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How To Watch The X-Men Films In Chronological Order

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It's been a couple of X-Men films since I last did this for X-Men, and since Logan is just around the corner, I decided to help out anyone that might be interested in checking out this confusing timeline! RELATED VIDEOS How To Watch The X-Men Movies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eq6yiwSdthE X-Men Movies: From Worst To Best! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZ-O9pnsBKg X-Men Origins: Wolverine Review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_EvskzBTKH4 The Wolverine Review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqnxJHEZz5A Logan Trailer #2 Review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlCdqfQOFFw FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/davidjordao TWITTER https://twitter.com/iCrazyDavey LETTERBOXD http://letterboxd.com/iCrazyDavey/
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Jimmy DcRiKet (12 days ago)
No offense but during this whole video you look like you what to cry, do you have alergies or something ?
Dave Damain (14 days ago)
Let me save you some time: X men first class X men origins wolverine X men X2 X men the last stand The wolverine X men days of future past X men apocalypse Deadpool Logan
Chris Moreno (18 days ago)
Thank you so much, it was a pain in the ass to figure thisnout before this video lol
Catherine Downs (20 days ago)
you suck at talking
Okay here how I would wacth the movies X Men Origins:Wolverine X Men X Men 2 X Men 3 X Men:First Class The Wolverine X Men:Days Of Future Past X Men:Apoclypse Deadpool Logan Deadpool 2
Masiha Behroozian (3 months ago)
you should of put xmen apocolipse before xmen the wolverine
SURAJ KACHAVE (3 months ago)
Tuya maych
x-men 1 would have to occur in some form sinse Rogue has her white treaks in both timelines.
Alex Carbajal (4 months ago)
I dont get it HELP!!!!!!!
Neo-Xgray87 (4 months ago)
There is a lot of inconsistencies between the events of X-Men First Class and the original X-Men trilogy. Professor X mentioned that he met Magneto when he was 17. But in First Class, they were both 24.
DeShady (4 months ago)
Great video
Star Wars Basic (5 months ago)
What about X2
kgallion2580 (6 months ago)
David Jordao has the right order but, the main mix up in the timelines is that The Wolverine is the ONLY one who remembers the events of Xmen: First Class, Xmen: Origins, Xmen 1,2 and Last Stand. So, the Wolverine from THAT timeline has to go back in time in Xmen: Days of Future past to change shit. So, all the other Xmen that's not Days of Future past and Apocalypse are just a Wolverine story.
Alex Hood (6 months ago)
thank you! I cant wait to start my marathon now 😁😁
Over Dr1ve (6 months ago)
Alex Hood me2
Elijah Campbell (6 months ago)
Alright my bad guys I made a mistake. Here’s the actual timeline from the producers and directors confirmed. I will break it all down so no one is confused....hopefully. X-Men: First Class X-Men Origins: Wolverine X-Men X-Men 2: United X-Men: The Last Stand The Wolverine X-Men: Days of Future Past X-Men: Apocalypse X-Men: Dark Phoenix Deadpool Deadpool 2 The New Mutants Logan Ok so the old timeline starts off with First Class all the way to The Wolverine. First a Class is when Magneto and Professor X meet and make the first X-Men team and then in Wolverine Origins. This is when Logan gets his Admantium Claws and fights his brother Sabertooth and the messed up Deadpool and then at the end Wolverine loses his memory because Stryker shoots him in the head and then right after Logan is taken to Professor X school and joins the X-Men to fight Magneto. In Origins Professor X makes a cameo and takes Cyclops and the other mutants to his school. Then X-Men 1 and 2 right after Origins. X-Men: The Last Stand is Jean Grey and the Dark Phoenix and then Logan kills her to stop the Dark Phoenix and then we get Wolverine. At the end of Wolverine we see Professor X and Magneto. Now how did Professor X die and come back? He transferred his conscious into his twin brother. If you don’t believe me then watch the post credit scene for X-Men: The Last Stand and in the hospital is Professor X twin brother. Both Magneto and X work together and recruit Logan to go back in time and change the events of 1973. To stop Mystique from killing Trask and stopping the Sentinels. At the end of