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Compare & Contrast men vs. women college education
Compare & Contrast men vs. women college education-- Created using PowToon -- Free sign up at http://www.powtoon.com/join -- Create animated videos and animated presentations for free. PowToon is a free tool that allows you to develop cool animated clips and animated presentations for your website, office meeting, sales pitch, nonprofit fundraiser, product launch, video resume, or anything else you could use an animated explainer video. PowToon's animation templates help you create animated presentations and animated explainer videos from scratch. Anyone can produce awesome animations quickly with PowToon, without the cost or hassle other professional animation services require.
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50 REAL Differences Between Men & Women
Brain scans, controlled studies, evolutionary psychology, and anthropology, demonstrate that men and women are not the same! We are physically & mentally different. We input, process and deliver information differently. We evolved with different priorities, and we are marinated in different combinations of hormones. This leads to a misaligned interpretation of reality...which creates conflict, not only in our love lives, but in our family lives, and the lives of our children. The following is a list of 50 of these differences...perhaps if we're aware of them, we can interact with more empathy, and better logic. More content manifesting...SUBSCRIBE! Script & sources - http://bravetheworld.com/2016/08/09/50-real-differences-men-women/ BTC- 3FBavxzCkSTsx7rSgnUKRM13mkm2UzH2i2 ETH- 0x12B7d6B39E42b65B44270D780ac7AA0296994108 Monero- 4GdoN7NCTi8a5gZug7PrwZNKjvHFmKeV11L6pNJPgj5QNEHsN6eeX3DaAQFwZ1ufD4LYCZKArktt113W7QjWvQ7CWG6WesjaUCv2SQgK39 Patreon- https://www.patreon.com/bravetheworld Paypal- http://bravetheworld.com (see right column) Website- http://bravetheworld.com/ FB- https://www.facebook.com/bravetheworld Harass me @BraveTheWorld Credits/Mentions How to Fight a Baby (Gavin Mcinnes)- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTWfqi3-3qU The Tragic Tale of David Reimer- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUTcwqR4Q4Y Featured artists: Alberto Vargas & Danni Shinya Luo (Soft Candy) Featured movies: Gone with the Wind & It Happened One Night Shout outs: To my sister for putting up with me & helping me film, & to Ash N. & Chris B. for edits & suggestions. Music: You're Not Going Anywhere by Brad Sucks - http://bit.ly/1d0OYxC
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INFJ Male Vs Female Experiences / The Masculine vs Feminine INFJ
INFJs have a stereotypically masculine temperament (IJ) and stereotypically feminine values. (NF) This creates some strong contrast between INFJ men and women. ►►► https://www.patreon.com/erikthor https://www.erikthor.com ►►► Hey! My name is Erik Thor and I recently started my own independent website exploring personality psychology, flow and neuroscience. ►►► I practice a mix of jungian typology and Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Theory. I am strongly influenced by Neojungian Typology neojungiantypology.com. It's typology, but based on neuroscience and psychology.
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5 Real Physical Differences Between Men & Women!
So obviously there are physical differences between men and women. But besides the obvious ones, what else actually is there? Well in this list ill be showing you 5 real physical differences between men and women. ------------------------------------------------------- Vlog Channel: http://www.youtube.com/more5 Twitter: https://twitter.com/OfficialAll5 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sam_all5 Website: http://www.All5.me ------------------------------------------------------- 5) Fat Distribution There is a significant difference between men and women when it comes to fat distribution. When a male gains weight, normally the extra fat starts building on their belly's. Where as for females it usually sets on their behind and thighs. A trait I'm sure most men are thankful for. But it isn't just fat distribution that men and women are different. In fact in general women find it harder to lose weight than men. This is because men burn calories faster than women. 4) How we see Men and women see things differently. For example women have better night vision than men, better visual memory and can see more of the red end of the colour spectrum. However men have the advantage in other parts of vision. Depth perception, distance vision and lighted environments are all where men have the upper hand. And maybe you've noticed that women blink twice as often as men, this is said to be because of higher levels of estrogen in their system. Another difference is that men are ten times more likely to be colour blind. 3) Illness Despite men being on average physically stronger than women were not as tough when it comes to disease. Men are much more prone to nearly every illness than women. So why are women so much more resistant to disease then men? Well its said to be due to the fact that a women's body produces more cortin than men. But there are a few diseases then women get more often. Breast cancer being an obvious one, female reproductive disorders and benign tumors. But apart from that men top the list when it comes to disease. We also tend to not live as long. 2) Fingers You can tell a lot by looking at ones fingers. Generally speaking men's index fingers are shorter than their ring fingers. And in females its the other way round. You see the length of the ring finger reveals the amount of male hormones. So this trait can be off, as some men have less male hormones than others. 1) Organs Generally speaking men are naturally bigger than women. In fact on average men are about 10% bigger than women. However when it comes to the organs, women have bigger livers, stomachs, thyroid glands and kidneys. They also generally have lower blood pressure and a faster heartbeat. Men on the other hand have bigger hearts and lungs.
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8 Qualities Women Find Attractive In Men
To learn more about 8 Qualities Women Find Attractive In Men, CLICK HERE: https://www.howtoapproachher.com/secrets/ Women value as positive and emphasize certain characteristics in men, while they hate many others. Among the features they like about a man are: 1. With a sense of humor. This is one of the things women value the most in a man, even more than the physical aspect and wallet in many cases. When the couple endures, what is left is to have fun together, laugh, have a good time, take it with humor. Therefore, a man who has good sense of humor, who can laugh at himself and in turn makes people laugh and amuses others is very important. 2. Smart. Intelligence is an important value that women appreciate greatly. It's not about being a smart ass, a person who knows all the subjects, gives his view about everything and is always right. But an intelligent man, educated, studious, that demonstrates his knowledge and intelligence to know how to handle certain situations. 3. With Emotional Intelligence. Emotional intelligence, empathy, knowing how to take the place of the other and create an emotional bond is very valuable for women. Sympathetic men, containers, do not cease to be male and seducers. 4. Companion. Companionship is a trait highly valued by women. This ranges from daily details that may seem insignificant like getting up for breakfast together, going shopping together, performing household chores together, accompanying her in everyday activities, etc. And to support and accompany her in the most important and significant moments. 5. Protectors. Women love men who give them safety, security, confidence. 6. Responsible. Responsible, who knows what his responsibilities and obligations are and fulfill them, seduce women well. For example, men who have children and care for them, change diapers, get up at dawn, etc. 7. Who knows how to enjoy life. Active men, who dare, who risk, passionate, funny, adventurous, who enjoy life, who like to go out, travel, learn, live the moment intensely, etc., are very attractive to women. In contrast, men with little will, bored, listless, etc., do not seduce at all. 8. Who like to talk. Men generally are rather quiet, evade talks and chats with their partners. But women give much importance to being able to talk things, exchange ideas, present arguments, etc., and value when the man is willing to do so. To learn more about 8 Qualities Women Find Attractive In Men, CLICK HERE: https://www.howtoapproachher.com/secrets/ ----------------------------------------- FOR MORE VIDEOS LIKE THIS, SUBSCRIBE TO THIS CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkwcu77254CvudmXRfcTaDg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Yk2Sn88wrM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32KaFcBl1ME https://www.facebook.com/How-to-approach-her-389336748108924/ https://www.pinterest.com/jrodrigu4/how-to-approach-her/ https://www.howtoapproachher.com This presentation contains images that were used under a Creative Commons License. Click here to see the full list of images and attributions: https://app.contentsamurai.com/cc/39476
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Top 10 Men Baseball Caps [2018]: Beechfield Unisex Ultimate 5 Panel Contrast Baseball Cap With
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8 Things That Guys Test a Woman For (and how to pass them)
8 Things That Guys Test a Woman For (and how to pass them) Purchase my course "The Psychological Game of Attraction": https://dalexis-school.thinkific.com WORK WITH ME 1-1: https://mindfulattraction.org/inner-game-coaching/ Purchase seminars & books: https://mindfulattraction.org/new-products-1/ JOIN MY FB GROUP: https://www.facebook.com/groups/mindfulattraction20 Follow me on twitter for updates: Twitter.com/dalexispe Follow me on instagram: @dalexisp 8 Things That Guys Test a Woman For (and how to pass them) 1.level of neediness: Nothing makes a guy lose interest more than insecurity, or neediness. Guys area always looking out for needy women to either run away from or control. If you notice that you keep getting in the wrong relationship or losing the guys prematurely, most likely is because of neediness. Learn to dis-identitfy from your neediness by becoming present of it. The more present you become, the less needy you’ll be. 2.the type of relationship you want to have: Most guys are open to whatever type of relationship arises. But the problem is that guys don’t want to feel forced. Most women that want a relationship will try to force it by directly stating what they want. Instead, learn to disguise it. If you want a relationship, show interest, but externally friend zone him. Make him feel like he has to earn the relationship status. Talk about other guys who you were in a relationship and talk about how difficult it is for you to find a guy you really like. This will present to him a challenge that he’ll try to overcome. 3.your sexual promiscuity: Most guys are trying to gauge whether or not the girl he’s talking to is a thot. So the best thing to do is that if you’re sexually promiscuous is to disguise it. Don’t be overly sexual if you’re a sexual woman. Have an air of innocence as your front. Have a little girl quality to you that will give the perfect contrast once he figures out that you’re a freak. This contrast will provide you with the necessary padding to show your aggressive sexual nature. 