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Avabel online str vit dex int men sp and hp fragments
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Защита от дизарма есть!  Не веришь? Посмотри. Мини гайд по ТАТУ в lineage 2 High Five 5,Asterios.
В этом видео я расскажу вам что дают такие характеристики как DEX, STR, CON, INT, MEN ,WIT Рефералка для сервера Астериос х5 https://asterios.tm/index.php?cmd=account&mod=reg&ref=MC4xMDYzODQ1NDY4 Рефералка для сервера Астериос х7 http://asterios.tm/index.php?cmd=account&mod=reg&ref=OC4yNjk0ODc4MTA Рефералка для сервера Hanter x 55 http://asterios.tm/index.php?cmd=account&mod=reg&ref=Mi4yNzE3MDQwNjQ
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DS3: Best Build This Meta! Can beat ALL builds! Str/Dex/Int Follower's Saber.
Best Build This Meta, Powerful and Versatile! Detailing with tactics and tips on the best build this meta that can take on any build!
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[L2KnighT] Enchant Skill's
Enchantar suas Skill's L2 Knight STR, CON, DEX, MEN, INT Basta abrir o Painel Usando Alt + Z Clicar em Enchant Skill AI
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Dark Souls 3 - Top 5 Best Dex Weapons
Dark Souls 3 Best Dex Weapons: In this video, I share with you guys my thoughts on what are the best dex weapons in Dark Souls 3. This Top 5 list gives my thoughts on what Dex weapons I have loved to use for builds in this game. If you enjoy the video, be sure to give it a like and subscribe if you are new! ----------------------------------------------------------- Top 5 Strength: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXPGFQ_sTqQ ----------------------------------------------------------- Stay Connected: Snapchat: UnitedGamer101 Skype: UnitedGamer101 Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/unitedgamer101 Instagram - http://instagram.com/UnitedGamer101 Twitter - https://twitter.com/UnitedGamer101 -----------------------------------------------------------
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Hallo guys di video kali ini gua akan membahas 2 type paladin versi gua yaitu. Ditonton sampai habis yah, semoga bisa membatu build gua ini :D : - Build Shield Boomerang Paladin (Stat/Skill di video lengkap) - Build Grand Cross Paladin (Stat/Skill di video lengkap) Reference bideo sebelumnya tentang CRUSADER lengkap versi gua : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQ1-ejgNkFw&t=255s #indonesia #RagnarokMobile #PaladinBuild ====================================================== Support About This Channel Dengan "Subscribe and Follow Me" (GRATIS SUBSCRIBE) Sharenya jangan lupa ya. . . (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7Z9tFrNIY8pChUtCpWkI_Aლ(´ڡ`ლ) (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/twokicks/?fref=ts ლ(´ڡ`ლ) (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ Twitter : https://twitter.com/TKGIndonesia ლ(´ڡ`ლ) (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ Steam : http://steamcommunity.com/id/twokicks ლ(´ڡ`ლ) づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ Battle.net : twokicks11584 ლ(´ڡ`ლ) づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ Line : @twokicksgaming ლ(´ڡ`ლ) づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ EpicGames : Twokicks ლ(´ڡ`ლ) づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ Origins : TwokicksBF ლ(´ڡ`ლ) ====================================================== Thanks for watching my video guys. . .
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Balance Set For Summoner Al and Equip ~ Iruna Online
I Put Wrong Stat , Can't Show You Guys My Status IMO Summoner Stat is max dex str crt vit=150~200 Folsion Senpai Stat is Max Int Dex vit=200 rest str (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧
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Dark Souls Remastered | How To Get Super OP As A DEX Build Early Game
Get Super OP early game as a DEX Build in Dark Souls Remastered. Subscribe to GIRLvsGAME: http://tinyurl.com/lgpsj4t Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/GIRLvsGAME?ty=h Steam Name: GIRLvsGAME PSN: GIRLvsGAME Donate to my Paypal: http://tinyurl.com/o5u5uu5 Twitch Channel: http://www.twitch.tv/girlvsgameonyoutube Trumblr Channel: http://girlvsgameonyoutube.tumblr.com/ Facebook: http://tinyurl.com/ldo7qzy LIKE, FAV AND SUBSCRIBE. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!
