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Black Men Failed Black Women...This Is Why They Don't Respect You (George Macon)

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Aaron Gray (22 days ago)
Here’s my two cents... Raggedy black men (that black women chose) failed black women. The upstanding black men are too busy being husbands, fathers, and contributing to society......
Michael Evans (23 days ago)
Black women are dream killers....next 😁
Rico Nadar (25 days ago)
Um, I just feel that if a China man was put in this position he'd Find a way, same as the Indian, the Caucasian, why is it that the original male version of this earth is still using excuses. At this point I think its either they putting something in the vaccines in young blk males when babies 2 not function or they are just incappable of providing for their own out of pure lazyness n disprespect. Cmon its 2019, blk males c'mon un chain urself. I think its excuses tbh. And also alot of blk males don't like admmiting that blk women are amazing period. And so if ur jealous of ur tribe of women this is what happens. No other race of men are getting killed off, if they respected their own maybe life would be different, I duno. With all due respect I'm simply just tryna figure it out. I duno God bless u all.
Elisabeth Dominique (1 month ago)
Makes a lot of sense .... Danilo Blando brought it for the CIA ... while the guerilla was going on in Nicaragua and the real Rick Ross was born in LA. People are ignorant and don't know history . How u wanna go somewhere when u don't know what happened before
Jacklyn Everage (1 month ago)
Bored (1 month ago)
I’m going to tell you this. I never gave up on black men. Ever. No matter what. Even when other women looked down on me for defending my brothers. But, I realize that, I was in denail. I didn’t want to face what was happening to or around me. I tried to right there wrongs, lied to cover the truth, denied I was being abused. Submitted to a husband that didn’t have the first clue of how to lead. Kept myself from succeeding after realizing that my “success” put a wedge between my husband and I. Got pregnant and denied to my family how ill equipped my husband was for another baby. Suffered tremendous mental abuse due to his drinking because his own reality was too much for him to face. U don’t even want to know the details. Covered for my own fathers abuse and neglect because I loved him so much and wanted people to see him as an honorable man. Forgave uncles for contemplated sexual abuse. Even my black male rapist. Total denial of what destruction the black man had been in my life, I even called myself an anti feminist to make it right with them. To appeal to them, to pretend all was well and that I could in fact trust them.....until reality hit me like a ton of bricks and my husband left because he couldn’t stand the accountability I put on him. He couldn’t handle being confronted with the truth. He’s rather me and my children died first. My own father took very good care of his second wife and her family and left me and my mom and his grandchildren to rot. Never got apologies from the past offenses of men I’ve forgiven anyway. Nw as a woman I find myself wanting to date again, yet protecting my daughter from potential male predators and black women haters. They especially love childless women because idk, I guess they like to create single mothers. The only black women I know that are married, are married because they are good care takers and their husbands know they can depend on them and their half. I know no black men as true providers. Protectors maybe but they do not protect spiritually or mentally. When things fall apart they blame “not being respected”. It’s the most physiological abusive stuff a person could even encounter. I don’t wish it on anybody. Then after black women raise them, they get on YouTube and make bashing videos about the black women they helped to mentally destroy, goodbye Now I will wait for them to gaslight me in the comments, show murderous, abusive, callous character. Ravenous beast of men. I won’t even come back to read the comments because I already know the spirit of these men. They start off as broken little boys and then they become cold blooded savages.
Edward Bunch III (2 months ago)
We don’t give a fuck about all that. Get your money up and do for self/family. Ain’t no unity.......
T Black (2 months ago)
"The black man is not in control of his own destiny.." Only if he thinks like that. Never give your power to someone else.
robsaint77 (3 months ago)
Pookie and Ray Ray x Juan and Jesus ÷ Quan and Chan + Vito and Vinne = how many criminal groups protected by the government and how many going to jail?
Lamaris Thompson (3 months ago)
At the Beginning this guy was just giving woman a way out. This is a dumb ass.
Bryan (3 months ago)
I can honestly say ive never been so embarrassed to be around some negroes these days, new aged soft cowardly feminine acting negros who sit around and create groups gosipping about black women! George is absolutely correct. We both have issues that need to be addressed, both have faults we need to be held accountable on. However, the level of complaining, deflection, bitterness some of you negros have toward BW is asinine. Its escapism really, just running away from our problems.
B-Y's Your Electric Guy (3 months ago)
You are telling relavant history looking at a timeline theme. This is so important. My research is to focus in bringing this kind of understanding into the minds of the black men. Thank you brother for bringing this knowledge into the conversation. I could say so much more, but I will support you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is the missing part that needs attention in becoming what I need to be more of a man. Peace ✌
Big Bully (3 months ago)
This clown must have been raised by a bunch of women.
Colay 87 (3 months ago)
Man this dude is really making some solid points...
Turquoise Purple Sky (3 months ago)
Facts! This man is on 🔥🔥🔥🔥
tomcat 69 (3 months ago)
I was promoting black love on social media.I had a black man came into my comment section trying to convince me of dating out very sickening. And I also had 2 mix breed coming at me also. because they were married to white men we are done we have many enemies in our group.
Apollo Mayaimi (1 month ago)
tomcat 69 That's deep!
tomcat 69 (3 months ago)
Leon Barnett I agree it is so hurtful our people they're blinded by what is going on.i already strat doing work in my community.the system is very scared of us this is why they keep us separated and fighting each other.i was promoting black love I had a black man came into my comment section to convince me of dating out.i also had 2 mix woman attack me because they were married to white men .I also told them most mix woman don't date or married black men they proven my point. We are they only ones who could destroy the system but we have to do it together. Together we are powerful they know this.this is why they're keeping us distracted. By pushing the interaical relationships agenda is being pushed in our faces.
tomcat 69 (3 months ago)
Leon Barnett this so seriously to me this make me want to fight even more now.my ancestors didn't fight for nothing and those black women who falling they're weak our ancestors always say no man left behind.
Phenaam12 (3 months ago)
Yall better stop the generalizing and start fixing what's worth fixing instead of pointing out stats from slavery and the 60's, the so called ratchets and goons still doing what the fuck they want while yall so called educated niggaz got ya panties in a bunch fighting online, bottom line, what you focus on building with is people with foward thinking mindsets, not race or gender, everybody isn't the same, yall need to take every person as an individual and stop group thinking like some mindless drones, all these videos with the exception of a few people out here starting to seem like division making propaganda, and ya'll go right for it, I don't understand why you so called well to do muthafuckas can't find somebody suitable if you got financial flexibility to move around so easily? niggaz need to get out of their mental bubble with this stupid shit
JamericanDC1 (3 months ago)
I think alot of black women have no respect for black men, for several reasons. I am working on my submission to bm, it's hard
Aaron Gray (22 days ago)
JamericanDC1 why is it so hard?