4.your level of self respect: Guys will test your level of self respect in subtle ways. So the best thing to do is to have pre disposed boundaries that you will and will not accept. The more a guy senses that you have high level of respect the more attracted he’s going to become. 5.Her level of compliance: A man will see how much you’re willing to do without protest. Have predisposed values so that you don’t become a yes woman who’s constantly doing everything for her man. 6.If you actually like them: guys are insecure, and they are always afraid of rejection. So learn to show that you like them by validating them. Encourage him to chase by rewarding his efforts. Don’t be afraid to show that you like them. As long as you mix hot and cold, he’ll stay interested even when you show interest. 7.if they can get without having to give back: Men want an easy time. Men want you to invest without them having to invest. Don’t let him get away with that. Make him work for your attention. Make him work for what you give to him. Learn to give as a reward from time to time. Be timely. Don’t just reward for no reason. 8.If you have other options: It’s important to have other options in order to make a guy appreciate you more. It increases your value as a woman because you have other men wanting you. Show that you have friends and other social groups outside of him. Whenever he knows you are dependent on him, it fuels men. Take that away by making him feel and see that you have support. This will take away power from him and back to you. Men who know that they’re the sole provider and source of positive emotions become corrupted. Avoid this by surrounding yourself with a strong support system. This will also instill fear of losing you which will also increase your value as a woman
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Why Women Love To Shop And Men Hate It - MGTOW
Why Women Love To Shop And Men Hate It - MGTOW From article http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/DyeHard/women-love-shop-men-dont-blame-evolution/story?id=9281875 You see it in every shopping mall: men sitting outside the clothing store waiting for the wife to come out. Why is it that women love to try on every pair of shoes before deciding whether to buy anything at all, and men want to get out of the mall seconds after they get in? It's all in the genes, according to Daniel Kruger, an evolutionary psychologist at the University of Michigan. Kruger argues that it's natural for women to love to shop and men to hate it because of our evolutionary past. Men were the hunters in our ancestral cultures, so when they find a satisfactory specimen, whether it's an elk or a pair of shoes, they want to shoot it and get out before it gets away. Women, by contrast, were the primary gatherers in early hunter-gatherer cultures, so they feel a need to check every berry on the bush to make sure they're getting the best deal. That's why, during this holiday season, you're likely to see a lot of men cooling their heels, and a lot of women shopping until they drop. It's mandated (or should we say human-dated) by the evolutionary progress that guided us out of the woods and into the mall. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Built By Men Made For Women - MGTOW" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CAxRjxRergY -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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How Women WANT Men To Dress! 5 Style Secrets For ROCKING Monochromatic Looks
Anson Belt: http://ansonbelt.com I think the gift box is the best option, you get to mix and match straps and buckles (3 straps/2 buckles). Treat yourself and your pants! Special alpha m. thank you to Anson Belt for keeping my pants up in style and for sponsoring this awesome video! Pete & Pedro RIGHTPRODUCT25 for 25% Off ENTIRE Order! http://peteandpedro.com P&P Salt: https://peteandpedro.com/product/salt/ P&P Putty: https://peteandpedro.com/product/putty/ Invest in YOUR FACE, start using Tiege Hanley http://tiege.com Enter the code PROJECT25 for 25% off your first system All promotion and advertising inquiries: [email protected] Check out my NEW website: http://www.alpham.com The BEST Hair Styling Products http://www.peteandpedro.com Check Out My Favorite Product The Fashion Anchor http://www.fashionanchor.com All Things Alpha M. http://www.alpham.com Pete & Pedro: http://www.peteandpedro.com My Website: http://www.iamalpham.com My Services and Products: http://www.aaronmarino.com Best Hair Product: http://www.peteandpedro.com Tiege Hanley Skin Care: http://www.tiege.com Best Grooming Tool: http://bit.ly/2tiyTXO Alpha M. App: http://www.alphamapp.com/ Best Hair Product: http://www.peteandpedro.com Free Hairstyle E-Book: http://www.iamalpham.com/ezine FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/IAmAlphaM Twitter: https://twitter.com/IAmAlphaM Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aaronmarino/ My Businesses: http://www.alpham.com Alpha M. Consulting: http://www.aaronmarino.com i am alpha m: http://www.iamalpham.com Pete & Pedro: http://www.peteandpedro.com MENfluential Media: http://www.menfluential.com Monochromatic fashion contains or uses one color. In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, Pete & Pedro , and Fashion Anchor says he gets more attention from women when he wears monochromatic looks. Here's how he does it. Monochromatic Mandates 1. Use contrast for flow 2. Vary the textures of items 3. Don't forget the patterns 4. Don't forget the accessories 5. Go all black when all else fails - it's killer! The Best Belt EVER Alpha says Anson Belt and Buckle is the best belt he's ever worn. The belt is one-size-fits-all, and Alpha displays how to customize by cutting off the excess. The buckle is then inserted and locked down with micro-adjustments. Alpha is an Anson Belt Fan Boy! The belts are available in canvas, nylon, leather as well as Anson offers a multitude of buckles. Mix and Match -- make it your own! Alpha has not worn another belt since StyleCon. The best deal is 3 straps and 2 buckles for $100.
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Women Have A Shelf Life, Men Don't
A woman's period of highest attractiveness generally comes early in life, only to come crashing down around middle age. By contrast, most men continuously gain in appeal well into old age. This video explores why.
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What Style Glasses Do Women Find MOST Attractive On Men
Sign up at GlassesUSA.com for 50% off + free shipping: http://bit.ly/AlphaM_GlassesUSA_LP Face Shape blog: http://bit.ly/AlphaM_FaceShapeBlog My Glasses: Muse M5181- http://bit.ly/AlphaM_Muse_M5181 Amsterdam - http://bit.ly/AlphaM_Amsterdam Muse M7880 - http://bit.ly/AlphaM_Muse_M7880 Shabazi - http://bit.ly/AlphaM__Shabazi Muse M Modern Tortoise - http://bit.ly/AlphaM_Muse_M_Modern_Tortoise Muse M Modern Gray/Clear - http://bit.ly/AlphaM_Muse_M_Modern_Gray Reed - http://bit.ly/AlphaM_Reed Ottoto Pisa - http://bit.ly/AlphaM_Ottoto_Pisa Stepper - http://bit.ly/AlphaM_Stepper BEST Men's Skin Care http://www.tiege.com Pete & Pedro: http://www.peteandpedro.com My Website: http://www.iamalpham.com My Services and Products: http://www.aaronmarino.com Best Hair Product: http://www.peteandpedro.com Best Grooming Tool: http://amzn.to/1ri4OTn Tiege Hanley Skin Care: http://www.tiege.com All promotion and advertising inquiries: [email protected] Alpha M. App: http://www.alphamapp.com/ Best Hair Product: http://www.peteandpedro.com Best Grooming Tool: http://amzn.to/1YrOnCJ Free Hairstyle E-Book: http://www.iamalpham.com/ezine Pete & Pedro: http://www.peteandpedro.com FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/IAmAlphaM Twitter: https://twitter.com/IAmAlphaM Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aaronmarino/ My Businesses: Alpha M. Consulting: http://www.aaronmarino.com i am alpha m: http://www.iamalpham.com Pete & Pedro: http://www.peteandpedro.com MENfluential Media: http://www.menfluential.com StyleCon: http://www.mensstylecon.com Tiege Hanley: http://www.Tiege.com Growing up, Alpha had 20/20 vision. About five years ago, an exam revealed he needed glasses. He was pretty psyched because glasses, when chosen properly, can elevate your sexiness! In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro says that 87% of chicks find men who wear glasses super sexy. All glasses are not created equally. Alpha is going over style of frames that women find most attractive. GlassesUSA is Alpha's go-to place for affordable frames, starting at $48 including prescription. Accessorizing with glasses is more affordable so you can have different pairs for day, evening, weekends, and more! GlassesUSA also offers free shipping and returns. Glasses make every dude more attractive... why? 1. Look more intelligent 2. Make a stylist statement 3. Balance, interest, and detail to your face 4. Look friendly 5. Look more confident BUT you also have to knock it out of the 'eyewear park'... how? 1. Frames need to fit your face - Alpha gives examples. Pay attention to your face shape - compliment and contrast. Round face shape needs structured glasses; whereas, angular face needs a softer frame. Use the Face Shape Guide 2. Choose glasses that are the right color for you - for example, if you are light complexion, go with lighter frames. 3. Make a style statement - step outside of you box. You will never know if you never try! Try the frames on via the GlassesUSA online feature. Frames Women Find Most Attractive The Full Frame The Brow Line Type Frame
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Difference Between Men And Women |amazing facts|
Women VS Men: Differences Between Genders Illustration How Differently Men And Women See The World It is no secret that men and women don’t see eye to eye on certain things. I bet most of us have witnessed or even been in one of those situations where a guy thinks he’s complimenting a woman and she takes the compliment for insult… To make it a bit more clear about how men and women see the world around them differently Alex Distasi and Nomi Kane have created a series of hilariously accurate comics. Created for College Humor, the comics show how men and women see the same situations in different ways. They’re so accurate, both men and women will relate! Check them out below. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Illustrator Adme has created a hilarious web comic that compares and contrasts men and women. To us, just remember that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, everything can be explained. Sources and credits Boredpanda.com brightside.me ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How Differently Men And Women See The World Illustrator draws differences between men and women Hilarious Illustrations Depict The Differences Between Men And Women. How men's and women's brains are different difference between man and woman funny story 30 differences between man and woman funny comparison between man and woman 20 differences between man and woman man vs woman funny pictures difference between man and woman joke gender differences in humor facts about men and women differences
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Why White Women Choose Black Men - #1 of 5
White women & black men explain why they prefer to date each other rather than someone of their own race - part 1 of 5 - broadcast in 1997 interracial relationships
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Are More African American Men Incarcerated Than All Women Are Imprisoned Globally?
