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Magic Soulgems HD by HXP
I hope you like this New Magic Soulgems ! Please support this Mod with your likes and Endorsments. I also Recommend watching the Video in Full HD to see better Details. But in game it looks better as it looks in this Video. Here is the link http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/41253/?
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Skylanders Imaginators All Soul Gem Previews 1080P HD
Skylanders Imaginators All Soul Gem Previews filmed in 1080p on PS4 Soul Gem Previews for Air Strike, Wild Storm, Bad Juju, Tae Kwon Crow, Flare Wolf, Ember, Crash Bandicoot, Chompy Mage, Ambush, Mysticat, Pain-Yatta, Buckshot, Aurora, Blaster-Tron, Kaos, Starcast, Hood Sickle, Dr. Neo Cortex, Chain Reaction, Dr. Krankcase, Ro-Bow, Wolfgang, Pit Boss, Chopscotch, King Pen, Grave Clobber, Tidepool, Golden Queen, Tri-Tip, Barbella and Boom Bloom. Also I have included the soul gems for each class. Skylanders Imaginators Crash Bandicoot Edition Unboxing - https://youtu.be/VuujTEc-TJg Skylanders Imaginators Walkthrough - Chapter 1: Crade of Creation - https://youtu.be/oYwb7M5ui5o Chapter 2: Mushroom River - https://youtu.be/XpQuXGiNxoU Chapter 3: Schoolville - https://youtu.be/cA_yfW3mw3Q Chapter 4: Shellmont Shores - https://youtu.be/bcWvnlknEec Chapter 5: Sky Fortress - https://youtu.be/JI89Soq6Lyw Chapter 6: Fizzland - https://youtu.be/MEM8yeAEYwI Chapter 7: Golden Arcade - https://youtu.be/h1y6ls5p40o Chapter 8: Dragon Temple - https://youtu.be/SxLLI6wiiWE Barbella Soul Gem - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2CuUtLisU4 Crash Bandicoot Soul Gem - https://youtu.be/bS_RBGqqT_A Dr Neo Cortex Soul Gem - https://youtu.be/usFuYLfDh9E Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/jojopetv Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/jojopetv Google + - http://www.google.com/+jojopetv Instagram - http://instagram.com/jojopetv T-Shirts - http://jojopet.spreadshirt.com Disclaimer: This is a collaboration with Activision. Meaning they sent me the game and a lot of figures to play in the game. This is a game I've been playing for many years on my channel, so I would have bought them anyway. Thanks to Activision for saving me that cost.
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Elder Scrolls Online: How to use Soul Gems (Fill, Recharge, Revive)
This guide shows you all the basics of Soul Gems in The Elder Scrolls Online: How to recharge Weapons, Fill Soul Gems and where to get them, Revive yourself and others. Soul Gems are used for resurrecting yourself and your allies, as well as keeping weapons and armor enchanted. Note: In order to fill a soul gem, the Soul Trap ability must be used. The highest rank of this ability will automatically place Soul Trap on the player's weapon. This is not needed but it is much more convenient. ----------------------------------------------Social----------------------------------------- Follow me on.... Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/eso_youtube Twitter: https://twitter.com/ElderScrollsGui Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/ESO-Guides-Entertainment/739954612731918?fref=ts Subscribe to ESO for more! Other channel "Yellow Box Gaming" : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW5f8sa1UlTEEklNwrlxpsA -----------------------------------------------ESO----------------------------------------
Magic Runes HD full Version by HXP
The Magic Runes in Skyrim completely Redone in HD Texture and better 3D Effect ! I recommend watching the Video in Full HD 1080p ! And Please also watch the Version 2 Video and my other Videos here on youtube with my other Mods ! Here is the link and please Endorse the Mod on the Nexus Page and like the Video here if you like it ! http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/41052//?
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Skyrim Mod Spotlight: Immersive Soul Gems
Thanks for watching! Immersive Soul Gems http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/48785
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Elder Scrolls Online: How to Farm Grand Soul Gems Cheap!
Yo guys and welcome to another Dark Reign video. This time I'll be showing you how to farm grand soul gems on the elder scrolls online (ESO, TESO) the cheapest way I've found so far. If you guys have any other ways to get them cheap be sure to let me know in the comments below and don't forget to like, comment and subscribe!!
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Another Skyrim Mod Review - Magic Runes HD by HXP
Another Skyrim Mod Review - Magic Runes HD by HXP http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/41052/? If you like this video please rate and subscribe if you want more. Thanks for watching. Check out my: Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Nozi87?ref=hl Twitter https://twitter.com/nozi87 Google+ https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/108476689730431878200/108476689730431878200/posts/p/pub For more info and up to date video releases and future projects.
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Elder Scrolls Online: Where to find soul gems (Easiest Guide)
This is the easiest guide for beginners showing you where to find soul gems and how to charge your weapons. If anyone watching this video wants to play with me and my friends please hesitate to comment on the video and join! Gamertags: DeFloria!
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ESO Stam Sorc Soul Harvester! Grinding Money Maker!
