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Women Have A Shelf Life, Men Don't

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A woman's period of highest attractiveness generally comes early in life, only to come crashing down around middle age. By contrast, most men continuously gain in appeal well into old age. This video explores why.
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RJ Poet (1 year ago)
The whole aging thing happens very slowly, and women used to be married by 18-22 (ie, their prime). Husbands generally saw the woman the same way she was when they first got married-it's a psychological trick of aging alongside someone. Things were much different back then. Women weren't waiting until 35 to get married. Btw, time is not really on anybody's side: a lot of these MGTOW guys are fat and bald. When women say they want an older man they generally mean 30-35 (being twenty something themselves). Check any online dating site and the age limit is like 40-ish. Men have maybe a ten year advantage...I think we as MGTOW's are little naïve to not admit that after about 40 men don't age that well, either.
dcosb09 (1 year ago)
women get old. men get distinguished
Portuguese MGTOW (1 year ago)
Men are the greatest! #MGTOW
mrS (1 year ago)
"Time is the fire in which we all burn", but it often burns women more.
liam b (2 years ago)
early mgtow videos
Brosse (2 years ago)
BULLSHIT most men get fat, go bald. This is your male ego talking.
dcosb09 (1 year ago)
ContrarianExpatriate I would say 20 % of women are attractive from 18-24
Brosse (2 years ago)
So you'd only fuck 5% of females?
ContrarianExpatriate (2 years ago)
Have you noticed that that vast majority of female are NOT beautiful? Women are often fat, ugly, old, and unsightly. Roughly 5% of females are what I consider beautiful.
MIchael Belt (2 years ago)
I've personally experienced the power of getting and staying in shape as I age. I get younger and younger women looking me over. The older women are a mix of frustrated behavior and attempts to be 'nice'....I'm having a ball. I am of moderate height, perfect weight and have the hallmarks of being in shape; ;flat belly, angular squared shoulders, firm biceps and proportionally high waist. A nice suit sets it off well...
Coterie (3 years ago)
Sowing their wild oats renders women unappealing for anything more than a deft pump and dump.
Club Soda (3 years ago)
What a nice sounding voice. I love his tone. He should read books for people.
africanindiaspo (3 years ago)
This feminism stuff is affecting even children of Africans in the diaspora now. They are not seeing how the game is set up to bring them to an irreversible anticlimax. http://africanindiaspo.blogspot.co.uk/2015/08/men-age-like-whiskey-whilst-women-age.html?m=1
John Pheipher (3 years ago)
Females are at their best in their teenage years and their expiry date is very short compared to a man's. Nothing is more disgusting on this planet than a 30+ year old female.
John Pheipher (2 years ago)
@Theres No God A faggot calling other men weak. Now that's really hilarious. 
Hardin9 (2 years ago)
@Theres No God I choose Christy Brinkley because she is a celebrity, she is one that everybody will be familiar with, I would not use the names of any women in my social circle who are Vegan because 1 they are not people with public notoriety so I would have to post pictures of them to support what I am saying, and 2 I would not post photos of ANYBODY in my social circle without there permission. By the way, I was just able to confirm my suspicion, Christy Brinkley IS VEGAN! I knew it! Only Vegan women maintain their good looks that late in their life like she has! I have YET to see a non-vegan woman look as good as her at age 62! Every Time I have EVER met someone her age with the level of beauty she has it has ALWAYS been a Vegan woman WITHOUT EXCEPTION! As to your second point, You're damn straight I am anti feminist, and I am anti Animal Agriculture, PRO ANIMAL LIBERATION, PRO VEGAN, Anti Police (And no not because of cops murdering humans with impunity, the problems plaguing humans are problems we have collectively brought upon ourselves! I'm anti police because there is an epidemic of cops murdering PETS with impunity!), Anti Petroleum, Anti Abortion, Anti GENDER BASED Affirmative Action (Whether Race Based Affirmative is still serving a purpose in modern time is debatable!) and anti, and pro a number of other things I could list off as well. Now is there a point you are attempting to make?
There's No God (2 years ago)
@Hardin9 You choose a model as an example for starters, as your particular measuring stick of what counts for health and/or beauty. I'm sure you are also anti feminist, but that's a guess.
Hardin9 (2 years ago)
@Theres No God How so?
There's No God (2 years ago)
@Hardin9 Shallow and vacuous.
