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Top 10 Unbelievable David Blaine Magic Tricks

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Real or Magic? These tricks will make you a David Blaine believer. These are some of the most unbelievable magic tricks from the master of illusion himself! For this list, we’re focusing solely on practical David Blaine magic tricks and illusions, which means that no endurance tests have been included, impressive as they may be. WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 David Blaine Magic Tricks. Check out our other videos!: Top 10 Craziest Magic Tricks Ever Performed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dcc1Kd-sA3Y Top 10 Greatest Magicians: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcLPvnoZElI Top 10 Amazing Magicians on America's Got Talent: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60M5O5Vs79w Watch on WatchMojo.com #DavidBlaine #MagicTricks #DavidBlaineMagic Check our our other channels! http://www.youtube.com/mojoplays http://www.youtube.com/mojotalks http://www.youtube.com/msmojo http://www.youtube.com/jrmojo http://www.youtube.com/watchmojouk WatchMojo's Social Media Pages http://www.Facebook.com/WatchMojo http://www.Twitter.com/WatchMojo http://instagram.com/watchmojo Get WatchMojo merchandise at shop.watchmojo.com WatchMojo’s ten thousand videos on Top 10 lists, Origins, Biographies, Tips, How To’s, Reviews, Commentary and more on Pop Culture, Celebrity, Movies, Music, TV, Film, Video Games, Politics, News, Comics, Superheroes. Your trusted authority on ranking Pop Culture.
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Text Comments (156)
Klaas in Session (19 hours ago)
shocking or entertaining Dave Chappelle is actually GOALS!
mezipe64 (1 day ago)
I think chris Angel is a way better magician!
Brandon Przydzial (2 days ago)
How is the teeth one even possible
Mosaab Hono (2 days ago)
He actually takes the tooth off the mouth and spits back again my favorite one🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 just look at the girl's face 😂 🤣🤣🤣
anthony castillo (2 days ago)
The thumbnail change it was dave Chappelle
Boss Lax316 (2 days ago)
He confuses me
Heaven Brothers (2 days ago)
Who's more legit? The unedited performer? Criss Angel or David Blaine? I'd say, Blaine.
Jesus Costilla (2 days ago)
He once ate his own head...
Deividas Klimas (2 days ago)
Clearly work of a Satan...
PzychoMantis90 (2 days ago)
With Star Wars being the talk of the town props for not referring to Harrison Ford as Han Solo.
Sea Bert (2 days ago)
alex chalakee (2 days ago)
He is an "illusionist ". That should be enough right there. If you want to be like him practise magic tricks real hard everyday . Then hire some actors an do some camera editing .
ROCKOE DELIK (3 days ago)
Magician or demon? Like always you the viewer decides.
skywarp727 (3 days ago)
Yeah because he's a demon
Josh Pittenger (3 days ago)
This is stupid they’re all fake
foxrox6 (3 days ago)
but... most of the cool tricks are mad on actors... so like... excuse me for thinking they are acting!!
FuиKy (3 days ago)
levitation should of been 1
Bunke (3 days ago)
Yeah, well. He pays off the actors pretending to be surprised with the obvious tricks. Like no one notices a crane in the background lol.
Heart92a (3 days ago)
3:52 notice how he says some words. He probably does real magic
BuFFoTheArtClown (3 days ago)
Top 10 edited paid actor segments
James. (1 day ago)
+BuFFoTheArtClown penn and teller reveal the behind the scene of illuions and slight of hand. You are neither of those people. Blains stuff is mostly unedited. Wheres YOUR proof. Ill stick with you being full of shit. Also, i didnt tell you what i believe, you assumed and you have no proof to refute so you resort to name calling like a troll. Oh well, maybe someday youll get something to prove it.
BuFFoTheArtClown (1 day ago)
+James. Wait, you actually believe magicians on edited TV are legit? I'll go with stupid.
James. (1 day ago)
You got proof or just a bunch of b.s. Ill go with the b.s.
OtakuGurl 4Lyfe (3 days ago)
Yippee, so he's a Criss Angel rip off. Not impressed.
Mettente (3 days ago)
Herpes ftw 😀
Nathan Aceves (3 days ago)
Jeffrey Nordman (3 days ago)
The ice pick trick is actually pretty simple
François Michel (3 days ago)
I love the money with black people. They just run away with it. So cliché 😂
fatalitydead (3 days ago)
could never be people paid to act. nooo never.