DOFP, Wolverine comes back from the Past and Everything from X-Men Origins: Wolverine to The Wolverine, are all erased and never happens. Wolverine creates two new timelines. One timeline which I will refer to as the Old timeline or OG timeline is at the end of DOFP Wolverine Wales up and everyone is Alive. Storm, Jean Grey, Cyclops, Professor X, Beast, etc. Wolverine has some of his memory lost but Professor X helps him retrieve all of his lost memory. In the New Timeline is back in 1973 when Wolverine went back in time in DOFP is when he is fighting Magneto and then he gets drowned in the ocean. But is saved by Stryker and he takes him to the Weapon X program. There is a Post Credit Scene in DOFP which features Young Apocalypse rising the pyramids along with the four horsemen. Then we have Apocalypse. In Apocalypse we see a Cameo of Wolverine after Stryker takes him to Weapon X and he breaks out with some of his memory gone but Jean Grey helps him restore some like who he is and where he cane from but then he leaves never to be seen again. Now in the New Timeline DOFP is in 1973 and Apocalypse takes place during the 80’s and Dark Phoenix which is coming this years is in the 90s. At the end of Apocalypse we see a post credit scene of Logan’s blood being used to make mutants. That Post Credit Scene takes place during the Old OG timeline where Wolverine goes back and is in the happy ending with everyone alive and they are all older. This is in the year 2014. Now 25 years later after that ending is Logan. Logan takes place in 2029 and is in the Old Timeline NOT the new one. Logan takes place right after when Wolverine wakes up and see that everyone is alive. Now in Logan, Wolverine remembers all the events of Origins and the wars he encountered and all the people he hurt with his brother Sabertooth and everything that happens in X-Men 1, 2, 3, The Wolverine, and DOFP. Even though that timeline got erased, Wolverine still remembers everything that happened. Reason being is because there is a deleted scene in Logan where he is talking about his brother Sabertooth. In Logan there is a scene where Logan and Charles are talking about the Westchester incident. The Westchester incident is that there hasn’t been any New Mutants for over 25 years. In Logan we discover that Professor X accidentally killed all the X-Men and children at his school due to his Alzheimer’s and his brain powers to cause his seizures and that’s why they all are dead. And then if you seen Logan you know what happens. R.I.P. to the Logan and Charles. But remember the facility which other mutants and Laura which is Logan’s daughter. I said the post credit scene in Apocalypse shows the blood used by Logan to create other Mutants such as Laura and X-24. Now Deadpool, Deadpool is apart of the X-Men and is apart of the New Timeline when Wolverine erased all of Origins all the way to The Wolverine. Now Deadpool is in 2016 and Deadpool 2 is in 2018 which is present day. Dark Phoenix is in the 90’s and the X-Men are still young. Now I just saw Deadpool 2 and not really a spoiler but in the movie Deadpool is in Professor X school and he is ranting about how Colossus and Teenage Warhead are the only ones here. But there is a small cameo and it is very easy to miss cause it happens very fast. When Deadpool is ranting we see a glimpse of Beast, Quicksilver, Professor X, and some others I can’t remember but yeah they are talking in Professor X office and Beast quickly hilariously closes the door before Deadpool can see then while he is ranting. This is in the New Timeline btw just reminding you. After The Events of Dark Phoenix is when Deadpool comes right after and then Deadpool 2 then we have the New Mutants but I have no idea whether it is in the Old Timeline or New Timeline. Then it’s Logan. So there you have it. The official timeline and correct order for watching the X-Men movies. Sorry for this being so long I just want to give a lot of details. Your Welcome
Tahari Withers (2 months ago)
Robbie Anson (6 months ago)
