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How Women Can Gain the Respect of Men

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Karen Abrams (1 year ago)
Hell Yes! I am the daughter of a parasite and I can verify this is correct. My dad got taken for almost everything he had and his answer was to trade in drinking for another crazy lazy entitled bitch. I have no respect and no contact for either of my parents or the she-beast he married next. I'm grateful for the work ethic my father trained into me, but I will never allow the fruits of my life's labors to go to parasites. Like he has his entire life. Go your own way! Own your shit. Solve more problems than you create. Yes to all of this. Now how do I influence my sons to MGTOW without sounding like a kook.
Tommie Reid (1 month ago)
Women say lots of shit they don't practice. Women say they want "GOOD-MEN" and "MONEY DOESN'T MATTER." Ever heard that before? This bitch is in a MRA chat room looking for attention. There's no shortage of suckers willing to give it to her.
PHILL SHIVELY (10 months ago)
Allow them to watch MGTOW Videos
Karen Abrams (1 year ago)
Thanks a bunch for your kind response sir. 💛💛💛 I agree that using sex the way I saw girls predatorily use it in the Navy is destructive as heck. They damage themselves, destroy careers and reputations. If all workplaces could very harshly enforce policies against fraternizing and sex behavior in work places, that’d be real progress imo! What a pipe dream tho. A lovely thought. I think the realistic approach is early education and identification of exploiters, sharing specific behaviors they regularly use to cheat their way through life with, rejecting those losers and cheaters and learning to make more data based decisions rather than emotional based. I deeply hate exploiters. I think it took me forever to come to terms with being a lesbian because I left the Navy a misogynist!!!!!
Jim Moore (1 year ago)
Thanks for the clarification, Karen Abrams. Your comments from two months ago will now be received in the spirit you intended. I feel bad you felt you had to reveal so much but it was an inspiring story. The revealed context lights up and amplifies your original comments. As for my stance on all this MRA, MGTOW, Red Pill stuff (still very new to me), I think that first wave feminism had the right stuff in that it seemed to advocate a more assertive activist role for women in society, and their own lives, and accounted for, and accepted, the inevitable costs ("Yes, I've paid the price, but looked how much I've gained." - Helen Reddy, 'I Am Woman'). In the interim. however, women have been conned into thinking they can "have it all". (Sure. Maybe. If they never sleep again!) And that's where this new (first wave?) men's advocacy comes in. I think we are tired of women claiming equality, demanding equal rights and respectful treatment, but not putting as much of their formidable sexual power as they can on the shelf as a trade off. Men are attracted to, and will pursue, women no matter how they present themselves. Always have, always will. Dressing provocatively doesn't enhance the equality or respect argument. It's a little like cheating at cards, pulling an ace out of one's sleeve ("Madame, I think you have me at a disadvantage..."). Ladies, choose a stance and stick with it. And this condoning of a schizoid, jarringly inconsistent and politically dishonest approach is catnip for narcissists and other psychos. Men, and women, need to stop encouraging it. That's about as MGTOW as I'm probably going to get. I love and desire women but I refuse to take any abusive or hypocritical bullshit and sell my integrity down the river. Thanks again for your response. It can only broaden and deepen the discussion.
Karen Abrams (1 year ago)
And since some of ya’ll can be mean I will wait to peek at comments until I’m feeling strong and scrappy and sometimes I go months! I understand the anger and bad feelings some of you guys have on blast is very very justifiable but I still have feelings and they do get hurt. I tend to be avoidant so sometimes it’s months before I go back and take a look.
Gator 126 (8 days ago)
Brilliant, and fair critique.
some body (1 month ago)
It is quite amazing that you have articulated what I had sensed long ago. The real beautiful thing about the ex of 25 years that I sacrificed my youth for, after she cheated and squandered all the money we had worked so hard for, she ended up renting a bedroom from the slimeball she cheated with, is broke and drunk all the time and I am free, living the good life and never ever fucking ever, even if the angel Andromeda comes to me and says" I will full fill all your fantasies in love, but you must marry me" My reply will be Shnizel pleeeeeeeez.
I'm doing at least a portion of my part by declining the invites of men who I know I can't do a thing for but screw up their lives. While it would be easy to accept an offer to flatter my own ridiculous ego..I know it should not be that women lead men down the garden path, taking up their best years of their lives with bullshit when they cannot and do not intend to do a single thing to make that man's life better in a real and meaningful way. I'm really trying. I also try to be honest with men about what I know my limits and problems are so that they don't invest without knowing the truth about what I can bring to the table and what I can't.
victoria ann zabaras (1 month ago)
Your twisted vision is going to end up stomping your azz you can’t get your way sucking off women’s lives gthell
victoria ann zabaras (1 month ago)
My grandmother had her food stolen in the Great Depression if she didn’t have that bummy, violent Parasit husband of hers who punched her in the belly when she was pregnant for buying buying baby clothes from her own egg money raising chickens. You do nothing want to hear that you are the abusers and exploiters and parasitic entitled bums. You just are not getting everything your way or you just turn to killing your wives and children. You are constitutionally unable to conduct an adult relationship, you are not respected because YOU don’t own YOUR sheet. Women just quit putting up with your blood and life sucking leeching
victoria ann zabaras (1 month ago)
I don’t want your kind of respect, you are false. Disease ridden, polluting, warring you zuck.
victoria ann zabaras (1 month ago)
Gynocentrism is what the world needs. You lying, disease spreading, narcissistic men who want to sit on the couch while your women are working...you need to pay REPARATIONS
Andrew Chatzidis (3 months ago)
This is a great video
Ludwig Reiter (4 months ago)
Paul at his best.
The very finest indeed XD Love ur stuff
Don Bailey (5 months ago)
Who the fuck are you to try your social engineering , i trust you as much as i do a rattlesnake.
