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What is Google DeepDream? | Darkology #21
Google Deep Dream is a visual synthesizer that categorizes patterns within images, and enhances them to create bizarre, dream-like works of art. Deep Dream Generator: https://deepdreamgenerator.com/ This week's Darkology is about inceptionism and the psychedelic images produced in Google's Deep Dream program. Blue Lavasix is a channel dedicated to exploring the darker subjects in the world. Subscribe today for creepy videos uploaded every Friday! CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE ►► http://bit.ly/1jLrx6e Tweet Me: http://twitter.com/bluelava6 Facebook Page: http://on.fb.me/1W03bqS If you enjoyed this video, please consider hitting the LIKE button and SHARING! It helps IMMENSELY. Learn why old people in horror films are scary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGSi-Ap1Hfo&list=PLGWBi-pWwrEala8ihieJRR2TRY-FXwCop&index=1&t=25s Learn what makes children in horror films creepy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWTKzYD0IP8&index=13&list=PLGWBi-pWwrEala8ihieJRR2TRY-FXwCop Learn why creepy commercials exist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbgOnh-m6j0&index=10&t=1s&list=PLGWBi-pWwrEala8ihieJRR2TRY-FXwCop Learn why Pennywise from IT is terrifying: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztcIROnFC50&list=PLGWBi-pWwrEala8ihieJRR2TRY-FXwCop&t=52s&index=14 Learn why bugs are creepy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zX9f52tPK8&list=PLGWBi-pWwrEala8ihieJRR2TRY-FXwCop&index=16 Learn why nuns are creepy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BDj66y1DQs&index=19&list=PLGWBi-pWwrEala8ihieJRR2TRY-FXwCop&t=153s Checkout the whole Darkology Series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGSi-Ap1Hfo&index=1&list=PLGWBi-pWwrEala8ihieJRR2TRY-FXwCop Music Credits (in order of appearance): Toby Fox - https://twitter.com/tobyfox Chino Yoshino - https://www.youtube.com/user/R85NQqyr/feed Evan King - https://www.youtube.com/user/EvanKingAudio HOME - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bm67snQ5hRo DOS 88 - https://www.youtube.com/user/AntiMulletpunk Jasper Byrne - https://spacerecordings.bandcamp.com/ VFX Credits: Amitai Angor AA VFX: https://www.youtube.com/dvdangor2011 Green Screen Animation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LhjvzgtDNyw&list=FL0FNI5Cw48SdbbpNP3JNw5w&index=2 Sources: Pareidolia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pareidolia Deep Learning: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deep_learning#Image_recognition Student Approaches to Learning: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Student_approaches_to_learning Journey on the Deep Dream Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCE-QeDfXtA Google Research Blog on Inceptionism: https://research.googleblog.com/2015/06/inceptionism-going-deeper-into-neural.html Slate Article on the Future of AI: http://www.slate.com/articles/technology/bitwise/2015/07/google_deepdream_it_s_dazzling_creepy_and_tells_us_a_lot_about_the_future.html -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Latest Video: "Twilight Zone: Psychology of Nightmare At 20,000 Feet | Darkology #28" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlToV04xmFU -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Deeply Artificial Trees (excerpt)
This work is not endorsed, supported or recommended by Bob Ross Inc. http://www.areben.com This work uses the deep learning techniques of "deep dream" and "wavenet"
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Trump Deep Nightmare: Google's Deep Dream A.I. run against a Donald Trump speech
I ran Google's Deep Dream A.I. on highlights from Donald Drumpf's presidential candidacy announcement in July 2015, using audio volume to dictate how deep to dream (for each frame). For fun, I used a picture of Cthulhu as a guide image. The version over at Vimeo is less compressed and looks better: https://vimeo.com/160327459 ### Implementation details - Source video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=f0UB06v7yLY - Guide image: http://subgenius.wikia.com/wiki/Cthulhu?file=Cthulhu.jpg - Google Deep Dream code based on DeepDreamVideo (http://github.com/graphific/DeepDreamVideo) run on AWS EC2 instance w/GPU acceleration - Iterations, octaves, and nesting based on average audio power per frame (nesting: dreams iteratively run on frame output in multiple levels)
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Pouff - Grocery Trip
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Style Transfer and Deep Dream: Making Art with AI
Everywhere you look nowadays you find AI. From filters on snap chat, tools in photoshop, the ads next to videos and even the video suggestions next to this video. Two such AI programs allow you to make amazing AI art and bend reality in weird ways. Style transfer allows you to take the style from one image, like Van Gogh's Starry Night, and transfer it to a different image. This allows you to quickly generate new master pieces by your favorite artists, or give something a fresh look. There is a version of this program that works on videos too which we'll explore in the future. Deep dream on the other hand is ai turned on it's head. Instead of using the AI to classify things, we allow it to manipulate an image to fit some of the data its already learned. This produces sureal images where animals and structure get generated out of noise. All of this is done in an online tool called Deep Dream Generator: https://deepdreamgenerator.com Some further reading and references: Original Paper Style Transfer - https://arxiv.org/pdf/1508.06576.pdf Deep Dream Article - https://research.googleblog.com/2015/06/inceptionism-going-deeper-into-neural.html Deep Dream Video by computerphile - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BsSmBPmPeYQ __________________________________________________________________ Interested in some sweet science themed designs for your wardrobe or wall? Click the link below to see all the great items currently being offered: https://www.redbubble.com/people/chironex?asc=u __________________________________________________________________ My Social Media Pages: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thethoughtemporium/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thethoughtemporium/ Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/TTEchironex Website: http://thethoughtemporium.com/ __________________________________________________________________ As always, thanks to my awesome Patrons for helping to make these video possible. Special thanks to: -Al Dass -Patryk Wycech -Larry -Adam Sheppard -Michael Chatzidakis -Oliver -Justin Hendryx -Paul Emmerich -orotusso -Alex Lemna -Cataract Bumblesnatch -Jonas Abreu -Anita Fowler -Ben Davis -Guhur Alexandre -Ben Krasnow -Anatoly Bazarov -John De Witt -Terry Fuller -BioQuisitive -Morten Eriksen -Omun
