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Oracle Apex: Sample Application Creation
How to create an application in Oracle Application express
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Oracle APEX - POS Software build in Oracle APEX
Mohammad Abdullah Al Mamun
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Pharmacy Online demo built in Oracle Application Express from http://dbswh.com
Welcome to Pharmacy Online. Pharmacy Online is Web database application gathering information from the pharmacy stores across the U.K. Its built-in intelligence is able to produce useful data in real time. What is the best store in the U.K in terms of staffing and adequacy of premises? Which is the most challenging? Calculation tables and graphic charts will display visual information on the spot as data is entered and processed. Pharmacy Online aims to improve the conditions for a safer dispensing of pharmaceutical drugs. Main features: 1. Pharmacist registers new users, i.e. surgeries, doctors, other pharmacists and patients, defines medicines, assigns medicines to patients, processes patient's orders. New user id and password are sent via email or/and mobile 2. Doctor updates patient's prescription messages for patients when necessary 3. Patient logs in and orders medicine from the prescription. Order is submitted to pharmacist. Patient is able to repeat the order only after defined period of time 4. Pharmacist receives patient's order, orders it from the surgery and then delivers it to patient 5. Patient is assigned to a doctor, doctor is assigned to a surgery, pharmacist is responsible to keep information up-to-date 6. There is a possibility to print all necessary documents in PDF format 7. PDF documents layout can be customized using JasperReports http://www.jaspersoft.com or Oracle BI publisher (license required in both cases) 8. Can be installed on PC with min 1Gb memory and Oracle Express Edition database that is free
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Oracle APEX Tutorial 11   Sample Project Using Tabs Navigation
Hi! I’m Abdulrhman Uthman, a student of King Faisal University in Saudi Arabia. This series is intended for the practical class of Database Concepts students in our university, but anyone who wants to learn database, SQL or Structured Query Language and use Oracle’s APEX are welcome aboard. In this video we will create a sample project that uses Tabs Navigation. I would like to acknowledge the following people for their support: Dr. Majed Alshamari, Dr. Mohammed Bonais, Dr. Abdullah Alaulaimie, Dr. Mohammed Al-Naeem, Mr. Ahmed Alshawayrid, Mr. Naif Bo-Hasan, Mr. Mohammed Tawfiq, my sister, Ms. Reem Uthman, and my brother, Anas Uthman for editing the video.
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How To Create Form on Oracle APEX
This video tutorial gives an example about how to create form on Oracle APEX. The video gives step by step processes with explanation that will help audience to follow it. Please Subscribe
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Beautiful UI in APEX 5.0
APEX Connect 2015 – Shakeeb Rahman is working on UI, Themes and Design of APEX for the Oracle Corporation. As Principal Software Developer he was involved in the creation of the new design of the latest version of APEX. See his talk about the beautiful UI in APEX 5.0 in full length. To the conference: http://apex.doag.org/en/
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Oracle APEX - How to send SMS from oracle apex to Mobile
Today I read an article on Grant Rolands blog about sending a SMS from Oracle Forms through a Web-Service. I thought it would be nice to have the same in APEX and PL/SQL, too. For example if you have a system failure or get a new order in your shop… Grant is using a Web-Service provided by Esendex, but I’m sure there are others service providers available too. First I thought using the offered Web-Service and create a PL/SQL wrapper for it our use the Web-Service feature of APEX. But I decided to go with the simple POST version which is also offered by them. Because why invoke all the Java stuff when there is also a simple version available. The APEX web-service couldn’t be used, because then you would not be able to call it from PL/SQL. The code is quite straight forward. Get a free account, replace the constant values in the example procedure and you are ready to go! Note: If you have a proxy then you have to uncomment the proxy line. There is also a secure version available which uses HTTPS, but that requires a wallet, … and I just wanted to demonstrate that it works. The error handling of the procedure could also be improved, but hey, it’s just a demonstration. Thanks so much for watching this video If you are the first one in my channel Please subscribe to the channel If you have any comments on this video, then definitely give it in the comment box Facebook page Link: https://www.facebook.com/orclapexbd/ Blog Link: http://orclapexbd.blogspot.com/
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Tutorial: AJAX in Apex 5.0 part 1
performing AJAX operation in Apex 5.0. This is the part 1, some other part will follow soon. Keep in touch.