Don Bailey (5 months ago)
You know woman use to cover their heads in church , but with vatican -2 they took their scraf off then wanted to become priest. What iam i suppose to respect, When your ass can be fired for looking at her ass at work whats to respect. Go buy your goldfish a bicycle, your TV needs you.
beensey boy (5 months ago)
And yes sir your channel is of the finest...I have the utmost of respect for you. You sir are doing gods work.Thank you.
Sunday Weiss (6 months ago)
Couple's who both log forty hour work weeks and add ten hours commute times, factor in one hours few times a week at the gym to not have a heart attack by forty, then add a child into the mix, what modern society has is a giant recipe for exhaustion and resentment, you are honest, with valuable information for women who seek a husband as a provider and companion and co parent. The war of the sexes needs to declare a truce, as no sex is winning, and suicide even of neglected children is on the rise. You putting out that planned parenthood is just as relevant to young men as women, could stem overflowed welfare mom's with four children to collector child support or welfare. This being said the two income power couples I see, both work, chip in on care of elderly parents, and children. The respect themselves and family, but are dang run out with career and family demands.
Scion of Madness (6 months ago)
Accountability: I had my ex tell me, to my face, that she wasn't responsible for how her behavior made me feel. That how I felt about the things she said and did was my own problem, my own fault, not hers. Women, if you can't own your shit, I'm not going to do it for you. Period. And I'm sure as fuck not going to accept that your shit was actually my shit all along.
Scion of Madness (6 months ago)
Her: "Does this make my ass look fat? Be honest." Me: "Yes." Her: "I can't believe you said my ass looks fat! How could you be so insensitive?" This was a real conversation. I have lived this simple example of the Catch-22, and it is absolutely a seed for disrespect and distrust. If you ask for my honesty, and then vilify me for it, I won't see you as anything but a manipulative, emotional tyrant that I can't trust. And this is just one tiny example of the kind of mind-games I've experienced women playing that has made me wary of the entire gender. The arsenal of such traps at their disposal has, to my observation, proven inexhaustible.
Jerry Bruckhart (1 month ago)
Bitches will be bitches, go MGTOW.
Ms. Cayenne (6 months ago)
Oh I hate that "happy wife happy life' shit. I never understood WHY a man has to cater to every wish of a woman. I have been a lucky woman who had to fight her way to freedom. I know how it feels like to be a captive of so much social bullshit. I'm lucky because I will fight to keep my freedom and therefor will never take anyone else's freedom away. To me that is respect. To understand freedom: do what is good for YOUR life and if the woman is good for YOUR life than she's a keeper. If not, let her go. With freedom comes a huge responsibility but one which is very rewarding. More than you can imagine. Goes for both men and women. Freedom is not what everyone wants so be aware of those who do/say anything to keep you enslaved.
chris day (6 months ago)
Reminds me of one of my last conversations with a lying cheating ex I had. She had iterated that she was deserving of my respect, sure I treated her with respect, but my respect for her had fallen so low that it mighta been chained up next to the devil in the deepest circle of hell.
Noah Linden (6 months ago)
I used to live like a slave when I was with my last ex, mostly because I didn't realize what was happening. I gradually woke up toward the end of the relationship, recognized how deeply I had been exploited, and joined the men's rights movement. I will never allow myself to be taken advantage of again, and have little concern about what women think of me. I bring up politically incorrect facts in conversations with women, like the fact that 90% of homeless people and 80% of victims of violent crime are male, regardless of whether they become offended due to their gynocentric way of being. Those that are willing to acknowledge realities that are emotionally inconvenient for them receive my respect; those who withdraw into solipsism, hostility and female entitlement do not. Being "offensive" (when it comes to gender issues) in the eyes of most people is a great litmus test for women that I meet, and allows me to stop wasting time with narcissistic, gynocentric women.
Nerobyrne (6 months ago)
wonder how many women watch videos like this and dismiss it as hate speech, then go right back to asking why men don't respect them.
Jules WinnField (6 months ago)
I wished I would heard this a year ago. I was a blue pilled boy worried about what else I can buy her to make her happy, what else I can do to make her happy, walking around over analysising everything i did and she said all that for 2.5 years( 2 years of that she didn't have a job and I paid for everything) only to get my ass dumped thru text and have her get with someone within a week but a hard lesson learned. I've been taking in your channel and others to get me over my blue pill way of thinking and slowly but surely I'm becoming emotionally stronger and becoming a better me.
Jerry Bruckhart (1 month ago)
I do not know how old you are, and it does make a difference, but I always recommend men go MGTOW.
Mark A Wonagstedt (6 months ago)
Welcome to the club. Taking the red pill is painful!! Paul Elam (one of the top two or three) has a lot of info for you to learn from.
Marques Eason (7 months ago)
POWERFUL!!! Red pill wisdom.
Q (7 months ago)
I want respect from my partner. there are a few things that I have been working on. i've been watching these types of vids for a long time now.. My mother is mentally ill and my dad is a beta male cuck that finally left my mother only to marry another crazy and it kills me.. some of the stuff my mom did rubbed off on me, so ive been trying to work on it. I have some issues though.. I was born with medical problems PKD and chronic pancreatits. I've been in and out of the hospital since I was 7. i've been on dialysis for over a year now and i'm 33 years old.. i'm on ssd so I get some money.. I met my partner when I was 19 , so we have been together for almost 13 years now. He works full time even overtime and I worry that hes just going to get rid of me because i'm a drain on the relationship.. He hasn't said that he resents me, but at some point i'm sure he will. hes made some comments in regards to him working and me at home.. to me- that sounds like he does... he knew when we first started the relationship that I had these medical issues. What should I do.. am I just screwed? I do PD dailysis so 4 times a day I have to do my treatments. I keep the house clean and do what I can but he forsure does far more then I do.
