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TAROT? LENORMAND? ORACLE? WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF DIVINATION CARDS? | SOC PODCAST Welcome to the Spoon of Consciousness Podcast - this channel is dedicated to helping you along your journey of spiritual awakening and personal development with podcasts about channeling, consciousness, entrepreneurship & much much more! This is a clip from my podcast with Arwen, you can watch the full episode here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBLiVGYZDF8&list=PLfxTId0Tx80d71xs0hxgvt6x0yo2qE4YR In this video Arwen talks about the different types of divination cards, I had no idea that there were different types. Do you know of the different types of divination cards? Before speaking with Arwen, I had little experience with Tarot and in our podcast she was able to define tarot in a simple way. What is your experience with tarot? lenormand? and oracle cards? What about oracle? Have you had much experience with divination? I asked Arwen Lynch about these cards, specifically - what is lenormand? What are lenormand cards? Thanks for tuning in, hit me up in the comments section if you've got any questions :) Arwen's Socials: YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/user/arwen61 Website - http://tarotbyarwen.com/ Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/tarotbyarwen/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/TarotByArwen1 Twitter - https://twitter.com/TarotByArwen Thank you for tuning in and be sure to like, share and subscribe! New episodes every Wednesday and Saturday. Follow me on social media for updates: https://www.twitter.com/OneSpoonAtATime https://www.facebook.com/Spoonofconsciousness/ https://www.instagram.com/spoonofconsciousness/ https://www.spoonofconsciousness.com Peace & positive vibes.
What Is The Difference Between Tarot and Oracle Cards?
A viewer / subscriber asked if I could address the difference between the two types of cards. Business facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/LunarWisdom CricketSong's facaebook fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/pages/CricketSong/246657515390970 Website: http://www.lunarwisdom.net/
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What's the difference between Oracle Cards and Tarot Cards?
Discover the difference between Oracle Cards and Tarot cards in this short video by Psychic Instructor, and Coach Sal Jade. You'll learn what types of psychic readings are best done with Oracle Cards, and what are better done with Tarot Cards. You'll also discover Sal Jade's favourite Oracle Cards decks that she uses in her Clairvoyant Healing Sessions and with her online psychic academy The Psychic Healing Academy. Including suggestions from Doreen Virtue's Oracle Cards and Sal's other personal favourites. To find out more about Sal Jade's course visit: http://www.saljade http://www.psychicHealingAcademy.com
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How To Choose An Oracle Deck
There are so many different oracle decks out there these days, so here are some tips on how to choose one to use. Sending blessings and wishes for loving guidance along every step of your journey. :) To learn more about my Getting To Know Your Oracle Deck Online Course, visit www.charismelina.com/getting-to-know-your-oracle-deck To see upcoming classes and live events, visit www.charismelina.com Card Decks I mentioned in this video: The Gilded Reverie Lenormand by Ciro Marchetti The Gospel of Aradia by Stacey DeMarco The Enchanted Map by Colette Baron-Reid The Wisdom of Trees Oracle by Jane Struthers
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Playing Card Meanings - How to read a deck of cards - Cartomancy
Playing Card Meanings - How to read a deck of cards - Cartomancy More playing card meanings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vbYUGfWuRzE The art of telling fortunes by cards, known professionally as cartomancy, has been practiced for centuries. Pronounce Cartomancy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtNxDkWYVN4 You can find many of these meanings from books, my interpretations come from a few sources, you are of course free to develop your own. 1. Playing Card Divination for Beginner by Richard Webster 2. It's All in the Cards by Chita Lawrence 3. The Fortune Teller's Deck by Jane Lyle Card reading is strictly for fun and entertainment purposes. I only share this to improve your magic or mentalism acts. I in no way endorse spiritualism or speaking to the dead or a practice in the occult. Playing Cards Meaning Playing card meanings Fortune telling with playing cards Cartomancy
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How to read tarot and oracle cards together 🧐
Ever wondered how to combine tarot and oracle cards in a reading? Settle down with a cuppa and join me for a little tutorial 🤓 As always, your intuition is key! Go with what resonates, whether you’re slinging cards in a similar fashion to me or doing it a totally different way. This is simply a starting point to help you find your feet. With love, gratitude and so much joy, Imogen x Decks featured The Textured Tarot https://youtu.be/cq9KK7rcwWk Work Your Light Oracle Cards https://youtu.be/lkrLO7HjUBU Wild Unknown Animal Spirit https://youtu.be/BMrMsj32jcI Pythia Botanica Oracle Related videos How to read oracle cards https://youtu.be/80Sg3ptf6e0 Tarot tinder with tarot’s knights https://youtu.be/YCkufrd9J10 Is tarot safe? https://youtu.be/SzVOO3T4Lmo My most awkward tarot reading experience https://youtu.be/t1wwxs7CzGc How to memorise your tarot cards https://youtu.be/FQ63ERovcE0 •• Shout me a cuppa! https://www.paypal.me/SoulSincerityTarot 💛 Amazon wish list https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/registry/wishlist/2RJV48TVUTSYD 💫 BOOK A READING http://imogenwaltersintuitive.com/sessions WEBSITE http://imogenwaltersintuitive.com EMAIL [email protected] INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/imogenwaltersintuitive FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/imogenwaltersintuitive
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Applying ancient divination to modern intuition | Peter Struck | TEDxPenn
Most ancient people were in the habit of imagining that messages from their gods were built into the world around them: in the oracles they consulted, in their dreams, and in the animals they sacrificed. They drew on them to sort out their thinking on knotty issues they faced in their lives, seeing more deeply into the past, present, or future. This talk explores the similarities between these ancient habits of mind and our own modern fascination, attested to in the discoveries of the cognitive sciences that lay behind books like Malcolm Gladwell's. Peter Struck is Associate Professor of Classical Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. His research engages with the history of the construction of meaning, in divination and in ancient notions of the organism. In 2004, he won Penn's Lindback Award, the university's highest award for teaching. Currently, he is writing about the applications of Greek and Roman divination in "Divine Signs and Human Nature: A Cognitive History of Divination in Antiquity". This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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Unique Forms of Divination
This form of divination hails from ancient Norse Druids, runes began as letters in a set of an alphabet known as the runic alphabets, which are based on various Germanic languages before the adoption of the Latin alphabet. The earliest runic inscriptions date back to approximately 150 AD, And early evidence suggests that Runes were used in magic in addition to their practical writing uses, particularly in medieval times when for instance victory runes would be carved into swords usually on the blade, or runes for protection would be inscribed into the hilt of the scabbard. In the art of divination, runes are printed, drawn, or engraved individually onto tiles, usually composed of wood. Wood is the preferred medium of the tiles as it comes from the living spirits of trees. Next, the runes are placed inside a sealed pouch, from which they will be drawn and laid out in a spread similar to tarot cards, or tossed into the air and allowed to land freely. Subscribe to Knowledge Feed for awesome mysteries, discoveries, fun topics and all around AWESOME videos ! 3 - Fire Gazing This form of fortune telling involves examining cinders, soot, or ashes, particularly, although not exclusively, from a ritual sacrifice. This technique for divination has been practiced by numerous cultures, ancient and modern across the globe. Some use ashes after lighting a ritual fire, others utilize studying the burning of incense and the patterns left by the smoke and soot, and still others observe the shape of the wood as it burns, or the actual look of the burning flames themselves and the images and symbols made within the fire. The ancient Greek playwright Aeschylus noted that ashes falling from a fireplace could be divined for portents, and this was back in 500 BC. A word, phrase, name, or question would be written in the ashes with a finger or stick, some wait for a breeze to disturb the ashes and form an omen. Meditation and clearing the mind as well as watching for the signs, images, symbols are the main method for staring into the fire and reading the omens to predict future events. 