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Sabaton - The Art of War
Anime: Girls und Panzer Musik: Sabaton - The Art of War
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Girls und panzer AMV: The StuG life (Sabaton art of war)
All rights to respective owners. Best of the history buffs known as Hippo team and their ever reliable Sturmgeschutz. Clips:girls und panzer Song: Art of war by Sabaton
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Girls und panzer ost Senshadou is an art
Track 15 Disc 1 of the Girls und panzer soundtrack
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Achtung Girls und Panzer (Art Book)
[少女與戰車] Achtung Girls und Panzer Art Book reviewed page-by-page. In this series world, Sensha-do — the military art of using tanks — is every bit as important to a proper Japanese women as flower arrangement and the tea ceremony. Nishizumi Miho is a new transfer student wanting nothing to do with Sensha-do. However, she is summoned before the student council president who forcibly enrolls her in Sensha-do, with the ultimate goal of being part of the school's team in the National Sensha-do Tournament. To make matters worse, every single member of the team is eccentric. Original anime series made by Actas and premiered in fall TV season of 2012. Director - Mizushima Tsutomu [水島努]. Character Design - Shimada Fumikane [島田フミカネ] and Sugimoto Isao [杉本功]. Script and Series Composition - Yoshida Reiko [吉田玲子]. I bought mine here (it's on back-order now) http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10222093 Art book published by Dai Nihon Kaiga and released on June 13 of 2013. Music by Shiro Hamaguchi from Girls und Panzer Original Soundtrack.
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Girls und Panzer AMV - Union
Anime: Girls und Panzer Song: Sabaton's "Union" My first music video!
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Girls Und Panzer: Dream Tank Match The Art of Tankrobatics
Places To Find Things HOGuru's Discord Server: https://discord.gg/jAr4326 HOGuru's Video Game: https://hoguru.itch.io/takethejob HOGuru's Short Films: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRLYWswGEURYd_kv0AIecRc8k5BtL7l-Z Video Reviews: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRLYWswGEURbng1NFPeW3WyRF-eALnKpd Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hiddenobjectguru/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/gc_danny YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/thehiddenobjectguru Steam Group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/HiddenObjectGuru Literally Hundreds of Videogame Reviews: https://gamecritics.com/author/daniel-weissenberger/ A Weekly Podcast: http://www.theavod.com/
Girls und Panzer [AMV]- Gott mit uns
Sabaton- Gott mit uns
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Girls und Panzer Modeling-do Manual (Art Book)
[少女與戰車] Girls und Panzer Modeling-do Manual (OARAI Girls' High School x KUROMORIMINE Girls' High School) Art Book reviewed page-by-page. Original anime by Actas premiered in fall TV season of 2012. Director - Mizushima Tsutomu [水島努]. Character Design - Shimada Fumikane [島田フミカネ] and Sugimoto Isao [杉本功]. Script and Series Composition - Yoshida Reiko [吉田玲子]. Art book published by Dengeki Hobby Books and released on 25/05/2013. Music by STUDIO TRAM
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Girls und Panzer - 『Anglerfish Dance』
The full version of the Anglerfish Dance by our girls from Girls und Panzer. Cute isn't it? Taken from the fourth OVA of Girls und Panzer. DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN THIS ANIMATION. CREDITS TO LANTIS AND SENTAI ANIMATION.
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Girls und Panzer [AMV] Oarai - Resist And Bite
Oarai vs Selection University . Music : Sabaton Resist and Bite
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Girls und Panzer OP [720p HD]
In this world, "Sensha-do", the military art of using tanks, is every bit as important to a yamato nadeshiko as flower arrangement and tea ceremony. Nishizumi Miho is a new transfer student who want nothing to do with Sensha-do. However, she is summoned before the Student Council President who forcibly enrolls her in Sensha-do, with the ultimate goal of being part of the school's team in the National Sensha-do Tournament. To make matters worse, every single member of the team is eccentric. Opening of new 2012 anime. Planed to have 12 episodes in 1st season. Its basicaly Azumanga daioh meets World of tanks :)
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Girls und Panzerkampf AMV
Video : Girls und Panzer Audio: Sabaton - Panzerkampf
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[CLIP STUDIO PAINT] Girls und Panzer- Mika Speedpaint
Featuring bukkit from the Girls n' Panzer series -My pages http://bit.ly/2eXbRzW http://bit.ly/2eXReDH -Songs Säkkijärven Polkka Senshadou Koushinkyoku! Panzer Vor! Otome no Tashinami Senshadou March! Oarai Joshi Gakuen Team Zenshin Shimasu! Thanks for watching!
