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Drunk British Woman
A drunk ass woman that is a really dumb bishh
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Drunk British Woman Abuses Pakistani in London Metro
More abt video: http://bit.ly/racistbrit Alert for Overseas Pakistanis: After a shameful defeat against Pakistan in Test Series, British fans and citizens are broken completely. They may retaliate and may try to abuse you in public. This is what you need to do in a situation like that! Proud to be a Paki ! Pakistan Zindabad P.S: the incident actually happened on 23 January in a London metro. http://facebook.com/pakium
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English drunk girl
Westend club
Crazy Drunk Woman Fight! UK
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► DRUNK WOMAN WANTS HER KEBAB Reddit user Ruaille-Buaille posted a video of the woman trying to pull open the door to the shop while others on inside the shop try to keep her from coming in. "I want a kebab! Let me in, I want a kebab," the drunk woman is seen yelling as she tries to ease her way into the barred door. She's then pushed to the ground after she attempts to bite a woman holding the door in from the inside. An employee comes outside to further push the woman away saying "don't come back! Stop biting people!" The kebab must have been really worth it because even after being knocked to the ground several times, the drunk woman still didn't stop going after what she wanted. The woman continued to fight with the employee at the door when all of a sudden the glass door smashes into pieces around the drunk woman. The video ended before we got to know the real end of the story, but it's probably safe to say the woman did not get the kebab she so relentlessly fought for. ------- 💉 DRUGSTORE 💉 ------- "CHILDREN RECEIVE A 20% DISCOUNT" ACID → https://amzn.to/2T7QXh3 CRACK → https://amzn.to/2SVMDkI ECSTASY → https://amzn.to/2Mn5gM4 LSD → https://amzn.to/2W2SQNL H → https://amzn.to/2Djw6Sd WEED → https://amzn.to/2W45H20 YEYO → https://amzn.to/2W2qm6P ------ 📵 SOCIAL SH !T 📵 ------ ✚ SUBSCRIBE US: http://bit.ly/2wsBPDA# ✚ INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/2yezE7g ✚ TWITTER: https://bit.ly/2DkoEGs -------- ☢️ LICENSE ☢️ -------- The video material published on this channel is sourced from a variety of sources. All content that is protected by copyright will not be monetized by us! This means that the release will be conditionally tolerated as long as the author continues to benefit from the commercial use of the content. For more information, see Content ID claim: https://support.google.com/youtube/an... If there are any questions or violations please contact us: [email protected] --------- 💊 INFO 💊 --------- "The Amazon links are related to Amazon's affiliate program, which serve as a guide to potential buyers and explicitly refer to specific products, and if used, may result in a commission being paid in the event of a purchase decision, with any purchase supported via these links you passive our channel, without being disadvantaged yourself in any way. " We thank everyone who supports us! #DrunkWoman #Kebab #CRACKPOT
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NEW Drunk Fails 2018 || New Funny Compilation! || Year 2018!