Attorney Antonio Moore talks about the astronomical Black Male incarceration rate, and he contrast it to the female incarceration rate globally. Moore shows that there are more Black Men Incarcerated in America, then the number of women incarcerated on the entire planet.
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How do men and women differ in the way they evaluate mates?
According to research – men are looking for indicators of good health, youthfulness with a view to having children. That makes sense; you don’t want to marry a girl who has health problems. In contrast - Women want a man who can accomplish things and are able bodied – not necessarily rich – but one who has the drive to provide for all her needs. The shocker to me is that “sense of humour” has very little impact on the choices women make. HAHA! That’s a myth that’s been long overdue being debunked
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Indian Team | Men Cricket VS Women Cricket | Salary
The pay rates of Indian Women cricketers the Women cricketer got less pay checks as contrast with the men's cricket group, however what did they really pay off discover in the video About Channel: Newstracklive is the best news sharing portal with 24 hour coverage,newstracklive covers all breaking news,technology news,Automobile, politics,entertainment news,food receipes and sports news from India & Worldwide. For Hindi News Visit: https://www.newstracklive.com/ For English News Visit: https://english.newstrcklive.com Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/newstracklive/ https://www.facebook.com/newstrack.en... Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/newstracklive Follow us on G+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/1055360... Follow us on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/newstracklive/ For funny videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzT4... Disclaimer :- The following audio and video is strictly meant for news reporting purpose. we do not wish to make any commercial use of this. the video made only for news reporting purpose. the copyright for both audio and visual (video) belong to the respective companies/record labels/artist/publishers as featured. we do not wish to use this audio/video for any commercial activity. Note 1 :- Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. Note 2 :- This video is purely for news reporting, if you (owners) want to remove this video, please CONTACT US DIRECTLY before doing anything. We will respectfully remove it. None of these images, music & video clips were created/owned by us. We do not get any monetary gain from this. All credit goes to the respective owners/creators.
Improve Your Writing - 6 ways to compare
One of the most common types of essays you will have to write at university as well as on the IELTS or TOEFL is a comparison essay. In this lesson, I will teach you some useful words that will help you to compare things. By the end of this video, you will be able to use terms such as "alike", "similar", "in the same way", "likewise", and more. Take my quiz at the end for more experience using these words. http://www.engvid.com/writing-6-ways-to-compare/ TRANSCRIPT Hello. My name is Emma, and in today's video, I am going to teach you some key words you can use when you talk about how things are the same or similar. Okay? So when you compare two things -- when you're comparing apples and oranges, there are some similarities. They're both fruits. When you're comparing shopping to skiing, when you're comparing a city to a country or the countryside -- there is a certain language we like to use when we're saying how these things are similar or the same. In this video, I'm going to teach you a bunch of expressions you can use when comparing two things to show their similarities. Okay? So this video is called "Talking about similarities". So for this video, I decided I wanted to do a theme. I wanted to look at how Canada and England are similar. In what ways are they very much alike? Okay? So each of my sentences are going to have to do with Canada and England, and we're going to look at how they're alike using these comparison words. So for those of you watching, if you are doing the TOEFL, these words are essential. If you are doing the IELTS -- very important vocabulary here. General English, you can use these at university for essays, college, or even just general conversation. So let's get started. Okay. So how are Canada and England the same? Well, I would say, first of all, both Canada and England have a queen. Both Canada and England have Queen Elizabeth. So one word we often use when we're talking about similarities is this word, "both". Both Canada and England have a queen. Both Canada and England have trees. Both Canada and England have cities. Okay? So there are a lot of different things you can compare. This is just one of them. Now, I want to say why I wrote the word "beginning" here. "Both" often comes at the beginning of a sentence. And notice how the construction is. We have both A and B. Another example, "Both cats and dogs are animals." "Both hamsters and mice are rodents." Okay? So we use this a lot when we're comparing. We can also say "like". In this case, we're not saying, "I like Canada" or "I like" -- you know, showing preference -- we're again showing similarity. "Like Canada, England has many immigrants." Canada has many immigrants. England has many immigrants. "Like Canada, England has many immigrants." And again, you'll notice "like" is at the beginning of the sentence. It's often -- not always, but often -- at the beginning. We have it followed by a noun. I could change this to something else. Imagine if I wanted to compare cats and dogs. "Like cats, dogs have fur." Okay? I could say that. If I'm comparing men and women, "Like women, men are human." Okay? It's not the greatest of comparisons, but you can use these types of words when you're comparing. Okay? So now, I have some other things I want to compare. In England, they speak English. In Canada, we also speak English. Not everybody, but many Canadians speak English. Some speak French, but a lot of people speak English. So I'm going to teach you some words you can use when comparing these two sentences. "In England, they speak English. Similarly, in Canada many people speak English, too. In comparison, in Canada many people also speak English. In the same way, in Canada many people speak English." And finally, another way similar to this but slightly different, "Likewise, in Canada many people speak English." So these are a little bit different from these ones. They all mean how they are the same. But you'll notice one of the differences here is these are followed by a comma. "Likewise, comma." And then, we have the rest of the sentence. These go at the beginning of the sentence. Okay? In case you can't tell, this is a period. So we have our first sentence, "In England, they speak English. Similarly, in Canada many people speak English." Okay? So you can use these in your writing. They would really, really help on your TOEFL, IELTS, or university essays to help you get a better mark.
