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Hole (Gimicks and DVD Instruction) by Higpon - Trick
This trick is a place able and removable hole. You will place a black sticker on a card and from where the sticker is placed you will be able to put coins and dices. You can even make dices appear from it. The sticker turns into a hole, but you will also be to remove the sticker. First, you will int... For More Details and Purchase, Visit http://www.magictrickstore.com
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JEFFREY TAM dvd trick with yassi pressman
may 27,2017
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Automata self working magic trick DVD
Learn these tricks here - http://www.diablomagic.co.uk/product/automata-self-working-magic-tricks-professional-magic/ Description PRO LEVEL MAGIC – MASSIVE REACTIONS – NOT A SLEIGHT IN SIGHT! Full 52 Productions proudly presents ‘Automata’ with Gary Jones and Chris Congreave – NINE completely self working effects guaranteed to elicit huge reactions! Make no mistake – these are not your run of the mill, novelty self workers. These are PRO LEVEL magic effects, straight from the repertoires of two of the busiest working magicians in the UK! Watch both Chris and Gary completely destroy their audience with ‘Metal Sheep’ – an amazing multi-coin transposition, ‘Fireballs’ – a miniature cups and balls miracle and ‘Card 2 Matchbox’ – think this classic requires sleight of hand? Think again! Then there’s ‘Thirty Four’ – an amazing multi revelation mentalism peice! All this plus FIVE more effects that you will learn quickly (just follow the steps!) and be able to perform immediately! You’ll be getting massive reactions with none of the work in practically no time at all! ‘Automata’ contains a real mixed bag of material too, from mental effects, tricks with pins, a finger ring, a cell phone, coins, a matchbox, mini cups…in fact, only THREE of these killer automatic effects are card tricks! ‘Automata’ – a killer collection of the finest, professional grade, self working material available, all of which you will start using immediately! FULL CONTENTS METAL SHEEP – A stunning multi-coin transpo! CARD 2 MATCHBOX – A classic without the sleights! KINGPINS – a finger ring jumps from one pin to another! FREE PHONE – Mentalism with a spectators phone! POKER CHEAT – They choose the cards – you always win! THIRTY FOUR – A multi-revelation mental masterpiece! BIRTHDAY CARD – Perfect for restaurant workers! PRINCESS REDUX – An old classic – supercharged! FIREBALLS – It’s going straight into your repertoire!
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Tiny Plunger Magic Trick With DVD
Available at Stoner's Funstore - Downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana or online at www.stoners.com
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Making Magic DVD by Guy Normas Learn Magic Tricks
Learn Magic Tricks you can do,13 easy to do,impressive tricks £2 from every Sale will go to St.Wilfrids Hospice,Chichester via my charity page http://www.justgiving.com/guynormas Available from guynormas.com http://Kunaki.com/Sales.asp?PID=PX00ZH2I6O USA & Australia Guy Normas Childrens Entertainer, Surrey & West Sussex. Magic,Balloons,Games..etc. http://www.guynormas.com Surrey & West Sussex ****************** FREE DVD at the end of every party.... *****************
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Defiance (DVD with Gimmick) -- Mariano Goni Street magic tricks NEW levitation magic
More info here - http://www.diablomagic.co.uk/product/defiance-dvd-with-gimmick-mariano-goni-dvd/ Description RELEASE DATE -- 15th April 2014 Mariano Goni is an underground magician from Spain who has a knack for creating visually stunning magic. He has an impressive list of best sellers including Nut Waltz and Melting Point- New Edition. He's done it again with his most amazing creation to date. With Defiance, you are able to harness the power to animate small objects in new and impossible ways. Each routine is modular, hard-hitting and contains multiple methods so you can customize each routine to suit YOUR personal performing style. The package comes with EVERYTHING you need, so you can start performing the impossible TODAY! Here's what you get: The Incredible Spinning Card: The magician throws a borrowed credit card several feet away and it hovers in MIDAIR without the magician or spectator any where near it. On the magician's command, he is able to cause the spinning card to fly back to him, as fast or slow as he wants! Includes how to get the spinning card to float through a spinning hoop. In The Air Change: Imagine showing a small piece of paper with a dollar sign drawn on it. The magician crumples the paper into a ball and it begins to levitate. The magician can walk away from the floating ball and go to his case to retrieve a lighter. He burns the floating ball to reveal a bank note in