JamericanDC1 (3 months ago)
So much knowledge and truth
JamericanDC1 (3 months ago)
I truly agree!
Apollo Mayaimi (3 months ago)
George Macon is the ultimate simp I've ever seen. 200,000 BLACK MEN fought in the CIVIL WAR to FREE 3.9 MILLION NEGROES still in bondage. It disgust me to hear this fake ass nigga George Macon and his black female fan base talk shit about BLACK MEN failing black women. Get the fuck out of here with that simping bullshit! Fuck George Macon and them hoes who riding with him!
g24deez (3 months ago)
Speak the truth George deez CONFORMED, ASSIMILATED, DOCILE AMERICAN NEGROS r so brainwashed they call u SIMPS because they are WIMPS they blame women 4 things that us black men need 2 fix but we're 2 bizy letting this media propaganda control our minds and tell u so call highly educated high IQ WESTERN EDUCATED NEGROS how 2 think and since this WESTERN EDUCATED SYSTEM doesn't teach u how 2 think but teaches u what 2 think then some of u dudes only regurgitate what u hear about blacks and its pathetic that u have a group of BRAINWASHED NEGROS in this world no wonder we're at the bottom and lets face it some of deez dudes isnt trying 2 build a community because they think it's the best time 4 a black man they doesn't think there's a problem except blame our women smh if only u AMERICAN NEGROS would have this same hate passion 4 the whiteman that u have 4 ur own people then maybe we could progress. Smh BETA
boltonlad18 (3 months ago)
So george doesn't think women should be accountable for her actions, the woman can do whatever the fuck she wants with zero repercussions for her but you're gonna get your head kicked in because no one want's to tell the woman to sort out her own problems.The longer you keep passing the woman's blame onto the man then you're forever gonna be in a personal hell.
boltonlad18 (3 months ago)
+Apollo Mayaimi Thankyou👊💙
Apollo Mayaimi (3 months ago)
boltonlad18 Exactly!
boltonlad18 (3 months ago)
+Apollo Mayaimi We're in a new age now brother, the person that wants somethin done has to do it theirself, the female facade burned quickly and brightly ever since the matrix film came out.Plenty people keep lying to theirselves but human is and human does.If I'm in a relationship with a woman then she'll be as much of a warrior as me, a man gains nothing fawnin over an "innocent little lamb" who'll rape your ass in the divorce court 3 years after you first kissed but she also will know her feminine side.Tell these bitches the truth and don't take your eyes off theirs fellas, society is a 15 year old girls fantasy.I'm glad the piscean age is crumbling, people are terrified of true love. https://youtu.be/FP1XO-SCVT4
Apollo Mayaimi (3 months ago)
boltonlad18 Vietnamese women have more heart than black american women!
boltonlad18 (3 months ago)
It's never the woman's problem is it.Simps everywhere.
Apollo Mayaimi (3 months ago)
boltonlad18 Lol....they cater to these black females emotions!
jayce David Blackwell (3 months ago)
protect black females from who exactly? I disagree with what dude said about black men failing black females bcuz it's not anybody's job 2 protect any grown body outside of their own families
jayce David Blackwell (3 months ago)
+Apollo Mayaimi that's 100... and another reason y I made this video here https://youtu.be/2i4Swsfn7vw
Apollo Mayaimi (3 months ago)
jayce David Blackwell Exactly....also note that this fuck ass nigga George Macon doesn't mention the 200,000 BLACK MEN who fought to help free his simping ass and the jealous bitter black females riding with him!
Ms. Bee 1 (3 months ago)
People know their own people within their culture. It's easy to impress a person of another culture that may not be accustom to any behaviors they see displayed and are clueless
Roena Skates (3 months ago)
Well God had to Punish the White Man some kind of way! His face is the only face on the US Currency, he Runs the Corporations and Businesses, he Runs the Financial Institutions, He is the Richest of all Male Races, but he has no control of his "Own Fucking Women"! The White Woman would rather mate, marry, date, have Illegitimate children with a Poor Black or Mexican Man before she will even look at a Rich White Man! But he can cross Oceans to tell every other race of people how they should walk, talk, and live, but they cannot control their own Fucking Women????
Anton Thomas (3 months ago)
This guy is a simp
Ayantu Kadir (3 months ago)
George Macon Finally! A man that is in touch with reality. Very honorable 👏🏿👍🏿
Apollo Mayaimi (3 months ago)
Ayantu Kadir George Macon is an idiot and doesn't highlight the successes of black men. He also lied about black lottery operators being thugs and gangsters; yet, according to a 1963 CRIMINOLOGY STUDY these black men grew up in homes with both parents and in affluent neighborhoods!
Patricia Dickson (3 months ago)
Please name one incident where a black man was pulled over by the police and shot for NO OTHER reason except he was black...I here this claim constantly repeated.
gold girl (3 months ago)
All I see is two dumb niggas pretending to look smart. Black males can talk all they want but there is no real intelligence and absolutely no positive actions to back up what they are saying.
Apollo Mayaimi (3 months ago)
gold girl Cool....go to white men if you tired of black men. I'm pretty sure white men would fight for you instead of his white woman! You black women are silly negroes!
Fredrick Lewis (4 months ago)
That B.S!!
T Moz (4 months ago)
I don't agree with everything this brother is saying but he has done his homework and made some strong points
Apollo Mayaimi (3 months ago)
T Moz George Macon don't know shit nigga probably just got out of county jail!
rjohnson7416 (4 months ago)
i aint failed no bitch, im not on this earth to please them,i came in this world alone and that's how im leaving
Jordan Lee (4 months ago)
This guy is 43! Please tell me what you own & control. How many jobs & opportunities can he provide for the people? He's making excuses for Pookie & Ray Ray because he is Pookie & Ray Ray. Bring people on who are making moves not these old broke jokes
Apollo Mayaimi (3 months ago)
Jordan Lee Exactly....and black women are here clapping for this liar!
vincent sullivan (4 months ago)
I dont give a damn about who they respect because they sold us out ever since slavery
Apollo Mayaimi (3 months ago)
vincent sullivan Exactly....we need more quality instead of quantity!
vincent sullivan (4 months ago)
As far as I’m concerned, 90% of black women in America can die off, along with 90% of black men, far as thugs, goons, etc! Only 10% of blacks, are worth discussing, I don’t acknowledge the 90%!