Jerry Bruckhart (1 month ago)
Am I screwed? That is an impossible question to answer without knowing him. I do not know you either, so do not take any of my advise personally, it is general advice. 1. Respect his authority, nothing wrong with asking for a few minutes to debate an important problem, but know the limits, and NEVER question his decision. I am assuming here that you trust him to make decisions that are the best for BOTH of you, not his self interest. 2. No nagging. 3. No using sex as a way to manipulate him. Also, reasons for declining are acceptable, excuses are not, know the difference. Each man might be a little different here, but I am somewhat confident most men would appreciate if you initiate no less than 2 or 3 times a month. 4. Do not play childish games, for example, get upset if he forgets valentines day or an anniversary. Men have enough to manage trying to make ends meet, give him a break.
Tracy Porter Wheeler (7 months ago)
Thank you Paul, I appreciate your straight forward approach & completely agree. Listening to you was a Great reminder. I loved everything you said & it just makes me want to be the best version of myself, for myself & for my husband. Hard Cold Facts. Awesome. More Plz for us Gals ❤
Samantha (7 months ago)
You’re probably celibate... and not by choice
Jerry Bruckhart (1 month ago)
Actually he isn't, Paul has had the same girlfriend for over 15 years.
Grant Hill (8 months ago)
Men are logical creatures, women are emotional creatures. For the most part, how can you sit down with an emotional creature and rationally and logically solve a problem? Some women can do this. Most can't. Its always a confrontation that ends up with her screaming, crying or leaving the room. Guess its God's little joke on us.
James Shepherd (8 months ago)
Paul, I am in the middle of a divorce from a 24 year marriage to a BPD Queen. You and Dr. T have been a tremendous help over the last year and a half of my life. I want to send this to her, but it would be wasted effort. Hilarious at this point, but wasted. ABR helped me earn the trust of my best friend and oldest grown daughter to help me escape. BUY THE BOOK "SAY GOODBYE TO CRAZY" anyone reading this! I still have a 17 year old daughter and 15 year old son that I am being alienated from. I won't give up on them, though. Keep talking and I will keep listening.
Kevin Davis (8 months ago)
Life is hard enough for anyone. Why play someone on an emotional level?
Kitten2Cat (9 months ago)
Thank you Paul
O O (9 months ago)
Oh my God, oh my goodness! It is said a lie may go a long way but in an instance the truth will catch up and overtake the lie. God bless you Man, God truly bless you - Amen.
HonorB 4Glory (9 months ago)
There are virtually no women I can respect, mainly because they don't respect men. They take us for granted; they use us like tools and say thank you sometimes, but that's all we get. I can't remember the last time a woman helped me with anything, not including my mother. Wait, I was wrong, I just remembered that a new girl at work saw that another co-worker offended me, and I she told him to talk to me about it. So she has certainly earned some respect, maybe I should ask her out...
Dave BB (10 months ago)
When i was young I respected women. Because my mom was respectable. Every woman ive known is selfish. Bitchy , wine , complain , liar , stupid and lazy. It will take lots to get my respect.
Disabler (10 months ago)
There is a problem i always encounter with girls after bein together with them for some time. They start playin mind games like respondin unreasonably late on purpose and you know they will deny it. How do you handle these types of situation?
Jerry Bruckhart (1 month ago)
Watch Pauls video about the 90 day cross road. Those are called shit tests, some can be "cured", but most can not, if you can't cure them dump them.
C.R. Asher (11 months ago)
Good talk Mr. E. This should be step one on every young gals path towards true "equality". :)
jeffersonianideal (11 months ago)
Something a woman who is sincerely interested in attaining a man's respect can do: For starters, don't be a hypocrite. If you can't immediately overcome your reliance on the double standard, take the first step by at least acknowledging it exists.
J Shirls (10 months ago)
Try Listening to and Speaking the Truth and saying, "Yes SIR" instead of ignorant insults and lies.
Dan Buchner (11 months ago)
It's great to hear some advice from a balanced perspective. In all the marriage counseling I went to, it was all about the woman, what pleases the woman, and how the man can change to gain the respect of the woman and fix the relationship, i.e., fix whatever he has done wrong to please the woman. "Happy wife, happy life" indeed has to go. The "princess" syndrome also has to go, I agree. Women should not take from men and offer nothing in return. Men should not take all the blame in a relationship. Are men perfect? No. So, both men and women need to work on their relationship. It is refreshing to see the traditional gnyocentric society be replaced by this more balanced approach.
R MN (11 months ago)
Does a woman know what respect is when she is in power? The Woman acts like a spoiled child, who has the authorization of the parents to destroy and make or undo what they want. Woman needs to be blamed and reprimanded! This is what never happens and will never happen. The problem is in the man, in overestimating the woman! Woman is what she is! It is no use for him to want her to be more complete and noble than himself, for he will never be! Only if it is a male transsexual, considered a woman, would be able. Because nobler man than just another man! (Sorry for my little english,I used the google translater)
Jerry Bruckhart (1 month ago)
Few woman have a clue what respect is, it messes with their feels.
Gun Of A Preacher Man (11 months ago)
I’m afraid it’s way too late for women to earn this man’s respect, Paul.
TheMichaelJ Show (1 year ago)
Once again Paul is SPOT ON. I have found that a big part of my daily meditation is to listen to a couple of Paul's talks.
MP (1 year ago)
You are more mgtow than i thought! Good work! Keep sharing your knowledge, Father Paul!
isellcatlitter (1 year ago)
in order for a woman to hear this, you first need to get them off of social media and put down their phone. if a phone is more important to a woman than that "REAL MAN" they are looking for, they need to hang up and drive already.
the truth (1 year ago)
An Ear for Men. Thank you for being blunt and 100% accurate. You make fantastic, educational, truthful and thoughtful videos which are a MUST to listen and learn from.
supercalifragelistik (1 year ago)
Many thanks!
Christine Marie (1 year ago)
My ex didn't respect me until we broke up.
BK Born Shahid (1 year ago)
Who are the retards giving this vid a thumbs down?! If they're not into plain to understand human social reality, there's like 200 cartoon and soap opera channels to tune into.
