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The First Monday in May Official Trailer 1 (2016) - Documentary HD

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Subscribe to INDIE & FILM FESTIVALS: http://bit.ly/1wbkfYg Subscribe to TRAILERS: http://bit.ly/sxaw6h Subscribe to COMING SOON: http://bit.ly/H2vZUn Like us on FACEBOOK: http://goo.gl/dHs73 Follow us on TWITTER: http://bit.ly/1ghOWmt The First Monday in May Official Trailer 1 (2016) - Documentary HD The First Monday in May follows the creation of The Metropolitan Museum of Art's most attended fashion exhibition in history, "China: Through The Looking Glass," an exploration of Chinese-inspired Western fashions by Costume Institute curator Andrew Bolton. With unprecedented access, filmmaker Andrew Rossi captures the collision of high fashion and celebrity at the Met Gala, one of the biggest global fashion events chaired every year by Vogue editor in chief Anna Wintour. Featuring a cast of renowned artists in many fields (including filmmaker Wong Kar Wai and fashion designers Karl Lagerfeld, Jean Paul Gaultier and John Galliano) as well as a host of contemporary pop icons like Rihanna, the movie dives into the debate about whether fashion should be viewed as art. You're quite the artsy one, aren't you? Fandango MOVIECLIPS FILM FESTIVALS & INDIE TRAILERS is the destination for...well, all things related to Film Festivals & Indie Films. If you want to keep up with the latest festival news, art house openings, indie movie content, film reviews, and so much more, then you have found the right channel.
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Text Comments (178)
Olav Langli (2 months ago)
These greedy millionaire celebrities should be hanged from lamp posts
Marcos Pablo (3 months ago)
Someone have a link to watch??
OEKIE77 (4 months ago)
Rayon. Made in China... (Nice one, Anna...) x x x
Red Butterfly (4 months ago)
Its a big plot to make america as same level of paris... No. Never will be
scott springstead (5 months ago)
No one cares what you wear to get skid marks in. It’s all just the circus to keep us blind to things.
FarynYong (5 months ago)
Say NO to FUR.
Well Rad (5 months ago)
Julienne Crispe (6 months ago)
I love fashion and creativity but what I'm seeing here is just a showcase of excess and privilege. I dont feel in the Met Gala they recognize the designers and thebm stylists who tire all day just to make the celebrities look like they made this decision😒
Tarpana Patra (7 months ago)
Fashion is art.
Ellen Moore (7 months ago)
MetGala went to shit when the Kardashians and Kanye trash in the door. Anna ruined it by putting commerce before art.
Mafer 29 (7 months ago)
Met gala
PunkPie Blog (7 months ago)
Tell me it's releasing on Netflix
Lea Lopez (7 months ago)
I will be killed to be her assistant... And also suicide after get the job...
Braddyhyper Chavz (7 months ago)
I hope andy sacs and emily charlton doesnt stress themselves much during this gala.
Truth Seeker (7 months ago)
What more can you ask from art? To help feed people!
Truth Seeker (7 months ago)
Hmmm reminds me of this story of “The Emperor’s New Clothes” ... while 2/3rds of the world starves???
AbdAllah Monir (7 months ago)
Poor and gagged
Rashid Kargbo (7 months ago)
I see met gala and Rihanna comes to mind.
Sneha M (7 months ago)
Another Chinese propaganda movie. Brainwashed fucktards
vijara chakra (7 months ago)
A documentary about rich people making event to make them feel good about themselves
brainey001 (7 months ago)
It's funny Rihanna was hosting considering she is in the top 10 worst dressed celebrity list.... Being 'fashionable' and honored should be more than a name and what you wear to red carpets... You should style yourself and dress to impress 247, wether you are going to a red carpet, gym or Walmart. And that is what being truly a trend setter is about.
EjPwned (7 months ago)
Meanwhile, in The Capitol...
Sylla Atlas (8 months ago)
Damn that movie made me happy
Victoria (8 months ago)
First world bullshit.
