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Amy Schumer Hilarious Acceptance Speech | Glamour UK

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Amy Schumer won the Trailblazer Award at the 2015 GLAMOUR Awards. The funny gal had the whole room in hysterics - we heart you Amy Schumer! Want even more? Subscribe to Glamour UK HERE: http://bit.ly/W6aASQ Read more about Amy's appearance at the GLAMOUR Awards here: http://www.glamourmagazine.co.uk/news/celebrity/2015/05/winners/amy-schumer-trailblazer-glamour-awards-2015-(1) CONNECT WITH GLAMOUR MAGAZINE UK: For celebrities, makeup and fashion visit: http://www.glamourmagazine.co.uk Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/glamourmaguk Follow Glamour on Twitter: https://twitter.com/glamourmaguk Follow Glamour on Instagram: http://instagram.com/glamourmuk ABOUT GLAMOUR Glamour is for the woman who sets the direction of her own life and lives it to its fullest and chicest. The dream job, the perfect look, the right guy: All are in her reach. Its inspiration, ideas and guidance help her conquer her world with confidence and style. Glamour is your guide to career and lifestyle advice. Discover the latest fashion trends, hairstyles, beauty tips, celebrity news, inspirational videos, and relationship & sex advice.
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Text Comments (2459)
Delete System 32 (18 hours ago)
greatonco (1 day ago)
i missed the Hilarious part !
Okolo Pierre (2 days ago)
God she sucks......
Exodus N (3 days ago)
Mark Wilken (10 days ago)
LOVE HER! She absolutely rools!
fantasysports steve (15 days ago)
amy would be a great stunt double for miss piggy
William Gates (15 days ago)
Not funny at all
Maria Trujillo (15 days ago)
Wtf are people laughing at? Especially that lady standing there?
Marina Lazaeva (21 days ago)
She totally needs to hide those huge fatty arms.
ZosiaSamosiaOo (23 days ago)
I like her humour most of the time, but this was just waaay too graphic for my taste...
Kasandra (25 days ago)
It's mostly Incels that actually dislike Amy Schumer.
NorthStars the Steagle (1 month ago)
this woman is aggressively not funny.
Jay (1 month ago)
Love her!
Antonio Mauro (1 month ago)
The girl in the back was loooosssinggg it I love Amy sm
Debs (1 month ago)
Tacky as usual
Drinks 101 (1 month ago)
Hilarious is a strong word.
Patrick Poland (1 month ago)
Well ....... haha full figured
Patrick Poland (1 month ago)
I love her so funny sexy full figure Jayne Mansfield baby 😂
cheeki breeki (1 month ago)
Patak Pajo (1 month ago)
like, like, like and I was like and hes was like, and like like like like....how do you white americans say something with I dont know meaning? Like Like like like like......f... Columbus did you have to go around to India, look what we have now!???
Solomon (1 month ago)
Those words aren’t supposed to go together funny and amy shumer
impatience1 (1 month ago)
I love her, but this was NOT hilarious.
Ann Todd (1 month ago)
She's not funny at all. She's trashy and she looks like she smells bad.
David Nicholas (1 month ago)
I love Amy Schumer. But Jennifer Saunders is a legend.
Fankin (1 month ago)
Amy schumer is a bust
GlassCannon (1 month ago)
Jennifer Saunders laughing her a** off in the background takes it to an even higher level!
vivianna hinks (1 month ago)
Binge watching in 2019 anyone??
Christina (2 months ago)
how is this hilarious?
True Jinn (2 months ago)
Glamour just proved why females dont know whats funny
marioulic (2 months ago)
L U C I F E R (2 months ago)
Not even 1 minute into the video and already started talking about her body, dicks, period....
ManPursueExcellence (2 months ago)
I’ve kept hearing the name Amy Schumer over the past few years and this is the first time I decided to check her out. *For me, this woman is not funny.* Being crass or raunchy should not be confused for humor. That goes for Tiffany as well. The women laughing are typical people who just laugh because they think they should laugh. It comes out so forced and unnatural.
Gigi Marie (2 months ago)
Love her open book comedy. Made me laugh on my period today , so thx girl !! 🤣
atlanticbboy (2 months ago)
Did she steal these jokes too?
Suzy Pens (2 months ago)
onthesky (3 months ago)
Sooooo Funny😂
Scot Douglas (3 months ago)
Human garbage.
creator (2 months ago)
If young girls think this is funny, there is something wrong with our society.
Joanna Sławecka (3 months ago)
Cringey Shumer strikes again
Sara JZ (3 months ago)
She is the most hilarious person for me. Period.
Wayne Rembert (6 days ago)
Harry Kuheim (3 months ago)
Save the Whales Award?
Matteo Montanari (3 months ago)
She really has absolute nothing relevant to say and nothing funny at all. Are we suppose to be laughing at her bad attitude, I don't know
Alba O (3 months ago)
I don’t think she’s super funny but that jack o lantern part really killed me!!!
Becky Sharper (3 months ago)
Tiny mouth
Paul Charles (3 months ago)
Love her toooo much!!!