Apollo Mayaimi (4 months ago)
vincent sullivan Exactly!
Dee Dee (4 months ago)
Blackmen haven't failed blackwomen. You don't have the power over blackwomen to fail us. Perhaps you might failed yourselves, just as blackwomen might've failed ourselves.
Apollo Mayaimi (3 months ago)
Dee Dee Fair statement!
Donna McIntosh (4 months ago)
Oshay, you are outdoing yourself with all of these good videos. I am enjoying these discussions. The only thing I can only watch one or two videos at a time, LOL!
Bee Cott (4 months ago)
Comments solidify a lot. We can’t agree on shit.
Edward Anderson (4 months ago)
the difference is you have those that want to hold on to a narrative and those that want to move forward. Its really that simple.
esor val (4 months ago)
Black women and even the most ratchet of black mothers arent to blame for the demise of the men believe it or not. The handicap comes from slavery YES, But that made black men give up themselves on their masculine duties as men a lonnnnnnng loooooooonnnnnnnnng time ago. Which ended up leading to EITHER THE GENERATIONAL CURSE OF ABUSIVE MEN(bruised ego) who covertly hate women (seeking to dominate rather than lead) THE BATTY BOYS AND DL NIGNOGS AND THE OVERLY FEMININE IN TRAITS STR8 MAN (And guess who pays for that?? Black kids,black women and their own black asses
esor val (4 months ago)
+Edward Anderson being a man is being able to lead self AND ur woman and kids(community) every other man knows this TRUST ME. Execpt for blavk men.black men in general are way too selfish,butthurt and unable to hold themselves accountable for shit
esor val (4 months ago)
+Edward Anderson and for u to say that bw need more protection than bm need respect says EVERYTHINGGG about black men!! Lol. Men lead. Every other nation is respected to some degree because THEIR MEN ARE RESPECTED. Black men arent respected not wven those who swirl
esor val (4 months ago)
+Edward Anderson theres no excuse
esor val (4 months ago)
+Edward Anderson and also obviously if the men are overtly feminine SOMEONE has to balance out the other side. Thats why bm had no choice but to take on bm slack. Once again. MEN LEAD.
esor val (4 months ago)
+Edward Anderson i dont know eho u are refering to. I was blessed to have one of the last respectable black men standing, he is a gem and this because he is an old soul. He has my outmost respect and i am adoreddd by him. We balance femininity and masculinity perfectly. So i dont know what black woman u are rwfering too
esor val (4 months ago)
Black men need to understand that stories where we hear other races of men abusing black women is outta disrespect for the MEN!!!!-BLACK MEN. Nignogs feel unconcerned of this and rather blame the black women for asking for it. Not knowing it directly refflects on how docile,weak and sellouts they deem black men!!!!! Black people arent respected because its MEN ARENT RESPECTEDDD!!!
Apollo Mayaimi (3 months ago)
Apollo Mayaimi (3 months ago)
esor val You black women shouldn't put yourselves in the position to be disrespected by the races of other men. How can you cry to black men about being disrespected by other races of men when you black women disrespect black men yourselves. You can't have your cake and eat it too! Start taking personal responsibility for your illicit black female behavior. Bottom line!
Apollo Mayaimi (3 months ago)
MILES WRIDER Miles! Black men aren't signing the contract to perform in Ghetto Gaggers black women are willingly signing those contracts. In as much as white men hate black men we have black women hating black men too; so, it is black women using their free will to sign those contracts to be degraded! Stop trying to blame black men!
MILES WRIDER (3 months ago)
esor val ghetto gaggers is just that and it’s more to insult Black men, but use black women to do it
Apollo Mayaimi (4 months ago)
esor val Bullshit! You chose to sleep with a woman abuser how is that my fault!? You're delusional!
esor val (4 months ago)
The thing with BLACK MEN, is that when it isnt black women its white supremecy. CAnt be held accountable for shiiit. And nobodyyyy can deny this fact. Rhis is how u can recognize a bm who still has a slave nignog mentality behind allthat facade, fake masculinity and ego.
Edward Anderson (4 months ago)
The black man is the most held accountable group in america. That is born out of how much we are in prison how much we get out overly wrongfully convicted. Getting shot blamed lied on bitch what world do you live in. Sistahs talk about nontangible things we are talking about tangible accountability. If a black man can financially support his kids he goes to debtors prision which is technically against the constitution if a women cant she gets food stamps and section 8. the fuck you talking about.
Who wants to sleep in the sewers? White and Asian Women.
Will baggiins (4 months ago)
no lie i dindt even watch this as soon as i see the name george macon i knew some heavy simping shit was gonna go down this guy is a known simp to him its impossible for women to do wrong but dont forget thats how this pro black niggas make money now telling women what they wanna hear
Apollo Mayaimi (4 months ago)
Will baggiins Exactly
amy benje (4 months ago)
when are u going to have''' PHARAOH SAID THAT'' on ....a real ELDER
jake steed (4 months ago)
Great podcast as usual but @1:13:50 George mouthed: "I'm gonna fuck u up!!!" to his child lol.
Ketsom Ketsom (4 months ago)
Black men worldwide lost the war alright and long time ago! It is time black women admit that and adapt to survive. You lose the war, you lose the women.
Belly Whank (1 month ago)
Ketsom Ketsom this is a white men world.............white men has a lot of power
Edward Anderson (4 months ago)
First technicall all groups of men are under white supremacy maybe you can argue asians arent and ironically there women hope the most in america so if in proximity. Women will talk about promotino butnow you want to talk about ware. Agai the reality is and this is what blakc women dont get. You can try and hop all day . I say do it but you know that you have to compete with there races women adn white women in particular are not playing with yall on that shit and you all know it so blk women are frustrated bc really they have no options. They are in a rock and a hard place. Quite frankly thats not black men as individuals problem and we need to stop acting like it is. Do you and I will do me. I dont owe you shit you dont owe me shit. But we all know women need more from men then in vice versa and women cant just go to other races usually and get it not in mass.. White men are particular hard bc a black women can not create a white child so therefore you value in a white society.
amy benje (4 months ago)
No Bromance!!!!!
