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The Boston Matrix (Product Portfolio Management) Explained
Learn more about the Boston Matrix model here on the tutor2u website: https://www.tutor2u.net/business/reference?q=boston+matrix The Boston Matrix is introduced and explained in this short revision video.
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Product Design Subscriber Portfolio Critiques
I'm critiquing your portfolios! Here is some friendly advice of getting better product design portfolios, PLUS a special MID WEIGHT designer portfolio as a comparison! Check out Dave's Instagram at @_iamdave. Thank you so much for sending your portfolio in! Thank you to everyone who submitted - I'll be doing more of these videos so if you'd like to submit yours for review, head over to my website to find the link.
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Product Designer Portfolio Review!
Would I hire myself now that I've been working in the industry for over a year? I look back at the portfolio that got me an internship, and break down some top tips!
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portfolio students of product design episode 8
In students of product design episode 8 I cover putting together an interview design portfolio and an Internet portfolio for a graduate. When I graduated many moons ago, Internet portfolios were in their infancy and things were clearer. You sent a company your CV with a cover letter and a teaser which was a group of nice images of your designs, if they liked you, they invited you in for an interview and you showed them a paper version of your portfolio. These days the whole process is more complicated, to interview you can take a paper based portfolio, a laptop, tablet, memory stick, you can use a host of different presentation software or log on to the Internet and go to a portfolio hosting site. I think it's become a bit confusing, especially for a graduate. The number one most important thing you can do for your portfolio, is create brilliant work to go in it. There's a reason for putting so much effort in to your projects, good work stands out. Everything you then do in your portfolio is window dressing to show your work off in the best possible way. So in episode 8 I use a demonstration project and show how I would prepare it for my portfolio, covering tips and tricks to best tell the story and maintain the flow of the story through the whole project. In a product design portfolio you show what you've done, but it demonstrates to an employer what you could do for them, your potential. I see lots of portfolios put together from the designers point of view, not the employers. You need change your mindset and think like an employer to show the interviewer what they need to see to make the decision you want them to make (hire you). I see lots of student portfolios full of basic mistakes. They don't flow well, they contain images that show poor decision making, images that are not juicy enough or don't set the scene well and portfolios where it's confusing what job the student is applying for, because they show a mixture of design work and art work or paintings. Some employers may like to see what else you can do, but there is also a danger that it can look like you haven't done much design work so had to pad out your online portfolio with paintings. if you don't have enough design projects, create some personal projects, do more design sketches, make physical or CAD models. If you also want to pursue a fine art career, create a separate portfolio that shows your art on a hosting site for artists. Unless you're going for a multidisciplinary position, If you try and make your portfolio do a bit of everything, it could end up not working brilliantly for anything. It's just advice, so please take away the things that you think are relevant to you and leave the rest behind. I hope you enjoy 'portfolios students of product design episode 8' More work available here: www.producttank.co.uk
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Product Management - Module 1 : Portfolio Management
Product Management - Module 1 : Portfolio Management by Dr. Prafulla Pawar, Prof. at PUMBA, SPPU
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BASF product portfolio for Refineries
This video demonstrates BASF’ expertise applied along Oil Value Chain of the Conversion of crude oil into fuels with high performance characteristics. It presents BASF’ broad product portfolio for Refining, NGL Transportation, Fuel Production and Storage. The portfolio consists of following technologies and solutions: PuriStar, Selexsorb, FoSorb, Prosorb adsorbents based on Alumina, Zinc, Copper, Nickel and Lead oxides; Silicates and Molecular sieves; Alumina and Titania catalysts for sulfur recovery (Klaus process); О4-11* catalysts for sulfuric acid production; SELOP technology and Pd-based catalysts for the selective and complete hydrogenation of C3, C4, C5 and C6+ hydrocarbon streams; Unique technology allowing production of cracking catalysts NaphthaMax III, HDXtra, BoroCat and anothers with high activity and (hydro)thermal stability, required selectivity and optimized physical properties; ZIP Olefins, USP, COnquer, EnviroSOx and another applied solutions for catalytic surfaces creation ensured the achievement of the highest performance properties of additives for cracking catalysts; OASE yellow technology allowing to minimize energy consumption, increase the selectivity and flexibility of Acid Gas Removal unit; Multifunctional package of Keropur additives for maximum engine cleanliness, as well as improved readability;Cetane improver additives Kerobrisol, increasing combustion efficiency of diesel fuel; Kerokorr additives improving the lubricity of diesel fuel with low and ultra-low sulfur content; antistatic additives Kerostat for the electroconductivity of fuel increase; antioxidants Kerobit for the oxidation stability of fuel increase; metal deactivators Keromet, reducing corrosive effects on storage tanks; multifunctional package of Keropon additives improving fuel stability; hydrogen sulfide absorbers Kerofine, significantly reducing the content of hydrogen sulfide to a level that is safe when handling and transporting fuel; Antiprex, Sokalan RO, Burst, Protectol, Magnafloc LT, Zetag solutions for boiler and recycling water preparation; The wide range of solutions for industrial construction MasterEmaco, Masterflow, Masterseal, MasterProtect, MasterInject, Mastertop, MasterGlenium, MasterPolyheed and MasterLife significantly increasing the durability of industrial facilities while optimizing operational costs.
