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Planting Spring Bulbs "Lasagna Style" at Clarenbridge Garden Centre
We show you how to plant your spring flowering bulbs including daffodils and tulips - "Lasagna Style" planting
Most Suitable 10 Shrubs to Make  Mediterranean Style Gardens
Mediterranean garden plants Shrubs Shrubs tend to be woodier plants that grow in more of a round, bushy shape. They’re great for both foliage and flowers and can add autumn interest when other plants die back. Rock rose (Helianthemum), Hebe, Cotton lavender (Santolina), Cistus and Osmanthus delavayi work particularly well together. Position them in a warm spot and they can pretty much be left to their own devices. The comb-shaped foliage of Euryops pectinatus is also great if you want to try something different and boasts golden yellow flowers that last all summer long. Top 10 Mediterranean garden shrubs 1)Hebe pinguifolia'Sutherlandii' 2)Cretan rockrose(Cistus creticus) 3)Rock rose 'Wisley Primrose'(Helianthemum 'Wisley Primrose’) 4)Grey-leaved euryops(Euryops pectinatus) 5)Perovskia 'Blue Spire' 6)Lavender 'Ballerina'(Lavandula 'Ballerina') 7)Green lavender cotton(Santolina rosmarinifolia subsp. Rosmarinifolia) 8)Californian lilac ‘Cascade’(Ceanothus ‘Cascade’) 9)Rock rose ‘Thrive’(Cistus x obtusifolius 'Thrive') 10)Osmanthus delavayi Create a Mediterranean garden What could be more appealing than a relaxed, informal and fragrant garden in the summer sunshine? There’s something irresistible about Mediterranean gardens, a sort of casual elegance that makes them one of the most enjoyable styles of garden around. Wander into any Mediterranean garden and you’ll almost certainly find a laidback seating area, perfect for long lunches and late nights with friends and family. Neat little lollipops of bay stand to attention at entrances; delicious, fragrant herbs gather in pots by the back door ready for picking; sweeping gravel beds play host to wispy grasses, gently swaying flowers and spiky swords of striking foliage; vines and scented climbers clamber over pergolas to create a shady spot filled with fragrance. Colour and texture mix on an epic scale; red hot pokers and bright yellow blooms look just as much the part as pom poms of cool blue flowers and clusters of dainty, dusky pinks; a leafy backdrop of velvety silvers, rich greens and straw-like gold sets the scene. Rustic wood structures and natural stone pathways – the more weathered the better – give the garden an instantly lived in look. And it only gets better with age. If you’d like the sort of garden that you can spend more time enjoying than tending to – there’s no lawns to mow and the plants can pretty much take care of themselves – then you’ve found your match. What’s not to love? You’d be forgiven for thinking we don’t really have the weather here in the UK for this type of garden. Well, the truth is, you don’t need to be baking in the South of France or sunning yourself on the Spanish coast to enjoy a Mediterranean garden. The UK climate of warm, dry summers and mild winters – particularly as you go further south – is surprisingly well suited to growing plants used in Mediterranean gardens. In fact, take a peek out of the window now and you’ll probably spot a few of them already out there. So, how about it? Fancy giving it a go? We’ll show you how, with the right plant choices, some careful planning and a bit of preparation, you can create a thriving Mediterranean style garden almost anywhere. sources: https://www.wyevalegardencentres.co.uk/cms/tips-and-advice/garden-inspiration/get-the-look/mediterranean-garden/ https://www.wyevalegardencentres.co.uk/cms/tips-and-advice/garden-inspiration/get-the-look/mediterranean-garden-plants/ facebook https://www.facebook.com/HomeDADI/ G+ https://plus.google.com/u/0/105001765707381232495 Twitter https://twitter.com/signore_francis
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Living Garden, exotic Garden Design, thailand style
modern exotic, thailand Garden by Living Garden Gartengestaltung
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Conifers in the Garden/Garden Style nw
Conifers in the Garden are a great way to get a new Garden started and add structure to an existing garden. Intro. to a few specimens and their differences. Debbie Cassidy Host and Nursery owner Gardenstylenw.com [email protected] Sunnycrestnursery.com
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How to Grow a Thai "Style" Garden
Steve is exploring the components that make up many Thai gardens. So if you would like to develop your own Thai garden, then this video is for you.
