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How to make bonsai out of nursery stock for under $30 - Juniper Bonsai

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How to make bonsai - bonsai soil - bonsai repot Bought this baby for $30 after looking around at other "finished" bonsai stock that ranged from $45-50,000. So I settled with this guy here with the hopes to turn it into something I can take care of and style as a bonsai. Let me know what you you guys think!
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Kenneth Stensrud (2 days ago)
Blow you nose, and stop the hesitating all the time. The only thing one hear is you going aahh, ehhm and so on.....
dibio depaint (2 days ago)
Very nice
Bob Y (9 days ago)
Way too tall, I would have chopped it off at the smaller one on the right and made a nice shohin out of it. There is reverse taper halfway up the main trunk that is a distraction to the eye also.
Kaempfer M (15 days ago)
One thing a lot of people don’t know is that Japanese juniper, Juniperus procumbens nana, needs more moisture than other junipers. They come from the coastal areas of southern Japan, where there’s more rainfall and humidity. These kind of bonsai need moist soil. Never let it dry out.
Ida Llanes (19 days ago)
This is definitely not a “How to” video. 🤔
Chris S (1 month ago)
Anyone wanting to understand how bonsai works you should visit eastern leaf's YouTube channel Jason Chan dose a great job of explaining how to properly create bonsai
Patricia Lisowski (1 month ago)
Very clever and imaginative!!
obalajadia (1 month ago)
I would have trimmed and wired it, before pulling it out of the soil.
Raymond Petit (1 month ago)
Nice tapering trunk line. I had my doubts at first, but you know what you're doing.
Kolap Yellow (1 month ago)
Looks nice.
GES (2 months ago)
That much trimming AND repotting always kills mine...
oaantonsen (2 months ago)
What happened with the update video?
Siteus1 (2 months ago)
Give us an update pls
BONSAI TUAN HUNG (2 months ago)
My new friend . I love you
Viktor Frankenstein (2 months ago)
Any chance on a one year update video? Please?
Chris S (1 month ago)
+obalajadia all juniper are extremely hardy tree's you can literally take 85% of the root structure this guy has only a sliver of knowledge on the topic of bonsai.
Viktor Frankenstein (1 month ago)
Thanks for update, dig the content.
obalajadia (1 month ago)
It must have unluckily died. That happens to such sensitive plant.
Ross Earles (3 months ago)
Junipers in general don't need to have much moisture retention in the soil; they really in fact, need very well draining soil with as little of organic components as possible. Over-watering Junipers is one of the leading causes of death to these hardy plants and since this is usually the starter-tree for most, it can leave a bad taste in people's mouths when they water and care for it and it dies! JUST SAY NO TO MULCH OR ORGANIC SOIL COMPONENTS!!! The strength of a Juniper comes from its foliage, not its roots as is the case with pines. Water your juniper every 2-3 days just to where the top 1/4-1" of soil is DAMP, NOT WET! Mist the foliage daily however! Great tree! I would like to add that your wiring needs some refining. You want to use as little wire as possible. We accomplish this by using the correct size gauge and the proper TYPE of wire; this looks like aluminum which should usually only be used on deciduous trees due to their softer bark, you should be using a proper gauged COPPER wire. When using wire and determining the proper size, you want to choose a gauge of wire that will allow you to bend and manipulate the branch wherever you want it to go (being mindful not break the branch) and you want to make sure that your coil distance is the outcome of you wrapping the wire at a 55-60* angle; not this 45* stuff everybody talks about...this helps you maximize the amount of wire that is on the branch and gives you more control over the branch by allowing the wire to really do its job. Also, be mindful of wire that is not in contact with your branch or trunk. Just some tid-bits for you! Happy Bonsai-ing! (Proper way to say it: BONE-ZIE NOT BON-ZIE ) LOL
joann dortch (3 months ago)
you have updates I'm about to do another one soon
jeda tovar (3 months ago)
suscriptor 926 espero que me apoyes mutuamente activa la campnita y comenta
MrTributesTreesOfAtomity (4 months ago)
the particle size for the organic material and the grey stones looks a bit large, how well has this soil worked so far? i have a hard time gauging what size, components and combinations to use for soil for pickier trees. i cant seem to keep white oaks or junipers alive... fantastic results by the way. its a nice balance between a natural style tree and a classic bonsai form. youv probably increased the dollar worth of the tree 5x
61Hedge (5 months ago)
I do the same. Picked up two junipers at the end of the season for $28 from Home D. Trimmed and shaped them both, very pleased with the results. One died but the other is now 4yrs along. They are my first attempt at creating bonsai.