You did help me out I’ll little bit but not much but I think that you’re saying that goes Mark White this for the timeline for the X-Men X men first class X men origins wolverine X men the movie X men 2 united V men 3 the last stand The wolverine 2 X men days of future past X men apocalypse Deadpool Logan wolverine 3 But I do not see Deb Paul and the timeline so you just described the Sentinel timeline of the X-Men timeline as you see it but here’s how I see the timeline way you should describe it X men first class X men origins X men days of future past X men apocalypse X men the movie X men 2 united X men 3 the last stand The wolverine 2 X men days of future past rogue cut Logan wolverine 3 Then here is the timeline that I’m going to see it now because you should explain it better and lawn more in depth with that timeline but if you want to do a timeline that you should Make a brand new X-Men timeline regarding to the list I have here OK my friend David and I hope that you say her last night because we were like to know what your last name is So if you want the timeline to go like this then use my timeline as I does explained that to you I hope that you actually take my advice and take my timeline and explain it in a way that you would understand it to be
Jonathan Uriostegui (6 months ago)
First Class: 1962 Days of Future Past: 1973 (Events Lead to Dark Future) Origins: Wolverine: 1979 X-Men: 1994 X2: 1994 The Last Stand: 1995 The Wolverine: 2013 Days of Future Past: 2023 (Dark Future) <Time Travel Back To 1973> ------------ 2nd Timeline ------------ First Class: 1962 (Still Happens) Days of Future Past: 1973 (Altered Events) Apocalypse: 1983 Dark Phoenix: 1992 Deadpool: 2016 Deadpool 2: 2018 The New Mutants: 2019 Days of Future Past: 2023 (Revised Future) Logan: 2029 Deadpool 2: 2068 <Time Travel Back To 2018> …………...3rd Timeline…………... First Class: 1962 (Still Happens) Days Of Future Past: 1973: (Still Happens) Apocalypse: 1983: (Still Happens) Dark Phoenix: 1992 (Still Happens) Deadpool 2: 2018 (Altered Events) <Travels back in time to -2nd Timeline- 2018> ===4th Timeline==== First Class: 1962 (Still Happens) Days of Future Past: 1973 (Still Happens) Apocalypse: 1983 (Still Happens) Dark Phoenix: 1992 (Still Happens) Deadpool: 2016 (Still Happens) Deadpool 2: 2018 (Altered Events) <Travels back in time to Original Timeline 1979> ++++5th Timeline++++ First Class: 1962 Days Of Future Past: 1973 (Deadpool unerases the day the Senintels are created) Origins: Wolverine: 1979 (Altered Events) X-Force: Deadpool 3: 2019
wow so 5 timelines i could see that actualy sinse fox fucked things up so badly x-men needs a full reboot badly start over from scratch.
Jonathan Uriostegui (4 months ago)
Alex Carbajal X Men first class X Men origins wolverine X Men X2: x men united X Men the last stand The wolverine X Men days of future past X Men apocalypse Dark Phoenix Deadpool Deadpool 2 The New Mutants Logan
Alex Carbajal (4 months ago)
+Jonathan Uriostegui ok bro ok this was 2 montha ago but WHAT THE HELL HOW DO I START I DONT GET THIS ALL I WANT IS THE EXACT ORDER so I can understand everything please explain in the most simplest form
Jonathan Uriostegui (6 months ago)
Pamo it's actually only 13 movies, this just explains, what happens in the movies. It's easier if you watch the movies
Mokhtar Nasser (6 months ago)
The reason i like the mcu more is because they are divided into phases which are basically different season and there are major characters added and major events happening in every new phase however they are all in the same timeline and connected
Soldierwolf6828 (6 months ago)
First Class,Apocalypse,Deadpool,Logan
Sebastian Castellanos (7 months ago)
Please can you explain the timeline of this 2 films. 1. I Heard X-Men: Dark phoenix takes place after 10 years of the events of X-Men: Apocalypse. 2. Also the director for The New Mutants confirmed that the film is set in the present day..assuming it's set after deadpool 2 3. Hugh jackman and james mangold said that logan is a different timeline film,it's canon 4.The X-Men has one of the weirdest and yet mind boggling timelines of all time.
David Jordao (7 months ago)
This is how I look at both the old and new timeline Old Timeline 1. X-Men: First Class 2. X-Men Origins: Wolverine 3. X-Men 4. X2: X-Men United 5. X-Men: The Last Stand 6. The Wolverine 7. X-Men: Days Of Future Past New Timeline 1. X-Men: First Class 2. X-Men: Days Of Future Past 3. X-Men Apocalypse 4. X-Men: Dark Pheonix 5. Deadpool 6. Deadpool 2 7. New Mutants 8. Logan
Josh Thompson (7 months ago)
Does rouges cut of days of future past count a part of the time line
Josh Thompson (7 months ago)
David Jordao okay thanks buddy 😊
David Jordao (7 months ago)
Ross Livingstone officially? I don’t think so. I think most film franchises usually use the theatrical cut as part of the official timeline.