its place, STILL FLOATING IN MIDAIR! Includes how to use the In The Air Change to produce and float a borrowed, vanished finger ring at any point. Floating Bill: You think you know, but you have no idea. A borrowed bank note is crumpled into a ball and levitates. It floats inexplicably from hand to hand. You can then borrow a hoop earring or a bangle from a lady and pass it around the bill before handing the bill back to its owner. Bonus! Floating Cigarette: Mariano tips the most impossible levitation of a cigarette known to man. A cigarette floats on the middle of a crowded restaurant table. While in midair, the magician borrows a finger ring and passes it around the cigarette; both objects can be examined. Learn this ingenious method and how to construct the gaff in complete detail. The items required are easy to obtain via most craft stores. REVIEWS "That Cigarette bit is a head scratcher. Clever bastard..." Zach Heath, Reviewer 4/4/2014 "If you've ever floated a card or a borrowed bill, you know the limitations...DEFIANCE breaks those boundaries and allows you to perform the impossible. I highly recommend putting this levitation by Mariano Goni in your entertainment arsenal." Glenn Farrington, Reviewer 4/4/2014 "I wanna pretend I know what is happening, but I honestly have to give up and give Mariano a round of applause cause Defiance looks AMAZING. He might be a wizard." Chris Wiehl, Reviewer 4/4/2014 "This looks amazing, I love it so much when I get fooled! Defiance brings back memories of why I became a magician in the first place...I thought I knew every system and hookup but I have no clue of how he does what he does!" Titanas, Reviewer 4/4/2014 "Wow. That's a killer. Where can I get one?" Hannibal , Reviewer 4/4/2014
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In A Flash (with DVD) Magic Trick by Jay Sankey
http://maskedmagic.com/store/fire-magic/in-a-flash-jay-sankey The hottest trick in close-up magic! Now with new REALISTIC-LOOKING burnt cards! Coin magic meets card magic in a burst of flames! A card is selected, signed and returned to the pack. A borrowed and marked coin is wrapped in a piece of tissue paper and placed on top of a deck. The spectator touches a lit match to the tissue paper and it bursts into flames. When the smoke clears, a HOLE HAS BURNT THROUGH HALF THE CARDS and the marked coin is found resting, directly on top of the signed card! And the deck can be examined! This absolute reputation-maker is very easy to do and resets in a second. Comes complete with very special Bicycle cards and an instructional DVD featuring ADDED INFORMATION and NEW BONUS HANDLINGS! (Flashpaper not included.) Along with the "Classic Handling," the bonus material on the instructional dvd includes the "Turnover Pass Convincer," the "Any Thought Of Card" handling, the "Added Prediction" handling, and even an "Eerie Revelation" routine that allows you to perform the legendary Haunted Pack as a warm-up to the Classic Handling with no extra gimmicks or preparation!
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Wild Card Magic Trick and DVD by Magic Makers
http://maskedmagic.com/store/wild-card Some of the best card magicians in the world have tried to take the basic Wild Card plot and make it better. All of them have failed. Until now! Gerry Griffin will not only teach you the basic routine, he will show you a multitude of variations that will fit any performers style. Dare to Learn the Mystery!
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This is Mentalism - DVD Trailer, Magic, Tricks
Learn how to do magic and mentalism NOW: http://bit.ly/1ibOGMC Rich Ferguson ( http://www.TheIceBreaker.com ) has a new DVD through Ellusionist! (http://www.Ellusionist.com) Learn 11 mentalist effects + principles, framing, strategy and more! Rich is from San Luis Obispo / Santa Barbara and performs worldwide.
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Flip Stick Vanish from Tricks with EveryDay Objects DVD by MAGIC MAKERS
Flip Stick Vanish from Tricks with EveryDay Objects DVD by MAGIC MAKERS
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Perfect Triumph gimmicks & DVD by Federico Poeymiro Magic Trick
World Magic Shop DO NOT SELL Every product listed anymore. Only visit: https://www.worldmagicshop.com for the items we sell. Quality not Quantity :-) The magician shows an envelope that contains a prediction. A spectator takes a card from the deck and after he/she remembers it, the card is lost again in the deck. The magician takes a pack of cards from the envelope and when he spreads it out, a strip of cards sticking among them is seen. The spectator is asked if any of those cards coincides with the chosen one. The spectator confirms that it coincides with the one he/she chose. The magician closes the strip of cards again and when he opens it for the second time, the card that was chosen is the only one that is face down.