NEW Drunk Fails 2018 || New Funny Compilation! || Year 2018! Selection of the best funny videos. Top breakup, collected from around the world. Subscribe! ►►► SUBMIT YOUR VIDEOS! [email protected] SUBSCRIBE! https://www.youtube.com/owfchannel HELP US SURVIVE: PayPal: [email protected] Follow us on Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/owfchannel/ Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/OWFchannel/ Telegram! https://t.me/OWFchannel Original Links: Girl kicks newspaper out of lad's hands https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njoapaq17RU Guy takes a selfie and woman headbutts a punching bag in the background https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-YL8MbkbMzM Girl brought Chicken into a club https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPdLFFpGAY4 Girl drops a whole tray of tequila shots on her mates head https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLt3zBuk-SA Drunk lad jumps up and headbutts the ceiling leaving a dent https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bd017lUNyOg Girl standing on lads shoulders at an event falls of into the crowd https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtaU-XUg7nY Lad pushes his mate over into a bush while hes about to throw up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DuEDA6m64-c Drunk lad slips down off the pavement and falls over https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_CdBQF4m8I Lad Thinks His Passport Is A Phone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4lm57ZxD50 Lad pretends to wash a car shirtless https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NrELpiOIoWk https://www.instagram.com/p/BnjTLmEFNqW/?tagged=drunkgirls https://www.instagram.com/p/Bofrw6hA3Ho/?tagged=drunkgirls https://www.instagram.com/p/BpRjS0qnYIY/?tagged=drunkgirls https://www.instagram.com/p/BpRRnlln9lY/?tagged=drunkgirls https://www.instagram.com/p/BpRBor6gr-f/?tagged=drunkgirls https://www.instagram.com/p/BpQuas_HGTI/?tagged=drunkgirls https://www.instagram.com/p/BpQg5jUhl-j/?tagged=drunkgirls https://www.instagram.com/p/BpNx9T2FEVm/?tagged=drunkgirls https://www.instagram.com/p/BpFBkXSlJEb/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1pfhwpiyceswd https://www.instagram.com/p/Bl95v48hJ2W/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=emala9zieqo9 https://www.instagram.com/p/BnlPhQ7lrlL/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1fc8f40xji0f https://www.instagram.com/p/BnDB1_sHf93/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=filqvpqf8udu https://www.instagram.com/p/BpI99oen0us/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1cwzurcba966o
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British and drunk part 2
British tourists in Marbella 2016
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Crazy Drunk Women Singing
Crazy Women Starts Singing..
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CCTV Drunk British Woman Falls Under Train
Drunk woman falls under train Kubaton Group
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Very drunk woman
It’s her again!!
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Drunk British Girls |The Ultimate Collection | Failsking
Drunk British Girls |The Ultimate Collection | Failsking Drunk British Girls |The Ultimate Collection | Failsking Drunk British Girls |The Ultimate Collection | Failsking 👗👗 when the british girls go to party you know how it will end 👗👗 🤓🤓 get ready , sit back , and laugh hard with this epic funny video compilation | failsking 💎failsking💎 subscribe for more videos ✔️girls bikini fails and oops embarrassing moments | failsking ✔️hot and sexy girls fails | funny sexy girls | sexy girls funny compilation video | failsking ✔️hot sexy fails drunk girls and stupid funny falls compilation || failsking ✔️sexy girls fails || sexy and hot fails || best sexy fails collection | failsking ✔️sexy drunk party girls fails part2 || failsking ✔️don't forget to have underwear on when you riding the bull | sexy girls fails || failsking ✔️sexy fails || epic sexy girl fails 2017 || failsking ✔️sexy drunk party girls fails part1 || failsking ✔️ ✔️bang bang you hit the ground | runway fails compilation || failsking ✔️sexy and funny cheerleaders fails compilation || failsking 💎failsking💎 subscribe for more videos ✔️ weekly compilation of the funniest epic fails ✔️ we have wall crashes, broken ankles, sexy fails, sled face plants, explosions, drunk girls pole dance fails, bike slams, bull riding, sexy girls fails, dumbasses getting owned, stair stunts gone wrong and more funny viral clips Subscribe & More Videos: https://goo.gl/9B8cMm Thank for watching, Please Like Share And SUBSCRIBE!!! #fails, #failsoftheweek
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Drunk British chav woman attacking Muslim man
Amanda Lowe, 26, was caught on CCTV as she assaulted Khuram Nisar after calling him a "fuc*ing Paki" and "terrorist" - but walked free from Manchester crown court on Friday because the judge felt sorry for her two kids. Lowe's partner Wesley Earls and Lowe's cousin Daniel Wray also threw punches during the unprovoked assault in Piccadilly Gardens.
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Britain’s worst town for drunken women revealed
Britain’s worst town for drunken women revealed .Geordie lasses top a shameful league table of Britain’s most drunk women. Britain’s worst town for drunken women revealed They have been punished with more £80 on-the-spot fines for nuisance public boozing than females in any other region, police figures uncovered by the Sunday People reveal. An alarming total of 4,629 were dished out by Northumbria Police, which patrols Newcastle, in six years. Second worst-hit was Lancashire, which includes the hen party mecca Blackpool, with 3,596 of the fines. In third place with 3,410 of the cash penalties was Merseyside, where Liverpool city centre’s array of bars and clubs lures thousands of party girls every weekend. All top three regions were well ahead of fourth-placed London, despite having far smaller populations than the capital. Read more: 87% of Brits DON'T link drinking alcohol with increased risk of cancer The rise in anti-social drunkenness by young women has been blamed on cheap booze in bars and pre-loading with ­supermarket drink before hitting town.