Hey guys & gals, here is one of my toons I use for grinding CP points, gears sets and soul gem farming. You can make lots of gold with his and a prosp set to match. For this build I'm using a Orc Stamina Sorc and it's awesome fun. The Elder Scrolls Online Stam Sorc Money Maker. ★★ Please like and don't forget to subscribe ★★ ----------------------------------------­------ Song: Language by Porter Robinson iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/language-single/id521551738 ----------------------------------------­------ ♦♦♦ Social Media Info ♦♦♦ ► Twitch TV: http://www.twitch.tv/iitheopii ► Twitter: https://twitter.com/IITHEOPII ► Facebook: http://tinyurl.com/l7ynwvr ► BlogSpot: http://criizn.blogspot.com.au ► SteamGroup: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/IOPIGAMING ★---{ What I Use To Game And Record }---★ ► Watch My Video Of My $30,000 Gaming Room Setup Here! Link: http://tinyurl.com/m27nrrx ► My Game Capture Device - http://www.gamecapture.com ► My Headset - http://tinyurl.com/ah5kojk ► My Screen - http://tinyurl.com/l5eqqh9 ► My PC Graphics Card - http://tinyurl.com/merqets ► My PC CPU - http://tinyurl.com/qch35da ★-----{ Want to be apart of OP GAMING? }-----★ • Join our free to join Steam group, link is below. • Add my PSN: CrIIzN_Op ( criizn_op ) on PS4 • Add my Steam ID: IITHEOPII™ • Drop me a email @ : [email protected] ~All members are welcome within reason.~ ----------------------------------------­--------------- ♦♦♦ Gaming Tag Info ♦♦♦ ► PS4 Gametag: Criizn_op ► XBOX Gamertag: Criizn ► PC Steam: Criizn™ ♦♦♦ Contact Info ♦♦♦ ► Email: [email protected] ★ ★ ★ STEAM USERS:★ ★★ ★ I Do Trade, But Please Serious Offers Only!!! Steam I.D: eliijah_xi
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Magic Runes HD Full Version 2 by HXP
This is the Version 2 of The Magic Runes HD Series ... Hope you like them .. I recommend watching the Video in Full HD 1080p ! And Please also watch the Version 1 Video and my other Videos here on youtube with my other Mods ! Here is the link and please Endorse this Mod and like this Video. It wont take long of your time. More Info about the Mod and Credits on the Nexus Page on the following link: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/41052/?
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MU Legends a way to find soul gems
If you like the content pls subscribe ty. https://www.twitch.tv/deathjudgecross
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Never Patched Level-Up Exploit in Skyrim (2019)
*2019: DOES work in the Special Edition including Nintendo Switch* STILL WORKS AS OF FEBRUARY 2019 Using a Dragonborn DLC power and the Telekinesis spell, you can level up easily and infinitely.
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Alchemical Architecture | Starting Essentialcraft 4! | E10 (Magic Modpack Lets Play)
Welcome to this Alchemical Architecture modpack let's play. Alchemical Architecture is a Minecraft 1.12.2 magic building modpack by Ector Vynk. Let's play some Alchemical Architecture! - Starting Essentialcraft 4! - In this episode we continue my first ever 1.12.2 modpack called Alchemical Architecture! We learn how to start Essentialcraft 4 and get MRU using a soul gem. We also make a matrix dislocator with a bound gem to transfer MRU and a radiating chamber to combine items! seed: -7957182166089952816 Biomes A Plenty - Small Alchemical Architecture details: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/alchemical-architecture ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUBSCRIBE ▶http://goo.gl/1THi5P LINKS ▶ Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/ectorvynk ▶ Twitter: http://twitter.com/ectorvynk ▶ Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/ectorvynk Intro song: Old Bossa ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About: Alchemical Architecture is a magic/building focused modpack with no tech whatsoever. Magic mods are great but I'm always too tempted by tech mods. So here is a modpack designed to make you play some of the best magic mods that Minecraft has to offer along with some which are a lot less known. Magic mods also look awesome, boasting some of the nicest textures and multiblocks in modded Minecraft. So why not use that as a launchpad to create some amazing magical structures to unleash your magic? This modpack is also packed with all the best builder's mods as well as mods like Dynamic trees that enhance the vanilla experience. Mod List: ConnectedTexturesMod Chisel Better Builder's Wands Chisels & Bits BiblioCraft Baubles Botania AutoRegLib Quark Flat Colored Blocks DecoCraft2 Blockcraftery Platforms ViesCraft - Airships! Xtones Fairy Lights xNICEx ArchitectureCraft Cosmetic Armor Reworked Dynamic Surroundings Statues Simple Corn Animania Placebo Plants Chameleon Garden Stuff Earthworks ItemZoom Corail Pillar LittleTiles LunatriusCore Schematica Landlust - Furniture Rainbow Oak Trees Corail Pillar Underp Hangables More Beautiful Buttons Diamond Glass Lever & Button Lights Barkifier Runes of Wizardry Signpost Rockhounding Mod: Core Rockhounding Mod: Rocks Not Enough Roofs Giacomo's Bookshelf Dynamic Trees Useful Interior PlayersDropHeads ForgeEndertech Advanced Chimneys Display Simply Tea! General Layman's Aesthetic Spying Screen (GLASS) Camera Obscura Horizontal Glass Panes Multi-Hotbar Paintings ++ Painting Selection Gui Revamped NotEnoughScaffold Biomes O' Plenty Dynamic Trees - Biomes O' Plenty Compat Blood Magic Astral Sorcery Psi Thaumcraft Embers Magical Psi EvilCraft Wizardry Mod Blood Arsenal Thaumic Periphery Animus Thaumic Additions: Reconstructed Roots Comforts MovingWorld Davincis Vessels MageCrafter Chest Transporter Nature's Compass BetterFps