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Amy Schumer: Women are Bad Asses Glamour Awards 2015 | Glamour Uk

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Text Comments (9)
Rita Levi (2 years ago)
her questions were good, but a retainer or something made it hard to understand
Irfan Ahmed (2 years ago)
Amy cdnt get away any faster!
David Boyer (3 years ago)
Who is the interviewer? I'm obsessed.
Tania Cardona (3 years ago)
what's wrong with the reporter's people doing those kinds of interviews
Ally Grint-Potter (3 years ago)
+Tania Cardona What's wrong with her?
Serene Coleman (3 years ago)
The shittest interviewer ever.
08emily89 (3 years ago)
Worst interviewer ever.
Max Wilson (3 years ago)
The interviewer...WTF?
MrNiceHk (3 years ago)
Amy Schumer's face during this .........interview ?

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