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"Poems of the Sea" by Ernest Bloch - Audio + Full Score
pf: Vladimir Jurowski cond/ Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin 0:00 - Waves 4:00 - Chanty 7:45 - At Sea During the summer of 1921, before moving from New York to Cleveland where he had become the director of the Cleveland Institute of Music, Bloch took his family for a vacation to the little village of Percé, in Canada, at the edge of the Gaspé Peninsula. In those days all was still isolated. There were no automobile roads. One came by a slow rural train that at times stopped to shoo off a cow that blocked the tracks. There was only one hotel at Percé and the summer visitors were mainly people from Montreal and Quebec. This was ideal for the Blochs who hated resorts and crowds. The magnificent beaches were never crowded. The little fishing village was picturesque with the sort of natives that delighted Bloch, who always liked the simple people close to the soil. Old seamen who spoke in a hard to understand French full of 16th Century expressions liked to talk to this strange sympathetic man who seemed to be so interested in their lives. Bloch was indignant at the way these fishermen were exploited. He met some remarkable people among the visitors, one being Monseigneur Gaultier, Archbishop of Montreal, with whom he paced the beach singing together in full voice Gregorian Chant. Another person he admired was a woman of over 55 years of age who cut trails all over the wilderness and had discovered a large crevasse in the hills, which became known as “La Craque à Mme. Chauvin.” His admiration for her trailmaking had such impact that we Bloch children, as often as we could, tried to cut trails in whatever wilderness we encountered in our young years. During his solitary walks on the Percé beaches, Bloch began to think of music, which he jotted down in a little book. The following year in Cleveland, he composed these three pieces which he generally called The Sea Pieces: Waves, Chanty, At Sea. He was able to give a special tang in them, of these colder northern seas, for the music surely doesn’t bring to mind a type of tropical ocean. It is the sea of a Brittany, an Ireland, of the old-time sailors who settled the American Eastern Coast. The music is tonal and straight-forward. Bloch had no intention of producing world-shaking new music. What he wrote fitted his purpose. Bloch prefaced these pieces with a poem quotation from Walt Whitman, the American poet he admired: “In cabin’d ships at sea, The boundless blue on every side expanding, With whistling winds and music of the waves, the large imperious waves, Or some lone bark buoy’d on the dense marine. Where joyous, full of faith, spreading white sails, She cleaves the ether ‘mid the sparkle and the foam of day, or under many a star at night, By sailors young and old haply will I, a reminiscence of the land, be read, In full rapport at last.” SOURCE: http://www.ernestbloch.org/home.cfm?dir_cat=80571
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William Corbett-Jones piano performs:  Ernest Bloch Poems of the Sea
William Corbett-Jones piano performs: Ernest Bloch (1888-1959) Poems of the Sea Waves Chanty At Sea on Tuesday August 13, 2013 at San Francisco's Noontime Concerts, Old St. Mary's Cathedral, 660 California at Grant Avenue in San Francisco.
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Sea Poems
Sea Poems featuring: "Sea Fever" by John Masefield, and "Ocean" by Nathaniel Hawthorne Filmed, Edited, Mixed, and Presented by Caledonia Skytower Special Thanks to Elrik Merlin, Rick Qargen, and Evelyn Held Music ʻʻSailors Lamentʼʼ by Jason Shaw, audionautix.com Sound Effects by Mike Koenig, Daniel Simon from Soundbible.com; Audioblocks; and Public Domain sources Filmed at various locations around The Blake Sea in Second Life ® Summer 2017
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Bloch (1880-1959) Poems of the Sea - At Sea
The third movemet from Ernest Bloch's Poems of the Sea. Played by the Malmo Symphony Orchestra conducted by Sakari Oramo
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Ernest Bloch ~Poems of the Sea  3. At Sea (Pf. Keiko Nishizu)
Ernest Bloch ~Poems of the Sea 3. At Sea (Pf. Keiko Nishizu) ブロッホ ~海の詩より 3.海にて (ピアノ:西津啓子)
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Poems of the Sea: II. Chanty and III. At Sea
Emily Yeh performing the second and third movements of Ernest Bloch's Poems of the Sea on April 25, 2015 for the Washington State Solo Contest.