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Drunken girl fight
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Drunk Muslim Female Driver
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Drunk British Girl
Drunk British Girl
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Crazy Drunk Woman Lays on the Road in Leeds, UK
This is quite common sight in Leeds. I've seen so many drunk young women in Leeds, just laying on the ground next to night clubs and pubs. I guess this is British culture. I plan to drive a car around in Leeds, on Friday night, with my dash cam on to record half naked and completely drunk chicks laying on the ground on their vomit or making a piss just in front of everybody. Yeah, that's Britain. Please visit my shop at: https://www.zazzle.co.uk/lithuaniaunderground
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Watch Drunk Woman Flip Car Into The Air With Toddler In Back Seat
Thank you for watching Like, Subscribe, Comment and Share to help me grow if you Enjoy. To help the channel grow please Donate Here: https://youtube.streamlabs.com/UC8LOsa9NSY1Fb1y9s2r-7HA A British woman who crashed her car while drunk with her toddler strapped in the back seat was sentenced to jail this week. According to the Cambridge News, Tania Chikwature was involved in a spectacular crash back in December when she demolished her Nissan Qashqai by ramping it at high speed over a roundabout on the A605 in Peterborough. In the aftermath of that crash, police discovered that Chikwature was exceedingly drunk when blood samples showed her at three times the legal blood alcohol limit. At the scene, she told police that she had "probably been drinking vodka" behind the wheel. Luckily, neither she nor her 19-month-old son were seriously injured in the crash. On April 9, she was sentenced to 26 weeks in jail by magistrates at Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. "It is only by luck, and certainly no judgment of yours, that you are not here facing more serious charges, and you are fortunate that someone did not die in that accident," said District Judge Ken Sheraton in court. Chikwature's defense attorney, Sarah Dunne, argued against sentencing her to jail, saying Chikwature's son would suffer the loss of his mother. "Nothing you (Judge Sheraton) can say or do that will come close to the guilt, shame and remorse she feels at the potential consequences her driving could have had, principally to her young son, but also to other road users," Dunne said. "The child would be a victim if you take the mother away from him by sending her to custody." Judge Sheraton was unmoved. He sentenced Chikwature to 12 weeks in jail for driving with excess alcohol and 26 weeks for dangerous driving, sentences to be served concurrently. In addition, she was banned from driving for six years and ordered to pay a £115 ($143.57) victim surcharge. Subscribe to join Team Merc Em Hit the Bell to recieve Notifications from Phantom Merc
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Drunk racist woman bottles eastern european man on London Overground /15N-PD2-011
Reference 15N-PD2-011 Woman pours beer over drunk racist woman on the London Overground after she verbally abuses him. She then throws a bottle at him before punching and kicking him. SUBSCRIBE HERE: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=rawcuttvarchive If you are interested in licensing this footage email [email protected] Or visit www.rawcutarchive.co.uk
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'Four sambucas!': Drunk girl tries to order drinks at DJ booth | New York Post
DJs normally don’t serve drinks, but that didn't stop this hilariously drunk British woman from trying to order four sambucas at the DJ booth in Manchester.
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Rudely Awoken Lady Calls an Angry Drunk Woman
Another classic case of where the prank call victim is more threatening than the soundboard itself!
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Mustafa is British (Drunk version)
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Chris D'Elia - Drunk Girls
Chris D'Elia, one of America's hottest stand-up comedians and star of NBC's "Undateable", brings his silly observations to the 2011 Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal. 2010s playlist: http://bit.ly/1SrCWER Rock, Chappelle & C.K.! Laugh with the legends: http://bit.ly/1LUVEWc SUBSCRIBE For More Stand Up: http://bit.ly/1ShFiDP J4L on Facebook: http://bit.ly/1qbX9p0 J4L on Twitter: http://bit.ly/1RG2uuI Just For Laughs Homepage: http://bit.ly/1pFZ2d1 Follow Chris D'Elia on Twitter: https://twitter.com/chrisdelia Just For Laughs is the world's premiere destination for stand-up comedy. Founded in 1983, JFL produces the world’s largest and most prestigious comedy event every July in Montreal, as well as annual festivals in Toronto and Sydney.