John Public (4 months ago)
Black men don’t owe Black women shit! Period!
esor val (4 months ago)
Women natural submit to MEN. Bm arent built to lead women kids or anyone
Edward Anderson (4 months ago)
yes dumass black women have kids witih black men 95% of he time and are dealing with dudes that usually cant provide off of sexual looks alone. So how you square that shit...
esor val (4 months ago)
Black men are the onlyyyyy ones that date interracially for emotional reasons and acceptance. Weeeeeak
Aaron Gray (22 days ago)
I’m married to a black woman but I will say if some black men are not accepted and celebrated amoungst black women what is he to do?
Edward Anderson (4 months ago)
Really I though black men date bc white girls do more and fuck more or bc of sexual access. You are doing heavy projection. So you are going to tell me all these sistahs out here saying megain markel was a black women so they can say he got him a prince therefore there is "hope for other black women" was not desperation for acceptance. that shit spread cross social media a hell of alot more then men caping for any relatioship. The fuck. A black man just threw phlll under a black man for being with anon blakc women. Take that illogical emotional exhaust shit somewhere else.
Edward Anderson (4 months ago)
You really babling right ow. If bm are not built to lead doesnt that confirm how masculine bw are as to why bw still fuck bm or the lack of dating iotions due to low sexual marketplace value
esor val (4 months ago)
Black men are envious of their fellow black men and even MORE of the women. Emotional ass weak heffas. Thinking they run shit thru having hoes and they broke man mentality. Black men can never run shiiiiit. Give him a little and he ll betray his own and be in denial of it all
esor val (4 months ago)
+Edward Anderson actually nobody is more insecure than the black man, bm are the biggest target in whole AmericaS! And thats huge blow for the ego of bm men. Which is why bm have suuuch sensitive bruised egos, such incapability to hold themselves accountable for absolutely nothing or sucks the white mans ass. Men lead theres no excuse. And bm dont know how to lead themselves Hense unable to lead nations or their own kids and women. Also black men are the only ones who date interracial for emotional reasons, seeking acceptance and such ingrainted animalistic lust. A nation is only as strong as their men. Theres no way around it and bm may not had a chance back in slavery days but ever since they still failed their people AS LEADERS. And became cry babies that blame EVERYONEEE for their demise. If it isnt BLACK WOMEN its white supremecy FACTS.
Edward Anderson (4 months ago)
I dont know which black men are you are speaking of. Usually these are the very dudes you are chasing hence why they are on your heart so much. Cyn does the same dumb shit. Clowning the very dudes she si attracted to be she is not one of the main hoes.... As for as emotional nobody is more insecure in america then the black women. Hence the most bitching and victimhood.
esor val (4 months ago)
Eugene Fisher (4 months ago)
28:14 Got a point. However, we can still question what our people do to one another. How about those who are hurt that are innocent wanting to better themselves or the community and die for snitching or fighting back? Don't they get a say?
Edward Anderson (4 months ago)
We dont really get behind blk folks that genuinely help other bp anyway we let them die on the cross..... u get tge help u deserve
Eugene Fisher (4 months ago)
23:04 I disagree with loud and rambunctious. That's a lack of discipline and self control. It's also not in our nature and not just black folks. That's a stereotype that's been accepted as fact.
James Noble (4 months ago)
What he fails to realize is successful black men have dealt with the Pookie and Ray Rays all up until we completed high school. They called us lame, bullied us, and talked crap about us. You think now we supposed to go and help them same ppl that spit on us. You sound crazy 😜 we gone take of ourselves and our families and whoever have the ears to hear and listen.
Edward Anderson (4 months ago)
Exactly but let that go and give your time energy to help those that want to remain kids emotionally with nothing in returm
menace 2 society (4 months ago)
Captain save a ho mentality, no thanks
menace 2 society (4 months ago)
+Edward Anderson agreed
Edward Anderson (4 months ago)
George believes this bc he probably as some dirt he has done to females himself. So he projects that guilt to all black men. Again 75% of black men are accounted for when it comes to unwed kids. really 80 percetn 42 childless not married 33 married 7% jail no kids Thats 82% Mean alot of loose dick are chosen and sought out by females.
SuperCushcush (4 months ago)
All this happened because the black race has ALWAYS been in captivity in America. You will definitely have dysfunctionality in any conquered people. Especially a group of people that lack a unified culture. No culture no real progress. Your elevation will always be measured and controlled. Period.
Ra One (4 months ago)
George makes great points. As men if we build it they will come. But we are not even smart enough to heal within and work together. There is tons on info out there on the healing we need to do and we continue to stay in our own demise.
jamesderrod30 (4 months ago)
It’s amazing how people with vastly different views can make sense. Blows my mind.
L OF MGTOW (4 months ago)
George,if you are going to make a point start by not lying and gas lighting. So many constructed and fabricated lies that you frame up and have these poor blacks men and women believing shit simply because they are pro-black. Lets start out with gas lighting #1 The idea that men in other countries failed their women. Please tell me a country where black men are the cream of the crop? The only country were black men are even looked at are 3rd world countries where the value of the US dollars is strong. Men are going to other countries because women have femininity and hypergamy works in their favor. Gaslight #2 calling education white or "western" with out supporting evidence. so you are saying math is white? Physics? Economics? computer programming? Is the SAT or ACT white? Just because majority of African American fail these test do not making them westernized..blacks fail them because black women continue to place them selves in low income/single mother situations. Educated men know racism more than anyone else because they deal with racism from both ends. the problem is many black men like your self are too sensitive and ego driven they simply cannot "play" with others. Gaslight #3 Wait? Don't you sell and buy real estate property in the USA. This is the core fundamentals of westernize business and ideology. How is this any different than an educated black man going to westernize schools. You still need to play by the white mans rules right? Oh, I guess because you don't have a degree or was on the streets you have to shame black men who are successful in school and education. You talk about black men getting together. Yet you shit on black men who are successful in the USA. . Yet, you use the same western economical model to cash in? I hope all you pro black fakes get found out. After all this shit you are really no different than "Phil"
Edward Anderson (4 months ago)
Great comment dog. The issue is he as alot of ideology issue to work out and george thinks he is the smarted dudes in the room so he listens the least but wants to act like he is patronized other dudes that are usually smarter then him...
