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Cute Bunny Playing with Cat

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Simply an entertaining video of our super cute white Holland Lop rabbit (Ruby) playing with Paisley, a beautiful white odd-eyed cat we adopted from a shelter. Ruby is an inside bunny, and we often leave her cage open so she can explore, play in boxes, and interact with Paisley. These two cuties are actually pretty good friends, and I often find Paisley inside Ruby's cage, eating her hay! :) Please Like/Comment/Subscribe if you dig our bunny videos! Visit us at http://www.OhioHollandLops.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ohiohollandlops
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Text Comments (163)
Jᥙꪀgk᥆᥆k (11 days ago)
*yoonkook 🐇❤🐈*
Beautiful Fireworks (18 days ago)
Ruby: Hi Cat 😇 Paisley: Wanna Play 😏
Saint Bobnetcangar (1 month ago)
0:10 whats the music in that?
"Morning Mood" by Grieg (YouTube Audio Library)
Alessio Roma (2 months ago)
Judson Gaiden (2 months ago)
Marshmallows! X3
Rosie hood girl 42 (2 months ago)
Aww both pets are cute :3💕😻🐰
destroy enemy (2 months ago)
Bella Bee (2 months ago)
2:10 hey how ya doin flip!
Alfito (3 months ago)
The cat is very cute
My happy pets (3 months ago)
Aww so cute!!😍
jibake jilake (4 months ago)
So bunny like box too huh
Czene Art (4 months ago)
femme잊잫 (4 months ago)
yoonkook omg hghhhhhhh
Yoongi & Jungkookie💓🐱💓🐰
femme잊잫 ARMY!!!!!!!!
Azaziz Donasdogamatastos (4 months ago)
Marsh Melly (4 months ago)
OMG ghe bunny looks like my bunny legit
iiCloudySky (4 months ago)
I want them
Asuna (5 months ago)
Two of my favorite animals. Honestly, I can't decide which animal I love more.
L P (5 months ago)
All i see is snugly creatures !!!!!!
Rosie hood girl 42 (6 months ago)
Awww so cute<3 😻💕🐰
Kim Taehyung (6 months ago)
The rabbit has the same name as me! Why is this so exciting for me!?
AFGHAN HOUND RAMSES (7 months ago)
Gorgeous Babies
Mr. Grinch (7 months ago)
The cat haves one Blue eye and the other one Green.
Stouffer (7 months ago)
Nice big house, here in the UK we live in tiny houses, like shoe boxes, because there is so much overcrowding because of mass uncontrolled immigration forced on us by the government.🐇🐇🐇
Duhdog Dvg (8 months ago)
I dislike cats. Love bun buns though.
That looks like bunbun
fina saadah (10 months ago)
Schleich Splatterpaint (10 months ago)
0:38 aren’t cats supposed to like boxes? 😂😂 just kidding my buns loved boxes.
Ilias Muska (10 months ago)
i love you rabbit😍
Ilias Muska (10 months ago)
i love you rabbit😘😘
Gavrilo Damjanovic (10 months ago)
i dont have pet😭😭
SidniOrchids (11 months ago)
They are way too cute! Now all you need to add to your bunch is a white dog and you’re good to go. 🙂💕
We actually have a white shepherd...along with a brown sable shepherd and a yellow lab. We love all colors and have a variety of colors (just so I don't get hate comments). :)
Heather Tarman (1 year ago)
We love your videos! We have bunnies that adopted us, too but ours are mini Rex. It is so hard to find cute bunny videos that don’t show bunnies in the bath but your videos always show the buns being so well cared for and loved.
Hamza S. (1 year ago)
Randy marsh sent me
Binny Bhatti (1 year ago)
Is Ruby a dwarf or false dwarf?
True dwarf :)
Sarah Ow (1 year ago)
The rabbit reminds me of Pinky because of his ears down. He died because a black cat bit him on the ear :( I miss Pinky a lot
Omni EyeAm (1 year ago)
Now I want a bunny 😍
Sa C (1 year ago)
So cute & sweet. With all the negativity in our politics & lives, these days, we need this.
yash saini (1 year ago)
nice baby vedio
mugi20170302 (1 year ago)
omg (>_<)
Snehalata Suryawanshi (1 year ago)
So cute....
Mikoto Misaka (1 year ago)
I do have a kitten named Arturia Pendragon who LOVES to play with my bunny Stuffles. But, I'm not sure if I should ever leave them alone together. Stuffles is a 10 week yr old Holland Lop and Arturia is about a month old, and I don't want them hurting each other or anything by accident, how should I best supervise them when they play together?
I definitely would keep them within an arm's reach in case there is a scuffle.
