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Runes of Magic - Sardo easy Boss 1-5 [full] solo as Warden Warrior
Scarllett Server: Cogadh Guild: Kriegertaboreas
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Runes of Magic. Temblch. Warrior\Warden
Персонаж стоковый, эпик-сетом не чипован, функцией не прошит!!)))) Очередное видео для форума, для тех кто просил показатm как дамажить данной связкой. Тыкал всё мышкой, кроме заряженного, так же есть аддон, который показывает какие скиллы я использую и в какой последовательности ( синий столбик чуть правее скрутинайзера)
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Runes of Magic - DF solo as Warden/Warrior
Hier mal ein kleines Video, wie man als Bewahrer den Endboss von DF solo legen kann, viel Spaß =)
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Runes of magic//How to 1 button!! w/wrd
addons: "tooltiplds" to see the ID from buff/debuff and "kitty combo" to make the actual combo. probably i will make a serie showing different combos for different classes, enjoy :D macro for kitty combo: /run Kitty.attack("");
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Runes of magic - Crypt of Eternity (Hard Mode) - Warrior/Scout
Warrior/Scout deeps on bosses 1-5 =D Guild - Prime P.S -- My second song got taken out D= so there's just a void... D=
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Full Patk Knight/Warrior Tank - Runes of Magic Sun Temple [HM]
changed from full hp tank to full patk tank lol
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Runes of Magic - VVV Vale of Rites HM 4th Boss (Marissha)
One of our faster clears for this boss (7 minutes 30 seconds). Warrior/Warden DPS perspective. Used hp wings for survivability. OD Mage staff. Also how much longer until they're dead I'm running out of meyña.
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Runes of Magic - VVV Ice Blade Plateau HM First Boss (5-Man)
Tank POV of VVV doing Ice Blade Plateau HM first boss, Fursthor, as 5-Man party. Classes were knight/warrior, warrior/mage, warrior/warden, druid/warrior, and scout/warden.
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Runes Of Magic Rogue Warden
Hey guys have a lot of haters out there just wanted to show my gear as of 08/25/13. BIG SHOUT OUT TO Dicejr !
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Runes of magic, Scout/Warden VoR NM TP Farm
GPU: GeForce GTX 1080 CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz Minne: 32 GB RAM (31.95 GB RAM användbart) Nuvarande upplösning: 2560 x 1440, 59Hz Operativsystem: Microsoft Windows 10 Home
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Runes of Magic - Kawak's Tomb solo by Rogue/Warden
Vithalin Server Cath Guild Turkspower
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mandara solo war warden
mandara easy mode solo, warrior/warden server nexon rompvp HADES GUILD
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Runes of Magic - Garmel (3rd boss CoB) solo by Rogue/Warden
Vithalin, server Cath
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runes of magic warrior/rogue 87 @ kolanda
17.14m damage as w/r t12 +16 87lvl 2h axe "Lifelessness" 126k physical attack ub (with title) 28464 ub str
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Runes of Magic - Sun Temple [HM] - Scout/Warden playing with the new Bow
Dont ask why, but i love to play with a Bow.
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Runes of Magic Low lvl daily quest Warden/Mage
Daily Quests in Runes of Magic on 16/16 lvl Warden/Mage :) Enjoy ! Server: VESNA [PL] Quite good combination, good magical dmg and hig defense with the Oak Spirit :) Will see in later lvls how it will make some dmg :)
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Runes of Magic Warden/scout Solo WA Full :)
Heyyy , here is me soloing Warnoken arena, not hard but still some ppl cant do it even :P hope u like it :) BTW still needs to stat my Shoulders and Xbow needs change , and need to upgrade rings and neck...
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Runes of Magic warden gameplay
My frist vid!! me showing off my lvl 8 warden on ROM I do not own any rights to Runes of magic
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Runes of Magic Hall of the Demon Lord Solo Warden/Scout
This is my second video and this time I used Sony Vegas to edit my clips instead of Windows movie maker ^^... I know am not the best (or close to be the best xD) on editing and I messed up 1 text at last boss, it should say "Last Boss: Sirloth" not "Thanks for Watching"... I do NOT own any of the music that was used in this video, the credit for the music goes 100% to the rightful owners... Music: Dead by April - Trapped Avatar - Let It Burn Renegade Five - Runing In Your Veins And thank you Sanyoo for bein in the party ;)
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Runes of Magic - One shot scout/warrior in DoD
One Shot in DoD 2.9kk snipe shot (without sigil)
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Runes Of Magic - Warden [Gameplay]
This is me playing ''Runes Of Magic'' Music is ''In Flames - The choosen Pessimist''
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Warden/Druid (Mage Gear) TP Farm Ice Blade Plateau easy Runes of Magic
Sun temple is still closed so...TP farming in Ice Blade Plateau with my Warden/Druid on mage gear, good damage with earth essence elite skill but... other skills are pretty weak, healing is good and constant with 2H Staff. Friesstail Wd/D 100/66 Server: Ibergard Guild: Sicarios
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Runes of Magic Warden MaX Talent
to już 4....