2 - Crystal Balls The use of crystals in divination hails from early Britain and those magical people called the Druids. Crystals are believed to heighten an individual's psychic awareness. It is said that the person attempting this form of divination must pick out their own crystal ball, as the crystal is a very personal object. This way to attempt to read the signs of the future is done through scrying, which is the art of looking into a reflective surface, such as glass, water, a mirror or a crystal to gain mystical insight. Most crystals are clear and made of glass, lead crystal, quartz, amethyst, beryl, and selenite, of these, clear quartz is the most common. For crystal gazing, they say you must meditate and reach an altered state of consciousness, in which your mind and body are relaxed, allowing your eyes to stare into the ball. If you do this correctly a mist is supposed to enter the crystal ball, ask your questions and look for symbols or images to appear inside the crystallized fog. Do not force the images to come, allow the spirits to speak through you and enter your mind naturally. Crystal ball gazing is believed to take a lot of practice and patience, and advises that your subconscious mind will always give you the information you need, go with your instinct and intuition, and remember most of the time, your first impression is the correct one. 1 - Astrology This form of divination is described as the study of how the positions of the stars and movements of the planets have a supposed influence on events and on the lives and behavior of people. This study of movements and relative positions of celestial objects has been dated to at least the second millennium BC and has its roots in calendrical systems used to predict seasonal shifts, as well as to interpret celestial cycles as signs of divine communications. This form of star divination was once practiced in Mesopotamia, ancient China as far back as the Zhou Dynasty, ancient Babylon, and Ancient Egypt. It all has to do with the idea that a person's personality and destiny is determined by what time, day, year, and where you happened to be born and how the stars and planets align during that very specific timeframe. There are usually 12 signs, as well as four elements which are meant to determine a person's attitude and potential, as well as basic character traits, emotions, behavior, and thinking. There are many versions, such as the traditional zodiac, as well as Chinese, Mayan, and Vedic astrology, just to name a few.
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The Difference Between Tarot and Oracle Cards
A little video to illustrate the difference between types of decks that can be used to divination. Email: [email protected] Facebook: www.facebook.com/tarotbyestrella Instagram: @tarotbyestrella
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What is the Difference Between Tarot Cards & Oracle Cards!?
What is the Difference Between Tarot Cards & Oracle Cards you might be wondering? This video we explain the differences between Tarot and Oracle - touching on major arcana, minor arcana and how they apply to your readings! You can also see some beautiful Tarot & Oracle decks, in this video! I'll be showing the differences between some of the unique Oracle decks I have, including Oracle of Visions deck by Ciro Marchetti, the Wisdom of the Hidden Realms deck by Collette Baron Reid. Hope you enjoy! If you have any questions please comment or send an e-mail to: [email protected] To see services offered, please visit: https://www.theblackfeatherintuitive.com/readings
All about Tarot cards & how i use them || Enchanted endeavours Ep. 2
Hey everyone! hope you're all having an amazing day and enjoying your Decembers! Really hope you're enjoying these episodes since i really like doing them Again this is just my way of doing tarots, I've only been doing them for around 3 years and i take it very seriously and would love to do it professionally one day. Like i said this reading was not real, i take my time and do stuff slowly with readings. THANKS SO MUCH FOR 78K =^.^= INSTAGRAM: @PEACHYCINNAMON SNPACHAT: HARMONYSUXX MUSIC: Alvy - Alchimie, Pt. 2 [Majestic Color] Tonton - Bon Voyage [Majestic Color] https://www.youtube.com/user/majesticcasual
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Top 8 Divination Methods That You Can Use Now
Alphabet Divination, Crossroads Divination, Pendulum Dowsing, Bird Divination, Bibliomancy, Coin Divination, Snail Divination, Wax Scrying. Each method carried out, step by step in this audio visual guide. These spells and more can be found in "The Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells" by Judika Illes - Available on Amazon right here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0061711233/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=0061711233&linkCode=as2&tag=atftw-20&linkId=e21f42c8dc5df007996a6614b6117dc6 Like listening to books? Get a 30 day trial of Audible on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00NB86OYE/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B00NB86OYE&linkCode=as2&tag=atftw-20&linkId=c2070e6ecc74312ff12e113e00a0f6f1 Divination has been used by psychics, mediums, wizards, witches, and Oracle's for centuries. If you would like to know more about divination, then stick with me as I share some of the divination spells from The Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells, on this episode of Allthingsparanormal. Divination spells can be used to find an answer to a question that you have. One type of divination spell is the alphabet divination. First, write the letters of the alphabet several times each on individual squares of paper; or you could also use Scrabble blocks. Place the pieces inside a jar. Shake them up and spill the letters onto the floor or table. Look for words to provide answers to your question. Crossroads divination. The crossroads divination is based on an old Persian tradition. Go to a crossroads or a place where people gather, and just loiter. Hang around discreetly, listening to the words of passers-by. Little one-liners or snippets of conversation. Try to apply them to your situation, considering whether the words are useful or not. Dactlyomancy. Dactlyomancy involves divination via a suspended ring. Traditionally a wedding ring is used although any ring would be equally suitable. Pluck a few strands of hair and suspend the ring from those hairs. The ring will answer questions from the person whose hair it has suspended from or from anyone that person suggests. Gently begin to swing the ring - ask a yes-or-no question. If the ring begins to move in a clockwise direction, the answer is yes. If the ring begins to move counterclockwise, then the answer is no. The ancient system of augury is the ancestor of modern bird watching. Augers used to foretell the future by observing birds and their flight. Ancient Romans had a codified and rigid system, designed to decipher messages based on the movement of birds. First, formulate your question. Then scatter birdseed or crumbs onto the ground. Step back and watch the birds partake and depart. If the birds fly off toward the right, your answer is affirmative. If the birds fly toward the left, your response is negative; if the birds scatter and fly all over the place, you lack the information needed to make a decision. If the birds reject the food, it doesn't mean that the oracle didn't work, it could mean that your question holds more significance and greater implications than you realize. Reconsider the question as well as all possible consequences. Bibliomancy. Basic a bibliomancy is a way to answer your questions by using a book. First, formulate the question and close your eyes. Flip open a chosen book; stick your finger on a word or passage. Read and interpret the answer deriving whatever meaning you see fit. Coin divination. This is a simple one that most of us have probably used already. If you have a yes-or-no answer, then simply flip a coin. Heads means yes, tails means no. You could just dig any coin out of your pocket for this... Some people like to use a special coin and treat that coin with the same reverence that they would a pack of tarot cards. The snail spelling divination. If you can find a snail or slug, you can sprinkle ashes or flour on an area of the ground and release the snail or slug into the middle. Let the snail or slug travel as it pleases. As it moves, it will leave a trail behind. When it leaves the circle , look for words or shapes that look like words to resemble the answer that you're looking for. Next we have ceromancy, divination by melted wax. Basic ceromancy consists of melting wax, possibly in a double boiler if needed - and then gently pour the wax into ice-cold water. The wax will harden upon impact with the water and solidify. Once it is solidified, remove the wax and interpret the shapes as needed. Try some of these divination spells and let me know what you think. These spells and many more can be found in the Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells. Thanks for watching, I'll see you next time. I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. Thank you! Music by: Andy G. Cohen Mystery Mammal Art Of Escapism
Simple Tarot Divination
Simple Tarot Divination-In this video i will show you how to perform the Split Hexagram Spread using the 22 Major Arcana. As well as what the cards mean in general.