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Cisco Security Product Portfolio in 5 Minutes
Watch this video to learn how the Cisco Security portfolio can help you achieve an effective security posture by protecting across the entire kill chain and sharing threat intel, context, policy and events. Learn more: http://cs.co/60578deLh
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How To Design Beautiful Morph Business, Product Portfolio in Microsoft Office 365 PowerPoint PPT
CHECK OUT ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR PRESENTATION TEMPLATE DESIGN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yApp85FOFsU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ozq83VuoY0 PowerPoint is an enterprise level software and an amazing product of Microsoft Office. It has a great potential and the kind of features it provides are so easy to understand and simple to use that every student, manager, marketing executive or sales guy can easily create brilliant professional presentations. Microsoft Office PowerPoint is often underestimated but it allows us to create presentations, logos, banners, templates, designs, graphics, and most importantly video animations. A PowerPoint Presentation designed appropriately can really convince your target audience. A lot of design thinking needs to be put into a slide to make sure that the message is clearly delivered to the user. I have created all the videos in PowerPoint included in Microsoft Office 365 suite. My idea is to help my audience learn the PowerPoint and get to know how easy it is to create anything in presentation. Please Subscribe to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/CreativeVenus/?sub_confirmation=1 You can download this professional PowerPoint template from the following Gdrive location: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1vg0xxZ9hay9zPh2bSE3a4hHUSkpZlppg I have created the playlist of all the PowerPoint Training Videos. You can visit the URL: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHq0onhvyWme0oqqKUmULNeavFY5q9C8j About this Microsoft Office PowerPoint 365 Training Video: How To Design Beautiful Morph Business Portfolio, Product Profile in Microsoft Office 365 PowerPoint PPT. I hope you like this Microsoft Office 365 PowerPoint Training Video. Please Like, share, comment and subscribe to watch more such videos. Follow Us on Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/u/0/109609798992670836043 Follow Us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/creative_venus Follow Us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/creativevenus4u/
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How to get Results in Your Product Portfolio
Many portfolios are fundamentally “feel good portfolios” as companies create them as a way of achieving political balance. It is a way to make people feel good about what they get. SmartOrg's CEO David Matheson talks about the underlying problems with this strategy. Want more from SmartOrg? Check out our website: http://www.smartorg.com Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/smartorginc Join our LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/smartorg
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SAP's Strategy & Product Portfolio (May 2016)
This video reflects my personal view (not SAP's official position) on SAP's strategy and product portfolio at the time of writing (May 2016)
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VAT Product Portfolio Animation
VAT Product Portfolio Animation
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SAP Product Portfolio House Whiteboard in 20 mins Aug 2013
SAP product portfolio in easy way.
