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The New Trend of Indian Girls Publicly Shaming Men on Facebook!

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This is a reaction to the whole Jasleen Kaur incident going viral in India. The media's uncontrollable shaming and naming; the people's immediate reaction, and the male bashing got me inspired to make this video. Please leave your comments, don't hesitate even if you are in complete disagreement. :) Message me on FB: https://www.facebook.com/mensutra On twitter: @mensutra
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Text Comments (3298)
The Consecrator (6 days ago)
*The future is MGTOW and there is absolutely no doubt about it*. Men should stop getting married then those morons(fucking feminists) will understand the value of men. Misuse of IPC 498a itself is the biggest reason to not to marry in india. Do u take the risk of seeing your parents in jail?
mr singh (10 days ago)
1. When in 1983, dowry law made up in india. At that time girl and her parents were finding boy with equal standered of living .          -------#### 2. Secondly girl was holding all responsibilities of big families in her law's home . But now situation totally changed. Most of the girls are educated, lazy and some are faminist as well. "wife only ask about her rights but forgot duties".             ---------### 3. Why only fake complaint about dowry and domestic violence from greedy wife is sufficient to spoil husband's and all youngsters future and putting down health of all old ones in husband family ?? Truth is not related to perticuler gender religion and cast.       ------###### 4. We are becoming modern on every expect . We need to develop modern thinking for this topic as well. If making strict rules then make it for both genders so no one can missuse it. In present situations married man is not safe in India.        -----4a. "If girl is equal to boy and indipendent it's very good thing .But then she can't get treatment like abhla Nari and can't get privilege ".       -------4b . "If she is abhla Nari then she can get all her rights when she also remember her responsibilities as well".       ------4c. In so many countries girl's population is more then boys . There boys are not saying "oh we are less in numbers so make strict rules for girls. Then Why this gender discrimination heppens here in our country ?       ----- 4d . it's 2018 now everything is changed then why devorce process is that much slow ?         ------#### 5. why there is no strict instent action and same panality against wife for filing false FIR of dowry and domestic violence case on husband and his family .          ------#### 6. If wife needs divorce from husband then even if husband file conjugal rights under section 9 still she can file dowry case against husband to maintain her status and image in society , for extortion of money and getting quicker divorce.         -------6a. if husband needs divorce from criminal mantality and violating wife then again she files dowry case ,start high voltage drama being abhla for putting Burdon on him for extortion of money.        --------6b. In result of new changes of section 497 . Court should pass easy one sided devorce law as well who don't feel comfortable , safe and satisfied with there partner . So they can be saparated before loosing there loyalty with each other.Because if there is no good communication and loyalty between them then don't make it crime petrol episode.            -----6c. Even why mahila ayog did not find any single case where husband is right and if they find it then why they don't highlight it . ? Is something fishy there???????          ----### 7. In today's world girls are more greedy, demanding and Gold diggers then men . Dowry case is Just extortion of money. It's like dowry demand from boy by girl . So same panality should be implement for girl.           ------7a .Why they don't find husband with equal living standered           ------7b . Why They find wealthy boy for marriege now in these days . But law is still old and thinking women is abhla Nari she is honest .          ----#### 8. Is there any data (aankre) collected by harrased husbands ?         -------8a . Is there any legal right for husband to take action against demanding and violating wife ? If not Then how can these faminists showing one sided data to country ???         -------8b . If any women is really believes in court decision then she should be agreed for same panality for her if court finds that case was fake.because it's honorable supreme Court verdict that more then 90% of dowry cases are fake .             ----- ### 9. Why government and mahila ayog or Court don't stop marrieges in big palaces and hotels, destination wedding and etc if they are really serious about it ? They should stop dowry on spot . Because they knows that if any dispute happens after marriage then it will count as dowry ????       ------ #### 10. In actual girls wants there expensive and destination marriage.but if any dispute occurred then it converted in dowry. If girls are truely believes in her simple wedding and she truely believes that she is equal to boy then           -------10a. why she spending lots of money to marry with rich and handsome husband ?          ------10b. Some time for money only why she agry to marry with an old and druggy person as well ???          -----10c.  Why don't she find simple , poor but educated , hardworking and honest boy for marriage ?????    -------##### (maintenance) :-       -----### Number 1. Marriege is not only husband's need its wife's need too.Even Its not one sided desision to marry. So why maintaince for wife . Even why money involved in that. They can just sit together and can devide hole money which they spent on marriage from both side . For that perpose there should be compulsory pre-marriege form for recording all expenses. And both party must be agree on it.         -------1a. when parents planing for baby it's one sided decision from parents side only. baby is not involved in it. In that case if parents are getting devorce then they both should be liable to take responsibility of baby . So why devorce Burdon only comes to husband's pocket, body and brain .         -------### 2. According to new judgement of respected supreme Court about section 497. Which tells wife is not property of husband. we are happy with this decision. but now question is this " if anything is not our property then why we will take responsibility to maintain it " ?          -----### 3. Now in these days women are equal to men so if men and women really believes that thing then why on devorce time she ask for money ? Why faminist doesn't say "I also have two hands and two legs like husband.So I don't need alimony ".        -------### 4. if wife is legally allowed to get share from her parents property then why she ask for more money from husband ?             ---### 5. wife is not only female in husband's home . Even mother, sisters ,grandmother are also part of family in Indian culture . So Why for giving money prefference goes to young wife rather than old parents ??         ----#### 6. Equality and abhla Nari words are manipulated according to needs.      ---- 6a. When wife living with husband then she always says that she is equal to husband.      ----6b. But when she saparated from husband then in court she is showing like abhla Nari for getting alimony money from husband. On that stage she will pretend like it's only her loss nothing happened to husband .              ------6c. funny example of it : During marriage If man will drinking which bad for health then faminist will say oh I will also drink . If man is going to club faminist say I will also go Even If man will smoke which is very bad for health then faminist say I will smoke too. But at the time of divorce when man is giving alimony then why don't any faminist say "I will give you alimony" ??? People involve money in love then they are saying "I found true love" .       ----### 7. Why we are following most of old british laws . Even now in these days they already changed some of them and are debating to change other old mantality laws.        -----7a Even if we really think that we are best then this is another reason for copying them.    ----### (Now result and solutions)         -----#### 1. After so much thinking the answer is : These laws are for setifying eggo and jealousy of looser and lazy faminist, feeding some opportunities people and for spoiling joint family and Marriege culture from indian society.        -------1a. Because if even government and court knows that dowry law now these days just extortion of money now in these days. Then why they don't change it.         ----### 2. So every man should file petition against Dowry and maintainance law. It's our legal right . Because it's biggest reason behind most of devorces .      -----#### 3. Now men need purush ayog as well. Otherwise present situation will lead to big men's rights protests against these one sided laws  !!!     .      -----### 4. India is biggest democracy in world so I hope these will be change soon according to ground realities and that change will make history . it's right time to change .Because in reality looser and lazy faminist does not want equality they want Privilage only.
mr singh (10 days ago)
See this ...any candle light March for this innocent boy ?? Reality of 90% fake Dowry and domestic violence cases. https://youtu.be/jV1WtBqYGK4
Abhishek verma (13 days ago)
Female lies the most.....they never discloses what bad things they have said or done to other males. They simply makes their own stories. Stories where they are victims and other is culprit. I personally don't believe ladies.
asd (13 days ago)
it's called feminism, fuck feminism
Aditya Ranjan (14 days ago)
2019 anyone?
The Consecrator (17 days ago)
Why the hell women are treated like goddesses specially in India? "IF YOU WANT TO TEST A PERSON'S CHARACTER THEN GIVE HIM/HER POWER" -Abraham Lincoln So you witnessed the true character of women now. -They are not given the same level of punishment for the same crime committed by men. -Women are always considered to be victims and men as oppressor. As if there are zero defects in them. -They are legally allowed to file a false rape cases and are believed blindly. - IPC 498a is made with a noble intention to protection women but lakhs of men are committing suicide because of its misuse but nobody gives a crap about it. - There is NO law for husbands while wives have about a dozen laws they can file against men. - There is women's commission, there is children's commission in india but there is no men's commission in India. - About 50% of rape cases are false so what should be the punishment given to those girls/women ? Chopping off her breasts or putting a 1000 degree Celsius steel bar into her vagina ? - And they also say "Respect Women" WHY ???