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Divination (What It Is And Different Types Of Divination)
Divination is the main way to get in touch with your higher self.
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Tarot 101 | What is Tarot? How to Read Tarot? FAQs
Hey y'all, I've had requests to do a video about Tarot and how I do Tarot readings and I've finally made it! I hope you enjoy my ramblings and find it somewhat informative lol 🔮SOOO MANY TYPES OF DIVINATION🔮 http://www.paranormal-encyclopedia.com/d/divination/types.html ✨TAROT CHEAT SHEET✨ http://wizarre.tumblr.com/post/161880159745/tarot-cheat-sheet INSTAGRAM: DOWNTOSTARS SNAPCHAT: ANAISLUVSU #wicca #witchcraft #witchcraftforbeginners
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New Types of Divination: Music by: Sacred Movements
This is a 40 minute video that I go in depth with five new forms of divination. If you are getting muddled answers from your Tarot/ Oracle cards then maybe Spirit is trying to communicate with you in a different way! The music provided at the beginning of this video is by [Meditation Music Of Ancient Egypt]- Sacred Movements, Track #7.
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Tarot Cards VS Oracle Cards | What's the difference?
In this short video I explain the core differences between tarot cards and oracle cards, how to store your cards and which cards you may want to start out with. *This video was previously recorded on Facebook Live* Want to learn more about tarot and oracle cards? Enroll in the Holistic Tarot Reader Certification Course www.healingmoonlumina.com
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Cartomancy Obsessed
Note: I define cartomancy as playing cards, Lenormand, Kipper, Sibilla, Deste, those types of decks, you can define it as you choose! These questions are modified from the lovely Imogen's #oracleobsessed questions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xg95xxSlRZE&t=747s Questions: 1) What was your very first cartomancy style deck? 2) What's your current favourite deck in each system you use (IE., favorite Lenormand, favorite Sibilla, favorite Kipper, favorite playing card, etc)? 3) What's your most used deck? 4) What's your least used deck? 5) How did you learn to read cartomancy style cards? 6) What do you use cartomancy style cards for? 7) How do you read the cards? (Guidebook/intuitively/a bit of both?) 8) Do you use spreads and if so what are your favorites? 9) Do you mix cartomancy style cards with other divination systems, e.g. tarot/runes/oracle? 10) In your opinion, what makes for a great cartomancy style deck? 11) What do you feel are the differences between cartomancy, tarot and oracle cards? 12) Do you have any super unusual/unique decks? 13) What's your current deck crush? 14) If you could only use one deck from now on, what would it be? Here are the worksheets I have made for Tarot, Lenormand, Deste & Geomancy: http://bit.ly/295wpPZ **Where to find me** My shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/thetruthinstory OR NEW SHOP on My Website: http://www.thetruthinstory.com My podcast: http://soundcloud.com/thetruthinstory Twitter: https://twitter.com/thetruthinstory Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thetruthinstory Instagram: https://instagram.com/thetruthinstory/
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How to Do a Yes / No Reading | Tarot Cards
Unlock the mysteries of Tarot: The Complete Guide to the Tarot: http://amzn.to/1Pj0Div The Tarot Bible: The Definitive Guide to the Cards: http://amzn.to/1LlxTzz Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards: http://amzn.to/1hrj3zE The Essential Tarot Kit: Book and Card Set: http://amzn.to/1ZdkUu5 The Rider Tarot Deck Cards: http://amzn.to/1OmCOXQ Watch more How to Read Tarot Cards videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/515607-How-to-Do-a-Yes-No-Reading-Tarot-Cards Hello, I'm Ellen Goldberg and I welcome you to a Tarot Moment for the School of Oracles. This segment is a variation on one segment we've already done. Check out the segment on the three card reading. There we use it on the one we've done previously on how to use it for the most important question to the tarot - tell me what you think I ought to know about myself right now. But now we're going to do the same reading but use it in a manner of how to use those three cards as a yes or no reading. You would never apply any of this to the identity reading, tell me what I need to know about myself right now because there if a card is reversed it's quite different than here, this is very specific. We're still gonna follow the pattern of the lover's card where the card in the center is going to represent the essence of the question itself. If it's upright when we flip it over from the side, the answer is yes. If it's reversed when we flip it over from the side, the answer is no. The two cards on either side, which are like the man and the woman, show something about what you may know consciously and something about the unconscious. And since the unconscious plant seeds, it may show a little bit about future trend or where things may be heading. But really they're basically there to give more information about the center card. I've had a young woman I know ask a question. We've shuffled, we move them round and round, she shuffled four times, and after shuffling her question into the cards, I had her cut them. And then we dealt off the top of the bottom of the cut. Card number one is the center card, just like the Angel, with following the Tree of Life, Uno, ah, Keter, Chockmah and Binah, one, two three, this is center is always the first card, second third card. The question is she wants to talk to someone who's an employer of hers and she's accompanying them on a travel very soon. She wants to know, can she bring up an important question to them while they are all in Miami together. Let's find out. Might as well go for it. Turn the center card over first. Well, she shouldn't. Change may be coming if she's yearning for it, and in the future she's going to have fulfillment. Look it, the center card is no, it's reversed, but the cards on either side are both friendly in element, earth and water, are the two feminine elements and are always very friendly. Remember, the only time cards bring out extra chafing is when its near one of the only element that doesn't apply well with it. For fire, it's water. For water, it's fire. For air, it's earth, and vice versa. Here we have completely friendly elements. Look how beautiful these outer cards are, the Page of Pentacles indicating an entire new journey and new cycle of life and work, and home perhaps, but I think work. In the subconscious is the Lord of Pleasure, the Six of Cups, one of the most beautiful cards in the deck of true sharing, true beauty, true beauty of life and enjoying the process. So no, she should not talk to this important man right now. Instead, she should just wait. Beauty is coming to her, and she's going to be entering a new cycle. But this is not the time. That's how you use a three card cluster in a particular way.