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Girls und Panzer Unofficial Song | Bellwall Academy | Unsere Panzerdivision | Vocal
Bellwall Academy is a minor school in Girls und Panzer and appear in the Girls und Panzer Little Army spin-off manga. Like BC Freedom High School, another controversial theme based on East and West Germany, or Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union depends on how you look at it. Their tankery club operates mostly german tanks and the leadership used to be experienced and effective. Bellwall Academy is a relatively large school and the school itself is divided by a tall wall, separating the industrial and residential zones. This isolation resulted in the industrial zone getting populated by delinquents, thus making that part of the school look like a war-zone. A reference to the Berlin Wall dividing the east and the west. The school used to be considered strong in tankery, but after a purge of leadership the club fell into disarray and many tanks was sold. The club is hanging on by a thread and the new leadership is recruiting experienced tankers from other schools. Noticeable tanks used by Bellwall Academy is the Elefant, Jagdpanther, Panzer II, T-44, and Tiger I. Music used in this video to represent Bellwall Academy is the east german march Unsere Panzerdivision used by the east german, or DDR military.
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Girls und Panzer [AMV] - The Last Stand
Sabaton - The Last Stand
Views: 302279 Honza Moravec
Korobeiniki /Korobushka [Girls Und Panzer]
The song used in Girls Und Panzer - English dub. Wallpaper: http://chloeeuphemissoledad.deviantart.com/art/Girls-und-Panzer-pravda-high-school-392161651
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Girls und Panzer Abridged Episode 6
For the record: I did not make any of these hilarious videos. The credit goes to the channel GunmetalStug. (Which I hope they make many more)https://www.youtube.com/user/GunmetalStug. All other art, audio, etc. belong to their rightful owners,  ie not me .Enjoy
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Good morning! Girls und Panzer style!
Episode 3 - Girls und panzer
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Girls und Panzer der Film - BT-42 scene on crack (1/3)
I had a free day and some sick eurobeats. EXPRESS PIZZA DELIVERY! Feel free to say hi on my Discord server: https://discord.gg/MFM3CVR Eurobeats used: #1 Takumi - Neo #2 Night of fire - Niko #3 I won't fall apart - Jager Bandai Visual tried to block this video worldwide, don't ask why...
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Girls und Panzer Abridged: Mother's Day Special
I feel dirty. And no, I will not give you links. I don't own anything here. Even a lot of the art. If we used your stuff, we're sorry for not asking
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Girls und Panzer - Maus PL
Girls und Panzer - Maus PL
Views: 2543158 Erik Itsumi
Speed Drawing - Girls und Panzer Nishizumi Sisters ft. Tiger II
This is my first time making a time lapse, and it`s from my recent drawing streams DeviantArt ► http://crolux.deviantart.com/ Subscribe today ► http://goo.gl/A3V27U Follow me on Twitch ► http://www.twitch.tv/cro_lux Donate ► https://www.twitchalerts.com/donate/cro_lux Song: JJD - Adventure Follow me on Twitter ► https://twitter.com/CroLuxGAME Like me on Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/CroLuxGAME
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Girls Und Panzer: Atsumare! Mina no Senshado!!