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Drunk woman falls underneath train at Barnsley station UK
A tipsy train passenger steps off a train, stumbles backwards and falls on to the tracks in horrifying CCTV footage released today. The woman, who has not been named, was getting off a train at Barnsley station earlier this year when the accident happened. She was recovered from the track and taken to hospital suffering from cuts and bruises. Trains were delayed for 20 minutes. British Transport Police today released the CCTV video to show the dangers of being under the influence at railway stations, especially during the festive season. Inspector Graham Bridges said: "This woman was lucky to only end up with a few minor injuries and, had it not been for the alertness of other passengers who helped her, we could have been dealing with potentially serious injuries. "We understand that at this time of year, with Christmas fast approaching, people will be out at parties and will be consuming alcohol. "We certainly do not want to spoil this and would simply ask that anyone drinking alcohol does so responsibly. "Over the Christmas and New Year period, we will have an increase of high-profile patrols by officers at stations to reassure rail staff and passengers and make them feel safe.
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CCTV Drunk British Woman Falls Under Train 2011
Drunken British, Woman Falling Under Train 2011 SHOCKING CCTV footage captures the moment a drunken woman stumbles off a platform and under a train. The chilling video shows the woman stepping off the service at Barnsley station, in South Yorks, before lurching backwards and tumbling between the carriage and the platform. Luckily she escaped any serious injuries and was taken to hospital suffering from only cuts and bruises. The clip was released by transport cops who hope it will increase people's awareness of taking care of themselves over the Christmas period. Insp Graham Bridges, of British Transport Police, said: "This woman was lucky to only end up with a few minor injuries and, had it not been for the alertness of other passengers who helped her, we could have been dealing with potentially serious injuries." Using Rap & Poetry, I fought back against family racism towards my mixed race daughter. Crown court then banned that rap & poetry. First ever British Rap-Poet to be given a "5 year Rap & Poetry ban" (2009-2014) Official Court Papers Video on my channel. #FamilyRacism #Censorship #Injustice Support my fight against racism & censorship by subscribing to this channel & following me on [email protected] Thanks
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CRAZY BRITISH GIRLFRIEND drunk at the airport, Ep. 1
Me and my English girlfriend are going from London to Rome on a Holiday. Watch us as we go into some stereotypical roles of a BRITISH East London girl and a cute innocent boyfriend. In this Episode we take the plane to Rome in Italy.
drunk english girl abroad behaving badly ..shamed
sun sea and beautiful well behaved girls
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Barnsley CCTV Footage Shows Drunk Woman Falling Under Train
Shocking footage released by British Transport Police shows a drunk woman in Barnsley falling under a train. It was released to raise awareness of excessive drinking.
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Bully gets owned! UK streetfight drunk elbow KO knockout
Man defending his property knocks out bully in front of his wife and kids UK Hartswood Close, Bushey https://onlyonecardiff.city
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FIght Night 2 Drunk Brit vs Bus Advert
Tonight's bout is between a large Bust Stop Advertisement VS a very Drunk British Woman. With big hits and smack talk, this fight has it all! SUBSCRIBE to our channel! Share and comment on our videos! Pleas hit the little bell for email notifications for our new videos! Bitchute Version: https://www.bitchute.com/video/pNDuJB4wPMYd/ Support us on Patreon.com for as little as $1 a month! https://www.patreon.com/sociallyirresponsible #SociallyIrresponsible #KingShaMeccaBlaze #Fight #FightNight #PierreVachon #headbutt #drunk #DrunkAF #DrunkVsAdvert #DrunkBrits #comedy #funnyvideo #FunnyVideo #Funny #EpicFight
'Drunk' Brit spends 10 HOURS in Adriatic sea after coming off cruise ship
Mandatory Credit: Harbourmaster's Office Rijeka/Croatian Coast Guard Subscribe to our channel! rupt.ly/subscribe A 46-year-old British woman was rescued by Croatian lifeguards on Sunday having spent some 10 hours in the Adriatic Sea. The air hostess, who goes by the name of Kay, reportedly had a drunken argument with friends and family aboard a Norwegian cruise ship earlier in the day before somehow ending up in the water some 60 miles (97km) off the Croatian coast during the night. Video ID: 20180820-018 Video on Demand: http://www.ruptly.tv Contact: [email protected] Twitter: http://twitter.com/Ruptly Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Ruptly
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Drunk woman falls underneath train at Barnsley station UK
Please Subscribe To My Channel! British Transport Police have released footage of a woman who staggered from a train and fell on to the rails at Barnsley station earlier this year. Officers said although the woman was only slightly injured it could have been much worse. They said the woman was clearly intoxicated. The force released the footage as they warned Christmas and New Year revellers to take care.