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Reading Cards for Beginners! (Part 2)
Let's get started with the King, Queen, and Jack so you can start to ask the cards questions today!
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How to Read Tarot Cards
Watch more Chakras, Energy, & Psychic Powers videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/317540-How-to-Read-Tarot-Cards Learning how to read these ancient cards may help you divine the future – or at least amuse party guests. Step 1: Get a deck Get a deck of tarot cards. There are many different kinds, but the popular Rider-Waite tarot deck is the one recommended for beginners. Step 2: Learn each card's meaning Read the booklet that comes with a new deck to learn the standard meaning of each card. Tarot cards are divided into major arcana or "greater secrets" and minor arcana, meaning lesser secrets. Major arcana represent forces outside our control, while minor arcana represent that which we have the power to change. Tip Major arcana cards are usually marked with Roman numerals; minor arcana cards are divided into four suits: wands, cups, swords, and pentacles. Step 3: Shuffle the cards well Shuffle the cards well; then cut the deck as the person whose fortune you are about to read asks the first question. Step 4: Lay down four cards Lay down four cards in a diamond pattern. The top card represents romance; moving clockwise, the next card relates to finances, followed by the card for health and happiness and finally the career card. Different spreads involving more cards can be used as you become more experienced. Step 5: Turn over the first card Turn over the cards and note the direction of the picture. If it's facing the reader, it's a positive card, representing good things. If the design is upside down or reversed, it's a negative card, representing conflict. Step 6: Get the whole picture Interpret the cards. Don't just analyze what the cards mean individually, but what message they convey when viewed as a whole. Tip Major arcana cards carry more weight than minor arcana, which are meant to clarify the bigger picture. Step 7: Practice Keep a record of your readings. It helps you refine your craft by keeping tabs on when you were right and when you might have misinterpreted the cards. Did You Know? Tarot cards originated in 15th-century Italy, where they were used as playing cards.
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Pick a Card Reading ✨ What Does Your Twin Falme Want to Tell You? ☯️
Timestamps (From Left to Right): Group #1: 1:05 Group #2: 9:36 Group #3: 19:01 Group #4: 30:54 Outro: 42:47 Hey Divine Sparks!  Lets find out what your Twin Flame wants to tell you. This Energy Check-Up is designed to help you add to your Divine Tool-Belt as you manifest your desires into your reality... As a quick reminder, remember to only take away the messages from this reading that resonate with you...If this video was unable to help you, please find another wonderful Divine Spark here on YouTube to assist you in the guidance that you need...There are so many beautiful readers in this community & you never know which one will have that perfect message for you!  $30/30 Minute or $40/40 Minute Readings: - How Does He/She Feel Reading - Energy Check-Up Reading (Love, Career/Schooling, Family Matters, & Life Purpose) Specialty Readings: - Divine Counterpart Blockages Reading - Divine Counterpart Connection Reading - Divine Feminine OR Divine Masculine Healing Reading 35-45 Minute Reading Prices: - $50 Audio & Pictures - $70 Video 1 Hour Sessions: - $80 Audio & Pictures - $100 Video 🗓To book a personal reading Email me at: [email protected] 🔮To check out the types of readings I offer, visit my official business website at: https://www.learnthelightacademy.com/readings 💌If you would like to donate to Learn the Light Academy & help my business and intuitive services grow, use the link below! This Link is ONLY for DONATIONS...This link is NOT for purchasing PERSONAL READINGS: https://www.paypal.me/LearntheLightAcademy Social Media:  Instagram: learn.the.light.academy Twitter: @LearntheLight Website: https://learnthelightacademy.com Decks Used:  - Work Your Light Oracle: https://www.amazon.com/Work-Your-Light-Oracle-Cards/dp/178180995X/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1545251513&sr=8-3&keywords=work+your+Light+oracle - Queen of the Moon Oracle: https://www.amazon.com/Queen-Moon-Oracle-Guidance-Seasonal/dp/1925682587/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1545251629&sr=8-4&keywords=moon+oracle - Moonology Oracle Cards: https://www.amazon.com/Moonology-Oracle-Cards-Yasmin-Boland/dp/1781809968/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1546622760&sr=8-2&keywords=moonology - Angel Answers Oracle Cards: https://www.amazon.com/Angel-Answers-Oracle-Cards-Guidebook/dp/1401945902/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1546996139&sr=8-3&keywords=angel+answers+oracle+cards - The Universe Has Your Back Oracle Cards: https://www.amazon.com/Universe-Has-Your-Back-52-card/dp/178180933X/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1546996323&sr=8-2&keywords=universe+has+your+back+cards - Vintage Wisdom Oracle Cards: https://www.amazon.com/Vintage-Wisdom-Oracle-Victoria-Moseley/dp/157281781X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1546996435&sr=8-1&keywords=vintage+oracle - Smith-Waite Centennial Tarot Deck: https://www.amazon.com/Smith-Waite-Centennial-Tarot-Games-Systems/dp/1572817623/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1547524976&sr=8-2&keywords=centennial+tarot - Wisdom of the Oracle Divination Cards: https://www.amazon.com/Wisdom-Oracle-Divination-Cards-Know/dp/1401946429/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1547525063&sr=8-1-spons&keywords=wisdom+of+the+oracle&psc=1 - The Romance Angels Oracle Cards: https://www.amazon.com/Romance-Angels-Oracle-Cards/dp/140192476X/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1542060233&sr=8-3&keywords=romance+angels+oracle&dpID=51iUlvXWOjL&preST=_SY291_BO1,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srch I hope this reading brings you the Light, Love, and Clarity that you are seeking...As always, keep on learning to live from the Light! ✨Learn the Light Academy💡
Divination Methods: Tarot
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Demystifying Tarot vs. Oracle Cards
This video is about Demystifying Tarot vs. Oracle Cards. Many people are confused about the difference between Tarot cards and Oracle cards. Learn why you might want to use one over the other, and learn the difference between the two.