NotEnoughIDs Ding The One Probe Similsax Transtructors - Builder's Wands Transprot Common Capabilities Integrated Dynamics Dynamic Trees - Thaumcraft Compat FTB Utilities (by FTB) Mod Name Tooltip No Recipe Book IKWID (I Know What I'm Doing) JEI Villagers Better Foliage Chromatic Foliage Integrated Tunnels Farseek Streams Serene Seasons MalisisCore MalisisDoors MalisisBlocks MalisisSwitches Super Sound Muffler AmbientSounds 2.0 Gravestone mod - Graves Gravestone mod - Extended ReBind Builder's Guides JourneyMap FoamFix for Minecraft Crafting Tweaks Thaumic Inventory Scanning (Thaumcraft Addon) DummyCore Unofficial EssentialCraft 4 Unofficial Lord Craft Thaumic JEI Thaumic Tinkerer Thaumcraft 6 Aspects for JEI Akashic Tome Inventory Tweaks Controlling Iron Backpacks Simple Storage Network CookieCore Magic Feather Magic Arsenal JustOwls Entropic MIND (Magic Is Not Dead) Better Placement Fast Leaf Decay Soot WanionLib UniDict Runic Blink Sentek Runic Teleporters Metamorph Configurable Beacons Mystcraft KJLib Concrete Conversion Voidaic Arcania The Monk Mod MagicBooks2 Lighting Wand Forge MultiPart CBE Translocators 1.8.+ Custom Main Menu Resource Loader Ore Excavation OpenBlocks Elevator More Overlays Reliquary v1.3 Mouse Tweaks MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod Unlimited Chisel Works Familiar Fauna Placeable Items ATLCraft Candles Mod Totemic Electroblob's Wizardry Lumen | Fireflies and companions (previously LightOrbs) Thaumic Bases Unofficial Aetherworks Arcane Lamps Genera Demonology Anima Mundi Mob Control Wands SimpleHarvest
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Elder Scrolls Online: Farming Soul Gems is easy (part 1 of 2)
Since some players are still not sure how to get soulgems I will show a very easy way to get 50+ soul gems (diffrent levels, 20 Grand Soul Gems, rest mixed) in about 30 minutes of gameplay. You can also get Soul Gems from finding treasurechests, but farming soulgems that way (if you are only interested in soul gems) takes a lot of time. I would recommend farming treasurechests since you get a lot of other stuff aswell. Anyways, this is done on the Ebonheart Pact side, but I bet it is possible to farm them the same way in all parts of Tamriel... For those not familiar with Elder Scrolls Online - check out the graphics, be amazed and try it out - it IS the best MMO out there... at least in my opinion.
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Skyrim How to Boost all your magic skills to 100 really easy!-IrishmanN7
link to Irishman's channel http://www.youtube.com/user/xXTheGreenGruntXx Link to ShottyShots http://www.youtube.com/user/ShottyShots?feature=mhee
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Elder Scrolls Online EXPLOIT: Get Lots of Soul Gems, Potions and Equipment
Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ZxAxify Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/ZxAxify My Designer: www.twitter.com/ImpactDesignss ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GET 10% OFF A CUSTOM CONTROLLER! http://customcontrollersuk.co.uk/ Enter this code at checkout: "AXIFY1" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Elder Scrolls Online EXPLOIT: Get Lots of Soul Gems, Potions and Equipment Elder Scrolls Online EXPLOIT: Get Lots of Soul Gems, Potions and Equipment Elder Scrolls Online EXPLOIT: Get Lots of Soul Gems, Potions and Equipment
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Skyrim - Frost Rune - Apprentice Destruction Magic Spell
Skyrim casting Frost Rune Apprentice Destruction Magic Spell
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Skyrim infinite Magic.Health.Stamina New glitch
Ps3/xbox360/pc like.sub.comment
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The Elder Scrolls Online  - Unlimited Soul Gems
Unlimited Soul Gems
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Skylanders Trap Team Old Magic Items In Game
This video showcases the "old" Magic Items being used in Trap Team.
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Skyrim xbox unlimited magic health and stamina glitch level 100 alchemy speech in 5 minutes
This gkitch is simple to do and requires very little to do it. all you need is four soul gems (grand is best) but any will work, a ring, a necklace, gauntlets and a head piece. first enchant the four items to increase potion making, them equip them and make a potion of fortify restoration, then drink the potion and then take off the 4 pieces of armor, then immediately reequip them. this should make the effect of potion making stronger. Do this again and again until you are happy with the results and then cap the potions off by making potions of enchanting ( make as many as you can). once this is done go to an enchanting table and drink you potion and enchant a ring or what ever to make you potions stronger, ( this is so that you do not need to do the first steps again if you want to make more potions later) once this is done you can then drink a second potion of enchanting and make you health, magic, and stamina as high as you like. One thing to note this will level your alchemy to 100 and if you sell a potion worth over 1000000 gold it will level your speech craft to 100 also (link to this below).this glitch can also give you unlimited gold by selling very high valued potions Have fun with this glitch and happy Skrimming. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUqoCakJEX4&feature=plcp
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Skyrim: Dual Wielding Magic Glitch (PC)
This shows you how to get around the glitch and wield whatever combo of magic you want. Sub me
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Skyrim How To Get Infinite Magicka???