Jeremy Parnell (5 months ago)
I'm desperate for help! I bought two tiny bonsais at Walmart for $10 and felt sorry for them because they looked so bad. But I have some questions that I can't find answers to in videos. I know one of these is juniper. Please help! [email protected]
Lski3 (2 months ago)
What you got from Walmart was a rooted cutting for 10-15 bucks, certainly not a bonsai.
Jamal Vines (5 months ago)
I just did one the other day
Jamal Vines (5 months ago)
Can i do one thats still in the ground
James Thacker (5 months ago)
Jamal Vines yes
Eduardo Santos (6 months ago)
Heathy needles. What would be the first sol mix?
KidCity Lynnwood (6 months ago)
This is my favorite plant to bonsai, great results.
Matt Price (7 months ago)
You overpaid for that, it seems like all their other trees are overpriced too
Ayo Malou Olsen (7 months ago)
So beautiful :-)Thank you for sharing.
delores davis (8 months ago)
Love watching how you make it into a Bonsai Tree!!I have learn alot just from watching, keep up the great work!
Story Bonsai (8 months ago)
Eugin where and how much did you pay for that lava rock and pumice? I'm looking in my area and can't find any quite that small. Home depot has it in bags but large 1-2inch rocks only. I'd rather not sit outside and smash rocks hehe.
Eugin (8 months ago)
the beautiful part is that they have volcanic cinders, pumice, wood chips, and various rocks pre sieved for a great price. One trip gives you bonsai soil for a lifetime, good luck!
Story Bonsai (8 months ago)
Eugin Kim awesome thank you a ton. Will try them. $10 would be amazing
Eugin (8 months ago)
Hey bonsai story, I went to a local landscaping store, I think it was in the city of Chino in California. Do a quick google search for landscape stores or landscape supply, they normally have the materials bonsai enthusiasts want in their soils. That big bag you see in the video was $10 or less if I remember correctly. Their is a clip of the receipt I think
German Almonacid (9 months ago)
A little ugly but nice
Hands Solo (9 months ago)
Okay- if your going to make a how to vid- please show every step- I know nothing about trimming - how to pick a good plant- how to wire - what type of wire etc- it's not really a how to if your not really explaining every step for beginners.id really like to create one of these but have zero experience with bonsai trees
BlackBook Forge (6 months ago)
Duane Dibbley the goal is to look at a plant and see the tree inside. They are all different and you just have to look. The first bonsai I did was from wilco and I looked at every juniper and picked the one I saw the best tree in. When you go to trim you really just see what you want gone and what stays. If you over cut, you learn. If you undercut, you can tell it needs more. It's a trial and error and is purely off of your eye and perspective. Junipers can take a lot of abuse and live. Bonsai is a easy to master skill but takes a long time to perfect.
FreeRV (9 months ago)
Hi I subscribed. Great video. Please return to my channel. Thank you
Bryan Rusnak (11 months ago)
where do you get those soil components??