Mondo (8 months ago)
What a load of bollocks. These people wouldn't have a clue about fine art - they probably find Warhol deeply aesthetic. Lagerfeld was the only one with any perspective.
Gigi Hadid (9 months ago)
meanwhile in the bathroom kylie jenner and bella hadid smoke cigarettes and weed
Deadpool (10 months ago)
Why are some of the best clothing people so ugly
Sarah Garang (5 months ago)
Deadpool its in their creations that they create beauty,or hope to
Jennifer Eddy (11 months ago)
Rice and beans are a litmus test. Since we've become implicit biases everywhere. Not my job...chianti gives me a headache. I get it veal scallopini. Horse are delicious creatures and that was a while ago jackass.
Jennifer Eddy (11 months ago)
Steve Martin did a lot of stupid shit...but he's so funny Clare!!! The Thai have a rich culinary history.
Jennifer Eddy (11 months ago)
The original selfie...happened before
Jennifer Eddy (11 months ago)
a sprinkle of sparta and athens...to remember why you can get upset.
charicebiggestfan (11 months ago)
Janine allein Zuhaus (1 year ago)
Welcome to the Capitol and happy Hunger Games
Soniel Kiru (7 months ago)
Janine allein Zuhaus except no one is getting killed and it's a celebration of fashion and art as a whole and entertaining to everybody that watches it. And it's beautiful. And yes the people who attend it are millionaires....so? Get yo money and recognition and go.
EVIE ILES (1 year ago)
I am wearing Tommy Helfigure
otherbully (1 year ago)
Rihanna was to die for in that dress.
mattiasims (1 year ago)
Che stronzata.
Natalie (1 year ago)
sad. empty. useless....
Raisa Diamanta Bingei (1 year ago)
Talks about a Chinese themed centered fashion event. Doesn't show a single Chinese designer/ celebrity that was attending
maniacram (6 months ago)
Well, as long as their real purpose of catering to the chinese market is taken care of, it doesn't matter, don't you know?
Alfred Zhang (7 months ago)
... makes it hard for them to show someone, other than Guo Pei, that is relevant and at least luxury brand level.
Alfred Zhang (7 months ago)
Raisa Diamanta Bingei Guo Pei culture was featured. Also, the fact that Guo Pei is the first Haute Culture in China and almost all fashion brands that are consumed in China are foreign
The Adanator (1 year ago)
I could make a better Met gala
dsjiyeyo (1 year ago)
first day in may is a labor day..
Gemüsefreund26 (1 year ago)
This is what people make of art they make a rich b* society out of it and a Chinese restaurant is also pretty f* it i love art but this is like the olympics not about sport but all the other things
Monocerotis dust (1 year ago)
Meanwhile, the poors getting poorers, riches getting riches....
Lea Lopez (1 year ago)
seriously guys.. its not about wealth or money.... its about the sophistication of fashion and style..... love it....!!! you dont have to buy it to admire it hunty
psych (1 year ago)
okay i like the met ball and fashion but i DO NOT care about it THIS much Anna
Bethan Charles (1 year ago)
why don't they have anyone actually Chinese to design or decorate?
ETHÄN (1 year ago)
I thought that was myrtle snow in the thumbnail byeeee
Poppy Popper (1 year ago)
Do you want to watch a movie about Anna Wintour? Watch "The Devil wears Prada"
That bitch Debbie (1 year ago)
I'm sorry when they showed Anne Hathaway for that short split second I got the devil wears Prada flashbacks
Balkaran Singh (1 year ago)
I would not watch this, even if someone paid me to watch it
Sirama (1 year ago)
I hope they focus more on the art of the designs but so far this trailer shows that the movie will be about getting ready for the event. I don't know why but when I saw this, I remembered The Capital from the Hunger Games. Perhaps it is because Jennifer Lawrence is there. After everything that has been happening...this seems so empty.
Rayo Asoko (1 year ago)
Abigael Anderson (1 year ago)
why do high fashion creators always look so much like old witches whose evil has drained them of all beauty? 😂
michaela (1 year ago)
kinda cool, kinda DEFINITELY not interested- "documentary" my ass. prediction: this will take a big L! xoxo, gossip girl
Kiersten Baby (1 year ago)
oh my gosh i think wanna see this
The average me (1 year ago)
fuck fur , fuck cruelty . fuck the greedy fashion industry .