Chest Locations: https://youtu.be/bxat9DTvLYQ (MARKARTH, SOLITUDE, AND DAWNSTAR) Enchanting Leveling Guide: https://youtu.be/aeXXwrAqi48 Pickpocket Leveling Guide: https://youtu.be/P1OtOQFaU4g STEP 1.): Get a piece of gear with the type of magic enchantment you want = (Spell type costs a % less to cast) STEP 2.): Get enchanting to level 80 and get these 7 skills STEP 3.): Get these 4 pieces of gear a Chest Piece, Helmet, Ring, and Necklace STEP 4.): Dismantle the item, get 4 Grand/Black soul gems with grand souls in them STEP 5.): Enchant the pieces of armor with the skill. Today we will be seeing how to be the ultimate mage and gain unlimited magicka! With that said leave a Like, Comment, and Subscribe for more Skyrim content! Like and Follow me on Facebook and Instagram. IG: https:// www.instagram.com/sykepro/?hl=en FB: https://www.facebook.com/SykePro-3113... TWITTER: https://twitter.com/SykePro SykePro
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How To Level Alteration Magic Easy - Skyrim Special Edition
There are several different spells that work well for leveling alteration. Such as detect life, detect dead, water breathing, paralyze and the various flesh spells. Like, Comment and Subscribe it really helps to not only motivate me to create more videos but also it helps to grow the channel. Follow me on twitter @illahstrait https://twitter.com/illahstrait SHAREfactory™ https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/tid=CUSA00572_00
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Skyrim, Guide To Power Level Enchanting To 100
How to get your enchanting to 100, plus any kind of magic skill training you want or need, with NO cheats or exploits. This is a down to business video, showing you how to prepare and execute power levelling in enchanting and or any other magic skill, you MUST have the merchants perk to do this
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Skyrim WITHOUT ARMOR infinite health, magic, stamina, carry weight
This is for the Game "Skyrim" for all plateforms Get Unlimited health, magic, stamina, carry weight, WITHOUT wearing armor, this is legit you might have to play around with having the -/+ number being smaller digits but always make the negative number have more digits and how ever many digits your negative number is make sure the positive number is one digit smaller it worked for me. for example ring of health -2748564787 10 digit negative necklace of health 239589098 9 digit positive unequip everything just to be safe take your really high restoration potion put both the ring and the necklace on wait for 60 seconds for just do what i do, press select and wait and hour, (its faster) then take the negative one off first, which in this case is the ring of health then take the positive one off second, which is the necklace of health now check your health it should be glitched out really high permanently, if it did not work that time just play around and enchant new stuff with smaller numbers but with the same concept of have the negative number higher then the positive. it will work, I also had to play around with my magic and my stamina. I AM CLAIMING THE RIGHT TO BE THE FIRST VIDEO ON YOUTUBE TO POST THIS AND THE FIRST TO FIGURE THIS OUT I've searched online for HOURS and couldn't find anything showing this. HAVE FUN, I HAD FUN FIGURING IT OUT, NOW GO BECOME A REAL SKYRIM GOD "WITHOUT WEARING ARMOR"!!!! watch these videos first if you don't know how to do any of this at first. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMAqNEytWGU&feature=fvwrel
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Level Smithing Alchemy Speech to 100 Restoration Glitch
It is possible to level smithing alchemy and speech to 100 very fast using the restoration glitch exploit in skyrim and also use it to help level magic schools like illusion, conjuration, alteration and restoration very fast by making a ring that gives you 2 million plus magic.
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"SOUL ENCHANT HARVESTING!" - Minecraft COSMICPVP FACTIONS Let's Play Ep 22 (Pleb Planet)
Leave a "LIKE" if you want daily Cosmic Factions. Server IP ► CosmicPvP.com (Pleb Planet) My Server IP ► play.maplecraftmc.com SUBSCRIBE Here ► http://bit.ly/1M4YrXU Server IP ► play.maplecraftmc.com Twitter ► https://twitter.com/MrCanadianCraft Thumbnail► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaTnQ5v4PMtdCw7nHH9DoEA This is Season 3 of Factions. The server had a reset 3 weeks ago. Factions is a competitive gamemode in which players can create their own clan (or faction) and construct bases & all the necessary grinders/farms, raid other factions, form an alliance with others, and much more! This gamemode is also very well known, and has a very large YouTube fanbase. Some YouTubers that record battles of this gamemode are; TheCampingRusher, MrWoofless, PrestonPlayz, Wildx, Napkin0fTruth, SSundee, RoyalMC, BionicMC vikkstar123 lachlan and many more! The gamemode Factions became popular because of big servers such as CosmicPVP, TheArchon, SaicoPvP & RPG Pitforge. In this season of the CosmicPvP Factions Server Let's Play (Pleb Planet) we will be trying to raid other factions, get on factions top, get god set kills