Klaudia Szmidt (4 years ago)
I can't believe the comments on this video. Why are all men so hateful? so misogynist? Men commenting here have 0 empathy. Not all females flirt and jump from guy to guy. And most of us do realize this sell-by date but we're just naturally insecure. I'm 20 and a virgin, never had a boyfriend, lost my last friend at 13, was always misunderstood by family and with issues so it just really hurts when everyone pounds to me all the time that I'll be alone for the rest of my life. I got it okay? The reason is a female psyche. We females hate being alone. We want a shining knight to love us and take care of us. We just have this basic need to be loved and appreciated. I just wish men commenting here would show some more empathy. Just try to understand. There's no reason to kick a dead horse and that's what most woman are right? We women are dead before we even get to leave our nest. Maybe one day when you're about to breathe your last you'll realize fcking many young hot woman isn't really the most important thing in life. Leaving a good impression, being able to bring happiness into someone's life, creating and sustaining bonds with others is what's important. But it'll be too late for you...
Two Natal Yods (2 years ago)
If what you say is true I hope you marry young and make the man happy; have lots of kids, accomplish many things. and be happy.
Mr Cabot (3 years ago)
+Klaudia Szmidt Bear with me a moment if you wouldn't mind, and i would like a reply if you could manage it, thank you.... Perhaps you are a rarity, if you really are attractive, but you need to look at this from a male point of view to see the other half of the picture.  An uncountable number of men have experiences with cruel, sadistic, opportunistic, selfish, vain, ignorant women who, thanks to their attractiveness do well in life these days, there being so much more employment available for women across all but the highest paid spectrum, where numbers of employed women decline, never vanish.  As i am attractive, wealthy, healthy and active i have lots of lady friends (globally, but not promisdcuous) and the first thing a man will tell you is that women are at minimum confusing, shift the goal posts at will, it seems to be natural to your sex, a game... Now, some of those 100's of women i have met and dated appeared on the surface to be stable, successful women, yet all of them revealed serious emotional and mental issues which required clinical attention, drugs or other therapy.  The problem was that 90% of those women DENIED having ANY problem AT ALL. So nearly ALL were borderline sociopaths or psychopaths, a very few were able to deal with the conundrums of modern life and come out whole, clean and mentally healthy. This is particularly evident with older women, and those women with children in their care who have become so deranged and hateful of men that they not only act as social icebergs, but also the preeminent poisoners of the next generations.  The feminist movement has devastated the landscape of social and sexual relations, tottering today in a very confused maelstrom of hormones and genetics, social norms, expectations, dreams and propaganda. Here is how you heal this; decry any militant feminism, stand with men as an equal, do not lower or raise yourself in any way, beware of your subconscious! Seek men who are open, worldly and kind, but do not fear those men who sometimes seem savage on the outside, often they are far more refined (excluding bogans and hillbillies, you get the drift).  A man who loves you dearly WILL challenge you to break you out of any encrusted social idiocy or rampant consumerism - those bad habits we NEED to shake off in order to GROW, this is a maturing thing. Those that REALLY know you and really love you will not be trying to change YOU they will be trying to FREE YOU - this is the inherent nobility and heroism of the MALE of the species. We WILL die for YOU, to protect YOU. These are suggestions, minimum standards, build your own toolbox of TRUE and REAL expectations and find the 'landscape' to match that 'ideal. Work together, grow and become magnificent!  The media promotes a DREAM, a FANTASY and it addles women more than men traditionally but men are catching up, this is evident in the cosmetics industry and all the trillions, yes TRILLIONS wasted on vanity ALONE, by both men and women, the latter contributing far more to this egotistical rubbish.. I hope you become everything you want to be and a man true and noble by your side. Trust him but trust me this one thing, you must bear with him to break you free, it might be messy, painful, but if you made a wise choice and you shed all that shit i can tell you you will fly like an eagle through life.
Slappy Fistwad (3 years ago)
+Klaudia Szmidt HAHAHAH GREAT joke and a GREAT TROLL! Thanks for the LAFF!