Ohio Dan (1 year ago)
It looks like the vast majority of votes are thumbs up.
vanessa beattie (1 year ago)
Did not need this video,because you r so right every video,very sad we live in a world where girls raised in this society are taught and induced into pathologies.its sick these same man haters are raising boys,no wonder this new epidemic of cross genders,I am a woman and I am beginning to wonder if God made men getting pregnant I think we would have a better world,I can't see men falsifying abuse and tearing babies from mommies ,alienating and then continually seeking through our bias courts for more money.there are sick men out there but more good men,where woman are being trained as little girls into this pathology and it's an epidemic,borderline woman,npd Transgenerational woman.good woman do not need this video we were raised knowing morals and if we were not taught in our homes we learned do onto others as u would want done onto you!
Julie Deluco (1 year ago)
This was a very intelligent talk. I wish more women could understand how hard it is for men out there! Almost every man i know, in a relationship, has turned to puddy in their significant others hands. It's torture to watch, and I refuse to be around it. AND you are so right. I don't respect these women and neither do my independent single male friends; We see them as cordial quick transactions like one would normally treat a store clerk. I've happily abandoned female friends at the drop of my hat when I see abusive manipulation; while getting away with it all too easily. Is this really hard for most women to watch and listen? Because this is Truth and nothing is more satisfying!
CandyCandy (1 year ago)
Wait, a man that looks at another woman's body and tells you, his wife, how good she looks and that he would do her, thats fucked up.
Tim’s Retired (1 year ago)
La Dama del Caribe my wife points out to me and comments on beautiful women.. Because she isn’t threatened by them and she’s comfortable in her own skin. It’s not about lusting. You need to get a grip on yourself before you can get one on your man!
N K (1 year ago)
“Cut the entitlement and move on with your life and your relationship.” Were you not listening?
Dice MM (1 year ago)
After hearing this video for the 3rd time, I realized I never respected a woman in my life. That's because after hearing women complain about their skin, their nails, their hair and everything in between, I came to the conclusion how petty theses women are, how their complaints never amounted to a problem, only to minor inconveniences they had to go through as part of life. How can I respect someone whose thoughts are even less than skin deep? How can I respect someone who never has anything of substance to add on any conversation? The only women I respect are the 3 ladies on HBR, dropping more knowledge than any adults I know.
Ohio Dan (1 year ago)
Respecting people who overwhelmingly act like children is indeed a very difficult thing to do.
Vanessa Jones (1 year ago)
Thank you, I needed to hear this. I needed to hear the truth.
Shannon Williams (1 year ago)
this seems to be general advice for how to conduct yourself like an adult. I watched a Blonde in the Belly of the beast video on egalitarianism and she was only willing to idolize traditional marriage and relationships. Her model isn't very versatile, but your commentary is pretty universal. Your advice leaves plenty of room for my oddly masculine personality and my egalitarian relationship. I come from a line of psychologists so I tend to be somewhat analytical in conflict and try to be open to all critiques and to be aware of my biases to the best of my ability. thanks :)
Gazzara5 (1 year ago)
Most women want "unicorns," especially if the men make more than them.
Subbed, liked and shared :)
EB Darlin' (1 year ago)
Thank you... You are spot on!
amberoons (1 year ago)
This was awesome to hear! Relief, actually. I think my new favorite marriage advice for women forever will be "work like you want a promotion." Unreal. I've been trying to find the words for that concept for years! I have not ever heard anything remotely like this outside of a very very small circle of very old school traditional marriage advocates. It makes me so happy to know it hasn't been lost in this backwards society. This is truth and its the only way relationships will work... it will be the only thing to bring us back from rock bottom. Relationships take two people giving it their all... but when one of those is a woman elevated beyond all reproach and behaves as such, then theres no way. Women incredibly deeply profoundly affect their relationship(marriage)... too many today are choosing destruction and putting themselves first and destroy their partners. It kills me to watch. When i was 15 I was already well entrenched in rejecting society standards for the more old school views. One day proverbs 31 became louder than anything else in my life. That was it. I was going to be her! I have spent every day of my life working like I want a promotion and its the most rewarding thing I could ever do. I haven't always hit the mark... but I have been blessed with a partner who has never elevated me to a place where he can't say no to me, or cannot call me on my crap. It has been the most healing and growing experience in my life. I have been combing through your videos lately after one popped up in my suggestions list. I have been so thankful for your blunt point blank approach to relationships. Our 12 year old son has also really enjoyed listening to you too (id like him to hear about a wider range about pitfall women that his dad and I aren't always terribly well versed on and grow up with ways to screen with emotional maturity... while i learn too). I realize that this channel is geared for men so I haven't wanted to infringe in the comments of other videos to say thanks for your insight into borderline women too... but since this one is for women I thought I would slip this in here... all kinds of thank you. I know they were directed for men who have had destructive and abusive relationships with borderlines... but it was the first time there was a blunt approach that addressed the wide variety and sheer destruction of BPD behaviors on their victims and I could see so much of my life with my mother in them. I get it now. My husband and I are both children of severe BPD mothers. I honestly didn't know until recently that there was a diagnosis for my mothers behavior. Its been hell. I feel i finally have the understanding of whats going on to move forward in helping my family disentangle itself from the BPD tentacles. Clearly I have not mastered the art of short and sweet comments.
Progress and Peace 1 (9 months ago)
Looking at the comment made by such a woman who strives to be a Proverbs 31 type woman because she knows her husband is exactly the kind of awesome husband who ought to have such a wife in his life, makes me think that perhaps there is still enough hope and joy in this almost seemingly hopeless world. So good job lady. My very best wishes for your functional marriage.