Big Durk (4 months ago)
Well said ,best comment I've seen in a long time.
mistaseeforce (4 months ago)
This [email protected]@a compared ollie north and Reagan to pookie and ray ray! Nonsense pro black logic. Conversation over
Big Durk (4 months ago)
I laughed when he said that shit 😂😂😂
Big Lee (4 months ago)
U contradict yourself a lot!!
Jocelyn Wise (4 months ago)
The biggest problem black men have is that they are severely narcissistic!!! One word that will help you understand the narcissist: To begin, the most helpful word in framing an understanding of the narcissist is "counterintuitive." The most crucial point is that how the narcissist presents on the surface is entirely different from how the narcissist feels underneath. There are two "selfs" at work in the mind of the narcissist: their real self, and the fraudulent, fantasy self they try to sell to the public. Severe narcissists have a predatory, score-keeping approach to the social world around them. The narcissist's daily life is spent fighting off potential threats to their ego and proving themselves as superior to everyone around them, and they have little peace of mind as they move through life. To understand why the narcissist can be so mean in interpersonal relationships, you must understand the unique motivations of the narcissist's intra-psychic world or, in lay terms, what goes on inside the mind of a narcissist. THIS IS A PARAGRAPH FROM A PSYCHOLOGY TODAY ARTICLE ABOUT SEVERE NARCISSISM THAT I FEEL SUMS UP MOST BLACK MEN!!!! https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/insight-is-2020/201807/why-narcissists-may-be-so-jealous-competitive-and-mean
gold girl (4 months ago)
Ego = no soul
Jocelyn Wise (4 months ago)
@Edward Anderson I just gave you a article with a link to back up my claim... I HAVE NEVER BEEN "CURBED" BY ANY MAN!!! #FACTS You're an overzealous idiot with to much time on your hands... Start analyzing white men with the same zeal you do BW so that maybe you can get yourself and your brothers from under his foot!!!!!!!! B*TCHA*SN*GGA😂
Edward Anderson (4 months ago)
You are projecting like a mothufucka... How are men known to be the garbage men of the country fucking any female and having the lowest standards but are narcistic at the same time. Do you even know what the word means bc the way you use is sounds like you heard it somewhere liked how it sounded and just regergitated it out........ You must have been curbed by quite a few dudes bc those are usually the main ones crying arrogance in black men and narrsasism. Stop fighting above your beauty class.....
AE (4 months ago)
Jocelyn Wise Go eat a dick, you washed up bitch.
Jocelyn Wise (4 months ago)
Cynical Nitro (4 months ago)
She says that thewhite women are raising her sons to be white supremacists because they are white supremacists... But if they are white supremacists, then they wouldn't be fucking brown men anyway. So why should brown men think twice about dating the pale skins?
DE PY (4 months ago)
Black women are slaves to their nature that's the problem.
Action Potential (4 months ago)
How can the poorest people in the us economy move it or sustain it? Those numbers don't add up.... This man is illiterate... No offense
J Bander (4 months ago)
Great show... l thank you
J Bander (4 months ago)
"Pookie and Ray Ray" is another word for calling us "niggas"... they consider us all Pookie and Ray Rays
Mr Frieza (4 months ago)
There is nothing as dangerous as an African American that knows his history .Im African listening to that guy and I’m black daaaaamn...We Blacks, African AA ,Caribbean’s,Afro Latino got to stop embracing HIPHOP!!!!!!
PlasticRa (4 months ago)
any man that says he prefers better treatment over there responsibility are whack and just chumps..
PlasticRa (4 months ago)
+Edward Anderson so anothet group of MEN are responsible for our community? u dude are a bitch..u mite as well be a tranny..actaully trannys are more organized an effective...
Edward Anderson (4 months ago)
U are not responsible for anything u dont control or are not accountable to u. Folks are not looking for leadership. Tgey are looking to be served
Queen Sagittarius (4 months ago)
Black women didnt just watch black men fight and suffer we fought and suffer along side of you. Being beaten and raped just like our men. The white women you all put on a pedestal has never suffered like black women and couldn't hold their heads up after going through what we have been through. I loved your message brother but dont dismiss our struggle.
Edward Anderson (4 months ago)
Not as much as yall think u did
Incognito (4 months ago)
Just like yall put white men on a pedestal right?
PlasticRa (4 months ago)
u see how oshay ducked the responsibility he said u think its a war we can win...even if it wasnt winnable doesnt mean our women is the awnser to our issues..we are..
PlasticRa (4 months ago)
+Edward Anderson are really so stupid to awnser the question for me..dummy its our responsibility for our community cause we were born to do so...period..are u a man or cartoon..its pathetic the most disrespected, least accomplished group of men always be so arrogant and stupid
Edward Anderson (4 months ago)
What is this magical blood debt u keep calling a responsibility.... ither men dont build out of responsibility. They do it cuz they control it
wooferjay West (4 months ago)
This dude is weak. We weren’t always divided like this. The minute the government gave women the upper hand and let them know they didn’t need us, they lost their minds and stopped listening to us.
Belly Whank (1 month ago)
kicn updus don't waste your time judging someone my brother. Look at the sin that's behind your back
wooferjay West (3 months ago)
Donny Baby come on dude. That bible stuff isn’t working in our community. I can get into all of that, but it’ll make my response extremely long. The government IS in control of all of this. If you don’t think so, you’re sadly mistaken. One thing about women is that if they aren’t forced to do something, they won’t do it. If they don’t like our leadership, they can just run to daddy government to override it. You call yourself putting your foot down and leasing something, she isn’t doing to respect it because you come second to her and her children. Since you want to bring up the Bible, the man comes first, not the children. You really think these women want to hear that??? You can toss that bible around all you want, but the best you’re gonna get is women accepting what benefits them and rejecting what they don’t like. Our women have gave up our guidance and protection and put the government in place. If you did your research, you’ll see a timeline of how this came to be. This is no accident. There are plenty men out here that hav tried to do what they were supposed to do with these women, but they get walked all over. It has nothing to do with this Jesus Christ dude, nothing to do with god, nothing to do with men not trying to lead.