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Project Portfolio vs  Product Portfolio
My name is Klas Skogmar and I'm going to talk a little bit about how project portfolio management relates to product portfolio management. First I am going to talk about what a single project is. A single project takes the strategy and it converts it to a product, service or another result. If you have multiple projects, you have a product portfolio. And project portfolio management is taking ideas and concepts and qualifying those ideas into your project portfolio and ensuring you maximize the return of the organization's project portfolio. So how does a project portfolio relate to a product portfolio? A product has a life cycle where you may have many projects. You might have a project to initiate or launch a product; you might have a project to update the product; you might have a project to discontinue the product. So during the lifetime of a product, you may have many projects. In a few cases where a single project may result in multiple products as well, so there are relationships between the two. So if you control your organization based on the products - if the products are the central thing in the organization or service - then they dictate how your project portfolio will look like. On the other hand, if your projects are reactive and you may deliver products for a client for example, then your project portfolio is the central thing and you focus more on your project portfolio. Even in a situation where you focus on your product portfolio, you still need to maximize your project portfolio through good project portfolio management, to ensure you do the right changes to the right products. You should also remember that there are other portfolios such as a customer portfolio or customer agreement portfolios. And in some cases and organizations, you might need to manage all of these and then the customer portfolio might influence or dictate how you work with your customer agreement portfolio. That in its turn my dictate how you work with your product portfolio and that might dictate how you work with the project portfolio. So you need to be aware of these different portfolios - how they relate to each other and also which one of these portfolios is most central to your own organization - to be able to succeed in project and product portfolio management. Thank you very much.
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Heye Product Portfolio - Corporate Video
WE ARE GLASS PEOPLE Heye International, based in Obernkirchen, Germany is one of the foremost suppliers of production technology, high performance equipment and know-how for the container glass industry worldwide. Our mechanical engineering has set the standard in the industry for more than 50 years. The industry expertise, attitude and enthusiasm of the employees of Heye International form the motto “We are Glass people”. The three sub-brands HiPERFORM, HiSHIELD and HiTRUST form the portfolio of Heye International. https://www.heye-international.com/
Product Portfolio
Vitavel JSC - Corrugated board and packaging
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9. Balanced product portfolio (PRODUCT)
What is a balanced product portfolio? #GcseBusiness #GcseBusinessRevision
Product Design Portfolio Review! My Porfolio, 2 Years On
This is what the portfolio that got me a job looked like while I was in the second year at university. I go through the pages and decide if the projects would get me a job now! The autofocus on my camera is way too fast so kept trying to focus on the paper at the beginning. I set up the plant to define the camera framing so I knew where I could move the portfolio, but THEN I moved the camera and forgot to move the plant. Sorry for the weird crop! How many people will tell me in the comments? Check out my Instagram here to see what I'm up to: http://instagram.com/sam_does_design/
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iDirect Product Portfolio
Overview of iDirect Product Portfolio
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CribMaster Product Portfolio
Reduce operational costs. Increase productivity. Improve compliance. Minimize safety risks. CribMaster provides real-time data to improve your business. Let CribMaster’s comprehensive portfolio of vending and tool control solutions provide real-time intelligence to ensure that the right assets go to the right workers at the right time. Together with our technical experts, our solutions help solve the most critical challenges in indirect material management. With the widest offering in the industry, we can tell you how much you’re saving in expendables each month, and forget about all the headaches that come with manually checking each gauge to make sure it gets calibrated on time. Learn more at: http://www.cribmaster.com/solutions/software-solution Find a Distributor at: http://www.cribmaster.com/find-distributor Keep in touch with CribMaster: Visit us: www.cribmaster.com Subscribe to our videos:https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=cribmaster Contact Us: http://www.cribmaster.com/contact Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cribmastersystem/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/cribmaster LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/cribmaster
Product Portfolio
DIscover the products of TE Instruments.
Lohia Corp Limited: Product Portfolio
End to End Solution
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Boral Product Portfolio 2018
Boral Roofing offers 4 distinct products to choose from: Concrete, Clay, Composite and Stone Coated Steel. www.boralroof.com
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Portfolio Review: Product Designer
Moritz's website: https://www.moritzoesterlau.de/ More awesomeness on IG: http://instagram.com/ransegall - Flux is proudly sponsored by Webflow, start a new account with an awesome discount: http://bit.ly/FluxWebflowDiscount - Gear & Book Recommendations: http://bit.ly/2ohFOuj - Freelancing? Send awesome proposals with: http://www.goprospero.com - Twitter: http://twitter.com/ransegall Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ransegall/ - Join the Flux community on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/flux_ransegall - Work Hard & Be Nice Poster: https://society6.com/ransegall
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Product Portfolio Video
https://www.appleboxstudiosvideo.com/ Video produced by Apple Box Studios showcasing Aesynt's Portfolio of Products and medication management solutions.