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two poems the pull of the sea.wmv
From the life at sea
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E. Bloch - Poems of the Sea (Waves, Chanty)
Waves: 0:00 Chanty: 3:19 Evaggelia Nikolaidou, piano Corfu, 2017 Painting: Breaking Through by Bill Bate
Baby kicks like a flower on the sea--two poems, two songs
Recorded by Maryse, December 21, 2016. Poems and songs written betwen February and October 1988, when my daughter Paloma was three to ten months old, when she grew from 'the softest and most affectionate of animals' to a 'Two-toothed Buddha who grabs hold of your nose.' Such changes to observe! Such energy to absorb! Such inspiration! Thank you to her mother, Sydney. Paloma now is doing very well. 'Baby at My Shoulder' Baby at my shoulder Baby in my hand Baby gurgling Goo-gah Goo-gah Goo-gah-ah-gawh-gawph ... Baby as if to see that great and small Figure in a grand plan. 'Dear, Dear Paloma' How I love you at my shoulder! Your mother calls you a tree-monkey And I call you "Snorklepuss", But you must be The softest and most affectionate Of animals. "A Baby's Smile Is Sweet To See" A baby's smile is sweet to see Baby's smile is never evil Baby kicks like a flower on the sea She knows not the world's danger or misery Her touch to you is soft and dear Her grip as if to a cup so full Your baby's smile is sweet to see It throws a glow to your belly Because she's pure-- Because she's yours-- Because she stares at you as a focus of trust-- And has also the smile of a witty walrus You must love this baby tenderly. Your baby's smile is sweet to see She is He is It is The quickest innocence. "Two-toothed Buddha" Two-toothed Buddha stands up everywhere Two-toothed Buddha shakes her fist in the air Two-toothed Buddha with 'bout an inch of hair She's a two-toothed Buddha--two-toothed Buddha Two-toothed-Buddha! Da-da-da-da-ga-ga! Crawling all over the room! Two-toothed Buddha grabs hold of your nose Two-toothed Buddha pounds on glass doors Two-toothed Buddha throws toys on the floor She's a two-toothed Buddha--two-toothed Buddha Two-toothed-Buddha-- Da-da-da-da-ga-ga! Crawling all over the room! Two-toothed Buddha gets up every time she drops Two-toothed Buddha bellows like a machine-shop Two-toothed Buddha seems like she never stops She's a two-toothed Buddha--two-toothed Buddha Two-toothed-Buddha! Da-da-da-da-ga-ga! Crawling all over the room! Two-toothed Buddha touches drooling dogs Two-toothed Buddha reaches out to hug Two-toothed Buddha sees no reason not to love She's a two-toothed Buddha--two-toothed Buddha Two-toothed-Buddha! Da-da-da-da-ga-ga! Crawling all over the room! Two-toothed Buddha sometimes sits still Two-toothed Buddha sometimes gazes deep Two-toothed Buddha has never heard of Hell She's a two-toothed Buddha--two-toothed Buddha Two-toothed-Buddha! Destroying to create! She's got a lot to tell!
The Poems of Nikki Giovanni -- Point Loma Writer’s Symposium by the Sea  2016
(Visit: http://www.uctv.tv/) Poet Nikki Giovanni reads a selection of her poems as part of the 2016 Writer’s Symposium by the Sea at Point Loma Nazarene University. Series: "Writer's Symposium By The Sea" [Public Affairs] [Humanities] [Show ID: 30819]
Mary O'Malley reads her poem "Resident at Sea"
Poet Mary O'Malley reads her poem "Resident at Sea", in the UCD Library Special Collections Reading Room. Part of the Irish Poetry Reading Archive.
Sea Poems
Poems written by pupils at Woolwich Polytechnic School
Views: 511 bevhumphrey
"IN A MOUNTING AS OF SEA-TIDES", a poem by Sri Aurobindo
Recitation of Sri Aurobindo's poem. An audio track and more at http://auromaa.org/
Views: 182 AuroMaa Org
Bloch's Poems of the Sea
Source: http://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-huc5p-6d59f8 A constantly moving composer writes an ode to the constant motion of the sea.
North Uist Sea Poems (excerpts)
Excerpts from live recording of April 4th poetry and music event at Taigh Chearsabhagh, Lochmaddy, North Uist. Poetry by Pauline Prior-Pitt, music by Catherine Eunson. Karen Marshalsay is on harp, Mairi Voinot on fiddle, Gordon Wells on flute and Catherine Eunson on cello. The event was made possible through FOCAL: An exhibitions, events and micro-residencies programme for practitioners based in the Uists and Barra, as part of Broad Reach, an ATLAS Arts project for Taigh Chearsabhagh.