Divination Techniques-Intuitive Tarot/Oracle
Some ideas on how to read Tarot or Oracle cards intuitively. tarotreadingsbykate- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FnzEIu2bhyk&index=52&list=UUMMLTMTE90iVFwKHe9PAlXw
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8 Tarot Card Layouts for Every Sabbat ||
JOIN THE COMPETITION AND SIGN UP TO PAGAN AND WITCHES AMINO: ○ Join Pagans & Witches Amino: http://aminoapps.com/c/pagans-witches ○ Follow me: HarmonyNice Hey guys! hope you enjoyed this video, lots of love and see you in 2018 my queens xxxxxxxxxx INSTAGRAM: PEACHYCINNAMON SNAPCHAT: HARMOYNSUXX MUSIC: Tonton - Bon Voyage [Majestic Color] Stupead - Alright [Majestic Color]
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Lenormand, Tarot, Oracle Cards: Understanding of Card Combinations
You don't need someone else's book to understand card combinations. Here's a process that anyone can use to gain a deeper understanding of using pairs, triplets, whatever...
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Card-Based Divination Systems
Explore the different card-based #divination #systems where #cards with or without #images and #symbolism are used for #guidance, #prediction and #FortuneTelling purposes. Links: Read the Blog Post: http://www.taroticallyspeaking.com/knowledge/card-based-divination-systems/ Donnaleigh's Lenormand Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7Chd55yykxATp8DEieR_fw Rama George's Lenormand Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzNIITEhhlTIfCcuhr_oPdA Storytelling, Tea and Tarot: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeW3x82JMK9ipJxre7aeZvQ The White Rabbit Oracle: https://www.etsy.com/listing/233920866/white-rabbit-oracle The Sacred Symbols Divination and Meditation Cards: https://www.etsy.com/listing/249787267/sacred-symbols-divination-and-meditation The OH Cards: http://www.oh-cards-na.com/
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Tarot and Divination-cards Q&A
Greetings! I filmed this video waaayyy back and always wanted to re-film it, as I have never been quite satisfied. But oh, there is still no end to university-stress in sight - where is the time... If you love doing divination as well but disagree with my opinion, that is completely fine, we all have our own unique way of how we think it's done. Although I am still not pleased with the result, I don't want to have you wait that much longer for a new video *winks* If you feel like you have more questions, maybe we can have a wee instagram livestream specifically on this topic, where we have more time for detailed questions~ Lots of Elflove, Elverynel~ Blog: http://elverynel.blogspot.co.at/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elverynel/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/elverynel/ Music: Pippin the Hunchback by Kevin MacLeod https://www.youtube.com/user/kmmusic
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The Basics of Tarot in Magick (Card Divination)
Tarot is a form of cartomancy, that is, divination using cards, that has been practiced for centuries. Since the revival of Ceremonial Magick in the early 20th Century, it has become widespread among practitioners of all spiritual leanings and schools of Magick. This video is the first of hopefully several, outlining this complex system so that it may be effectively used to gain insight, and understand the Self. If you found this video helpful, do leave a like and subscribe to my channel. If you are more interested in practical Ceremonial Magick, check out my blog: betweenthepillars.wordpress.com If you would like, support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/whiteravenmagi
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How To Get Free Tarot and Oracle Decks
Do you want to receive free tarot and oracle decks? In this video, I will give you 4 simple steps to reveal how I get free decks, and you can too! SUBSCRIBE to this channel for reviews of the latest divination tools, weekly readings, guided meditations, Q&As, and more! http://www.youtube.com/user/guidingechoes?sub_confirmation=1 PRIVATE READINGS For a private readings, visit my website at http://guidingechoes.com and click on the 'order a reading' tab. SOCIAL MEDIA Connect with me on social media: Facebook - http://facebook.com/guidingechoes Twitter - http://twitter.com/nicoleguillaume Pinterest - http://pinterest.com/guidingechoes Thank you for watching! I look forward to connecting with you!
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Tarot, Playing Card Divination, Lenormand, Oracle's and Shadow Work
Not many people understand or take advantage of the dark, shadowy side of the psyche or the profound effect that Shadow Work, working with those limits, can have on an individual. Shadow work is a skill that takes many abilities and a good deal of experience but it can be highly liberating and shed light on blocks and limits. If you're interested in getting through your relationship, career, health or mindfulness blocks a shadow reading may be for you. Contact me for rates and availability. 77.302.8009 or [email protected] To schedule a reading with Lucky Lynx: 779.302.8009 or [email protected] To Donate to keep this channel going through (Every bit helps keep the content coming) PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/lynxfortue
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Make Your Own Lenormand Deck
Thinking of becoming a card reader, but you’re intimidated by the Tarot? Let me offer you an alternative: The Petit Lenormand, an oracle deck from the 19th century. Illustrations do not affect the core meaning of each card, so the quickest, most inexpensive way to get into reading Lenormand is to make your own deck from a regular pack of playing cards. This video will show you everything you need to create your deck and start reading. Looking for a good book on how to read Lenormand cards? Check out my video, “Best Books for Learning Lenormand”: https://youtu.be/7Uqi_DA3hi0 Decks in this video: Lenormand Oracle By Laura Tuan Published by Lo Scarabeo, 2013 Matilda Lenormand By Lynn Boyle Based on designs by Johann Kaspar Hechtel in Germany circa the 18th Century https://www.etsy.com/listing/506321201/matilda-lenormand-fortune-telling-oracle Self-published, 2017 Celtic Lenormand Written by Chloë McCracken Artwork by Will Worthington Published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc., 2014 The Burning Serpent Oracle: A Lenormand of the Soul Conceived by Rachel Pollack & Robert M. Place Artwork by Robert M. Place Self-published, 2013 Fairy Tale Fortune Cards By Liz Dean Illustrated by Bev Speight Published by Cico Books, 2012
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How to cleanse Tarot/Lenormand Cards?