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Using One Plant  To Create Three Different Design Styles!
Garden Designer Aaree use the euphorbia mammillaris variegata to show off how to create three different design looks using different pots and top dressing. Succulent Video Library https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRemiSyakbI&list=PLm10BBHUs87i0J7DxYI0TfZI2NIFQ5P82 Cacti Video Library https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCZ3OnUc7kA&list=PLm10BBHUs87jQfrKjcXc8fLmU53tzIN1z Arrangement Video Library https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qB8T1Cv8Al4&list=PLm10BBHUs87i7DPDxXZf4DC_WA5rGM_v7 *** Do you have a blog? You're welcome to embed this video on your website *** Our Address: 216 S Rosemead Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91107 Phone:(626) 795-2788
Cannon Hall Garden Centre
Cannon Hall Garden Centre stocks a wide range of plants which are mainly locally sourced, allong with all the gardening accessories, tools, garden furniture and machinery to suit your style of gardening. Our selection of Peat-Free compost is highly regarded - and people travel miles to sample the food and refreshments from our extremly populare Riverside Cafe. Situatedright next to the main Car Park for Cannon Hall Park on the A635 between Barnsley (5 miles) and Holmfirth (10 miles) just 5 miles from Junction 37 or 38 of the M1 our postcode is S75 4AT. Find out more at http://www.cannonhallgardencentre.co.uk/
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Creating a Prairie Style Garden
Best offers for your Gardening & Lawn Care ideas https://amzn.to/2InnD0w --------------- Prairie-style gardens offer easy-care beauty and -- by including native grasses and wildflowers, encourage native birds, pollinators and wildlife. Table of contents Creating a Prairie Style Garden Prairie as Habitat 00:46 Prairie-Style Gardens 01:39 Creating a Prairie-Style Garden 02:21 Things You'll Need 02:26 Step 1 02:40 Step 2 03:09 Step 3 03:31 Step 4 03:51 Step 5 04:20 Step 6 04:53 Prairie Plant Choices 05:49 Grasses 06:39 Other Plants 07:19 ----------------- If you would like to know how to help deaf people realize their potential in the world visit Global - https://wfdeaf.org/ United States - https://nad.org/ United Kingdom - https://bda.org.uk/ Australia - https://deafaustralia.org.au/ Music by HookSounds http://www.hooksounds.com/
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How to make Bonsai tree for Beginners from Garden Center Plants
How to make Bonsai tree for beginners, the video explores how you can create bonsai from common garden centre stock. It is a gratifying and satisfying way of increasing your bonsai stock. This video discusses how to identify suitable plants and how to go about making your own bonsai. Making trees or growing your own trees is a very satisfying way of making your collection larger in bonsais. You can grow them from seed, you can even collect them from the wild, you can get them from friends, or you can buy a ready-made bonsai. But I think one of the more, or the less talked about areas is to make a bonsai from nursery stock, common garden centre stock. Selecting trees in the nursery. Well, you start off with some idea of what you want, whether you want deciduous or whether you’re after some evergreen trees. But having decided, you go to the relevant sections and try and look for trees that have interest in the trunk or in the foliage or the shape of the tree itself is attractive. Once you’ve identified the tree, then the next step is to try and work with it. So the first thing to do is to take the tree out of the pot. You generally have to thump it out with a mallet or with a wooden block. Hit the sides of the pot, and it may just dislodge. Once that’s done, use a turntable and then work with a metal chopstick or wooden chopstick to start clearing away soil from the top of the tree to see what kind of nebari you have. You can work down towards where the nebari is exposed. Once you’ve found the nebari, you look for the front of the tree, and the front usually shows off the best movement in the tree. That should give you an idea as to which way the tree is leaning or which way the tree has a lot of character. You then start looking for the structure within the tree so you clear away excess foliage, you clear away excess branches, and when you've done that, then you can try and style it by wiring it or shortening some of the branches. The next step after a little while is to choose a suitable pot and then match the pot with the tree.
