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8 Clothing Tricks Most Guys Don't Know

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Text Comments (3404)
Ripo (4 hours ago)
I thought i clicked on alpha.m
Youtuber Gagal (5 hours ago)
Hows ur dick size?
read this if you're gay (16 hours ago)
4:44 looks like someone forgot step 3. 2:45
Harold Hernandez (19 hours ago)
I never new guys were so clothes conscious. I thought it was more of a girl thing. Well I learnt something about clothes hangers but I still don't think I would put so much effort into me like that too much work.
Joey King (20 hours ago)
the shirt stay idea is so gay
Burak GT250R (22 hours ago)
Zaman kaybı
Mike Obama (22 hours ago)
Youre annoying as fuck like that alpha male queer.
ero0k (1 day ago)
walmart version of a male
Gille87 (1 day ago)
There’s something called a “washing bag” which will protect your clothes during wash, or just use a washing program that isn’t harsh on the fabric.
Nitehawk (1 day ago)
But i use the muffin top shirts as an excuse to put my hands down my pants in full view of the public for "fixing my shirt" reasons
Pitt Bull (1 day ago)
skiny mother fuckers lol
Vulture House (1 day ago)
Thanks, Brother 🤘
Kavin Kumar (1 day ago)
I have one t-shirt image... but I don't know the brand name of that...can you pls tell me... expecting your reply...If you r ok pls send your mail I'd I will send the image
I already knew that trick to cover up your boner by folding your dick up to rest on the waist line of the pants. I taught myself that as a little boy I must be a genius. The only problem is must russian dick hangs out the pants then.
IrishNZ _ (2 days ago)
Whos fly falls down by itself?
Fluffkin Mod (2 days ago)
How to hide penis?
Amit Singh (2 days ago)
Very good
Harfull Singh Rathod (2 days ago)
Brother accent is cheap
qi yang (2 days ago)
Damn wasabi lookin' gucci
Ben Turley (2 days ago)
Shirt STAYS!!?? 🤣🤣🤣
TEAM UPRISING (2 days ago)
Where did u get the shirt?
PsychoK7734 (2 days ago)
Idiotic video. Dont waste your time
RedNed (2 days ago)
Link to the Denim shirt you are wearing.
Tim sutton (3 days ago)
Think I'll stick to Alpha M from now on. Thx
Joseph Compnotta (3 days ago)
Undershirts under dress shirts, ALWAYS!
Joseph Compnotta (3 days ago)
Wax on zippers it also quietens them
Bill Cosby (3 days ago)
This video is for metro sexuals. Shirt stay....give me a break. What's next.....eye liner. Lmao
JAYZEE BANGOT (3 days ago)
Alpha m's neighbor
Quinn Angaiak (3 days ago)
Glad I’m a real man and an aircraft mechanic
catnash (3 days ago)
FWIW, when my grandmother was teaching me to do laundry as a kid, she taught me the trick about how to correctly hang pants. It's the only way I've ever known!
Pipiska Morja (3 days ago)
Why r u screaming? Do you think that you look smarter when you scream?
AIversonI (3 days ago)
#3 is a fail...... I was hoping for a good fix for that and all we got was "buy new pants dumbass" LOL
Gunner Long (4 days ago)
Subscribed 13 seconds in for your energetic presentation alone
Food Engineer (4 days ago)
I just wonder why would a woman watch this?
Jazzy Phat13 (4 days ago)
Pompadour looking off though
Kamar REDA (4 days ago)
Look at this magic pullover printed 3d with a very low price for ladies and men https://www.ebay.com/itm/302983925966
Jack Matthews (4 days ago)
Sponsored by shirt stay
Autistic2WheelRider (4 days ago)
If your cloths fall of the hangers how about just buy some decent hangers for your decent cloths. Don't be a cheap skate and buy some decent hangers gezz.
10000dc (4 days ago)
I aint wearing no strap on to keep my shirt...im good brother. The rest is super helpful doe
Salim Brim (5 days ago)
What's up with the man bun.
Jetta32696 (5 days ago)
I'm new to the channel. Great vid! What kind of belt is that you have on and does it come in solid colors?
The Beast (5 days ago)
I can just imagine taking a girl back to my flat after a hot date only to get busy in the bedroom - trousers come down ... Girl: Errrm ... what the fuck is that? Me: On that? That’s just my sock-suspended Shirt Stay! Keeps my shirt tight in place and wrinkle free. Anyway ... shall we get down Girl: Bye. *Leaves*
Nelson Martin (5 days ago)
En serio te has puesto unos tirantes en las puernas?
GoldenPilot (5 days ago)
6 mins of my life wasted.
Isabelle Ralls (5 days ago)
Imma girl..... why am I watching this
nicklbaert (5 days ago)
Did he really tell me to buy fitting clothes? Why didn't i think of that?
Exotic Gamer1305 (6 days ago)
What about the sweater boner. When I got my sweater on it be looking like I got a boner!