Romeo Estocado (7 months ago)
So True X-MEN Timeline is a shit , confusing shittt
Elise (7 months ago)
Thanks!! I love Xmen so mutch. My mother don't like it but I love it. Gonna watch them all!
tc11 fan (8 months ago)
Release date
Indi Fan (8 months ago)
I’m a big fan of marvel but I’ve never bothered to watch the x men movies I’m gonna try it like this
JANGLES (8 months ago)
good for you, you're not fat anymore!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COkKXOiAbAo
ECTorres (8 months ago)
So you're saying I should watch X-Men first class, days of future past, apocalypse, deadpool and logan and still I'm gonna understand the overall story?
JANGLES (8 months ago)
ECTorres (8 months ago)
Ohh lol, I think i'll watch them like that. There is just a ton of movies to watch which is tedious
David Jordao (8 months ago)
ECTorres I’m making no promises 🙄
FireBlaster 210 (10 months ago)
On Days of Future past what about the rogue cut
FireBlaster 210 (10 months ago)
David Jordao thank you
David Jordao (10 months ago)
FireBlaster 210 I believe I made this video before the Rogue Cut came out... Thinking about it now, if you want to use the Rogue Cut instead of the theatrical cut, that’s fine too. All the characters end up in the same place by the end of the film.
Jacob Millett (11 months ago)
thank you for that I have been searching the internet for an explanation like that forever. Finally I know how to watch them. cheers!
Joel The Chatter Box (1 year ago)
Thanks for telling us i completely got it wrong! Thanks!
Nathan Breining (1 year ago)
If have to agree with your order of the timeline although I watched X-Men Origins: Wolverine before first class so I'll just watch it again after I finish first class
Spartaximus (1 year ago)
Don’t bother with Origins. It sucks and it ass rapes the continuity more than any of the other films.
Lucy Plays Rayman! (1 year ago)
One time I asked my friend who recommended X Men to me, "What order do watch them in?" He just shrugged. Thanks for making this video. 😄
David Jordao (1 year ago)
Mesozoic Productions your welcome 😁👌🏼
KLANGS (1 year ago)
X-men Origins Wolverine X-men First Class X-men X2 X-men United X3 The Last Stand The Wolverine X-men Days of Future Past Then we are leaded to an alternate timelime at the end of the movie where everyone is happy in 2023 so we are taken back to the 80's and our 2ND timeline X-men Apocalypse Deadpool Logan This is our 3RD timeline and alternate timeline in 2029.
Bruce ! (8 months ago)
KLANGS I think Logan could also be from the first timeline
Bruce ! (8 months ago)
KLANGS X-men origins Wolverine comes after X-men First class
Baaaby Girl (1 year ago)
But Due To All The Time Travel Shit The Original Xmen Films Were Cut To When Wolverine First Told Charles And Magneto Fuck Off
Baaaby Girl (1 year ago)
Deadpool Is Old As Wolverine
Tejinder Singh Bhatti (1 year ago)
and btw deadpool has nothing to do with this series its just that they showed mutants in the movie. not like its related to X-Men. you people are really dumb or just acting weird huh.
Tyfighter 1527 (9 months ago)
Tejinder Singh Bhatti (1 year ago)
Gerry Horan i may be dumb but you are dumber and you proved it. good luck
Gerry Horan (1 year ago)
Tejinder, you sir/madam, are really dumb. Also rude. There's nothing constructive in your criticism, and when challenged all you can offer is "well I still think you're wrong"? Get ouuuuutta here..... You did a great job making sense of the timeline and inconsistencies David Jordao
Tejinder Singh Bhatti (1 year ago)
David Jordao sorry but to me you are still wrong.... thanks for your effort
David Jordao (1 year ago)
Tejinder Singh Bhatti nothing related to X-Men??? The X-Men are in it! Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead! The X-Men mansion from the original trilogy is used! Both McAvoy and Stewart are referenced as Professor Xavier! Yes, it might not tie in directly to the X-Men films, but it is an X-Men property. All I did was give an alternate way if anyone wanted to fit it in with the rest of the films, that's where I'd probably put it. I'm not saying you have to watch it this way, but this is just my way of watching the films. And for me it works.