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New garden flowers style
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Christmas Shop Wyevale Garden Centre walk through
Wyevale Garden Centre (formerly Peter Barratts) is located at Preston Farm in Stockton-on-tees. It has the best 'Christmas Shop' that i have ever seen.
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Newbank Garden Centre Commercial
Newbank Garden Centre aired on Granada TV 19th April until the end of May. We worked with local production company Red Pencil,you can watch behind the scenes on their YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KlcBkghMVvg Newbank’s TV advertisement,focuses on the store’s spring products. The ad takes the business in a new style direction, re-creating the ‘perfect summers day’, with a twist. We’ll let you watch the ad to find out what that twist is! FOLLOW US: Blog: http://www.jgmagency.co.uk/make-yourself-at-home-at-newbank/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/JGMAgency Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JGMAgency/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/jgm-agency/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jgmagency
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Mediterranean style Garden plants
Available from http//:dryclimategardening.com.au David shares with you his passion and knowledge of dry climate plants, which has been gathered through a life time of gardening. This vibrant garden is full of colour and shows the viewer that by selecting plants from areas in the world which have a similar dry climate, that you can have a garden full of life and excitement in any season.
Harlem Shake Garden Centre Style
Whitegates Nursery do 'The Harlem Shake' for Comic Relief
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Period Property With Italian-Style Garden In The Historic Centre Of Montepulciano - Tuscany
http://pvt.fm/pub/38B89574-1668-7949-5E6C-5F0546DF5D33 LocationIn the heart of one of the most famous medieval villages in Tuscany, where the allure of history blends with a rich culture of food and wine and in a central position relative to other important historical towns in Tuscany and Umbria, Palazzo del Conte majestically overlooks the valley below. We are located in the historic town centre of Montepulciano and at an equal distance from Siena (67 km) and Perugia (69 km), which can both be reached in about 1 hour. The charming villages of Pienza (13), San Quirico d'Orcia (23 km), Cortona (31 km) and Lake Trasimeno are less than a half hour's drive away, while, thanks to the convenient A1 motorway connection (16 km), it is possible to reach Florence (113 km) and Rome (170 km) in about an hour and a half. The nearest airport is that of Florence, 122 km away, while Rome Ciampino and Rome Fiumicino are respectively 189 and 207 km away. Description of buildingsWith its entrance in one of the main streets of Montepulciano and its panoramic views of the Valdichiana valley, Palazzo del Conte extends majestically over three floors above ground and one basement floor. Built presumably in 1500 on the foundations of pre-existing buildings and restructured over the centuries, today it still preserves the discreet charm of a noble residence with 19th century décor and finishes. A monumental entrance provides access to the main apartment and, thanks to a large flight of steps, to the main floor and the second floor. The main apartment consists of a large living room with a fireplace and an area destined for use as a small private theatre complete with a stage curtain, a lounge, a kitchen, a study, 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, several storage rooms and a beautiful terrace of about 80 sqm overlooking the private garden and the valley. On this floor, again with access from the main entrance, there are some large rooms intended as archives. The private garden can be reached both from the outside and also from this floor, thanks to a nice long staircase along which you will also find the entrance to the cellars, large vaulted roof rooms, with a direct connection also to the garden and to the main street. On the main floor and the second floor, each with a gross floor area of approximately 580 sqm, there are numerous rooms currently intended for use as offices. If necessary, a variation in intended use can be requested, changing it to residential use or tourist accommodation. On the main floor there is a terrace of approximately 18 sqm and a little balcony. On the upper floor there are three more small balconies, all overlooking the valley. Energy efficiency class: G. EPI: 154.ConditionPalazzo del Conte is in good general condition. All the rooms have preserved their historical architectural features: the ground floor and second floor have beautiful coffered ceilings, decorated with ornamental or geometric designs, while the main floor features exquisitely frescoed vaults with figurative scenes.Outdoor spaceIn addition to the large terrace on the ground floor and those on the first floor, the property is complemented by a beautiful 18th century Italian-style garden, on three levels, connected by symmetrical steps, with three goldfish pools and a nymphaeum. Of the town's stately homes, Palazzo del Conte is the only one with a garden.Usage and potentialThanks to its central position with respect to some of the most famous historical towns in Tuscany and Umbria and its large size, Palazzo del Conte would be perfect as a high level tourist accommodation business. In fact, according to the terms of the town planning regulations, in addition to the current intended uses as a residence or as offices, other uses are also provided for, including accommodation,