Edgarv68 (3 years ago)
Of course there are always exceptions. But the overall Majority is what is being discussed
Geoff Shaw (4 years ago)
@Klaudia Szmidt As a 62 year old man, I now have the clarity of vision to be empathetic to young women and men, their issues, etc. as well as your older counterparts. I understand your feelings of harassment about females' worth, and so forth, but you , I hope, can understand 2 things- first that people on and off the internet are often angry, upset or damaged due to cruel life experiences, so they often don't care whether the truth-at least theirs- hurts anyone. Second, it has been my experience that life doesn't care whether you have advantages or not-it's neutral. So the weight of being content in life, whether you have looks, brains, etc. or not, is on you to seek out, in whatever way, to better your situation, Living in this world can have some cruel consequences, but it is not all bad-most of us get a fair chance to be happy. So go about your life with your eyes on your prize, and be cautious about negativity and wounded people trying to drag you down- whether they mean to, or not. Hope this helps.
Thot Slayer (4 years ago)
This video lifted my spirits 😊 fuck bitches
BlackRam313 (4 years ago)
Great and foundational points in this video
cushingpushing (5 years ago)
Great video!  Tom Leykis says the same thing, women have a shelf life, men do not.  Men age like wine, women age like milk! 
JaJa (2 years ago)
and I should devalue myself just because males say so? Men don't get to decide everything. Your peenerfeels don't get to decide everything.
Geoff Shaw (2 years ago)
Because in high school, the men are brutally separated from the boys-this is where it starts. You must be tall, good looking, have a car, have educational prospects, be popular, be ready for a good paying job, the list goes on. The average, or underperforming male is made aware of this, and females never let the pressure up. It's a lesson the male never forgets, all his life, while he struggles to better himself.
Jon P (4 years ago)
@cushingpushing Patrice O'Neal said the same thing but used bread as the analogy
ButterOnCorn (4 years ago)
Ageing and lack of beauty is a terribly cruel thing that nature forces females to endure. Why are you guys so happy about it? Schadenfreude?
Joseph (5 years ago)
That sounds good to me thanks 
tabletalk33 (5 years ago)
Well said, and poetic at that.
avgrim77 (5 years ago)
Men age like fine wine, Women age like milk! And once these old hoes have slept with 15 -  20 dudes nobody wants them for long term material! F feminism!
dcosb09 (1 year ago)
thats a load of shit. women love men that get many women. they want something that everybody else wants
avgrim77 (3 years ago)
@Irina Montez Most women these days are cheap sluts especially western. Since that's all they are good for I am pumping and dumping them. Never said biology makes men "womanizing losers"  those were your words. With 70% of divorces being initiated by females you can't blame men for not wanting to wife a hoe up. I already had my share of "good girls" 1 wanted a divorce and child support after vowing til death do us part.. Just because you had success doesn't mean everyone does. Look at the big picture. Feminism has really took a toll on modern day relationships.
avgrim77 (3 years ago)
@Irina Montez Men CAN'T be whores! Men and women are not equal. Only a female can be a slut. Men are biologically programmed to bang as many females as possible. Females aren't therefore only a female can be a slut!
avgrim77 (4 years ago)
@Jon P Exactly, a woman who mimics a mans behavior and actions is about as attractive as a female with a hairy chest and beard.
Jon P (4 years ago)
@avgrim77 As women mimic the behavior of men, they become less attractive to them.
Amagnon X (5 years ago)
Haha - totally nailed it man. Ya, Im over 40 and semi retired in SE asia - young beautiful women in plentiful supply and available for a smile and a compliment :D Moved out of a western country because I understood this stuff long ago. Also, you can get 'married' here without any legal documentation, no family court to rape you, basically no downsides to settling down later in life.
Natasel (5 years ago)
Actually, she has a point. You don't even have to be old. Just have the wealth and they'll never leave you alone.
temporaryme911 (5 years ago)
william waddell (5 years ago)
if you are American you don't have travel at all to find those women and from I have seen that is the same with all countries. although it seems in country sides of places like china they at least are very honest about the situation
jab7168 (5 years ago)
they can work their ass off for the rest of their lives just like men.......
Carlie Duval (5 years ago)
I've seen you, commenting on many videos in an attempt to redeem you're failed achievements in life. You are pathetic. Viciously scared of any woman who demonstrates ability to defend her basic human rights. There is so much I could say to you, but it is honestly just a waste, men and women who share your visions of the world can only be compared to the types of people such as the Westboro Baptist Church. Simpletons who think they are outrageously right about everything.