Ravi Chandel (6 days ago)
dress like john wick
Ravi Chandel (6 days ago)
use stitched and not ready made clothing
CO2taminuim (6 days ago)
Your having this shit and there is me here with a plain t shirt and jeans
Thanks. Jesus bless
Take It Low (6 days ago)
but your shirt is too tight bro
Isaac Ixtupe (6 days ago)
I am loosing weight is there any advice on how to tuck the shirt and helping hiding the extra fat I have.
George Agostini (7 days ago)
All good but that shirt stay thing its a bit weird
TuChannel-Tv (7 days ago)
Hey, man was not supposed to be a complicated sex.!🤔
Superboss Gaming (7 days ago)
The pants trick would help a lot, so many kids say I have a rock hard cack, when it’s really just my pants in a weird position
Beast 345 (7 days ago)
Well, I was wanting to know how to hide a boner, not hide access fabric 😂
Aars AE (7 days ago)
These are the gayest tips ever
What is the double sided tape in 5:00? Is that paper tape? 'cause I tried the double sided tape and it was extremely hard to remove from the shirt
Peter Smafield (8 days ago)
I want everyone to think I have a hard-on.
Edward Spears (8 days ago)
Que rico Men , no sabia que tenias tu Canal en inglés
Marco Avila (8 days ago)
1:23 someones been skipping leg day
jeffrey dahma (8 days ago)
Really bro??? Ur addvertising products
H conteh (8 days ago)
Nice erect*
STG (8 days ago)
This guy makes me cringe... especially with that black filet mignon on top of his fucking head
Tonatiuh QR (9 days ago)
Sorry but who the fuck doesn’t wear socks
Kaas Gaming (9 days ago)
Your super gay
Abdikhalaq Ibrahim (9 days ago)
Tnkz bro
Anonymous (9 days ago)
Thx Man U helped me I when’s whit my girl how did I did for some trick and I said is my favorite youtuber and thank you 😊 again
Daddy Yoongi (9 days ago)
goddamn that ass boi
Sharpshotz Gaming (9 days ago)
*I will never forget that one day in elementary school when we had a sub, we were outside the classroom lined up on the wall and I was first in line, the sub leaned towards my ear and said "Your bridges are sticking out" when really it was excess fabric.*
richard shelhart (10 days ago)
Simeon Wootton (10 days ago)
This guys makes a great salesman. Especially for hearing aids. I SAID ESPECIALLY FOR HEARING AIDS.
Mohammad Rizky (10 days ago)
I hate his voice wtf man why you yelling like that
Life s Evan Tanbir (10 days ago)
Hector Colon (10 days ago)
This Nigga is a cornball
Edy (10 days ago)
My Dog Is Bae (10 days ago)
Why am I watching this? I'm a woman...
RaNdOmIzEd2017 (10 days ago)
Shirt stay was a good idea. Just seems weird. But I like the flat ironing of the collar!
Gamer4 Life (10 days ago)
*Where can I find Shirt Stay in Barbados*
SanderRE (10 days ago)
What is the belt you wore, when showing off the shirt stays, called?
HACEKOMOE (11 days ago)
nice thx bro!
p.vivek (11 days ago)
Romba pesurada
xxjaxthegxmerTV xx (11 days ago)
👓👓👓👓👓👓 👕👕👕👕👕👕 👖👖👖👖👖👖 👟👟👟👟👟👟
JDM isBest (11 days ago)
I haven’t washed my jeans in almost a year
Matt Taniwha (11 days ago)
So no hack for number 3????
Nicole Tapia (11 days ago)
This was in my recommendations. I'm a girl.
Zedong99 (11 days ago)
Jesus! WHY DO YOU HAVE TO YELL!?!?!?!?!?
Nicholas Brown (11 days ago)
How often should you wash denim jeans? I hear from people that you shouldn't wash them after every single time you wear them because it leeches out the dye in the fabric. What can you do to bring nice denim back to life - rit dye? Any thoughts/suggestions are welcome! Thanks! Oh and that hanger trick - AWESOME!
Spartan Mon (11 days ago)
I feel like the audio is low on his vids
NotsoJoe Rogan (11 days ago)
7 was the stupidest thing i've ever seen on a style tip video, there's a thing called a iron that was invented for such purposed. but yeah using a hair straightener is much more ingenious, stupid alpha m rip off
Jaye Kaye (12 days ago)
Ok Rob O Buddy Has nothing to do with stupidity of this video
manish bisht (12 days ago)
like from india.thanx..tell me name of that elastic material which holds shirt to coe out.
The thumbnail is what happens to me and people say i have a boner ._.
Gacha Gigi (12 days ago)
omg idk why i am watching this 😂 ima girl 😂
MastercapeRS (13 days ago)
Hairs too big
Jaye Kaye (13 days ago)
Thanks for your honesty.To bad your philosophy holds no water.How do you know I'm even male
See Everything Now (13 days ago)
This dudes wack
Ben Vincent (13 days ago)
This video was such a waste of time....learned nothing new that I will use in my day to day...I don’t need suspenders in my pants...who in the fuck wears shirt stays? That seems much more annoying than just re-tucking your shirt back in
FleXx Lugar (14 days ago)
Simple yet brilliant

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