How to cleanse Tarot/Lenormand Cards? 🌻Book a private reading with me: coralapisoccult.com
Fortune Telling Decks Part 2
Sibilla, Lenormand, Kipper, Playing Cards, Oracle decks Modern and Historic, new and old... Show &Tell! Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGnIeopHO7Q Decks: 1. Vera Sibilla (Masenghini) 2. Vera Sibilla/ Everyday Oracle (Lo Scarabeo) 3. Sibilla Della Zingara/ Gypsy Oracle Cards (Lo Scarabeo) 4. Mistiri Della Sibilla (Dal Negro) 5. La Magica Sibilla (Dal Negro) 6. Sibilla Oracle Cards/ Sibilla Indovina (Lo Scarabeo) aka "The Parlour Sibyl" or "La Sibylle des Salons" 7. L'Oracolo Della Sibilla (Dal Negro) 8. Il Vostro Destino (Masenghini) 9. La Carte Della Fortuna (Modiano) 10. Biedermeier Aufschlagkarten (Piatnik) 11. Original Kipper, Wahrsagekarten (AGMueller) 12. Le Jeu du Destin Antique (Piatnik) 13. Petit Etteilla in English (Gamecrafter) 14. Grand Jeu de Mlle Lenormand (Grimaud) 15. Blue Bird Lenormand (US Games) 16. Mystic Cards or Fortune (i printed 'em) 17. Clair De Lune Lenormand (Etsy) 18. German Dondorff Lenormand, comes with the book "Easy Lenormand Handbook" (llewellyn) 19. Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards (US Games) 20. Licuc Lenormand Mini (Gamecrafter) 21. Spanish Playing Cards (Naipes) 22. Pagan Playing Cards "Blue" Limited Edition (Uusi) 23. Virgil Solis Deck/ Catelin Geofroy Tarot (me) 24. Hermes Playing Card Oracle (Hermes Publications) Links: Italian Cartomancy (book): http://www.italiancartomancy.com Norse Pagan Tarot Witch on YouTube has LOTS of vids about Sibilla! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1dmSoOWrQ39kufo41WbnWQ?spfreload=5 Effrain Malave's YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrOfG3FZUtiOno_ctJrhRxg Mary K Greer's site has TONS of amazing posts about both the history of fortune telling decks and how to read with them! https://marykgreer.com/ Image of an old petit etteilla on her site: https://marykgreer.com/2008/04/01/origins-of-divination-with-playing-cards/32-card-petit-etteilla-deck/ Robert M Place's Article, A History of Oracle Cards: https://robertmplacetarot.com/2015/10/25/a-history-of-oracle-cards/ and his Main site: (where u can also get Hermes Playing Card Oracle and NY Lenormand and Burning Serpent Lenormand among others) https://robertmplacetarot.com Grand Jeu Lenormand (ttanslation of th books in English!!:) http://www.lemegeton.com/blog/2012/07/14/the-grand-lenormand-in-rough-translation-3/ Sibilla Indovina/ Parlour Sybil in English: https://goldenmousedeer.wordpress.com/2011/07/25/sibilla-oracle-card-meanings/ Free download of the NY Lenormand: http://www.wanderingoracle.com/shop/free-lenormand-deck-diy/ This site has lots of cool info too: http://www.serenapowers.com/index.html and this one too, DestinyWitch: http://www.destinywitch.com/ Petit Etteilla in English -Eric Bowers: https://www.thegamecrafter.com/games/petit-etteilla-in-english Naipes Spanish Playing Cards: https://www.amazon.com/naipes-Naipes-Spanish-Playing-Cards/dp/B007YJSG60 Uusi's "Blue" Pagan Playing Cards: https://uusi.us/collections/uusi-playing-cards/products/copy-of-pagan-limited-edition?variant=12631707588 TarotBG: http://tarotbg.eu/en/ Alida: https://www.alidastore.com CollecTarot: https://www.collectarot.com/ World of Playing Cards: http://www.wopc.co.uk/ Claire De Lune Lenormand on Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/listing/466540635/clair-de-lune-lenormand-deck-divination Easy Lenormand Handbook on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Easy-Lenormand-Answers-Everyday-Questions/dp/0738747122 Licuc Lenormand Mini on Gamecrafter: https://www.thegamecrafter.com/games/licuc-lenormand-mini This is a FANTASTIC book on Lenormand, one of my favorites for sure: https://www.amazon.com/Complete-Lenormand-Oracle-Handbook-Language/dp/1620553252/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1504025509&sr=1-1
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Divination: The Psychic Tools of Prediction. Tarot Cards, Runes, Dowsing, Scrying...
FREE PSYCHIC VIDEO CHAT http://community.oranum.com/en/psychic/9186?session=ff2a3d7ad9d6c603cd566d55bea87a7b2 Kasamba Call/Email/Chat $2.99/min http://kasamba.com/psychic/psychic-medium-perrynormal http://Im-Psychic.com http://twitter.com/its_perrynormal Forms of divination and fortune-telling including the Tarot Cards, Runes, Dowsing with a Pendulum and Dowsing Rods, Scrying with a Crystal Ball or Scrying Mirror, I-Ching and more. I am a psychic medium and offer Tarot Card Readings. I am available for chat/calls at http://Liveperson.com $1.99/min Psychic Medium Blog: http://Im-Psychic.com Follow me on Twitter: @Its_Perrynormal http://twitter.com/its_perrynormal Facebook page: http://facebook.com/its.perrynormal FREE PSYCHIC VIDEO CHAT http://community.oranum.com/en/psychic/9186?session=ff2a3d7ad9d6c603cd566d55bea87a7b2 Kasamba Call/Email/Chat $2.99/min http://kasamba.com/psychic/psychic-medium-perrynormal
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Loteria as divination cards
This is very much a process that I'm learning. You can join us on Instagram for our daily card using these as I learn how to interpret them myself. Later on, I'll start working with them either to develop a spread or using some that are already in place. Where to buy loteria cards: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00VGMIZR6/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1518703551&sr=8-3&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65&keywords=loteria+mexican+bingo&dpPl=1&dpID=61XOtFw-23L&ref=plSrch Blog: Https://www.devilanddame.blogspot.com Instagram: Https://www.instagram.com/the_dame_hagraven Shop: Https://etsy.com/shop/thedevilandthedame
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How to Shuffle & Cut | Tarot Cards
Unlock the mysteries of Tarot: The Complete Guide to the Tarot: http://amzn.to/1Pj0Div The Tarot Bible: The Definitive Guide to the Cards: http://amzn.to/1LlxTzz Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards: http://amzn.to/1hrj3zE The Essential Tarot Kit: Book and Card Set: http://amzn.to/1ZdkUu5 The Rider Tarot Deck Cards: http://amzn.to/1OmCOXQ Watch more How to Read Tarot Cards videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/515601-How-to-Shuffle-and-Cut-Tarot-Cards Hello, I'm Ellen Goldberg and I welcome you to this Terro Moment from the School of Oracles. This segment is about how to shuffle and cut the cards. Well there are many ways, and it's nice to have a few different ways at your disposal so that you can choose, sometimes just on your mood and sometimes on the requirements of a particular layout. We'll be having segments on different layouts that you can do as well in this series. But this moment is really about shuffling itself. If you are a little bit more adept at shuffling cards, you might like to do it in that very nice way that we do when we're playing cards. Like that. I like to do that four times when I shuffle them in that manner. For each letter for the name of God: yod, hey, vav, and hey. Of course that's in Hebrew. But there are simple ways. The main thing is when you shuffle, have an