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The Amazing World of Gumball | Halloween Song | Cartoon Network

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It’s Halloween in Elmore! That means loads of candy and an impressive musical number, of course. Check out the characters dressed up as Sailor Moon, Pikachu, Cat Woman, a sixteenth century queen, Frankenstein and his bride, and many more! Halloween it’s halloween Halloween its Halloween Now remember all the rules on the art of Trick or Treating If you’re cute as can be youll get candy for free And if you fill these up start eating And when were offered raisins we refuse them cuz they’re healthy And confectionary is better where the neighborhood is wealthy Give us all your candy Give us all your treats If we did this everyday we would be morbidly obese A cauldron full of candy corn And chocolate up my sleeve Its the best night of the year so lets hail all hallows eve Were gonna make some dough on the night of halloween Though this food is expired hey presto inspired! Now its right on theme These people will spend hundreds on their spooky misdemeanors And I can charge a dollar more if I rebrand these frankenweiners Thank you Although theres still Black Friday Christmas Day and New Years eve Tonight we make a killing lets all hail all hallows eve We dress up how we like on the night of halloween A submarine captain A cage that I’m trapped in A sixteenth century queen A time to show each other how we really feel inside I messed up something rotten cuz my wife is still my bride Mep mep I get to dress up pretty I get to wear a weave Its the night of make believe so lets all hail all hallows eve All hail all hallows eve Episode: The Ghouls CN GAMES: http://cartn.co/ytgames SUBSCRIBE: http://cartn.co/subscribe WATCH MORE: http://cartn.co/moreminisodes About Cartoon Network: Welcome to Cartoon Network's YouTube Channel, your destination for episode clips, behind the scenes footage, how to draw tutorials, toy videos, and more! Cartoon Network is home to your favorite shows and characters including Teen Titans Go!, Ben 10, Steven Universe, The Amazing World of Gumball, OK K.O.!, and much more! Want full episodes? Go to the CN APP where you can find new unlocked episodes updated every week! Connect with Cartoon Network Online: Visit Cartoon Network WEBSITE: http://cartn.co/cnwebsite Follow Cartoon network on INSTAGRAM: http://cartn.co/instagram Like Cartoon Network on FACEBOOK: http://cartn.co/facebook Follow Cartoon Network on TWITTER: http://cartn.co/twitter http://www.youtube.com/user/CartoonNetwork
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Text Comments (8246)
CorgiLover 162 (7 minutes ago)
HOLD ON... is Richard dressed as kratus
CorgiLover 162 (14 minutes ago)
V Min Kook Stan (6 hours ago)
I'm living for that thumbnail 😂
Почиму видио на этом конале не доступны
Nere Rear (9 hours ago)
LOL there dad is God Of War
Morgan Hall (9 hours ago)
Whoever had the idea for Mr. Small to dress up as Sailor Moon deserves a raise.
Patricia Hart (17 hours ago)
1:23 Sailor Moon
Janeth Medina (20 hours ago)
I came here to see how much more they copied
Vannah Uy (1 day ago)
Ashley Mercado (1 day ago)
I love sailor moon
Alichanuwu Kawii (1 day ago)
Sailor moon XD
Erica Almonacid (1 day ago)
Pongan en español
Thunder Gamer (1 day ago)
Not to lie but miss Simian's and Harold's costumes have to be some sort of weird gender swap
Sara Taba (1 day ago)
Maalik Noob (1 day ago)
first she was earth's moon and then pluto and NOW EARTH'S MOON AGAIN?!
Victoria Kotsakova (1 day ago)
Richard is kratos Yeaa boii
wara wara100 (2 days ago)
the monkey is ming for flash gordon :v
XxRhiagamingxX (2 days ago)
0:23 pikachu!!
hotaku maebara (2 days ago)
Is no one going to comment on how Nicole's costume is E.T.'s mom halloween costume?
BlazeMcCoy (2 days ago)
1:14 Ms. Simeon is Ming from Flash Gordon lol.
Rainbow - pie (2 days ago)
So much reference!!
Yassine Kwass (2 days ago)
OMG hector's mother doesn't need any costumes !!! - no offense-
Crystal Jam (2 days ago)
0:27 Leslie is the plant from little shop of terrors
Ru Boo22 (3 days ago)
*sailor moon omg*
MairakarinaDrawings (3 days ago)
God of war
gyah land (4 days ago)
good job
Julian Spatter (4 days ago)
Mr. Small must have the speed of a cheeta.
Ahmad ZeeZ (4 days ago)
Yes I clicked cause sailor moon is bae
AlePlayGame Vx9 (4 days ago)
I love Sailor Moon
Aamey Jairaj (4 days ago)
1:25 Finding Love on daylight fighting crime at midnight dun na na na here comes sailor moon
Poipole Lover (4 days ago)
Eyram TCHAMA (4 days ago)
Banana Joe was Pikachu😅😅😅
Guestified Newbie (4 days ago)
1:23 sailor moon part.
