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Brides for sale - Bulgaria's Roma marriage market | DW Documentary

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The Kalaidzhi bride market takes place in the southeast of Bulgaria every year. Unmarried women are often paired off with financially strong men. But more and more young Roma are rebelling against the old tradition. For young Kalaidzhi the annual bride market at Bachkovo Monastery is the only chance to find a partner. Their Orthodox Christian faith and traditional code of conduct prohibit them from dating, flirting or having any other pre-marital relations. The Kalaidzhi - a name meaning tinsmiths or boilermakers - marry only within the group. Finding a spouse from outside - and in particular a non-Roma Bulgarian - is out of the question. Love is only a secondary consideration. What matters is the dowry. A growing number of young Roma, however, are rebelling against the traditional marriage market. They want to make their own decisions, and to love and marry the person of their choice. For girls especially - some as young as 15 when they are put up for marriage - the wedding is the end of self-determined life. They will subsequently be housewives and mothers. The film accompanies 17-year-old Teni and 19-year-old Maria in the week before the market day. For them it means buying a lot of new clothes and masses of other preparations. Can this be a way to find true love? And how is the outdated ritual affected by the Internet and social media? _______ Exciting, powerful and informative – DW Documentary is always close to current affairs and international events. Our eclectic mix of award-winning films and reports take you straight to the heart of the story. Dive into different cultures, journey across distant lands, and discover the inner workings of modern-day life. Subscribe and explore the world around you – every day, one DW Documentary at a time. Subscribe to DW Documentary: https://www.youtube.com/dwdocumentary?sub_confirmation=1 For more information visit: http://www.dw.com/en/tv/docfilm/s-3610 Instagram https://www.instagram.com/dwdocumentary/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dw.stories DW netiquette policy: http://www.dw.com/en/dws-netiquette-policy/a-5300954
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DW Documentary (1 year ago)
For the Spanish version of this documentary, visit our new YouTube channel 'DW Documental': https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ1GpKa15ulyoQuxz7H4rng
naganarsireddy seelam (23 days ago)
can you give me the telugu version rights
Saurav gupta (3 months ago)
How long does it take to get pr of romania after getting married to a romanian girl?
Kowsar Abdi (3 months ago)
DW Documentary Would
Dalibor Mitrovic (4 months ago)
It d be much better with subtitle than with voice at the back...
meth-lab barbie (5 months ago)
A Spanish bride market?
Jessica Reeves (14 hours ago)
80 percent unemployment how do they survive
Hosam Elsayed (1 day ago)
What is Nietzsche doing here?
Lynette (2 days ago)
This is so wrong on so many levels. And here our bridal fairs are all about the vendors... where to get a dress, venue, flowers etc.🙄
Chris Berg (3 days ago)
So I have to be rich to marry? Psh...
ERIT DJz (4 days ago)
Stolen Mercedes?????
Tim Foley (4 days ago)
Always waiting on a woman!
Loveduhmusic (4 days ago)
Body builder walks by "sup ladies" 😎 game over for all the guys
Black Menacat (1 day ago)
YoBro (4 days ago)
The rich are stupid. The brides should pay, .... it's called dowry. No dowry, no wedding.
Benson Yeboah (5 days ago)
I'm here just to read comments
DW Documentary (5 days ago)
Sasha Martin (5 days ago)
You people are still much fortunate to have more freedom than ordinary women in Pakistan have.
Marie J (5 days ago)
Моят приятел ………… Исус се връща и иска конечно ви вземе със для себя си! Моля, бъдете любезни към всички. Не целенасочено наранявайте другите, не крадете, не убивайте, нито правете секс извън брака либо правете секс преди брака. Не практикувайте магьосничество, тъй като отваря демонични врати, от които се нуждаете, за конечно затворите Бог. Не гледайте порнуха. Не лъжете и не завиждайте и не ревнувайте на другите. Търсете Бога и го помолете конечно ви простите грешките в животика и конечно престанете конечно вършите лошите неща. Ако не понимаете какви са лошите неща, прочетете Изход 20 и бъдете свети. Бог е толкова достоен конечно опознае. Той те е създал за значительны неща! Ще бъдете изумени от броя на ангелите, които той ви защитава точно сега. Потърсете го, като прочетете Библията, като Псалми 103, за конечно видите будто го обичаше цар Давид. Обичам те!