Mickey Turner (1 year ago)
I am a conservative republican and I cringe at promoting a Bernie sander’s proposal but I am coming out and supporting free college and books for women provided certain conditions are met: 1. Assuming the woman is 20 years old, she gets married. 2. She must give birth and raise three kids created with her husband ( any kids with an unmarried man will not count and the meter only starts after they get married. 3. The wife must stay home with the children unless relieved by the husband until the youngest child starts going to elementary school 4. Then the wife can start going to college and the federal government will pay for it all provided all of the conditions are fully met. 5. The couple must stay married at least until the wife either dies or completes one year at a job which utilizes her degree. 6. If all of the conditions are not met then the wife is solely liable for the educational expenses. This will do several things: 1. The children will be raised in a two parent household at least until the youngest is 15 years of age. 2. The children will be raised by their parents and not daycare. 3. This program will give the husband leverage because he can divorce her at anytime and leave her with the educational costs. 4. The wives will pursue degree with will be valued in the workplace. 5. By the time she has met all of the requirements, she will have hit the wall because she is now 35 and made a marriage work for a whole fifteen years. As a consequence, the odds of them divorcing really drop because she will have really invested her life in that marriage. As for me, I am a Mgtow but I want to see the husbands and the kids have the best chance at happiness. I am interested in your thought
yerowww666 (1 year ago)
here is a few things i admire in a woman: 1. high emotional intelligence(so basically general honesty, the ability to take a critisism or to understand the word no. lack of need for revenge), 2.interest in fields that aren't stereotypically female. just have hobbies that aren't stuff like fashion/makeup, girly movies, top 10 watched shows and music. positive examples would include stuff like interest in tech, art or social issues. professional interests that include anything other than having "a job"(that includes most minimally paid jobs that require minimal training), being something other than an accountant, secretary(i guess professions such as hair dresser or primary school/daycare teacher fall in this box too for me personally). 3. the ability to view sex as something both men and woman should enjoy. as someone who isn't the most sexual person on the planet and wouldn't mind an asexual partner as long as they don't mind cuddling, a woman who uses sex as a manipulation once is gonna find herself shocked by the fact that i can live wo it better than she does. 4. respect for basic stuff like my time and peace. really, the moment a woman doesn't leave when she was suppost to or demands attention on the phone before i am ready to converse with other human beings is the moment she gets dumped.
Richelle Rogers (1 year ago)
I'm not sure any of this really matters. One after Millenniums of breeding of the weak and useless (for which birth control and abortion has not alleviated) a man trap isn't going to do anything accept be a trap and they are never going to change. Men fall for this, it's easier to be with someone gross and worthless just like them. These broads can't be trained even if by some miracle she owes her shit it's always with the ulterior motive of keeping her status. She knows she's got you by the balls and is raising your children to be the gross sycophants just like their fathers. Men fall for it and seem to prefer being miserable, but after all your fathers and grandfathers did it why should you be any different. After all being a person of integrity and character when you are not, takes work day in day out work. Young guys don't stick your dicks in gross traps in the first place respect yourself and wait till your a full grown man to procreate.
Portuguese MGTOW (1 year ago)
Too late! They can't!
Pogo (1 year ago)
This guy nails it
Disciples Heart (1 year ago)
We decide to enable chaos if we yield to the torment of the witches beautiful seduction or not. They have given way to seducing spirits and do not know what they are doing. It's all in the bible, Google seducing spirits and see what comes up.... I know first hand, 14 years with this, almost word for word. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=507411696276251&id=387383314945757
W.J. Kelly (1 year ago)
The Professor of MGTOW! This man is way ahead of his time. Destined to be marked by history as a vanguard of the 21st century movement of male liberation. Young guys, listen up.
James Black (1 year ago)
Wonderful work Paul . Can you speak to how red pill men should deal with dating sites and how to advertise and what to say please.
Alixandra B (1 year ago)
I asked a woman for directions and she said go here, turn left, turn right, walk straight ahead etc. They think they can tell us what to do.
Jerry Bruckhart (1 month ago)
lol Bitches will be bitches.
Andrew Craner (1 year ago)
10:20 - I had to listen to it 20 times, but I think I get it now. "So if the prospect of eating crow in a relationship at comparable levels to your partner is incompatible with your worldview, then you can count yourself in with a whole lot of women, and count yourself out of ever being respected in a relationship."
Mark A Wonagstedt (6 months ago)
Same here. that point stuck like glue, after the 20th or 30th time!
Dawnzy (1 year ago)
Sir, I don't know what you believe, but I believe in God. I call this video part of His good providence. Thank you
strontiumXnitrate (1 year ago)
I'm going to need to listen to this many times over. And figure out a way to make it mandatory for every woman to listen to.
General Genesis (1 year ago)
I wanted to thank you, Mr Elam, for being an inspiration and a role model for those, who are equally unhappy with the current circumstances regarding the role of men in our society. In this world of ignorance towards men's issues, you are a voice and an ear for men, and therefore admirable. Thank you, and please continue to be such a respectable and righteous person.
An Ear for Men (1 year ago)
Thank you, sir.
Gwendolyn Latecki (1 year ago)
As a woman I agree with pretty much everything you have to say on this subject, but, I think this should be said to everyone. I have run into too many man children in my life to think otherwise. From the men that can't handle their woman having male friends, to the ones that demand all my time and attention( above my kids and family). All these concepts to earn real respect would benefit woman if those types of men used them. The one thing I can't agree on, I don't feel I was raised to disrespect men and boys. My grandparents were very old school in some ways and very new school in others. Old school in that my Grandpa was a macho tough guy that worked with his hands and smoked cigars, my Grandma was a pretty little thing that always looked just so. New school in that my Grandma was the breadwinner and Grandpa stayed home with me and my brother. I was never asked to take out the trash or mow the lawn and my brother was never asked to wash dishes or dust. I was taught to cook so I could take care of my family one day and my brother was taught so he could fend for himself until he found a wife. I was encouraged in my love of video games and all things medieval. My brother was encouraged in his love of drawing and music. We were both taught no man should ever hit a woman for any reason, then we were taught how to defend ourselves. I don't know maybe all those examples of my unconventional/conventional upgringing are why I just dont see how i was raised to disrepsect men and boys?
Jerry Bruckhart (1 month ago)
These videos are based on generalizations, only you can decide if you are truly an outlier.
BlueMercury84 (1 year ago)
"There are a lot of red pilled channels out there, this one being the finest" Such humility. Seriously Paul, I love your channel and the work that you are doing. Keep it up.