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Google Deep Dream Zoom "Inside an artificial brain"
Created by Jonah Nordberg. http://johan-nordberg.com/
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DeepDream: Inside Google's 'Daydreaming' Computers
It may produce creepy images with way too many dogs and eyeballs, but Google’s DeepDream program is actually a valuable window into artificial intelligence. Installation instructions: https://www.reddit.com/r/deepdream/comments/3cawxb/what_are_deepdream_images_how_do_i_make_my_own/ Hosted by: Hank Green ---------- Dooblydoo thanks go to the following Patreon supporters -- we couldn't make SciShow without them! Shout out to Justin Ove, Chris Peters, John Szymakowski, Peso255, Fatima Iqbal, Justin Lentz, and David Campos. ---------- Like SciShow? Want to help support us, and also get things to put on your walls, cover your torso and hold your liquids? Check out our awesome products over at DFTBA Records: http://dftba.com/scishow Or help support us by becoming our patron on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/scishow ---------- Looking for SciShow elsewhere on the internet? Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/scishow Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/scishow Tumblr: http://scishow.tumblr.com Instagram: http://instagram.com/thescishow Sources: http://arxiv.org/pdf/1409.4842.pdf http://googleresearch.blogspot.com/2015/06/inceptionism-going-deeper-into-neural.html http://googleresearch.blogspot.com/2015/07/deepdream-code-example-for-visualizing.html http://gizmodo.com/googles-dream-robot-is-running-wild-across-the-internet-1715839224 https://github.com/google/deepdream/blob/master/dream.ipynb http://gizmodo.com/these-are-the-incredible-day-dreams-of-artificial-neura-1712226908
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I Ran All the Textures in Skyrim Through DeepDream and Created a Nightmare
Download the mod! https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/93181 Here's the python script I wrote to shuffle the sounds/voices: https://pastebin.com/J5RCAEnM You may need the BSA extractor to get the sounds folder https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/4804/?tab=files All you have to do is make sure the file location is correct and run the script. Full Stream: https://youtu.be/QIYtLzqnV68 ❈-------------------------------------❈ links ❈----------------------------------­------❈ Spotify:https://open.spotify.com/artist/3p2Ba2IRvoi6zoJMuDs5lm Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/jam2go Bandcamp: http://jam2go.bandcamp.com/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/Jam2go Tumblr: http://jam2go.tumblr.com/ Forswarn forever!
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Journey on the Deep Dream
" A journey through all the layers of an artificial neural network. This video is made using a visualization technique applied to a neural network trained to recognize a broad range of images. Each frame is recursively fed back to the network starting with a frame of random noise. Every 100 frames (4 seconds) the next layer is targeted until the lowest layer is reached. Based on the work by Google researchers Alexander Mordvintsev, Christopher Olah and Mike Tyka. See googleresearch.blogspot.it/2015/07/deepdream-code-example-for-visualizing.html for more information." ~Johan Nordberg, original video creator. Original video by Johan Nordberg here. https://vimeo.com/132700334 special thanks to Ektoplazm for inspiration Music: Journey on the Sunset by Sam'adhi on the Low Tide VA http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/low-tide
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Deep Dreaming
Starting to mess around with deep dream and some of my photography.
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Deep Dream video - DeeTee
Video made using Google's Deep Dream Generator. Shot at Dee Tee Veg restaurant, Manipal.
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Googe Deep Dream Generator :: Morphed Original Photo "The Womb"
Generated 100 pictures of my original image named "the womb" and changed the opacity of the images to create a video. Background music is set to an odd time signature and is basically improvisation for the video. #deepdream
Views: 192 Dan Regna
FAILED DEEP DREAM VIDEO / deepdream 0001 0360
I manage to have the GPU run caffe module and process the deep dream. This is cool, because it is suddenly like 100x times faster, compared to CPU. I have 1 GPU Cuda Quadro 4000. It's old, but still a lot faster than CPU x 6 processor. So I tested, but somewhat the "dream" failed after only few frames, leaving ghostly image behind. I saw this happening twice already now. Maybe there was glitch in the processing.
Views: 116 Jimmy Gunawan
Google Deep Dream - AI Neural Network Hallucination - Inceptionism
Upload your own photos to Google's Deep Dream software here http://psychic-vr-lab.com/deepdream/ The trippy effect is a result of how the machine interprets images. Google developed its neural network to try and identify features in images, letting it learn when something is a picture of a mountain and when something is a picture of dumbbell. When the system is flipped around, it uses its own prejudices -- it is especially focussed on looking for animal-like features, eyes and faces -- to warp images. The more times an image is fed through the system, the more it will bring out strange features. Hence clouds become dogs, trees become fish and everything becomes terrifying. Inceptionism. Dreamscope doesn't give people the same creative freedom as DeepDream itself, but is a great way to play around with filters and create some nightmares. An in depth discussion of the program https://www.reddit.com/r/deepdream/comments/3cb6vr/why_does_deep_dream_seem_to_have_an_enfatuation/ Subscribe for new videos coming soon!