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Oracle APEX - Oracle APEX 18 DASHBOARD
Developer:Md. Abdullah Al Mamun Contact:01827712531
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Oracle APEX - Complete Guide to Dynamic Actions
Dynamic Actions are extremely powerful and flexible for the APEX developer and by understanding their use and how to customise, repurpose and extend; you can quickly master them. Knowing more about Dynamic Actions enables the PL/SQL developer to build functionally rich APEX applications without being a semi-pro at JavaScript.
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How to Create User Authorization Scheme for Apex 5.1 ?
Developer : Md.Abdullah Al Mamun
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Tutorial : APEX validation
Simple demonstration to discuss why and how to create validations
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Load sample data model into APEX 18.1 using Quick SQL - [Video 02 - English]
Oracle Application Express: https://apex.oracle.com/en/learn/getting-started/ Quick SQL: https://apex.oracle.com/en/quicksql/ My Blog: (Spanish): http://descubriendooracle.blogspot.com/ Website: http://clartechsolutions.com/ Academy: https://clartechacademy.com/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cjmamanorfali/ Twitter: @Clari707
Oracle APEX - Web Template Example
Md.Abdullah Al Mamun Contact No-01827712531
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APEX Sample Database Application
This is a video of the sample database application that is installed in Oracle APEX
Tutorial : JavaScript in Oracle APEX 5
Simple video demonstrates how to incorporate javaScript in Oracle APEX 5.
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APEX Day Frankfurt  -  Universal Theme Update
The Universal Theme aims to empower developers with the tools they need to build beautiful, responsive, accessible apps without becoming experts in HTML, CSS or JavaScript. This video provides a recap of some of the improvements and updates to Universal Theme introduced in Application Express 5.1, and how to use the Universal Theme Sample Application in your daily development routine. The video also provides a brief overview of some of the Universal Theme enhancements planned for in APEX 5.2.
using pl/sql command in real oracle apex project
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Oracle Forms to APEX Modernization
Held on September 20 2018 Watch Joel Kallman, Senior Director of Software Development, along with a number of experts from the global APEX Community, to discuss Oracle Forms Modernization. Learn about the positive aspects, together with the challenges, of using Oracle APEX to modernize your Oracle Forms applications. Real-world success stories, challenges, and tips are presented. Session Chats: https://apex.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=20051:4:1757390683715::NO::P4_ASKTOM_OFFICE_HOUR_ID:157276294837434079139335725983223048710 Key Video Timestamps: Panel Introduction [9:15] Question 1 [11:55] - Can you please give a brief overview of one of your completed projects (or something which is underway)? Question 2 [20:50] - What would you say is your approach in modernization with APEX? Rewrite? Partial migration? Create new apps adjacent to the existing Oracle Forms apps? Question 3 [29:40] - What were some of the biggest challenges you faced in this type of project? Question 4 [36:15] - What was the biggest benefit to the customer? Has the customer been satisfied with the result? Question 5 [41:50] - We always talk about preserving your investment in the back-end business logic, in SQL and PL/SQL. Is this a fallacy? How much of the back-end code had to be modified to work in the new world with APEX? Question 6 [46:30] - Can you describe the process you follow to assess if something is appropriate to be modernized with APEX? Can you give an example of something you would not use APEX to modernize a Forms app? Question 7 [50:55] - How do you go about educating someone to use APEX, who comes from a Forms background? It is Web, and Web is different. Question 8 [1:01:45] - How long does it take for the existing Forms developers to become competent in APEX and Web development? Were they able to carry on with further development on their own? Question 9 [1:04:35] - Can customers do this migration on their own? This Office Hours forum is comprised of our many partners, and if I were watching this, I might think “wow, I need outside help to get this done”. What would you say? Question 10 [1:08:40] - For anyone watching this, who is contemplating modernizing some fo their Forms apps with APEX, do you have any specific advice? AskTOM Office Hours offers free, monthly training and tips on how to make the most of Oracle Database, from Oracle product managers, developers and evangelists. https://asktom.oracle.com/ Oracle Developers portal: https://developer.oracle.com/ Sign up for an Oracle Cloud trial: https://cloud.oracle.com/en_US/tryit music: bensound.com
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05 of  13 - Oracle APEX 5 - Create an application; create a form with interactive report
A new series using APEX 18.1 is now available. https://youtu.be/65LExgaQMHI This is one video in a series about APEX 5. In this video we generate an application in APEX (a container for the application design elements) and we look at the difference in theme styles for an application. Next, we create a form with report which actually creates two pages--one for the form and one for the report. The report is interactive and has many readily available features for filtering, sorting, grouping, etc. The form allows a new record to be created and updates to an existing record.
