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The Battle Cats - 3,000(+1,500) Cat Foods in Girls & Monsters Capsule

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I'm not sure that this Event Capsule is Limited or not but I recomment you to open it now for WAIFU
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Text Comments (591)
Amanda Vickers (7 days ago)
such waifu
Sơn Trần (9 days ago)
Guys I just got bomburrr’s last form
GechlangX (15 days ago)
The first thing I saw is nine tail and the mask in Naruto.
How do you grind for cat food?
PinguLOL 12321 (19 days ago)
How you get so many cat food ;=;
ImMettaton (21 days ago)
1:28 How?
Vash Videos (23 days ago)
I opened an 11 capsule thing and got 2 queen reika and then used a ticket to get another ;-;
DarknessCuber (23 days ago)
It’s back
vipxpert channel (24 days ago)
Dusan Tasic (25 days ago)
how you collected 1500 cat food in 12 hours??? it took me like half a month!
فيصل اللعاب (26 days ago)
I stole your mummy wifu lol
Puro (26 days ago)
When I first saw girls and monster I was like”gimme the Fox waifu”and first 11 draw 100 % Uber chance and what is the first thing I get? What I wanted,then mummy right after that then the mermaid. I love my luck
Croc88 (1 month ago)
0:19 💯❌😂🅱️👌
1UP7 The Mushroom (1 month ago)
How you get cat food so fast!? I need it
SmarTwichs (1 month ago)
Where do you farming that car food
Mr. BigSplash (1 month ago)
screen recorder for 5+ what the, CHILLHOLA YOUR FREAKING 5? WHAT THE
reypro 911 (1 month ago)
How do dead virgen xddd
Fuu2 For prez (2 months ago)
How do u get 1500 cat food in only 12 hours?!
Croc88 (3 months ago)
mista gam&wich (3 months ago)
0:33 so whats your waifu type? (nerds r gud tho) also verbena is thicc and himeyuri is kawaii desu
Alex icefox Felixice (3 months ago)
I know your music IS ncs and rat fat but i don't no what is name of music ? /(•~•)\
*TheBattleCats * (3 months ago)
*Я тоже желал мумию , однако мне выпала какая-то пес*
*TheBattleCats * (3 months ago)
*Wolfchild Deale*
McGooDSwaggeR GeraldO (3 months ago)
They are cute and sexy ‘-‘
TheBstockden (3 months ago)
Sir Noobalot (3 months ago)
How did u farm that quick?
I Misspel Everythnig (3 months ago)
i got all 3 ubers in one 11 draw
Aaron Dave Paguirigan (3 months ago)
Great now your poor of cat food (faceplam)
Aaron Dave Paguirigan (3 months ago)
Oh noes this is BATTLE CATS ANIME
Wibbs (4 months ago)
1:32 maplestory reference
Charlotte Tysoe (4 months ago)
WHats the outro song called? I love it <3
Rafflest gt (5 months ago)
Maybe he farm cat food from ads , gamatoto and outbreak
ultimate raptorM (5 months ago)
Da song?
Billy Marrows (5 months ago)
New waifu gacha ! IRON LEGION
Sweggieboss (5 months ago)
This is why i play Battle Cats
Khalid victor (5 months ago)
‘Hello darkness my old Friend...’
Ceyvel (6 months ago)
uhhhh Chillhola whats the name of ending song?
Juny Lee (3 months ago)
Not Chillhola and 3 Months after question but the songs is -----> TheFatRat - Jackpot
panda kid hehehe (7 months ago)
wat is chillhola evoll becuse he is the evol slapy wut ever bare or is he nic ?
Zacharie daniel (7 months ago)
Trickster himeyuri was my Uber from the free rare ticket at the start xD
Superjoebob (7 months ago)
I got only 1,500 cat food spin, and I got verbena, deale, and ruri
Kinetick Playz (7 months ago)
Waifu Material
Cassie (8 months ago)
12 hours 1500 catfood. as if motherfucker
J (9 months ago)
how u even farm so fast
Blizzard 9021 (9 months ago)
What stage do you use to farm cat food?
Ong YZ (9 months ago)
Don't say that f word
Crazy things Lol (10 months ago)
Shadow The Happy Boi (10 months ago)
3:37 *H U P*
Thundersaur 123 (10 months ago)
I already have the mummy <0<
Fruity Memes (10 months ago)
How do u farm that much in so little time? Lol
the friendly lion (11 months ago)
You can't farm cat food you hack or spend don't hide it
Lj Esio (11 months ago)
Chillhola how u get so many cat foods
A Stegosaurus (1 year ago)
Song names? Plz tell me. I no want rush u ^.^
Rainbow the bacon (1 year ago)
why dont you Favourite Kaza jizo?