Sailakshya Sikdar (25 days ago)
We all men women whos head still in the right place or intact have to take care of this problem once and for all I actually like the idea of mgtow but if both genders fighting each other like this it put back our modern civilization several hundred years behind in today's world actually terrible problems out there I will not mention them because of many reasons give it like or comment if agree
SÍDDHÁRTH BÁYLÔR (1 month ago)
Just kick the damn ugly women's faces...
PHILIP WATSON 5 (1 month ago)
Ashutosh Singh (1 month ago)
I really cant understand these girls they don't even reply to the person who has clear charge of rape or harassment they only raise their fuc*ing fingers to those men's with whom they had casual fight on road, and where we all people always think ki yeh ladkiyan hi humare desh ka bhavishya banengi, ek baar toh mujhe laga tha ki womens like Indra Gandhi, Marry kom, Saniya Mirza, Saina newal etc... these kinds of women will lead our future but I'm afraid ki aiyse bhi aauraten hoti hai i feel very sad for future of Indian men's and for India.
Akshay Sivakumar (1 month ago)
Actually it's totally partial this is the shame of the law of India....Most women use some laws to threaten men using those laws which supports women
Meet Pandya (1 month ago)
Wow yur vocabulary skills are too good !
Mansi Karmarkar (1 month ago)
He is amazing
oto khulu (1 month ago)
Say no to feminism, Yes to equality, Say no to media trail, Yes to judicial trail Say no to white knight syndrome Yes to dark knight ( I am Batman).😁
honey Singh (1 month ago)
First video of mensutra ?
Savage Activities (1 month ago)
Wow I am watching this in 2018. Big transformation
Aman Kumar (1 month ago)
Indian media shows shits
Kshitiz Garv (1 month ago)
Watching Shwetabh's videos since November 2015 and the growth that I've witnessed of this channel is a staggering progress! Two channels and of millions subscribers!
Instagram videos (2 months ago)
2018 I am listening to it . Kaur did a publicity stunt
HAIL MGTOW (2 months ago)
All men should have gone MGTOW 1000s of years ago.
Aami Love (2 months ago)
She should be sentenced to death penalty if she was wrong. And this punishment will bring a good fear those women who misuse the laws
Aami Love (2 months ago)
!gaming ghost! Yes you are right. We need a strong solution to this
!gaming ghost! (2 months ago)
Also those women who actually are victims, if they are somehow proved false despite being right, they will be hanged. So that would be a stupid decision to impose such a law.
Raj Mishra (2 months ago)
Bhai Kya bola Jaye bc media
Big D (2 months ago)
38, been single all my life by choice after seeing how sick women are!!!!!!! thank you for posting this and showing why guys like me NEVER want anything to do with women if they're just like this!!
Apoorv Ranjan (2 months ago)
735 Papa ki Pariya spotted
Anonymous alien (1 month ago)
Lmao 🤣
Kanishk Kashyap (2 months ago)
734 feminists
Rishabh Jaiswal (2 months ago)
The sad reality is... A man is guilty untill proven innocent... & A woman is innocent untill proven guilty...
winner david (2 months ago)
Most disturbing fact is if we are avoiding these girls and staying away from any relationship with them, they will call us selfish or cruel or even call us gay. The shaming games are so high that it is almost testing our patience to not shout at the them.
winner david (2 months ago)
There was one incident when one person's wallet was stolen by a girl. He caught her and they started quarrelling each other. All white knights rushed there to support the girl. He only escaped because he was very strong otherwise mob will lynch him for quarrelling with the girl thief.
Vishal Gupta (2 months ago)
Who is watching it in 2018 ?
Ultra Instinct (2 months ago)
MGTOW nd Mensuta both are same
Ultra Instinct (2 months ago)
fuck this media..
Rolsen Rezurezen (2 months ago)
your videos always inspire me man
amanrose sethi (2 months ago)
She did play the victim. She did lie. She did exaggerate. I’m ashamed she is a woman. She has run away abroad since she can’t prove anything in court. The poor guy is still suffering. I’m ashamed and sorry.
Ananya Negi (2 months ago)
This channel is dumb like men don't commit crime or destroy women's life.If I was at her place I will do the same.
!gaming ghost! (1 month ago)
+Anonymous alien She's probably a 14 year old having her first period
Anonymous alien (1 month ago)
Feminazi here?