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[Avabel] Stat Talk?
Just me talking over some good ways to spend your points if you don't really have a crysta/anything else. Assuming rebirth 8 end build. Dex build Min will be higher than max but only Max matters for crit damage! If you're OP and watching then know that in rune case MAX(M)ATK is just as good as STR/INT if it's already at 200! Easy builds that are proven to work pretty good. All are recommended with good armor! 140 INT/STR - 180 DEX 160 INT/STR - 160 DEX 120 INT/STR - 200 DEX 100 INT/STR - 60 VIT - 180 DEX (May need orbs/few runes) MEN is a horrible stat! Use mdef gear instead of def gear and dump into vit! You get the defense AND hp when adding vit. (MEN just gives more sp, gross) Plus mdef is cheaper! PLUS you get good mdef too!
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Avabe online - Warrior Blader STR DEX BUILD
AVABEL ONLINE Light+ aqua weapon https://play.lobi.co/video/075b1ea9aca638c9815ab4ff7241753cf26099bb ※この動画はLobi REC SDKを使って撮影しました。 アヴァベル オンライン の人気プレイ動画をLobi Playで探す ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ https://play.lobi.co/videos?app=3043d5852717c91945cead2f40637eb9c7c6d090&sort=hot アヴァベル オンライン の攻略情報をLobiで探す ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ https://web.lobi.co/game/avabel -----関連リンク----- ■ Lobi Web ゲーム攻略情報をコミュニティでチェック! https://web.lobi.co/ ■ Lobi App - iPhone/iPadの方 https://itunes.apple.com/jp/app/id405548206 - Androidの方 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kayac.nakamap&hl=ja ■ Lobi Developerサイト ゲーム開発者の方へ、Lobi SDKの開発サイトです https://developer.lobi.co/ja ■ Lobi Twitterアカウント https://twitter.com/lobi_ja
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Avabel (アヴァベル) Wanderer/Elaim 60% + 22%
Note: I’m not an INT wanderer so no point in showing the damage of Elaim class. Also, I just noticed I spelled the name wrong fml. This took 2 hours to make so I’m not redoing it 😣😖🤬 60% attack speed might be the cap. Hermit Ex Skill is suppose to increase speed(10-15% ?) and attack speed(15-25% ?) If you pay attention to when I cast hermit ex skill before and after the buff is applied you showed notice that it looks like it cast faster. I’m uncertain if it’s going past 60% attack speed or if going past 60% Attack speed is reducing the stiffness(rigor) of skills. Passion notes(red orb) seemed to cast between .5 secs to 1 secs faster with 60% atk spd, 22% enchant spd, and hermit ex skill buff. It may be hard to tell in the video but if you play wanderer you’d be able to feel it. Also, attack speed reduces ROLL cooldown time from 4secs to 3secs. (No need to read the rest if you don’t care about building this class or the difference of awake skills) Eliam Class is powerful. If you want to build an INT wanderer specifically for this class: Painter Passive should be water element (+15 max atk when right hand weapon matches element picked(water)) You’d do higher heals and more damage. Painter ex skill will half the hp of an opponent once all requirements are met(not sure if it’s random or all hits must connect.) Undine ex skill adds added damage(if weapon has water on it? Not sure if this is needed or not) Either Undine Ex Skill or the Awake Skill for this class reduces the opponents’ water resistance. So you will do even more damage. The skills are decent but the passives of the skills together makes this class very scary. If you can get to 4.5k-5k INT Magical Sketch would work like Puppet Masters Dancing Dolls skill. Magical Sketch could be considered a spam skill so this would make this class the best farmers imo. Your main damage attacks will all do 15-20 hits. Build: Dual wand with high DEX & INT & some MEN.
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DexFag vs Strong Men
what are you a fgt?