I-YELL- A-LOT (3 days ago)
LordQuorn (3 days ago)
Margot Robbie has beautiful eyes.
j18s17 (3 days ago)
Next do the top 10 chris angle etc... Then do VS Angle vs Blaine
ROCKOE DELIK (3 days ago)
j18s17 Angle? Do you mean Angel!
unnoticed one (4 days ago)
He’s a jew so it is not a shocker for me
MrReplier (4 days ago)
Criss Angel is like wtf I walked on water lmao 😂😂
arcanask (4 days ago)
Best trick I've seen of his was from his first tv special. He took this old street bums cup of coffee and then turned it all into coins. Cup was still smoking.
Taufik Rahman (2 days ago)
Oh yeah. I remember that. Classic David Blaine. 😁
Mr Tubbs (4 days ago)
I think what makes David a more creditable magician is the lack of clothing he wears even tho he performs amazing slight of hand.
MrBoriqua2000 (4 days ago)
I wish he could make my bills disappear
CannonFodderJM (4 days ago)
He pays off actors to act surprised.
D-Weezy - (4 days ago)
Number 3: The Bruce Leroy trick...........
Sera Vibes (4 days ago)
my dad thinks he’s an alien, him and criss angel
DemeTav (4 days ago)
Even tho magic isn't real. David Blaine is definitely a phenomenal human being because a lot of these tricks he had to put in a shit ton of work to master especially to swallow a frog and regurgitate it..... Like it may not be magic but imagine having a frog sitting in your esophagus.
Lucid (4 days ago)
What the eff David Blaine?!?!?
Clayton Dunlap (3 days ago)
Frick you David Blaine! Stop putting things on our bodies!
ARACHNIDGUY 16 (4 days ago)
Yo I just got a pain in my left hand after seeing the ice pick trick
dizzysaurus (4 days ago)
Anyone else have dream that they float up to the ceiling sometimes?
James. (1 day ago)
Check out : out of body experiences
Ryan Peck (4 days ago)
Not being charged with rape.
ariarioxenfree (4 days ago)
David Blaine definitely knows real magic. You can't change my mind.
riots420 (4 days ago)
Silly rabbit tricks are for kids
SoLo_Randum (4 days ago)
the tooth magic trick is fake because the tooth does not take time to travel
Kane Aquino (4 days ago)
Top 10 Believable David Blaine Magic Tricks
MixNix999 X (4 days ago)
I always enjoyed watching his tricks
Tommy Chong (4 days ago)
#5 yea aight (blueface voice)
Beauty Beast (4 days ago)
ssarellas (4 days ago)
So how does he do it? We know magic is not real
TheBoBabsin (4 days ago)
There's no way this guy isn't a fucking wizard.
Blaine Kriesel Jr (4 days ago)
It had my name in it so I watched
grrinc (4 days ago)
I'll never stop crying with laughter at David Chappelle's reaction. Ever.
Miss Bee (3 days ago)
Sinister Sam (4 days ago)
Honestly he's good at what he does but is to overdramatic and comes off extremely fake.. yes magic is an illusion but Blaine put too much effort into over acting like hes actually magic.. it's not like hes Houdini. Everyone knows magic is an illusion and his showmanship takes you out of the "magic"
Chris Torres (4 days ago)
Yup! He definitely works with satan!
X 87 (3 days ago)
ComicsLegend (4 days ago)
They are actors.
marcus vassel (4 days ago)
Now do one for Criss Angel. The one trick he did with Ice Cube
assassins creed (4 days ago)
he is a wizard
Vin (4 days ago)
fake like chris!!!!
Mayknow (4 days ago)
You mean Chris evans? Pratt? Hemsworth? Pine? Maybe Angel?
Wasn’t the video posted years ago?
Mr General (3 days ago)
David Blaine or Criss Angel I’m going with Blane b4 it was a criss angel
OGMillyMillz (3 days ago)
Mr General you spelled his name wrong, genius
Mr General (3 days ago)
OGMillyMillz criss angel look him up G 🤦🏾‍♂️🤣 the “mind freak” who doesn’t know about him
OGMillyMillz (4 days ago)
Mr General wtf is Chris Angle? Kurt Angle’s brother?
Zeno of London (4 days ago)
Ricky Jervay
King Luis Gregorio (4 days ago)
Criss angel wants your location.