Views: 55854 Jennifer Kreie
How to Customize Calendars in Oracle APEX 5 Lesson 1 of 3
Watch Oracle Certified Expert Tyson Jouglet demonstrate how to customize calendars in APEX 5 in this free tutorial from SkillBuilders.com. Tyson’s focus in this presentation is how to control the aesthetics of your calendar to provide helpful visual queues for your calendar users. Tyson will be using the new calendar region in APEX 5 for this tutorial. See all 3 lessons, free, at http://skillbuilders.com/how-to-customize-calendars-apex-5.
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Oracle APEX- PL SQL Advance Report Design with HTML/CSS
#oracleapex #orclapex #oracleapexbd Creating a report with PL/SQL Dynamic Content APEX offers many item types and templates to use when designing an application. Sometimes this isn't enough, for example, when you have an existing web application built with mod PL/SQL that you want to reuse. It's possible by using built-in packages like HTP or HTF, or by using some native APEX code to create these types of pages directly in PL/SQL. How to do it... In this example, we are going to build a report without using any items, but only PL/SQL code. On an empty page, create a new region: Choose a PL/SQL Dynamic Content region type. Name it Employees.
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Building Awesome Responsive Database Apps in the Cloud
Dimitri Gielis Director Apex R&d I'll build an application live in the cloud and will go from Low code to customisations and full control. We'll start with creating the data-model with QuickSQL; the fastest way to generate your database objects and sample data. Next we build the initial application with BluePrint in Oracle Application Express; the fastest and most low code way to build a responsive database application. Finally I'll show how to customise and enhance the app programatically and get full control of what you want to do. As it's Live for the Code; I'll have hardly any slides (just as reference), and will do all demo's live and code :)
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CodeTalk Series: A Guided Tour Through the Universal Theme
Dan McGhan and Shakeeb Rahman, Oracle Corporation Over the years, the APEX team created and maintained dozens of application themes. This practice was simply unsustainable, especially when the choice between themes was often based on color alone. Enter Universal Theme (UT): the theme designed to supersede all the others. Universal Theme is a responsive theme with features such as Template Options and Theme Roller, which allow developers to customize the theme as needed. But how should one get started? In this CodeTalk, the man behind Universal Theme will tell you how! Attendees will receive a guided tour through the Universal Theme demo app and see a customization based on a logo done live.
Views: 1540 ODTUG
Tutorial : Creating Oracle APEX DML form Step by Step manually
Creating Oracle APEX DML form manually. In this video we have tested the concepts of DMLand ARF Processes. The Video shows what really happens when we create a DML Form with wizard.
Views: 11441 Oracle Testlab
Tutorial : Creating a Basic Tree Item in Apex 5
Simple demonstration how to create a tree Item in apex 5
Views: 3511 Oracle Testlab
Bootstrap Hello World Example in APEX part 1
Here we recreate a Twitter Bootstrap Hello World example using Oracle APEX and show a little bit about the Grid System in Bootstrap and how APEX implements that.
Views: 4663 Coder Saurus
RELAY Workflow for Oracle Application Express (Overview / Demo)
This video presents an overview of the Relay Workflow engine and a Demo of the Designer Application.