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Poems Of The Sea(2)_Ernest Bloch_Harriet Serr
Compositor: Ernest Bloch. 1880 Suiza 1959 EEUU Obra: Poemas del Mar (Canción Marinera) Pianista: Harriet Serr http://www.harrietserr.blogspot.com Año 1977 Caracas Venezuela Disco Fundacion Promúsica
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(3) ‘Morning Sea’ from the “Three songs on poems by C.P. Cavafy” (2016)
Mezzo-Soprano: Maria Soulis, Piano: Evelina Soulis, Poetry: Constantine Peter Cavafy (1863-1933), Music: Michalis Andronikou, Video/Audio Recording: Drew Henderson ...................................................................... Morning Sea Let me stop here. Let me, too, look at nature awhile. The brilliant blue of the morning sea, of the cloudless sky, the yellow shore; all lovely, all bathed in light. Let me stand here. And let me pretend I see all this (I really did see it for a minute when I first stopped) and not my usual day-dreams here too, my memories, those images of sensual pleasure. (Translation by E. Keeley and P. Sherrard)
Views: 442 Michalis Andronikou
10 On the other side of the sea - 20 inexplicable poems
FREE audio download at Soundcloud.com/20Poemas also here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/oow2yr3wz0vg35i/AACBsWiLbxHZ_WEQs9u-h10aa?dl=0 FREE BOOK download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/u4vwisbron7p6s1/20%20Inexplicable%20poems%20%26%20one%20song%20out-of-tune.pdf?dl=0 Facebook.com/BipolArteMusic 10. On The Other Side of The Sea “Never just a day, always a special one…” Words that arrived from far away… and awake me. Laying on the sand, trying to make… …my dreams come true. The coast seems the same, but it feels different… and by watching the horizon, something floats on the water… and spells my mind. I walk bare footed… and the foam from the sea barely touches my feet… and like a marine angel, it brings me a message, or old mystery, a glass bottle with something hidden. As I take off the cork from the container… inspiration is felt… …in the air… I discover a photo of a beautiful woman who I have dreamt of. It also comes with a scroll, with the following words, “What is distance? close your eyes and feel… …distance is nothing. -Fátima.” Signs the name of a holy virgin… and the sentence is dictated, she has followed me, she has found me… and finally… she has conquered me. My heart crosses the sea… and my body comes apart. On the other side of the sea, there is more than just sand, water, sea monsters… and other legends. The sea is a portal that connects the old and the new world… where conquests, are not for power… nor for money… …is for love, for our dreams. My soul travels, sailor who sails on the ground, a ship without a sail, guided by the waves… …of your arms, towards the shores… …of her lips… and casts away on her body, resting on the passion of her buried heart, at the bottom of the sea. The moon uses the sea as a mirror, we use the night as a witness, we draw together in the water… and everyday the sun shines… touches us softly with its tide, the breeze flies through the shore, mermaids come out of the sea, and stars come out of the sky. The beauty of her words, turns the sand really fine, warm and soft, turns the beach… …into a cemetery, for the rest of our sorrows, it is a refuge …for our untamable feelings, into an escape, …for pirates with the map of a love that still they do not find, into a temple, …for this union, of two people who seek one another, on the other side of the sea, who were meant to be. By: Arte Arturo Delgado-Rendón April 29th, 2010 ®
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Waves - Ernest Bloch  (Poems of the sea)
Prestation lors de la remise des Bourses à la pratique artistique de Drummondville, le 11 mars Waves, de Ernest Bloch Tiré de "Poems of the sea" Interpreté par Marie-Ève R. Bellemare sur un joli steinway
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What makes a poem … a poem? - Melissa Kovacs
View full lesson: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/what-makes-a-poem-a-poem-melissa-kovacs What exactly makes a poem … a poem? Poets themselves have struggled with this question, often using metaphors to approximate a definition. Is a poem a little machine? A firework? An echo? A dream? Melissa Kovacs shares three recognizable characteristics of most poetry. Lesson by Melissa Kovacs, animation by Ace & Son Moving Picture Co., LLC.