PyramidHead138 (5 years ago)
this one moron comments on my video saying that feminism is about male-female equality. makes me wonder what THEYVE been smokin!
john c (6 years ago)
He is just saying that a woman's greatest assets (body & beauty) take a nose dive at middle age. I think it starts in the early 30s. This goes to her marriageability. Men don't gauge women on their wealth or productivity or even if they have a job or not. We look for beauty & youth. If a guy is smart he will avoid the batshit crazy girls & feminazis. Now I will have my pleasure with a cougar, but marry one...lol no way. Plus cougars are cost effective because they provide for themselves.
Chris Tregear (6 years ago)
Like and agree . Marriage is not for me .
Hellsconsort (6 years ago)
What if you're white and you want someone from your own race? I feel fucked.
Officer Of The Watch (6 years ago)
The term 'cougar' is purely invented by the media to boost the already fragile egos of older women. What makes you believe younger men don't want older women for their money ? Their looks ? Hahahaha you're delusional.
Officer Of The Watch (6 years ago)
All females ? I think you're a little too optimistic here. From out of ten females I see, only 5 or 6 are really what I consider attractive, and that's only based on their outside. BTW, don't you find it sad that women can only rely on their looks to snatch a man ? What does that say about their qualitites ?
Officer Of The Watch (6 years ago)
Say about male looks what you want, but at least a man's looks are natural. You women have to rely on make-up to hide your insecurities.
jab7168 (6 years ago)
No, if they try they can be hot up to 35 - 40.
Two Natal Yods (2 years ago)
True but they live til 80+
jab7168 (6 years ago)
what do you feel about PR women from the states?
jab7168 (6 years ago)
what i find interesting are these women who on there dating profiles state that want childeren and they are 40 years old..What is a guy going to do, take you to a movie and than marry you and be your babies daddy? Totally unrealisitc but typical.
jab7168 (6 years ago)
She may think they are attractive, but it is what a man thinks that matters in this case......lol
Marie Neid (6 years ago)
To each his/her own...personally I love younger men and they are chasing me down...so no complaints here lol ;) (43 y/o) but if I were a man I probably be a chauvinist pig too! Women are just majestic f-ing creatures xo
Two Natal Yods (2 years ago)
Are these younger men prepared to commit to u?
677htg hgbn (2 years ago)
M they just want easy sex from you honey
IBlewUponYourFace (6 years ago)
makeup, honey... makeup
rodneys0909 (6 years ago)
Mate, you need not have replied to this idiot.... Cougars CANNOT repeat CAN'T bear children.... Stupid skanks.... You dumb yotches DON'T understand the simple rules.... Men can father children into their 80's , women are FINISHED at menopause -5 years....LOL. We don't need you to verify our status in life.... We don't hate you, but aren't addicted to what you offer.... Sub 25, yes, you can almost name your price, but beyond that ...GL :)
MrPiccolit (6 years ago)
you will see that when men will just not date you anymore. pass your 30s something and you are history. unless men around you are desperate and judging by how things are going in the states they are getting pretty desperate. so maybe you are a couple more changes..if you are really really lucky!
Dre Zee (6 years ago)
Happiness is too important to be left to the Feminists. They have neither the time, nor the training, nor the inclination for happy thoughts. We can no longer sit back and tolerate feminist infiltration, feminist indoctrination, feminist subversion. And the international Feminist conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids.
HGeneAnthony (6 years ago)
I'd argue that men can develop a lot of qualities which are attractive to women independent of wealth. For example they can work on becoming more confident, assertive, wordly, etc. If an older guy has nothing but money he's asking to be played for a sucker. I don't think all older women are screwed when they get older, it's primarily the ones who never developed other attractive qualities because they relied exclusively on their looks.
trends88 (6 years ago)
The poster girl of the Cougar Demi Moore was dumped by her younger husband Ashton Kutcher. Heather Locklear is having a hard time adjusting to being an older actress because her looks have faded (I still do her), Madonna is trying to feel young and revelant by dating young guys but she's lost her major sex appeal years ago. I could go and on. The only who I find who aged well are the ones who weren't sex symbols when they were young like Dana Delany.