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Runes of Magic - Warden/Druid Bethomia Easy 1-4
Warden/Druid with mage gear 12/2/2013 List of Tracks: Two Steps From Hell - Elementum (0:00 -2:34) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=so7AxD0Kirw) Two Steps From Hell - Hero(no Choir) (2:35-4:56) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQvLJuockJc) Two Steps From Hell - Bade Fighter (no choir) (4:57-6:39) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7hZcvo3IcM) Two Steps From Hell - Master of Shadows (6:40-9:43) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=actZumishxQ) Two Steps From Hell - Demonic Procession (no choir) (9:44-10:27) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHkkJ89zLmo) Two Steps From Hell - Exodus (10:28-12:00) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDiZjnU1Nc4) Two Steps From Hell - Chariots of Blood (rock) (12:01-13:53) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orQeCU9QvPE) Two Steps From Hell - Blast the Gates (no choir) (13:54-15:09) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DT1RLkro57w) Two Steps From Hell - Two Steps From Heaven (15:10-16:19) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oB9Ku7NSaQI) I take no credit for the creation of this music nor intend from copyright infringement. Credit goes to its respective owners.
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Runes of Magic Pidunitz Warden/Scout RT easy solo
all of this is property of Frogster-Runewaker-Gameforge made for entertainment purposes only
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Runes of Magic Warden/Scout Solo WA
This is my first Runes of Magic video, the video is mainly a testing video to test my recording program etc. So havent done anything special about it ^^ I do NOT own the music in the video, the credit goes 100% to it's rightful owner. If you got anything that you think I should change/can make it better, feel free to leave a comment about it. Ty =)
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Runes of Magic leveling as Warden WD/M
Runes of Magic, leveling Warden in Xaviera, Warden/Mage (shit class combo)
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Runes of Magic - Druid/Warden Gears
As of 2013 ends, so does few of my gear. Here is the 2013 gears for my Druid/warden with no Druid buffs(I was in Snowflake Festival and could not buff).
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Runes of Magic Mage/Warden PVP Video
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-R9Mi-8Nhw for a newer, much better video =) A few clips from my past few Siege Wars Songs used: Sum 41 - Jessica Kill SR-71 - Goodbye You can get the game at www.runesofmagic.com
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HoS solo - Runes of Magic (Scout/Warden)
HoS solo 6/6 (Sydaphex impossible sans l'aide de 4 autres joueurs pour stratégie) Première video dans le but de tester Fraps sur Runes of Magic, pas d'effets originaux pour le moment.
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Runes of Magic: Druid/Warden Elite Skills
---None of this belongs to us! Full credit to the original owners of music and the game Runes of Magic--- This is a video about the Elite skills for the class combo: Druid/Warden in the free to play game Runes of Magic.
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Runes of Magic - Varanas Nightmare solo by Rogue/Warden
Vithalin, server Cath PL
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Runes of magic warden gameplay
A short wd/d gameplay vid
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Kolanda HM Runes of Magic
This Video was make on http://www.rompvp.com/ Server. Special Thanks too: Shinrah: Priest/Rouge Cínammon: Druid/Warden Physicist: Champ/Rouge Karadul: Warrior/Mage Elprese: Warrior/Mage Elgusto: Warrior/Warden Have fun with the Video! Greeds Karuzo Rouge/Mage
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Runes of magic.wmv
Runes of magic is a very good online game. Many classes, armours, wings, pets, mounts and much more! Best international game 2009! Classes: Rogue(my favorite), priest, knight, druid, warden, mage, scout and warrior!
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ROM Scout / Warden
궁수 / 워든 사냥영상. 아직 세팅이 완료된건 아닙니다.
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Runes of Magic Warden/Scout
Runes of Magic gaming Instance Dungeon of Dalanis 1st boss Rate the video what you think it deserves.
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Runes of Magic (RU) - Scout/Warden
Замок Бедим ( под усилением )
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Mage/Warden Skillmoments
Some different bks, enjoy and have fun. :) Made with Windows Movie Maker. Songs: 1. Marilyn Manson - Tainted Love; 2.. Fort Minor - Remember The Name; 3. Eminem - Without Me; 4. Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Can´t Stop
Views: 408 Dudusebanisch
Runes of Magic: Warden Skills
--None of this belongs to us! Full credit to original owners of music and the game Runes of Magic! No copyright infringement intended!-- This is a video about all the warden skills in the free to play game Runes of Magic. Hope you like it :) Music: Numb - Linkin Park Headstrong - Trapt Comment, Rate and plz subscribe :D KliraTwizterrSociety
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Runes of Magic - Scout/Warden (White Ant Solo)
Please use HD mode to get the best quality. Youtube shrunk my video quality during upload. Someone took out the other white ant so I was only able to show you 1 of 2 ants killed in seconds. Once you got your HoS set and bow, these bosses are a joke when you're lvl 58. S/wd: 17.8k PATK 2.9k RWD (w/t8 RWB) 24.9% crit rate Foods used: Black Codex meele dmg, Stimulant
Views: 9367 Aradale
Runes of Magic Mage/Warden PvP II
Mashup-Germany - Promo Mix 2014
Views: 847 Dudusebanisch
Runes of Magic - Scout/Warden - Crypt of Eternity - TwoHander
I've been doing a lot of scout/warden lately and its been working pretty well in CoE so i figured i'd post one of our runs. I forgot to record last boss of the single run so i pulled a clip from a different run with mostly the same people. The first six bosses are the same run though.
Views: 389 John Johnson
Runes Of Magic - lvl 20 Warrior/Scout [Gameplay]
Me playing Runes Of Magic. Music is. In Flames - Alias In Flames - Come Clarity
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runes of magic warden
this is me playing runes of magic the new update,im playing as a levl 5/6 warden
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Runes of Magic Warden/Scout dod after balance 17-7-2012
me doing dod again after balance all of this belongs to frogster/runewaker/gameforge made for entertainment purposes only
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Scout/Knight Healingshot - Runes of Magic Bugreportvideo
now in fact that this bug got fixed I can switch this video to puplic
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