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Magic Rush: Heroes - Crystal Spire Level 22 Complete (Hard work needed!)
Magic Rush: Heroes - Crystal Spire Level 22 Complete (Hard work needed!) This is my second crystal spire video. I had to prepare for several hours and I had to record 60-80 fights, so I got five. FIVE Wins...
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Magic Rush Crystal Dungeon 137 no legends
This stage drove me nuts. My jacob was only orange plus 2 at the time so I had to use kaiser as a tank. This win here involved a lot of luck and good timing. Interrupting most of the yeti stomps was key to beating this stage. Diao chan was my main magic damage. This one came down to the wire.
Magic Rush: Heroes - Crystal Spire F*cking With Me! (My first attempt.)
My first attempt. Crystal Spire F*cking With Me! Very hard to me! :((( sucks
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Magic Rush - Crystal Spire 27 and 28
Yay! I finally got around to catching up on Crystal Spire, I've uploaded a few (a lot really) of my failed attempts. 27 and 28 recommends linueps of 500k power, and it is not far off! I wish I could use Brunhilde and Lufia for all the stages, then I could just power through it... But oh well, at least this shows that AD heroes can get the job done :) Timestamps: 00:14 - My Linueps for Spire 27 00:25 - Delphos (trying to abuse Bedivere's ability to finish off low HP targets) 02:00 - Gorganna (Gearz going all out with buffs from York, Max and Honey) 03:16 - Lorya (I struggle a bit with her :) ) 04:43 - Alma 1st try 05:30 - Alma 2nd try (Doable with Malachi as only summoner, kill everything FAST!) 07:20 - Noel&Snow (I have to use Mira here, I need to kill Thanos, Mira and Centax ) There is probably 2 hours of trial and error here before I felt comfortable filming Spire 28..... 09:35 - My Lineups for Spire 28 09:45 - Gerber 1st try 10:35 - Gerber 2nd try 11:25 - Gerber 3rd try (Finally I got them down, and Lufia is showing off her power! :) ) 12:45 - Luke (Brunhilde showing off!) 14:07 - Delphos 1st try 15:28 - Delphos 2nd try (again had to abuse Bedivere finishing off York before Muse heals, Jolie's knockback equipment helps) 17:19 - Gorganna 18:25 - Lorya 1st try 19:38 - Lorya 2nd try 21:02 - Lorya 3rd try 22:47 - Lorya 4th try (watch lifesteal at end.... I hate you Luke!) 24:42 - Lorya 5th try 26:12 - Lorya 6th try (phone starts lagging...) 28:59 - Lorya 7th try (restarting recording helps, but ffs.... Candy is killing me) 31:33 - Lorya 8th try (GO WEST!!!!....) 33:56 - Lorya 9th try...... FINALLY! (It all worked this time, Yuan moves Crabbie away from Candy's shield, Gridlock survived and West killed them! :) ) 35:54 - Checking recommended lineup of Spire 29.... 36:17 - Alma 1st try (Damn, my underpowered Malachi can't stay alive, that was expected but I didn't kill anything.....) 38:35 - Alma 2nd try (Full on damage, still can't beat anyone) 39:56 - Alma 3rd try (Now we got them, then I just have to replace my 96k Léon with Malachi..... sigh....) 42:18 - Checking who have actually finished 29 (only 6 people on a triple merger...) 42:33 - Nr 1: 585k average teams 42:42 - Nr 2: 585k average teams 42:47 - Nr 3: 720k average teams..... (Go Fire!! :) ) 42:54 - Nr 4: 565k average teams 43:02 - Nr 5: 640k average teams 43:09 - Nr 6: 640k average teams 43:14 - Showing some of the teams stuck on 28. There are free teams there! Good to see! So yeah, full on legendary's and overpowering the recommend power by at least 40k seems to be the way to go. To get the last 2 levels. It will be a loooong time before I get skins maxed.... :)
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Magic Rush Crystal Spire Layer 4
Magic Rush Sound: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4TSaGLuXRc&list=RDB4TSaGLuXRc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFaMsi_RTOQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-6aAdZK430 RĂSPUNDE
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Magic Rush Crystal Spire Layer 21
Magic Rush Crystal Spire Layer 21 This is my first time to create content about Crystal Spire so please forgive me if I was not able to record the battle in the Alma stage. I was able to record the results of the Alma battle though.