Whisper (6 years ago)
Women are the biggest con job on earth.
fomiz (6 years ago)
andrea i am in my 20s and i'd honestly much sooner date a girl of my own age rather than a so-called cougar.i tried it a few times but found those women were getting the better end of the bargain even though they were generous with their cash.they were also less mature than i expected.nowadays i much prefer to be with girls my own age or slightly younger.for me older women are completely off my menu unless i'm drunk extremely horny & have no other option.i'd then avoid them afterwards.
fomiz (6 years ago)
guys like me are indebted to you. thanks for passing on your knowledge and thanks to the creators of youtube which has provided us with a medium to exchange life experience in order for other guys to learn from the experience and mistakes of others so we can avoid these devils. your comment reminded me of the story of dalia dippolito. search for the duplicitous cunt
Junior July (6 years ago)
women like males who r secure in themselves and who have a structured life, the problem most men today the weak and even the "alpha" ones are doing is that they are making women the main priority of life. not to sound mysoginistic but the more i look at the world, the more i understand that men and boys should be taught to build and grow their selves and their minds, dont waste it on these women who will dump you the moment you become 'boring'. the primitive world was misoginistic for a reason
JDOG88 (6 years ago)
Yes, which explains why there are plenty of older men with younger women.
Pants Up Don't Loot (6 years ago)
Very true.
Valerion King (6 years ago)
Female beauty is no more real than the entitlement women assign themselves today. The angst you feel is a natural response to the rock he threw into the glass house women live in.
Valerion King (6 years ago)
The nugget of truth behind your words is that women are attracted to wealth. There is a word for women who trade intimacy for money.
samantha price (6 years ago)
Not all women want men for wealth, I personally fall in love with looks and personality so stop judging
Lawshorizon (6 years ago)
A rose will bloom, It then will fade, So does the fairest maid. The going age, now, is about 29 for women – just before all the shine wears off, and their excessive weight is becoming obvious. ---- The poor dears.
Nelcomarproductions (6 years ago)
I just wanted to confirm it since I know that women from Puerto Rico are way worse than in the States. Also they tend to do anything from cheat,lie, deceive, Blackmail to get what they want. They resort to physical violence for anything. This is why women die here often. They do not diverse it and the man should have left or controlled his anger, but most women over here are not Innocent when they get killed
Way to value women only for their looks. And you wonder why feminism is so strong.. lol
ContrarianExpatriate (6 years ago)
Women from PR are far worse in my opinion. They like to invoke the state against men at work even just to get their way. Women in the states usually reserve false allegations in domestic situations, but PR women are far more ruthless in that circumstance too. Part of the problem is the legal environment down there, and part of the problem is the hyper-feminist culture. Marianismo is a concept that has been distorted in PR and men are just powerless afterthoughts when a women wants her way.
Nelcomarproductions (6 years ago)
Hey dude I read a blog about you where you lived in Puerto Rico for 2 years and you found that Puertorrican women from Puerto Rico might be the worst women in the world. Tell me from your experience which are worse, women from the states or women from Puerto Rico?
ContrarianExpatriate (6 years ago)
The issues we discuss here are not about me or my personal circumstances. Feminists and western women often try to personalize every debate they lose in an attempt to inject emotion into the discussion. The question you asked is a pathetic attempt to do just that. Get to the issue at hand or get the hell off my channel you halfwit.
ContrarianExpatriate (6 years ago)
Typical delusional blather from an arrogant woman.....
ContrarianExpatriate (6 years ago)
Have you noticed that that vat majority of female are NOT beautiful? Women are often fat, ugly, old, and unsightly. Roughly 5% of females are what I consider beautiful. So no, I am not envious of what most women do not possess.
Two Natal Yods (2 years ago)
This was the kill shot. I'd be more generous and say 15-20% of women are naturally beautiful and that 2-5% retain that beauty later in life. Very few unicorns have beauty personality and spirituality.
Andrea T (6 years ago)
It's pretty obvious you're envious of female beauty.
Andrea T (6 years ago)
Women are attractive for far longer than men (generally), but older men WITH MONEY are more attractive than older women without money. Men are fooling themselves if they think they're going to suddenly become attractive when they turn 40. I hope you're working on wealth, because without that women in their 20s won't want you. There's a reason older women are called cougars while older men are called sugar daddies or creeps.
Droid Gunner (6 years ago)
After the age of 25 they all go to shit
Lawshorizon (6 years ago)
[2] Women don’t seem to comprehend that their shine wears off pretty quickly – their best years gone. The average age for a woman to marry is 29 – just at the time they see wear is starting to show. Why did they wait – money! – the watchword of women. They spend their virtues in seeking out jobs and derivable paychecks, instead of seeking the best men, for no more of a profound reason then to spend more money on themselves. … “You’ve got what you wanted, Baby, how does it taste?”