miniatura:https://desca97.deviantart.com/art/erwin-time-travel-updated-version-668664604 miniatura de fondo(original art):hhttps://desca97.deviantart.com/art/I-won-t-accept-it-735982592
Girls und Panzer [AMV] - To Hell And Back
Sabaton- To Hell And Back
Views: 537377 Honza Moravec
Girls Und Panzer - AMV - Shark Team - Drunken Sailor
Hi to everyone!^_^ Left behind for now the obvious problems of the last amv, and let's come back to talk of the incredibly fun new entry in Oorai formation, the Shark Team and its Mark M-IV! I must be honest: I didn't know this song before Assassin's Creed IV!XD Then, when someone suggested it for a video, I thought it was the best choice for an AMV dedicated to a pirate team, or not?XD Sorry if this goddamn new entry is taking so long, but I'm having problems in creating the video, since they're both a series and a king of music I'm not so used! Well, I think it's all. See you soon!^_^ ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO THE PROPER OWNERS
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Saori | Speedpaint | Girls und Panzer
Finished picture on DeviantArt: http://fav.me/dccfekv Drawn with Medibang Paint Pro on a Microsft Surface Pro 3. 5 hours real time. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music provided by Argofox: Meizong & Yeeflex - Elevate https://youtu.be/c-cK6e-BXXI
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Girls und Panzer [AMV]- The Lost Battalion
-----New AMV------ Sabaton- The Lost Battalion
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Girls und Panzer - Promo
Now Playing on Anime Network onDEMAND! Check your provider's schedule for details: http://www.theanimenetwork.com/Watch-... About the Series: Forget track and field! At Oorai Girls Academy, they practice Shensha-do, the art of tank combat! But Miho transfers there believing it to be the one school where Shensa-do isn't offered. She's in for a rude awakening, however, when the student council president demands her participation in the sport. Together with four friends, she learns to face her fears, find herself, and have a whole lot of fun along the way. Get ready for tank fighting mayhem in Girls Und Panzer!
Views: 1991 animenetwork
Girls und Panzer der Film Trailer
Coming to theaters NOVEMBER 18!!! Don't miss it!
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Drawing Hoshino from Girls und Panzer
A drawing of Hoshino from Girls und Panzer. To view the final image visit: http://wp.me/p7IDck-31 For more videos, tutorials and art visit http://allugic.com
Views: 166 Allugic
Girls Und Panzer - AMV - Shark Team - Dead Man's Chest
Hi to everyone!^^ After the Chant de l'Oignon, this is the amv I was more anxious to do. Just to be clear, I had problems in understanding if it was truly necessary to add a new team to Oorai for a long time, but once seen the incredibly fun shark team, I found them irrestible and absolutely worth of a dedicated video. I suppose all of you know this song. If not... well, it comes from Stevenson's "Treasure Island": and since the team's captain calls Flint, I suppose this is most proper song for them!XD I hope you'll enjoy Stay tuned, more will come!^^ See you soon!^_^ ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO THE PROPER OWNERS
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Girls und Panzer - Katyusha (feat. Kalinka) [House Remix]
"Расцветали яблони и груши,Поплыли туманы над рекой. Выходила на берег Катюша,На высокий берег на крутой." Thanks art from : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5Az984gVdU Another girls und Panzer Remix!!
Views: 29996 Blockman studio
Girls und Panzer Abridged Episode 5
Girls und Panzer Abridged Episode 5. Now in 1080p!! The girls start the tournament against... you guessed it! The French! Joking of course. There wouldn't be a battle if that was the case. DISCLAIMER: This shit. I own none of it. Except for the voices... of reason.
Views: 253932 Gunmetal Stug
Girls und Panzer Abridged Episode 4
We're in too deep to stop now! Girls und Panzer Abridged Episode 4, everybody! Please enjoy responsibly (with subtitles). Disclaimer: Guess how much of this I own? You guessed it, zero. It's a good thing I'm not selling anything then, huh? The music and sound effects contained herein are owned by their respective owners, so don't you come knockin' at my door, copyright bot.
Views: 274780 Gunmetal Stug
Basic Animation Test - Girls und Panzer Tank Animations
A Basic Rough Animation Test of my hand drawn Girls und Panzer OC's driving and shooting rare WW1 and WW2 era Tank ( Anime ). No where near my best animation. (ガールズ&パンツァー / アニメ )
Views: 2017 jmantime
Fan Art Girls Und Panzer  - Maho Nishizumi
#Speedart #photshopart #sertoaluns #fanart speed art and fanart for girls und panzer Anime Chracter : Maho Nishizumi Design by sertoaluns
Views: 60 Serhat Kaş
-Descargar/Girls Und Panzer Das Finale OVA 01/SUB ESPAÑOL
Link:https://mega.nz/#!1E80BJqZ cifra para el link:!BM89o3al8Q8AjLnhdcDoTs6LgZz0eS5j1UYq7LfNsW0 Background img:https://www.deviantart.com/art/Erwin-Girls-Und-Panzer-HappyNewYear-722759502 QUE EMPIEZE EL BARDO COSMIOCO
Girls Und Panzer For Life!