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MAGIC RUSH: Crystal spire alma boss
CRYSTAL SPIRE: Alma boss 8-1
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Magic Rush: Crystal Dungeon 80
GJ Archstyx ^^ Party lv 66
Views: 2988 Anderson R
Magic Rush : Crystal Spire Layer 23 Gorgana 😉
Tried lots of lineup to beat Gorgana but finally i found this lineup and easily beat Gorgana. There is huge lag in the fight because of recording error but this video is just for giving idea on how to beat Gorgana so please don't criticize. :D The quality of video will surely improve in future videos. :) SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/ckmagicrushheroes FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ckyoutube/# If You Like This Video Hit LIKE and Drop Down The COMMENTS Below. Don't Forget To SUBSCRIBE my Channels. :)
Magic rush crystal dungeon passing video by me
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Magic Rush Crystal Dungeon Level 100
Stage 1. Try to interrupt Crabbie's skill or your back row will die easily. Stage 2. Kill the mid row summoner 1st. Pulan has high physical defence, I use Jacob to deal with him. Charon will be summoned when 1 enemy hero is fallen so be prepared. Best case is to take down more than 1 enemy in a short time frame so you are fighting only 4 or less enemies instead of 5.
Views: 156915 Nick Mok
Magic Rush: Heroes -  Crystal Spire Level 21 Complete (Hard work needed!)
Magic Rush: Heroes - Crystal Spire Level 21 Complete (Hard work needed!) This is my first crystal spire video. I had to prepare for several hours and I had to record 60-80 fights, so I got five. FIVE Wins...
Views: 411 Hamton Visonka
Magic Rush - Crystal Dungeon 120 - Beat at lvl 76
Not a bragging video but a wow video... yes some legendary heroes but not all of them. Team composition and stars really matters... how crazy is the stuff VIP players can do so early... Has me really thinking and i'll express my thoughts in another video
Magic Rush - Crystal Dungeon 150 | Kristal Zindan 150
magicrush kristal zindan 150. kat. nasıl geçilir. www.birikibilgi.com
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Magic Rush Crystal Dungeon Floor 120  260k Power
too much hard. but not impossible
Views: 606 levy gonzales
Magic Rush: Crystal Dungeon 120 VIP0 Lv80
Magic Rush: Crystal Dungeon 120 VIP0 Lv80
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Как пройти 11 уровень шпиля [ Magic Rush: Heroes ]
Недавно я завершил свои мучения и прошел таки 11 уровень Хрустального Шпиля (он же Crystal Spire, он же Вавилонская башня) и теперь делюсь своими методами прохождения. === О чем речь? === Вавилонская башня, которую разработчики Magic rush: heroes в русской локализации назвали так, хотя на самом деле это Кристальный шпиль – это новое PVE испытание для наших героев. Основная особенность – на 5 боссов нельзя брать одинаковых героев, таким образом нам нужно 25 героев для прохождения одного этапа, а если учесть специфических боссов, то порядка 35 хороших героев и их комбинаций. Задача сложная, но интересная, а я буду рассказывать о своем опыте прохождения и делиться советами с вами. Да прибудет с нами кофе! В следующих сериях: Уровень 12 - https://youtu.be/SHyt9JU2KNE Уровень 13 - https://youtu.be/wRXDfMoleog Уровень 14 - https://youtu.be/DvIFmRin0rw Уровень 15 - https://youtu.be/fZ9ntJFzZII Уровень 16 - https://youtu.be/oZZgXGrxOLo
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Magic rush crystal spire Gerber boss
Crystal spire Gerber boss
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Magic Rush :Crystal Dungeon 133
No Legend
Views: 1050 Aleksandr Yakunin
Magic Rush - Crystal Dungeon 134 & More Advice
So beating this stage requires huge heroes like vortex / Noel & Snow / Monk Sun / etc. I give some advice in the video on heroes who are good in crystal dungeon that aren't legendary: Aurai & Sebastian Chavez / Jacob / Kaiser Zoe / Gears / West Emily / Salman / Alma From there build a good team and good luck!
Magic Rush : Elite crystal dungeon 9
Missed the second interrupt but still did it :)
Views: 320 Damounet
Magic Rush - Crystal Dungeon 140
So right after being CD139 I gave 140 a shot and beat it on my first time out. The truth is this stage is so much easier than 139. A standard physical team with some AE/Stuns and a healer can pretty much destroy this stage. If you can beat 139, you can beat 140
Magic Rush - Crystal Dungeon 141 - With an AD Team! Lucifer doing 7+ Million Damage
So Props to Papa Ben and his recommendation of using Lucifer to beat a normal Magic Stage with a Physical team. Lucifer is the star here, doing crazy damage and accomplishing tasks that normally cant be done with a physical team. Here is the link to Papa Ben's Physical Team on 139 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FEPO4Tv_4r8
Magic Rush Crystal Dungeon 145 No Legends
14m damage by aw Diaochan! This stage took a very long time to beat.
Magic Rush - Soul Crystal Event & More Orange Soul Discussion
So the soul crystal spending event started and like many other people I blew all mine a day or two ago :( If you can and have the 52k to spend (not ones from dissolved souls) it is worth getting because of the 10 Shards for an orange soul gained at that level.
Level 137 Crystal Dungeon Magic Rush
How to pass level 137 Crystal Dungeon on Magic Rush
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