!gaming ghost! (2 months ago)
you need a tissue?
nakul singh (3 months ago)
whats the difference between theae girls and rapists they both ruin the life of innocent rapist is punished but this jasleen is not how many men are ruined by these women earlier i used to think women are so nice and god like but i was lied by society
Debarghya Chattopadhyay (3 months ago)
One day a girl will be raped but no body is going to believe her because of these idiots. Girls these days lack Quality
Debarghya Chattopadhyay (3 months ago)
You forget Nymphomaniac
Parth Sharma (3 months ago)
The problem is women think feminism is equality of outcome , but in reality it should be equality of opportunity .
Ravikant Ranjan (3 months ago)
Its obvious if you are in a relationship just for sex but marries someone else, girl will definitely file a case for rape. i know many assholes who are in relationship just for sex, one day they will dump them. so who told them to put their asses on fire. If girl would be strong these assholes will definitely suffer. you should also know that in india 95% case of genuine rape case are unreported.
Ravikant Ranjan (3 months ago)
I usually thought you talk genuine. By seeing comments below anyone can observe how many loosers and perverts are followers of you. you might be god for such perverts and messiah of masculinity. But every coin have two sides you must talk other side too. these type of ignorant video only motivates a pervert and mysogynist mindset. world media is saying indian women are suffering. In this system your own sister can't travel without a male guide.
Ravikant Ranjan (3 months ago)
The problem is intelligent are full of doubts while idiots like you are full of confidence. the fact is india is most dangerous place for women in world. 1-2 case cant be generalise. You are just motivating perverts confidence . Dear idiot you should know in this bullshit system 90% of genuine rape case is not reported. you can see thousands of mysogynist confidently threating rape threats on social media platform in bold letter. you cant see NCRB records that crime against women is skyrocketing day by day.
Abhijit Zimare (3 months ago)
This video should resurface admist Tanushree Datta's case.
Raghunath Reddy (3 months ago)
What tanushree is doing same thing on Nana.
rahul raj (3 months ago)
Girl should be tied down and stone should be pelted on her.. this is the right way to give such women lesson ..
Susan Marsh (3 months ago)
Your language is disgusting. One sign of intelligence is the ability to choose an appropriate word instead of the filth you spew. Your are destroying the english language. As an American and english being my mother language I'd appreciate you stop mutilating our language. Give up your blogging career you're a horrible speaker.
SonTOSHI (1 month ago)
Susan Marsh excuse me? Your "mother language"? Last time I checked, you cunts don't own anything, not even your own fucking homeland worthless American retards!
!gaming ghost! (2 months ago)
What the fuck is an American thot doing on an Indian channel? As for the English language, it's not *yours* , it's a British language and you have no authority over it. And no one has fucked the English language more than the fat-ass Chicken nugget Americans. I'd appreciate you to stop whining like a little bitch on YouTube and get a fucking job. It's funny how people get butthurt over nothing.
harajyoti kar (3 months ago)
Most probably same thing is happening to Nana patker
Capt.Playitall. (3 months ago)
3 years later the 'pervert', a criminal guy has attended all the court hearings while this lady hasn't even set foot in court. So much for women empowerment.
NEETISH SHARMA (3 months ago)
Preach brother preach ✊🏽
manpreet singh (3 months ago)
kill this girls on road we will not face fals alligation we are also not a toys
sourabh dhingra (3 months ago)
Mensutra - this is SJW shit coming to India. Enjoy. BTW #anushkasharma. Hope you get the sarcasm.
seeni vasan (3 months ago)
Fuckoff feminism... 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
Mohammad Abir (3 months ago)
Not only in India, around the world women just want to prove that men are always guilty. It doesn't matter either he's guilty or not.
!gaming ghost! (2 months ago)
Not in the Middle East xD
Gautam R (3 months ago)
Shame on Indian media and society that facilitates blackmail, defamation and extortion.
FariDaBadBoi (3 months ago)
Thats True man
Vaibhav Parab (3 months ago)
Correct... totally correct
juggernaut (3 months ago)
Where is this hoe now??
!gaming ghost! (2 months ago)
Pursuing her goals in Canada while the 'pervert' has to appear in the court at every hearing
Sharriy (3 months ago)
your accent is killing me.....