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Brit woman, 21 , faces jail in Dubai after witnessing a drunken punch up
AYOUNG British woman claims she is facing jail in Dubai for witnessing an argument between her friends and a drunk Swedish businessman in a luxury hotel lobby.Asa Hutchinson, 21, was arrested after a group of her male pals began taking selfies with the man after he fell asleep on a couch.When he woke up, the enraged man, who is a technology company executive, began punching the boys, who fled the scene having suffered blows to their face and head.Asa claims she wasn't with her friends when the row broke out but returned to the hotel lobby after hearing a commotion - only to be arrested by police.She has now been charged with assault and theft and faces the real threat of a custodial sentence.Asa said: "The man woke up and began punching the boys.I heard the commotion and came back to see what was going on."He called the police and made official complaints about the boys for taking pictures of him, and for being rude." Taking pictures of someone without their consent and being rude to another person are both classed as Illegal in Dubai and are punishable by jail time.Since the incident, Asa's friends have left the United Arab Emirates (UAE), but the expat from Chelmsford, Essex, who is described as a "quiet, sensible girl" faces jail.Her mum, Lucie Harrison, said: "You always worry about your kids, especially in these Middle Eastern countries."There is so much on the news about the way they treat British visitors, but Asa was having a great time."She loved the work and made so many friends- she is a quiet, sensible girl and really is the last person to start any trouble." Since the incident, Dubai police questioned Asa's boyfriend Ben and others in the group after getting their names from the hotel reservations list.The men managed to get their passports back by paying cash deposits, before flying home to the UK.The Swedish man then made the decision to transfer the charges to Asa after learning she lives locally.Dubai law dictates that whoever makes the first complaint is the party most likely to be believed, so it may be irrelevant that the Swedish man threw the punches.Asa, a key account manager for global transportation company Time & Motion, has been charged with assault and theft - after the complainant lost his glasses while striking the boys.She said: "It is so unfair, I was not involved, I just happened to be there, but the police are not interested in anything I have to say."Once the man made his complaint it was taken as fact.I can't go to jail, I couldn't cope." Dubai is where British tourist Lee Bradley Brown was reportedly beaten to death in police custody after being arrested for allegedly being rude to a maid at his hotel.Being a citizen with a high status also helps in this case, as evidenced by the charges brought against Jamie Harron by Nueman Esser CEO Emad Tabaza in October this year.Radha Stirling, CEO of the British NGO representing Asa said: "Visitors to the UAE need to be aware that justice does not operate the same way as
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Drunk Girl Speaking English:D
Views: 456 Arlette Quezada
Woman from Alex Bailey's outrage gets to drunk at a red carpet event and Security drags her out 2018
Partying with Alex Bailey things get wild. Catch me on Mj LA today. Alex Bailey TV
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1080P Beautiful Drunk Women Street Fighting
1080P Beautiful Drunk Women Street Fighting
Views: 32326 bags873bgs
GTA 5 - LSPDFR - BRITISH POILCE - GTA 5 MODS- #DAY1 Giving a hot drunk girl a lift home - I'm using LSPDFR the British police script and British patrol cars - i need to get British uniforms to lol My first video! Let me know what you think, they will only get better (hopefully) LOL PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE THE VIDEO!
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