intention. I like to announce to the cards when I mix them. Exactly what layout I'm gonna do, who I am; we're gonna have a segment on how to choose an significator as well meaning the card that represents yourself, and how you're going to shuffle. One of the most easy ways, I call going fishing. I put the cards on the table and I strat to move them around. You don't have to be fancy but notice I move them, I'm giving them a chance to find different borders. I'm giving them an opportunity to be up-right or reversed and then when I've moved them to my hearts content; and remember this is a short video so I'm not going to move them around very much, you can take as long or as short as you like. Choosing when you're going fishing is a non rational process, so you have to trust that whatever card you're attracted to that's the card for you. In fact I often tell my students, "you can not do it wrong." Say I was going to pick a card for myself for Whats My Lesson for Today. I would have moved them around if I'm just going fishing and then I find myself attracted to one. And lucky me it's the ten of pentacles. Why, it's the ultimate in the lord of wealth and the lord of well being. I know today is going to go very well for me, it's a rich day. We have another segment on how to use reverse cards. You could pull maybe 10, 20 cards this way if you're doing a longer more involved layout. It's perfectly fine. Sometimes I use the round and round method which I like to think of all the ingredients of life being stirred in a big cauldron, and I stir my question into the cards which I have announced to the cards silently from my heart. I stir it in as though it were and ingredient in the stew of life and I want it to be well mixed so that I combine methods. Certainly one can do go fishing just any old time, but sometimes that's just step one for me. Then after I've moved them round and round, I bring them together and I don't worry to much. I put them together in a pile. Notice how I get the bottom ones nice and solid on the table and the ones tthat have stayed upright I turn to the side and bring them together. Now I'm ready to do any number of other kinds of cuts. One is I take them and I spread them like a rainbow ark on the table, and in that way I then let my hand or encourage the person who I'm reading for, to move their hand back and forth across the cards. Sometimes I'll feel more heat, sometimes I'll feel a little vibration, sometimes it's not that at all. Remember choosing is non rational. I'll just be attracted to a card, one will peek out at me and for some reason I want it. And I will choose. Say I'm doing a three card reading. I pull one. I go back and I feel for the next I pull two, and I go back; say I'm doing a little three card reading, and I pull the third. Turning them over is important. I like to always turn them over from them side, bcause I like them to be in the very same way that the Terro has presented them. Here is a little message for me. In the center we see the card of great contentment, but it's reversed. Maybe I'm too worried and not content about my work today. I may have started out, here's that maybe the past and the future all unsure. Maybe avoiding some things, but I'm gonna wind up strong and powerful, and working with the subconscious in a very good way. Respect reversed and upright and pleased check out our segment on the meanings of reversed cards. Here's another way of cutting. There are so many
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[3.12] Tarot and Divination
This week's topic: From lullharrow - Tarot or Oracle ------------------------------------------------ Which do use most often/prefer: Tarot or Oracle deck? ----- My personal channel: http://www.youtube.com/madeofyucca/ Topics/FAQs: http://paganperspectivecollab.blogspot.com -----
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What is the Difference Between Tarot & Oracle ~ Vi
Hello beautiful souls, today I had a little time whilst on holiday visiting my sister and I thought I would do a video that has been requested time and time again. So at long last, here it is.
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Storytelling Differences Between Lenormand & Tarot
How do these two oracle systems view the same situation differently? Let's compare the same story "Little Red Riding Hood" when told by the Lenormand versus Tarot. How are the readings different? How are they the same?
Tarot Vs Oracle Cards
I really would love to know what you guys prefer, Tarot cards or Oracle cards?
How to use Oracle Cards!
Ever wonder how to do a reading, and use a set of oracle cards??? In this video I will show you types of oracle cards you can choose from, how to connect with them, how to draw a daily guidance card, and how to interpret the meaning for yourself. WE can ALL do readings, it's all in trusting your messages. the more you receive guidance and do readings the more you will begin to trust them. If you would like a private reading please visit my website at www.caramarshall.ca or comment below and I will get back to you. Have fun receiving daily messages from your guides.....and/or doing multiple card readings. There is no wrong way! With Love and Light guiding OUR paths I look forward to connecting with you soon. Blessings
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Pick a Card Reading ✨ What Is He/She Feeling? (Energy Check-Up!) 🌌
Timestamps (From Left to Right): Group #1: 0:34 Group #2: 7:11 Group #3: 14:10 Group #4: 20:18 Outro: 28:57 Hey Divine Sparks!  Lets take a quick peek into your lovely Twin Flame, Soulmate, and/or Divine Counterpart's energy to see what is really up between you two & how he/she is feeling! This Energy Check-Up is designed to help you add to your Divine Tool-Belt as you manifest your desires into your reality... As a quick reminder, remember to only take away the messages from this reading that resonate with you...If this video was unable to help you, please find another wonderful Divine Spark here on YouTube to assist you in the guidance that you need...There are so many beautiful readers in this community & you never know which one will have that perfect message for you!  