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Teletubbies vs. Ed Sheeran (Shape Of you)
This works too well. Teletubbies dancing to Ed Sheeran's "Shape Of You" will ruin everything for you. -------------------------------- * Fandom: http://fandom.wikia.com Fandom on Facebook: http://facebook.com/getfandom Fandom on Twitter: http://twitter.com/getfandom Fandom on Snapchat: getfandom http://snapchat.com/add/getfandom
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Teletubbies dance funny
Views: 86263 Kwankwan Sr.
Teletubbies Do the Strictly | Strictly Come Dancing | BBC One
SUBSCRIBE to BBC Strictly Come Dancing: https://bit.ly/2kzjjAT SUBSCRIBE to BBC for more entertainment highlights: https://bit.ly/2IXqEIn Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Laa Laa and Po demonstrate how to Do the Strictly in the Strictly Ballroom. For more information on how to Do the Strictly click here: http://bbc.in/1OY94kp #strictly #bbcstrictly #strictlycomedancing
Views: 1918273 BBC Strictly Come Dancing
teletubbies dancing dessert
Views: 189190 kesia sunico
Teletubbies Dance ft. Snoop Dogg - Drop It Like Its Hot
How it should've been broadcast.
Views: 20627 Tyron nosaur
Teletubbies dancing dubstep
Views: 106537 Aitroll
Teletubbies - Funny Mashup - Missy Elliott - Get Ur Freak On
The Teletubbies are back with another mashup. This time its Missy Elliott's Hip Hop Classic "Get Ur Freak On" Check out her official video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPoKiGQzbSQ Follow on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/robbiejeditor Follow on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/robbiej617
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Teletubbies | Funny Dipsy Mask | WATCH ONLINE | Teletubbies Stop Motion | Cartoons for Children
Teletubbies | Funny Dipsy Mask | WATCH ONLINE | Teletubbies Stop Motion | Cartoons for Children ► Click to subscribe: http://bit.ly/SubscribeTeletubbies ★☆★☆ WATCH more of the latest Teletubbies episodes ★☆★☆ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmdZ3yaBIVIXyrwOVIOOZOa5zUNevwE2u ★☆★☆ WATCH more Teletubbies in the US! ★☆★☆ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmdZ3yaBIVIUoNMM2kYy4ERrnosWTWTr- ★☆★☆ WATCH the most popular Teletubbies episodes ★☆★☆ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmdZ3yaBIVIU6BpGIJbECFR-O4a7XyxhN Experience the Teletubbies like never before! Join Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po as they laugh, dance, and explore the magical world of Teletubbyland. The Teletubbies' colourful appearance and playful antics make them especially appealing to pre-schoolers. With the Teletubbies' help, children in early developmental stages will familiarize themselves with day-to-day basics as well as gain exposure to different cultures and activities. Now in full HD! ✩ Tinky Winky ✩ Tinky Winky is the first Teletubby. He is the largest of the Teletubbies and has a triangular antenna on his head. He is notable for his magic bag and is purple. ✩ Dipsy ✩ Dipsy is the second Teletubby. He is lime green and is named "Dipsy" because his antenna resembles a dipstick. He likes his black and white furry top hat, which he once lost. Laa-Laa found it, but instead of simply returning Dipsy's hat to the stricken Dipsy, she ran around it for about ten minutes shouting "Dipsy Hat! Dipsy Hat!". He is the most stubborn of the Teletubbies, and will sometimes refuse to go along with the other Teletubbies' group opinion. ✩ Laa-Laa ✩ Laa-Laa is the third Teletubby. She is sunflower yellow, and has a curly antenna. She likes to sing and dance, and is often seen to look out for the other Teletubbies. Her favourite thing is a bouncy, orange ball, which is almost as big as she is. ✩ Po ✩ Po is the fourth and last Teletubby. She is the smallest and youngest of the Teletubbies, is rosy red, and has an antenna shaped like a stick used for blowing soap bubbles. Her favourite object is her scooter, which she calls "scoota". Po can sometimes be mischievous and naughty, as when she disobeys the commands of the "Voice Trumpets" ✩ Noo-noo ✩ Noo-noo is the vacuum cleaner that hardly ventures outside, instead remaining indoors and constantly cleaning with its sucker-like nose. It does not speak like the other characters, instead communicating through a series of slurping and sucking noises. At times, Noo-noo gets annoyed with the Teletubbies' antics and can vacuum their food or toys. This usually prompts the Teletubbies to scold Noo-noo through a cry of "Naughty Noo-noo!".