0900McShizzle (1 year ago)
I have to admit that I don't care much for fashion but after watching this am astounded, fashion became art!
0900McShizzle (1 year ago)
I have to admit that I don't care much for fashion but after watching this am astounded, fashion became art!
AKUI (1 year ago)
isn't it ironic that many Chinese celebrities also went to that year's gala but the movie only showed Western celebrities? and they afraid of looking racist… 🙄sure
yeah yeah (1 year ago)
what always surprises me is is how these met balls and other fashion events soo purely american!!! i mean, they have chinese installations/ art. decorations that are borderline like chinese restaurants , but fail to invite leading chinese actors/ artists, to experience it/ participate in it. this year, they could have invited the japanese actors/ artists/ fashion designers for their take on Rei Kawakubo, but turns out that kardashians are more important!!! the least the can do is to compulsarily make their guests stick to the theme, to respect the artist!!
Gonzalo Arvietti (1 year ago)
f...ng reptilians!!!!
Flowered Sentiments (1 year ago)
If this is only for white rich people why should I bother and I wasted my time watching this shit!? They can watch it themselves when it comes out
Rome Blanchard (1 year ago)
Rip off movie, rip off fashion
Chen's I cant believe (1 year ago)
Can she invite Meryl Streep,Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt do you guys get it
Artsy Bean (1 year ago)
While people are dying of hunger these people are wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars on clothes they'll only wear once…
Xuxa Gidayawan (1 year ago)
a documentary about the capitol of hunger games
Sylla Atlas (8 months ago)
Xuxa Gidayawan They actually used original Alexander McQueen pieces in the movies, because they found no costume designer to be able to be as crazy as said in the books. So they had to turn to high fashion, even though the pieces were... priceless, obviously. But well. That’s the power of perfectly designed clothes. They create a world only possible in movies.
Account for Comment (8 months ago)
Boul Shyte triggered
Boul Shyte (8 months ago)
Xuxa Gidayawan calm down
Travis C (1 year ago)
2017's met ball a flop
Grace Tannen (1 year ago)
Why is everyone commenting on the unnecessary elegance of it? These people worked their way up to be able to afford, and create these things. They work hard because they love it, not because they want to seem snobby.
Mim Mom (2 months ago)
+안야 who cares if someone wants to be snobby tho
안야 (9 months ago)
Grace Tannen successful people aren't the only ones that work hard and just because you worked hard doesn't mean you can start being snobby
Stephen Battaglio (1 year ago)
so pretentious yet so pathetic
Natalie Morcos (1 year ago)
AKA how art is perceived by privileged rich celebrities.
Kiara Sinara (1 year ago)
It's 1.May.2017 Today and this happens to pop up on my screen :]
Ford2219 (1 year ago)
But.. would Miranda Priestly approve? That's the real question. That's all.
Nelia Lopez (5 months ago)
1 nod its good, 2 nods its very good
Justine Please (7 months ago)
Anna wintour is miranda
Kyle Nikka Lizardo (7 months ago)
Ford2219 exactly my thoughts. Where the hell is she?
no body (1 year ago)
Rihanna is a style chameleon.
Hans Tun (1 year ago)
Why do some of these people give interviews only to prove to everyone that they really are dumb as posts.
Eva Slaney (1 year ago)
Snort worthy.
Dee Renee (1 year ago)
Fashion is art because it represents freedom of expression. It is creativity expressed through the color, fabric and details of the garment. Fashion designers give you that inspiration through the clothes.
Hizz Nim (7 months ago)
Dee Renee lol pretentious af! Say that to the minimum waged workers who’re working on those overpriced dresses
SASSY13169 (9 months ago)
What about freedom from modern day slavery?
Anh Ngô (1 year ago)
This is the epitome of excess! It's distasteful!