and achieve a god set. We also will work on getting GKits, fallen heroes, September Monthly Crates, Godly Space Flares & rank quests. In this season we are playing on the pleb planet which recently reset. Fallout Planet Owner: CanadianCraftMC In todays episode of the Factions Server Let's Play we raid one of the richest unclaimed factions bases ever. The owner of the base turns out to be a rich donator also. We also enchant some custom enchant books. Overall we also joke around and it turns out to be a pretty funny minecraft video. We also go to envoy and explore the brand new top faction base. We also get trapped by one of the top factions and we begin to start a war over it. In todays episode we raid a OP Rich Bedrock Base with a TNT cannon. It ends up in being a pretty awesome raid! The base we raid had 2 layers of bedrock but we used a 40 stacker to destroy it. Richest Raid Ever. In this raid we do some envoy and talk about what happened to our faction base. In todays episode we do a Cactus Rank rank quest and we also do the admiral fallen hero. We also tour the server and try to get god set kills. In todays episode we open the Butcher Fallen Hero. Do you obtain the butcher gkit? We also do envoy. In todays episode we raid a op spawner base, we finally get the cosmic admiral GKIT and we do a opening of a legendary cosmic chest. In todays episode we fight the the plague bloater legendary boss which we got from envoy. We also open Ultimate chest's. In todays episode we do some soul enchant hunting and get into some god set kill pvp. CosmicPvP Planets: - Pleb Planet (I Play here) - Goodness planet - Forgotten Planet - Lava Planet - Alien Planet - Jungle Planet - Void Planet - Ice Planet - Cosmic Planet - Dragon Planet - Magic Planet - Pirate Planet - Dungeon Planet - Dream Planet - Demon Planet - Castaway Planet - Monster Planet - Spirit Planet - Fallout Planet On Cosmic There are a ton of different things to do and on this series i will be doing it all ;) some of the exciting things i will be doing will be Opening cosmic chests the different chests range from GODLY Cosmic Chest Opening Legendary Cosmic Chest opening Mythical Cosmic Chest opening Ultimate Cosmic Chest opening Unique Cosmic Chest opening Simple Cosmic Chest opening Million+ XP opening God set opening Soul book opening I Will also Be attending in Cosmic pvp envoys and maybe giving some envoy tips and tricks and just for the record there are no duplication glitches on cosmic I will the fighting the unique bosses which include: - Queen Slime Boss battle - Iron Golem King Boss battle - Headless King Boss boss battle - Treasure Goblin Boss battle - Prince Blaze Boss battle - Wither Boss battle - Brood Mother - King Slime - Undead Assassin - Plague Bloater - Yijki World Destroyer Also i hope in the future to work on a godset. We will also be showing you guys how to get rich on CosmicPvP (Pleb Planet)
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ESO Daggerfall Soul Gem vendor
If you are a DC member and need Soul Gems, Barjot Benoit is your man.
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Skyrim-Midas Spells- All spells cheat
How to get midas spells with no quests or money
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Planet Centauri Pet House Update
Planet Centauri Gameplay Pet House Update! Let's Play Planet Centauri Playlist ► https://goo.gl/3wlM2D Play Planet Centauri on Steam ► http://goo.gl/bNIQNp Planet Centauri Home Page ► http://planetcentauri.com/ Planet Centauri Gameplay Trailer ► https://goo.gl/qX8G6E Wanna help more? Patreon: http://patreon.com/misterjoker Wanna become part of my awesome community? Discord: https://discord.gg/misterjoker Exit Music By: Arma Puros https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvJ6DAuhpo03IEwSqifOhWA ~~~~~~~~~ FOLLOW ME ~~~~~~~~~ Twitter: https://twitter.com/misterjkr Mixer: http://mixer.com/misterjoker Discord: https://discord.gg/misterjoker Patreon: http://patreon.com/misterjoker Donate : https://goo.gl/moql1H Shop: http://www.redbubble.com/people/misterjokerlp/shop Website: http://mtjoker.com Imgur : http://imgur.com/user/misterjokermc ~~~~~~~~~ STREAMING SCHEDULE ~~~~~~~~~ M-F 1pm - 5pm PST https://mixer.com/misterjoker Follow me on Twitter for streams during the week!
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Skyrim - How to get Unlimited Destrucion Magicka Without 100 Enchanting
Hey guys i hope this video helped if it didn't please let me know. and if you liked it let me know i can do a lot more guides.. i have a ton of ideas if u liked this! -Jeremy
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Skyrim Hidden Chest - Unlimited Xp - Unlimited Gold - Level 100 Enchanting
In this video I will be showing you were the hidden chest in Dawnstar is. I will also explain how often the items respawn and also if the items don't respawn after the 2 days it takes traders to restock, how to get them to respawn. I'll also touch on how to level enchanting up to 100 using this method. If you enjoy the video then give it a thumbs up. I hope this will be useful!
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Skyrim in Minecraft: Soulgems plugin
Just showing you guys my Soulgems plugin that I coded for you.