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Teletubbies - Boom Boom Dance (1998)
The Teletubbies all sit down on a hill before watching some people do a dance called "The Boom-Boom Dance" to bongo music. In Teletubbyland, Tinky-Winky is sleeping and he does the Boom-Boom dance when he wakes up. Dipsy is going on a walk, and then does the Boom-boom dance. Laa-Laa is eating Tubbytoast and then does the Boom-Boom dance. Po is riding on her scooter, and then does the Boom-Boom dance. The Teletubbies meet up and do the Boom-Boom dance together, even the Noo-Noo joins in. Tinky Winky is the missing Teletubby and the boo shouter Dipsy is chosen for the TV event. Also including: The Kokuma Dance Company and The children of Birmingham Settelment Nursery in the TV Transmission. I DON'T OWN THIS!!! All rights go to Ragdoll Productions, DHX Media and the BBC!!! I MAKE NO MONEY FROM THIS!!!
Views: 3561759 GoAnimateDanielDunn
Teletubbies Dance!
Views: 222 Dio Bono!
funny teletubbies dance
funny teletubbies dance funny teletubbies dance funny teletubbies dance https://youtu.be/2dIoenGu2PU
Rihanna Teletubbies dance!
When your favourite song sounds on the radio!
Teletubbies Dancing to Rappers Delight
The extended version of the video showed in the Morning Update
Views: 60595 Justin Roy
Best Teletubbies Vine Compilation/Best Vines/Funny Vine
My friend: https://m.youtube.com/user/Valor3305
Views: 103940 Settle Down Samuel
Funny Teletubbies hotline bling dance
Made this vid with LIPP Free app
Teletubbies funny dance
teletubbies dancing Satisfaction by Benny Benassi
Views: 13344 Jorge Castillo
Teletubbies dancing funny
Teletubbies dancing fun way
Views: 127 Maria Barrios
Teletubbies - Silly Songs and Funny Dances
Here it is, the 2002 VHS/DVD of Silly Songs and Funny Dances! This is the US version of Musical Playtime. Only 2 segments are changed. Enjoy! Segments as followed: Intro (Laa Laa is the Missing Teletubby) Musical Tubby Custard (From Cafe Eggs) TV Event - Ballet Dancing Laa Laa's Secret Dance (From Naughty Sausage) Songs About Favorite Things (From Carnival II) Mittens (From Handy Hands) Musical Noo-Noo (From My Violin) TV Event - Harp Tinky Winky and Po Play the Harp (From Harp) Dizzy Dance (From Sparkly Spider) Tubby Bye-Bye (Po is the boo shouter) I own nothing. All credit goes to Ragdoll, PBS Kids, and DHX Media.
Teletubbies dance 2 D4L
this is soooo funny........made me laugh twice! Dance!
Views: 414098 efyootoo69
funny teletubbies dance
funny teletubbies dance
Views: 1514 kai hidate
Teletubbies dance
Grazie per la visualizzazione;)
Views: 493 Animeworld Ita
funny teletubbies dance
soooo fuuny
Views: 3450 hoops902
Teletubbies dancing to Serbian music (funny)
Type #XD if it is funny
Views: 80 DerpyNigga
Teletubbies Dancing GET HYPER!
Teletubbies Dancing GET HYPER ksiolajidebt Droideka Funny ENJOY! SUPPORT KSI ARMYYYYY!!! SUBSCRIBE TO KSI'S CHANNEL :) http://www.youtube.com/user/ksiolajidebt
Views: 5133 GamingHero2312
Teletubbies - Silly Songs and Funny Dances Part 1
I haven't uploaded any Teletubbies VHS volumes in a long time. This is another Teletubbies home video about dancing. MrAcrizzy gave me a request to upload it a few years ago since it was one of my thrift store finds in 2012, but I didn't bother uploading it until now. Enjoy! Disclaimer: I do not own this; it belongs to Ragdoll Productions, DHX Media and the BBC. All Rights Reserved.