Shelja sharma (1 year ago)
Most of them were looking like people of the city in Hunger games movie.
gita cantik (1 year ago)
but this year, the first monday is in labour day lol
Evan Leal (1 year ago)
Why why why did they JUST have to mention Rihanna, Kim & Kanye...they are celebrities, they can BUY fashion, BUY the stylists there are way more iconic fashion influencers that don't ever get mentioned in anything. The fashion industry is way to obsessed now with keeping young and trendy
Ronna (1 year ago)
Gazza 4 (1 year ago)
I love the met ball for the fashion !!
Aim Magadia (1 year ago)
what is the sense of this movie?
Cabbage Lettuce (1 year ago)
luhole (1 year ago)
Rihanna's fur is disgusting, and so is all Anna Wintour's almost singlehanded repopularisation of the fur industry since the 90s. These women should be ashamed of themselves.
luhole Why? I have no problem with killing animals for food or fur.
Eloísa García (1 year ago)
This thing reminds me to the french nobility parties and extravagance before the revolution, spending fortunes in clothes and balls while poor people do not live but survive. Except this time we are giving our money to them freely
Sirama (1 year ago)
It is similar that it appear like these people are in their own bubble. However, I hope that the people and the cost of the tickets help more then consume.
u4ttube (1 year ago)
all in the name of art
derfer007 (1 year ago)
Bunch of stuck-up rich assholes.
Leeloo Dallas (1 year ago)
its all bullshit made to look glamorous
Iqbal Ezra (1 year ago)
China has always been a super power including in fashion, i wonder if people in the west realized that...i bet the west look down on China's great history and now the west is knocked back by how determined China in claiming the thrown once again...including in fashion.
dsb188 (1 year ago)
So no one clicked here because that lady looks like Rocky Dennis?
ZombieBunnyPosse (1 year ago)
And this is one example as to why our country is going down the toilet.
cigarmandallas (1 year ago)
Looks like it will be good. I miss Diana Vreeland RIP. She started this whole thing with the metropolitan museum of art back in the early 80's. it has grown since Diana's death, but she should get a great deal of credit for this coming to light
Gonzalo Arvietti (1 year ago)
yeap the good fashion and celebrities were in the 80s early 90's
misspeppermintpattie (1 year ago)
Justine Bieber, she-he is female by birth.
Viktoria Martin (1 year ago)
i don't know why i thought this was going to be about what happened in that elevator...
who who (1 year ago)
im watching this in my sweats and food stained top. high fashion at it finest
april rain (1 year ago)
this "art" doesnt cater for 90% of the ppl in this world. bullshit
april rain If they are doing it with private funds, who cares?
drinkallthesunshine (1 year ago)
This is pathetic... Most artists are "struggling artists"... The "met gala" is only an exhibition of and for the elite, rich, and famous... True art is broadcast to all, yet at "the met", only the famous and rich get to view it.... Such an empty way of viewing the world.
Serena.Saint.James (1 year ago)
I was just thinking about that this year when they did and wondering if any new designers were able to showcase their work. From what I understand it usually works as celebrities being the guest of one of the designers or if they're a big enough name on their own but if they're that big would they then invite a smaller name designer or even be allowed to?
Matty Reymoor (1 year ago)
+drinkallthesunshine you're not making any valid points...
Lucas Adamis (1 year ago)
JordanjamesX (1 year ago)
This movie is tacky I will not watch a movie about privileged rich celebrities.🤔
diornotwar123 (1 year ago)
i wish i could go to the met gala
Tom Clay-Michael (1 year ago)
Get fucked who are you
Freya McCullough (1 year ago)
Nah, you'll just watch movies where they cast them and pay them millions.
YKA (1 year ago)
Gonzalo Arvietti people make people famous xd blame yourself
Gonzalo Arvietti (1 year ago)
yes, plus name jennifer lawrence and rihanna like if those were good examples of icons
Metamorphosis : (1 year ago)
Nice trailer, if they had a snap of Beyonce on the red carpet it would be even better.
Micc Tan (1 year ago)
Metamorphosis : Beyoncé did not agree to be part of the documentary. 😞

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