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Magic Items
lightcore Skylanders 4 Trap Team SCEA https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/tid=CUSA00626_00
Views: 542 Mine dibuzz
Music by Exsanquis http://www.youtube.com/user/djmaetness Amazing mods that made this video possible: 24 Hour Blessings by pcoppage A Quality World Map - With Roads by IcePenguin Achieve That by 3JIou Acquisitive Soul Gems by bluedanieru Alternate Start - Live Another Life by Arthmoor Atromancy - stronger atronachs by Kizude Audio Overhaul for Skyrim by David Jegutidse Better Dialogue Controls by ecirbaf Better Divine Blessings by lobotomy0 Better Dynamic Snow by SparrowPrince and Brumbek Better MessageBox Controls by ecirbaf Better Wards by renketsu0 Black Mage Armor by Reko Blackout - Simply Darker Dungeons by Anaphiel Bounty Gold by gorey666 Bryce Nebula - Skyrim galaxy replacer by Kriskos CLARALUX - More and Brighter Lights by MyGoodEye Crimson Tide - Blood by Magus Customizable Camera by Arindel D13 Faster GET UP STAND UP animation vanilla friendly by DarkAngel13 Deadly Spell Impacts by isoku Deadly Dragons by 3JIou Dragon Combat Overhaul by ApolloDown DYNAVISION - Dynamic Depth of Field by Gopher and MyGoodEye Enemy AI OverHaul---Revenge Of the Enemies by MyEvergreenHometown Footprints by jonwd7 Gromits Cooking Recipes - Food - Drink Overhaul by Gromit High Hrothgar Overhaul by MannyGT High Level Enemies by Dalquist Hoods and Circlets by shinytickles IMAGINATOR - Visual Control Device for Skyrim by MyGoodEye and Gopher Immersive College of Winterhold by Grantyboy050 Immersive HUD - iHUD by Gopher Skyrim Immersive Creatures by lifestorock Interior and Dungeon Fog Remover by 747823 Lanterns of Skyrim - All In One by MannyGT Left Hand Rings by duggelz Magic Runes HD by HXP Mighty Magick Skyrim by Damar Stiehl Move it Dammit for NPC Companions and Followers by Apogee777 No Combat Music by Phitt No Killmoves - No Killcams - No Killbites by David Sid No More Blocky Faces by Xenius Project Reality - Climates Of Tamriel Pure Waters by Laast Realistic Smoke and Embers by isoku Realistic Lighting Overhaul by The Realistic Lighting Team Runic Eyes by innova889 Skein of Magnus by disenchanting Archmages Robes by punkmanj Safety Load by kapaer Skyrim Immersive Creatures by lifestorock Skyrim Performance PLUS by VirusType2 aka Vergis SkyTEST - Realistic Animals and Predators by EtaYorius SkyUI by SkyUI Team Skyrim -Community- Uncapper by Elys Tamriel Reloaded - Textures and Parallax by 32cm Tribunal Robes and Masks by Zairaam and Natterforme YY Anim Replacer - Mystic Knight by yukl YY Anim Replacer - Natural Jump by yukl TTYM - Think To Yourself Messages by VorpalBlades
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rsbrats -testing some spells xp/h and costs
Rsbrats tested few spells. We were curious how much xp you get in hour and how much it would have cost. For this video we did pick: humidify, plank make, orb charging, camelot teleport, high alchemy, fire bolt and magic dart. Remember if ou are low level magic you might not hit or gain as much xp with fire bolts or slayer darts as on this video. It comes with levels =P Combat spells are always hard to count how much everyone could hit or use money since experience comes differently than example from teleporting. With combat spells you get some experience even you don't hit + 0.2 xp per damage points. For example with fire bolt max hit is 120.. if you hit 120 you would get 22.5 xp + (0.2*120) = 46.5 xp. Humidify: water spell, fills vials and make clay astral, 3 water, 1 fire level 68 magic, 65 xp/per spell, 30k xp per hour, profit 17k gp /h Make planks: logs into planks 2 astral, 15 earth, 1 nature, money level 86 magic, 90xp / log, 150k xp /h, loss 314,9k gp/h You need 1050 gp per mahogany log and runes to cast spell. Charge air orb: makes orbs into air orbs 3 cosmic, 30 air, orb level 66 magic, 76 xp per orb, 41k xp/h, profit 256,7k gp/h Camelot teleport: tele to camelot 1 law, 5 air level 45 magic, 55 xp per cast, 84k xp/h, loss 416.9k gp/h High level alchemy: alchs items into coins 1 nature, 5 fire level 55 magic, 65 xp per cast, 78k xp/hour, 218k gp/h loss with d hide bodies Fire bolt: low level (chaos) fire spell 3 air, 4fire, 1 chaos level 35 magic, 22.5xo+0.2 per damage point, 48k xp/h, loss 115.2k gp/h Magic dart: slayer dart 1 death, 4 mind, slayer staff level 50 magic, needs slayer 55 to use spell, 69k xp/h, loss 474.2k gp/h Im 99 magic so i do hit high and often on combat spells, if you are lower level magic, you might not get as much xp or hit as often.. but i tried those combat spells to show other spells too not only common high alchemy and teleports =p i hope you get little info from our video and remember check our blog too at www.rsbrats.com music: phone calls from home - crazy you can play runescape at www.runescape.com
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Skyrim Tutorial. Conjuration Magic.
Spell cast is bound sword and summon familiar. Any summon and bound weapon skill can be used. "WARNING" watch the levels of summon you use at low levels as they can get tricky to kill. One handed, Two handed and Archery can all be trained like this.