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Новая система Честь Дворянина
В обновлении Lineage II Epic Tales of Aden: Episode 02 – Infinite Odyssey был произведен апгрейд системы дворянства – новая система Честь Дворянина. За выполнения квестов Честь Дворянина: даются свитки которые можно изучать. Объединенная Честь ур.1 STR+1, DEX+1, CON+1, INT+1, WIT+1, MEN+1, CHA+1, 10 дополнительных сообщений в мировой чат в день Объединенная Честь ур.2 STR +2, DEX +2, CON +2, INT +2, WIT +2, MEN +2, CHA +2, 10 дополнительных сообщений в мировой чат в день Объединенная Честь ур.3 STR +3, DEX +3, CON +3, INT +3, WIT +3, MEN +3, CHA +3, 10 дополнительных сообщений в мировой чат в день Судьба Чести LUC+3 Призыв Чести Призыв в группу выбранную цель. Требуется 100 Руды Духа. Благословение Чести Наложение на всю группу Благословения Благородства. Требуется 40 Руды Духа. Призыв Боевого Зелья Создание 5 Быстродействующих Зелий Исцеления. Требуются 40 кристаллов: ранг R Польза Честиур.1 В течении 1 часа опыт и SP+3%. Требуется 40 Руды Духа Польза Чести ур.2 В течении 1 часа опыт и SP+10%. Требуется 120 Руды Духа http://godworld.ru/ JOIN VSP GROUP PARTNER PROGRAM: https://youpartnerwsp.com/ru/join?31038
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[Diablo 3] Base Stat Mechanics
http://www.twitch.tv/nl_kripp If you still doubt that Diablo 3 has an insane balancing engine behind it, this video should convince you otherwise. In the video I go over all the mechanics of the base stats (or attributes), and how they affect each other. I hope that with this information you guys can make informed decisions when evaluating gear. To clarify the vitality comment: it seems to me that vitality is a very lackluster stat that will sometimes replace more useful affixes on items. While vitality is a good stat for a barb, it is quite poor for the other classes. Rate, comment, and subscribe!
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men 200 dex 50 bard job master Avabel maniac playing on three different servers kr server= 나는법사다( lv98 mage) 나는크리다 (lv 98 cre) 나는원더러다(lv98 wond) jp server= aquagio (lv79 mage) aqagio (lv96 rogue) aquaheal (lv93 eco) us server= aquagio(lv20 mage) aqagio (lv99 war) aqaDgio (lv90 ran)
[Avabel Online] The Journey of a STR Wanderer - The Arsenal of Wanderers
Intro: Radwimps - Zen zen zense Bgm: Jimin&JK - We don't talk anymore
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Dark Souls - PvP - Level 120 Forest Invasions Dex/Int Build
A montage of various forest invasions while using my level 120 dex/int character. My last video was more for the lulz since I was using a typical high poise clone character with cheap tactics. This video is more legitimate pvp, and frankly I had an easier time than with the other guy. If you have trouble with backstabs (ie; the one getting stabbed) then you might find this video helpful. A lot of my backstabs are simply a counter to the guys who insist on trying to circle around me. Once you see them turn sideways it's not that difficult to step sideways and end up behind them instead. Anyways hope the video is entertaining. Tried to make sure I had a good number of parrys and interesting fights and kept the overall length down a bit.
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MapleStory : Hot Time Event : September 8th 2013 : Wind Archer Box
P.S - Not mentioned in the video because I didn't notice. You get a 20-Day Cygnus Awakening Medal. Stats; Level 13 Medal +6 Str/Dex/Int/Luk +6 Weapon & Magic Attack Hey guys! Feel free to follow me on; - Twitter - https://twitter.com/KraDeNine - TwitchTV - http://www.twitch.tv/kratoskun - Facebook Fanpage - http://www.facebook.com/KraDeNine - LootCrate - http://mbsy.co/dfrb Don't forget to subscribe, like and comment. It helps me out in the end!
