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Steve Jobs: Product Development (from Idea to Product)

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Steve Jobs: Product Development (From Idea to Product) Reference: Excerpt from Steve Jobs interview in 1995 with Robert Cringely, the interview is called "The Lost Interview"
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J Nada (1 month ago)
15 seconds to think a reply. Worth it.
Konstantin Bogun (3 months ago)
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BROTHERS CHANNEL (3 months ago)
loved it
Lekestue (4 months ago)
Scholly fikk en sykdom, forestillingen om at en god ide er 90 prosent, at du bare kan dele denne ideen med organisasjonen og tenke at selvfølgelig vil de få det til å skje. Problemet med det er at det inngår en stor mengde håndverk mellom ideen og det ferdige produkter. And when you start to develop the idea it changes and grows. It never comes out as it was intended. You learn a lot more when you comes to the details you discover that there are tremendous tradeoffs that have to be made there is certain things you cannot make electrons do certain thing you cant make plastikk do or glass do, battery do. Designing a thing is to keep 5000 things in your brain these conseps and fitting them punshing them all to getter trying different things to get what you want
I just really love the long pause
John Zhang, CFA (8 months ago)
True! this long pause is what differentiates outstanding from average. It is very often to see the averages just keep talking without any deep thoughts and assume that wisdom automatically come out of their mouths.

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