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7 Mysterious Deep Sea Creatures Spotted On Google Earth #3

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From The 200 feet Blue whale to the Swarm of giant crabs , Today http://www.themindboggler.com presents you 7 Mysterious Deep Sea Creatures Spotted On Google Earth
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Rizal Fahmi Royani (42 minutes ago)
coordinate please...
Super Goku (7 hours ago)
This Earth is so fucking big
Claudia Zetune (8 hours ago)
You should be ashamed, begger of "likes" and "views"
Rozz Scott (9 hours ago)
Bronwyn Waters (10 hours ago)
This is so fake!
Sarah Bright (10 hours ago)
Nessy is real I've seen her in real life with my own eyes😳
Sarah Bright (10 hours ago)
I looked on my google earth and it did not have it
Maxim yt (15 hours ago)
Every picture is fake
Justin Case (17 hours ago)
The crab image (first): Are you serious? Anyone believes this? It's the most obviously fake image I have ever seen. Or maybe you think all the crabs just HAPPENED to stand in EXACTLY the same position when captured?`And have exactly the same markings on it's legs etc? Man, this channel is crap. I recommend this app to everyone: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/video-blocker/jknkjnpcbbgcbdbaampbjlhkcghmgfhk?hl=en
Justin Case (17 hours ago)
And the last one, the blue whale: So there are 2 images, first one, then another where it has moved. But the waves it makes in the ocean in those 2 spots are EXACTLY IDENTICAL!!! Whoever made this video is either purposely deceitful (and crappy at it), or exceptionally dumb.
Matt Green (20 hours ago)
Yo this shit got me crying 😂 This bitch tryna tell me that shit was real with a straight face😂 like that alligator had me rolling on the floor😂
Syafi Ananditho Putra (23 hours ago)
The burrow fish is fake,i checked and theres nothing
박영선 (1 day ago)
무서워😱😱 하지만 꿀잼
Kendra Thompson (1 day ago)
😂😂 LMAO. These are all fake.
Amber Kennedy (1 day ago)
megladon is not real😡😡😡😡
Hung Phan (1 day ago)
The 2nd one looks like a helicopter shark
Hung Phan (1 day ago)
I mean the 6th
Pro_ Gamer.BO3 (1 day ago)
junrey sarmiento (1 day ago)
No one knows. Maybe it's true, some part of it. Everyone knows that the sea is the most myterious part of the Earth.
vinothkumar j (1 day ago)
Yours all proof is fake
Sky blue XX (2 days ago)
I mean it could be true cause humans have only Seen the 8% oft the ocean
Ajay 2135 / J. D. S (2 days ago)
Video Is Fake Only Exist Is Kraken
Faisal rahmansyah (3 days ago)
Mali OSMANI (3 days ago)
Katelyn Chang (3 days ago)
Burrow fish looks like a frog
florenda balagta (3 days ago)
Thats fake top 6 is fake
Al Moreb (3 days ago)
This is a fact and not a fantasy
Greggory Herr (3 days ago)
Bruh this shit is fake as fuck lmao goddamn click bait
darcy burlingame (3 days ago)
Blue whales are real and they are very big and long
Rowena Siscar (3 days ago)
It's all fake i searched all the location on google earth AND THERE'S NOTHING IN THERE NO creatures or anything
darcy burlingame (3 days ago)
Wtf looks fake
jacob gaming freaks (3 days ago)
Its real and FAke
Leon Hutchings (3 days ago)
wow....want a case of the crabs
Anna Banana (3 days ago)
If the loch ness monster is that big how would no one have seen it in the lake? I think all these are pretty fake tbh
Who just clicked on this video thinking its real but in the end... Its Photo shopped
曹远 曹远 (3 days ago)
charlotte's life (3 days ago)
Brighton Bussidor (4 days ago)
This is not real
hanabi scarlet flower (4 days ago)
lochness monster is a one kind of dinosaur
jennard Ortega (4 days ago)
Skylar PlaysGacha (4 days ago)
The lochness monster theres a movie about that his name is curseu and the title is The Water Horse theres a human boy who is taking care of him name agnus i love lochness monsters!😊
Marnie Neville (4 days ago)
Alpha Grisby (4 days ago)
Right now, this guy has made around 7000$ with this video. I should just leave my job, learn how Photoshop works, and spread lies, as it pays very well. I think mankind is lost. So fucking lost.
LePtitkosmos (4 days ago)
Looool fake
Zanya Bell (5 days ago)
Roses are red Violets are blue I just got clickbaited And so did you
Rebecca Dillard (5 days ago)
Randomest_ (5 days ago)
That burrow fish is 420% fake...
Azrydesign TM (6 days ago)
Wow the monster man plz like in under okay
Junlarm Phan (6 days ago)
Giant Alligator is fake the biggest alligator is the Saltwater Crocodile I saw it with my 👀
Gabby STAR (6 days ago)
Roses are red Violet are blue These pictures are fake, I hope you realized too Thank you comments for telling me the reality, You guys are my sugar and tea
Ina Manasievska (6 days ago)
I don't want to go to the bich any more I am soooo scerd
RhaveRonabio (8 days ago)
Roses are red Violets are blue I have 5 fingers and the middle one's for you
Tracie Elliott (8 days ago)
actually you Photoshoped all of them bad
Keep Piecefull (8 days ago)
you are an idiot if you believe a single word you just told us.
