows the plan & execution statistics both..The statistics shown by autotrace are accurate.after executing the statement its shows the details
MrSilversurfer440 (5 years ago)
How is AUTOTRACE Different from EXPLAIN PLAN?
Vivek Rawat (5 years ago)
nicely explained....good job dude!!!keep posting....
Ramesh Revella (5 years ago)
Thank you so much.. It's really helpful.
Mainak Mukherjee (5 years ago)
Very good work. Very useful.
Sathish Arjunan (5 years ago)
it is really useful
andy moor (5 years ago)
Good one.. Useful

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