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VW V10 TDI 0-200 Acceleration Autobahn Onboard Sound R50 Volkswagen Turbo Diesel

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VW V10 TDI Turbo Diesel Acceleration 0-200 Autobahn Nissan GTR 0-300 Autobahn POV : https://youtu.be/QJZNDVubrRo AUDI RS7 0-325 Autobahn :https://youtu.be/ZEjs6X8csNM
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Text Comments (49)
BerlinTomek (2 years ago)
Watch also - BMW M5 E39 straight pipes V8 Sound : https://youtu.be/8mZ4cdpEyc0
Ehsan Hajizadeh (1 year ago)
BerlinTomek سوپر
911gt333 (11 months ago)
Everything is ok? New videos?
Łukasz3nko (1 year ago)
Tomek ty z Polski?
Demphys (1 year ago)
Lebst du noch?
Blume (1 year ago)
Alles ok?
Supercars Hunter (1 year ago)
Junge junge wo bleibst du? Keine neuen videos? Du warst der king in der auto szene...!!!
Venom (1 year ago)
My Skoda octavia 1.8 tsi will smoke this :P
Andre Ackermann (1 year ago)
neue Videos?😐
LymoPL (1 year ago)
Jesteś Polakiem ?
Supercars Hunter (1 year ago)
Wird mal zeit für neue videos Digga ✌️
Ehsan Hajizadeh (1 year ago)
Richárd Kovács (1 year ago)
320.. Lol
Ysn Ylmz (2 years ago)
CivilAviation1 (2 years ago)
Die Tanknadel steigt beim Sprint auf 200.
42Banshee (2 years ago)
Hey Tomek.Probier doch mal den infinity QX70S mit dem 3,7 liter V6 aus.würde mich mal interresieren was du so raus bekommst mit dem.
tom50740 (2 years ago)
kinda slow...
Marten K (2 years ago)
One of those cars where the fuel meter moves faster than the speedo.
DerLudger (2 years ago)
da schafft unser 3liter v6 turbo Mercedes w211 aber mehr :3
PAPASTRATOS777 (2 years ago)
New VW Touareg 3.0 TDI goes faster.
Ivan Doe (2 years ago)
Seriously slow for a V10
damefaso (1 year ago)
It came out in 2003! Back then diesel engines weren't as advanced as they're today.Mercedes and BMW also had big V8 diesels and they weren't near close to the performance of the gas engines.Nowadays you Diesel's that are as fast their gasoline counterparts. It also doesn't help to be shapped like a brick and weightning more than 2300kg
Murat Dogan (2 years ago)
Eieiei da ziehe ich ja das dicke Schiff mit meinem 4 Zylinder 123d locker ab :))
Stephan Maak (2 years ago)
Murat Dogan logisch da ein touareg doppelt so schwer ist wie dein 1er ;-) dafür ist der r50 optisch geiler ;-)
bear grylls (2 years ago)
hes only doing 45 kph thats so normal
Miro 3K-01 SAHP (2 years ago)
it was 210 kmh
project UZI (2 years ago)
this car is a beast love it.
Mitrofan Vlad (2 years ago)
Touareg or Phaeton ?
OTOPARK (2 years ago)
Black Tequiiila (2 years ago)
Das dicke Ding muss ganz schön kämpfen zum Schluss 😄
Hugo Boss (1 year ago)
Der muss schon ab 140 kämpfen wenn man mich fragt.
mr.crypto13 (2 years ago)
Tacho bis 320? Gesunder Optimismus seitens VW.
TheFunkyair (2 years ago)
I couldn't believe how the time pass so quick which maked v10 so slow
Imre Fodor (2 years ago)
What happened after 120km/h ?? Slowed down so much
Runn3r89 (2 years ago)
Andrey Bortos guck mal lieber genau hin und revidiere deine Aussage
Andrey Bortos (2 years ago)
FrodoTEST if you see, the speedometer from 0 to 100 km/h has every 10 km/h a number, while 100 to 200 km/h has every 20 km/h a number. Sorry for my bad english language
Sosea Semafor (2 years ago)
is this the touareg or the phaeton?
Peter 13333 (2 years ago)
wieder am start nice
Sharup ! (2 years ago)
That car is more time in the mechanic than in the street 😂
gepixelt (2 years ago)
the speedometer is 320 and the car is able to drive 230
EnaM (2 years ago)
But it has 800+NM so its not a joke
project UZI (2 years ago)
The reason why its limited to 313hp or 350hp for the r50 is the turbos are prone to failure. when i had the car i had gt2260v turbos stage 2 camshaft, and bigger injectors and intercooler. this car was producing around 550hp and lmited the torque to 1000nm. if i didnt limit the torque it would destroy my transmission.
project UZI (2 years ago)
Raivons R1 yh 313 is not small. plus at that time where the car newly came into production in 2003. it was fadt for it time
Raivons R1 (2 years ago)
and its slow , 313hp from 5.0 V10 its bad joke
D4rk34g7e (2 years ago)
sind die anzeigen immer so gelb? oder war der besitzer starker raucher ^^
Keith Doran (2 years ago)
i want to see this pluck a really stuck rig
Non toliou (2 years ago)
Kannst mal ein Video machen über a-b klasse 200cdi würde mich freuen
gtr1911 (2 years ago)
Non toliou willst du das wir einschlafen?
Zenz (2 years ago)
Non toliou Was willste mit dem Rollator? pffff. Da braucht es zu lange un das Video aufzunehmen... Dann geht das Video 10min

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