Happy wife happy life. My response to that always is, whiny witch? Ditch the bitch!
I couldn't agree more. Because some of the women make it hard for another man to lay in bed with them, let alone they lie, try to send their men to prison and take them for everything they got! And I say, men, protect yourselves! I have two sons and two daughters and I damned sure didn't raise them to be like them out there. And why do they behave like that? Can't these women even get a man, or do they have to sleep with another woman and put men down? This is an old saying, "I have never heard of two frying pans trying to shut." For you haters out there, go figure it out! Paul, you are speaking the truth! That is why I have my channel, The Cold, Hard Ugly Truth TV REBOOTED because I call a spade a spade! Thank you again Paul!
Elie Magloire (1 year ago)
We have all, I feel forgotten the origins of our nature. The egg comes millions of years before the chicken. The female has been alone and inventing stories she tells to the sun since the beginnings of thought. She hatches the egg. She plants the seeds of a story of good and evil. A thing that we come to see, does not exist. She has a babbeling tower in her mind, that is under strain and crumbling.
Elie Magloire (1 year ago)
John Lennon, George, Ringo and Paul Elam, you big hippy!!
WhyGuy (1 year ago)
Hard not to love this channel and all of the sensibility it provides☺thanks Paul
I´m a woman and a subscriber, too: what I find very remarkable about this channel is the chance to overcome the female gender blindspot (the masculine blindspot and privilege has been enoughly stated by now). Maybe there´s too much generalization in form of "women do this and that", but anyway I try to review reality taken your remarks into account and trying to feel what men can be feeling with this Amazons army everywhere and how it´s altering men and women relationships (and that is a fact). In my little country in the South, Uruguay, we´re beggining to suffer this "Copernican shift" with imported agendas of hard feminism NGOs that permeated our lefty gobernment; in many cases, it was for good, since in LatinAmerica women are really beyond their rights and equality is not the norm, even doméstic violence is extreme. But the new road (old for you, in America) is not the best solution and lacks of the main logical arguments, messy thinking and full of fallacies (ex: I can state that I´d rather work for a man because I´m a woman, "the opressed víctim", so it´s just about preferences, but if you or another man declares the same you are guilty of spreading the patriarcal model). So I´d rather listen to the channel; maybe I will find a male´s blindspot from time to time, but that´s not my bussiness: what I must do is to work on my owns.
Bauron A (1 year ago)
@8:12 - Yes - in a two node equilibrium there is no counter to running roughshod over the other person, especially if you are conditioned by today's entitlement imbibing media. If I ever find a girl with enough awareness that triggers my long term underbelly, they will have to watch this piece with me, and I will watch their every reaction. Stage one of my litmus test.
Outside the box (1 year ago)
You 're damn right! This is the best site, articulate and on point with surprisingly deeper insight every time and still enlightening even though I've been listening for a good year now.
Dirk Kirby (1 year ago)
Thank you for this video, Paul. Took me a while to digest it. Reminds me of the saying "If she didn't have a pussy between her legs, she'd have a price on her head."
NobLe Mound Builders (1 year ago)
On TheEdge (1 year ago)
What do men have to do to gain the respect of women? The most important person to respect is yourself. Women work hard they are not parasites, who makes up these lies. So only men work hard good; only men are honest and only men are not jealous. So only men are responsible. This is female hate and bias at a level I have never seen before. Women do not have to give up their humanity to appease a man. Women would rather be alone than have to bow down to some man who thinks he is god. MEN NEED TO GROW UP AND MEET WOMEN HALF WAY. I think that this is just another mohammedan site promoting hatred of women and girls which is the cornerstone of islam.
Ernest Grouns (9 months ago)
Agree! I've watched about a dozen of these videos, it's a bit breathtaking. Lots of pent up male anger on here- all directed at women. A bit of a right-wing, misogynistic worldview.
Meet you half way? When was the last time you were slapped after poking the proverbial bear? Call it what you will, WOMEN ARE MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY SLIGHTLY INFERIOR TO THE INTELLIGENT MAN. Perhaps the dimwitted comic book historians out there have given you the wrong impression of a real man? I know what a real woman is. She does work hard. She does give some respect and gets some back and after some time and owning her shit perhaps may gain all the respect of a man who owns the same for herself. See your rant is flawed right from the start...men meet you half way? How about you stfu have some respect and tell the truth? Like me and wveyone else YOU ARE NOT PERFECT NOR A FORCE WHO CAN DEMAND RESPECT. Now play it as a man would like you know what babe I am not perfect, and I never will be but what I can assure is that I will prove myself everyday. I can do better, and bygod I will do better. Try it ? Its not so damn bad to admit your wrong, or you fucked up. WE ALL FUCK SHIT UP ALL OF US MAKE MISTAKES. Own that practice it It wont matter what a man says what you will be so empowered, self respecting, and sexy no man would resist a woman who behaves as if she had one oz. Of respect, and love, real love for herself. Stop trying to argue a mute point, whats done is done. Now figure out just what you think about what I am saying, and look at the death toll amongst working men after 40, look at all the great works, and monuments men have built. For who? Men have toiled for the sake of women and children. Men have over and over sacrificed themselves for women and children. Then slap yer damn self, and realize just what the fuck your doing on a man channel trying to argue for equality? Give it up get some help and come back in a month? I would bet you can surely change just like men have...like how we dont beat yall for nothing, or treat you like the POS you behave like. Just go find yourself and come back human.
Jonathan Knight (1 year ago)
s borden Wow, a feminist who actually sees that Islam isn't feminist. At least you can see that. Now, if you could detach yourself from your emotions long enough to listen to what Paul is saying, you would understand that he is asking women to meet us half way.
s borden fuck off bitch
Chris Rodgers Values (1 year ago)
This is his best Video that I have seen him do.