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Deep Dreaming Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas: the Great San Francisco Acid Wave
Deep neural network hallucinating Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas: how meta is that? Visualizing the internals of a deep net we let it develop further what it think it sees. code: https://github.com/graphific/DeepDreamVideo Another investigation of mainly landscapes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6IgbMiEaFRY 2001: A Space Odyssey: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbTJH8aPl60 We're using the #deepdream technique developed by Google and others: http://googleresearch.blogspot.nl/2015/06/inceptionism-going-deeper-into-neural.html & code: https://github.com/google/deepdream parameters used (and useful to play with): - network: standard reference GoogLeNet model trained on ImageNet from the Caffe Model Zoo (https://github.com/BVLC/caffe/wiki/Model-Zoo) - iterations: 5 - jitter: 32 (default) - octaves: 4 (default) - layers locked to moving upwards from inception_4c/output to inception_5b/output (only the output layers, as they are most sensitive to visualizing "objects", where reduce layers are more like "edge detectors") and back again - every next unprocessed frame in the movie clip is blended with the previous processed frame before being "dreamed" on, moving the alpha from 0.5 to 1 and back again (so 50% previous image net created, 50% the movie frame, to taking 100% of the movie frame only). This takes care of "overfitting" on the frames and makes sure we don't iteratively build more and more "hallucinations" of the net and move away from the original movie clip.
Views: 1859915 Roelof Pieters
Deep Dream Photo Filter for Android
Deep Dream Photo Filter slightly distorts the image and tries to find objects and creatures in it. What it finds is always surprising and entertaining. Beautiful, psychedelic, sometimes horrifying. Go ever deeper by dreaming a photo that has already been dreamed - increasing the strangeness. The underlying concept is to let artificial neural networks, that have been trained on thousands of images from the internet, hallucinate their way of seeing the world onto the photos of the app user.
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We try out Deep Dream Get awesome games: http://www.g2a.com/PewDiePie Click Here To Become A Bro! ► http://bit.ly/JoinBroArmy Comments Here! ► http://bit.ly/BroComments Download My App! Apple ► http://bit.ly/AppleBro Android ► http://bit.ly/AndroidBro Check Out My Shop! ► http://bit.ly/ShopBro Get Awesome Games! ► http://www.g2a.com/PewDiePie Get My Headphones! ► http://rzr.to/QhxzU Twitter ► https://twitter.com/pewdiepie Facebook ► http://facebook.com/pewdiepie ----------------------------------------­--- Thanks for being a bro! ........... ...................__ ............./´¯/'...'/´¯¯`·¸ ........../'/.../..../......./¨¯\ ........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...') .........\.................'...../ ..........''...\.......... _.·´ ............\..............( BROFIST ...........
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Mo Deep Dream Filters
via http://dreamdeeply.com/ filters 1-16
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Deep dream test 3
A test example video made using Google's deep dream algorithm. Original image comes from Koh Ngai in Thailand. The image was iteratively passed through the deep dream algorithm without any zoom. The image is passed through the algorithm using the following layers, for 750 frames (30 seconds) each: inception_4e/pool inception_4e/pool_proj inception_5a/3x3_reduce inception_5a/pool inception_5b/3x3_reduce inception_5b/pool http://googleresearch.blogspot.ch/2015/06/inceptionism-going-deeper-into-neural.html
Views: 151 stevedotjoyntdotnet
White Rabbit (Remix) - trippy video of fractal deepdream hallucinations
You don't need to take psychedelic drugs like LSD to experience trippy, vivid hallucinations. Since Google released their #deepdream-algorithm, you can let your computer do the job. This is the first "guided" deepdream-zoom into the depth of a dreaming neural network. Music: Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit (Chillheimer Remix) Deepdream-Zoom: www.chillheimer.de/ Animation & VFX: www.matthiasrohrbach.de/ To download the song visit my Soundcloud page: https://soundcloud.com/chillheimer To find out more about how this was generated, visit: http://www.chillheimer.de/white-rabbit and thanks @ chris from https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3nA68Qj6AQ-wgNtkDVrfDw for helping me with the outro!
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Deep Dream Google Edit Photos with Deep Dream Google
what is google deep dream Edit Photos with Deep Dream Google deep dream deep dream google google deep dream deep dream generator deep dream video deep dream app deep dream filter deep dream online deep dream images deep dreamer deep dream video generator deep dream pictures deep dream gif deep dream neural network deep dream code deep dream reddit deep dream tutorial deep dream fear and loathing deep dream gallery deep dream mac deep dream vr deep dream docker deep dream google deep dream deep dream generator
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CS231n Lecture 9 - Visualization, Deep Dream, Neural Style, Adversarial Examples
Understanding and visualizing Convolutional Neural Networks Backprop into image: Visualizations, deep dream, artistic style transfer Adversarial fooling examples
Views: 12809 MachineLearner
How To Use Google Deep Dream for any photo
How to easily Google Deep Dream any photo using the http://dreamdeeply.com website.