HHazarika69 (3 months ago)
Girls are toxic
Sumukh Arun Raghu (3 months ago)
Fake accent, but whatever the video was nice
Kanchan Prasad kp (3 months ago)
Wait for that day when she will be jailed for a lifetime. Request to Media Don't ruin someone's life without knowing about the incident. And I don't know why after knowing that someone is jailed for what he didn't do ,only court will be declared that he is Inocent and will be free..but there are no punishment for the girl who ruin that boy's life. Shame on you....😠
Ujjawal Kumar (3 months ago)
Well said bro
Prateek Gavaskar (3 months ago)
Times now kabhi nahi deko
Yash Singh (4 months ago)
Your beep fully silences the abuses 😝
Sushila Yadav (4 months ago)
False rape cases are more than real cases and the real ones aren't even reported. Wow There should be a punishment for filing false rape cases
Ronin Enlightened (4 months ago)
Guys, just go MGTOW. Its charisma done right.
Kartikey Mishra (4 months ago)
atleast people will think twice before doing any wrong
RobPolson (4 months ago)
What law was he breaking? Being an ass isn't against the law.
Abhishek ki Lab (4 months ago)
who is watching this in 2018 after 3 years now the court have issued a bailable warrent againt these girl!
Aryan Gautam (4 months ago)
Shwetabh bhai is one of best persons I have seen in my life Respect
Abhinav Nambiar (4 months ago)
Just go MGTOW !
Sabyasachi Sengupta (4 months ago)
Rammehar Singh (4 months ago)
Grand Salute big brother Dil Se...
Bhushan P (4 months ago)
The indian media along with girl should be sent to jail!!
Bhushan P (4 months ago)
These girls should be declare fake publicly!!
Manan Sethi (4 months ago)
#women are vaginas
Vaas Gaming (4 months ago)
First of all mensutra is 100% right. Now if you guys really want to do something then think twice before you beat someone in public for no obvious reasons or for blind information. According to me girls already got enough rights and still they shout for equality.. WTF is that??? And so everyone turns out to be a great feminist...don't prove yourself a warrior infornt of girls by beating a unknown innocent guy..Remember we are also men...I never said to disrespect any women, respect everyone...but Think before act
Shashidhar NaNdA (4 months ago)
Hell with feminism and feminists you guys are just sexists who call yourself feminists, hail #MGTOW( Men go their own way). Justice to men.
panda in a bambo (4 months ago)
Shashidhar NaNdA mgtow is bullshit and male equivalent of feminist
Yvd619 (4 months ago)
That's y I hate India for this reason
!gaming ghost! (2 months ago)
Get the fuck out of here then
Søham (4 months ago)
Faced something similar today. It was so bad she beat our care taker but when we told that we are going to do an FIR she went and did a false claim and even torn her dress to get more sympathy.
gaurav kumar (5 months ago)
These feminists should be molested in public...if not they should die
shreyansh aswal (5 months ago)
All those stupid men who support such girls will become the victim one day...
Steal Yo gurl (5 months ago)
Go mgtow
Invincible Rohan (5 months ago)
Bhai...why don't you make videos like these which exposes feminists..real agenda...are u scared that ur channel can be deleted..
?????? Loner (5 months ago)
"Fucken pervert!" Me: WTF?!
Itz aman jot Cyngh (5 months ago)
shame on jasleen kaur 😑
Jonny Falcon (5 months ago)
the world before internet nd computers was hell lot better!!!
Prakash v (5 months ago)
Feminism is just a business for fashion industry and most of girls don't understand this and above all our great media and Bollywood plays a major role in propagating this..please women wake up and stand up against the wrong person and not against gendor
Navit Blade (5 months ago)
I know a man falsely accuse of rape. He being Jail for 5 year and when they find out he was innocent and the woman was lying. The woman got only 1 year in jail.
Wickle Pinksnout (5 months ago)
the day will come when woman push this victim attitude so far that it will come back tot hem 10 fold. no one will believe them when they do actually have something horrible happen to them. no one will trust them, and men wont put up with it any more to the point of fighting back in thier own way.