kicn updus (3 months ago)
+wooferjay West Apologies about the pic, but the fact u still looked at Black man with a little more knowledge and understanding than most as being weak, u just giving us reasons to keep fighting and bringing each other down. Second of all, therss only one BOOK and one doctrine of truth all men need to know for dealing with these Jezebels , and that's the pimp of all pimps, "Christ" The pimp hand of Truth, is in all men when we fully dedicate it to him and not these women. We the ones giving these hoes all this entitlement by praising women (The Devil's advocate, Eve) instead of (Jesus Christ) our Lord and Savior. No matter how bad that bitch is remember if it wasn't for man's rib they would still be dust, and that's why they need us more than we need them, so they don't bite the dust again, without the presence of a man. U weak if u saying the Govt is the only ones that can control these women when real Faith in a higher power such as Jesus Christ will buckle their knees from the Energy that's being put out by a true ALPHA ,lol the first and the last lol
wooferjay West (3 months ago)
Donny Baby what the hell are you talking about?? First of all, you just talked a bunch of nothing, and secondly, that’s my daddy and I. A wonderful man he was. We both had plenty reasons to be smiling. This dude isn’t presenting facts. He’s being a huge ass simp. We know why the black community is jacked up, but this dude doesn’t call it out. Tommy however, calls it like it is. If the government too away a woman’s entitlement, I bet this would stop. There is little to no consequence when women do fuck shit, so they keep doing it. If they had to obey their man, they would act right. If they knew they would get nothing for leaving breaking up their families, they would act right. As long as women, especially black women, aren’t forced to be better, THEY WONT.
kicn updus (3 months ago)
It's amazing how the two niggaz that's hugged up together with the biggest Coca-Cola smiles🤣 got the nerve to call same brother they suppose to atleast respect for presenting decent facts to wise up our culture and build up our people...!!! SOME HOW APPEARS WEAK TO THE TWO GLAMOUR PIC BOYS , which is EXACTLY what the man was talking about 😆 and it gets co-signed by 3 more Lost Souls, that's condemning the TRUTH from a Righteous POV, Smh 🤔? Lord, please have mercy on us SECOND TIME AROUND, For we know THE DEVIL is constantly on the proul and he knows his days are numbered and "JESUS CHRIST" Is coming to show him and all who follows the prince of Air and take of his traits , and teachings who the real P4p King is🥊💪🥊
Action Potential (4 months ago)
George got jailhouse prison yard out of date pookie male thotology logic..... He needs help... He needs resources... He needs a community... That's a Hallmark of failures.... Let's stick together cause I ain't got shit and ain't shit.... So every argument he makes is categorized as "we" 😒😒😒😒🤣🤣🤣🤣
Action Potential (4 months ago)
+Apollo Mayaimi👊🏿💯💯💯 man somebody gotta call this nonsense out
Apollo Mayaimi (4 months ago)
Action Potential lol I'm dead after this comment ahahahaahahahaha
Theron Williams (4 months ago)
Yo Dawg Made Great Points🎥🎬
Apollo Mayaimi (4 months ago)
Do these black lottery operators/owners sound like thugs and gangstas to you George Macon: "Negro numbers men LESS FREQUENTLY grew up in SLUM NEIGHBORHOODS! They were more often PRODUCTS of STRONG FAMILY STRUCTURES in which close ties were the rule (divorces, desertions, abandonments, and separations were less frequent). More often intimate, affectionate ties characterized the family relationships! They were LESS OFTEN from families in which other members had criminal records, and LESS OFTEN from economically dependent or demoralized families. They came significantly more often from PATRIARCHAL HOMES, as opposed to the typical matriarchal home of most other offenders (the father played the dominant role in interpersonal relations with his spouse in decision making during family-crisis situations, and in disciplining children). They were more frequently products of homes unmarked by emotional conflict where adequate supervision by both parents was typical. Supervision of their childhood activities was generally firm, considerate, and consistent. They were less often disciplinary problems at school (they were rarely in trouble for fighting, stealing, insubordination, sex delinquency, and the destruction of school property, e.t.c.). A lower proportion of Negro numbers men were school truants and "home runaways." They worked less often at street trades, and they had fewer juvenile delinquent companions. Only one was a member of a juvenile delinquent gang, only one was committed to an institution for juvenile delinquency, and only one had adult criminal companions before age eighteen (these companions were numbers men). As adults, they were more often married (usually, they said, happily). They were less often problem drinkers! Not one was a drug addict!" [Julian Roebuck. “The Negro Numbers Man As A Criminal Type". Journal of Criminal Law & Criminology; Volume 54, 1963]
Mike James Boxing (4 months ago)
Good shit
Cordero A (4 months ago)
The thing we seem to miss is that pookie and ray ray of other groups still have uncles, aunts, and cousins to provide jobs and life insurance policies.
James MGTOW (4 months ago)
#MGTOW 4 life
Brother Benyamin Hector (4 months ago)
We didn't assimilate to this culture. This is our culture. Just whitewashed. Nothing new under the Sun.Same way everything else we create get stolen.
thekin09 (4 months ago)
Brother Benyamin Hector I was just about to say that. We just gotta realize it’s our culture , and not be victims of it
Troy Dorrough (4 months ago)
I don't give a shit about what a bitch with a Weave feel. She fell me with her Weave. FOH
Apollo Mayaimi (4 months ago)
The black guys who ran the lotteries didn't or rarely associated with thugs and gangsters! In fact, these black lottery men grew up in modest homes where the father was present: "These remarks from one Negro numbers man about his parental family were typical: My FATHER WORKED at the POST OFFICE as a MAIL CLERK. He retired a' few years ago. My MOTHER WORKED in the GOVERNMENT at one time as a CLERK! You know, she typed. When us children came along she quit and stayed home. There were times when things were tight but we managed. WE DID NOT BOTHER WITH NO WELFARE! We had enough to eat and wear. We had to go to school and keep clean...also Sunday school. WE DID NOT RUN THE STREETS either! We stayed at home when we were not at school or at the playground. The old man brought his check home at the end of each month and WE ALL SHARED ALIKE. He did not drink it up or celebrate with the chicks! HE WORE THE PANTS IN THE FAMILY, but he was not rough! You know he did not cuss and slap everybody around. He was good to my mother. Overall WE HAD A HAPPY HOME! If we got out of line, our parents mostly talked to us and made us stay in the house for a day or two. I never got but two whippings". [Julian Roebuck. “The Negro Numbers Man As A Criminal Type". Journal of Criminal Law & Criminology; Volume 54, 1963]
Brother Benyamin Hector (4 months ago)
This George Macon guy is depressing
Mr Sheppard (1 month ago)
That goes for you too, you feel black men have failed you and you don't respect them then go to another group of men. Simple.