Lawshorizon (6 years ago)
2:47 I think you’re a prophet. As a bachelor, I’m getting more, genuine, interest from younger women then ever before (while kept in shape). Part of the reason may be that younger guys appear less mature then ever before, with more interest in video games and the like – so the younger women don’t go for them. On the other hand, it may be just a natural mechanism that’s been around since the dawning of mankind? – and it’s likely a combination of the two influences.
dutchrjen (6 years ago)
You have to be joking me if you think what you're saying is true. World wide in ALL cross-cultrual studies men found females that were young. healthy, and fertile the most attractive. YOUTHFUL or neotenized features were the most attractive features by far. Old =NOT attractive so too bad if you thought you were going to remain a slut till 40. Also MEN world-wide find females attractive in the "around average" weight catagories (heavier starving cultures, thinner heavier). So fat = not attractive
dutchrjen (6 years ago)
You have to be joking me if you think what you're saying is true. World wide in ALL cross-cultrual studies men found females that were young. healthy, and fertile the most attractive. YOUTHFUL or neotenized features were the most attractive features by far. Old =NOT attractive so too bad if you thought you were going to remain a slut till 40. Also MEN world-wide find females attractive in the "around average" weight catagories (fatter starving cultures, thinner heavier). So fat = not attractive.
RussX5Z (6 years ago)
Great video!!! Words of wisdom! This video made my day!! Well said sir!!
jo ewert (6 years ago)
George Clooney and Demi Moore are both 50. Both date younger people. Who looks silly? Who does not? Who looks old? Who does not?
jo ewert (6 years ago)
I work in a hospital with beautiful women. One of the other doctors who is single and 45 is always dating women in their 20's. He will not date anyone over 30. He does not have to. M
MrChosenon (6 years ago)
Probably the only salvation for White American Males in is Baltic and East European Women. My suggestion is for men to marry Women from east Europe and become a full man by raising children. White Women in U.S and Western Europe are pretty much poison and beyond redemption(brain dead) rendered useless by Cultural Marxists and their Moral Compass a.k.a. Television(as they rarely have any religious faith so the Television takes its place.)
Zack (6 years ago)
Any PERSON with fame and money can date young attractive people so thats not a good example is it. Without fame those guys would be lonely, barren and ugly. If you think men are so hot then stick to fucking them and dont bother worrying about women, not sure what your problem is. Even iuf women di dhave a problem aaging who cares? Old people generally arent attractive to young people, get over it
ContrarianExpatriate (6 years ago)
Most women, young ones included, are not beautiful especially in the USA where fat, ugly, and dumpy abound. Of the small, subset of beautiful women, yes, they age without grace and suffer the shock of plainness, extra pounds, and wrinkles. All but a few women are unsightly creatures with overrated stinkholes between their legs. Don't delude yourself with any other ideas......
Dessi Baboon (6 years ago)
women are more beautiful than men,so when they age and the beauty is gone, one can see the drastic difference, compared with the difference which you can barely observe in men,simply because men aren't striking beauties in the first place.
imgoingtodisneyland (6 years ago)
you tell these self entitled bitches my man! we need more fair minded people like you.
donjohnswaggert (6 years ago)
lady you must desist in using your emotions to filter information. women commonly use the pretty exterior as their source of power, once that exterior begins to age... that power is lost. get a grip on reality and put your emotions into your relationship, if you have one
dios bananos (6 years ago)
Yeah, that makes me laugh too. 'Oh Asian women only want you for your money', as if somehow women in countries like America and Australia are completely disinterested in a man's wealth. LOL. Give me a fucking break. The ONLY reason women have a problem with older men hooking up with younger women is because they can't secure commitment from younger members of the opposite sex like we can in most cases. That's all there is to it.
G Vis (6 years ago)
Always funny when non-western females are accussed of only being after money.... as if western women are any different. And what''s the difference ? If a rich old western male can hump an attractive younger girl instead of being married to a fat old hag that costs just as much, I can't blame him for choosing the former.
bza069 (6 years ago)
mother natures first gift to females is their beauty...it is also the first one she takes away from them. men age better than woman...fact!
pingufromindia (6 years ago)
what the hell is that creature at 2:13 left????
Eddie Runcorn (6 years ago)
Wise words brother.
