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Justin Bieber Prank Calls a Fan

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This fan got the phone call of her dreams: a chat with Justin Bieber! But it wasn't the kind she might have expected.
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Suzy Erline (4 days ago)
Omg he is so cute i miss this justin blond hair
maroon moon__ (7 days ago)
"This is Peter" kinda sounds like Tom Holland
maria torres (8 days ago)
did u see the illumanati tatoo on justin biebers arm?
Eliza Muzaffar (8 days ago)
My god he was beautiful!
Grant Jacobson (9 days ago)
:22 u sly dog
Yvng Dagger (10 days ago)
Who else think that should be a prank saying that that some celebrity pranked you but it was just a normal prankster I bet that will be funny but break sum body heart
Gods wrath will be upon all those who mislead others if they do not repent in the Lord Christ and are not washed and made white. EVERYONE I AM SERIOUS AS A HEART ATTACK. WE ARE IN THE END TIMES. REPENT NOW AND HELP OUT YOUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS.
Yondie Makhanya (11 days ago)
Justin bieber💗💖💋😭🙈
Skitt3n_ YT (14 days ago)
Bustin jiber
Golden Legnds (14 days ago)
I’m Justin Bieber’s cousin
Kofuah EKAB (15 days ago)
0:46 Justin Farted 😂
Hi ellen
Kitten Noir (19 days ago)
Why does he sound like Jack???😅 (from the titanic)
Sumana Chakraborty (21 days ago)
1:50 Awww!!! 😍😍😍
Abby Sphoon (22 days ago)
Who else is watching this in 2018
Dopekid99 (19 days ago)
Im watching in 2019
mimi life (22 days ago)
Call me
Dark Shadow (24 days ago)
love u Justin😍😍
Hilda Chepkemoi (24 days ago)
Oo my God,somebody to tell Ellen I love her Justin all the way from Kenya, I would like to be on her show ,
Emma King (26 days ago)
Emma King (26 days ago)
Finally ellen u let us comment ur epic ellen I love u
shinning brezze (1 month ago)
I miss him
James Kuria (1 month ago)
Lil pamp. Peak. Jason darolo
Daddy Bear (1 month ago)
Please invite lily Singh on ur show
Rajesh N (1 month ago)
Lil pump
Diego (1 month ago)
Neelam Sarish (1 month ago)
Justin Bieber makes me smile 😊
in sahkunboth (1 month ago)
Bruh I love prank
in sahkunboth (1 month ago)
Rikahontas (1 month ago)
That accent! Oh my God!
Dara Nana (1 month ago)
Love you Ellen
_Dont Ask Me How I Got This Font_ -Dont Ask Me How I Got This Font- *Dont Ask Me How I Got This Font* *-Dont Ask Me How I Got This Font-*
NightCrafter YT (1 month ago)
Is Justin shirt inside-out?
Anne Marie Fan club (1 month ago)
Who even likes Justin
Sumathy Sanjay (1 month ago)
0:28 I would hang up because it could be justin
Naomi Burns (1 month ago)
Fiēvsssss for the beivssss
SARAH IS AWESOmE (1 month ago)
He can speak with an accent so well
Nasira Nasi (1 month ago)
Like u much more Ellen..... i only watch ur show to speak like u..... but can not still.... actully i m horrible in speaking eng. 😂😂😂
Tanya Hidderley (1 month ago)
Kiyora Al-Malik (1 month ago)
Ellen I love you so much I just hope I really meet you you are my favorite celebrity ever will I don't even know if you're a celebrity but I really want to be on your show one day and Me Justin Bieber and I also wanted to tell you I really really really don't have that much money I want $10,000 or $25,000 because I just think you're so great
Kiyora Al-Malik (1 month ago)
Thank you for the like I hope I meet you .too what is your name my name is kiyoramarie7 on
Layla Arrington (1 month ago)
Justin i want to see you
Layla Arrington (1 month ago)
Hi do you do the justin i love you so much
Angeles Locke (1 month ago)
KJ Nation Royalty (1 month ago)
My name jocelyn😱jk but my name is jocelyn
siakinoa72 (1 month ago)
Never call me please
sarah tariq (1 month ago)
oh wow
Arpita Mandal (1 month ago)
I u Justin biber
Rezie Gallamaso (1 month ago)
Jistin is kinda little rude
Mangle Fox (1 month ago)
JB sucks
edvin chandra (1 month ago)
All I hear is Iam sorry , Iam sorry , Iam sorry.