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Plants for difficult spaces/Nursery Tour/Garden Style nw
Plants for difficult areas and a Nursery Tour on Mothers Day! Need ideas for difficult hot, dry areas? I have some suggestions that might help .Debbie Cassidy owner Sunnycrest Nursery/Sunnycrestnursery.com [email protected] GardenStylenw.com
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The Hillier Great Garden Makeover 2018 - Hillier Garden Centres
Here at Hillier Garden Centres, we all wanted to do something special for our charity partner Wessex Cancer Trust by transforming a garden for one of their clients in a Love Your Garden style makeover. When we met the Burrell family, we knew we wanted to do this for them. Two-year-old Sebastian Burrell has a tumour behind each of his eyes and has been having treatment for most of his life, so to give him a safe place to play and the family outdoor space they could enjoy together would change their lives. Over 10 days, whilst the family were on holiday, Hillier and a team of volunteers including MJT Landscapes and Hillier Gardening Club members transformed the Burrell's garden - watch the full transformation and the reactions at the big reveal here! Film by: James Greig Film + Photography (jamesgreig.co)
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Condursos Garden Center, South Fork Ranch Style!
Tribute to the 80's classic "DALLAS"
John Lord's Secret Garden
Welcome to the Secret Garden of John Lord. In this video I will introduce you to some amazing plants, shrubs and trees growing at my Garden in Ratoath Garden Centre. 1. Black Hamburg. 2. Solanum jasminoides Solanum tuberosum (potato) 3. Weeping Beech (Purple Fountain) 4. Acer pseudoplatanus Brilliantissimum 5. Viburnum plicatum (Summer Snowflake) 6. Viburnum plicatum Mariesii (Wedding Cake Tree) 7. Cornus contoversa Variegata (wedding Cake Tree) 8. American Style Prairie garden 9. American Willow Herb Please Like and Follow Us on Facebook to get weekly tips on how to look after plants and your garden. https://www.facebook.com/RatoathGardenCentre/ Come and visit us, stroll around our gardens and be inspired.
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Santa arrives at Tong Garden Centre in daredevil style
The sparkle is back at Tong Garden Centre and after a daredevil arrival, Santa is settled in his grotto and looking forward to meeting the children.
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How to use  Evergreens! The foundation to your Garden/Garden Style nw
Awesome Evergreen plants that keep their color year round and provide the foundation to your garden.Some of my favorites! How to advice for the new and advanced gardener. http://gardenstylenw.com/ Email: [email protected]
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New Gardener's Guide to Shopping at a Garden Center
What's the best value for your dollar when buying annual plants? How many broccoli plants do you need for a family of four? What kind of containers do you buy when you garden on a balcony? Garden expert, Shirley Bovshow takes new gardeners, Ari and Emma on a tour of a garden center and offers tips on how to buy gardening essentials and introduces them to the most common "garden supermarket departments" that all garden shoppers should be aware of! New to gardening? Don't spend one dollar until you watch this guide to shopping at a garden center! "Way to Grow" Garden designer Shirley Bovshow and her two apprentices, comedians Ariana Seigel and Emma Tattenbaum-Fine, take you through the basics with a fun Gardening 101 series. Shirley brings the expertise; Ari and Emma bring the cluelessness. If Shirley can teach them to garden, she can definitely teach you! Featuring: Shirley Bovshow, Ariana Siegel and Emma Tattenbaum-Fine DP: Nathan Blair Sound: Chris Hall Editor: Melyssa Vazquez Taped at Green Thumb Nursery, Canoga Park, California. Have any gardening questions for Shirley? Leave your comments below and Shirley will answer them. More from Shirley: http://Youtube.com/user/ShirleyBovshow Shirley Bovshow's funny, warm and accessible personality made her a garden television favorite in North America as the co-host and designer of the "Garden Police" makeover show on the Discovery Home channel and popular expert on HGTV, Style Network, USA, and other major national media outlets. Based in hot, dry, Los Angeles, Shirley shares design ideas and makeovers from her professional landscaping projects on her top rated, "Eden Makers Blog" , HGTV.com. Houzz.com and her new blog, Foodie Gardener. Shirley has partnered with professional producers, writers and editors from garden television to produce multiple original garden video series for the web. Her shows include the international, "Garden World Report," "Garden Center TV", and "Garden Makeover TV." More from Ariana Seigel and Emma Tattenbaum-Fine can be found at www.youtube.com/user/ariANDemma Subscribe to DIGS! http://www.youtube.com/digs DIG us on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, & Pinterest! http://twitter.com/digschannel http://digschannel.tumblr.com/ http://www.facebook.com/DIGSchannel http://pinterest.com/digschannel/
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Beautiful Green House Style Garden
It's a beautiful garden inside the Nagoya City Greenery Research and Development Center which is located in Tsurumai Park, Nagoya, Japan.