Aimen Rajpoot (1 year ago)
So Amazing PET s
Kermit (1 year ago)
I prefer the cat.
Keeva2006 (1 year ago)
Apparently Ruby loves boxes almost as much as Paisley does.
Ham AlA (1 year ago)
How do you teach rabbit to toilet in basket
cLinkxs ??? (1 year ago)
They are white as snow....😚😚😍😍😊
Both are pure white.
Renee Guenette (1 year ago)
How do you get them to play? I have a white rabbit and black cat and all the cat does is chase him, but doesn’t hurt him with claws at least! I check the rabbits fur closely for scratches to make sure! We had the rabbit first and got the cat as a kitten! Anyway to bond them? Well the cat is still a kitten at 5 months but almost the size of a full grown cat!
Shana Animates11 (1 year ago)
Neha09757 (1 year ago)
wow! what beautiful cat two different eyes colour best friend ever. rabbit so sweet I don't have experience of rabbit.
ALL U NEED (1 year ago)
my stomach is gonna be a harmful npain now
Omg there’s the Easter bunny!!!!!
Hamesan Syiem (1 year ago)
Is that a turkish angora? 😇
No, Paisley is just a white cat who happens to have heterochromia. She came from a shelter, and her mom/siblings were all different colors. :)
Biswajit Roy (1 year ago)
bella bunny (1 year ago)
um i have a mini lop
bella bunny (1 year ago)
aww cute rabbit
TerranTXL (1 year ago)
2:06 lol
ethan williams (1 year ago)
my rabbit's orange but larger than a cat. actually, it makes him a target for the cat who likes to antagonize slightly larger animals. she'll swat at ears and tails.
atheistbanerjee008 (1 year ago)
So cute Cotton balls in the form of kitty and bunny!!!😍😍😍😍😍😘😍😘😘😘😍😍
Galactusgirl (1 year ago)
Cats and rabbits are a woman's best friend.
b o b (7 months ago)
Im a man and i love cats and bunnies
Eabha (8 months ago)
Diamond is a woman’s best friend! Ha! Ridiculous!!! Yep, men can have dogs, we can have bun buns and kitties!
Renee Guenette (1 year ago)
Galactusgirl exactly! Pfft and they say DIAMONDS are a woman’s best friend but I say cats and rabbits too! Men can have dogs and we will have the cats and rabbits! Love dogs too tho just saying how they call dogs “mans best friend!”
Burnt Dumpling (1 year ago)
I miss my albino bunnies
Ur home is beautiful may the universe give you love and light.
Vikusia Vlog (1 year ago)
Ruby is very preety and cute i love she❤
Blitz Mr (1 year ago)
ILove BunnyOn Cat😁😍😚
1985Viggen ツ (1 year ago)
2:09 xD
Meow Cookies (1 year ago)
paisly look like my cat but my at is a man
Ardian Sando (1 year ago)
The Little Cat (1 year ago)
The Little Cat (1 year ago)
I like Riby
Verbs describe us (1 year ago)
too cute :)
gail h (1 year ago)
What gorgeous pets! Really well looked after, their coats r as white as snow. I used to keep rabbits , they make wonderful, friendly pets. Now I have cats and I feed strays. Animals and our relationship we have with them, is so special, it makes the world go around. Pity some horrible people ruin it with cruelty, I really cherish my animals xxxxx
Eabha (8 months ago)
gail h you are I very good person to say that. I definitely agree! How can people abandon their poor little pets?????
Mukesh Saw (1 year ago)
So cute rabbit and cat
Ai Gin (1 year ago)
white like snow. oh i love them! They're the lovely animal.
Alfin Fellialnyoo (1 year ago)
yeah its like they are wearing the same white T-shirt. cute :)
Edward Chong (1 year ago)
2:10 "Tag, you're it!"
Miriam Patio (1 year ago)
Lol. I just saw hat.
Cat: not telling you who did that
Things what i like (1 year ago)
DDSam (1 year ago)
DAMN IT I WAS JUST ABOUT TO SAY THAT!! Bunny "Huhhh?? Wha? who did that?"
Heathrow Aviation (1 year ago)
So cute!
Jessica Nathan (1 year ago)
I have an REW lop too! His name is Moonshine (Moonie for short) and he's so full of personality! These babes are so fun and full of love and curiosity! Love these videos!!
Dex Scene (1 year ago)
I can watch it all day
arena thouna (1 year ago)
Is your cat's eyes are different colors
Bon Bon Jarnecki (1 year ago)
bunny☆0 ★
Derry Halim (1 year ago)
is that BEW Holland Lop ?