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Invisible Deck & DVD - Magic Tricks - Ricks OnLine Auctions (On eBay)
Specialty Card Deck with Instructional DVD
Tool DVD and Gimmick Amazing Magic Trick David Stone
Get Your At: http://www.magicworld.co.uk/magic-shop/Tool-Gimmick-DVD-by-David-Stone.html TOOL is much more than a gimmick: It's a real tool that will allow you to perform more than 11 routines completely different and easy to do! Imagine this... Visually change the color of the cards' back witout any sleight Instantly and visually restore a signed and torn card Magically produce your credit card or your business card Ask your spectators to shuffle the cards and instantly produce the 4 aces Perform the "Substitution trunk" in close-up situation with cards Show the most amazing version of the "Stabbed card" routine ever 11 professional routines, tested on real audience that made David Stone's réputation in close-up! Make a signed card reappear in the cardcase without any suspect move Visually change a coin into a banknote Make visually turn over all the cards except the choosen one Let a spectator touch 4 cards at random that will indicate her birth year Tear the top of a cardcase and visually restore it Make some cards vanish from your hands whithout any sleight "David Stone has just proved we can start thinking where others have stopped." - Etienne Pradier "Except with a thumb tip, I have never seen so many clever applications with only ONE gimmick!" - Mickael Chatelain 1 - COLORS The perfect Opening trick with cards! A visual color change where everything is given for examination! The magician remove a blue back deck out of a red cardcase and asks a spectator to touch any card. The performer taps the choosen card on the cardcase and its back becomes red! Then the magician taps the cardcase on the deck... that visually becomes red too! All the cards are now red... and are given for examination! 2 - WRONG CARD The classic effect where the magician can't find the choosen card... He then takes the cardcase to tap gently the wrong card with it : It visually changes into the choosen one! No force, the card can be signed and the effect is really magic and visual! 3 - SIGNED, TORN... AND VISUALLY RESTORED Finally you will be able to perform in professional situation a signed, torn and instantly restored card routine... without any complicated sleight! Do you know how to do a triple lift? Then you can perform this incredible routine in less than 10 minutes! 4 - CARD SHARK Without a doubt one if the easiest but strongest cards cheating demonstration! Imagine this : You cut the deck in two parts and ask your audience to shuffle them. Get the cards back together and you can instantly produce the 4 aces! (for exemple...). No palm, no sleight, as clean and so easy! 5 - IN THE BOX! Have a card signed and lost in the deck. Explain that to find the card, you need to use your... credit card! Just take the cardcase and caress the deck with it : Your credit card visibly appears on the top of the deck! Give it to the spectator and explain him he can insert it wherever he wants in the deck, he will find his signed card under it. But he fails... You seem embarassed until you realize that the signed card has vanished... Show the cards one by one, the signed card is actually not in the deck anymore! Show your hands completely empty, and grab the cardcase stayed on the table : Open it, and remove the signed card out of it! NO PALM!!! 6 - ILLUSION Perform the Sub Trunk in Close-up! The magician remove an ace of spades and a Queen of hearts from the deck, explaining they will both represent « the Magician, and his Partner performing the famous illusion of « The substitution Trunk ». After having given the cardcase for examination, the magician puts the ace of spades inside and close it. The queen of hearts is openly put face up on the deck of cards... Then the magician takes the cardcase and tap on the Queen of Hearts that visually changes into the Ace of Spades! The performer opens the cardcase and the Queen of Hearts is now inside! A visual effect, totally self working , ideal for TV or for children. 7+ Read More at Link Below. Get Your At: http://www.magicworld.co.uk/magic-shop/Tool-Gimmick-DVD-by-David-Stone.html
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The Exchange Dvd & Cards Magic Trick
http://www.dynamitemagic.nl/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=182_178_44&products_id=1490 Trick photography? Hardly. But once you witness The Exchange in action, you'll swear that either a supernatural force has possessed a deck of cards or you've witnessed a bona-fide blip in the fabric of reality. The Exchange allows magicians to perform miracles - effortlessly. Imagine outjogging a card from the pack and visibly changing the color of its back or face - without sleight of hand. But wait, there's more! The Exchange allows you to: ?Morph four freely selected cards into the four aces ?Print your personal information on a blank business card ?Switch gaffed cards for the real thing ?Clean-up formerly dirty packet tricks - right under their noses ?Heal a torn or hole-punched card And much more - all without difficult sleight of hand. Perhaps best of all, The Exchange can be set-up in any deck of cards without suspicion. The gaff is cleverly disguised in such a way as to be absolutely undetectable, even to spectators who scrutinize your every move! This is a devilishly clever card utility you'll put to work immediately. Trade in your tired, old tricks for The Exchange. Supplied complete, including 60 Minute instructional DVD featuring Tomá³ Medina, and custom-made Exchange deck (Bicycle Rider Back cards in blue or red).