ABANDONED Antique Garden Centre (Secret Lake!)
Thanks for watching, subscribe! Filmmaking Channel: www.youtube.com/leeriellyfilms Website: www.leerielly.com Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat: LeeRielly
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Cafe Style Entertaining  Design
An intimate garden courtyard design for cafe style entertaining. Art Deco inspired stained glass pattern, timber and steel pergola structure.
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Come and choose your Christmas style at Lymefield Garden Centre
All our Christmas decorations are up and ready to buy in our Garden Centre! Come and have a browse and a hot chocolate in our Tea Rooms.
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Build a Timber Frame Style Garden Pavilion Gazebo Part 1 of 3
Three part series on How to Build a Timber Frame Pavilion or Gazebo. I wanted the garden pavilion to be designed and built in a timber frame style with some simple joinery. This open wooden structure is the centre piece in our garden. Basic carpentry skills are all you need. Pavilion Plans available for download. Gazebo and pavilion designs are plentiful and there's lots of options. Have a look at the shed roof style timber frame gazebo ideas I came up with using post and beam. SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/Man-about-Tools-subscribe Timber Frame Pavilion Plans: https://manabouttools.com/shop/ SUPPLIES, HARDWARE, and TOOLS for projects https://manabouttools.com/build-a-timber-frame-style-garden-backyard-pavilion-gazebo/ Tools I Use: https://manabouttools.com/tools/ My VIDEO GEAR: http://bit.ly/Main-Video-Gear (affiliate links) FOLLOW ME: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/manabouttools/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/manabouttools Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/manabouttools Website: https://MANaboutTOOLS.com Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/manabouttools DISCLAIMERS: Some of these links have an affiliate code, if you purchase tools with these links I will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you! The tools or equipment seen in this video and have been purchased ourselves. #gazebo #timberframe #carpentry
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May Nineteen Intu Style Garden Installation
We recently produced a whole host of content for Intu & Maynineteen to be used Nationwide in a series of screens installed in the centres in conjunction with dancers and a fashion show. This is a short promo of the final piece.
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Wenvoe Garden Buildings & Paving Centre At Style Gardens
This business really is a fantastic find. Wenvoe Garden Buildings and Paving are a highly established local company, who's emphasis on quality products and service to match goes a long way with all their customers old and new. Specialising in garden buildings from log cabins,sheds, summer houses, pagodas, hot tu..., Port Road, Cardiff, South Glamorgan, CF5 6AD, http://www.yell.com/b/Wenvoe+Garden+Buildings+and+Paving+Centre+At+Style+Gardens-Greenhouses-Cardiff-CF56AD-900726352/photos-video.html
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How to make bonsai out of nursery stock for under $30 - Juniper Bonsai
How to make bonsai - bonsai soil - bonsai repot Bought this baby for $30 after looking around at other "finished" bonsai stock that ranged from $45-50,000. So I settled with this guy here with the hopes to turn it into something I can take care of and style as a bonsai. Let me know what you you guys think!