Mr Sheppard (1 month ago)
If you feel black men have failed you then fucking go to white men.
Miss Bright Eyes (1 month ago)
Nonya Buz Exactly
Serray Teal (4 months ago)
Yup some people can't handle the Truth!
Action Potential (4 months ago)
He lacks in depth intelligence.... He's implusive not tactical
Apollo Mayaimi (4 months ago)
Wait a minute! This simp George Macon remarked that it was the thugs and gangsters that funded the pre-black community (especially the underground lottery). I disagree with this analysis because the lottery industry is my subject of expertise: "In discussing their infrequent juvenile delinquent activities not one mentioned housebreaking, strong-arm activities, or robbery. Involvement in sporadic, unplanned pursuits such as petty thefts from grocery stores were mentioned. Their friends were free of police and juvenile court contact. Accounts of this kind were common: "I HAD NO USE FOR GANG BOYS. MOST OF THEM WERE THUGS who LIVED IN THE BOTTOM. THEY NEVER WAS MY KIND. I scuffled around with some of them at school. You know, I was no sissy, but I gave them plenty of traveling space and they just left me alone. Sure, I stole a few things as I went through life. I guess everybody does. You know, like a toy or something. I sure had no habit of stealing! MY FRIENDS WERE GOOD BOYS! We didn't get in trouble with the teachers and WE STEERED CLEAR OF COPS." [Julian Roebuck. “The Negro Numbers Man As A Criminal Type". Journal of Criminal Law & Criminology; Volume 54, 1963]
The Pookie and Ray Rays of. _ our communities are .... * NOT Organizef!*
Will M (4 months ago)
I was born in 88. It ain't my fault these bitches are fucked up and I don't owe these bitches shit
Wayne Beauford (4 months ago)
black women dont know how to act
Wayne Beauford (4 months ago)
i expect em to act right cuz i act right i cant speak for other bm but they can act how they want now i dont even acknowledge their existance
Nonya Buz (4 months ago)
Wayne Beauford And the collective of bm don't either. Wtf do u expect from the women.
Wayne Beauford (4 months ago)
this one does
George Macon (4 months ago)
But the black man does🤔
Black Adam (4 months ago)
Being that approx 45% of BM do not have kids.....Why are a good number of BM expected to build infrastructure for other men's kids or for BW that made families with other men? Men build societies with their own children in mind to benefit....Name one race of men that built societies for other men's kids....
truth seeker (3 months ago)
You know black ppl don’t like to work together
JL King (4 months ago)
So why not build infrastructure with the good black people and build a new black society? Why not organize with like-minded people?
Jay Wreckx (4 months ago)
Facts.... Percentages speak volumes damn all that back and fourth numbers don't lie fam....
christopher owens (4 months ago)
i cant listen to a dude who will said that he should not follow laws because white men made them? so he want to do what he wants without no responsibility so he can rob and kill the smart black men who worked their ass off for they made. people who at a disadvantage always want to talk about how the white man did this and that but a few years ago when life was good they didnt have no damn problem with living in the white man world because wear the best clothes and shoes and fucking women they wanted made they was not think about building and for the black community. but themsleves now they see men who doing better than them with better looking women than they are married to and want the same men who they looked down on a few years ago to help the same people who didnt like them.
Yus Dofeh (4 months ago)
This brother Is genius . He is mentioning the hadith of the PROPHET. Love for yourself what you love for your brother
Twin man35 (4 months ago)
Everything George said was the absolute truth we have to build as a collective and put resources in our communities.
Craig Harper (4 months ago)
I guess these niggaz got pookie and Ray Ray back on trial AGAIN smh, when blk women get on these so called educated niggaz trail, them niggaz like bitches use us as a scapegoat, deal with em without bringing us in your bowl of shit
CarlRenard 77 (4 months ago)
Demia Me (1 month ago)
CarlRenard 77 yet you felt the need to write that in all caps🌝
Lolly Stew (2 months ago)
Terrel Oliver (3 months ago)
+Roena Skates what Lol
Apollo Mayaimi (4 months ago)
This is why I applaud Vietnamese women! When their men were getting their tails kicked and could no longer protect most Vietnamese females from American G.I. rapes...they willingly placed razor blades in their vaginas to show strength and solidarity for their men, race and nation. This act in itself demonstrated that Vietnamese women will not submit to any foreign male influence. How many of us black men can say the same for black women!? How many black women would die for their race, men and nation!?
Apollo Mayaimi (3 months ago)
Kandi P. Again! Harriet Tubman is perhaps the most well-known of all the Underground Railroad's "conductors." During a ten-year span she made 19 trips into the South and escorted over 300 slaves to freedom.
Apollo Mayaimi (3 months ago)
Kandi P. So what 200,000 black men were on the front line and died for your ass to now talk shit and diminish those black soldiers!? Fuck you!
Kandi P. (3 months ago)
+Apollo Mayaimi You will have to do more research as she saved over a thousand. Fighting in a war you did not initiate is not the same once again.
christopher owens (4 months ago)
its tons of dudes like george who think they can tell guys they failed black women but the ray ray who killed and robbed other black men and sold drugs to their own people. the same black men like him who would go buy name brand shoes and clothes or go out a buy a car that white men made. why i dont take none of them to heart when i see black women and men who talk like him put their money together and stop buying clothes and shoes and listen to rap but used old cars, and rebuild old houses and make jobs for your own people but i know yall not going to do that. but you want the good men who are good with money do have skills and know how to build to do your work and you sit back and say you did it.