J G (6 days ago)
The use of a dowry is more common in various cultures than a bride-price
gafta123 gafta123 (6 days ago)
lovely family, great man i respect him a lots all what his talking about fed my family and he wanna keep his traditions going what is wrong with that. we western do change fast and we want others to fallow. respect respect respect. thank you
Rahul Rana (6 days ago)
smile tube (7 days ago)
Islam is the only solution for all this
Ellie Petrova (6 days ago)
most Bulgarian Romani are Muslim
pisum sativum (7 days ago)
Oh look the boy is an ARMY ! BTS is everywhere
Ahmed Qureshi (7 days ago)
halloo hw r u i need my sweet girl home.wife am.marriage with u
Divagar (8 days ago)
Bulgarian Women & Girls are very beautiful
Ens Santos (9 days ago)
I want to leave there
Johny Salimi (9 days ago)
The truth is, they got monster boobs....
Reality Check (10 days ago)
This may look radical but in these culture, you can get a loyal wife ho will stay with you forever. Women are worth more here than in the USA.
Exo's proud mama bear (10 days ago)
Modernity short skirts and dresses also going to the club without informing your parents. How nice and dandy
kardrasa (10 days ago)
Monkey people.... and I am Bulgarian
Ravi Khanmotra (10 days ago)
Aur you interested married with Indian boy
Alexandr Asparov (10 days ago)
Send Bulgarian girls to England, I am sure that here is much of men who have more than 10.000 euros
Alexandr Asparov (10 days ago)
There is no industralisation, car industry in Bulgaria ? They can't programmate and sell software to earn money ? Or any big warehouses which employ thousands of people ?
Alexandr Asparov (10 days ago)
Bring those girls out of Bulgaria or England, we can change them for those emancipated useless girls who knows just how to make their nails and how suck money from man... Bulgarian girls are cute
ItzJonny (11 days ago)
Lots of incels are gonna move to Bulgaria now...
Are you Ready (11 days ago)
which accent is this audio man ? or which accent is spoken on DW documentary ? British or American ? plzzz let me know
Rebecca Barrand (10 days ago)
Pakhtoon Proud (12 days ago)
No respect for women it’s not done
Trump2020 (12 days ago)
The husband said his wife was a cow
Peter Muller (12 days ago)
The threat of self determination is real!
Neha Gali (13 days ago)
Why is he husband fat shaming the wife
Director Lunchie (13 days ago)
sick to my stomach! bride price in Southern China is an offering on wedding day, you don't SELL your daughter ffs!!!!!!!!!
Subhasis Pany (13 days ago)
I need a bride.
bogavelli narendra (14 days ago)
The girl is beautiful but the makeup spolied her attire,i suppose she will have more chance minus the makeup.
appie bae (14 days ago)
3:49 is me and my dad whenever we are going out 😁😁
Imran Ali (14 days ago)
Sub Liminal (14 days ago)
That blowtorch! For EVERYTHING ^^
Susan Oz (14 days ago)
The world is gone mad. bury the old fashion and move on. let everyone decide who ever they want to marry to, yes the party didn't go well is because the others don't like to pay, they moved on.
SHARJEEL NAWAZ (15 days ago)
The lady is remaining me of the cleaning lady in Tom and Jerry cartoon. same clothing style
Head Banga (15 days ago)
Хубава труд, ама циганска.
Mr. Taruman (15 days ago)
Tha Ghost looking makeup of the bride tho lol
jedanpapa t-rex (16 days ago)
Give this old uncle weed It will open his crack mind
aneesh (16 days ago)
@6:22 haaahahahahhahahahaha
aneesh (16 days ago)
this reminds me of the seinfeld episode were elaine thinks the restaurant is only employing women with big breasts
Woofux (16 days ago)
Change the title to Brides for sale - Bulgaria's GYPSIES marriage market
nivruth nitin G (16 days ago)
The days are changing but not their minds. They are still stuck in back then times
Alfred Paynita (16 days ago)
Am I the only one who thinks the narrator is bob saget??
We sometimes forget that this kind of poverty - spiritual as well as material - can, not only be found in Latin America, Africa and Asia, but also right on our doorstep here in Europe. Call me racist or xenophoci if you will. I just don't care anymore.