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JET Charts | Oracle APEX 5.1
How to Use JET Charts of Different types in Oracle APEX 5.1 Queries Used in the Video 1) Select e.ename label, e.sal value from emp e 2) Select em.job label , count (em.empno) value from emp em group by em.job 3) Select d.dname label, count(e.empno) value from emp e inner join dept d on d.deptno = e.deptno group by d.dname MIP Support Pakistani Content
Views: 920 abdul rafay
Oracle APEX - Interactive Grid
Code ---------------------- begin case :APEX$ROW_STATUS when 'C' then insert into emp ( empno, ename, deptno ) values ( :EMPNO, :ENAME, :DEPTNO ) returning rowid into :ROWID; when 'U' then update emp set ename = :ENAME, deptno = :DEPTNO where rowid = :ROWID; when 'D' then delete emp where rowid = :ROWID; end case; end;
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Tutorial : APEX Computation
In this simple video we have demonstrated how to create computation in Oracle APEX 5
Views: 4189 Oracle Testlab
Oracle APEX 5.1 - Submitting Pages & Page Validation
Highlights the new way APEX 5.1 submits and validate forms.
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Oracle APEX -  Build-in ANDROID and iOS apps on Oracle APEX
The main downside of mobile APEX applications is that they cannot be used in offline mode. In other words: those applications are server-based and do not actually run on the phone or tablet. Wrapping the application using Cordova does not change this. No network? No application. Obviously, you could build an entire cross-platform application using Cordova or other comparable toolkits. But this means you will have to work directly with HTML 5, CCS 3 and JavaScript. Those are well-known, flexible and powerful technologies. However, they don't offer the simplicity and productivity you have with APEX. Do not forget that mobile devices are very diverse, especially due to the extreme fragmentation of the Android ecosystem. If you go down the HTML / CSS / JavaScript route, you will have to validate your application in a wide array of scenarios yourself. This is a time-consuming and error-prone process.
Views: 745 Oracle Apex
ORACLE APEX custom PDF report, master/detail example part 3
This video shows how to create a custom report for the Oracle APEX demo application. It creates a master detail report for sales orders. It uses FO Designer (http://www.apex-reports.com)
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202 Creating a Custom Template (APEX ORACLE)
202 Creating a Custom Template (APEX ORACLE)
Views: 3198 Chaudhary Moin Sultan
Using Oracle APEX & FOEX to build a webserver monitoring dashboard
Here's an example of a dashboard built for monitoring our webserver traffic in more detail. The application was built using Oracle APEX and the FOEX Plugin Framework. Read more about it here: https://goo.gl/9rM4Jg
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How to Populate Oracle Sample Hr Schema
This video shows how to populate the sample oracle database hr schema after unlocking the account.
Oracle APEX 4.1 on Android Phone
Quick sample of Oracle APEX 4.1 with JQuery Mobile (based-on instruction: http://www.oracle-and-apex.com/mobile-oracle-apex-on-your-smartphone/) ... Easy mate!
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Using jQuery in Oracle APEX
Learn how to incorporate jQuery into your Oracle APEX application. Create real web 2.0 applications with APEX. Many developers and organizations are looking for ways to take their Application Express (Apex) applications to the next level. On the client side, one of the best tools available for this purpose is jQuery and jQuery UI. In this webinar, we'll show you how to how "install" jQuery into your Apex application. Afterward, we'll demonstrate how to use a jQuery UI widget called Tabs to improve upon a rather cluttered application page.
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How to Configure Oracle RAS (includes APEX example)
A demonstration of Oracle 12c Database Real Application Security (RAS); what it can do and how to configure it. Tutorial includes a brief demonstration of using RAS to control access in an Oracle APEX application. Many more free Oracle Database tutorials at http://skillbuilders.com/free-oracle-tutorials.
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Tutorial : Using Tree Item for Page Navigation in Apex 5
Simple demonstration on how to use Apex Tree Item for Navigating through the application pages.
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