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Hula girl approved : http://www.accidentalbroadcast.com Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/accidentalbroadcast Just practicing some wheelies with Mr.Mike and MENDO. Braaaapp *vanishes back into the jungle*
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Text Comments (74)
Dbest1a’s Ride (4 years ago)
wheelie master , oh how we praise you wheeli masta ...
Jayden Papaleo (4 years ago)
Wheelie my bad
Jayden Papaleo (4 years ago)
You should post a video on how to do a wellie
Z03MZ03M (5 years ago)
Since I've started watching your vlog I've been practicing my wheelies too.....on my mountain bike :/ haha
TheGreatWhiteNorthTV (5 years ago)
Oh and your wheelies are boss
TheGreatWhiteNorthTV (5 years ago)
You and your group of buddies are awesome kalani. It's what inspired me to make a channel, you, jake and his crew. I made a channel intro vid, maybe you could check it out sometime, canadian trail rides
burndoggy0204 (6 years ago)
Love your videos man thanks
emeg tha man (6 years ago)
When wheelying do you have to use back brake to not backflip.
Cloud Saurus (6 years ago)
Man! i need to move... everyone here is just chopper boys....
SageNTitled (6 years ago)
First thing he does is zooming digital, lol.
Coffee & Kars (6 years ago)
Go 250 !!! Keepn it up longer then the big bikes. I love mine. Check it :0. New yoshi pipe rs4 on her.
AccidentalBroadcast (6 years ago)
thanks for all the awesome comments Martin!
Martin Robbins (6 years ago)
this is what i need to learn....
Ryan Jackson (6 years ago)
what is the name of the graphic style for you're blue icon variant?
Ernani Joppert (6 years ago)
Loving the added Aces in the Brap's...such an Earporn...
Anibal Denian (6 years ago)
which channel on youtube those other men
Ewan Fairgrieve (6 years ago)
if a cb or cr 125 would be too much for me to handle, im 12 weigh about 90 ponds and am about 5,4 ft tall. i have ridden a fifty for around 2-3 years.
Stuart Middleton (6 years ago)
The slo-mo at 1:09 sounds like someone farting into a glass
Aron Douglas (6 years ago)
Hey AB, was that a skid plait I saw under your bike??
Ryan Smith (6 years ago)
why did he opt for the 350 and not the 500?
SCRATCH (6 years ago)
I have dr 650 and i kent...
rcfreak781 (6 years ago)
get bikes with more power lol makes wheelies easyer
AccidentalBroadcast (6 years ago)
350 excf street legal : )
AccidentalBroadcast (6 years ago)
On the list : )
mauidirtbikerin808 (6 years ago)
what kind of bike does mike ride and is it street legal
Jordan Anderson (6 years ago)
I think about the 12yr old buyin a cr125
22Nikke (6 years ago)
First rule in learning wheelie take your back mudguard off :D (sorry if bad english)
WlPPAN (6 years ago)
Make a "HOW TO WHEELIE-guide/school" for the viewers ^^
jihu (6 years ago)
its not a wheelie when you havent got ANY ANGLE /watch?v=BA3dcKxPyj0
Ewan Fairgrieve (6 years ago)
haha my two favourite youtubers replied to my comment :D so while you are here can i get your opinions?
Bojangles V (6 years ago)
Amazing way to end a video.
John-Erik johansson (6 years ago)
the rain is comming .
RideVictoria (6 years ago)
"ouchie mamma" X ^(
Zac Hunter (6 years ago)
i live for your videos random endings
NessedUpProductions (6 years ago)
I could use some wheelie practice for sure! My buddies have it down, I am still in the popping the front end up for a brief second phase.
NessedUpProductions (6 years ago)
Copycat central just called and said your copycat license has been fully approved with a full shame and disgrace package included for free!
AccidentalBroadcast (6 years ago)
Really?, you named your channel "AccidentalOuttake"... Sorry, but that's pretty lame, yo.
201mxflyboy201 (6 years ago)
hell yea I saw that
C J (6 years ago)
i got a cr125 at 15, i was 5 8", probably wait a few more years. get an 80 or something? or even like an arpilia rx 50, they're pretty quick for a 50.