[ 핑퐁 ]_ 연화 (4 days ago)
1:24 Sailor Moon
Jayden Cromer (5 days ago)
It’s a fat kratos
Tyrone_X1S3000 (5 days ago)
1:07 Catwoman 1:24 Sailor moon
Dragonfire013 (5 days ago)
Never clicked faster in my life. WHY AM I SEEING THIS NOW??!!
Carolyn Waite (5 days ago)
Salor moon
Carolyn Waite (5 days ago)
C Ca Cat Cat g Cat gi Cat gir Cat girl
Carolyn Waite (5 days ago)
I also saw that big cloud was wonder woman
Carolyn Waite (5 days ago)
Omg banana was pecachu
el kokun 1997 (5 days ago)
sailor moon xd & pikachu doramon cuantas referencias ja ja ja ja
お姉さん (5 days ago)
Is that freakin sailor moon?
Son Goku (5 days ago)
Pedro Pablo Gallo (5 days ago)
Richard is kratos xD
〘 korli 〙 (5 days ago)
1:24 fav
1:22 meh-meh 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Son Goku (5 days ago)
Whats sailor moon
Carlos Garcia (5 days ago)
Son Goku ... *YOU DO NOT KNOW IT?!* It's an anime, it's old so you wouldn't know.
The Ultimate Gaming (5 days ago)
Richard as kratos from God of war
Birdstorm (5 days ago)
I can't believe Mr. Small went as Sailor Moon...
Sensational Ennush (5 days ago)
So no one's gonna talk about Richard's costume?.. boi
Peridot TheClod (6 days ago)
*_s a i l o r s m a l l_*
Meow Murphy (6 days ago)
I only clicked cause I saw *Sailor Moon*
Gallowflair (6 days ago)
mr small is meeeee
Angel Carleton (6 days ago)
The White girl (6 days ago)
Omg sailor moon 1:24
Luv Haz (6 days ago)
All this cloth is from the movie and the video game
lazy puff ball -w- (6 days ago)
1:56 who forgot this part? Is sailor moon!
Arifin Ilham (7 days ago)
0:04 richard is kratos (?)
Rose Davila (7 days ago)
Gumball looks like the wizard former harry poter
Araronplayz YT (7 days ago)
Unlimited Everything (7 days ago)
1:23 I’m frightened
Unlimited Everything (7 days ago)
Mr smalls outfit is um........interesting 😐
Carlos Garcia (5 days ago)
Unlimited Everything It's Sailor Moon! 😂
Sly Cooper (8 days ago)
Looks like Richards a big fan of the God of War but there's something missing he needs a fake beard and a foam axe
Eva Ramirez (8 days ago)
Sailor moon
Louane Duplornier (8 days ago)
Le nuage fille c katwomen et l'autre c'est Elvis Presley
KrypticKodez DS (8 days ago)
Mr Dad that kratos costume is lit
Autumn M&M (9 days ago)
3% banana joe is a pikachu 99% mr. small as sailor moon 1% did Sarah have the same costume as last year?
Carina Cubillaz7k (9 days ago)
Por que el sr small se difraso de sailor moon😁😁🌛🌛
lily colon (9 days ago)
Is Mr. small obsessed with anime???
Pro Gamer X-PGX (9 days ago)
I clicked for salor MOOON
James Parker (9 days ago)
1:25 sailor small
Rimuru Tempest (9 days ago)
Just realized that Richard is Kratos here
slam dunk diesel (10 days ago)
this show ruined my anime childhood....
Aidan Kearney (10 days ago)
omg it's flipping mr.small as sailor moon!! I am dying!!
1:25 sailor moon amo a sailor moon 🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙💖💖💖💖😻😻😻💟👍🎃🎃🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀
Прекрасный вояка в матроске 🌙🌟
Sanuka Kithnula (10 days ago)
Ender Xanderion (10 days ago)
Oh my god, Richard is a fan of god of wars
The Co! (11 days ago)
How is this not copyright claimed
Popee :3 (11 days ago)
Sailor Smoll 1:23XD
progamerjoseph 76 (11 days ago)
Banana ju is a pokemon costome
Elin Olin (11 days ago)
0:23 pikachu 0:56 doraemon 1:24 sailor moon
Galaxy Chan (12 days ago)
I'm just a simple girl. I see sailor moon. I click
Blake Grams (12 days ago)
Richard is the god of war krados
Peter Choi (12 days ago)
I was a pretty on Halloween but where's teri
Marty cute Kawaii (12 days ago)
0:24 ODDIO C'È BANANA JOE travestito da Pikachu!0:53 DORAEMON
1 1 (12 days ago)
1 1 (12 days ago)
おーすとりっち (13 days ago)
Leah Castro (13 days ago)
Richard is kratos in god of war
Diego Guillen (13 days ago)
make a mouvie
Diego Guillen (13 days ago)
make a mouvie
Wolfpack 15793 (13 days ago)
Sailor moon?!?!?
Lasagna B (14 days ago)
Tobias is Captain Planet
fermin martin (14 days ago)
Banana Joe is Pikachu?
AnimecitoPics Olivares (14 days ago)
my favorite series is Sailor moon

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