Tejinder Singh Bhatti (1 year ago)
and btw deadpool has nothing to do with this series its just that they showed mutants in the movie. not like its related to X-Men. you people are really dumb or just acting weird huh.
Tejinder Singh Bhatti (1 year ago)
bullshit. stop giving wrong info dumb
Gus Tiefenthaler (1 year ago)
my order is this order but another cool way is machete, which put first class afrmter x men, and orginsmbit after united
Melissa lisa (1 year ago)
All I wanted for mother's day was to watch the X-Men movies. That's exactly the order I started watching them in/planned to watch. I'm here to confirm the order I have... except I didn't plan on watching Deadpool. Thanks for making this video.
David Jordao (1 year ago)
Melady Dianne Loves Coco you're welcome 😊
SuperNinja0226 (1 year ago)
Thanks I just saw Logan today and I realized I should have watched the x-men movies first and didn't know where to start
Robbie Anson (1 year ago)
Just tore out in a way that you want to start out not because David says were to start at you guys can start with any order that you want
SuperNinja0226 (1 year ago)
I can't wait to watch the x-men movies thank u for being so helpful. I subscribed btw
David Jordao (1 year ago)
SuperNinja0226 Logan's a great film that stands on its own, but watching the previous films will make the relationship between Logan and Xavier more powerful.
Rex Games (1 year ago)
thanks, marthon HERE I COME
king damo (1 year ago)
my watch order ,X-Men: Supernova (2018) X-Men Origins: Wolverine X-Men X-Men 2 X-Men: The Last Stand The Wolverine X-Men: First Class X-Men: Days of Future Past .X-Men: Apocalypse Deadpool Logan
Callmeacne (1 year ago)
In my opinion this is how the timeline should be/is: -X-Men first class: 1963 -X-Men: 2002 -X2: 2003 - The Wolverine: 2013 -Days of Future past: New 1973/2014 -X-Men Apocalypse: 1983 -Deadpool: 2016 -Logan: 2029
Gus Tiefenthaler (1 year ago)
you forgot orginsmbit Wolverine I mean yes it's pretty shitty but it's still cannon
David Jordao (1 year ago)
Yes! A little bit. Don't forget that Jean Grey dies in The Last Stand and Logan deals with her death in 2013's The Wolverine. That's also what makes Days Of Future Past great! Logan is rewarded by the end of the film by having her come back to life thanks to him changing time. Other than that, everything else on that list seems good. You can easily ignore X-Men Origins: Wolverine.
Callmeacne (1 year ago)
Oh yeah, I forgot about that. I mean, my theory is still possible right?
David Jordao (1 year ago)
But the "future" in Days Of Future Past states it's 50 years into the future, which would make all the future stuff in 2023
Frosty (1 year ago)
That is the best video I've seen explaining the movies! Thank you!
David Jordao (1 year ago)
No problem! 😎✌🏼️
ProJatior (1 year ago)
If you watch it at all I'd watch Origins after X2 because it's better as a mystery then you get the answers/non answers. I felt like I made a mistake watching Origins first or even before X Men at all. I may or may not watch First class after The Last Stand. I think that will depend more on TV airing or what I can get my hands on first. I think certain movies work better as flashbacks is all. Thanks to how many people feel Star Wars should be watched I think I can apply similarly to this. I hadn't seen The Wolverine, Days of Future Past or Apocalypse yet. I appreciate you explaining everything spoiler free.
chris O'Brien (1 year ago)
x men apocalypse ,
javier gonzalez (1 year ago)
I was looking all over the place for this video m8 thank you so much you did a great job of explaining everything 🙏🙏👌👌
David Jordao (1 year ago)
javier gonzalez haha, no problem! And thank you for commenting! 😂🙌🏼
Wussell Restbrook (1 year ago)
Nice job man!
David Jordao (1 year ago)
Ari Sherani thanks!
SilentBlade77 (1 year ago)
JANGLES (8 months ago)
you're gay
David Jordao (1 year ago)

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