RAJ PAL SINGH (16 days ago)
I'm also searching a beautiful wife with long hairs
Tahoun (16 days ago)
can humanity sink any lower ?
Jhonson W (16 days ago)
Kalaichi sounds like southern India pot repair Smith's called kalaai.
fernando g. aguirre (16 days ago)
Europeans but with their world countries mentality ......
fernando g. aguirre (16 days ago)
They look like soo gypsies !
Hastati ™ (17 days ago)
are these gypsies?
Gamer (17 days ago)
Can other nation boys marry these girls?
GS4444 (16 days ago)
no, 10:15, probably extends to all other communities
AP foto (17 days ago)
Kai Hiwatari (17 days ago)
I'm lucky...
Kayem&co (17 days ago)
18 I was concerned and worried about how to pass my exams... These people are getting ready to marry
Edmonda Grabanica (7 days ago)
Hahahaha same here 22
Kayem&co (17 days ago)
This not that bad..... But bit weird..
Kayem&co (17 days ago)
This channel is 1000 times better then bullshit channels
Expat (17 days ago)
Bet if I offered 50k he would marry his kids to anything even a donkey hahahahha
Marieda Parellio (17 days ago)
I don't think any of the other girls got the memo Maria was talking about regarding "being as light skinned as possible". She looks like she was dipped in flour while the others look pretty and natural.
Ayde (17 days ago)
can we take a moment to recognize the fact that FaceBook and Instagram are the things that have been able to reach out and invite this insular social society into a larger community: challenging their social norms (or maybe it was already happening).
LOL , Maria so cool girl. i wish she has good future and much better live .
Jo Mama (17 days ago)
Forget the powdery face you wanna know her future looks? look at the mother
Akash Kothawale (17 days ago)
21:57 is that chic pregnant?
AproposOfWetSnow (17 days ago)
their eyes are so full of life! charismatic people.
dogan k (17 days ago)
It's fun and all. But seriously, I would like to see those young girls rebel and bury this non-sense deep into the ocean.
Johnny Sack (17 days ago)
this need to happen in usa
Boooop (16 days ago)
Frank christ (17 days ago)
she is fucking gorgeous
Curious Guy (17 days ago)
The gang could attack the bride market - What the police is doing?
Prolegomena1781 (17 days ago)
Police in Bulgaria are basically paid crooks
alvi al mafi (17 days ago)
whats the big deal :S it happens all the time in asia (arranged marriage)
Riya Bhatoia (14 days ago)
at least its not this bad
good dev (17 days ago)
What if the girl is a lesbian? such an outdated tradition. i hope these kinda traditions go extinct.
D. Tudor (18 days ago)
"She has very special roots". Clearly !
murat m (18 days ago)
that clothing bazaar better than the Nordstrom
shirsendu maiti (18 days ago)
17-year-old looking for a bride??????? wtf????? I am 25 and still thinking what to watch at Netflix
Fatima Gul Fatima Gul (2 days ago)
We trying to fight with studies and research
+kitty cat Traditionally women hope to get married earlier to lock the relationship. However let us facing the fact, Marriage can no longer lock the relationship, If a man doesn't want to marry you usually means he bears the heart to leave you, if got married, you will take half of his wealth away when divorce. So you should be careful ask if he is honest, or simply don't put all the hope on him.
kitty cat (7 days ago)
I am 25 too and my boyfriend of 7 years is 25 too nd he wants to get married only after he turns 30 :(
Trust me if letting the 17-years-old to exchange his life with you, he will gladly agree. To getting rid of horrible village lives.
You do not know poor people, they work in fields, to have a waifu cooking soup is very important for a peasant. Also having more kids means having more people working for you. Poor man's kids doing jobs from very early ages.