Jessie N (1 year ago)
♂ Women don't deserve respect. Stop promoting for their personality disorders to be rewarded. Advances Of Data Quantification: Firstly, if you believe that if it's not professional enough, it's "worthless," you are sadly mistaken, which I will prove. If you also believe that it’s always “unscientific” to refer to ones own experience, you are sadly mistaken. I will prove, with scientific references, ( citations on end) that you don't always need scientific citations to validate all anecdotes. There’s a final chapter of ‘The Story Of Psychology’ by Morton hunt, typifying that articulate stupid people do exist, & academia is full of them. Many other sections of psychological research have been regularly, fiercely & often successfully opposed by special-interest groups & advocacy groups – politics, sociology, etc., resulting from threat of violence, physical attack, terminated promotions, lack of tenure, etc.. Genetic differences of mental abilities of sexes & biological basis for differences of sexes are some. The record is far longer, but that is enough to state the facts are as unpopular & detestable to many segments of the population, especially including the women. Just imagine how much that actually happens considering that women comprise of a large percentage of the population. Popularity is not the test of truth. Legitimacy is not determined by social appeal. Calling it “pathetic” & believing that you know more than those who are free from entertaining & being liked by others is irrelevant of this context. Donna Eder [1985] studied rudimentary dynamics of popularity with females. She concluded that when females were nominated as the most popular, they were the most disliked by other females because of the who-does-she-think-she-is mentality – “don’t get out of line," which we all know when they gossip in the bathrooms, etc.. Since they are much more prone to collectivism, it's scientific to make anecdotal generalizations about them. (males are currently somewhat collectivist because that's the current state.) With this article, I will prove that females are actually more "macho" than males are: The true cause of the slowed process of civilization is due to their own women. I can prove it with scientific references towards end of comment. (Yeah, there's other factors, but it's mostly their fault.) Be discerning of your own women, not other races. Women didn't actually evolve to the same degree as men. Not only did they evolve less, they also evolved differently: female evolution was mostly linguistic, hence why they go to the bathrooms together, they gossip & start politics. The reason that is is because women were mostly doing really basic stuff & babbling, so they also evolved to be more subjective. The environmental pressures had men choose to do exploring, discovery, hunting to give to the families, etc.. It made them develop higher cognition. Men evolved to be more & more objective, while females evolved to be subjective. An article by health professional, Taylor Larson: 'Studies Show Lesbians Much More Likely To Beat, Sexually Abuse Their Wives Than Heterosexual Men.' proves the spectrum of female collectivism that basically keeps telling boys to be "the bad boy", & all it's various derivatives - "how to be a real man", etc.. But the reality is is that there is no "real man" when it's implied by the female delusions. Writer: Ian Miles Cheong has given an another article about data quantification based on what people are typing in search-engines, & it was discovered that women fantasized about violent porn much more than men do. It's ~98% accurate, leaving that live questions has indirect, incomplete, & even lying answers. His article is the most accurate you're going to get, also leaving the original obvious truth: male sexuality is mostly bodily/visual, which is also correlated to their objective mentalities - males like to seek their environments & stations & treat things as a muse. Just search for an article 'FEMALE HYBRISTOPHILIA: PORN FEATURING VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN IS MORE POPULAR AMONG WOMEN THAN MEN' by Hedon. The fact that women are stuck on "dominant" mode is nothing more than female projected lack of evolution. What are women attracted to? Vampires, Werewolves, billionaires, Pirates, even Jack - The Ripper' - all unrealistic. (Sure, women are with more patient men, but this is mostly use/indifference for practical reasons.) Did you know that when the serial killer: Richard Ramirez had his infamy, there were actually women from cross-state trying to compete for his affection. You can search for it yourself. It's called hybristophilia, also known as Stockholm Syndrome, although I wouldn't put it in such a polite way as syndrome because it connotes that women need to be taken care of, it's "funny", it's "cute." The idea that women need to be taken care of is absurd. Women are quite happy to thrive with a tedious life. Because females evolved more subjectively & less than men, they project on society what men are, or should be - anti-intellect, impulsive, etc., & because of that subjective projection, they are waiting & fleeing to try to get something unreal - something that doesn't even really exist, wasting a lot of time . If you don't believe that these archetypes of masculinity is nothing more than ficticious projections of female nature, just look at '50 Shades Of Greed' ( or they want "spunky"). That story is nothing more than abuse of masculinity under the pretense of "control" of women. The whole premise of that story is that he is a "vicious guard dog" for her to indulge in her immature sexuality. Dogs become that way from abuse by early age. That archetype also represents about 0.001% of the male population. It can only be real due to the synthetic conditions of society. With women's projected lack of evolution , & subjective evolution, combined with their collectivism, they take & want you to be stuck on their level. Checkmate. References: ‘A Mind Of Her Own – The Evolutionary Psychology Of Women’ by Anne Campbell, pg.: 120 ‘The Story Of Psychology’ by Morton Hunt, pg. 770 Studies Show Lesbians Much More Likely to Beat, Sexually Abuse Their Wives Than Heterosexual Men By Taylor Larson - Squawker-dot-org FEMALE HYBRISTOPHILIA: PORN FEATURING VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN IS MORE POPULAR AMONG WOMEN THAN MEN by Hedon - mgtow-underground-railroad-dot-com ♂
Jolly Joker (1 year ago)
who says woman want to get mens respect? They are just fine on their own.
Jolly Joker (1 year ago)
Do woman have the capacity to self improve or care about what a man wants? I have not met one yet,. that gals are going to listen to some dude like this on the internet. Have at it.
Marcy Carson (1 year ago)
Everything you said is beautiful! Wise words, timeless truths. I would like to add one more thing, and that is - acceptance. A lot of women seem to think they must change the man they are with....to make him 'better'. This is ridiculous, yet a whole lot of misguided women seem to think it's their job.
Matthew Sullivan (1 year ago)
Paul, love the video as I do most of your content. Only one small quibble with this one. Princess and Dental Hygienist are synonyms. Ask me how I know.
Jerry Bruckhart (1 month ago)
+Matthew Sullivan Surprise surprise.