PINK girl S (1 year ago)
Emily A (2 years ago)
Im getting my white rabbit with grey blue eyes tomorrow :) and I have 2 cats can't wait. Wish me luck! What should I call him? Romeo, Buttons or Snowy? xx
Rosie Navarra (2 years ago)
Emily A what did you call him?
Thomas Jenkins (2 years ago)
when i was a child, we had an outdoor cat that used to only come in the house during the winter. she was an old mama kitty (about 11 or so years old at the time), so it basically hunted everyday. she would end up bringing about 1 wild rabbit per week on the porch to eat. to speak on how effective of a hunter she was, the entire 18 years we had her, there was basically no living things in our yard. we lived out in the country, too. a coworker of my mom was trying to get rid of a pet rabbit she had, so we ended up taking it. we were very concerned about how long it would last around the cat. even on the initial meeting, never did that cat ever try to hunt the rabbit or even use it's claws when slapping at it (which we considered self defense since the rabbit would run full speed into the cat). it was probably one of the most amazing things i've ever witnessed. it's also when i learned that rabbits are made of pure evil. i'm happy to say that both animals lived a long, full life before passing away (the cat at ~18 yrs, the rabbit ~11 yrs).
b o b (7 months ago)
Your lucky as hell cuz usually outdoor cats live till 7-10 years be proud of your cat
b o b (7 months ago)
11 means shes middle aged cuz indoor cats live till 25 lol oh wait she was an outdoor cat
Jabari (1 year ago)
Thomas Jenkins Rabbits are not evil.
pranab bora (1 year ago)
Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story. Loved reading it.
Nyiaa (1 year ago)
I own a a vienna white female, 5 months old from my father litter, and she is just an angel. I mean, even if you do something bad she only does a very quiet grunt, which happened only one time. She basically licks everyone, the second day I got her she started licking me. Also, I am her favourite xD If there are 4 people in the room, I am the only one where she lies xD My lil bunny Aurora is such an angel ♥
Minecraft Fan23039 (2 years ago)
I love this Video! they're like what I like to call fur twins! fur twins are animals that have the same fur color has the other. it does not depend on species.
Vanessa Lee1212 (2 years ago)
Ruby looks just like my bunny
AwesomeSauce 294 (2 years ago)
i thought white bunnies with red eyes were albino
Bernadette Kamer (2 years ago)
Are Zhenyy (2 years ago)
cats look more complexity with emotions and thinking.
Jenny Sherratt (2 years ago)
Medium water
Jenny Sherratt (2 years ago)
I had a bunny but it poops tiny every we're in the house one day it died by water
Isabella Ramirez (2 years ago)
the bunny looks like my bunny
dalek moore (2 years ago)
rabbits in the house equals poo every where
Jared Hoeft (1 year ago)
If they're litter trained, it's true that they still leave a few stray poop pellets around the house, but it's no biggie. They don't smell or leave stains and are extremely easy to clean up.
chicha roni (1 year ago)
dalek moore wrong. Bunnies can be trained to use a litter box just like a cat.
Renee Guenette (1 year ago)
dalek moore that’s what I thought at first too! Then I realized mine only poops around his litter box area and in it too! Not all over!
animex gacha (2 years ago)
so cute and the white rabbit is so fuzzy
Marak Lia (2 years ago)
Do you wash them in Tide w/bleach? ... so crisp and clean 😉
Joey Berg (2 years ago)
1:03 Heterochromic kitty!
Dinner-fork tongue (2 years ago)
Hard to tell who is more affectionate here 💞 Is Ruby a buck? I see no dewlap. And how is Paisley's hearing?
Dinner-fork tongue (2 years ago)
That's good 😊 From what I know, white cats with blue eyes tend to get deaf of at least one ear.
Ruby is a doe. Paisley actually hears just fine. :)
Crites cri (2 years ago)
I thought the logo of your YouTube was a crab then I saw it was a bunny 🐰
Laurel KE Rossow (2 years ago)
So, I have a question. I have had a rabbit for several years now, and recently got two kittens. I allow them to play together so socialize, but I'm so scared that my rabbit is actually stressed out about it. She has never thumped at them, and I think she is actually playing, but I worry. How do I know if she's happy and excited or scared and stressed?
Laurel KE Rossow (2 years ago)
Hook's Hollands - Ohio Holland Lops awsome, thank you! ^_^
I think you will be able to tell if the bunnies are curious or if they feel threatened. If the kittens aren't attacking, I don't see why you can't supervise and teach them to be gentle with bunnies. Every cat is different too, you just have to use your own judgement based on the personalities of your animals. :)
Anna (2 years ago)
Paisley appears to be shy
Yes, she is, and she is very friendly with the bunnies, which is why she isn't a danger to them...despite what some others seem to know that my cat will do. :)

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