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ALERT: Deep dream
Alert is a film by Jim Ether http://www.perisarc.com/ Please buy art from him! https://www.etsy.com/shop/JimEther The additional processing is from Google's deep dream project. https://github.com/google/deepdream Using DeepDreamAnim https://github.com/samim23/DeepDreamAnim The filters used are http://imgur.com/a/h2Nhl in exact order. Also, everything has been processed with "--flow 2"
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[ADVANCED] The Best Binaural Beats for a Deep Sleep
** PLEASE NOTE: If you're new to binaural beats, I highly recommend my "beginner" track: http://bit.ly/binauralbeginner Continue watching this video at your own risk! ** DOWNLOAD all my binaural beat content here: http://bit.ly/bestbinaural ** NO SOUND? Stereo headphones are REQUIRED in order for your brain to receive the benefits of this video! ** DISABLE any filters on your device (DTS, surround enhancers, bass boost, etc) as they will interfere with proper audio playback. After using Holosync and Hemi-Sync products to meditate and sleep for the last 10 years, I decided it was time to start making my own binaural beat tracks that didn't have all the extra sound effects and dated music added on top. Before making my own track, I came to YouTube and was shocked to see all the garbage there is out here. Unlock your codons with a DNA-healing miracle tone? Please. That's not remotely how binaural beats work... and 528 Hz is an annoying, uncomfortable tone to listen to. Schumann resonance doesn't apply here, either, because we're not vibrating every cell of the body with a loudspeaker, we're only playing gentle tones into the ears. This video isn't perfect, either, and much of the information contained in it has not yet been verified by perusing actual scientific research papers. There's a ton of information about binaural beats on the Internet, the vast majority of which is basically made-up trash. For now, based on what I know today, I'm certain that listening to the audio contained in this presentation (with stereo headphones) will help anybody enjoy a peaceful, restful, deep sleep ... or, at the very least, become very calm and relaxed. I used myself as a guinea pig and tested this track for a week before posting it here. I was thrilled with the results! As far as volume goes, make sure it's loud enough that you can clearly hear the tones in both ears, but quiet enough that you'll be able to fall asleep without being distracted by the noise. Enjoy! ** DISCLAIMER: I’m not a doctor, just a nerd who loves meditation and experimenting with new things. I test every binaural beat track on myself and make sure I'm happy with the result before I make it public. Ultimately, every person is going to have their own unique experience. Using this track is done at your own risk -- if you start to experience any negative effects, STOP using it!
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deep dream generator
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Deep Dreams - Sunflowers - two passes with various filters
What does a neural network #deepdream about? Mostly dogslugs and horror. Based on the following submissions: 1. Sunflowers - two passes with various filters by junkfood66 2. Clouds by migopod 3. Tacos that on lsd by supergeniuslevel2 4. Gnarly wood - 5 passes with 3 filters by junkfood66 5. Neural Remix by NasenSpray 6. Will Smith? by OakenGreen 7. The Sushi just walked off my mf'ing plate by supergeniuslevel2 8. Scarlett Johansson just got put into the machine by supergeniuslevel2 9. Fun with #pixelsorting and #deepdream by shurjoiftekhar 10. "You know what i'm saying Mean Dream" by Frogb3at Links: 1. http://www.reddit.com/r/deepdream/comments/3ejvau/sunflowers_two_passes_with_various_filters/ 2. http://www.reddit.com/r/deepdream/comments/3eieio/clouds/ 3. http://www.reddit.com/r/deepdream/comments/3ehw4m/tacos_that_on_lsd/ 4. http://www.reddit.com/r/deepdream/comments/3ek12c/gnarly_wood_5_passes_with_3_filters/ 5. http://www.reddit.com/r/deepdream/comments/3ei0j8/neural_remix/ 6. http://www.reddit.com/r/deepdream/comments/3ehzd3/will_smith/ 7. http://www.reddit.com/r/deepdream/comments/3eihi8/the_sushi_just_walked_off_my_mfing_plate/ 8. http://www.reddit.com/r/deepdream/comments/3eihcj/scarlett_johansson_just_got_put_into_the_machine/ 9. http://www.reddit.com/r/deepdream/comments/3ehcfc/fun_with_pixelsorting_and_deepdream/ 10. http://www.reddit.com/r/deepdream/comments/3ek0v1/you_know_what_im_saying_mean_dream/ it's coming by id4rustle - https://soundcloud.com/id4rustle/its-coming
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how to make deep dream images (easy)
link: https://dreamscopeapp.com/
Views: 1267 nombre apellido
Google Deep Dream in 16-Bit - Sega Genesis Google Deep Dream Images
Google's Deep Dream is a program that Google created when trying to train an artificial neural network how to better identify and search for images. That's the best way I can explain it...because its confusing as hell. Basically, it tries to analyze and predict layer after layer of an image to discern classifications and categorizations so that when you type 'teacup' into a Google Image search, you get results with thousands of pictures of teacups. The source code for the program, which was given the name "Deep Dream" was given to developers as a tool, and now there are sites where you can upload a picture and transform based on what Google's neural network would 'see' when it analyzes it. The results have been a bit trippy and a bit horrifying, as you will see in the video. Speaking of the video, I got the idea for this project after seeing a few Deep Dream slideshows around the internet. I couldn't help but imagine limitless the horrors that could be brought out of video games, quietly dwelling just beneath the surface in a place only Google could find. So I dumped a whole lot of screenshots I took in 16 -bit Sega Genesis video games into the Dreamscope Photo Filters app, and the results have given me enough nightmare fuel for the rest of my days on this Earth. The games featured are as follows: -Earthworm Jim -Battletoads -Ecco the Dolphin -General Chaos -Jurrassic Park -Jungle Strike -Paperboy -Streets of Rage 2 -Road Rash 3 -Shaq Fu -Super Street Fighter 2 -Sonic the Hedgehog 3 -ToeJam & Earl 2 I hope you enjoy this mind-bending adventure through a Sega hell! The song that plays in the video is "The Simple Complex" by UncleBibby. It is a free to use song that I found on https://freemusicarchive.org and you can view the creative commons license that protects it at http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/ For more music from UncleBibby, check out http://www.petermobeter.com/ All of the images were made using the Dreamscope Photo Filters https://dreamscopeapp.com/ I used the either the filters titled 'Trippy' and 'Self Transforming Machine Elves' and chose whichever image looked best of the two. Follow me on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/newjerseynick Watch live at http://www.twitch.tv/newjerseynick And if you are interested in my horror podcast, find it at http://www.slashercast.net
Views: 846 New Jersey Nick
Views: 138 Jason Mathews
*~Google Deep Dream Coma~* Door To Hell
I made this video by taking an image of the Door to Hell in Turkmenistan and giving it to Google's Deep Dream neural network. I took the result, and repeated the process. There are 127 total frames running at about 12.5 frames per second. I used Filter 6 on Deep Dream. I'll try to make later comas longer, but after 100 or so iterations the images stop changing noticeably, so there are definitely diminishing returns. -The original image is from Wikipedia, and is free to use. -Google released Deep Dream as open source. -The website that I used for this process is https://dreamdeeply.com/ I highly recommend you pay it a visit.