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How to create Christmas containers that last!/Garden Style nw
How to create Christmas containers that last!/How to advice for the new and advanced gardener. Owner and operator of Sunnycrest Nursery in Lakebay, WA http://www.gardenstylenw.com/ [email protected]
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North London Garden Centre - Garden Centre North London - 020 7284 4999
http://www.bomagardencentre.co.uk - North London Garden Centre The Boma Garden Centre 51-53 Islip St London NW5 2DL 020 7284 4999 Based in the heart of Kentish Town in Camden and easily accessible from Central and North London, this independent family owned garden centre, design, landscaping and maintenance company offers a friendly atmosphere and exceptional customer service. When you arrive at the Boma you will be entering a different world and you will feel a smile arriving on your face. We are a young ambitious company - very proud of what we have achieved. The Boma Garden Centre in London stocks a diverse range of high quality plants designed to suit everyone's particular gardening style. From an extensive range of herbaceous perennials best suited for an English country garden theme to more architectural and exotic plants for contemporary gardens. Our plant areas include shrubs, herbs, fruit trees, seasonal bedding, vegetables, climbers and Roses. And we stock a variety of sizes enabling you to make the right choice according to your budget. If there is a particular plant or size you require we will endevour to source it for you. The Boma offers an exclusive range of indoor and outdoor pots, with unique designs from around the world. You are guaranteed to find a container to suit your budget, style, shape and size. We stock: Handmade terracotta pots and window boxes. Glazed ceramic pots. Galvanised made-to-measure containers and window boxes. Contemporary light weight zinc and polly terra pots and window boxes. Fibre clay pots and window boxes. Machine made standard terracotta pots and window boxes. Steward plastics pots and troughs. All of our outdoor pots are frost proof. Garden Composts & Aggregates The Boma offers an extensive range of composts including PEAT FREE and ORGANIC options. Having the right growing medium determines success or failure when growing plants and we give expert advice on which is best suited to you. For example, light weight composts are better for roof terraces and when growing Palms you need well drained composts. The Boma's range of ornamental gravels, rocks and pebbles will add colour and creativity to your outside space. From plain pea gravel to pure white marble chippings and many colours in between, you can dramatically change your garden at minimal expense. Being bulky and heavy, composts and aggregates can now be ordered by telephone or email. We will contact you to take payment and organise the delivery. Central London & North London Garden Consultations If you are new to gardening or your plants haven't produced the results you had hoped for, the Boma offers a home or office visit and consultation. We can visit your garden and give advice on existing plants, including pruning, transplanting, feeding and lawn problems. We can also recommend appropriate plants and advice on how to care for them. If you would prefer a re-design, we offer a garden design service. Consultations are £45 + VAT for 30 minutes. This fee is credited if you spend £250 or more during one transaction in our garden centre. North London Garden Centre Personal Shopper If you are new to gardening or time is a constraint during your busy week, why not try our dedicated personal shopper service to guide you in the right direction? We can help you to select the right plants for your specific conditions and will advise you on how to plant and care for them. This service is by appointment only with our manager Sean, and is charged at £15 for 30 minutes. This fee is credited if you spend £250 or more during one transaction in our garden centre. Visit our North London Garden Centre in Camden to explore our full range, or see our website at http://www.bomagardencentre.co.uk
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Sandhills Horticultural Garden Tour, Part 1 the English Style Cottage Garden
Part one of my Community College Garden Tour. The English Style Cottage Garden, Herb garden and Greenhouses. How many times did I say CUTE ?