Social Media:  Instagram: learn.the.light.academy Twitter: @LearntheLight Website: https://learnthelightacademy.wixsite.com/learnthelightacademy *** If you are interested in purchasing my $30/30 Minute "How Does He/She Feel?" Reading, Email me using the link below! ***    Specialty Readings: - Twin Flame/Higher-Level Soulmate Blockages Reading - Twin Flame/Higher-Level Soulmate Connection Reading - Divine Feminine OR Divine Masculine Healing Reading *** These Readings are offered both in Video and/or Audio & Pictures Format *** *** Offered in 35-45 Minute Sessions & 1 Hour Sessions *** 35-45 Minute Reading Prices: - $50 Audio & Pictures - $70 Video 1 Hour Sessions: - $80 Audio & Pictures - $100 Video   🗓To book a personal reading Email me at: [email protected] 🔮To check out the types of readings I offer, visit my official business website at: https://learnthelightacademy.wixsite.com/learnthelightacademy/readings 💌If you would like to donate to Learn the Light Academy & help my business and intuitive services grow, use the link below! This Link is ONLY for DONATIONS...This link is NOT for purchasing PERSONAL READINGS: https://www.paypal.me/LearntheLightAcademy Decks Used:  - Fairy Tarot Cards: https://www.amazon.com/Fairy-Tarot-Cards-78-Card-Guidebook/dp/1401945406/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1539190209&sr=8-1&keywords=doreen+virtue+fairy+cards&dpID=51pBLbducdL&preST=_SY291_BO1,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srch - Whispers of Love Oracle: https://www.amazon.com/Whispers-Love-Oracle-Cards-Attracting/dp/0738743097/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1539190262&sr=8-1&keywords=whispers+of+love+oracle+cards - Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards: https://www.amazon.com/Chakra-Wisdom-Oracle-Cards-Transforming/dp/1780287518/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1539190312&sr=8-3&keywords=chakra+cards&dpID=51njB-Y%252Bv%252BL&preST=_SX218_BO1,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srch - Nature whispers Oracle Cards: https://www.amazon.com/Natures-Whispers-Oracle-Angela-Hartfield/dp/0738746576/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1538687215&sr=8-1&keywords=natures+whispers+oracle+cards   - Wisdom of the Oracle Divination Cards: https://www.amazon.com/Wisdom-Oracle-Divination-Cards-Know/dp/1401946429/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1539190385&sr=8-1&keywords=oracle+cards+collette+baron+reid&dpID=514VThAcCiL&preST=_SY291_BO1,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srch - Messages from the Guides Transformation Cards: https://www.amazon.com/Messages-Guides-Transformation-Cards-Praagh/dp/1401951406/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1538619655&sr=8-1&keywords=messages+from+the+guides I hope this reading brings you the Light, Love, and Clarity that you are seeking...As always, keep on learning to live from the Light! ✨Learn the Light Academy💡
Pick a Card Reading ✨ What Is He/She Feeling? (Energy Check-Up!) Happy Thanksgiving 🦃
Timestamps (From Left to Right): Group #1: 0:41 Group #2: 11:20 Group #3: 19:58 Group #4: 32:45 Outro: 44:21 Hey Divine Sparks!  Lets take a quick peek into your lovely Twin Flame, Soulmate, and/or Divine Counterpart's energy to see what is really up between you two & how he/she is feeling! This Energy Check-Up is designed to help you add to your Divine Tool-Belt as you manifest your desires into your reality... As a quick reminder, remember to only take away the messages from this reading that resonate with you...If this video was unable to help you, please find another wonderful Divine Spark here on YouTube to assist you in the guidance that you need...There are so many beautiful readers in this community & you never know which one will have that perfect message for you!  Social Media:  Instagram: learn.the.light.academy Twitter: @LearntheLight Website: https://learnthelightacademy.wixsite.com/learnthelightacademy *** If you are interested in purchasing my $30/30 Minute "How Does He/She Feel?" or Energy Check-Up Reading, Email me using the link below! ***     ❄ HOLIDAY SPECIAL: $40/40 Minute How Does He/She Feel?" or Energy Check-Up Reading, Email me using the link below ☃️ 🗓To book a personal reading Email me at: [email protected] 🔮To check out the types of readings I offer, visit my official business website at: https://learnthelightacademy.wixsite.com/learnthelightacademy/readings 💌If you would like to donate to Learn the Light Academy & help my business and intuitive services grow, use the link below! This Link is ONLY for DONATIONS...This link is NOT for purchasing PERSONAL READINGS: https://www.paypal.me/LearntheLightAcademy Decks Used:  - Soul Coaching Oracle Cards: https://www.amazon.com/Soul-Coaching-Oracle-Cards-Wants/dp/1401908004/ref=mp_s_a_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1542915573&sr=8-2&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&keywords=soul+coaching&dpPl=1&dpID=51N-jCAcPtL&ref=plSrch - Wisdom of the Oracle Divination Cards: https://www.amazon.com/Wisdom-Oracle-Divination-Cards-Know/dp/1401946429/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1542916763&sr=8-1&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&keywords=wisdom+of+the+oracle+card+deck%2C+by+colette+baron-reid&dpPl=1&dpID=514VThAcCiL&ref=plSrch - Angel Answers Oracle Cards: https://www.amazon.com/Angel-Answers-Oracle-Cards-Guidebook/dp/1401945902/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1542060127&sr=8-3&keywords=angel+answers+oracle+cards&dpID=51%252B3fmPCgQL&preST=_SY291_BO1,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srch - The Romance Angels Oracle Cards: https://www.amazon.com/Romance-Angels-Oracle-Cards/dp/140192476X/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1542060233&sr=8-3&keywords=romance+angels+oracle&dpID=51iUlvXWOjL&preST=_SY291_BO1,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srch - Pixie's Astounding Lenormand: https://www.amazon.com/Pixies-Astounding-Lenormand-Edmund-Zebrowski/dp/1572818050/ref=mp_s_a_1_14?ie=UTF8&qid=1542916899&sr=8-14&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&keywords=lenormand+cards - The Rider Tarot Deck: https://www.amazon.com/Rider-Tarot-Arthur-Edward-Waite/dp/091386613X/ref=mp_s_a_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1542917006&sr=8-4&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&keywords=tarot&dpPl=1&dpID=51V5tMtRkmL&ref=plSrch - Healing Angel Cards: https://www.amazon.com/Healing-Angel-Cards-Loving-Guidance/dp/0738743119/ref=mp_s_a_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1542917092&sr=8-4&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&keywords=angel+cards+toni&dpPl=1&dpID=51lAmnR9dIL&ref=plSrch I hope this reading brings you the Light, Love, and Clarity that you are seeking...As always, keep on learning to live from the Light! ✨Learn the Light Academy💡
Reading Spiritual Signs + the Dangers of Psychic Readings & Tarot Cards
How to best interpret spiritual signs, signals, and synchronicities, plus the dangers of psychic readers and tarot cards! Link to the Shamanic process of taking power out of forms and shifting your reality: https://goo.gl/fm5AMI Visit my blog for the best collection of Life Wisdom Tips at: https://www.lifewisdom.tips/ Connect with me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BradStevens11 Ending title music by Brad Stevens. Full song here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3459RB1UXA
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Tarot Reader - Basics & Deck Card examples with Magickwyrd
Decks top left-right: Papus Tarot; Ukiyoe; Tarot of Transition; Tarot Egyptien (Grand Jeu de l'Oracle des Dames); Hoi Polloi; next row- Mystic Meg; Piatnic Wein; Parrott Tarots; Egyptian (Lo Scarabo); Nefertari Tarots; Masonic; Sante Fe; Tarot for Cats; last row- Visconti Tarots; Tavaglione Stairs of Gold. Learn some basics about tarot card reading, preview decks if you are ready to try tarot reading or interested in learning more about the cards.
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