Agent1W (6 years ago)
I agree with this. At age 27, I climbed a lot higher in comparison to where I was at age 17, an age where men are still relatively "boyish" if I may dare argue. The inverse seems to be evident in women. I'm not too sure I'm at my peak but I can certainly the height difference from 10 years ago. I'm thankful I was born to be a man! It surely does pay dividends,
Morph Verse (6 years ago)
Straight on point mate :)
Zidandy (6 years ago)
Brilliant video. Keep preaching the truth, good sir.
Tha_SilverBlack_16 (6 years ago)
you are an idiot. You hate the truth and resort to typical feminazi crap... Your shaming tactics don't work. Moron.
Ebiye Jeremy Udo-Udoma (6 years ago)
a good number of women ditch men when they lose their money/their ability to provide for women so why can't guys do the same?
Ebiye Jeremy Udo-Udoma (6 years ago)
His commentary, like it or not, reflects reality. Women's power in this society is rooted in their looks, looks that tend to depreciate once most women hit their mid 20s. A man's power in this society is rooted in his success, which tends to increase through his 20s, 30s, and 40s. Im not saying that is they way it should be, nor am I saying that there are not exceptions to the aforementioned, but it is the way it is.
jab7168 (6 years ago)
let us now how much you get in the divorce settlement.
MinkyMikaMeow (6 years ago)
Facts often hurt the sensibilities of those who base their opinions on falsehoods.
ContrarianExpatriate (6 years ago)
If you're sickened, then that's a darn good sign. I'm sure the Nazis were sickened by the allies; I'm sure Osama Bin Laden was sickened when the troops stormed his compound, so feminists SHOULD be sickened when they are slapped in the face with truth. Also, don't dare try to compare the horrendous way women age with the way men age. All those men you cited have YOUNG, HOT, GIRLS on their arms. The women in my video are barren, lonely, and ugly. Go get your barf bag....
ContrarianExpatriate (6 years ago)
"Waaaaaaaaah!!!!" Would you like a tissue?
ContrarianExpatriate (6 years ago)
Lol! Note the emblematic shaming attempt from this trollop gentlemen. This is classic and typical of a girl seething with weight-gain issues.
ContrarianExpatriate (6 years ago)
You're only 24? You look way older than that, weathered even. Anyway, this video speaks of women from various countries that are open to older men. I would not be interested in you based on you photo alone.
james_gats (6 years ago)
Very often feminism also prevents young women to enjoy their youths. A woman gets old early, so she should be able to enjoy life as early as possible. Age of consent laws are bad for women, not only for men.
AJatethewaffles (6 years ago)
Why is it so hard for some people to realize that men and women are different. Men do not lost their attractiveness as fast as women. It's just plain true. Men can also have children much later, but not so for women. This creates a significant difference in aging experiences, it's not sexist to point this out. Women drastically lose looks after 30, 35 to the point where the amount of attractive 40 year old women is astoundingly low. Sorry Fems, Helen Mirren is not "hot", Emma Stone is.
Jon Sm (6 years ago)
there is a lot of generalisation here, not about females, but about males. there are other people who think similarly to you, and are aware of the issues you talk about. of course, not everyone, and i daresay a fair majority are still ignorant about this, and no doubt your video aids in their education of these issues.
aliensamuraipirate (6 years ago)
I'm 18 years old, and I actually want a husband-type of man, I look forward to getting married. I'll also admit that I'm attracted to older guys (though I don't make a big deal about age). I met a man this year who just turned 27, he's nice, intelligent, and has his priorities straight (and he's just wonderful to me). We also have real feelings for each other. I think he's a great candidate for a husband. :) Sorry if I got too personal. :P
aliensamuraipirate (6 years ago)
Al Sunshine (6 years ago)
or a cat woman
ContrarianExpatriate (6 years ago)
Absolutely true. Men who allow themselves to be influenced by this female "power" do a great disservice. Often, these short-sighted seekers of sexual favors are in positions of power and influence and they ruin any semblence of meritocracy or equal treatment. Ironically, some female supervisors are immune to this and demand equal standards of performance and conduct from their female employees. Male supervisors seem to have little capacity for this however.
bobby pop (6 years ago)
I enjoy your videos ContratianExpatriate because they are all true and to the point. But I need to point out the obvious. For a woman's 'beauty' to really work, the man must be a dumbsucker himself, or a weak-willed individual else the 'power she holds' will not work. Thankfully, the male around me are not losers these women can boss around easily. Which is why videos like this will teach men how not to get manipulated easily.

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