A Dreamy Garden-Style Virginia Wedding - Martha Stewart Weddings
Julianne and Aaron met in Charlottesville, and returned to the picturesque area of Virginia to tie the knot with a wedding inspired by the garden and vineyard setting with a few European influences. The day was filled with personal touches, beautiful flowers, and plenty of fun--all the way through the sparkler sendoff at the end of the night. Check out this couple's full wedding feature on Martha Stewart Weddings: http://ow.ly/Vh4050hKfrD Wedding film by Amanda Monroe Finn http://www.amandamonroefinn.com/ SUBSCRIBE: http://full.sc/Xx8b6y For more wedding ideas, visit Martha Stewart Weddings: http://full.sc/Xx8bDG The Martha Stewart Weddings channel offers inspiration to help brides define their personal big-day style. Find fresh ideas, planning tools, and how-to projects for bringing your ultimate celebration to life. Connect with Martha Stewart Weddings Online Visit Martha Stewart Weddings Official Site: http://full.sc/Xx8bDG Follow Martha Stewart Weddings on Facebook: http://full.sc/Xx8fDi Martha Stewart Weddings on Twitter: http://full.sc/ZmuAkB Follow Martha Stewart Weddings on Pinterest: http://full.sc/Xx8iz1 Follow Martha Stewart Weddings on Instagram: http://full.sc/ZmuDwN
intu Metrocentre Style Garden
From soda pinks, imperial reds to nauticaluxe and monochrome, we have SS16 trends sorted at our intu Style Garden.
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Traditional Ming Dynasty-Style Garden Art in New York
From ancient times to present-day, gardens have served a key role in the culture and identity of societies. The Ming Dynasty—which started in 1368—has been widely attributed as the pinnacle of classical Chinese garden art. These famous Ming Dynasty-style gardens can be found in the City of Suzhou in China's southeast Jiangsu province. Today, some of these classical gardens are World Heritage Sites. Here in New York—nestled within the Staten Island Botanical Garden—is an authentic, but modern built, Chinese scholar's garden. [Dr. Ron Altman, NY Chinese Scholar's Garden Representative Board Member]: "This is a Ming-style garden, basically from middle of the Ming period to the end of the Ming period." It is a miniature compared to some in Suzhou. [Lynn Kelly, Snug-Harbor Cultural Center, Botanical Garden President & CEO]: "We're the first scholar's garden in the United States. It's about one acre in size, and it's located here at Snug Harbor Cultural Center in Staten Island." The New York Chinese Scholar's Garden shows the characteristics of traditional Ming-style Chinese gardens. Winding garden paths are paved with pebbles—leading to waterfalls—and ponds with colorful fish. Rocks, bamboo, pine, and plum trees—and a diverse variety of plants—are specially selected for their shape, seasonal character, and symbolic meaning. But not everyone in China could experience these gardens. [Dr. Ron Altman, NY Chinese Scholar's Garden Representative Board Member]: "This will be a reflection of the rich Chinese lifestyle. The peasant would probably never have anything like this. The scholar's garden is also a pun on words because they're scholars but they're first rich bureaucrats." These wealthy, educated Chinese designed the gardens as peaceful havens for retreat. [Dr. Ron Altman, NY Chinese Scholar's Garden Representative Board Member]: "This would be an inner courtyard of the housing complex. At that point the retired bureaucrat tried to become a scholar again, and he'd study, he'd do his calligraphy, his paintings, his poetry, and he'd live here with his extended family." Altman sees Chinese scholar's garden as traditional art form worth protecting. [Dr. Ron Altman, NY Chinese Scholar's Garden Representative Board Member]: "This is basically an art form that the Chinese design back in the Ming period we do not want to lose—because I think it's the same as any other art form." For one visitor in particular, the garden serves as a venue for art. [Dr. Ron Altman, NY Chinese Scholar's Garden Representative Board Member]: "He comes here usually three, four times a week with his flute...This gave him a chance just to relax and to go back to his roots, he (the Chinese man) said. He has three four different flutes and he plays different flutes at different times of the day." Altman says, even in our modern society, one needs a place to unwind—just like those ancient wealthy Chinese scholars. Margaret Trey, NTD News, New York. For more news and videos visit ➡ ‪http://english.ntdtv.com‬ Follow us on Twitter ➡ ‪http://twitter.com/NTDTelevision‬
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Bakerstone BBQ Pizza Oven Box - Available at Carr Farm Garden Centre, Wirral
Cook Gourmet, Rustic Style Pizza on your Barbecue with the Bakerstone BBQ Pizza Oven Box. Shop Here: http://bit.do/Bakerstone-BBQ-Pizza How to make your Pizza Dough: https://youtu.be/MVcwvWrlP8k The Bakerstone BBQ Pizza Box is a Multi Award Winning BBQ accessory that allows you to enjoy the taste of gourmet rustic pizza in your outdoor living space while you enjoy time with family & friends. The BakerStone oven box is simple and easy to use. All you do is place it on your Gas or Charcoal Barbecue and wait for a short time for it to pre-heat ready to cook. The Bakerstone Pizza Oven Box uses convective, conductive and radiant heat to cook up to 14-inch pizzas like an authentic wood burning pizza oven. You can also use it to roast steakhouse quality steaks, fish, vegetables or if you like to bake you can make cookies, cakes, and breads. Carr Farm Garden Centre http://www.carrfarmgardencentre.co.uk/ Follow us: https://www.facebook.com/carrfarmgard... https://twitter.com/CarrFarm1982 Visit us: Birkenhead Road Meols, Wirral CH47 9RE 0151 632 1457 Directions: https://goo.gl/KhiHsW https://youtu.be/9RYQeRgpGIA Also On Vimeo https://vimeo.com/168736518
Mini Japanese style garden.