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Learn cool magic tricks from Dan Sperry on this DVD
Shock Illusionist Dan Sperry presents his souvenir DVD: Snitches Get Stitches...a good magician never tells the secret... On it he shows you freaky tricks you can do to amaze your family and friends plus several interactive magic tricks thru your screen and highlights from his Shows! Available from www.dansperry.com
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Learn Magic Tricks! Simply Psychic DVD, Mentalism FUN Inc.
Visit www.GypsySojourner.com for all your FUN Inc. & Royal Magic needs!
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Magic Tricks and Secrets DVD #2
Prepare to amaze your friends! Your Magic Tricks and Secrets video course teaches YOU to star in your own magic show. Watch a live show with professional magician Jeff Evans, then travel "backstage" to learn the "how" and "why" behind each mystery. "Living Room Magic" Volume #2 features: * Roper, the Fastest Knot in the World * Tube o' Mystery * Hypnotized Matches * Static Discharge Match * Crystal Ball Card Trick * Three Card Monte * Instant Aces * plus a Web Bonus Visit www.magictricksandsecrets.com to learn more.
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Easy Magic Tricks! Amazing Easy Coin Magic Tricks!
http://easymagictricks.co.uk/ | http://easymagictricks.co.uk/product/amazing-coin-magic-dvd/ Amazing EASY MAGIC TRICKS! Learn how to make coins vanish, reappear, and even more with this instructional DVD. Make the magic happen using ordinary coins! Easy to learn! Collect the series! Easy Magic Tricks with Coins! On this DVD: French Drop Finger Palm Vanish Retention Vanish Rub Away Vanish Classic Palm Spider Vanish Flurry Coins Across 2 in Hand, 1 in Pocket Coin Assembly Steeplechase 4 Coin Production Brilliant easy magic tricks!
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Captain and Coke - Gimmick Coins includes Magic trick DVD
Discuss this magic trick on the Backroom Magic Forums: http://www.Backroommagic.com Scotch and Soda with a Quarter and Penny! Captain & Coke is the ultimate modern version of Scotch & Soda! Brought to you by The Blue Crown, Captain & Coke is made with a US quarter and penny - no more fishy coins that nobody has ever seen before! You could even borrow some change and then perform with your gimmick! The custom-made Captain & Coke gimmick is precisely crafted by master machinist Roy Kueppers to exacting specifications. It also has a steel shim that will stick to a magnet. Borrow and Give Away the Coins! On the DVD, Kevin Reylek takes you step-by-step through the design and operation of the gimmick, and he also teaches routines that can be performed by beginner or advanced magicians. There is even a variation that allows you to give away the coins at the end! The Captain & Coke gimmick works perfectly for any Scotch & Soda routine and is ideal for any venue or performing style. Custom Machined Gimmick Internal Steel Shim Easy-to-Do Classic and Advanced Handlings Coin Bend Routine "The routine is easy to do and the coins are superbly made. I'm very excited about this." - David Roth "I love Captain & Coke! The trick and the drink!!" - Magick Balay "It's a perfect update, magicians on every level are gonna want one... I'm getting two!'" - Steve Dane Running Time Approximately: 23min
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Easy Magic Tricks! Amazing easy paper magic tricks! Brilliant magic DVD!