अगर धरती पर सिर्फ़ लड़कियाँ बचे तो || WHAT HAPPEN IF ALL MEN DISAPPEAR FROM THE EARTH
HELLO GUYS HOW R U ALL , THIS IS. VIDEO WHAT HAPPEN IF ALL MENS DISAPPEAR FROM THE EARTH. A man is a male human. The term man is usually reserved for an adult male, with the term boy being the usual term for a male child or adolescent. However, the term man is also sometimes used to identify a male human, regardless of age, as in phrases such as "men's basketball". Like most other male mammals, a man's genome typically inherits an X chromosome from his mother and a Y chromosome from his father. The male fetus produces larger amounts of androgens and smaller amounts of estrogens than a female fetus. This difference in the relative amounts of these sex steroids is largely responsible for the physiological differences that distinguish men from women. During puberty, hormones which stimulate androgen production result in the development of secondary sexual characteristics, thus exhibiting greater differences between the sexes. However, there are exceptions to the above for some transgender and intersex men. A woman is an adult female human being. The term girl is the usual term for a female child or adolescent. The term woman, however, may also be used as the general term to identify a female human, regardless of age, as in phrases such as "women's rights". Women (in contrast with male humans, or men) typically have two X chromosomes, a uterus, a vagina, and mammary glands (as with all female mammals). Women with typical genetic development undergo regular menstruation when not pregnant and are usually capable of giving birth from puberty until menopause. DONT FORGET HIT : L-I-K-E S-H-A-R-E S-U-B-S-C-R-I-B-E AFFILIATE LINKS : MY SET UP : MY PHONE : http://amzn.to/2n85SZR MY COMPUTER : http://amzn.to/2Gcqg4I FOR YOUTUBERS : BEST MIC FOR YOUTUBERS : http://amzn.to/2E3psyb BEST CAMERA FOR YOUTUBERS : http://amzn.to/2n7AF8K BEST LAPTOP FOR YOUTUBERS : http://amzn.to/2n3F78E SOCIAL LINKS : FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/GuriKhindaOfficial INSTAGRAM : https://www.instagram.com/guri_khindaofficial CONTACT FOR SPONSORSHIP : [email protected] YOU SHOULD WATCH THIS : 11 . AMAZING PLANETS IN OUR UNIVERSE : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Melh9O6JId8 10 . AMAZING SCIENTIFIC FACTS ABOUT DREAMS : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46uryIo9aFo 9 . UY SCUTI BIGGEST STAR IN OUR UNIVERSE : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXCQUSWS51A 8 . SCIENTIFIC FACTS ABOUT SLEEP POSOTION : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JmsnBd_STfg 7 . WHAT IF EARTH WERE HALF IN SIZE : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gKfeKhnYTk 6 . AMAZING FACTS ABOUT EARTH : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCs8xOh4nzY 5 . SCIENTIFIC FACTS ABOUT HUMAN BODY : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qmIIXGvov4 4 . WHAT'S INSIDE THE EARTH : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2wmXqscOO4 3 . INDIA IN 2050 , INDIA'S FUTURE : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BE-QyefiXcM&t=25s 2 . 10 SIGNS OF GENIUS , NORMAL VS GENIUS : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=miuTX2FGOBw&t=25s 1 . WORLD IN 2050 , ADVANCED FUTURE TECHNOLOGY : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01go-Ojjcj8&t=1s MUSIC : BACKGROUND MUSIC : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bM7SZ5SBzyY
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Man arrested for breakfast with Saudi woman, BFV bans ‘white men’, US threatens The Hague
1 - An Egyptian man was arrested in Saudi Arabia for having breakfast with a local women. The contrast in reaction between Egypt and Saudi is very different, with many Saudi's also calling for the women's arrest while Egyptians mostly find it absurd. 2 - It was recently discovered that the words 'white man', 'DLC' and 'Titanfall' are banned from the Battlefield V chat. This comes after many controversies with many people labelling the game as the embodiment of PC culture. 3 - The US has recently said it would not cooperate with the International Criminal Court if it begins investigating war crimes by the US in Afghanistan and by Israel in Gaza. The US has threaten to boycott countries who help the investigation. Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com//TheKavernacle My Instagram: https://instagram.com/thekavernacle/ My Website: https://thekavernacle.wordpress.com/articles-2/
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Episode 2 More pressure on men or women?
Source: https://www.spreaker.com/user/pendropdiscussions/pen-drop-after-dark-mixdown Pen Drop Discussions college group discusses the pressures on women and men. A compare and contrast of the struggles of men and women.
Boys vs Girls See the Differences
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InfoWars | Men Wear Pink, Women Wear The Pants | Metrosexual Inc.
Is mainstream media a good or bad influence on male and female relations? Are men being made more femenine by design? Or is it just a product of our evolution into a more open & liberal society? The feminizing of the modern man has reached epidemic levels. It seems impossible to pick up a magazine, or watch a movie or TV show, without being told how terrible men are, or how a man needs to act like a goofy comedian, or an overly sensitive wimp if he wants to attract women. The feminized, or "metrosexual males" take on the role of being soft, passive, femeinine men, who pluck their eyebrows, wear skin tight clothing, and posess many other feminine qualities. In contrast, they present their version of the masculine male as an overly aggressive, irresponsible, beer drinking, sports obsessed chauvinist. I think the problem is obvious... As the globalist-financed femenist movement took root, and women continued to gain more positions of power and influence, our society has continuously promoted the idea of men and women being in conflict with one another. The message is clear: women are good, & men are horrible women oppressors who need to act more like women. Women on the other hand are being oppressed, and need to live more like men to be worthwhile or happy. I remember a while back I used to look at guys who tried really hard to be masculine and think they were confused. You know, the guys in the big monster trucks and the cut off sleeves, or the guys wearing big baggy "G-Unit" clothes and trying extra hard to look mean. Looking back, I completely understand why they were doing this & why they don't want to be like those other guys. Unfortunately, it seems like women are often stuck between two opposite extremes, neither of which are genuine, and neither of which is an accurate representation of what a healthy, well-situated male should represent. The biggest tool used to promote these stereotypes is the media. An article on AskMen. coM DEPICTS AN all-too familiar sitcom story. On Everybody Loves Raymond , the overly submissive Ray Barone is expected to endure his wife Debra's bitchiness, lack of sexual desire and anti-male insults as she obsessively controls every aspect of his behavior. When he wants to play golf, he's "not taking care of his family"; when he wants to relax in front of the TV after work, he "never shares his feelings;" and when he wants to have sex, he's "constantly annoying her." On the other hand, you have media-prostitutes like Madonna, Paris Hilton & Kim Kardashian being presented as positive role models and what young women should aspire to be. what message does this send? Become a sex object, go against everything pure, and you will become rich, famous and powerful.I believe this is being done by design. In Aaron Russo's film, he avidly talks about his conversations with a Rockefeller and how he explained to him that the globalist financed femenist movement was not about helping women, but about getting women into the workforce, and thus being able to collect more tax money and having a better chance at indoctrinating our children early on. This is evil masking itself as Liberty, no different then when they decided women should smoke so they created "Liberty Smokes" and put out images of happy, liberated women smoking on toxic cigarettes as a sign of freedom. Studies across the board show women are less happy then ever, divorce rates are higher then ever, and more children are growing up without a solid family foundation. The media constantly tells us how having a creer is more important then being a caring mother, and even promotes abortion as a women's right, when in fact it only damages our sacred role as wives, mothers & caretakers. All of this goes against the laws of nature, which is what the globalists love to do. They love to play god, and so their whole plan of taking what's pure and poisoning it doesn't end with male female relations.. The family, our health, our children & even our very identity is being sabotaged by people like the Rockefellers, Bill Gates, and other population control cheerleaders. Unless we can learn to help each other, we're always going to be victimized and used as puppets by the globalists. If you support me in this idea, please share this video and let everybody know that real men and women stand as one... Special Thanks: http://infowars.com http://prisoplanet.com http://miloboz.com If you like my video check Milo Boz's InfoWars report @ http://youtube.com/MiloBoz as well.