Views: 158008 CEO100able
Teletubbies dancing to Walk It Talk It by Migos, Drake
I do not own the rights to the music playing in the background. Was watching Teletubbies with my son one day and had this great idea lol
Views: 31569 Ricky Hernandez
funny teletubbies-hamster dance
just watch the vid, be happy =D
Views: 360129 alvinISaPIMP
Teletubbies dance to industrial music
FUNNY X) artest is nachtmahr
Views: 2107 FISH DEPRCAT
My funny kid
Views: 22 riothedraven
Teletubbies dancing on Dimmu borgir - Spellbound
Watch the Teletubbies dancing on Dimmu borgir - Spellbound, It's very funny Made by Bram meeuw Filth
Views: 465731 BrammeeuwFilth YTP
Teletubbies Dance
A Video of the Teletubbies dancing
Views: 14393703 StreetwarsVienna
Laa Laa Teletubbies | Laa Laa loves to perform and dance Fun Kids Activity game by Cube Kids
Are you ready to play and learn with Laa-Laa in Teletubbyland? Laa-Laa is one of four in a suite of collectable apps designed and developed exclusively for Teletubbies. ➔ Play on Cube Kids (Android): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.CubeKids.LaaLaa ➔ Play on Cube Kids (iTunes): https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/laa-laa-teletubbies/id1071811770?mt=8 ➔ FEATURES: Laa-Laa loves to perform and dance, can you help her with her dance routine, props and choice of music. - Mini games that feature iconic items from the show like the Windmill, Custard Machine, Tubby Toast, Tubby Phone, Rabbits and much more. - Teletubbies has been designed to encourage young children to engage with content creatively. Full of fun and exploration, it inspires confidence and curiosity and nurtures childhood development. - Beautiful 3D immersive world and fun child-friendly games and activities. - The environment is full of touch points, for the user to interact with and discover and be entertained by the outcome. - Open ended play. - Hours of fun enjoyment. - A shared experience for parent and child to enjoy. Your child will want to copy you, passing on vital skills and letting you have fun together. - Features Schemas; behaviours that children go through when they are exploring the world and trying to find out how things work. - Tested and loved by children. - No in-app purchases or third party advertising so your child can play uninterrupted and at their own pace. - Personal information will never be shared and COPPA compliant - Parent gate to keep children safe. ➔ ABOUT THE TELETUBBIES: The timeless, unique and much-loved Teletubbies are re-imagined for a new generation. Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po have retained their loveable, huggable distinctive features, but offer some exciting and surprising new developments too. ➔ Welcome to my channel "Kids Games & Surprise Toys" !!! What can you expect on this channel? My channel will provide you with a variety of educational content for your kids. I will review mobile learning apps for kids for example alphabet, potty training and learn how to count games. Furthermore I will review interesting fun video games for kids and parents. Besides the reviews of educational apps for kids, i will review suprise eggs and toys for kids. So subcribe to my channel for daily videos on educational apps and games for kids of every age.
Teletubbies  Dipsy Dance With Cake Funny Game
Funny Teletubbies Game
Views: 1008 AY YILDIZ
teletubbies - dance
funny dance
Views: 2661 Raffaele Bruno
Teletubbies dance the saftey dance
funny video with the teletubbies dancing to the safety dance
Views: 12517 TearDropsDontFall
Teletubbies Dance - Wiggle
Tele Wiggle, momenti di noia.
Teletubbies dancing to Major Lazer - Bubble Butt feat. Bruno Mars, 2 Chainz, Tyga & Mystic
Teletubbies dancing to Major Lazer - Bubble Butt (feat. Bruno Mars, 2 Chainz, Tyga & Mystic), I thought this song fitted the Teletubbies dancing perfectly. Hope you like it. *NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED* "This video uses copyrighted material in a manner that does not require approval of the copyright holder. It is a fair use under copyright law. "quotation of excerpts in a review or criticism for purposes of illustration or comment; quotation of short passages in a scholarly or technical work, for illustration or clarification of the author's observations; use in a parody of some of the content of the work parodied; summary of an address or article, with brief quotations, in a news report; reproduction by a library of a portion of a work to replace part of a damaged copy; reproduction by a teacher or student of a small part of a work to illustrate a lesson; reproduction of a work in legislative or judicial proceedings or reports; incidental and fortuitous reproduction, in a newsreel or broadcast, of a work located in the scene of an event being reported."
Views: 15473 steev1000
teletubbies dancing 2
http://www.TheGyrobowl.com Click the link Now teletubbies teletubbies part 1 teletubbies episodes teletubies teletubbies song teletubbies dance teletubbies dancing the teletubbies funny teletubbies
Views: 6216 mygyrobowl
funny dancing teletubbies crossing the street
lol happy Halloween! my friends dancing and crossing the street and being retarded hahaha!
Views: 1021 D0UBLExV
Teletubbies Dancing To Pumped UP KICKS
Views: 36067 RedKillMK
Teletubbies dance with Dawin
Just for fun,,, Don't be so serious...
Views: 1902 prenguzz
Teletubbies: Party (2016)
The Teletubbies have balloons, party blowers and lots of sparkles. They visit the Tiddlytubbies and do a fun party dance. In Tummy Tales, twins celebrate their birthday with all their friends. Laa-Laa is the Missing Teletubby Laa-Laa is chosen in Tummy Tales Tinky Winky is the Boo Shouter Po says goodbye for final time DISCLAMER: I don't own the music or video, Teletubbies is owned by Ragdoll Productions, the BBC and DHX Media.
Views: 17307592 Liam Fitzgerald
Teletubbies dancing to 50 Cent
Teletubbies dancing to 50 Cent - Candy Shop
Views: 638 fcwide

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