Views: 40 TrappedinaBrain
Adele - Hello
‘Hello' is taken from the new album, 25, out November 20. http://adele.com Available now from iTunes http://smarturl.it/itunes25 Available now from Amazon http://smarturl.it/25amazon Available now from Google Play http://smarturl.it/25gplay Available now at Target (US Only): http://smarturl.it/target25 Directed by Xavier Dolan, @XDolan Follow Adele on: Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Adele Twitter - https://twitter.com/Adele Instagram - http://instagram.com/Adele http://vevo.ly/jzAuJ1 Commissioner: Phil Lee Production Company: Believe Media/Sons of Manual/Metafilms Director: Xavier Dolan Executive Producer: Jannie McInnes Producer: Nancy Grant/Xavier Dolan Cinematographer: André Turpin Production design : Colombe Raby Editor: Xavier Dolan Adele's lover : Tristan Wilds
Views: 2499435895 AdeleVEVO
Deep Dream flower
Neural network interpretation of a flower at increasing levels of abstraction. Based on code from https://github.com/llSourcell/deep_dream_challenge/blob/master/deep_dream.py
Views: 57 Donald Hobson
[ADVANCED] The Best Binaural Beats for a Deep Sleep (90-Minute Sleep Cycle)
** PLEASE NOTE: If you're new to binaural beats, I highly recommend my "beginner" track: http://bit.ly/binauralbeginner Continue watching this video at your own risk! ** DOWNLOAD all my binaural beat content here: http://bit.ly/bestbinaural ** NO SOUND? Stereo headphones are REQUIRED! ** DISABLE any filters on your device (DTS, surround enhancers, bass boost, etc) as they will interfere with proper audio playback. By popular demand, here's a longer binaural beat video designed to help you get an even BETTER sleep than the last one! :) This video is designed to help you fall asleep quickly, and sleep as deeply as possible, for one full sleep cycle. Sleep cycles vary in length from person to person, but are generally 90 minutes in length. After that, you can take off your headphones, roll onto your side (or whatever makes you happy) and enjoy an excellent night of natural sleep. I personally can't sleep with headphones for an entire 6-8 hours, but if you really want a super-long track I can make you one... :) Over the course of the night, the first sleep cycle is usually the deepest, with most body repair and release of growth hormone occurring while the brain is in the deep Delta state. To help you get as many of those positive benefits as possible, this track goes all the way down to 0.2 Hz. ** DISCLAIMER: I’m not a doctor, just a nerd who loves meditation and experimenting with new things. I test every binaural beat track on myself and make sure I'm happy with the result before I make it public. Ultimately, every person is going to have their own unique experience. Using this track is done at your own risk -- if you start to experience any negative effects, STOP using it!
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Walking Deep Dream
Images Made by ~the wizard Audio Made by Zithryl https://soundcloud.com/zithryl
Views: 393 Project Project
SPACE ODYSSEY | Deep White Noise For Focus, Power Naps or Sleep | Sounds Like Star Trek TNG Engine
BUY SPACE ODYSSEY MP3: https://goo.gl/A8L9ZO The deep rumble of a spaceship's engine is your constant companion on an interstellar voyage. Its pulsating sound will calm your mind and take you to a place of focus or sleep, whichever you choose. Similar to the sound of the idling engine from Star Trek The Next Generation, we crafted this 10-hour track starting with brown noise and then used 14 EQ filters to create the perfect ambiance. (48 Khz, Stereo, Hi-Def) The audio is designed to help you calm your mind so you can study better, maintain focus at work, power nap or sleep all night long. Achieve better results, then let us know how it works for you. © Relaxing White Noise LLC, 2014. All rights reserved. Any reproduction or republication of all or part of this video/audio is prohibited.