Lydia Pet (18 days ago)
Her hair is so long
BG Slamimball (18 days ago)
dont believe this shit. These are not bulgarians these are jypsies
bulgaria rome here i come. hahaha
Diaralcasan Ibrahim (18 days ago)
Maintain your conservatism & refrain from following the Satanic trend of World modernity. I appreciate your traditional culture that is Godly that most people now bother not to understand what pleases Allah (God) the one & only Ultimate Unseen Creator we are created to Worship & please in this temporal earth for us to enjoy His Eternal Heaven in next Life. I am a Muslim Filipino by birth & our forbears are of the same cultural customs & traditions as you are but corrupted in recent times by modernity to the extent that even our Islam Religion by the Quran Alone had been corrupted to the extent that our present young generation are unmindful of the Quran as the TRUTH & their Ultimate Purpose of Being till eternal Heaven not Hell. Masha'allah! How I wish you will not allow corruption of your people. Never allow your virginity to be lost out of wedlock. It is a grave sin to both of you that you may not be forgiven by Allah swt that will land you into Eternal Hellfire just for that brief moment of falsely perceived happiness & thrill of sex. Be caution of the serious consequence. Act not to please your desire & lust but to please your Owner & Creator Allah swt Who is ever watchful of you in this Life together with His Angels who on Judgment Day will bear witness on your worldly good & wrong deeds. Allahu'akbar!
SECRET TIME (18 days ago)
this girl looks very beautifull. at last could she find her patner.I want to know that. plz knew me. I will grateful to U.
Krume Bogevsky (19 days ago)
I really wander what actually happened and if they met a "suitable" spouse the next year...
In1Minute (19 days ago)
As a bulgarian I must say, these are bulgarian citizens but not at all bulgarian people. That is why the video title specifies its "Roma marriage market" in Bulgaria. Bulgarians do not do arranged marriages and most bulgarians, besides the oldest ones, have moved away from such small towns (of 1000 people) to medium/big towns or the big cities where life actually is. Most bulgarians do not associate themselves with these type of people, considered gypsies, because of the big difference in culture. EDIT: wanted to add a stereotype about "gypsies" in bulgaria. Most of them, although poor, will wear fancy (cheap) looking clothes, build big houses (and since some are too big for their budget, they end up incomplete) or decorate their houses with as many colors, statues etc.. as possible just to "show" they have wealth in their life. It is funny sometimes because you can drive from city A to city B and in between pass a small village of 500 people which has abandoned houses or buildings with broken roofs, yet out of nowhere appears one big house with excessive colors and decorations. I personally do not care about them, however I thought it would be good to give some further insight since this video IS about that.
Blessing Czeczuga (19 days ago)
some of the guys are really cute. Like the one they showed where everyone was asking how much he was paying and like he said 100 euros or something. Dark features and light eyes UGHH
Jericho Bullecer (19 days ago)
Teni is kinda handsome
Sai Karthik (19 days ago)
except for the groom paying the bride's family this is the most Indian thing Ive seen today.
Shubham Nishad (17 days ago)
Exactly that's what I was thinking. Throughout the video while watching this regressive custom of Bulgaria, I was thinking about India. In India girls give dowry and in Bulgaria boys give dowry. In China also boys give dowry. And instead of a bride market, people in India directly visit each others home. And instead of a community, here people are limited by caste. Maybe all backwards communities of the world think and act more or less the same way.
Sai Karthik (19 days ago)
"the men have to pay the bride's parents' a dowry of between 1 and 10000 euros"...dunno whether this is better or worse than the Indian situation where the women pay the groom's parents :D
opinions matter (19 days ago)
tip to the cameraman use nd filter please...
Tannei Sarker (19 days ago)
tf i thought i was the only one with the name Tannei!
Boutayna Qsiyer (19 days ago)
Tradition isn't always right !!!
SeNniN (19 days ago)
Best Buy new market potential in Bulgaria Best Brides.
dhaval virani (19 days ago)
Many place like that at worth we dont know .... The community problem.... ... Thanks for show this place ... Nd we praying for this all people who is killing by this stupid community . i m happy for my country ......
Ellie K (18 days ago)
The people shown in the video are a minority in Bulgaria. As a Bulgarian I didn't even know they had this sort of "market".
SsS 1 (19 days ago)
We need more market like this... ❤️ This is normal issue and they are happy no one forced them to prostitution at least
Yvonne G (17 days ago)
Your value is your virginity tho, not too far off. The girl is basically an asset that is traded between her parents and future husband.
satya veer (20 days ago)
Please please please Hindi language mai ducomentry dikhaye
Hamid Raza (20 days ago)
hey guys You can her future picture in her MOM ...............
Eddie Bacon (21 days ago)
Buying girlfriends out of deseperation

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