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Poems for Self at Sea
This collection of 30 poems was put together over several decades. Their curator Rogan Wolf was a mental health social worker and wrote several of the poems himself. Several more were written by psychiatric in-patients, in a creative writing group Rogan facilitated for years. The remainder come from a range of sources – books, friends, chance encounters… The collection was funded by NHS Westminster (now called the NHS Central London Clinical Commissioning Group) and supported by the charity United Response. The latter organisation has also published the poems in book form. The poems are available free of charge. They have been used with success in schools. Thanks are due to Nik Wolf, for the recording and editing. The collection will join other poem collections put together for the project “Poems for…the wall” See https://poemsforthewall.org/ “Poems for…the wall” is a Hyphen project. See https://hyphen-21.org/
Views: 95 Rogan Wolf
Collection of famous English poems of the sea
Collection of famous English poems of the sea, and famous poetry related to sea
Views: 64 fun-lover
Bloch ~Poems of the Sea  2.Chanty (Pf.Keiko Nishizu)
Ernest Bloch ~Poems of the Sea 2.Chanty ブロッホ ~海の詩より 2.聖歌 (ピアノ:西津啓子)
Views: 1824 Keiko Nishizu
Bloch Poems of the Sea by Miriam Brickman
Bloch Poems of the Sea by Miriam Brickman
Views: 1563 madelenecapelle
Bloch ~Poems of the Sea "Waves" (Pf. Keiko Nishizu)
Ernest Bloch ~Poems of the Sea "Waves" (Pf. Keiko Nishizu) Pictures were painted by Yukio Endo, my uncle who died in 2011.
Views: 1229 Keiko Nishizu
Lady of the Sea and other Poems
A collection of original poems by Warren Brown sold at Publish Success dot com
Views: 132 Warren Brown
Poems of the Sea: III. At Sea
Emily Yeh performing the last movement of Ernest Bloch's Poems of the Sea at a piano recital on December 7, 2014.
Views: 57 Emily Yeh
III. At Sea, from Poems of the Sea
Third movement of Poems of the Sea by Ernest Bloch. Performed by Connor Dalby.
Views: 73 PDX Piano Man
Bloch, Poems of the Sea, 1st mvmt. Waves
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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The Moods of the Sea - A Poem by Jean Henri Sadot
TheMoods of the Sea poetry video is a 5 minute 20 second segment extracted from the 26 minute 37 second video that was created from a 2003 Dream Streets Radio Show audio track in July 2018 by Vic Sadot. The full video segment has 8 Jean-Henri Sadot poems presented as poems or songs on the audio track from the July 28, 2003 Dream Streets Radio Show hosted by Steven Leech on WVUD 91.3 FM, "The Voice of the University of Delaware", in Newark, DE. The Moods of the Sea was written by Jean-Henri Sadot in 1966. The 8 poem video made from the July 28, 2003 Dream Streets Radio Show has: (1) Iron Hill; (2) Early Roses of 1940; (3) White Clay Creek; (4) The Statue of Liberty; (5) Summertime Sunset; (6) Blizzard; (7) A Little Girl’s Bedtime; and (8) The Moods of the Sea. Vic Sadot, son of the poet, is reading Jean-Henri Sadot poems, or sharing renderings of them into song as he relates the history behind the poems of Jean-Henri Sadot. Steven Leech aka “Even Steven” was one of the founders of a poetry publication that gave a platform for hundreds of writers to be heard and the Dream Streets editorial teams managed to produce regular releases of Dream Streets for decades. See History of Dream Streets and other archive items in www.dreamstreetsarchive.com Vic Sadot is available for bookings and interviews at [email protected] Vic has 4 CD’s available on CD Baby, and numerous videos on YouTube. Vic has all covers from all releases available for unique custom gifts on T-shirts and mugs at Vic Sadot Crazy Planet T-Shirt Shop at Cafe Press. The Official Home Website of Vic Sadot is www.vicsadot.com
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Ernest Bloch: Poems of the Sea - Francesca Chiofalo
E. Bloch: Poems of the Sea (1922) I. Waves II. Chanty III. At Sea Piano: Francesca Chiofalo
Views: 299 Francesca Chiofalo
Bloch Poems of the Sea.AVI
Miriam Brickman performs Ernest Bloch
Views: 252 ronaldsenator
Bradley-Fulgoni plays Ernest Bloch Poems of the Sea "At Sea"
Recorded at St Paul's Hall of the university of Huddersfield by Foxglove Audio on the 31st January 2016
Wind and the Sea, Poems and Reflections on the Voyage of no Return
Trailer for the book "The Wind and The Sea" by Gavriel Navarro. On sale now! https://www.createspace.com/3870301
Views: 183 Gavriel Navarro
Bloch: Waves (Poems of the Sea)
Sam Hollister - 2006 Ernest Bloch's "Waves" from Poems of the Sea Performed on a Steinway grand in Kingston, RI