Views: 2464473 Relaxing White Noise
Second Prize Google Deep Dream
Ever wonder what a Second Prize video would look like using Google's Deep Dream A.I. software? Well, wonder no more! Here's a quick look at three filters (animals, trippy, and eyes) using the software Deep Dreamer, which is available here http://realmacsoftware.com/deepdreamer/
Views: 502 Second Prize
Google Deep Dream, A stormtrooper and his phone
Was thinking about my droid when someone mentioned why not an Apple product, all I could think to respond was with a Google image search for a storm trooper with an I-Phone.
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Snapchat Tipp: Abgefahrene Videos - Faceswap mit Dreamscope kombinieren
Wirklich abgefahrene Snapchat (ich:ulrich1000) Filter selber erstellen? Mit der kostenlosen Dreamscopeapp könnt ihr Bilder von euch durch Filter jagen. Diese basieren auf dem Deep Dream Projekt von Google, dass die Frage stellt wie Computer träumen wurden. Die Bilder dann abspeichern und dann mit dem Snapchat Faceswap Filter kombinieren. Fertig ist der animierte Deep Dream. Snapchat Face Swap nutzen: 1. Erweiterte Filter in den Einstellungen aktivieren 2. Kamera auf Selfie Modus stellen 3. Lange auf eigenes Gesicht drücken bis es erkannt wird 4. Auf den letzten Filter (faceswap) gehen 5. Dreamscope Bild einstellen Achtung: Auf dreamscopeapp.com kann man alles hochladen und so finden sich dort auch nicht jugendfrei Sachen. Auf meiner https://dreamscopeapp.com/u/1000lights Gallerie gibt's so etwas nicht. In Teil 2. erklärt ein Wissenschaftler wie Deep Dream funktioniert: https://youtu.be/DpeLY_jiHHg Alles zu dem Thema auf meiner Seite: http://tausend-medien.de/2016/snapchat-tipp-mit-faceswap-und-dreamscope/ Mehr kreative Smartphone Tipps gibt es auf http://mobileclipfestival.de. Mehr Snapchat Stories? Ich war gerade auf der Tincon und habe mit Licht gemalt und eifrig gesnappchattet. Die Stories lade ich noch hier hin: http://alighttoremember.de/tinlight.
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TED Talks - What FACEBOOK And GOOGLE Are Hiding From The World - The Filter Bubble
An important TED Talk by Eli Pariser regarding search engines and social networks tailoring your search results using relevance algorithms based on your web history. THE BOOK - New York Times Bestseller The Filter Bubble: How the New Personalized Web Is Changing What We Read and How We Think by Eli Parser - http://amzn.to/1oBgLBQ 0:15 - Mark Zuckerburg quote to journalist regarding "relevance" 0:40 - Eli's idea of the internet while growing up in Maine 1:00 - Invisible shift in the way information is flowing online 1:27 - Conservative friends had dropped out of his facebook news feed 1:35 - Facebook was looking at what links I clicked on 1:55 - "Invisible algorithmic editing of the web." - Google too 2:15 - There are 57 signals Google looks at to tailor search query results 2:58 - Side by side comparison of Google search results from two different friends using the same search query. Dramatically different 3:25 - This is sweeping the web. Yahoo, Huffington Post, New York Times, etc 3:45 - "A world in which the internet is showing us what it thinks we want to see but not necessarily what we NEED to see." 4:11 - Algorithmic "Filter Bubble" 4:38 - Researchers at Netflix recognized users interesting dualistic struggle 5:28 - Blending "Information Vegetables" with "Information Desserts" 6:05 - Gatekeepers of information old and new 6:35 - No current algorithmic ethics like broadcast editors of old 6:44 - If alogrithms are going to curate the world for us then... 7:19 - Functioning democracy requires citizens to get a good flow of information 7:44 - "New Gatekeepers" need to encode ethical & civic responsibility into algorithms 8:11 - Transparency in filters and some control in what gets filtered 8:25 - Closing Statement - Need the internet to be that thing we all thought it could be... 9:05 - End of TED Talk and beginning of promo for an innovative prosthetics company TED Talk given in Long Beach, California in February of 2011 As a response to this video I wrote the article, "The Filter Bubble - What the Internet is Hiding From You" and can be read here: http://doctorscotthealth.com/social/f... If you have any extra information regarding the current status of this topic in response to this TED Talk by Eli please let me know so I can update my article accordingly. Hope you enjoy this great TED Talk!