http://easymagictricks.co.uk/ | http://easymagictricks.co.uk/product/amazing-easy-paper-magic-dvd/ Brilliant EASY MAGIC TRICKS with paper DVD! Learn how to amaze your audience with Paper Magic! Easy to learn routines, including the Torn & Restored Newspaper, Clippo, Coin Fold, and much more! Collect the series! On This DVD: Torn & Restored Newspaper Torn & Restored Napkin Torn & Restored Office Notes Ad Test Clippo Coin Fold Afghan Bands Buddha Papers Paper Balls Over the Head Gadabout Balls Incredible easy magic tricks DVD!
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Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks DVD - Performance of 'Henry Sugar'
A performance of Liam Montier's 'Henry Sugar' trick from the Bigblindmedia DVD 'Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks'. More information at www.bigblindmedia.com
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Easy Card Tricks You Can Make At Home DVD by MAGIC MAKERS
Easy Card Tricks You Can Make At Home DVD by MAGIC MAKERS Item No.: 0173 Quick Overview In this DVD you will learn from one of the best, Marty Grams, he will show you how to make your own gaffed cards that will fool anyone! This DVD will teach you several ways to astonish your audience with amazing magic you can make at home! On This DVD: The Flap Monte 8 Card Brainwave Rising Card Perfect Poker Card Vanish Time Barrier White Art HotRod Cards Card Frame Mo Money Monte
Views: 2488 MagicMakersIncVideos
Magic Review - The Souvenir by Henri White - Magic Trick - DVD
Magic Review - The Souvenir by Henri White - Magic Trick - DVD A chosen card is signed by the spectator. The center of the card is torn out. The very same card is then visibly linked onto the stem of a borrowed wine glass. The linked card and the glass can then be fully examined. No Duplicates - Simple - Elegant - Truly Baffling Creator: Henri White Publisher: world magic shop MSRP: $ 32.50 Skill Level: all DVD Run time: 20 min Type of effect: card to impossible location / penetration effect Full blog review: http://magicorthodoxy.weebly.com/magic-reviews/souvenir-by-henri-white Retailers please visit: http://www.murphysmagic.com/product.aspx?id=56730
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UFO Flying coin, levitate magic trick DVD mix
http://www.pubtricks.com/?id=617 Learn this trick and many more UFO Flying coin, levitate magic trick DVD demo mix My Free Magic TV, Learn free Magic Tricks, get free magic trick tutorials, solutions, magic tricks revealed, upload your videos, make money selling your own magic tutorials, magic chat. View great magic videos from Jay Sankey | The Amazing Johnathan Criss Angel | Harry Anderson | David Blaine Derren Brown | David Copperfield | Houdini | Kreskin | Andrew Mayne Richard Osterlind | Penn & Teller | Presto Tommy Cooper, famous & armature magicians. See 100's of amazing magic tricks new and old. Street, Bar, Stage Magic. Free magic competitions, Get free magic tutorials on your desktop every day. Free Magic TV on your PC! Sit back and watch the greatest magic show on earth. Learn how to get 1000's more hits on your youtube videos
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Easy Magic Tricks! Cups & Balls with DVD. Easy Magic!
http://easymagictricks.co.uk/ | http://easymagictricks.co.uk/product/amazing-cups-balls-with-dvd/ Amazing EASY MAGIC TRICKS! Learn how to entertain with just three cups & a few balls! Easy to learn routines and vanishes. A set of plastic chrome cups & magic balls comes with the DVD. Collect the series! This is an absolutely brilliant easy magic trick. On This amazing easy magic tricks DVD: Basic Routine The Set Up Explanation: Phase 1 Explanation: Phase 2 Explanation: Phase 3 Push Thru Vanish Vernon Wand Spin Vernon Wand Spin Vanish Drummers Wand Spin Striking Vanish A superb easy magic trick.
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SL Easy Magic Tricks DVD.wmv
A DVD that will teach you simple buy very effective Magic Effects for any beginner in magic.