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Men VS Women — Differences Between Genders Illustration
Women VS Men: Differences Between Genders Illustration How Differently Men And Women See The World It is no secret that men and women don’t see eye to eye on certain things. I bet most of us have witnessed or even been in one of those situations where a guy thinks he’s complimenting a woman and she takes the compliment for insult… To make it a bit more clear about how men and women see the world around them differently Alex Distasi and Nomi Kane have created a series of hilariously accurate comics. Created for College Humor, the comics show how men and women see the same situations in different ways. They’re so accurate, both men and women will relate! Check them out below. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Illustrator Adme has created a hilarious web comic that compares and contrasts men and women. To us, just remember that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, everything can be explained. Sources and credits Boredpanda.com brightside.me user/7043348 post/7043345/what-the-world-looks-like-to-men-vs-women ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How Differently Men And Women See The World Illustrator draws differences between men and women Hilarious Illustrations Depict The Differences Between Men And Women. How men's and women's brains are different difference between man and woman funny story 30 differences between man and woman funny comparison between man and woman 20 differences between man and woman man vs woman funny pictures difference between man and woman joke gender differences in humor facts about men and women differences ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Watch More Videos: Artist Transforms Disney Princesses Into Anime Art Artist Turns People Into Awesome 3D Pixar-Like Characters Ridiculous & Funny Examples Of Cartoon Logic Pokemon In Real Life: Hyper Realistic Version Of Pokemon Hilarious Comics With Unexpected Dark Endings 40 Non-Human Cartoon Characters As Humans 10 Famous Cartoons Rip off From Other Countries Disney Comics That Will Ruin Your Childhood How Cartoon Icons Would Look In Real Life Creepy Compilation Kids Book Colored By Adults | Results Are Creepy & Hilarious Artist Turns Pokemon Into Gorgeous Human Form Disney Princesses Transformed Into Asian Style Illustrations ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUBSCRIBE: c/DailyFunFacts Note ▶ ✅ I do not own the image or the music in my video. If you have an issue with me posting this song or picture please contact me through email \
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Symptoms of Parkinson’s Men vs  Women
Manifestations of Parkinson's Men versus Ladies. Parkinson's illness in people. A larger number of men than ladies are determined to have Parkinson's illness (PD) by just about a 2 to 1 edge. A few examinations bolster this number, incorporating an expansive report in the American Journal of Epidemiology. Typically there is a physiological explanation behind a distinction in infection amongst people. How does being female ensure against PD? What's more, do ladies and men encounter PD side effects in an unexpected way? Displaying manifestations. Ladies create PD less regularly than men do. When they do create PD, the period of beginning is two years after the fact than in men. At the point when ladies are first analyzed, tremor is typically the overwhelming side effect. The underlying side effect in men is generally moderate or unbending development (bradykinesia). The tremor-overwhelming type of PD is related with a slower infection movement and higher personal satisfaction. Be that as it may, ladies regularly report less fulfillment with their personal satisfaction, even with a comparative level of side effects. Intellectual capacities and muscle development. PD can influence intellectual capacities and the faculties and additionally muscle control. There is some confirmation that people are influenced in an unexpected way. For example, men seem to hold a superior capacity to comprehend spatial introduction. Ladies, then again, hold more verbal familiarity. These kinds of aptitudes are impacted by sex, as well as by the "side" of PD side effects. Left side or right side engine side effect beginning reflects which side of the mind has the biggest dopamine lack. For example, you may have more trouble with muscle control on the left half of your body on the off chance that you have a dopamine insufficiency on the correct side of your mind. Diverse aptitudes, for example, spatial capacities, are more predominant on a particular side of the cerebrum. Communicating and deciphering feeling. PD unbending nature can make the muscles of the face "solidify." This prompts a cover like appearance. Therefore, patients with PD experience issues communicating feeling with their countenances. They additionally can start to experience issues deciphering others' outward appearances. One examination recommends that the two people with PD can experience issues deciphering resentment and shock, and that men will probably lose the capacity to translate fear. Nonetheless, ladies might be more angry with their powerlessness to translate feelings. All PD patients may profit by discourse and active recuperation to help with this manifestation. Rest contrasts. Fast eye development conduct issue (RBD) is a rest issue that happens amid the REM rest cycle. Ordinarily, a resting individual has no muscle tone and doesn't move amid rest. In RBD, a man can move appendages and appear to showcase their fantasies. RBD happens once in a while, however more regularly in individuals with neurodegenerative maladies. Around 15 percent of individuals with PD additionally have RBD, as per the Internal Review of Psychiatry. Men are significantly more liable to have this condition than ladies. Estrogen assurance. Why are there contrasts in PD indications amongst people? It appears to be likely that estrogen presentation shields ladies from some PD movement. An examination distributed in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry found that a lady who encounters later menopause, or has more youngsters, will probably have deferred beginning of PD side effects. These are the two markers of estrogen presentation over her lifetime. What isn't yet completely clarified is the reason estrogen has this impact. An investigation in the American Journal of Psychiatry has demonstrated that ladies have more accessible dopamine in key zones of the cerebrum. Estrogen may fill in as a neuroprotectant for dopamine action. All Photos Licensed Under CC Source : www.pexels.com www.pixabay.com www.commons.wikimedia.org
DIY Collar Contrast (YSL Inspired)
This week's DIY project was inspired by Yves Saint Laurent. Its super easy to do, and both men and women can do it! I want to see what you guys come up with so be sure to tag @victoralexanderco on Instagram and I'll share it on the blog and IG! For more information about the DIY visit the blog http://victoralexanderco.com Subscribe for videos on Do It Yourself Projects on fashion, home and so much more. New videos posting every week! BLOG: http://victoralexanderco.com FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/victoralexanderco PINTEREST: http://pinterest.com/valexanderco INSTAGRAM: http://pinterest.com/victoralexanderco
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Men Communicate Better
Communication is about conveying ideas succinctly and clearly. Men are much better at it, because they focus on precisely that. By contrast, women focus on establishing personal relationships with others, and perceive a lack of such rapport as aggression, distrust, or selfishness (unwillingness to share or help). Women assume lack of this emotional bonding indicates suppression of emotions, sociopathy, or hatred. In reality, it indicates that women not only lack trust in others, but also that they have weaker intellects. An inability to abide pure principles or abstractions without suffocating them in emotions and how it makes you feel, is clearly a sign of a weak mind. Kelly Jones
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Herringbone Leather Clip Suspenders for Men and Women - Brown
Classic Herringbone Leather Suspenders Come with Easy-Access Clips for Ultra-Cool Rustic Looks Create fashion looks that reflect your own unique laid-back style with Leather Herringbone clip suspenders from SuspenderStore. Herringbone leather suspenders are among our most popular styles, and they're admired for their unique design. Instead of a solid plain leather look, these feature a captivating weave pattern that creates a striking contrast when paired with casual shirts and tops. These thin leather suspenders feature a 3/4-inch width, making them a great choice for casual days, work and special occasions such as weddings. The two front straps have a metal buckle, and you can easily adjust the length for a good fit. Once you make the adjustment, you can slide them on in a jiffy. Two durable brass clips at the bottom fasten to your pants and one clip holds the back strap in place. Our models show how great they look on different body types. Elastic on the Y-back makes them flexible enough to move freely. Choose these classic leather suspenders in brown leather or black. Go to our website to see close-up photo views.
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Haircut tutorial - Three fashion contrast and two color design for man & woman Vern Hairstyles 27