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This glitch 100% working on Special Edition If you're having problems make sure you don't have the "Unofficial Patch" mod installed. For some reason the sound quality turned really bad so sorry about that Last Money Glitch: https://youtu.be/CvQZtQxQfQ4 How To Level Conjuration Super Fast: https://youtu.be/kkyG1gVdQtw How To Level Destruction Super Fast: https://youtu.be/GhBVP6wjXqY Outro Song: Grizzly Bear- Will Calls (Diplo Remix) https://youtu.be/AsC_kkEdnRo Song playing during video: Blackbear- IDFC (Instrumental) https://youtu.be/7RtB9QV6xQo Twitter: http://twitter.com/astrosive Skyrim SE Money Glitch Skyrim SE Gold Glitch Skyrim Special Edition Gold Glitch Skyrim Special Edition Money Glitch Skyrim Special Edition Unlimited Gold Skyrim Special Edition Unlimited Money Skyrim Skyforge Glitch Skyrim Unlimited Money Skyrim Unlimited Gold Skyrim Gold Glitch Skyrim Money Glitch Skyrim Fastest Way To Make Money Elder Scrolls Skyrim Special Edition Skyrim Special Edition Gameplay Skyrim Gameplay Skyrim Remastered Skyrim How To Increase Conjuration Skyrim Conjuration Build Skyrim Best Wizard Skyrim Best Conjuration Skyrim Conjuration Spell Glitch Skyrim Magic Glitch Skyrim How To Level Up Fast Skyrim Level Glitch Skyrim Fastest Way To Level Up Skyrim Best Way To Level Up Skyrim Strongest Build Skyrim Easy Level Up Skyrim Best Conjuration Spell Skyrim How To Level Up Fast Skyrim Horse Glitch Skyrim Unlimited Gold
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Why Soul Gems in Elder Scrolls Online are a must - See why?
If you want to revive yourself and charge your weapons in Elder Scrolls Online then get to grips with using Soul Gems. Semi Mong of Game-On shows you why soul gems are dam good, how to get them, how to use them and all sorts of other info about Soul Gems. Don't forget to look at our other Elder Scrolls videos here https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIhVAdQ4JAFEidE-Yezj56_dSqjz_Odaj If you liked the video, don't forget to like, share and subscribe! We're social, come join us! Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Game-o.... Twitter - https://twitter.com/game_on_guy Tumblr - https://www.tumblr.com/blog/gamerlifeforme Thanks for watching. . . .
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Skyrim SURVIVAL MODE Walkthrough Legendary #32 - Power Leveling Enchanting up to 80
Skyrim Survival Mode walkthrough, Legendary difficulty starting from a NEW GAME. 1H build, NO FOLLOWERS and starting from scratch just outside of Helgen Keep. Hardcore Survival! Help keep REAL walkthroughs alive on Youtube. Donate to Major Slack! https://www.patreon.com/MajorSlack See also: SKYRIM LEGENDARY MADE EASY: THE QUICK & DIRTY DARK ELF BUILD EBOOK http://majorslack.com/skyrim_ebook/index.htm GET YOUR FREE EBOOK SAMPLE HERE! http://majorslack.com/skyrim_ebook/skyrim_game_guide_free_sample.htm See also: Shadow of War Walkthrough on my other channel, MajorSlackVideos https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuzGD5C-DjX_jDU2e7Nu-IX7ea-1tBM-y Please like, fave, comment and subscribe to help support my channel!
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Us vs. Brock! Trap Team Arenas Part 1 - Phoenix Nest (Lex & Dad Face Cam) Skylanders Gameplay
Lex & Sky Dad take on Brock in his first two Arena Challenges! We use Gearshift, Blades & Outlaw Brawl & Chain (Target Exclusive Variant Villain!) We also pop on the Piggy Bank and the Legendary Hand of Fate to see how they react in an arena. Phoenix Nest Arenas: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1 = Artillery Attack (BOMBS ARE DROPPING FROM THE SKY) 2 = Nest Ball (GRAB THE SUPER BALL, GET THE POWER, DON'T LET ENEMIES GET IT!) Check out the fun hunting/skit video for O.B.&C: http://youtu.be/2-2AP35yoCM Thumbs up if you want to see more Skylanders Trap Team - Brocks Arena Challenge Gameplays with Lex, Mom & Mike! =============================================== ►Skylanders Trap Team LAUNCH videos: ☢ Nitro Krypt King Surprise: http://youtu.be/8vMRehnTYzE ☢ HUGE Wave 1 Surprise (Traps, Trap Masters, Minis & Starter Pack): http://youtu.be/mggtGYQNiS4 ☢ Traps Unboxing Race w/ Kaos & all 8 Elements!: http://youtu.be/QxrBY8pdsGc ☢ Minis Unboxing Race w/ Spry, Bop, Hijinx & Drobit + More (Earth, Magic, Undead & Tech Double Packs): http://youtu.be/cvCYWha9jl4 ☢ Sky Kids Unbox Funny Bone, Chopper, Sureshot Shroom Boom Wow Pow: http://youtu.be/zsUHNfGoA38 ☢ Sky Kids Unbox Wildfire, Gusto, Krypt King, Jawbreaker w/ Wallop: http://youtu.be/QXv8nP4qTo0 ☢ Villain Toys! Tablet + Skylanders Custom Ipad Curprise! w/ Tidal Wave Gill Grunt: http://youtu.be/Oe0TrNRLkL0 ☢ Epic Unboxing Pt. 15 WALLOP CAN FLY?: http://youtu.be/0w-nsibltJY ☢ Epic Unboxing Pt. 