I've been making up a Japanese garden in my side yard. I love how it looks i set it up for kids who want to play with lego.
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My Christmas Garden Tour... Southern Style Christmas
A Festive Tour of my Southern Garden Decorated for Christmas.
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How to Paint metal garden furniture, French shabby chic style | DIY
Transforming my old garden table and chairs into a shabby chic bistro set that is perfect for an outdoor afternoon tea. Using some Hammerite paint that I got in my local Woodies I gave my rusty old tired table and chairs a lick of paint and transformed it into something new. My other garden DIY video and tour: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ClfNDWWx7k&t=1s Check out my blog too. http://www.daintydressdiaries.com Come follow me Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/daintydressdiaries/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/daintydressdiaries/ Thank you so much for your continued support on my Blog and Youtube channel.
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how to make log cabin style raised garden bed : Part 1
Here I'm making a raised garden bed for my sister out of Juniper posts, or as some people call this tree Cedar. I decided to lay the logs down log cabin style. and with Juniper you have extra problems. don't forget to subscribe, like, share and comment. follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/danland70 pintrest: https://www.pinterest.com/timberrunner70/ -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "how to make a step stool or kid sitting stool" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uT2o_1lo1Bs -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Wee Trees Competition Tree Styling.wmv
First styling of a cheap and readily available Garden Centre Juniper. Please note that the final pictures are only an impression of the bonsai. It will take another 3-4 years to develop into a showable tree.
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Stockade-style sign causes concern at new berlin garden center
All videos about Nina: http://bit.ly/BBNaija-2018-Nina All videos about Cee-c: http://bit.ly/BBNaija-2018-Cee-C All videos about BBNaija 2018: http://bit.ly/bb-naija-2018 Stockade-style sign causes concern at new berlin garden center NEW BERLIN, Wis. — A sign on display at a pumpkin patch in a garden center in New Berlin is causing some outrage on social media. The owner is taking responsibility and action to make things right. We just got accustomed to putting it out never gave it a thought, Prospect Hill Garden Center owner Mike Backus said. Every October, for more than 20 years through the centers Harvest Days, Backus said hes put out a stockadestyle sign, which says, Loose brats will be sold as slaves. Ive never personal...
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Water Features and Outdoor Pots - 3G Teak Garden Centre and Gift Shop NZ
3G Teak, NZ offers a large range of unique stone and concrete water features and outdoor garden pots. The sophisticated elegance of these products complement the style of any outdoor living area. They're simple, elegant and make inexpensive and unique features. A great place to add living space and enjoy unique kiwi culture is right outside your back door! Creative design and landscaping can provide you with an attractive outdoor living space to relax and entertain; inspiring ideas for blending lifestyle and nature; and increased resale appeal and added value to your property. If you're looking for a fast and easy way to add interest and ambience to your garden – these pots and water features offer a simple and effective way to enhance your outdoor living area.
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