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DARK SOULS 3 sorcerer pvp caster 4v1
I kept getting into this gank squads world and they would group up with r1 spam and spells. I figured i should get my revenge on these guys. Vig 26 ATT 31 End 20 Vit base Str 12 Dex 20 Int 60 Faith Base Luck base starting class - pyromancer
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Avabel str vs dex
Probando los estados de full dex y 100 str espero les agrade
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【Dark Souls 2 PvP】Shadows of Madness (Dex, Int/Fai) [720p60]
I missed a certain inheritor in Dark Souls 2, Shiva of the East had a shadow with him, his motivations were obscure and there was close to nothing about him in the game (since From cut most of their lore), but I feel like he was an important character somehow. For me Alonne is the inheritor of Shiva in this cycle, and he lacked a "shadow". Since he seems to be much more powerful than his ancestor I thought it would make sense for him to have two shadows, which somehow were lost during his travels. Contrary to what WOULD have happened to Shiva (according to the hacked cut content), Alonne conquered the madness from the sword, but did he overcome it's curse? Were his shadows abandoned by him just like he abandoned the Iron King? Why isn't Bloodborne on Steam yet? Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy it. Sorry for the long hiatus, I'm having a few life management problems, please bear with me. BUILDS Sorcery Shadow [Clear Bluestone Ring, Simpleton's Ring, Sorcery Clutch Ring, Flynn's Ring] VIG 16 END 35 VIT 6 ATT 25 STR 18 DEX 25 ADP 35 INT 37 FAI 6 Thunder Shadow [Clear Bluestone Ring, Simpleton's Ring, Lightning Clutch Ring, Flynn's Ring] VIG 16 END 35 VIT 6 ATT 20 STR 8 DEX 30 ADP 32 INT 6 FAI 50 ______________________________________________________________________ Soundtrack: Opening song: Undefined Fantastic Object ~Fires of Hokkai~ Remix Circle: ShouRinka Title: どろどろどーん Circle: O-Life Japan Album: 謀叛和楽陣☆ミ Title : Tokoyo Soukenshin / 常世想兼神 Artist : pinetree Circle : UNDEAD CORPORATION Album : Benisome no Oni ga Naku / 紅染の鬼が哭く Title: 夜啼く兎は夢を見る Artist: pinetree Circle: UNDEAD CORPORATION Album: 紅染の鬼が哭く ( Benisome no Oni ga Naku )
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How To Do The South midmaer Way Puzzle For +30 Dex and -10 Str
Hello Guys, I thought id upload a video on how to do the puzzle in south midmaer way for the +30 dex 3 day blessing. Here is a link to the Player created resources section on the shroud of the avatar forums. it includes the walkthrough for the puzzle in the video https://www.shroudoftheavatar.com/forum/index.php?threads/solutions-to-puzzles-treasure-hunts-spoilers.61625/page-3#post-950729 Also, please feel free to drop a follow on my twitch channel where i stream gameplay from the game!! :) www.twitch.tv/hogwindhd
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99 Vigor 【DKS3】
Thank you so much for 200K subs and for all the support. I want to keep the same format and similar songs for 99 series. Hope you guys happy with that. It was fun recording this footage. Enjoy:) Songs: Sayonara Maxwell - Undertale - Megalovania Dual [Remix] DM DOKURO - SAVE (Phantasmix) Coda- Tires On Fire World 2: The Lost Levels - Gnarly Gnome https://teespring.com/fighter-s-merch#pid=2&cid=2122&sid=front PLEASE JOIN MY DISCORD FOR MORE UPDATES! MY DISCORD LINK: https://discord.gg/EevB7tz Support Me : https://streamlabs.com/fighterpl Thank u for all the subs, support and your feedback my dudes. Follow me on Twitch : https://www.twitch.tv/fighterpl Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/fighterpl Follow me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fighterdarksouls/ #darksouls3 #99vigor #dks3vigor
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[GMS] Cubing with EroticViet~
Hey guys ! Just cubing my Dominator Pendant. Didn't go so well.. got 3 30% stat boosts though .___. .. if only they were luk/str/dex/int.. Sorry for the random pauses in the video, was chatting on Skype.