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Welcome To FRITSCH | Product Portfolio
Hochwertige und leistungsfähige Bäckereimaschinen und -anlagen, dafür steht das Unternehmen FRITSCH in Markt Einersheim. Vom zeitlosen Klassiker - der Ausrollmaschine ROLLFIX bis hin zu hochautomatisierten Industrieanlagen bietet das Unternehmen seinen Kunden ein breites Lösungsspektrum zur Herstellung ihrer Wunschgebäcke an. Ob Croissants, Brötchen, rustikale Gebäcke, Pizzen, Toastbrot, Donuts, Brezeln und weitere geschlungene Produkte - der Kreativität und Vielfalt sind keine Grenzen gesetzt. The company FRITSCH in Markt Einersheim stands for high quality and efficient bakery machines and lines. From the timeless classic - the sheeting machine ROLLFIX up to highly automated industrial equipment, the company offers a wide solution spectrum to its customers for the production of their desired products. Whether croissants, bread rolls, rustic products, pizzas, toast bread, donuts, pretzels and other twisted products - there is no limit to creativity and variety. Copyright: (P) & © 2017 FRITSCH GmbH (https://www.fritsch-group.com) Video are protected by international law. All rights reserved. Only for watching, listening and streaming is allowed. Downloading, uploading, copying, sharing and making available anywhere is strictly prohibited and illegal!
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Product portfolio management ppt
Product portfolio management presentation. https://youtu.be/5M7GURI2Wis Www.Facebook.com
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Product Portfolio Presentation
Logimetrix (www.logimetrix.co.in) is an IT product and business consultancy co-founded by Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) graduates. We have been rated as '20 Most Promising SaaS solution providers' by CIO Review Magazine:http://www.cioreviewindia.com/magazines/saas-special-march-2017/. We are happy to have one of the largest food and beverages companies globally, one of the largest cereal procurers in European market, one of the largest conglomerate of alternate energy providers in India and Africa, multiple leading dairy co-operatives in India, one of the leading power transmission company, one of the leading credit rating agencies, one of the largest banks in Sri Lanka, one of the leading textile manufacturer globally, leading telecommunications infrastructure provider among others as our clients; the list which is growing at a good pace. Our products like TrakMob, www.trakmob.in (Field Force Management), iREdi (Distributor-Retailer Supply Chain Management;http://retailerapp.logimetrix.me/), KarGo & TrakFuel (Vehicle and Fleet Management), iManager (Inventory Management), CropNet (http://cropnet.logimetrix.info/), Milk Analyser platform (an IoT application), Quotation Management System, Query Resolution System among others are up and running at different client locations touching upon their B2B and B2C relationships helping them manage costs while augmenting their top lines.
Cisco Product Portfolio Webinar for the University of California
Learn directly from Cisco professionals about the new UC contract with EPlus for Cisco procurement and about UC’s formal strategic relationship with Cisco. Rather than a technical overview of each product, the webinar will provide a high-level description of the products, services, and software, and all areas where you can utilize the new contract pricing and rebate program.
Frimpeks product portfolio
Frimpeks product video. Our full portfolio summarised and ready to view.
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Webinar: The Best (Possible) Product Portfolio
In this hour-long webinar hosted by the Planisware Center for Excellence, Dr. Richard Bayney explains his technique to maximize portfolio value along the Efficient Frontier. For more information on upcoming webinars, masterclasses and other events hosted by the Planisware Center for Excellence, please visit center.planisware.com.
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Sneak Peek: Build Your Portfolio by Google Product Manager
Short video about building your portfolio. See the full video here: http://bit.ly/2Jw5m17 👉 Subscribe here: http://bit.ly/2xMQLbS 🕊️ Follow us on Twitter: http://bit.ly/2xAQklN 💙 Like us on Facebook for free event tickets: http://bit.ly/2xPfjkh 📷 Check us out on Instagram: http://bit.ly/2eHmfJp Find out more about us: http://bit.ly/2vMvpiu 💻 ABOUT US: Product School is the world’s first tech business school. We offer certified Product Management, Coding, Data and Blockchain courses; our instructors are real-world product managers working at top tech companies such as Google, Facebook, Snapchat, Airbnb, LinkedIn, PayPal, and Netflix. Our classes are part-time, designed to fit into your work schedule, and the campuses are located in 14 cities worldwide, including Silicon Valley, New York, Los Angeles and London. See our upcoming courses here: http://bit.ly/2vMvpiu In addition to classes, each of our campuses host weekly events with top industry professionals about Product Management, Data, Coding and Blockchain. Click here to see what we have coming up: http://bit.ly/2I2tedp Product leaders from local top tech companies visit Product School campuses each week. Through lectures, panel discussions, and a variety of other forums, the world’s top product managers visit Product School to provide invaluable real-world insights into critical management issues. 📓 The Product Book has arrived! Learn how to become a great Product Manager. Get your copy here: http://amzn.to/2uJqg9A #ProductManagement #ProductSchool #Upskill #TechEducation #Education #Product #TechStartup #FinTech #Business #ProductManager #ProdMgmt
EMC Product Portfolio
It's about CHOICE!