Vern Hairdressing Style College Vern, "rocks your business", International Fashion Seminar presents worldwide newest hairstyles, trend of international show and fashion analysis. Share the easier and pleasanter way to develop your business. Teach you how to create the healthiest and high accomplishment working environment. Show you the procedure of perfect hair cut systematically. Provide you three perfect hairstyles concepts to satisfy customers. Feel worldwide popular "Vern intelligent combined scissors" in person. Enjoy unique effect and better function of each Vern scissor. The Seminar video shows the highlights of International hairstylists, Emma, Lulu and Cherry of Vern Hairdressing Style College. It presents worldwide surprising haircuts in Taiwan perfectly. 00:11 6Ea+Bridge+6Eb : Intensive texturization 密集式調量 00:21 6Eb+Bridge+6Ee : Slanting cut斜調 00:31 6Eb+Bridge+6Ee : Texturizing to cut 調剪 01:00 6N : Cutting 裁剪輪廓 01:13 6Ea+6Eb+6Ec : Texturizing to cut 調剪 01:28 6E+Bridge+6Ea : Texturize next to the scalp 貼頭皮處調量 01:53 6Ed+6E : Horizontal cut橫剪 02:22 6Ed+6E : Texturizing to cut 調剪 02:41 6Eb+6E : Texturizing to cut 調剪 03:04 6Eb+6E : Texturizing 調量 03:10 6Eb+6E : Texturizing to cut 調剪 03:31 Hair crimper for styling 方型玉米鬚夾做造型 03:39 6N : Cutting 裁剪輪廓 04:08 Catwalk 走秀 04:52 Trailer and next video.下一支預告片及上一支影片 Intro Cutting series Vern Scissors Cut Layers and Contour Line http://en.vern.com.tw/scissors/series/cutting/ 6V+6V=Light and soft hair ends 6V+6E=One-length and Bob hair ends Texturizing series Vern Scissors Texturize Hair Volume http://en.vern.com.tw/scissors/series/texturizing/ 6Ea for less hair volume 6Eb for medium hair volume 6Ec for more hair volume 6Ea+6Eb+6Ec=Natural hair ends without hard lines Styling Series Vern Scissors Create Defined and Special Effects http://en.vern.com.tw/scissors/series/styling/ 6Ed for less hair volume 6Ee for more hair volume 6Ed+6Ee=Defined and special effects Super Curve Series Vern Scissors Cut Layers and Contour Line http://en.vern.com.tw/scissors/series/super-curve/ 6N curve and various technical effects 6N+6N= perfect for fly cutting Vern Hairdressing Style College Email: [email protected] Tel: 886 6 234 8518 Fax: 886 6 234 1124 Web: http://en.vern.com.tw Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Vern.Hairdressing.Style.College 韋恩臉書:https://www.facebook.com/vernhairs APP Web: https://vern.91app.com/ 【徵】髮型模特兒【免費】剪染,填寫報名表http://bit.ly/1vJf2sy
Gym Wear Fashion Men & Women's Outfits
Gym Wear Fashion https://www.gymwearfashion.com stylish & trendy Activewear outfits for male and female and as a everyday essential wear for a comfortable stylish fit. Look and feel your very best in any of our products made from quality materials that hold your body firm comes in a variety of sizes and colors, sweats, running tights, tank tops, gym leggings, sports bras, yoga pants and much more at an affordable store wide markdown price plus free shipping on orders at https://www.gymwearfashion.com, Other Important Links to follow: https://www.instagram.com/gymwearfashionusa/ https://www.facebook.com/gymwearfashionusa/ https://twitter.com/GymWearFashion1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AqbfZWHFxhI https://linktr.ee/gymwearfashionusa
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Top 5 Winter Clothes​ For INDIAN MEN | Wear These 2018 Winter Trends | Men's Fashion
#menswinterfashion #wintertrend2018 #trending Hello!!!!!!!! Here Is The Latest Trend Of This Winter! These are one of my favourite & very first collection of this Winter. You'll Love This Video, Must Watch! Till The End! Ladies & Gentleman Here's a New Video for You, Top 5 Winter Clothes For INDIAN MEN | Wear These 2018 Winter Trends | Men's Fashion I'm Qazee founder of YOU R AWESOME an Image Consulting Agency, which always tries to make you more Awesome. Pockets Color Block Hoodie Men Clothes:http://bit.ly/2yHNm0D Zipper Feather Print Jacket:http://bit.ly/2yMTgh4 ZAFUL Rose Letter Print Fleece Hoodie:http://bit.ly/2yJOst4 Contrast Color Letter Pullover Hoodie:http://bit.ly/2yIMAjY False Two Piece Ripped Design Hooded Jacket:http://bit.ly/2yM5XZB Man's jacket:http://bit.ly/2yHNlK7 Straight Leg Stretch Destroyed Jeans - White 30:http://bit.ly/2yLYcmo Hats:http://bit.ly/2yIV6jk ZAFUL 11.11 Global Shopping Festival (Nov. 11st - 13th​): https://www.zaful.com/promotion/11-11-global-shopping-festival-sale.html?lkid=15958150 1. Tarot Lucky Draw for 10% OFF Coupon; 2. Flash Sale down to $3.99; 3. Free Shipping on Orders over $35; Down to $0.99 https://www.zaful.com/m-promotion-active-121.html?lkid=15958150 ZAFUL-New In: https://www.zaful.com/promotion-your-weekly-wardrobe-suggestions-special-2024.html?lkid=15958150 ZAFUL Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales Carnival (Nov. 23rd - 28th):https://www.zaful.com/promotion/black-friday-cyber-monday-specials.html?lkid=15958150 1. Free Shipping Worldwide; 2. Coupon up to 15% OFF; 3. Free Gifts with Orders over $50; 4. Flash Sale down to $0.99; So Do Subscribe My Channel: YOU R AWESOME Link: https://www.youtube.com/c/YouRawesomeQAzee MY HAIR PRODUCTS, ALL THE AFFILIATE LINKS ARE GIVEN BELOW: 01. MY HAIRSTYLING PRODUCTS: a) Beeswax Paste: http://amzn.to/2Gp3gys b) Fireball Pomade: http://amzn.to/2EMwGtk c) Sculpting Clay: http://amzn.to/2o87BQ4 02. MY HAIR NOURISHMENT PRODUCTS: a) Q-Sera Serum: http://amzn.to/2EAPBnA b) Leave-in Conditioner: It's Not Available Online, You've To Import It. 03. MY HAIR CLEANSING PRODUCTS: a) Peppermint Shampoo: http://amzn.to/2oc9bzw b) Scalp Plus Shampoo: http://amzn.to/2o8gPfc c) Wow Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo: http://amzn.to/2EzTWYh 04. MY HAIR CONDITIONING PRODUCT: a) Peppermint Conditioner: http://amzn.to/2oaacZC 05. MY HAIR CARING PRODUCT: a) Mintop Hair Restore Formula: http://amzn.to/2sxzntG Watch More Videos: 1. How To Identify Your Face Shape: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9rBRNVo4onc&list=PLOkWFeNaAvWE_SZSDkSProOgRVCNlsZH2 2. Top 5 Best Shampoos in India with Price: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQSpxgECha8&list=PLOkWFeNaAvWE_SZSDkSProOgRVCNlsZH2 3. How to STOP Hair Fall Naturally | Grow Hair Faster (Men & Women): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5V1jES39Pdc&list=PLOkWFeNaAvWGKtwdRwCgRIZ0d8t_YTR7G 4. How To Choose The Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_tvQVE4shA&list=PLOkWFeNaAvWGWLLtbA0rrMLqPwZjjF-JH 5. Choose The Best Hairstyle For Your Face Shape: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jgb-Bft9ork&list=PLOkWFeNaAvWE_SZSDkSProOgRVCNlsZH2 Follow Me on Social Media : Like My FaceBook Page: https://www.facebook.com/yourawesome.qazee Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/qazee.since1995 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/qazee_since1995/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/qazee_since1995 About This Channel: YOU R AWESOME is an Image Consulting Brand launched Estd. 2014 by founder QAzee. Dressing Style, Fashion, Lifestyle, Hairstyles, Skin Care, Personality Development, Motivation, Love, Relationship, Tips, Tricks, Style Hacks, Ideas, Facts, Dos, Dont's, Reviews, Products, Tutorials & Every Single thing which will Make You a Little Bit More Awesome & Every Single Thing related to Men's Fashion. This Channel is the SCIENCE OF STYLE. Here You Just Don't Only Learn How To Look Awesome, But As Well As The Science & The History Behind Every Topic. My YouTube Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/c/yourawesomeqazee Music Credits: 11.11 - Send Address (prod. KALLI ) [Copyright Free 🎧 Rap Music] Credits: 11.11 - Send Address (prod. KALLI ) ► 11.11 https://soundcloud.com/eleven-eleven1111 ► FMD https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_l59BueBNMqXCNZpte_jlA?sub_confirmation=1 Lunchbagg - Take 2 (ft. Larry Ohh) [Copyright Free 🎧 Rap Music] Larry Credits: Lunchbagg - Take 2 (ft. Larry Ohh) ► Lunchbagg https://soundcloud.com/lunchbagg ► FMD https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_l59BueBNMqXCNZpte_jlA?sub_confirmation=1 #Ad Disclaimer: The Opinions Expressed in The Videos are all My Honest Feelings & Knowledge as an Image Consultant. I will only give you The Brands & Products that I truly trust & Used. To support this Channel contact: [email protected] I will do My Best to Create Better Quality Videos for You Guys to Make You a Little Bit More Awesome & Never forget You! R! Awesome!
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Best Tennis Sunglasses for Men and Women 2012
Bolle Zander http://www.fastsunglass.com/bolle-zander-sunglasses.html Bolle Chase http://www.fastsunglass.com/bolle-chase-sunglasses.html Coupon Code: Youtube Alison reviews the Bolle Zander Tennis Sunglass for Men and the Bolle Chase Sunglass for Women. The Bolle Zander is one of the Best Sunglasses on the Market for Men. Unlike many other sunglass companies, Bolle makes lenses specifically for playing Tennis. The Chase and the Zander both include the Tennis Specific "Competivision" Lenses. The Competivision Lenses offer the right amount of contrast so that you can see the Tennis Ball more Clearly against the court, therefor allowing you faster reaction times. The lenses are made of shatter resistant Trivex material, so they offer superior optical clarity and shatter resistancy.
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Top 10 Dupattas Men [2018]: Contrast Living Women Face Scarf Girls Scarf Ladies Stole Mens Scarf
Top 10 Dupattas Men [2018]: Contrast Living Women Face Scarf Girls Scarf Ladies Stole Mens Scarf https://clipadvise.com/deal/view?id=Amazon-india-fashion-dupattas-men--2018-winter For More great dupattas men Just Click this link. [ दुपट्टा ] Contrast Living Women Face Scarf Girls Scarf Ladies Stole Mens Scarf Gents Scarf Dupatta for Girls Womens Ladies Girls Boys Gents Floral Print Face Scarf with 100 % Cotton ( Size - 100 X 100 Cm ) Women Face Scarf Girls Scarf Ladies Stole Mens Scarf Gents... Romano Mens Zari Embroidered Bronze Sherwani Stole Dupatta Embroidered Bronze Sherwani Stole Dupatta Saree By Saree Mandir Womens Georgette Saree (_Green And Pink_Free Size) Mandir Womens Georgette Saree (_Green And Pink_Free Size) Sri Belha Fashions Unisex - Desert Style checkered Kafiyah Arab Shemagh Arafat Scarves-05 Pcs -tiger zinda hai scarves Fashions Unisex Desert Style checkered Kafiyah Arab Shemagh Arafat... Contrast Living Women Face Scarf Girls Scarf Ladies Stole Mens Scarf Gents Scarf Dupatta for Girls Womens Ladies Girls Boys Gents Floral Print Face Scarf with 100 % Cotton ( Size - 100 X 100 Cm ) Women Face Scarf Girls Scarf Ladies Stole Mens Scarf Gents... Yeoja Creation Lehenga Choli (rimzim008_Blue_Free Size ) Lehenga Choli (rimzim008_Blue_Free Size ) SARGAM FASHION Womens Georgette Kurta Top, Satoon Bottom & Nazmeen Dupatta Womens Georgette Kurta Top, Satoon Bottom & Nazmeen Dupatta Romano Mens Zari Embroidered Red Sherwani Stole Dupatta Embroidered Red Sherwani Stole Dupatta 41 Monstera WomenS Woven & Zari Border Partywear Casual Saree Black WomenS Woven & Zari Border Partywear Casual Saree Black Viva Enterprise Womens Rayon Dress Material (K - Maroon_Free Size) Womens Rayon Dress Material (K Maroon_Free Size) Try also: #ContrastLiving, #RomanoMens, #SareeBy, #SriBelha, #YeojaCreation, #SargamFashion, #41Monstera, #VivaEnterprise
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Who Smells More Men or Women?