Yeet That (1 year ago)
How did you get 1500 cat food in 12 hours ?
Fendyex (1 year ago)
Plz show bob and vagene
simonizer xd (1 year ago)
How do you get so muche cat fooooood 😰 i only have 750
el sanwichito rico (1 year ago)
La musica del final esta genial
Jackson Blumengarten (1 year ago)
Chillhola your RNG is crazily good!!
Hiroshi Shitamiya (1 year ago)
How do you farm cat food so quick
Quirinus Quirrell (1 year ago)
Himeyuri Ninetails is ma' Waifu :3
Arat Kirazcı (1 year ago)
0.20 pause MY BOSS XD
YeetVonOof (1 year ago)
I was featured in this video TWICE.
Rigel (1 year ago)
why are you paying hoes and hookers
Swifter_5 (1 year ago)
How do you farm cat food?
SoS Defpask (1 year ago)
3:51 song name pls
Jayden (1 year ago)
3% So what if u only opened one capsule and got the anti zombie/alien uber (me)
Jeff Goldblum (1 year ago)
0:18 should have stopped there he's better then all the girls combined
Sunky1234 (1 year ago)
Stop saying wafui it. Makes you sound like a weeb.
Peeratat tubyang (1 year ago)
พี่เป็นคนไทยใช่ไหมครับ เห็นคลิปแรกๆมีซับไทยด้วย
Deon Senpai (1 year ago)
yeah "farm catfood" cough cough, hack it in?
Nightowlofnotofdoom (11 months ago)
cough cough make a bot gamatoto glitch for a couple of hours
Fried Noodles (1 year ago)
You think zombies and aliens are what I want to smash to pieces? Think again
Miner3647 V2 (1 year ago)
Sure gomatoto glitch wasnt fixed
Gonzo Fonzo (1 year ago)
How you farm too much cat food?':(
Ryan Carrell (1 year ago)
How did u get 1500 cat food in 12 hours and it better not be the energy glitch
Nightowlofnotofdoom (11 months ago)
Bingo it's the energy glitch with gamatoto what a surprise wasn't completly obvious
yabbie99 (1 year ago)
Hope you get 9999999M subs
EL-9不滅の少年 (1 year ago)
wait fram cat food ? where and how
44bboy55 gaming (1 year ago)
Music name
Artorvian (1 year ago)
Reika is so good I got her the other day and beat cli-one and got Valkyrie true form
Arod Rodriguez (1 year ago)
When this came out I did the 11 draw and got mummy waifu and sea maidens ruri on the same draw
Jakub Biernacki (1 year ago)
How du you farm cat food? O.o
Dank (1 year ago)
Farm cat food (buy cat food)
Nightowlofnotofdoom (11 months ago)
(use gamatoto glitch for a few hours)
Isabelle Jodoin (1 year ago)
Qu'en reika IS my first uber
Samuel Glidden-Fry (1 year ago)
The girls and monsters have terrible stats. Id rather open in any other event, except mola mola. Collectors items or not, its a waste.
Samuel Glidden-Fry (1 year ago)
Jakub Biernacki like I said, its a waste of catfood. Much better ways to spend catfood. Id rather get dupe ubers than those. Why want all cats if you will never use them? Its just wasting time and money for things that couldve actually been useful
Jakub Biernacki (1 year ago)
Samuel Glidden-Fry he want only all cats
kirb has a gun (1 year ago)
How to train your waifu
Nixe Co (1 year ago)
Mummy waifu is best waifu
Sneaklone (1 year ago)
Trickster makes me fap
Puro (26 days ago)
What’s wrong with you?
Alexander Johansson (1 year ago)
3:39 Look closely... You can see when Chillhola is gonna close off the battle cats :3
Chiillo one day talk or do a face reveal
Joseph Reed (1 year ago)
lowmario123 (1 year ago)
2 questions, How do u manage to get that much catfood, I want that ;-; And what's the song for the ending credits
Ink_ (1 year ago)
I need tjat ending song
Anthony Ju (1 year ago)
**Insert Pedo Bear joke**
edwir aziz (1 year ago)
ffcck yy y to lkk
hi :3 (1 year ago)
0:17 the best cat
Alfredo Aryasena (1 year ago)
How can you farm cat food??
sarcelegiusduck 1619 (1 year ago)
what date does dis cumse out

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