GL youtube (9 days ago)
I dont belive in any of that
Alberto Robles (9 days ago)
I think its real
GalaxyWolfie 123 (10 days ago)
GalaxyWolfie 123 (10 days ago)
3:33 *oH... wElL fUcK tHiS sHiT i’M oUt*
1:56 (Sung in the tune of twinkle twinkle little star) Are you quite sure bout this fish? It’s a fucking rock you bitch.
Boy Turner (10 days ago)
The thumbnail is the most fakest thing I have seen in my life
Jonte RE (10 days ago)
At the time I'm watching they have 666k subs
Michell Hernandez (10 days ago)
this is fake I trying to look at it and I did not find it
Melano November (10 days ago)
Caleb David (10 days ago)
You pulled all this out of your ass
Dem freshmemez (11 days ago)
Megalodon is real but extinct
Carson Yoder (11 days ago)
CLICK BAIT ALERT CLICK BAIT ALERT you just got click baited
Ryan Bell (11 days ago)
Loch Ness is real I've saw it
Freezee Gaming (11 days ago)
There is only one problem with that lochness monster picture: Wolf island is in the u.s.a
Nessy is UNFORTUNATELY FAKE!!!!! I don't care how deep or big the lake is, by now we would of seen something better. Also the one before Nessy is Fake, It's just blown up to a super size to show the face. (So far I'm up to Nessy, I'll be back). Ok I'm back all Fake except for the Blue Whale, maybe. But if anyone who watched the movie "Meg" that would be cool of the trench wasn't the floor but just dust and you could go through it.
Haylie kittyfish2006 (11 days ago)
Heh, I'm sure the kraken doesn't live in California ? *spotted near the beach of California* (+yells for mom and shows image+) And I conclude that we are moving to Alabama
it's dream cat (12 days ago)
Not real
Zain Ch (12 days ago)
Nicole Wang (13 days ago)
These photos are as real as my chances are to meet BTS
sara // na jaemin (11 days ago)
oml i-
Adeen Aslam (13 days ago)
100% Fake.
Adeen Aslam (13 days ago)
Like, nobody goes around saying “HeY GuyS i FounD A KraKeN iN shAlloW WaTeR!”
Ibis Desenhos (13 days ago)
Glenda Hosley (13 days ago)
Weres Zeus when you need him
🌌ĞaĺaxýWoĺf🌌 (14 days ago)
me:MOOOOOMMMM!!!!!! Mom: whats wrong sweetie? Me: I DONT WANNA HAVE MY BIRTHDAY AT THE BEEEEACH!!!!! Mom:why??? Me:*shows her video* Mom:.... YUP WE ANRT GOING TO UR COUSINS WEDING ETHER!!!!! me: wait..... MooOOooooOM caN I HavE iT At ThE JuMp ParK????? Mom:*walks away into the kitchen grabs icecream and heads to room to watch netflix* Me: T-T
janet russell (14 days ago)
Woooooooah this is so so so so cool!!!! I hope you can find more!!!
Quiana Slays (15 days ago)
We all know it’s fake right
Egypt Boxley (15 days ago)
This is sooo fake I just searched all of these places and didn't see nothing
Khalid Khattak Usman (15 days ago)
My father is more scarier than this when I do something without his permission
Jimin's Nail (15 days ago)
this is so fake
Ida Iman72 (16 days ago)
Aligator is fake
Tristan Leung (16 days ago)
Ness Rose (16 days ago)
I cannot see anymore
Taj Locane (17 days ago)
Ben Faye (17 days ago)
Number 6 is sooo photoshopped
Mark Price (17 days ago)
I seen a borrow fish😟
Daniel Stoica (18 days ago)
Dylated Gaming (18 days ago)
1:54 okay, that looks so fake. I can obviously see the dirt and editing.
Lesly Garcia (18 days ago)
I think It's real
ahphu ngwa (19 days ago)
it fake
Shawn Mireles (19 days ago)
They look real to me😀😀😊😃
Fynn Promboon (19 days ago)
xdee stupid
_HeyItzTay_ A (19 days ago)
_HeyItzTay_ A (19 days ago)
These are so fake it's funny! Nice try, but you arnt fooling anyone this time! 😂😂😂
Cj Pazdan (19 days ago)
I am a person who knows a lot about Dinosaurs and Dinosaurs are bigger than blue whales. No one reply saying "Dinosaurs are smaller than blue whales" cause I'm right.
Prakash Sonawane (19 days ago)
Totally fake
Hailey Bullock (19 days ago)
For the first one I went on google maps and it wasn’t there
William Gonzales (20 days ago)
You edited all of these photos and you did a terrible job just stop
Gabe Lefevre (20 days ago)
Fake and gay

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