Scientist have discovered that men and women process smell differently. Leonard Sax, an American psychologist and physician, stated, “It’s entirely plausible that a woman cold perceive an odor which is — for the woman — overpoweringly awful, while a man doesn’t smell anything.” Another scientist named Charles J. Wysocki chimed in and stated, “It is quite difficult to block a woman’s awareness of body odor. In contrast, it seems rather easy to do so in men.” https://www.mnn.com/health/healthy-spaces/stories/women-men-smell-socks-odors-difference http://www.wochit.com This video was produced by YT Wochit Tech using http://wochit.com
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Men Vs Women - Yin & Yang Body Art
Ladies in black, gentlemen in white. Contrast may be complimentary. Two differences may become a whole. Yin (from Chinese "shady side") and Yang (from Chinese "sunny side") represent two worlds, two contrasts that complete and compliment each other. With the move of the sun, sides change places. Yin is associated with femininity and yang with masculinity. The union of black and white can be quite fruitful and brilliant. Modeling & writing by http://blogabout.me/yin-and-yang/ Art by https://www.instagram.com/design_with... Music by Dj Quads "Dreams" Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/aka-dj-quads
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Emporio Armani - 2017/2018 Fall Winter Women's Fashion Show
A collection marked by a restless, metropolitan spirit, constructed from opposites that mix in a harmony of diversity and contrast, expressing individuality and personality. The game of contrasts starts with black and white in opposition, representing the dialogue — in typical Armani Fashion — between male and female. Floral prints, pictorial scenes and sequin embroideries are expressed using graphic techniques, which display quick, instinctive strokes. Discover more about the collection: http://www.armani.com Follow us on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ARMANI Twitter: https://twitter.com/armani Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/armani Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/armani #EmporioArmani
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Support this channel on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Romercial Follow me on: • Twitter: https://twitter.com/romercial • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ROMERCIAL • YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/ROMERCIAL • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/romercial/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kindda the truth, yeah? ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­------------------ More ROMERCIAL: http://bit.ly/1UK7Z2l Check out the other shows: • +dick jokes: http://bit.ly/1MUo56V • Frustrations: http://bit.ly/2gEg8YU -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Groove: “Mojo Fix” by Martin Harley Follow Martin Harley: • Twitter: @martinharley • Instagram:https://www.facebook.com/martinharley... • http://www.martinharley.com/ Listen to this song here: https://goo.gl/bUR9h9 “Rumble And Sway” by Jamie N Commons Follow Jamie N Commons: • Twitter: @JamieNCommons • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jamiencommons/ • http://www.jamiencommons.com/ Listen to this song here: https://goo.gl/AsPOaj “Hunter” by Pharrell Williams Follow Pharrell: • Twitter: @PharrelI Listen to this song here: https://goo.gl/2Yg639 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The reviewed content was used in accordance with international Copyright laws and Fair Use which permits the commentary, criticism and parodying of licensed material. Copyright © 2017 ROMERCIAL™
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Leg Workout | For Men & Women
How's it going guys? Here's a quick Leg Workout you could try out on your next Leg Day! #LataGainz Leg Routine: 1. Barbell Squats ( 4X5 ) 2. Weighted Lunges ( 2x8-10 ) 3. Hamstring Curls ( 3x8-12) 4. Hip Abduction ( 3x8-10 ) 5. Wall Sits ( 1x failure ) Connect With Me: ➣ Instagram: http://instagram.com/tysenlata ➣ Twitter: http://twitter.com/tysenlata ➣ Snapchat: TysenLei
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A major new study has confirmed the link between diabetes and cancer. The new research also warns that the risk of cancer is sex-specific in people with diabetes. The study suggests that a diagnosis of diabetes places a person at an increased risk of various types of cancer. Now, a review analyzing the data collected by 47 studies from across the globe — including the United States, United Kingdom, China, Australia, and Japan, to name but a few — confirms, beyond doubt, that diabetes heightens the risk for cancer. The study authors note that women with diabetes are especially affected. They appear to be more exposed than men to the development of malign tumors. The findings of this global review — which assessed the health-related data of almost 20 million people — are discussed in a paper now published in the journal Diabetologia. The review was conducted by researchers led by Dr. Toshiaki Ohkuma, from the George Institute for Global Health at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. His colleagues hailed from the University of Oxford in the U.K., and Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD. Dr. Ohkuma and his colleagues discovered not only that diabetes — both type 1 and type 2 — put people at risk of developing specific types of cancer, but also that this risk is much higher for women than it is for men. Women with diabetes are 27 percent likelier to develop cancer, compared with healthy women. By contrast, men with diabetes are 19 percent more likely to develop cancer than healthy men. And, women with diabetes are 6 percent likelier than men with the same diagnosis to develop a type of cancer. Specifically, in contrast to men with a diagnosis of diabetes, women with this condition have an 11 percent higher risk of developing kidney cancer, a 13 percent higher risk for oral cancer, and a 14 percent higher chance of developing stomach cancer, as well as a 15 percent higher chance of being diagnosed with leukemia. One exception was liver cancer, for which men with diabetes have a 12 percent higher risk than women with the same metabolic condition. “We have also demonstrated for the first time,” he adds, “that women with diabetes are more likely to develop any form of cancer, and have a significantly higher chance of developing kidney, oral, and stomach cancers and leukemia.”