Matthew Sullivan (1 year ago)
Because I married one. Biggest entitled princess attitude I've ever seen in my life. And it wasn't just her. My marriage to her gave me a look behind the scenes in the dental office. Seems like 3-5 divorces each was the norm for both the assistants and the hygienists.
ACFI Training (1 year ago)
I enjoyed this talk. I agree happy wife, happy life has to go. Along with men scoring a “trophy wife”. I find that this western cultural brain washing of men scoring the hottest girl/cheer leader/popular girl ie. “trophy wife”, that starts off in school is one of the poisonous seeds that started this twisted crazy roller coaster of gender wars. Girls very quickly learn “well if I have to work at being the hottest, popular girl then boys have to pay.”
Homeschool Time (1 year ago)
Princess cupcake snowflake superpower is the whiney nag cape.
Josh NoneYa (1 year ago)
Paul has like 10 or 12 Feminazis who wait for every new video simply so they can downvoat it. Lmao. That are so pathetic.
Art Webb (1 year ago)
Goes right along with my standard argument when I get in arguments with women talking about so called historical oppression of women Women weren't oppressed, they were treated like children due to men having to care for them like children Today we treat women like adults, so why can't most women act like adults? Grow up if you want to be treated like adults
moon dog grey (1 year ago)
Could you do a vid on men forced into celibacy by wives.
An Ear for Men (1 year ago)
His will.
moon dog grey (1 year ago)
INTJ Jen Within the rules of marriage. She holds the keys... whats a guy to do.
R MN (1 year ago)
Most women have no idea of what a respect is between verb and noun. For to them, in a very privileged position, what has always been so, since the emergence of the human species, is to put to the men they have to win "to win" respect, and this means that from this moment the man is already climbing Humiliating, to achieve sex or affection, in exchange for the slight signal of approval of the arrogant and arrogant judge. Sorry my english I used google tranlater A maioria das mulheres não tem noção do que seja respeito entre verbo e substantivo. Pois para elas,numa posição muito privilegiada,o que sempre foi assim,desde o surgimento da espécie humana,é colocar aos homens que eles têm que ganhar "conquistar" respeito,e isto significa que desde este momento já é colocado ao homem a escalada humilhante,para conseguir sexo ou afetividade,em troca do mínio sinal de aprovação da prepotente e arrogante julgadora. Desculpe meu ingles,usei o google tranlater
Venom's Lair (1 year ago)
Teenagers can be dumb and moronic... But women (and mostly uneducated ones) can push it to a new level with every single tantrum.
Venom's Lair (1 year ago)
Wesley Chapman for me education begins at home. You don't need a PHD to be polite. PS: I live in Venezuela and trust me, College system are driven by a Left wing agenda. Not in a sordid level, but still...
Wesley Chapman (1 year ago)
@Venoms Lair: Seriously, is education a good thing? I'd say, 96% of American colleges are totally corrupted with the toxic doctrine of 3rd-wave feminism. That will almost certainly do more harm than good, to any young woman. As for me, I prefer working-class women; they are much more likely to love & appreciate men, and to respect masculinity in general...versus their entitled, feminist-brainwashed, college educated, man-hating 'sisters.'
Venom's Lair (1 year ago)
Perhaps it's not a huge diff... But, if you're dating with a woman, you can see if: 1) she's polite or educated (A "NAWALT"... Hallelujah!) OR 2) she's a overgrown teenager capable to reach a new level of idiocy. And the first case is like winning all the games in Vegas fairly (almost impossible). Or finding a Leprechaun and his "Pot o' Gold" at the end of a rainbow...
Troy Dunn (1 year ago)
"For the love of everything holy, own your shit". That statement really takes me back to my twenties, when I was naive enough to hope for the day women my age would grow up. Or was it my thirties when I was certain there might be a woman that was not a child? In my forties, I realized the entire point of retirement homes is the hope of finding that golden NAWALT unicorn in an 90 year old woman bedridden with a broken hip that might finally 'get in touch with her feelings'. Her feelings of responsibility, that is.
Beatrice Wanjiru (1 year ago)
Paul Nailed it! They are the similar things my boyfriend and I discuss. I highly agree... my boyfriend has taught me how to be a better woman to him... Paul's teachings are a big gift to us! Keep up the good work! we usually look forward to your videos.
Jack Dingler (1 year ago)
The hard part is accepting criticism. We don't always see it when we are wrong. Sometimes we engage in destructive behavior out of habit. If we're willing to change our habits when they are destructive to our relationships, then everyone is happier.
Pepper52435 (1 year ago)
Children model their parents behaviours. If you are in a marriage where she's the queen and you're the subservient dope, then you have to assume that both your son and your daughter will grow up under the assumption that adult relationships are supposed to be like that. That women are the un petulant, spoiled rotten, unaccountable beings, while men are supposed to be their bitches. No wonder MGTOW. If you can't find a woman who's truly your equal, don't go there at all. Otherwise you're just perpetuating the whole cycle of gynocentrism.
cmtmj2006 (1 year ago)
What out. I posted a comment and it was deleted by YouTube.
Snap Dragon (1 year ago)
Paul, your videos are truly wonderful. They resonate with men with life experience. Sadly, many women won't even watch a third of this video without being triggered and changing the channel.
englandcolors (1 year ago)
T Clark I'm tired of your strawmanning, not going to waste my time refuting arguments I've never made to begin with. Bye.
T Clark (1 year ago)
englandcolors ok dear...enough. those magazines you mention? And the industry at large? That's all for women, and you know it. Of you do indeed want to learn something, and truly want to speak intelligently, then enough with the 'what women have damaged you? ' trope. Individuals or not, women as a whole have been socialized to be ego driven adult children...once they, and you, individually AND collectively, realize this, admit to it AND OWN IT, PhD student or not, then the dialogue can begin. Anything other than that is utter garbage.
moon dog grey (1 year ago)
englandcolors I had one girlfriend that wanted to please me on my terms (and me her). She had been beaten by her last husband. All the rest... not so much. AND i made a point of staying away from bitchesses.

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