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million dollar monte magic tricks DVD Mr. Gz Magic
million dollar monte magic tricks DVD Mr. Gz Magic
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Saturn Magic -The Butterfly Effect (DVD and Gimmicks) by Peter Nardi - Trick
Visit Saturn Magic at http://www.saturnmagic.co.uk/saturn-magic-shop/the-butterfly-effect--dvd-and-gimmicks--by-peter-nardi--trick.html to purchase this item or view our fantastic range of other magic products
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Slippery Shell Quarter (w/DVD)(D0128) by Tango Magic - Tricks
World Magic Shop DO NOT SELL Every product listed anymore. Only visit: https://www.worldmagicshop.com for the items we sell. Quality not Quantity :-) Three coins travel between your hands. A borrow coin goes from your hand to your pocket. These and all the expanded shell routines could be improve with this new gimmick. It's really a new concept in expanded shell coins. Effect The magician shows two coins in his left hand and makes one coin disappear with his right hand. The magician shows the contents of both hands, yet there is only one between them! As a finale, the second coin reappears in the left hand! In this package you will find a finely crafted gimmicked coin set produced by Tango Magic. Tango Magic produces the highest quality gimmicked coins in the world. Tango stands behind their products to guarantee your success. As a bonus to thank you for your purchase, Tango has included in this package Tangopedia, a four-hour instructional DVD. This DVD includes basic instructions for more than 50 gimmick coin routines using a variety of our specialty coins such as Expanded Shell-Coins, Copper/Silver/Brass, Scotch and Soda, Pen Through Coin, Folding Coins, Okito Boxes, and more. From this DVD you will learn the basics of using your new Tango Magic products as well as gaining insight into the amazing of possibilities the Tango line of coins provides.
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Easy Magic Tricks! The floating banknote DVD! Easy Magic Tricks.
http://easymagictricks.co.uk/ | http://easymagictricks.co.uk/product/easy-magic-tricks-floating-bill/ Amazing EASY MAGIC TRICKS! This brilliant DVD will teach you everything you need to know about how to make a dollar bill float in mid-air! Easy to learn routines! Comes complete with everything you'll need to get started straight away. A stunning, easy to do magic trick!
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Learn Magic Tricks! At the Table DVD with Tomas Medina FUN Inc.
Visit www.GypsySojourner.com for all your FUN Inc. and Royal Magic needs!
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Cups & Balls Performance - Magic Tricks R 4 Kids DVD
http://www.tricksR4kids.com If you are a kid who wants to learn magic look no further than Magic Tricks R 4 Kids! On this exciting DVD series professional Las Vegas magicians Will Roya & Joan DuKore are going to teach you some of the most amazing magic tricks that you will be able to perform for your family and friends with little or no practice. From the basics of magic to some of their all time favorite tricks, you'll be able to watch, learn and perform along with 20 other kids! "A fun and easy way for kids to learn magic, along with other kids! A top notch product, highly recommended." - Dan Rodriguez, Society of American Magicians Past President and Co-Founder of the Society of Young Magicians "The Magic Tricks R 4 Kids DVD series is an excellent resource for enterprising magicians planning their own lessons or classes for kids. I urge you to buy it and get ready to take your magic classes to the next level!" - Al Jensen, International Brotherhood of Magicians Las Vegas Ring President "The Magic Tricks R 4 Kids DVD series is long overdue. It's great for those 7 - 13 year olds who are serious about wanting to learn "real" magic. These DVDs fill the gap between "cheap" children's magic kits and serious adult magic. An excellent tool to develop "kids" into life-long magicians!" - Emory Williams, Owner, Williams Magic Shop For Ages 7 & Up © Will Roya & Co. Inc. All Rights Reserved. Now available at your favorite magic shop.
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Ultimate Gaff Bicycle Deck with 3 Classic Card Tricks DVD
В магазине "Magic Fox" www.magicprops.ru большой выбор реквизита для демонстрации фокусов как для новичков, так и для профессионалов, а также игральных карт.
Views: 308 sipsamara
Views: 806 Chris Fanelli
Learn Magic Tricks DVD - Jeff Stone's Gemstones
His latest contribution, Gemstones, is full of incredibly visual and practical magic. These are indeed rare gems, and best of all they are within the reach of every performer, no pipe dreams here. Even experienced magicians will be fooled by some of the material on this DVD. Everything from coins to keys to rolls of film, candy, office supplies and more. You will be shocked when you see how visual and how surprising some of this material is.