MEN 101 (5 months ago)
Deepak Sharma (4 months ago)
MEN 101 Watch the recent news about this article. u might find something good for ur next video 🙂
Scott Allen (5 months ago)
This shit is happening in America too.
!gaming ghost! (2 months ago)
That's where all this shit started and people around the world started following it.
Invincible Rohan (5 months ago)
mgtow is the only way....
Heath Lawson (5 months ago)
Gentlemen look into MGTOW! Your welcome!
abhay rawat (6 months ago)
726 motherfucking feminists
Final Truth (6 months ago)
I am a proud misogynist
Shahzada Ronnie (6 months ago)
498A must be countered by other law where women are found guilty .As far as the media is concerned they must face legal consequences .This grave concern can't be one sided else no man will be respected
MGTOW BrotherHood (6 months ago)
MGTOW welcome to India
Jomanitta! SOA (6 months ago)
This is a backlash... What men have always done is attack women verbally or physically, raping, saying obscene things... So many men feel like they are above us & can do anything to us & for so many years bad guys have gone away with it.. They like it when they are in control & we are weak and in fear. So, the idea of posting his picture online IS exactly to ruin his life - not as a way of revenge but as the only way to make men fear and take us seriously, and maybe finally leave us alone & treat us respectfully. Maybe this is the only way to discipline them, since reputation is one's pillar in society. Why don't you talk about men raping & physically abusing women? Aren't those women's lives ruined too? Perhaps we should all start posting the bad behaviour of men & their pictures so they can finally learn to hold themselves together. They cannot say to us or do to us what they wish.. and anyone who disrespects us will be punished viciously in any way, shape or form.. and calling them out for their bad behaviour, ruining their reputation & lives is our new choice.. we have become desperate just to keep you away because you guys don't know the amount of pain we feel when we're treated like objects, you don't know the suffering that comes after rape or the hurt that comes after being catcalled. It really leaves a scar inside; still, you refuse to acknowledge or to consider our side of the argument. You refuse to be empathetic or responsible... yet you get hurt when called out for your actions.
!gaming ghost! (2 months ago)
Your comment did not make me feel bad at all.
Jomanitta! SOA (6 months ago)
+sahaj dave Although my tone may have seemed a little sharp because you can't really hear a person through their writing, but I really wrote it in an emotional manner asking for you guys to be more empathetic. All I want is a more serious stand against rape from all of us including men.. but most of the time all I see and hear from men is how we're considered objects and other disgusting talk & I've grown sick of it. & when we accuse one of you of rape all of a sudden you all are triggered and lashing out at the woman. It's not a war against women and men. I wish we can really end rape and hold those who rape or lie accountable. What I always feel is that so many men don't see rape as horrible as it really is that's why they're constantly turning their heads away. I wished you could have written your point of view so we can have a constructive dialogue and come to understand our perspectives instead of calling me mentally-ill to a point that not even brain surgery can help. :/ Anyway, that's your opinion of me - not a fact. & your opinion is not respected because it degrades my worth. You can have all the opinion in the world my friend; but those that undermine others are not acceptable. So look for a better way to argue.
Jomanitta! SOA (6 months ago)
+anomynous !! yes it can be done by both genders and to both genders and I'm against it. It just happened to be that this video is talking about how women are handling it and that this new way of handling is wrong. - & I wanted to make a point that we're desperate to stop it because men are not confronting men.. + statistics show that more men rape than women. But surely, if a women rapes anyone no matter what gender I would stand against it viciously. & if a women claims a man raped her when in reality he's innocent; I would stand against it viciously too. That's how it's supposed to be. What we're seeing is that esp. when a woman is raped and all the evidence is present; people still overlook it, the victim is blamed and shamed while the rapist is free and carrying out a normal life as if nothing happened. Doesn't that hurt? This is what I'm for: 1- No one should be looked at or treated as an object. 2- No one is allowed to rape or to engage in sexual intercourse without the other's consent or harass another physically or verbally. 3- If one does so, they should be punished in a way that makes them never do it again. 4- If the so-called victim turns out to be a liar they should be punished // // // //. There really should be a strong punishment to those who rape and to those who lie. this is the only way to stop it.
Shen dave (6 months ago)
Jomanitta! SOA even a brain surgery can't cure you.
Michael Hemanth (6 months ago)
feminism is cancer

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