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Autoneum's Underbody Product Portfolio
Autoneum’s innovations make vehicles quieter, lighter and safer and help to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Based on long-standing expertise and unique technological know-how, Autoneum develops and produces systems and components for the vehicle engine bay, underbody and interior floor as well as for the body-in-white.
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Product Portfolio Mapping - The Corporate Startup - Dan Toma
Mapping the company's product portfolio is one of the first steps in enabling innovation. This video briefly describes: * why is portfolio mapping important * frameworks for portfolio mapping (incl. examples from Facebook, Daimler and Google) * how to map a portfolio * interpreting the map http://thecorporatestartupbook.com/ https://medium.com/the-corporate-startup/portfolio-mapping-framework-s-b32404bf664e
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The Challenges of Integrated Product Portfolio and Project Management
The Challenges of Integrated Product Portfolio and Project Management
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ASCO Power Technologies - Product Portfolio
This video provides an overview of the products that ASCO manufactures. It introduces each of ASCO's primary product lines by showing their placement in a 3-D model of a hospital. The products shown include Power Control Systems, Automatic Transfer Switches, Surge Protective Devices, Industrial Control Products, Fire Pump Controllers, PowerQuest solutions, Load Banks, and ASCO Power Services. Learn more: www.ascopower.com
Product portfolio
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Brand Matters: What are the benefits of a simplified product portfolio?
This week on Brand Matters we ask Dan Katz-Golden, Strategy Director, how a simplified product portfolio can benefit a brand, and ultimately, drive greater returns for the business. For more insights that inspire, check out our blog: http://www.siegelgale.com/views Siegel+Gale is a global strategic branding firm based in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, Dubai, and Shanghai: http://www.siegelgale.com
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Cesim Product Portfolio
An introduction to Cesim Business Simulations covering our strategy, business and management simulations, marketing simulation, hospitality simulation, industry specific simulations and custom simulations. Find out more at https://www.cesim.com
Cannabis Farmers Need to Expand Their Product Portfolio
Cannabis Farmers have historically been in the flower business. Concentrates, which represents 50% of consumer sales in the form of vape pens, edibles and other derivative products, is another wholesale market they need to pay attention to, says Kevin Jodrey, Cultivation Director, Wonderland Nursery. Interviewed by Future Cannabis Project Contributor Kerry Reynolds in Humboldt California.
STRATEGIC BUSINESS ANALYSIS - Topic 3 - Financial Analysis in Product Portfolio Management
STRATEGIC BUSINESS ANALYSIS - Topic 3 - Financial Analysis in Product Portfolio Management
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Led Ticker Tape - Product Portfolio
Led Ticker Tape video showing led financial stock ticker in action in Boston, Massachusetts. Manufactured and Installed by Tickerplay - a brand of Photonplay Systems Inc
Zuken Product Portfolio
http://www.zuken.com/products.aspx - Introduction and overview to Zuken and its' four main product lines: E3.series, for electrical wiring and fluid design; CR-5000 enterprise-wide modular PCB design; DS-2 electrical & electronic engineering data management; CADSTAR price/performance PCB design
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Jaquar Product Portfolio
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Dell EMC Product Overview with David Noy
David Noy, VP of Isilon Product Strategy for Dell EMC, reviews the concept of a Data Lake as the Isilon operating model. He reviews how data is handled across various nodes and configuration options, and the versatility of the platform for various workflows. David also reviews the data management and protection feature available with Isilon. Recorded at Tech Field Day 12, in Silicon Valley, on November 16, 2016. For more information, please visit http://DellEMC.com/ or http://TechFieldDay.com/event/tfd12/
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GE Healthcare Senographe Pristina Product Portfolio Video Teaser
GE Healthcare introduces its Senographe Pristina Mammography Product Portfolio to enable radiologists and breast care physicians to benefit from one integrated solution that helps improve patient experience.
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