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The Simpsons - Japanese cartoon that causes seizures (S10Ep23)

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0:09 when you bust a nut at some good hentai.
The Tall Titan (14 days ago)
This scene just screams Electric Solider Porygon all over it. (For the characters at least)
The Real Babylon (14 days ago)
Apparently this episode was BANNED because it actually gave people seizures.
Lucas Liso (15 days ago)
Was that the Mr Sparkle commercial?
We now return to Ren and Stimpy 2003 Reboot. * The Simpsons have seizures due to Ren killing the therapist*
+hijhiysonikku yeah yeah I know
hijhiysonikku (11 days ago)
That scene ruined my childhood.
2 times (21 days ago)
dam we shitted on dem wit hiroshima n nagasaki .. now we gotta make fun of dem too? dam we evil.
Doctor Roses (1 month ago)
This is a reference to that banned Pokemon episode
When Ren & Stimpy: Adult Party Cartoon is still here.
+hijhiysonikku thank God it's canceled
hijhiysonikku (11 days ago)
It got cancelled dude we get it already APC sucks ass but you don't need to be stalking the comment section.
If only seizures were like that😂
Flashlight237 (2 months ago)
That one before-show Cartoon Network bumper.
A show is starting right now Spike bumper
hijhiysonikku (11 days ago)
TTG intro
Ryan Jackson (2 months ago)
hey what the
Sebirocs (3 months ago)
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80's mecha anime in a nutshell
Astrological- Aliens (4 months ago)
0:19 having no idea whats happenening but you try to join in anyway
Daniel Williamson (4 months ago)
0:08 0:13 0:15 0:20 and 0:47 LOL One of the funniest moments of The Simpsons. Homer at 0:20 What a dickhead!
Zeldaisbae231 (4 months ago)
I just went to Japan and I ate authentic Japanese food at the 7 11
Mark Perez (6 months ago)
As an epileptic I find this absolutely hilarious
Kittenclysm (6 months ago)
That would be one cartoon that I can't watch under ANY circumstances!! I'm prone to seizures :'(
hijhiysonikku (4 months ago)
The real cartoon (Transformers) doesn't have any seizure-inducing visuals. They just put the seizure thing there because of the Pokemon incident.
ChrisManley1994 (6 months ago)
“Bart what are you doing?!?!?!” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
hijhiysonikku (6 months ago)
We now return to Teen Titans. (HAS SEIZURE due to the hotness of Cyborg)
But the original is good
Spooks The Ghost Lad (7 months ago)
Hmmm alright
Felipe Godinez (7 months ago)
0:47 My family reaction to the seizure scene from the banned Porygon episode
asdfghjkl (7 months ago)
Did this scene give anyone seizures
Deleted (8 months ago)
I guess they all have epilepsy...
Ranel Gallardo (8 months ago)
They’re all doing the Neymar challenge
bexs 22 (8 months ago)
All the people laughing at this try living with seizures!!! The are terrifying!
soemeo (4 months ago)
it's poking fun on the pokemon shock
John Sullivan (9 months ago)
Incredibles 2 in a nutshell
You mean Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon in a nutshell
F. N. Lorter (9 months ago)
Me watching Incredibles 2
Me watching Where The Dead Go To Die
Gresham Inc (9 months ago)
Incredibles 2 seizure warning sent me here
Jojo Rainbow (9 months ago)
Are they making of Pokemon? When Porygon cause the flashing
hijhiysonikku (4 months ago)
The real anime is called Gundam, they just poked fun at the Pokemon seizure incident here.
soemeo (4 months ago)
陰キャ (10 months ago)
the cat boi :D (10 months ago)
lol but look danger
Rex Nemorensis (11 months ago)
I like how the robot doesn't seem to be doing anything other than causing seizures.
Deleted (1 year ago)
Like the banned pokemon episode, "Electric Soldier Porygon".
Kent Wada (10 months ago)
Soda Pop Lover I hope the entire XY and XY&Z series along with Pokémon The Movie XY in 2014 and 2015 and Pokemon The Movie XY&Z in 2016 gets banned for good
SonicJuice Central (1 year ago)
I just saw that episode! It's Season 10 Episode 23.