Will M (4 months ago)
It's always the former convicts who want to tell the non trouble makers what we should be doing not realizing they are the ones who helped fuck up the community in the first place
Douglas Jones (4 months ago)
Ok. Look. Out of wedlock births among white women are 300% greater than among black women. Whites are 300% more likely than blacks to be on welfare. Talk is cheap, and the white supremacy machine spends billions to keep us “in our place.” The white supremacy terror and death apparatus is alive and well and functions quite smoothly, thank you very much, under the orange rapist child molester wonder, just like it has for centuries. Failures of black men? Really? Seriously? Folks, look. Ignorance in every regard is the greatest enemy the black race, throughout the diaspora, has ever known. If you don’t read, and too damn many of us take a diseased and perverse pride not only in not reading, but in being chronically, grotesquely, ridiculously uninformed and underinformed at all times. Then, we make it a point of honor to wander around spouting off the most pointless nonsense imaginable to folk who, just like us, don’t know anything either. Want to uplift the race? Want to end our pointless suffering? Read. Learn. Know! There is more information readily available at our fingertips than at any time in recorded human history. We’ve all got smartphones. Put the doggone things to work. Study something useful other than the latest silly, potentially life-threatening, government/cointelpro inspired and controlled rap beef. Now. Black men? Seriously? When the German Army, the Wehrmacht, invaded Poland in 1939, they destroyed the Polish Army, utterly and completely, in six short weeks. Six. 6. White Germans. White Poles. White. White. White. No sooner had the Germans taken the Polish capital, Warsaw, than they set up a rape camp in downtown Warsaw. They snatched Polish women and girls right off the street and dragged them to a high school gymnasium which they had commandeered, and raped them for hours, quite often to death. In the thousands, might I add. They had no compunction about throwing the naked corpses of these females into the streets around the school once they were done with them, bleeding from every orifice. And all of these people, on both sides, were white. White. Now. This is European history, folks. This is white history. These are the same white people that too damn many of you ambulatory idiots look up to without knowing a single damn thing about a single damn thing. Now! Do you EVER, anywhere, at anytime, hear white Polish women complaining about how white Polish men let them down and did not protect them? Ever? At all? Black people are being constantly manipulated into one stupid pointless failure after another because we don’t read and we don’t know and we don’t even seek to find out what the blood hell is really going on even in our own daily lives. Read. Learn. Know. Want to make a difference? Study federal, state and local laws, and how you can make them work for you. Learn and practice contemplation and concentration so that you can access the higher powers of your own mind to the greater good of you and those around you. White people’s lives are riddled with failure and cruelty and disaster but you know nothing about it because you don’t study history. Thus, whites are able to, time and again, mislead you using your own ignorance and confusion. Read. Learn. Break this destructive cycle. PS: Victimized white women don’t talk about their misery and pain and despair because, ultimately, they are in a situation where they realize it would serve no practical purpose. Grotesque and horrific mass rape in World War II took place in the millions upon millions upon millions, in Germany, in Poland, in France, in Yugoslavia, etc., but you would never know it looking at the current narrative. But folk never stop blaming the black man even though his successes quite often dramatically outnumber his failures. Read. Learn. Know. Act. Succeed. Stop being mislead!
Douglas Jones (4 months ago)
Apollo Mayaimi: Thank you! 😃
Apollo Mayaimi (4 months ago)
Douglas Jones You hit the nail right on it's head!
GraitBritton (4 months ago)
Yeah women are attracted to pookie and ray ray alright...eve disobeyed Adam to bite satan's apple...that's women summed up. The Quran says the hellfire will be filled with women.
GraitBritton (4 months ago)
+Charles Irby as Salam wa alaikum if the caliphate rejected it it is still to the will of Allah supana wata Allah.
GraitBritton (4 months ago)
+Nonya Buz so what you want me to believe is, that is was Adam's fault for telling eve not to eat the apple but she saw him as the educated lame...satan was the "alpha male badboy" and that he seduced her ...she had no control ever....and its Adam's fault because she did it first?...is that it?...got it.
Charles Irby (4 months ago)
+Erin D Winfrey that hadith is mawdoo' which means it is forged it has zero validity. All classical scholars reject it.
Nonya Buz (4 months ago)
GraitBritton But yet again the fall of man didn't take place until Adam partook of the apple. He was the head and his leadership failed and therefore man fell. It starts with the man
GraitBritton (4 months ago)
+Erin D Winfrey if you are worthy of allah in the day of judgment you will receive 70 virgins that how few believers there are. And of course there are more women than men here on earth as of present time so obviously they will outnumber us in jinnah and the hellfire. You and your elk only want men around you to do sin...drink...party .. sell drug to support your shopping habits etc etc...so you will pay for what you owe. God is The Greatest Greatness.
GraitBritton (4 months ago)
In the Book Daughters of the slave trade it was well documented, before the time of garvey... in 16th century Ghana, that they turned on their native Ghanaian men to sleep with Dutch and Belgium slave merchants...same way they're throwing themselves at Asian men in Africa now...so what was the excuse of them changing up on their men then?....they knew of no white supremacists then?...so what does the simp have to say about that?
GraitBritton (2 months ago)
+Hendrixchick who respects black women...you are the laughingstock of the world...in one corner of the world you're bleaching your skin trying desperately to look like a white woman in the other your getting your ass beaten out of the China mans beauty supply store. Let us separate...yall go your way...try to be with any other race of men with the attitudes you have..keep the same energy that you tend to us ...and we're going our way...competing with any other race of men...and watch who gets who flocked to them.
George Macon (2 months ago)
+Hendrixchick everyone wants to be with and emulate the black man
Hendrixchick (2 months ago)
What about the black kings and rulers who were selling slaves by the millions? Look up King Gezho or the rest of black male Kong’s in Africa. Or the Fulani/hausa jihaad led by black men that distroyed Africa. Black men caused our demise and that’s why no one respect black men.
GraitBritton (4 months ago)
+George Macon stay on topic sis, so we're talking about today the 21st century about things that have been going on documented since the 16th century..some 500 years ago we had the same problems with sisters...from them fucking and snitching out black men to British and Dutch slave merchants to them gobbling the Asian mans cock for infrastructure the black woman has sold us out every step of the way... I don't desire her respect as much as I desire a snakebite.
George Macon (4 months ago)
@UCvRCNe1lXsDUikz5PXnzviw I'm speaking about west Africa right now though and what I said was fact
lee brown (4 months ago)
Myself i did nothing but try to treat black women like queens and got disrespected by them 80 percent of the time! And im sure im not the only black man who has done this ! Alot of times when most black women say they can't find a good black man in reality they are not looking for one, also since we live in the info age they are alotted the same knowledge so if they know why their men(black men) are in the situation we are in, shouldn't they be more supportive then they are! No excuses and playing coy
lee brown (1 month ago)
+WifeMom&Nurse I don't anymore because i have the right sista in my corner now! And we both talk about this and we both try to help other brothas and sistas out. Peace and blessings
WifeMom&Nurse (1 month ago)
lee brown Why do you continue to date rude, disrespectful women?
BLACK REBEL (4 months ago)
pookie,ray ray and your bum ass pops failed you! you did not want to fellow the leadership of brothers that had the leadership skils

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