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Lol sorry for my annoying voice and yeah hope you enjoyed these little kids (TRYING) to fight💀 Snapchat: babygirll131 Instagram: elidagonzalez060
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Little girls fighting
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Two little girls fighting
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Little girls fight
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Little Girls Fight At The Playground LOL
-Yes this is a reupload (I do not own this) -I do not make any money off of other peoples videos. -I give credits -I upload and shout out people that I fine funny even though I am not big ENJOY Damarianna Jackson
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little girls fighting
I won the fight
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Little girls fighting
These little girl's are fighting because the girl​ with the bun is not the other girls friend
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Girl think she can fight
Girl try to fight and get scared
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4 small girls fighting
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Little girls fighting
cute kids pulling hair funny
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Awesome MMA Fight Girls Ljudmila Pilipchak Ukraine   Alena Rassohina Ukraine
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Little girls fighting
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Two little girls fighting
Funny asf subscribe
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two lil girls fight
nailah the cute one😘😍😊
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Two  girls  fighting
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Girl fights two little kids
Girl fights two little kids- I gave my neighbor my old phone and this I what I found on there, (my neighbor is the one fighting the girl)
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Little girls fighting
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Girls fighting
They fought multiple times. She stepped in her house and the girl locked the door 😂 . Later on he got pepper sprayed 🐸☕️ Pt 2. Coming soon
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Kids Are fighting See Two Girls Fighting
Kids Are fighting See Two Girls Fighting This is a real fight but not so hard more funny. Kids fighting It's as simple as that and is a child behavior to be expected. Kids fight with each others for a multitude of reasons; parents and providers often have the difficult task of knowing when to let it run its course and when to intervene and take action. Kids can fight for the silliest reasons that seem utterly illogical--even humorous to adults--but it can become a friendship maker or breaker in the minds of young children. Siblings will also fight over the most mundane issues; where to sit, who is touching whom, whom daddy loves most, or which sucker is the better-tasting one (when they are exactly the same). Sound familiar? Of course, because kids fighting is a child behavior that is part of growing up. Having said that, there are things parents and providers can do to help minimize or keep kids from fighting at all. 1. Ignore kid fights. Of course, this bit of advice comes with the caveat that there is no true harm (physical, emotional or mental) being inflicted. In that case, intervention is a must. But most kid fights are merely annoying squabbles and adult intervention delays the process of children working it out themselves. Fighting is often a way for kids to get attention--and for some kids, negative attention is better than none at all. If adults ignore the fighting and don't let it become a "center stage" in the home or location, it becomes less of a reason to do it. One parent has declared the extra bedroom in her home as "the fighting room." Whenever her kids or friends of her children fight, she simply tells them to take it to the "fight room" and not come out until it is worked out. Her only rule? She doesn't want to hear any noise or disruption. The result, she says, is that it is not much fun for anyone. 2. Equality is a must when dealing with the child behavior of kid fighting. The quickest trap an adult can get into is trying to investigate who started the fight, and who said what and then what caused the escalating issue. Taking sides or doling out punishment differently sets the stage for labeling victims and bullies. In most cases, the punishment should be the same: no exceptions. Again, the goal is to take the challenge out of fighting and strip any initiative for "winning" or "losing" a fight. 3. Teach kids ways to peacefully and cooperatively discuss solutions other than fighting. Even very young children can understand the basic issues of fairness and no fighting. Talk to youngsters about fighting and other ways that a problem can be resolved. Always set the ground rules of what can be done and what can't to resolve an issue (for example, yelling, crying, or hitting or definite problem-solving no-no's). Ask them to come up with ideas, and then let try them. You might be surprised at their solutions, and they may know what works best. One family's children always fought over movie night and which video to watch. The parents said they would not intervene; however, any movie that was not mutually agreed to by both kids was placed on the "no watch" list. If the kids rejected all the movie options (which was occurring as a power struggle), then the end result was no movie night at all. After this occurred once, the siblings were more inclined to reach a common decision. 4. Provide positive strokes when kids get along. Praise, praise and then more praise works wonders in helping to build positive child behaviors. The key point is to ignore fighting and then to lavish attention when they're caught acting right. Children will quickly get that hint. 5. Be a positive role model. You can't expect kids to not fight and bicker when they observe it regularly among adults. Parents must serve as role models as to how to cooperate and get along with others. Kids are fighting what are we doing set the example of expected behavior at all times. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- REMEMBER TO SHARE LIKE SUBSCRIBE COMMENTS AND SEE ALL MY OTHER VIDEOS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Little girls fighting
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3 girls fighting for nothing
Fighting over what they say about each other
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Little Kids Fighting | Whooping PRANK PT 2
Harmonee & Jadan are back at it again! They said they were just fake crying, tell us what you think in the comments!😂
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TWO LITTLE GIRLS FIGHT KID!!!!!!! (Easter Daily Vlog) Part 2/3
This is why I am NOT having kids!!!!!!! NOT AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIKE COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Two little girls fighting
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LOL Two cute little asian girls fight
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Little girls fighting
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Cute little kids fight
Cute kid bro and fighting
Two Little Girls Fight to Guile Theme
Two little girls having an intense Taekwondo match to Guile's theme song.
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Girls fight most funny and crazy. 2015 1 ................................ If you a Real tough Man then like and subscribe here::. funny girl fight videos in outdoor and indoor. funny & crazy girl fight funny ratchet girl fightsfunny little girl fights funny girl fight shovel funny girl fighting videos. Top 3 Kissing Pranks (GONE CRAZY) Directors: Feel Free To Check Out Some More Best Pranks 2015!
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Little girl fight omg
Des nuts
Little Girls Fighting!!
My nieces about to steal on another!! JK they aren't ..
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Little girls fighting (original little girls dont play)
Little girls fighting Part 1 of the original little girls fighting
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Small girls taikwando fights
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Little girls fighting(1)
Trying to kill each other
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little girls fighting
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Puppy Mill Stomp: Little Girl Fights Animal Abuse!
Buster's Vision presents "Puppy Mill Stomp Hip Hop Music Video!" Buster's Vision is a grassroots movement located in the San Francisco Bay (Silicon Valley) powered by professional volunteer animal advocates. Our goal is to educate people about animal abuse and abandonment. A puppy mill is an inhumane facility that breeds dogs commercially, putting value and profits over the well-being and health of the dogs being used as “breeding machines”. To the surprise of many, these facilities are legal and provide their “products” to most pet stores, pet auctions, or through classified ads on the internet. Due to the extremely low level of regulation and legal requirements for commercial breeders, puppy mills do everything they can to maximize profit production at the cost of humanely maintaining the countless of dogs they have in “production”. Puppy mills have adopted a factory mindset, pumping out as many puppies as possible while minimizing costs by ignoring their health and keeping them in deplorable conditions. Please join us in the battle of ending animal abuse and visit our sites to find out how you can end animal abuse: https://www.bustersvision.org https://www.bustersvisionedu.org https://www.bustersvisionregistry.org I would like to give special thanks to my family for creating this video. My granddaughter sings and acts in the video with her little brother, mommy, and daddy. **Please share Buster's Vision video**
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Little girls fighting
Enjoy the fun
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