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Flyff Lev 60 YJ
Actually i am lev 61 Yoyo Jester. My Stats: Str:72 Sta:30 Dex:63 Int:15 My Equip: Hyper Helmet +3 Hyper Suit +3 Hyper Gauntlets +3 Hyper Boots +3 Guardian Yoyo +3 PS:This is my first video so mabey u guys can give me some advice ^^
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War Of Ring - Warrior PVP Talent Build STR + DEX
Hello Guys, gw Paramore dari S305, mau share aja PVP tallent untuk warior, kalo tertarik bisa di copy, tapi kalo masih ada yang kurang mohon di koreksi. video ini di edit masih dengan aplikasi biasa ya, jadi masih kurang, kalo ada recomended applikasi video bisa di share :)
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Rohan Online PVP Dhan Agi-Ranger Dex- Scout Dex
1-Dhan Agi 2-Ranger Dex 3-Scout Dex
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Pocket Legends | LEVEL 27 MAGE BUILD!
Hey Guys Sorry For No Videos In The Last Months, I Hope You Guys Understand. Comment Down Below If You Want Me To Use My Smexy Voice In Future Videos. 😆 Love You Fresh Army❤️❤️❤️ Music Credits All Go To: Cash Cash-Overtime ----------------------------------------------------- Stats- Str: 1 Int: 55 Dex: 84 Build: 1 Ice, 6 Lightning, 5 Heal, 1 Fire, 1 Drain, 1 Mana Shield, 6 Damage Buff, 5 Armor Buff. Loadout 1: Wand Int L.25 Int Halloween Helm L.20 Pink Candle L.25 Int Halloween Armor L.25 (Any) Sandstone Dex Shield or L.25 Pink Evi 😮 Ring: Magician's Fine Platinum Band (L20) Loadout 2: Wand Dex L.25 Dex Halloween Helm L.20 Pink Candle L.25 Dex Halloween Armor L.25 (Any) Sandstone Dex Shield or L.25 Pink Evi 😮 Ring: Magician's Fine Platinum Band (L20) Loadout 3: Regen Fight L.25 Int Halloween Helm L.20 Pink Candle L.5 Alchemist L.25 (Any) Sandstone Int Shield Ring: L. 10 Fine Golden Band Of Life LoadOut 4: Full Regen L.15 Woodland Cap (Plat Item) L.20 Pink Candle L.5 Alchemist L.10 Pink Cuddle-me Frost Ring: L.10 Fine Crystal Ring Of Life I Hope You Guys All Enjoyed! Next Video Will Be In A Trailer, Also I May Not Post Because I Have Been So Busy With School And Other Stuff. 💪Fresh Army To Strong💪
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RPG Avabel Online - DEX 170 ! Critical test
=============================== thanks for support me :) https://www.paypal.me/thannTTG ============================== Status DEX 170 for Critical Music : Bay Breeze by FortyThr33 https://soundcloud.com/fortythr33-43  Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/b... Music provided by Audio Libraryhttps://youtu.be/XER8Zg0ExKU  ––– • Contact the artist: https://twitter.com/FortyThr33musichttps://www.facebook.com/FortyThr33/ https://soundcloud.com/fortythr33-43  ––– • F.A.Q: How to use music https://goo.gl/zNKFGu ––– • Main Playlists: Artists:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCht8... Genres: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCht8...Moods: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCht8... ––– • Follow us: Facebookhttps://goo.gl/kYbVSb Twitter https://goo.gl/WJnMWV Instagram https://goo.gl/5EgBhPSoundCloud https://goo.gl/KfElaU Google+ https://goo.gl/eDXHbT  ––– • Patreon: Support this channel on Patreon and get access to exclusive content, mp3 files, thematic playlists and more:https://www.patreon.com/audiolibrary ––– * IMPORTANT * This channel does not have any kind of relationship or association with the YouTube brand and its products. It does not represent their interests, nor have any connection with their activities.