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Dreaming of Perfect Love
This is the second in a series a technical demos for "--flow 2" used in combination with Deepdreamanim. The song is "Perfect Love" by The Residents. From the collection of one minute movies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTJJb1UqjuA The additional processing is from Google's deep dream project. https://github.com/google/deepdream Using DeepDreamAnim https://github.com/samim23/DeepDreamAnim A further note, I used the next ten deep dream filters listed here http://imgur.com/a/h2Nhl
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Space Dream 360° Demo
View the updated video here: https://youtu.be/Yv-GFPcwnhQ Download the free experience at https://www.SpaceDreamVR.com Space Dream VR is a Virtual Reality Music Visualizer. The demo is compatible with the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive & Standard Desktop PC Modes, and supports keyboard, gamepad & motion controllers. You can also download on Steam, the Oculus Store & Viveport. https://www.Oculus.com/experiences/rift/1228845373904936/ http://Store.Steampowered.com/app/645130/Space_Dream_VR/ https://www.viveport.com/apps/7b0a467d-53ef-490f-92a3-0430bfe3dd1a To follow updates on the game, check out my facebook at https://www.facebook.com/spacedreamvr/
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[GENTLE] The Best Binaural Beats for a Restful Sleep (90-Minute Sleep Cycle)
** DOWNLOAD all my binaural beat content here: http://bit.ly/bestbinaural ** NO SOUND? Stereo headphones are REQUIRED! ** DISABLE any filters on your device (DTS, surround enhancers, bass boost, etc) as they will interfere with proper audio playback. THANK YOU ALL for the great feedback! Here's a new track that's designed to be gentle for people who are new to binaural beats. :) Just put on your headphones, close your eyes and get ready for the best sleep of your life. Binaural beats can be a bit of a workout for the brain. If you haven't experienced them before, it can be like trying to lift a weight that's too heavy for you. This track goes into Delta more slowly than in my previous videos, to give your brain more time to adjust. It also doesn't go as deep -- but rest assured, 2.0Hz will have you feeling VERY relaxed! In the first 30 minutes, you'll go from the alert Beta state through the REM (dreaming) state to the super-relaxed Delta state. You'll stay in Delta for 45 minutes then ease back into the REM state, to complete one full sleep cycle. Sleep cycles vary in length from person to person, but are generally 90 minutes in length. After that, you can take off your headphones and enjoy an excellent night of natural sleep. Be sure to DISABLE any post-processing on your listening device (DTS, surround enhancers, bass boost, etc) as it will interfere with proper audio playback. ** DISCLAIMER: I’m not a doctor, just a nerd who loves meditation and experimenting with new things. I test every binaural beat track on myself and make sure I'm happy with the result before I make it public. Ultimately, every person is going to have their own unique experience. Using this track is done at your own risk -- if you start to experience any negative effects, STOP using it!
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An image recognition network dreams about every object it knows. Part 2/2: non-animals.
Network used: VGG CNN-S (pretrained with Imagenet) There are 1000 output neurons in the network, one for each image recognition category. In this video, the output of each of these neurons is separately amplified using backpropagation (i.e. deep dreaming). The middle line shows the category title of the amplified neuron. The bottom line shows the category title of the highest competing neuron. Color coding: green = amplification very succesful (second tier far behind), yellow = close competition with the second tier, red = this is the second tier. Some parameters adjusted mid-rendering, sorry. Music used: - Richard Bayliss - Plain Juicy Pop - Flotsam - Chase - AMJ - Thrust Me (based on Rob Hubbard - Thrust) - Jonathan Dunn - Ocean Loader 5
˚˚˚∆∆∆ __ DEEP HOUSE DREAMS 3 __ ∆∆∆˚˚˚ ‡‡‡‡ TRACKLISTING AND TIMES BELOW ‡‡‡‡ Follow JB and Soundasyoulike here: https://facebook.com/soundasyoulike1 https://soundcloud.com.soundasyoulike ««DOWNLOAD THIS MIX HERE«« http://www62.zippyshare.com/v/56234944/file.html 3rd episode of Deep House Dreams Digitally Mixed by JB using Filter/Loop/Delay techniques This mix starts deep and uplifting and ventures darker towards the end. Enjoy. 1: Ultraista - Gold Dayz (Maribou State Remix) 0:00-3:52 2. Unknown - Almost 3:52-7:15 3. Wayward - Marvin 7:15-12:06 4. Nora En Pure - Sweet Melody (Teenage Mutants Remix) 12:06-17:49 5. KlangKuenstler - Barfus Auf Wolken (Club Mix) 17:49-23:20 6. Bluford Duck - Shoulder To Cry On 23:20-28:50 7. Bicep & Ejeca - You (Piano Version) 28:50-34:18 8. L'Aquarium - Eyes Of Love (Extended Mix) 34:18-39:20 9. Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch - Good Vibrations (Bodhi Mix) 39:20-43:18 10. Blonde - I Loved You 43:18-46:26 11. Gabe & Thomaz Krauze - Secret Place 46:26-52:25 12. Croatia Squad - Be Good To Me 52:25-57:52 13. Yousef ft. Charli Taft - I See (Shadow Child Remix) 57:52-1:00:57 14. New York Transit Authority - 95 1:00:57-1:06:18 15. Bizarre Inc - Playing With Knives (Clouded Judgement Re-Work) 1:06:18-1:11:22 16. Three Bar - Groove On 1:11:22-1:15:26 17. Gui Boratto - We Can Go 1:15:26-1:20:02 You can follow SAYL Artists from the Souncloud.com/soundasyoulike page and check out our latest releases. Big appreciation once again to Arnaud for his brilliant productions. Follow L'Aquarium here: https://soundcloud.com/djlaquarium Check also Cosmic JD's latest e.p Holographic Lust here: https://soundcloud.com/soundasyoulike/sets/holographic-lust-e-p-by-cosmic If you enjoy this mix do not forget to download it from the link above. Come and visit the pages and join us through a journey through the deep side of house. It's all love :)
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Machine dreams
Watch a deep convolutional neural network dream. The prediction machine is repeatedly run backwards to disclose what most interests particular internal nodes. Approximately 150 trillion floating-point operations in total.
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Dreaming of Nothing
This is more of a technical demo than anything else for "--flow 1" used in combination with Deepdreamanim. Dining room/There is Nothing is the original video http://davidbearle.com/nothing.html One youtube link is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ns1SGo3WCF4 The song is "Stuck in a Loop" by Devo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKjFEa2xv4g The additional processing is from Google's deep dream project. https://github.com/google/deepdream Using DeepDreamAnim https://github.com/samim23/DeepDreamAnim A further note, I used the first ten deep dream filters listed here http://imgur.com/a/h2Nhl The original thought was to do all 80 filters, but after this first 10, I have decided against it. Though I may come back to this idea, and perhaps the dining room, at a later time.