Likhon PUMPESKETIT!!! (1 month ago)
Wait is it just me or justin bieber is wearing his jumper inside out???
Madison Kolman (1 month ago)
I love Justin Bieber
Zohreh Kiyan (1 month ago)
Elen i really love you 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
Covenant Matengabadza (1 month ago)
He is my phone nam 0775045935
Priscilla Jimenez (1 month ago)
Shawn peter Raul Mendes is what I thought when they said peter or shawn
janahavi123 (1 month ago)
Cool isn't it
Zyion YT (1 month ago)
Justin dont call me pls im begging you
Dani Channel ES (1 month ago)
“And he was on the phone with you just now”... “AJFJENFUFBENJEJDFNN”
alice l (1 month ago)
I can do a better British voice than him Btw im from Britain
Kristina Stensgaard (2 months ago)
Omg fly me out to Justin too
vimal mehta (2 months ago)
i want to meet justin , please please please please ellen
vimal mehta (2 months ago)
please prank me , i luv u JB
xXLegoKidXx42 (2 months ago)
0:45 Justin farts
vikash sharma (2 months ago)
Thanks it's a prank
Faraaz Rafiqzad (2 months ago)
When he said Peter, he really sounded like Tom Holland who is the actor of peter Parker/Spider-Man
Shangmaria Tongsin (2 months ago)
I just love Ellen,very good looking n u just love her shows. Love Ellen
Akash Deb (2 months ago)
Ellen plz turn on comments in other videos, WE HAVE THOUGHTS TOO WHICH WE NEED TO CONVEY TO OTHERS
Mary Nima (2 months ago)
He’s actually so perfect 😍😭
JACK MAROV (2 months ago)
Rosnalia WA (2 months ago)
I love him so much😍😍
suzycreamcheesez (2 months ago)
married now
Maria D. Anisansel (2 months ago)
Ojas Jog (2 months ago)
Or 0:46
Ojas Jog (2 months ago)
Criony fernando (2 months ago)
Beiber I love you so much
Paula Montenegro (2 months ago)
Justin call me i love you
Jessica Fuller (2 months ago)
Hey I am a big fan of yours
it’s meh eve (2 months ago)
this was so sweet i was crying 💚🧡❤️💛❤️
Belieber girl (2 months ago)
brown dantdm (2 months ago)
Derin Çalkoparan (2 months ago)
fuck you justın
Khianazae MANU-KURU (2 months ago)
l love you 😍
Mackensie Latham (2 months ago)
somyee hmar (2 months ago)
Everyone's like who came here from lil pump...bruh i came from mr.OBAMA
Muhammad Riyan (2 months ago)
Omg Justin farted 0.45
Raj Ambedkar (2 months ago)
U r goddess ellen
Alanah Glastonbury (2 months ago)
is it just me or if he called me i would hang up🤣
Katalyna Berth (2 months ago)
Why eww
Sanjoly Porwal (2 months ago)
I want to meet Justin Bieber
Akansh Sandilya (2 months ago)
Jb is An EVIL .what he is doing on a Show So Great like This .. 😑😑😑...
iam just shomei Keys (2 months ago)
I'm a gigantic fan of Justin Bieber
Karina Perez (2 months ago)
For some reason his voice sounded like tom holland from spiderman.
Katie Marie (2 months ago)
Karen Gonzalez (2 months ago)
Justin I love you I hope you call me
AARMU and ZANCHAN (2 months ago)
I love this show like if agree
jazz bieber (2 months ago)
Hello! I'm an Indin girl.. Wants to be a singer like Justin Bieber.. And I love him too much
Sakura Cregger (2 months ago)
If I got a call from Justin I’d probably say nope and hang up no hate just not a fan of him I like a couple of his songs though
Riot Lily 22 (2 months ago)
I hate him he is very rude
Jains Devanbu (2 months ago)
00.45 He actually farted Lol🤣🤣🤣
Charles Caldwell (2 months ago)
Mohamed Sobhy (2 months ago)

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