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How to make Bonsai tree for Beginners from Garden Center Plants

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How to make Bonsai tree for beginners, the video explores how you can create bonsai from common garden centre stock. It is a gratifying and satisfying way of increasing your bonsai stock. This video discusses how to identify suitable plants and how to go about making your own bonsai. Making trees or growing your own trees is a very satisfying way of making your collection larger in bonsais. You can grow them from seed, you can even collect them from the wild, you can get them from friends, or you can buy a ready-made bonsai. But I think one of the more, or the less talked about areas is to make a bonsai from nursery stock, common garden centre stock. Selecting trees in the nursery. Well, you start off with some idea of what you want, whether you want deciduous or whether you’re after some evergreen trees. But having decided, you go to the relevant sections and try and look for trees that have interest in the trunk or in the foliage or the shape of the tree itself is attractive. Once you’ve identified the tree, then the next step is to try and work with it. So the first thing to do is to take the tree out of the pot. You generally have to thump it out with a mallet or with a wooden block. Hit the sides of the pot, and it may just dislodge. Once that’s done, use a turntable and then work with a metal chopstick or wooden chopstick to start clearing away soil from the top of the tree to see what kind of nebari you have. You can work down towards where the nebari is exposed. Once you’ve found the nebari, you look for the front of the tree, and the front usually shows off the best movement in the tree. That should give you an idea as to which way the tree is leaning or which way the tree has a lot of character. You then start looking for the structure within the tree so you clear away excess foliage, you clear away excess branches, and when you've done that, then you can try and style it by wiring it or shortening some of the branches. The next step after a little while is to choose a suitable pot and then match the pot with the tree.
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Text Comments (19)
BONSAI TUAN HUNG (3 months ago)
Great channel
Bubli Sharma (5 months ago)
Kya pine ghar k liye asuv hai?
Amit Kumar Yadav (2 months ago)
There is scientific explanation...As bargad nhi lagana ....Kyu ki wo bahut heavy hoga ghar me jagh nhi bachegi....But with bonsai no problem is there ....Enjoy the bonsai art
hei kamoo (11 months ago)
Rafał Gondzio (1 year ago)
I dont see anything in this video. Too close camera from objects.
Edgar C (1 year ago)
why so many dislikes?
RoadKillzine (1 year ago)
I'd guess that it's because you never see a clear view of what he's trying to show / what you can achieve with basic nursery stock. You never actually see a clear shot of the tree after he's pruned and shaped it, so it isn't very helpful in terms of showing what can be done. at a guess
Rhys Tal Cernunnos (1 year ago)
I want to make a bonsai out of a cutting from my favorite blue spruce tree... it is a regular tree, since I can't keep the 20+ foot tree when I move, I want to make a bonsai from a cutting from it. Is it possible?
MyYouTubeChannel (11 months ago)
"Air layering"
Wayne the barber (1 year ago)
Rhys Tal Cernunnos to grow a tree from your tree you need to air root it. You should look it on the net. You must cut back the bark on a branch and pack moss around it and plastic and keep it damp. The net should tell you more... I hope this helps.... It's hard to make it work.... Good luck!!
oandersontech (1 year ago)
Jamie Aitken (1 year ago)
What type of tree is that?
jolene cooper (2 years ago)
what ideal size pot do i need for making a gardenia plant from a normal garden center?
jolene cooper (2 years ago)
+Ma-Ke Bonsai thank you so much for all your input and great vids. i'm a beginner at bonsai world but yeah i'm learning so much from all your videos. thank you.
Ma-Ke Bonsai (2 years ago)
+jolene cooper I would need to consider the size of the tree in general the size of the trunk and volume of the foliage helps me decide how big a pot is required. In general most Gardenia that i have done i have use a 5/6 inch bonsai pot. But send me a photo and dimensions of the garden tree that you plant to make into a bonsai and I can give you a better size estimate. My email is the ABOUT section of my banner.
Tuyen Bui (3 years ago)
Thank you for sharing your VIdeo
Aleks Bonsai (3 years ago)
thanks for sharing :)

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