16 TORCH vs. TORCH Battle Mode??: http://youtu.be/vXjDpp3OEIs ☢ Dark Edition + Unboxing w/ Lightcore Chase: http://youtu.be/zc6BoIk8fq4 ☢ Dark Edition Surprise: Lights Out (Mom & Dad Electricity Prank on Kids): http://youtu.be/99ZRiR9LN5g ☢ All Skylanders Trap Team In-Game Variants: http://youtu.be/JfcaWbmEGQ8 ☢ Wave 2 @ Toys R Us Hunting Videos (Midnight Launch): http://youtu.be/ehSDunN5Jqs ☢ Unboxing Wave 2 + Adventure Packs: http://youtu.be/FR_fC6JrVIA ►GAMEPLAYS on XBOX ONE (w/ Face Cam) ~~~~~~~~~~~ ☢ Trap Team Introduction w/ Soda Spring Chapter: http://youtu.be/-jWwP1yuNOc ☢ Know It All Island Chapter 2: http://youtu.be/NfXOcXExB3k ☢ Chompy Mountain Chapter 3: http://youtu.be/k9HW5Brxr44 ☢ Phoenix Sanctuary (Psanctuary) Chapter 4: http://youtu.be/kaEJqDlWsMo ☢ Chef Zeppelin Chapter 5: http://youtu.be/nLvWphuwfw4 ☢ Rainfish Riviera Chapter 6: http://youtu.be/uHl6MKtHMzo ☢ Monster Marsh Chapter 7: http://youtu.be/TMEG9F4YN0Y ☢ Telescope Towers Chapter 8: http://youtu.be/8d6hF66AlW0 ☢ Kaos' Boss Battle - The Ultimate Weapon Ch. 18 (No Commentary): http://youtu.be/I0bqcB1Ez4k ☢ Trapping + Evolved Confusion Answered (HOW IT WORKS!): http://youtu.be/7iObU603YyU ☢ Kaos' Quest + Evolved Gameplay (No Commentary): http://youtu.be/sQpI68NAzwU ☢ Kaos' Rockstar Skaletones Evil Off Showdown Song: http://youtu.be/_eSsOsLSgWs ☢ Dr Krankcase, Krankenstein, Threatpack, Bone Chompy, Smoke Scream Gameplay: http://youtu.be/rNo5CqZwRDM ☢ Dream Catcher, Golden Queen, Grave Clobber, Scrap Shooter & Bad Juju gameplay: http://youtu.be/kJCy4FKPgxw ♩♪♫♬ Skaletones FAMILY Showdown # 1: I'm A Tree! w/ All Tree-Like Characters on Easy, Medium, Hard & Expert ♩♪♫♬: http://youtu.be/7SbURuqe4rw ►GAMEPLAYS on NINTENDO 3DS: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ☢ Intro + Chapter 1 UNDERHALLS: Dream Sheep & Borris Blisterbottom: http://youtu.be/yLyolye1oOA ☢ Borris Blisterbottom Villain Boot Camp: http://youtu.be/AHPX7jE57ls ☢ Chapter 2: Stoneshrire Islands (Sacred Town) Spike McPokerton: http://youtu.be/ZWkGCyP1XOA =============================================== ►Our T-Shirts: https://funnelvisionfam.com/shopshop/designs ►Our music on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/the-skylander-boy-and-girl/id640161347 Please, Thumbs up & Subscribe! We appreciate it! :) http://www.youtube.com/TheSkylanderBoy http://www.facebook.com/SkylanderKids http://www.instagram.com/skylanderboyandgirl https://twitter.com/SkylanderKids We are a Family Channel dedicated to Skylanders! - The Skylander Boy and Girl Our Other Channels: FGTEEV http://www.youtube.com/fgteev FUNNEL VISION http://www.youtube.com/intellegentz ================================================ ►MOM & DAD's OUCH BATTLE MODE: Chip Clips & Tape Guns!: http://youtu.be/dT6MRAbYZqE ►20+ Lost Hunting Trips Footage SWAP FORCE FINALE, HELLO TRAP TEAM!: http://youtu.be/iCGdcnFqECg ►Skylander Shorts Episode 25: Another Smash Hit: http://youtu.be/LlUXIceo4y4 LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Royalty Free Music by Audiomicro.com Legendary Nightmare Express Unboxing, Blades, Hand of Fate, Piggy Bank, Gearshift Unboxing, Fizzy Frenzy Pop Fizz Wow Pow, Hog Wild Fryno Wow Pow, Full Blast Jet Vac Wow Pow, Tread Head Unboxing, Fist Bump unboxing
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How to level up fast in Skyrim using Telekinesis
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ESO PvP Encounter
Random encounter after log in, Only the last 2 minutes of the fight recorded and saved, for around 10 minutes we were at a constant stalemate. (These are not my usual Skills you may notice I had soul trap equipped as last time I was playing I was filling soul gems.)
ESO: Three Farming areas for low levels
Area One: Shegorahs Tongue, Area Two: Softloam Cavern Area Three: Shivering Shrine You can farm filled soul gems and XP If this helped you subscribe bye
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(ESO) First time completing vMA
5 days, 600 soul gems, 400 Essence of Spell Power pots costing me about 200k gold (in game currency) but I finally completed the Maelstrom Arena!! It was worth it and now it time to do it again and again and again. I'm glad I was able to complete it for the first time though as it clearly shows how happy I was at the end lol. ••• Follow me on your favorite Social Media! ••• Twitter: https://twitter.com/CarlosL2D Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CarlosL2D Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/carlosl2d
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skylander trap team gate cheats ( unknown, tech and magic )
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Volcanic Vault Magic Item in Skylanders Superchargers
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