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STATUS: Warrior: FULL STR + VIT + DEX / FULL VIT + STR + DEX Rogue: FULL STR + DEX / FULL DEX + STR Ranger: FULL STR + DEX / FULL STR + VIT Creator: 100 STR + VIT + DEX Magician: FULL INT + DEX + VIT Acolyte: FULL INT + DEX / FULL INT + DEX + VIT Wonderer: STR + VIT + MEN P.S: -Vari item si trovano nei vari item Dungeon -Varie Quest per sbloccare la stanza evento, si completano nei dungeon evento Item o Challenge. - Per donare in Gilda: Parlate con l'NPC vicino alla Guild Board e mettete la sezione "Acquire guild points - Per sbloccare la skill "Dash" (Scatto), dovete: Completare le quest "Skill Release". Buon Game! :)
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Dark Souls 2 My Character Build (PvP/PvE)
My Dex Build character. Dark Souls 2 Playthrough NG+ Class: Swordsman (Dex Build) PS3 Weapons - Dual Blacksteel Katanas +10 Hunter's Blackbow +10 King's Shield Armor - Thief's Mask +7 Manikin Top Jester's Glove +1 Black Leather Boots +2 Rings - Chloranthy Ring +2 Royal Soldier's Ring +2 Ring of Blades +1 Stone Ring / Red Tearstone Ring / Ring of Binding Stats - Level 150 VGR 20 END 40 VIT 14 ATN 6 STR 21 DEX 50 ADP 40 INT 7 FTH 5
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Iruna Online - My Prototype Hybrid Minstrel Build (After Balance & Updated) 2018
The video all of you guys been waiting for! This is a very strong build. This way I can be more solo now. I personally found this really fun and dependable. It eats a lot of stats though. I’m gonna try to grind apostolia a bit more for more points. The two REALLY good builds are STR DEX CRT and STR AGI CRT. Vit is optional for both but I think it’s needed since you’re very squishy. Be prepared for more boss videos soon!
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Level 13 Acolyte Vs Incantation Samurai
My stats are 10 Str, 20 Agi, 1 Vit, 21 Int, 10 Dex, 1 Luk. I have a lot of unused stats and skill points. The game and English version are both available on the site www.ragnarokbattle.com I've done this fight at level 6, but that was 17 minutes so i've uploaded this instead.
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Dark Souls 3 Int/Dex Dual Wield Sorcerer in a Nutshell
Here ya go guys! A better video of the one I just did that makes a bit more sense. I was kind of distracted trying out my video and recording stuff again for the first time in years. Hope this helps!
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Талисман Позолоченного дерева
Талисман Позолоченного дерева - это новый вид талисмана, который является апгрейдом Талисмана Вожделения Максимум HP/MP/CP 800 Физическая/Магическая точность 2 Физический/Магический уворот 2 Ярость Вампира 5% Скорость атаки/Скорость магии 60 Физический критический шанс 30 Магический критический шанс 10 Физическая атака 638 Магическая атака 742 Мощность умений 5% Сопротивление отражению урона 30 Физическая Защита 563 Магическая Защита 368 STR+2/CON+2/DEX+2/INT+2/MEN+2/WIT+2/CHA+2/LUC+2 Фиксированная защита от урона 10% Снижение потребления MP 3% Cнижение отката умений 3% JOIN VSP GROUP PARTNER PROGRAM: https://youpartnerwsp.com/ru/join?31038
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men 180 str 23 skill lv 7788 Avabel maniac playing on three different servers kr server= 나는법사다( lv98 mage) 나는크리다 (lv 98 cre) 나는원더러다(lv98 wond) jp server= aquagio (lv79 mage) aqagio (lv96 rogue) aquaheal (lv93 eco) us server= aquagio(lv20 mage) aqagio (lv99 war) aqaDgio (lv90 ran)