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Strong, Natural Women, Honor and Nurture their Men
Russell and Pearl Means speak of the way people are supposed to live, where women are happy to be women. Feminism is an evil mind control program which has destroyed the minds and lives of millions of women. This is the key to healing all of these broken minds, hearts and lives. Women need to return to acting like women again and give up trying to be men, since this has only made women miserable to the extreme. The role of women is a thing of great beauty and balance and has the honor of every good man in this world. Women of virtue rank far above those who sell their souls to be like the degenerate hellywood role models sold to us daily which degrade women and create dysfunctional monsters of them in stark contrast to the Natural women, who rejoice in being women and love their work of nurturing a man and family together; cultivating a deep love in a family and having the deep respect of the whole family for all she does! Birthing the children and raising them up right with high moral ethics and intellectual discernment to always know to how to choose right over wrong in this world, so that they are highly empowered members in society who can work for the highest goals of humanity as a whole, as well. Originally posted here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFt6XRyQhD8 Mirrored by Robert Otey Free Energy and Free Thinking http://www.feandft.com 5-13-15
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Throughout our time at KENZO, it’s always been our prerogative to bring together the varying tribes and subcultures we come across throughout our every day. Today this is no exception. For our Spring-Summer 2019 collections for men and women, we invite you to celebrate summer ceremonies, gatherings of all sorts and the jubilation of rituals. Occasions where new-romantic hedonists meet British wedding goers and all the in-betweens. Our men’s collection focuses on the blending of tailoring with sportswear and the admiring of proportions. Collarless double-breasted jackets with exaggerated reveres come in cotton/linen with a light resin finish or in a rubberized cotton jacquard. Coats are lightweight with deconstructed and soft shoulders or kimono inspired in a slub cotton or in our nylon medallion print. Pants and shorts are generous and bright or straight and chopped. Rose prints take on acid checks and vivid blues take on neutral beige. For women’s we go high summer with aplomb. We adore effortless deconstruction and the delicately disordered. We match classic fine fabrics such as a flocked twill with georgette or create an effort in contrasts by matching saturated colors of acid yellow, cobalt or fuchsia with vivid prints of roses or checks. Our archive dot prints on layered twill offers extra scope to a traditional summer dress. Coats are embossed with python prints or in pink vinyl. Cocoon bombers play against strict tailored jackets. Voluminous technical nylon dresses with covered buttons in in lilac or orange offer ample opportunity for fluid movement. Guipure embroideries appear in Victorian tops or overlaid dresses. For women accessories, we are happy to introduce two new styles: The Dot and the Goody. Inspired by different shaped carrier bags, they appear color blocked, embossed or in the prints of the season. Footwear of rubberized chunky platforms in checks or delicate summer sandals with a contrast kitten heel round off the proportioned silhouettes. Geometric earrings compliment the more ornate embroidered jewelry. For men’s footwear, rubber jelly sandals walk alongside suede slipper moccasins and our revisited KENZO Sonic sneaker. Carol Lim & Humberto Leon Production by Villa Eugenie Scouting by Brachfeld Casting by AM Casting Make up by Thomas de Kluyver and the MAC pro team Hair by Holli Smith for l’Oréal Paris, hair products provided by l’Oréal Paris Nails by Naomi Yasuda for Kure Bazaar Cosmetics Skincare by Embryolisse Floral artist Nue Paris Music by Hypnotic Brass ensemble
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Asante Market Women
As retailers, wholesalers, and negotiators, Asante women of Ghana dominate the huge Kumasi Central Market amid the laughter, argument, colour and music. The crew of this Disappearing World film have jumped into the fray, explored, and tried to explain the complexities of the market and its traders. The success of this crew is impressive. As the film was to be about women traders, an all female film crew was selected and the rapport between the two groups of women is remarkable. The relationship was no doubt all the stronger because the anthropologist acting as advisor to the crew, Charlotte Boaitey, is herself an Asante. The people open up for the interviewers, telling them about their lives as traders, about differences between men and women, in their perception of their society and also about marriage. The women control the market through Queen Mothers who are leaders of particular sections of the market such as the yam or tomato sections. Generally these Queen Mothers are elected by the traders. However, Oba, the Plantain Queen Mother, acquired her position through influence and because of this she has less control over her workers and over the resolution of differences. Market traders work long hours and make less money than a shop assistant or office worker yet the rewards for them can be many. The residual matrilineal system of Asante society means that inheritance moves from a man to his sister's children. One result is that an Asante woman is left with no means of support if her husband dies. The traders have gone to work to protect themselves against this possibility, to pay for their children's education and to maintain their independence. Implicit in this analysis of women traders is the relationship between men and women in Asante society. Marriage is polygamous and the crew interview women about their feelings on marriage and their hopes of coming marriages. The film portrays the influence women have in the market as a direct contrast to their position in the home. Interviews with several husbands reveal, perhaps not surprisingly, that their perception of women differs from the women's perception of themselves. The men talk of the importance of having two wives, one to serve when the other is tired; one to grant sexual favours while the other is menstruating; each to compete with the other for male attention thus allowing the husband to retain control. Although the men accept a woman earning extra money, they still say a woman should be submissive and serve men. The women regard themselves as assertive, capable, and in control. Interviews with two young women demonstrate a desire for equality in the home. The film's analysis is a sympathetic one and full of insight. The focus is, though, rather narrowly on the husband-wife relationship, and women's important relationships with their female and male kin are given little attention.
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Thin Fashion Suspenders for Men and Women
Awesome White Fashion Suspenders for Dressy or Casual Look Outfits - Finger Clip Style Plan the ultimate chic outfit for any occasion with SuspenderStore Thin Suspenders in white matte. The thin width of these 3/4-inch suspenders is an attractive feature when you're pulling together fashionable outfits to wear for special occasions or a nice casual look to wear to work. These suspenders are made from quality elastic, and they're fully adjustable to fit both male and female figures. This style is a popular choice for wedding suspenders, as the brightness of the white color really pops against dark-colored tops. Imagine groomsmen wearing crisp black button-down shirts and with these thin braces. Add a white or red tie and you've got an awesome ensemble. Alternatively, they can be worn as chic fashion suspenders. Our model looks perfectly chic in a black shirt with white suspenders providing an eye-catching visual contrast. Imagine all the ways you can wear these thin suspenders with items from your wardrobe. Slipping in and out of these X-back suspenders is a breeze thanks to easy-to-use finger clips. Visit our website to find these and other great suspender options.
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Anti-Theft Backpack w/ Headphone & USB Ports
Anti-Theft Backpacks - https://goo.gl/STMjwr Banggood Deals With Big Discount: https://goo.gl/HzD3fo 🔥Other Amazing Tech Deals! (US) - http://amzn.to/2s1JgyK 🔥Other Amazing Tech Deals! (International) - http://geni.us/njIB Thanks for watching! Slap that like and come back for more! Product Info: Men Women Anti-theft Backpack Waterproof Travel Bag With USB Charging Port Material Oxford Color Light Grey, Black, Purple Weight 750g(Approx) Length 29cm(11.42") Height 42cm(16.54") Width 13cm(5.12") Pattern Solid Closure Zipper Inner Pocket Main Pocket, Inner Zipper Pockets, Inner Slot Pockets, Tablet Pocket, Laptop Commpartment Features 1.External USB port with built-in charging cable, offers a convenient charging for your electronic devices; 2.With large capacity and thief proof design, this backpack can load your necessities easily and securely; 3.Weight balance:The backpack is designed to relief the weight pushing down on your shoudler when wearing a backpack; 4.YOUR BEST CHOICE while you are going to a business trip, weekend trip, school, hiking, cycling, work, etc. Follow me for random sweet posts here! ➤Twitter - https://twitter.com/Unbox_Junkie ➤Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/unboxjunkie/ ➤Google+ - https://goo.gl/CHM4by ➤Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/UnboxJunkie/ ➤Unbox Junkie Website - http://unboxjunkie.com/ If you have cool products and want to send them to Unbox Junkie, use the address below. SEND TO: PO Box 841454 PEARLAND TX 77584
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99% of What We Believe About Female Sexuality is Nonsense
Daniel Bergner's latest book is "What Do Women Want?: Adventures in the Science of Female Desire" (http://goo.gl/D7rnvH). Read more at BigThink.com: http://bigthink.com/videos/daniel-bergner-on-misconceptions-of-female-desire Follow Big Think here: YouTube: http://goo.gl/CPTsV5 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BigThinkdotcom Twitter: https://twitter.com/bigthink Transcript: To talk about female desire we need to start by talking about one major misconception, a seemingly scientific theory that most of us have bought into and that is the idea that while men are genetically programmed to spread their limitless seed and be promiscuous that women by contrast are genetically programmed, evolutionary scripted to seek out one good man, seek out one good provider, seek out closeness and constancy and so that at least relatively speaking by this theory women are somewhat better suited to monogamy, have a sex drive that’s a bit less raw, a bit less animalistic than male libido. That dates back to the early 90s. I went back and looked at those original academic papers that sort of put that into our consciousness, via the media that sort of grasped onto this theory in the 90s. Those papers have very, very little substance to them. They have a lot of circular reasoning. They have very little substantive proof. And I think we as a culture latched onto them because we’re eager to have simple theories to explain who we are, especially when it comes to gender. But we need to move on now because all the research and all the researchers that I’ve spent time with now over the last decade are really taking us in another direction showing us something very different about female desire, something that’s much more driven, much more like we used to consider male desire to be. A force that’s full of agency and that’s not that old relatively passive conception that we for the most part have been clinging to. So let’s go into some labs. So Meredith Chivers, a Canadian researcher, who I spent a lot of time with tries to look past what culture teaches us and look at something more immediate. So she puts women in front of pornographic scenes or has them listen to erotic scenarios and measures their response in two ways. One she gives them a keypad. They can rate their own subjective response. Am I turned on? Am I not? To what degree am I turned on? Secondly she’s got a little device called a plethysmograph which measures the body’s response. And what we’re talking about just to get technical for a second is a little sort of glassine tube that measures blood flow in the vagina. So interestingly over and over again what women say they want via the keypad or what they say turns them on contrasts with what this little device called the plethysmograph says about bodily response. To give you one example scenario with a super hunky handsome close friend as the potential erotic partner versus scenario with the super hunky handsome total stranger as the erotic partner consistently women say I’ll go with the close friend. Consistently women’s bodies say I’m getting very, very turned on, the plethysmograph readings are soaring in response to the stranger. What does this tell us? Can the little device called the plethysmograph say everything there is to be said about desire? Absolutely no, it cannot. There’s all kinds of complexity here. But at the very least it tells us a story that stands in contrast to the story we’ve been told by evolutionary psychologists which is what women really want sexually speaking is that one good man, the intimacy driven relationship, et cetera. This stands in total contrast to that it asks us to question those old stories and that’s what researchers are doing now over and over. And that’s partly because the field has become increasingly filled with female researchers and so they’re able to see in a different more searching way into their subject.
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