Views: 4161 Jeff Stone
Crushed and Cured Cola DVD magic tricks Mr. Gz Magic
Crushed and Cured Cola DVD preview
Views: 10689 agold7964
Identity Revealed Magic trick
Card identity trick. Magic with cards that is unbelievable. Learn at Dreamlandmagic.com. Search identity dvd https://www.dreamlandmagic.com/products/identity-card-trick-dvd
Card Tricks - Card Magic 3-DVD Box Set - Gold Dust Live by Paul Gordon
See http://www.paulgordon.net for more videos, trick demos, exciting Vlog, contents and reviews of Paul Gordon's Gold Dust Live 3-DVD box set. Gold Dust Live 3-DVD contains killer card tricks YOU can do and use! This is all powerful worker magic. Watch Paul entertain. Watch him fry people. 37 Killer Card Tricks! Three jam-packed discs. Everything fully taught.
Amazing Magic Tricks w/ Cups & Balls - DVD (Includes Cups w/ Balls)
Views: 21218 magicproshop
Easy Magic Tricks - Vanishing Kit Amazing Easy Magic Tricks!
http://easymagictricks.co.uk/ ‎| http://easymagictricks.co.uk/product/the-vanishing-kit-with-dvd/ ‎ The brilliant DVD contains easy to learn magic tricks, routines & vanishes along with all the special Vanishing Kit gimmicks. Collect the series! Amazing Easy Magic Tricks! On This DVD: The Basics Silk Vanish Salt Vanish Bill Switch Cut & Restored String Vanishing Cigarette (ver. 1) Vanishing Cigarette (ver. 2) Vanishing Cigarette (ver. 3) Mr. Elliot Vanishes a Pen Silk from Silk Float Anything Silk Subtlety EASY Magic Tricks!
Deluxe Legends of Magic DVD Set - 250+ Tricks by Fantasma Magic Tricks
Available at CrazySales.com.au http://crazysal.es/HOCGK6
Views: 35780 ozmoviedatabase
Salt & Silver by Giovanni Livera - Coin Magic Trick DVD
Salt & Silver by Giovanni Livera - Coin Magic Trick DVD Available at http://stores.ebay.com/martinka-magic http://www.martinka.com
Views: 36 Martinka Magic
25 Amazing Magic Tricks With Linking Rings DVD - ClownAntics.com
See our great product here http://www.clownantics.com/magic-trick-dvds/25-amazing-magic-tricks-with-linking-rings-dvd-1521-197-p.html?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=video&utm_campaign=treepodia 25 Amazing Magic Tricks With Linking Rings DVD is brought to you by http://www.ClownAntics.com, the leading clown supply shop for the professional and beginning clown. Want to learn to be a clown? See our Clown Guide (http://www.clownantics.com/clown-guide) and our Clown Blog (http://www.clownantics.com/blog).
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Pulp Fiction by Jay Sankey - Magic Trick  DVD  - SALE!
Pulp Fiction by Jay Sankey - Magic Trick DVD - SALE! Available at http://stores.ebay.com/martinka-magic http://www.martinka.com
Views: 63 Martinka Magic
Card Ninja DVD Card Magic Trick Effects Teaching Disk
Check out my eBay items i might still have some Card Ninja DVD's for sale.... http://shop.ebay.co.uk/cybercraig36/m.html
Views: 2959 eBay CyberCraig36
Card Trick Magic DVD with Stephane Vanel: Preview
http://expertinsight.com Have you ever seen an amazing card trick and wondered how it was done? If so, this is the video for you! Get inside the mind of Stephane Vanel, champion card magician, as he teaches 12 incredible tricks that anyone can learn with an ordinary deck of cards and a little bit of practice. Teaches these easy to learn, essential sleight of hand techniques: Criss-Cross Force, One Card Break, Slip-Cut Force, Misdirection, Palming, and much, much more! Additional Features: - Visual Glossary of Magic Terms - The Rules of Magic - 7 Tips for Better Presentation - Hidden Bonus Trick - Can you find it? - 3 Viewing Modes: Standard, Tricks Only, and Explanations Only
Views: 172454 expertinsight