Lineage 2 Classic - Como colocar Dyes? Melhore o status de seu char (Tutorial em Português)
Dyes: Dex, Wit, Str, Int, Con e Men COMO AJUDAR O CANAL❔ 💜 Patrocinar pelo Youtube Gaming: https://gaming.youtube.com/rafapbraga 💜 Fazer uma doação: https://youtube.streamlabs.com/rafapbraga PARCEIROS: 🔴 Jogue sem lag, assine NO PING: http://npt.fun/swwb 🔴 Discuta sobre o vídeo no fórum L2JBrasil: https://www.l2jbrasil.com/index.php?/topic/134262-tutorial-b%C3%A1sico-sobre-dyes-no-classic/ SERVER OFICIAL EUROPEU DE LINEAGE II: 🔵 Site: https://eu.4game.com/lineage2/play/ 🔵 Como instalar o L2 Europeu: https://youtu.be/224BLMvm0I8 SERVER OFICIAL AMERICANO DE LINEAGE II: 🔵 Site: http://www.lineage2.com/en/ 🔵 Como instalar o L2 Americano: https://youtu.be/w7FW4BgucSE SERVER OFICIAL CLASSIC DE LINEAGE II (OFICIAL EUROPEU): 🔵 Site: https://eu.4game.com/lineage2classic/play/ 🔵 Como instalar: https://youtu.be/YcMzhYzI14I INSCREVA-SE NO MEU OUTRO CANAL: 🌕 https://www.youtube.com/user/thequestmakers?&ab_channel=QuestMakers DISCORD: 🌕 Discord: https://discord.gg/g4SHuFM (Não uso muito, mas quem quiser usar fique à vontade) GRUPO DE L2 NO FACEBOOK PARA CONVERSAR COM O PESSOAL: 🌕 Lineage 2 Friends: https://www.facebook.com/groups/lineage2friend/ MINHAS REDES SOCIAIS: 💜 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rafapbraga 💜 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rafaelpbraga/ 💜 Twitter: https://twitter.com/rafapbraga CONFIGURAÇÃO DO MEU PC: ✔️ GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 ✔️ MB: Gigabyte H97M-Gaming 3 ✔️ CPU: Intel Core i7 4790K @ 4.00GHz ✔️ RAM x2: HyperX - 8GB DDR3 ✔️ HD x2: Western Digital de 2TB ✔️ Fonte: Cooler Master GXII 750W PERIFÉRICOS: ✔️ Mouse: Logitech G600 ✔️ Teclado: Logitech k120 ✔️ Webcam: Logitech C920 HD ✔️ Microfone: Samson Go Mic ✔️ Headset: HyperX Cloud Revolver S __ 👉 Email para contato comercial: [email protected]
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Iruna Online- Bishop BEST Dmg BUILD Lv 370
Music credits goes to Piano Guys. I don't own the music. In this video, I showed the best bishop build if you want to aim the highest matk and nemesis damage. Agi build with magic amp still wins against int-dex build with Craft guide book. It was also shown that Struggler is still the best for armor as compared to Bellow of order. Thanks for watching. :3 The weapon used was staff of dawn (I think) and add gear used was Taenia. Ps: Sorry for the typos. :3 Also, this test video wouldn't be possible without the help of my guildies from imminent who helped me navigate the jp test server. Thanks McDavid, Fardiny and Oni13 ^^
Views: 1408 Ame Cyreign
AQ How to get Algern's Carapace
i felt like showing you guys where to get probably one of the best darkness armors in the game, trying a new build too :) New build: 200 str 200 dex 0 int 5 end 105 char 200 luck (gonna remove the end btw it was a mistake) Music by: http://www.youtube.com/user/teknoaxe
Views: 4626 TheAqBrosTV
Dark Souls 3 - SL140 Sorcery Pvp with Ant
Hey guys here is a video about SL140 Sorcery PVP using multiple Int/Dex Weapon combinations. I hope you guys enjoy and please leave a like or subscribe to help out the channel!