Views: 180 Sam Hollister
Bradley-Fulgoni plays Ernest Bloch Poems of the Sea "Chanty"
Recorded at St Paul's Hall of the university of Huddersfield by Foxglove Audio on the 31st January 2016
Katya Grineva recorded live in Singapore at Esplanade Concert Hall 2009
Views: 632 Celso Alejo
Ernest Bloch, Poems of the Sea: Waves
1925 Steinway model L
Views: 235 laurenspiano
Poems from Guantanamo: "Ode to the Sea" & "Even if the Pain"
EVEN IF THE PAIN by Siddiq Turkestani Even if the pain of the wound increases, There must be a remedy to treat it. Even if the days in prison endure, There must be a day when we will get out. This short verse closes the powerful collection "Poems from Guantanamo: the detainees speak" edited by Mark Falkoff (University of Iowa Press). Poet Adrienne Rich writes of the collection: "Poems from Guantanamo brings to light figures of concrete, individual humanity, against the fabric of cruelty woven by the 'war on terror.' The poems and poets' biographies reveal on dimension of this officially obscured narrative, from the perspective of the sufferers; the legal and literary essays provide the context which has produced--and under atrocious circumstances--a poetics of human dignity." On Monday April 13 from 7-9pm, poets and peace activists will present "Poems from Guantanamo" at a Place for Peace, 896 E. Main, Ventura California. The program will open with background information from Vincent Warren from the Center for Constitutional Rights, continue with readings of many poems from the book with introductions by event organizer Grant Marcus, include an intermission with music from the Place of Peace Choir, and conclude with a Q and A. A donation of $10 per person is requested; funds will be divided equally between Place of Peace, Center for Constitutional Rights, and Veterans for Peace. In this video, Gwendolyn Alley aka Art Predator presents two of the poems from the collection: "Even if the Pain" by Siddiq Turkestan and "Ode to the Sea" by Ibrahim al-Rubaish.
Views: 517 gwendolyn alley
Pupils at primary read some poems about the sea
Views: 18 Mon Se
Bradley-Fulgoni plays Ernest Bloch Poems of the Sea "Waves"
Recorded at St Paul's Hall of the university of Huddersfield by Foxglove Audio on the 31st January 2016.
Recital ASU 27 January 2017 - Bloch Poems of the Sea
Guest Recital at Arkansas State University Fine Arts Recital Hall 27 January 2017, 7:30 p.m. "Poems of the Sea" I. "Waves" (0:00) II. "Chanty" (4:30) III. "At Sea" (7:15) Ernest Bloch (1880-1959)
Views: 27 William Kazyak
WCPS Year 1 Sea Poems 2015
Sea poems
Views: 76 WCPrimarySchool
The Poems of Billy Collins -- Point Loma Writer's Symposium By the Sea  2013
(Visit: http://www.uctv.tv/) American poet Billy Collins reads a selection of humorous poems for appreciative audience in this keynote event of the 2013 Writer's Symposium by the Sea, sponsored by Point Loma Nazarene University. Series: "Writer's Symposium By The Sea" [5/2013] [Humanities] [Show ID: 24992]
Blue Whale Nursery Rhyme | ChuChuTV Sea World | Animal Songs & Nursery Rhymes For Children
Blue Whale Nursery Rhyme | ChuChuTV Sea World | Animal Songs & Nursery Rhymes For Children Here comes a new addition to your favorite ChuChu TV Animal Rhymes series. ============================================ Music and Lyrics: Copyright 2016 ChuChu TV™ Studios Video: Copyright 2016 ChuChu TV™ Studios ============================================
Kabir Poems: "Lift the veils that obscures the heart" (Quotes & Art)
Recommended reads for 2018 ► https://bit.ly/2IF49DQ Take a peek at this wonderful poem by the great mystic poet and weaver Kabir accompanied by two paintings of the sea and a wonderful image of a galaxy by NASA. More quotes by Kabir: http://iperceptive.com/authors/kabir-quotes.html Paintings by Ivan Aivazovsky and Gustave Courbet "Clouds over the Sea on a Still Day" and "Autumn Sea" also Image by NASA "Heic 0602a" Empower your direct experience at http://iPerceptive.com ♡★♡ Purchase iPerceptives original book at Amazon ♡★♡ https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N32X59H "Magic forest" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/b... Follow iPerceptive’s mystical blog at http://iperceptive.com/blog/ Like iPerceptive at Facebook http://on.fb.me/raUG1o Follow iPerceptive at Twitter http://twitter.com/iPerceptive Follow iPerceptive at Pinterest http://bit.ly/113cbiL Follow iPerceptive at Google+ http://bit.ly/1PebOEx
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Elena Secota POEMS BY THE SEA Oars
Video Poem of OARS from POEMS BY TH
Views: 719 blueocean4ever

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