ミスナオ (1 year ago)
Did THIS episode cause seizures?
100domathon (1 year ago)
This was back in 1997 I think.
Abyss Will (1 year ago)
holy fuck the music is from armitage
Arnold Rivas (1 year ago)
Cartoon causes seizures? Bart, it's called anime. A common element ;) And this was a take on that infamous Pokemon episode where quite a bit got seizures when it aired in Japan. I don't think it ever was aired here in the States. Too bad ^^
hijhiysonikku (4 months ago)
Yes, and it's also based on Transformers or Gundam.
Andre D. (1 year ago)
¿ . (1 year ago)
Battling Seizure *Porygons*
Ben Pulham (1 year ago)
Pffft it's called *anime,* not a cartoon
+hijhiysonikku no way man
hijhiysonikku (4 months ago)
Anime means animation in Japan. Thus, Teen Titans would be called anime.
RobowilOFFICIAL (1 year ago)
We now return to "Battling Seizure Robots."
ch2010ize (1 year ago)
lol I remember this episode. I had no idea it was actually making fun of a real life incident with Pokemon when I first saw it
hijhiysonikku (4 months ago)
It's also making fun of Gundam.
Kent Wada (10 months ago)
I maybe rude to both Pokémon and The Simpsons but it probably happened when the entire Simpson family saw Serena’s 2nd outfit which appeared from the end of episode 60 of XY until episode 47 of XY&Z series which is mainly pink and red which caused some serious eye problems (eye irritations, eye redness, etc)
Youko Miyamoto (1 year ago)
TOM 1 when he first discovered what anime was.
hijhiysonikku (4 months ago)
Caitlin Brooks (1 year ago)
The toilet recommended America Town! LOL
Huawei Either Alone Number Brother Phobias Name
Hey Rude to me know when you're done Malk
Yeah This is Fridge
John Hanco0k (1 year ago)
Hey what'da... 0:15
Louie Clarke (1 year ago)
Purple Potato (1 year ago)
Yeah, basically
Giselle Esquivel (1 year ago)
Episode name and season
Adam Demeter (1 year ago)
(Announcer) We now return to... Batling Seizure Robots. **seizure happens again**
Deoxys320 Dude (1 year ago)
Adam Demeter Wait till the OVA
Supreme Hai (1 year ago)
Bart, Marge and Lisa during their seizures represent all anime fanbases that can t get enough of their favorite shows. Homer walking in and not knowing what's going on and eventually joining them, represents people that don't get it, but just decide to tag along.
The Dark Derp (10 months ago)
umm no it was a jab at the seizures people suffered from during a pokemon episode with porygon
whathell6t (1 year ago)
I am not Dale Gribble And Maggie represents the Berserk fandom (one of the most brutal and hardcore anime/manga to ever exist. I’m not kidding take a look: https://youtu.be/VQjv1K487z8) because she’s a hidden badass gem.
N D.-T. (1 year ago)
When i watch anime
Blueblade13 (1 year ago)
I still find it ironic that Porygon got banned from future episodes when it was Pikachu that caused the problem to begin with. Guess they needed a scapegoat.
betoen (5 days ago)
Scapegoat? I don't know that pokemon.
hijhiysonikku (6 months ago)
It was Brock who told Nurse Joy there was a virus in the computer and that she buy the vaccine, he didn't know Team Rocket set it up yet and neither did Nurse Joy.
Marylandbrony (1 year ago)
Top Ten Animes of All Time.
Homer your not having a seizure oh never mind than fatso
Iida Taponen (1 year ago)
Wtf Battleing seizure robots 🤣 im laughing at this only because i have Epilepsy and it reminds me of my seizures.
The Real Babylon (14 days ago)
Apparently they banned it, because it gave people seizures.
Lucy Locket (1 year ago)
WE NOW RETURN TO.... BATTLING SEIZURE ROBOTS! God I wish this scene was a meme!
sydmanone (4 months ago)
We can make it a meme... with time
99thJediWarrior (6 months ago)
Funny thing is at the time, I had a fun thought of what happened if the Naruto characters watched Battling Seizure Robots and they all turned into different versions of themselves and had seizures on the ground. Imagine Naruto in his Nine-Tailed Fox state seizuring on the ground lol
Lucy Locket (10 months ago)
Thanks for pointing it out!