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Lucid Dreaming and Out of Body Experiences
Podcast #35 - Tj finally had an out of body experience! I hope he didn't die. Go ahead and share you experiences with us! #Luciddreaming #obe #podcast Welcome to the Calvin TJ Podcast! Memes, and Topics. There is NO filter here so if you’re young, be sure you don’t tell your parents you’re watching us :) Main Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ironmenfan1 Go Follow Calvin: Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/kuyacalvin Instagram: http://instagram.com/calvincabiling Twitter: https://twitter.com/kuyacalvin Go follow Tj: Instagram: http://instagram.com/tjhunt_ Twitter: https://twitter.com/tjhunt Snapchat: Teeeg28 Send Stuff to us here: 14781 Pomerado Rd. #115 Poway, CA 92064
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8 Hours Of Mind Re-Programming | Confidence, Well Being, Motivation & Success
8 Hours of Spoken Positive Affirmations for Deep sleep programming - personal development & Spiritual growth! Manifest Miracles, magic and amazing opportunities with these powerful law of attraction affirmations. Affirmations are useful in wiring the brain with positive & optimistic thinking! From positive thinking comes more positive emotions and less stress and anxiety. This is a powerful tool you can use to plant positive seeds into your subconscious mind to increase your sense of well being, joy, motivation, inner peace, happiness, love and improve the success you're having in all aspects of your life. With more positive emotional patterns, we are more likely to follow our dreams and awaken our true potential! Time to activate our higher mind! The law of attraction works! This audio can be used to program your subconscious mind while sleeping. ( Sleep affirmations ) Listening while sleeping, the affirmations bypasses the filters of the conscious mind and sinks even deeper into the subconscious enhancing the effects! Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. http://www.christopherlloydclarke.com ................................. WHAT ARE AFFIRMATIONS: http://www.powerthoughtsmeditationclub.com/what-are-affirmations/ HOW TO USE AFFIRMATIONS http://www.powerthoughtsmeditationclub.com/how-to-use-affirmations/ ……………………. DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: https://powerthoughtsmeditationclub.dpdcart.com/product/134544 We are forever grateful to everyone that supports us just by tuning in to our channel, and for all you who buy our meditations, solfeggios and music! You make it POSSIBLE for us to continue our life purpose! From our hearts we Thank You! ……………………… POWERTHOUGHTS MEDITATION CLUB We are very proud of our hard work and commitment to create HIGH quality Guided Meditations, Affirmation audios, Hypnosis sessions, Solfeggios and Relaxing Music. We put our Heart and Soul into every video we create with the intention to create something valuable for YOU, so you can walk the path of life feeling much more positive, conscious and empowered. Our a grand mission and lifepurpose is to raise the energy vibration of our planet and to make this world a more Loving - Peaceful and Joyful place for ALL life. To help and inspire YOU and the other millions of people listening to our audios to awaken to that awesome POWER we have within us. Prepare to open up the gates and let the pure lifeforce from YOUR HIGHER SELF flow through you NOW. Enjoy your journey. For Your Freedom, Love and Joy, Kenneth & Alexander - PTMC ……………………… SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL - IT`S FREE Please Subscribe to our channel, because it helps us to raise the vibration of our planet and together we can make our world a better place for ALL life. Thank You. Subscribe ➤ https://www.youtube.com/user/PowerThoughtsClub?sub_confirmation=1 ……………………… INTERACT WITH US HERE ➤ Facebook: http://facebook.com/powerthoughtsmeditationclub PTMC Blog: http://PowerThoughtsMeditationClub.com Newsletter: Sign up for tips and tricks for personal and spiritual growth http://bit.ly/1NPgHES Channel: You may enjoy our other videos as well. Check them out here ➤ http://youtube.com/PowerThoughtsClub .............................. ENJOY OUR PLAYLISTS HERE: GUIDED MEDITATIONS http://bit.ly/1RRuZbN AFFIRMATIONS ➤ SUBCONSCIOUS PROGRAMMING http://bit.ly/1TLFam6 SOLFEGGIO FREQUENCIES WITH MEDITATION MUSIC http://bit.ly/1QDNSif SOLFEGGIO FREQUENCIES WITH NATURE SOUND http://bit.ly/1p8evCm PURE TONE OF SOLFEGGIO FREQUENCIES http://bit.ly/1Tt7fOx RELAXING AND SOOTHING MEDITATION MUSIC http://bit.ly/1W9gSQv SLEEP PROGRAMMING AND LUCID DREAMING http://bit.ly/1R77kRn ACTIVATE YOUR HIGHER MIND AFFIRMATIONS http://bit.ly/1RA9ppE CHAKRA HEALING AND ACTIVATION WITH GUIDED MEDITATION http://bit.ly/1RRxBGO SOLFEGGIO FREQUENCIES WITH NAVAJO DRUMS http://bit.ly/1R7H7bN HYPNOSIS AND GUIDED MEDITATION http://bit.ly/24R7Hdm MANTRA CHANTING - MUSIC & MEDITATION http://bit.ly/1RA9sBQ ..............................
Deep Dream: Dark Crystal
Dark Crystal processed with Deep Dream
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