PalmerWhit (3 months ago)
She is so gross.
Victor (4 months ago)
Black people watch Amy Schumer waiting to laugh like white people watch the skies waiting to see UFOs, neither is going to happen
Victor (3 months ago)
So I took a poll and 7 out of 10 have no idea who she is, the other 3 agree she's unfunny and unattractive
Lebron Almighty (3 months ago)
Victor And All black men like her
Lebron Almighty (3 months ago)
Victor knew you wasnt white saying this
jasonsekhon (4 months ago)
Was it funny though
Lorenzo Chamberlin (4 months ago)
When does the acceptance speech start?
Sandra Lexi (4 months ago)
Wow...this is super cool guys!!! Check out Threelly - www.threelly.com - get the smartview extension for youtube so you can add slices to this video. cheers!!!!
rikkierikkie (4 months ago)
She killed... my sense on humor
I am lying (4 months ago)
Buluga whale of the year
Psilocybe Vibe (4 months ago)
Crass and disgusting just like always. Why are people trying to make us believe that she is funny ? She is not. And not because she is a women, cuz there are dozens of genuinely funny female comics. She simply is not funny.
Edy Puentes (4 months ago)
*She's funny. 😪😪😪😪*
Night Falls (4 months ago)
I cant watch 10 straight seconds of amy, without cringe
setphaser (4 months ago)
jennifer killing herself laughing is a joy
maddooggg (4 months ago)
Dumb libtarded fatass !
Doug Sholly (5 months ago)
I think their definition of funny and mine differ greatly... Personally, I find her repulsive.
LeleBedazzle Lele (5 months ago)
i love her
Samsung G570 (5 months ago)
Funniest person alive
Truth Rainer (5 months ago)
Wow i didnt know she is trashy talking. And using God slang filth tall
Truth Rainer (5 months ago)
No class
Truth Rainer (5 months ago)
Filthy mouth
Ceyoung Lee (5 months ago)
"some of the guys are not even remotely smiling" lmao shes talking to you commentors lol the reason why you think its not funny is cuz you dont know how to empathize with any womans issue lol
Shiny Sana (5 months ago)
God, she is amazing!
Asher Alcantara (5 months ago)
Who else watched Saunders the whole time😂
Sam E (5 months ago)
Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww gross pig with a disgusting foul mouth ... just ewwwwwww .. UGH !!
mrdave2112 (5 months ago)
I didn't know transgender women get a period.
justsmile547 (5 months ago)
If you don't like her just don't watch and comment shit. Okay everybody has right for their opinion, but keep it to yourself please if you don't have something nice to say.
Panda Power (5 months ago)
who is the woman behind her? is that french or saunders?
Panda Power (5 months ago)
"I'm a hundred and sixty pounds right now and I can catch a dick whenever I want, it's no problem." So funny and so true
Lily Eaves (5 months ago)
I love the sarcastic video title
a real (5 months ago)
Im pretty sure no one want thier d suck by amy schmer...
esteban Valenzuela (5 months ago)
Omg i looooooove Amy!!!!!
Brody DeLarge (6 months ago)
Hahahaha.... no. Fuck no.
Sam4gaming (6 months ago)
I like torturing myself
Ginger Lion (6 months ago)
Hilarious! Love her!
Priyanka Maurya (6 months ago)
yea no i don't think she's funny.
Katreen Denverk (6 months ago)
This isn't funny.
Observer (6 months ago)
It is like she is pointing a gun towards everyone and say "laugh now or I will shoot all of you".
maori mendoza (7 months ago)
It's weird how peaple expect comedian to make jokes, comedy is more than that
Blake Marini (7 months ago)
I think a woman uploaded this, they put "hilarious" in the title, it wasn't hilarious....
Amanda Tenney (7 months ago)
Was this a speech for Trainwreck?
Psy Konai (7 months ago)
Ew. Untalented. Unfunny.
Tim Gaynor (7 months ago)
Tim Gaynor (7 months ago)
Why would she be looked up to ...i wont hold me breath
Tim Gaynor (7 months ago)
Your not funny
D1re (7 months ago)
I am an women
Greg Dahlen (8 months ago)
amy's humor takes the things people do in everyday life and shows you the funny
Dexter Haven (9 months ago)
I like her skin.
James McFadden (9 months ago)
Amy, you are so sexy.
GamingVest (9 months ago)
I don't think you idiots understand what hilarious is
Creative Dreamer (9 months ago)
"Hilarious" where, Mars?
MR Muffin Man420 (10 months ago)
She just says uhhmm.... 15009384639 times
Lucas Spies (10 months ago)
> """"""""""""""""""""HILARIOUS"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
Noel Bruyn (10 months ago)
hard to swallow pills..... AMY SCHUMER ISNT FUNN!
ok (10 months ago)
gosh i love her
Google Customer (11 months ago)
Hevin Amber (11 months ago)
where is the funny? i guess she left it in the UK
Mia WallaceinLondon (11 months ago)
I didn’t get the underwear joke? Can someone explain pls?

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