SonicJuice Central (1 year ago)
0:08 is a meme.
Owen Carlson (1 year ago)
How about Bart watches the ''Banned Pokemon Episode"?
hijhiysonikku (4 months ago)
He's watching Transformers and Gundam here.
Owen Carlson (1 year ago)
Oh wait I almost forgot "We now return to Electric Solider Porygon"
Kent Wada (1 year ago)
Owen Carlson And episode 60 to 93 of XY series and all 47 episodes of XY&Z series (all episodes that have Serena’s 2nd outfit which is mainly red and pink which I caused having eye problems! Some viewers might had the same eye problems as well!)
Vincent Campbell (1 year ago)
Is Maggie affected?
KikBlava (1 year ago)
Di...did Marge make a dick joke? XD
Shalucard (1 year ago)
man so criminals commit the crime and porygon gets blamed, typical corrupt justice system
hijhiysonikku (6 months ago)
BROCK caused the seizures.
Porygon was the only different and exclusive thing on the seizure Pokémon episode, so of course he took the blame of something Pikachu did. Also Porygon was himself not very popular on the games (a virtual Pokémon that could only be adquired by buying him in a forgettable side-quest of the original games and that could supposedly only live inside computers isn't a kind of Pokémon that would translate well to the animes and movies series) so it was too easy to give him the blame.
SonicPlushVids (1 year ago)
How to stop Japanese robber, its simple show them the pokemon seizure THERE U GO!!!!!!!!
whathell6t (1 year ago)
YoshiXGAMER Actually, you play Susuma Hirasawa's Hai Yo and suddenly the thief is slashed in half.
Jwbmanman (1 year ago)
So Bart, Marge and Lisa are epileptic?
hijhiysonikku (11 days ago)
And Homer.
Fredrick Williams (1 year ago)
penis joke marge
KIM (1 year ago)
I don't think that happens when you have a eye seizure
Charlie Young (1 year ago)
0:47 When that Pokemon episode that causes seizures is on TV.
Renegade Firehawk (1 year ago)
The Teen Titans Go intro in a nutshell.
+Kittenclysm true
+Kittenclysm I knew your were a Christian user
Kittenclysm (9 days ago)
+DeannaMatos' son PHIL JR. Amen
+Kittenclysm Don't forget PPG 2016, Wild Kratts and the Bob the Builder reboot.
hijhiysonikku (11 days ago)
+Kittenclysm Yes. I did.
milahu (2 years ago)
00:43 we now return to .... battling seizure robots ! -- instant shaking
milahu (2 years ago)
see, quaker cult, shaking medicine, trauma releasing exercises = TRE, tantra full body orgasm, epilepsy, st. valentine, convulsion, ecstasy, ecstatic dance, sufism, neurogenic tremors, body positive culture, bioenergetics, wilhelm reich, sacred ecstatics, emotional freedom, selfhypnosis, rebirthing, holotropic breathwork, stanislav grof, autogenics, stroboscope, electrostimulation, electroacupuncutre, electrosex, rapid eye movement, .... #alchi
salg23 (2 years ago)
In the latin spanish version (which is dubbed at Mexico) "america town" was translated as "gringolandia" lol
Adam Demeter (1 year ago)
Strangerland, eh? Also, the Czech dubbing replaces the Japanese "Damn!" with gibberish as far as I heard.
nvkulk (2 years ago)
Those two headed cows are from mr sparkles
Thomas Thomas (2 years ago)
What season and episode is this
Thomas Thomas Last episode of Season 10. "Thirty Minutes over Tokyo"
Yungnutandbrok (2 years ago)
What's the episode
Isaac Adam (2 years ago)
L (2 years ago)
All cartoons cause my mother to have seizures. It's no joke
hijhiysonikku (4 months ago)
Don't show her Pokemon
Swordterranean40 (2 years ago)
Jesus I thought I was gonna get a seizure after watching this
Penis Destroyer (2 years ago)
That one Pokémon episode XD
Owen Carlson (1 year ago)
in a nutshell
TEK (2 years ago)
"We now return to 'Battling Seizure Robots'." "Ftyhdtyhcfyhcyhyfchcfgbdtyhcfbcfgjgcyhfn"
Rotmg Moddy (2 years ago)
It's all fun and games until an irl person gets a seizure from this For your info, I'm just kidding.
thewewguy8t88 (2 years ago)
why would anyone create a show like this.