GeorgiaBoy Boomer (6 years ago)
So I'm trying to figure out why I was born on this side of the water.. =D Nice video bro!
Sebastian (6 years ago)
Most likely, unless youve ridden something smaller.
Ewan Fairgrieve (6 years ago)
Hey guys i may be getting a cr 125, I am 12 years old and around 5ft 4 in. I'm wondering if this is too much for me to handle?
XXXDEADHEAD (6 years ago)
What video camera are you using? Looks great!
DraphtHD (6 years ago)
as always the same great vids keep em up
Enduro HD (6 years ago)
You don't need your clutch the wheelie on my channel somewhere there's a vid with a wheelie and it was easy and no clutch was needed but its all about what you prefer tho
Aaron Martin (6 years ago)
that looks like fun man i need to git a bike my old 3 wheeler i can ride a wheelie on it all day but it is not that fun cuss it dus not have a clutch on it. :(
Trevor Wray (6 years ago)
That AB guy is pretty good at the wheelie thing. ;p
RideVictoria (6 years ago)
I need some nice rich moist soil to practice on...asphalt hurts :)
RACCHIETTO (6 years ago)
xtravagentK (6 years ago)
Subscribed. I wish I could ride with you guys haha, I'd buy a dirt bike so fast it wouldn't even be funny lol. Amazing riding locations!
rdsrf (6 years ago)
Love it!! You guys are having such a great time over there. What more do you need than an empty back road and you and the boys cracking some wheelies? Good stuff!!
YoursTrulyHere (6 years ago)
Best outro yet Senator Kalani!
Israel Chavez (6 years ago)
State senator AB nice.
GeddyMX (6 years ago)
They're like his call letters!
Matt Jones (6 years ago)
Last night I dreamed that I did a super sweet long wheelie like it was nothing, after two teenage girls stole my truck from my house, it was a weird dream. Anyway, only way to get better is practice, practice, and practice. Hey AB does your GoPro block any of your vision mounted like that? I like that perspective way better than the side mount and might try it.
GamingWithMDL (6 years ago)
I'm so confused.. Why does he have ++ in all his vids and comments
ArminHammer (6 years ago)
got the old go pro on the helm? lol
Seth Foster (6 years ago)
RideVic had a little too much fun on his wheelie the other day :)
DevilDogR6 (6 years ago)
hows your bike kim
JankySixSpeed (6 years ago)
is it easier to sit back on the seat and mostly upright of posture or back on the seat and leaned back to counter balance the front of the bike? I'm still working on my wheelies and I cant seem to hold them on BP very long.
crazyboyfloyd44 (6 years ago)
I still like Mendo wheelieing up the mountain! :)
crazyboyfloyd44 (6 years ago)
Killin' it!!
Fight 4 Honor (6 years ago)
And yet i'm here on my computer.... :(
RideVictoria (6 years ago)
"sigh" ;)
2StrokeTARD (6 years ago)
KlemzeTV (6 years ago)
What do you work with Kalani? Can I call you Kalle btw?
Rex4x4 (6 years ago)
bbaahhh hahahah u posted this to bug kim diddnt u hahaha nice .
DestinationOffroad (6 years ago)
Damn your good! Gotta get over to Canada to help out Kim, i wish him and Ms. yamimoto a quick recovery. :-)
Joshua Arnold (6 years ago)
i did the very same thing today. alot better than the video i have up but nothing like the Hawaii State Senator! ahaha @crazyringo92 your right very scary.
Sheridan (6 years ago)
You'll see a line, don't go past the line cause it's all gross. *Immediately goes past the line* Dang Mr. Mike! I get the feeling he's going to be out wheelying you guys in no time flat. Now I feel like a lazy toot for not putting any serious practice in... my wrists get sore... and my butt hurts... and it's ~SCAAAARY!!!!~ I'm just full of excuses. ;P
MRmaicoman72 (6 years ago)
Mr. Mike is gonna get it soon :D
MidFlightRiot (6 years ago)
god damn im jealous! <3
SgtMarkins (6 years ago)
Heck ya... Gonna try and get my 1400 Connie up now... Looked Like fun.
Amzie MN (6 years ago)

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