CaptainBalla (4 days ago)
Best David Blaine Magic "Stunts" haha
Antonio Centeno (4 days ago)
How does this even become real
Whitley's Dollhouse (4 days ago)
At #8, Dart Trick, I never seen that before
Movie Scenes (4 days ago)
Come my channel watch new movie 2019
Dave Monroy (4 days ago)
Best magician out there
Rizarro 86 (4 days ago)
xXDarkstalkerXx (4 days ago)
for #8 i think its just magnetic ink? lol idk maybe the dart board is magnetic
Glacyite Freez (4 days ago)
The best cover for an actual wizard would be a magician, everyone would just think its a trick or an illusion but it'd be real magic. Think about it.
riley freeman (4 days ago)
4:13 they got the money and ran😂
Tamara Williams (3 days ago)
I was thinking, they gonna come back jumping for joy and surprise, but they kept running!!! 😂😂
Jake Roberts (4 days ago)
he's a warlock
Chronic Slayer (4 days ago)
Witch! Burn it!
Gervais isn’t a French name It’s not pronounced Jirvay it’s Jervase
Soul King's Joker (4 days ago)
He himself said its pronounced more with a 'z' than a 's'
Justchris (4 days ago)
God this dude is good
MixNix999 X (4 days ago)
Albert Kane (4 days ago)
Real magic through the use of demons no thank you
Albert Kane (4 days ago)
+MixNix999 X dude magic is for real man magic is as real as as you and me but it's satanic. Research magic through demons on YouTube
XceptDefeat (4 days ago)
+MixNix999 X the mystical side of magic is absolutely not real the clever tricks and misdirection however is.
MixNix999 X (4 days ago)
Magic ain't real
XceptDefeat (4 days ago)
Most of it is probably either real (the frogs and needles) and the rest is probably just clever props and set up. The regurgitation magic is absolutely real though.
ashdoglsu (4 days ago)
50% of all black ppl ive asked really think hes the devil.
Kilan Brown (2 days ago)
100% of us think you're an idiot
MDTL LV (3 days ago)
Sure it was 50% and not 49% or perhaps 53%
Bryan Ak (4 days ago)
Or saviour, he can duplicate money to give freely lol
80s Lady (4 days ago)
*I asked two black people what they thought of him, and one thought he was the devil too.*
Saw A.T 2 (4 days ago)
KEVRO (4 days ago)
Tiffany Marie (4 days ago)
No lie #10 i was thinking of a 9 of heart as if i was playing
Fifty 1 Fifty (4 days ago)
But can he get Black Widow back from Vormir?
Fifty 1 Fifty (3 days ago)
+Ankur Gupta it's a joke.get over yourself.
Ankur Gupta (4 days ago)
Get over Avengers you kid...
Team Manuvious (4 days ago)
Here's one Im going to control your device. Now press 👍that is under this message.for the magical part, you will see it change color. Thank you
Rich G (4 days ago)
The best trick was throwing a deck of cards from outside a restaurant. It hits the window and the card they secretly chose is on the window. But on the inside. Amazing
James. (1 day ago)
+Pauline Lyra mine as well
Pauline Lyra (4 days ago)
My favorite
jamdc2000 (4 days ago)
I cant but remember that south park episode in which he eats his own head
Bad Fairy (4 days ago)
Can I open my eyes now.
Kaevon Stewart (4 days ago)
Top 10 Ben 10 Aliens
Nolay Austin (4 days ago)
Atheist Orphan (4 days ago)
A very talented showman, I saw him once in London. Impressive tricks and illusions.
Romy Schneider (4 days ago)
No.5 was amazing
Carlos Esteban (4 days ago)
Do any of you remember the like maybe 6-8 year old David Blaine Street Magic sketches with these 2 guys being done with his demon powers.
Carlos Esteban (4 days ago)
+Pedro Russell yeah one of them
Pedro Russell (4 days ago)
Did it have to do with orange soda?
Infamous Hound (4 days ago)
Hell yh 31st
bonbonaro bonbonarov (4 days ago)
You belive in dark side of the force ?
Jim B. (4 days ago)
*#1 - Opening up the MCU multiverse*
Crash Gaming (4 days ago)
Top 10 David Blaine fake and scripted magic tricks.
Still hasn't pulled a rabbit out of his ass. Still not impressed.
Yankee76 S (4 days ago)
The Harrison Ford one was the best to me
Investing Hustler (4 days ago)
The best magic trick I know is how to make my money multiply then magically disappear 😅
ROCKOE DELIK (3 days ago)
Investing Hustler the answer "SLOT MACHINE"
pennwoodsman (4 days ago)
they sold their souls and are assisted by demons,..thats all there is to it,.research every famous past magician,..everyone of them has a image of a demon or devil whispering in their ear in the old time posters,..david copperfeild has spent millions on "special haunted items"....all "magic" is demonic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fKrFeX8dRY
Phinlamen M (4 days ago)
Memes videoshttps://youtu.be/lOf72garI6k
Perry .B (4 days ago)
David Blaine is Beyond Magic 🔥😈

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