K-C and Matt did
Roland Deschain (5 months ago)
Pokémon did.
Cianay Alvarado (1 year ago)
the real question is, how was it greenlit if it causes seizures?
A Guy name Lex (2 years ago)
Is that making fun of the Pokemon episode with porlygon
Jessica Stiner (4 months ago)
Yeah it is 😑😑😑😑
Adam Demeter (1 year ago)
Denver San (2 years ago)
They are watching Neon Genesis Evangelion
hijhiysonikku (4 months ago)
Zan koku na tenshi no teeze!
Adam Demeter (1 year ago)
Yeah, although the episode came a few years after NGE ended.
whathell6t (1 year ago)
Denver San So? The Simpsons are getting mind-rape like Asuka Langley Soryu (https://youtu.be/VJ0doO3VFjc). That makes sense.
Adam Demeter (1 year ago)
Apparently that show ended on March 1996. **speaking in Japanese** Ay caramba!
RegularWaterGuy (2 years ago)
Anyone know what were the best seasons from this show that were actually funny?🤔
Seasons 5, 6, 7 and 8. They were the golden age of the series.
goat batman (2 years ago)
seasons 2-9
Erica Trent (2 years ago)
Man they need to make a better season of battling seizure robots
Erica Trent (2 years ago)
I didn't know pikachu shooting electric is a robot with flashing eyes
Mushroom Head (2 years ago)
We now return to Electric Soldier Porygon. Everyone seizures.
A (2 years ago)
What episode is this?
YouDummy (2 years ago)
They should do one making fun of Harlequin babies
meeem (2 years ago)
They are referencing that Pokemon scene where it gave children seizures
ViaxNova (2 years ago)
The seizures
ViaxNova (2 years ago)
Zoe Tremain-woodcock (2 years ago)
me if I had epilepsy: \\__\😲/
Gonso96 (2 years ago)
I've just realised the cow and man from 0:23 are in Mr Sparkle's commercial too. Why do they think Japan is all about reporters interviewing double-headed cows?
TBustah (2 months ago)
It’s just a nod to a previous episode.
Sam Diamond (4 months ago)
"Any plans for the summer?"
Adam Demeter (1 year ago)
Here's a tip: This ain't Fallout!
The King (2 years ago)
Unmutated Brahmin are quite rare to come across.
Ramūnas Gudauskas (2 years ago)
Why not?
有馬公生 (2 years ago)
hijhiysonikku (4 months ago)
SuperChicken (2 years ago)
This is me when I watched that seizure Pokemon episode
ZeitBOX (2 years ago)
Porygon Electric soldier detected
Ferrariman601 (2 years ago)
Hahahaha - anybody else catch the hidden Asian penis joke? "I bet it's smaller, and more efficient."
veela lynne (1 year ago)
Yeah....in my brain, everything comes down to wangs. But in this case, the first thing I thought was cars.
Ian V. Raybeck (1 year ago)
I thought it was a joke about compact cars from Japan, like the Honda Civic. Guess my sense of humor isn’t as dirty as I thought it was.
Angel Mendoza (1 year ago)
Angel Gi
mooganify (1 year ago)
Ferrariman601 Damn.
PhantoMace2012 (1 year ago)
Thanks. You said it so i didnt have to
A.J. Gutierrez (2 years ago)
Funny enough, there actually is an American Town in Osaka.
+A.J. Gutierrez so that wigger from Kill La Kill got it from
hijhiysonikku (6 months ago)
So, Gensokyo?
A.J. Gutierrez (2 years ago)
+LivingCorpseX very hip-hop vibe. it's mostly a shopping area selling cloths that's what seen as trendy in America.
劉秉宸 (2 years ago)
3D dragon...

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