Webis Tebis 492 (11 months ago)
Why do the training pots be really shallow. Is it tradition or does it affect the tree. What if the pot was really thin but tall
RylanBones (8 months ago)
AwesomeAndrhhg 492 you need to train the plant slowly into its final shape. Most bonsai trees, when finished, are put into REALLY shallow pots, sometimes as thin as 8-10 cm. If you want to put your bonsai in a tall, thin pot, the roots will grow in that shape, cementing in the tall nature of pots that will have to be used when it grows. You can put it in whatever pot you'd like, just remember that it will want to retain that root shape that you're encouraging.
Mark Fisher (1 year ago)
I have repotted junipers nearly steadily since early spring 2017 to just recently in south Louisiana, so far haven't lost any, I find them hardy enough to handle it.
Ben Spiller (1 year ago)
Where did u fine black scoria (lava rock) that small
Eugin (1 year ago)
it was there! the small ones are presieved in bags if you go in and ask. the prices were super cheap!
marco pantani (1 year ago)
Chop the top six inches off and it will look even better
damon stelly (1 year ago)
These are $5 in Houston right now.
Jose Garza (2 months ago)
Where ?
Phillip Le (1 year ago)
Bonsai Binh Dinh (1 year ago)
giong cay tung qua di
Andy Pham (10 months ago)
Bonsai Binh Dinh đúng vậy, tùng sà đó bạn.
Oops.That's Not good. (1 year ago)
Weird bonsai but I like
Jbirtwisle (1 year ago)
Nice video, always like to see what other people make of nursery stock junipers. Personally I think the tree has a nice natural apex where the nodes are close together and the shoots are short, before they get longer again toward the top.
G. Mos (1 year ago)
Seems like a very decent bonsai! Do junipers back-bud quickly? A new branch slightly above the primary branch would look I think :) Hope it responds well.
Jbirtwisle (11 months ago)
Its incredibly hard to get junipers to back bud. Wherever the wood is hardened off or thee foliage has died back theory almost never produce new buds. That makes selecting nursery stock very important as you can't plant to chop back and force back budding and need to select something with plenty of nodes and shoots close to what will become the trunk.
WWG1WGA (1 year ago)
Thanks for the video and info. I sub to your channel. Looking forward to future bonsai.
Eugin (1 year ago)
+jaguardelcielo I'm glad you ejoyed. thanks for the sub, I'll be sure to work on improving the video quality as I go 😅
Dixit Koteshwar (1 year ago)
I subbed
Eugin (1 year ago)
So yes, admittedly, this repot was done somewhat out of season. But I've read that with proper post care, Junipers shouldn't have much issue bouncing back from a mid season repot. What do you guys think? Any feedback is appreciated :)
josh g6et (1 year ago)
Juniper trees are folia-dominant so root system barely plays a part when repotting. You can take off loads of root and as long as there is sufficient foliage, thd tree will be fine. As far as wiring goes, i would suggest watching a video by graham potter. Its a really good video. Hope the tree is doing well. Look forward to seeing its future.
Eugin (1 year ago)
No worries at all, I've been around on the bonsai nut site and have a few posts there. Maybe you've seen a few? Either way, I do appreciate the helpful suggestions. You'll see more videos here and on bonsainut as time goes on. In it for the long haul with these guys. Have to be haha
Vance Wood (1 year ago)
Sorry I am not seeing these messages until sometimes a couple of weeks late.  You don't need to find it necessary to defend yourself, you understand what you need to do and that's the way it is.  As to wire; most of the Pros demand the use of copper wire, I prefer aluminum.  It's cheaper, easier on the tree and easier to handle.  I have a pretty constant presence on the Bonsai Nutt web site.  I hope to see you there.
Vance Wood (1 year ago)
Most Junipers can be repotted any time of year except when dormant during the winter.
Eugin (1 year ago)
hey Vance, thanks for the kind words of constructive criticism. I suppose that is the nature of art form right? trying to use a medium to reconstruct what the mind plays out. this will obviously only come from further experience but in my defense, aside from the lack of experience, the wire gauges I have we're insufficient to keep the tree in place. not a good excuse I know but at least I know what to fix!

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