GIRLS UND PANZER! I'M SO ADDICTED! SO THIS IS A VIDEO I FOUND TO CELEBRATE MY FAVOURITE ANIME! sorry for bad quality, this is all i got! Like und Comment Down Below! Subscribe for moar videos! PANZER VOR! I do NOT own music or video!
Kurogane's Confession - A Girls Und Panzer / SOMETHING Fanfic
At the time of this recording, it was unclear what fandom this falls into. Apparently it's a story set in the Sensha Gakuen universe. If that sounds unfamiliar, that's okay. Apparently Sensha Gakuen is Khoi-Ryu's own universe composed of a mashup of Girls Und Panzer and World of Tanks. Go figure. (Our source: http://khoi-ryu.deviantart.com/journal/Sensha-Gakuen-Tanks-Academy-360990948) The thumbnail for this video is actually taken from some of Khoi-Ryu's "art" depicting his characters "in action." You can go see for yourself here: http://khoi-ryu.deviantart.com/art/Finally-we-are-together-474038135 Read it yourself here: http://khoi-ryu.deviantart.com/art/Kurogane-s-Confession-Sensha-Gakuen-2-Mirai-411715656
Girls und Panzer Crack #5 - FBI! OPEN UP!!!
Man its been over a month... memes sure do take time to make. ======================================= Join my discord server! https://discord.gg/RDyCc5n Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/STGGCUK Don't forget to leave a Like! and subscribe for more videos! PANZER VOR! I do NOT own music!
Girls und Panzer 01 Tank Scene
Seriously though, it has TANKS!!! Only thing that would make this better is if the girls were gender-bender of the historical counterparts e.g. Strike Witches. The only problem is that the characters would be heavily skewed towards the german tank cdr. and there's the whole problem of sorting through the army group cdrs to individual crew cdrs and maybe some of the sub-unit cdrs. also and whether or not group tactics are favored over individual feats.
Views: 797677 Ayachuco1998
Girls und Panzer [AMV] - Camouflage
---New AMV--- Song: Camouflage by Sabaton Anime: Girls und panzer Der Film !!Thanks for watching !!
Views: 161087 Honza Moravec
Girls und Panzer in an Armor Piercing Nutshell
They play it the company way
Views: 514743 Gimrak
Girls und Panzer der Film Trailer - Invaders Must Die [Rough Cut]
Since the last one had copyrighted music, I had to find another one to match the existing clips, thus making it a rough cut. Music Used: The Prodigy - Invaders Must Die Download Miho Nishizumi Wallpaper: http://stoodell.deviantart.com/art/Miho-Nishizumi-Minimalist-Girls-und-Panzer-615201706 -- Social Links Watch more fun stuff here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU1PJq7ecWIbBPlSuQfk1lA Twitteroo: https://twitter.com/4owii Video originally uploaded on June 30, 2016.
Views: 2521 Sentichell 2
[AMV] Girls und Panzer - Coat Of Arms
Premier AMV sur GuP,j'me faisais chier alors j'ai fait ça C: (noraj des erreurs de montaj) First AMV I ever made on GuP, I was bored so I tried dat. C:
Views: 168224 Neuroblack
Girls und Panzer [AMV]- Hill 3234
Sabaton Hill 3234
Views: 421459 Honza Moravec
GIRLS und PANZER - St. Gloriana (Darjeeling/Rule Britannia)
Darjeeling is probably one of the most popular characters ever. Accordingly, Darjeeling today gets her own video. Have fun with Darjeeling and Rule Britannia. Darjeeling ist wohl eine der beliebtesten Charaktere überhaupt. Dementsprechend bekommt Darjeeling heute ihr eigenes Video. Viel Spaß mit Darjeeling und Rule Britannia. Picture: http://deathvoltz.deviantart.com/art/Girls-und-Panzer-Wallpaper-Darjeeling-586175598
Views: 63320 Der Wächter
Girls und panzer ost Senshadou March
Track 2 Disc 1 of the Girls und panzer soundtrack
Views: 136340 Rosehip a best

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