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Dark Souls 3: Strength/Faith Build - Greataxe (850+ DAMAGE)
Dark Souls 3 Strength/Faith Build: In this video, I show you guys my next Strength/Faith Build in Dark Souls 3. This Greataxe in Dark Souls 3 can do SO MUCH DAMAGE. This ends up around 850 damage per hit and thats incredible. Let me know what weapon I should try out next! ----------------------------------------------------------- Dark Souls 3 Builds Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlVg09SIm13nRG2RBdfijGota8J1jYprY ----------------------------------------------------------- Dark Souls 3 Strength/Faith Build Starting Class: Knight Soul Level: 120 Armor: Dancer's Armor Set Weapon: Greataxe w/ Small Leather Shield Rings: Havel's Ring, Priestess Ring, Knight's Ring, Hornet's Ring ----------------------------------------------------------- Strength/Faith Build Stats: (Without Ring Buffs) SL: 120 VIG: 40 Attunement: 10 Endurance: 40 Vitality: 15 Strength: 40 Dexterity: 12 Intelligence: 9 Faith: 36 Luck: 7 ----------------------------------------------------------- Song 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9piElENpvmM Song 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qY-gWF9AF8 ----------------------------------------------------------- Dark Souls 3 Guides Playlist: http://full.sc/1Si35mK Stay Connected: Snapchat: UnitedGamer101 Skype: UnitedGamer101 Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/UnitedGamer101 Instagram - http://instagram.com/UnitedGamer101 Twitter - https://twitter.com/UnitedGamer101 ------------------------------------------------------------
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Dark Souls 2 - The dark Warrior
Hey guys! Welcome to my first video and i hope you enjoy it! ^^ My stats: Level: 200 Vig: 33 End: 30 Vit: 20 Atn: 20 Str: 20 Dex: 30 Adp: 20 Int: 50 Fth: 30 SM: ~ 8m The equipment: Fire Murakumo +10 Dark Puzzling Stone Sword +5 Lighting Watcher's Shield +5 Dark Sunset Staff +5 Cloranthie Ring +2 Royal Soldier's Ring +2 (in one fight the second dragon ring) Ring of Blades +2 Clear Bluestone Ring +2 Drakeblood Helm +10 Llewellyn Armor +5 Halvel's Gauntlets +5 Ironclad Leggins +10 Dark Orb Dark Greatsword Dark Weapon (In one fight I'm using the Dark Hunter's Blackbow) If you have any build Ideas, doesn't matter how stupid (no, really. tell what you want), and maybe i'll make it!! ;) Hope that i see you again and have fun! :D Music: Zimbelmann alive (intstrumental) - Gruuu Creations Kill! Fun! Yeah! (instrumental)- Grruuu Creations Drop the Bass (instrumental) - Grruuu Creations (dont ask why i put 3 songs from the same creator, i was in that moment so hyped about this 3 songs… xD)
Views: 104 Spooky
Dark Souls 3: Faith/Dex Build - Katana Build (PVP)
In this video, I show you guys my opinion of the Best Katana build in Dark Souls 3 for PVP. I am using the Washing Pole infused with Sharp Gem to increase it's Dex Scaling and so I can still infuse it with Lightning Blade. Pretty fun build tho! This works as a Faith Build and a Dex Build! ----------------------------------------------------------- Dark Souls 3 Builds Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlVg09SIm13nRG2RBdfijGota8J1jYprY ----------------------------------------------------------- Dark Souls 3 Faith & Dexterity Build Starting Class: Knight Soul Level: 90 Armor: Abyss Watcher's Boss Armor Weapon: Sharp Washing Pole +10 & Saint's Talisman Miracles: Lightning Blade, Sunlight Spear Rings: Priestess Ring, Prisoner's Chain, Carthus Milkring, Hunter's Ring ----------------------------------------------------------- Dark Souls 3 Guides Playlist: http://full.sc/1Si35mK Stay Connected: Snapchat: UnitedGamer101 Skype: UnitedGamer101 Instagram - http://instagram.com/UnitedGamer101 Twitter - https://twitter.com/UnitedGamer101 ------------------------------------------------------------
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Rohan STR warlock PVP
I dont own nothing of this video.
Views: 3698 James Rick
[RPG AVABEL ONLINE] creator int stat
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