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Road Rovers are born
This clip shows how the Road Rovers came to be.
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Road Rovers (Theme Song)
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Road Rovers vs. Wolves
The Road Rovers are in London, but they're not on vacation. They're fighting wild wolves.
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Road Rovers and a Werewolf
There's a werewolf in the Road Rovers base, but is the werewolf Exile. If you saw this episode you would know who the werewolf is.
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Road Rovers- The gold loving villain
The Road Rovers find out who is stealing gold. General Parvo wants to use the gold to take over the world.
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Road Rovers- Opening- HD
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Road Rovers defeat the werewolves
The Road Rovers have the cure for Colleen and the others who have turned into werewolves, but they have vary little time before it's to late.
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Road Rovers- Lunch and rest stop
The Road Rovers stop for a bite of lunch and to use the bathroom.
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Road Rovers HQ (Animation)
https://tillamillasilla.deviantart.com/art/Road-Rovers-HQ-671920061 Road Rovers HQ, when the Road Rovers works and lives here. :) I do not own Road Rovers. Road Rovers belongs to Warner Bros.
Views: 165 Ádám Bóna
Road Rovers vs ninjas
Ninjas are stealing things, so the Road Rovers are sent to stop them.
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Road Rovers Ability Showcase (updated)
Now with added Muzzle! I had a comment in the previous version of this video mentioning the absence of the character Muzzle. I gave my reasons for not including him but did say that I did have an idea and may include him at some point if I could find the time to revisit the animation. Well, I decided it was time to come good on my word and made the addition. Apologies if you thought this going to be a completely different video from the previous Road Rovers one. I thought about making significant changes to each character's sections to make this video a bit more worthwhile viewing, but the issue was that when I first started the animation, I was using Toon Boom Animate 2. Later I upgraded to Toon Boom Harmony. The character rigs I had designed early on were different to that I made after the upgrade, so going back for tweaks would have been fiddly. Exile was one of the latter characters who had been built in Harmony, so the changes to his section was more manageable. Road Rovers are the property of Warner Bros. No copyright infringement was intended, this animation was made for funsies. Find me elsewhere on the internet; Twitter: @iron_gauntlet Blog: https://irongauntlet.blogspot.com
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Road Rovers - Muzzle wants to come
Muzzle is tired of staying at the base, so he sneaks aboard the Rover's sub to go on his first mission.
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blitz's tanks
my favoret moment in the road rovers, my favoret child hood show
Views: 39817 crazycarlover
Road Rovers showcase
Something of a 'tribute' animation I made featuring the Road Rovers characters and their abilities. No Muzzle, though. Sorry. Road Rovers (C) Warner Bros. This animation was made for fun. Other stuff of mine at; http://irongauntlet.blogspot.com.au http://irongauntletblog.tumblr.com
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Road Rovers in Brazil
The Road Rovers arrive in Brazil to do a job.
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Road Rovers being questioned
The Road Rovers have been taken, and now someone is tying to make them spill their guts.
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Road Rovers - Crazy morning
Life for Road Rovers can get a little crazy. But in the morning, things really go crazy.
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Road Rovers- Boat chase
The Road Rovers are attacked by fish monsters. They use boats to get away, but the monsters give chase.
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Road Rovers - Muzzle saves the day
The bad guy Storm has the Rovers, but it is Muzzle who saves them.
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Road Rovers- The full moon reveals the truth
The Road Rovers must find a way to find out if Exile is a werewolf, so they wait for the full moon, but soon learn a shocking truth.
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Cartoon Hero Rovers
I have a ton of Road Rover clips and decided to use them with Cartoon Heros.
Views: 10773 SlashBluedog
Road Rovers The Werewolf Curse
Exile believes he's gonna turn into a werewolf. If any of you knew Exile wasn't going to turn to a werewolf or not, leave some comments if you want.
Views: 14933 Brissa DLR
Road Rovers Analyzing the fur
I hope you like it
Views: 15805 Brissa DLR
Funny Road Rovers moment : Bear hug
Blitz refused a kiss from exile and was given a bear hug but in the end prefered a kiss hahaha.... I don't own this vid
Views: 4393 Allenwalker221
Road Rovers- Crazy times call for crazy plans
The Road Rovers are doing all they can to help break all the dogs out of the super pound. But they have one crazy time doing it.
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Road Rovers- The big K-9 brawl
The Road Rovers are in over their head with a new batch of mutant dogs, so they unleash Muzzle.
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Road Rovers Promo 2
Road Rovers In the real world it is an action/comedy animated show from Warner Brothers Animation Television. In the TV world they are an elite team of crime fighting dogs chosen from around the world. When the call goes out they rush from their homes (they live with heads of state around the world) and return to the Master who turns them into Cano-Sapiens (super charged dogs) The team consists of: Exile the Siberian Husky from Siberia who has super strength and vision, Colleen the Collie from England who has super cunning and agility, Blitz the Doberman from Germany who has super powerful jaws and claws, Hunter the Retriever from America who has super speed, Shag the Sheepdog from Switzerland who has, um er ("four out of five is not bad")... Also part of the team is Muzzle the insane Rottweiler (who is Hunter's buddy and Shepherd's former pet). The "Road Rovers" are for humanity and animals everywhere! They fight for right day and night (and three meals a day, a rug in front of the fire and a bath once a week). (video clip from http://rrstuff.tripod.com/)
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Road Rovers and the alien invaders
The Earth has been invaded by aliens and the Road Rovers are on the job to send them back to Mars.
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Remember the Road Rovers! (mashup)
A tribute to one of the most underrated cartoon shows of all time, as well as it's zany pop culture references. Warning: Not exactly for children. If you have a problem with that, than cover your virgin ears and go LALALALALALALALALA. Thank you.
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Road Rovers - The rescue mission
The Road Rovers are sent in to rescue some hostages from a group of well armed bad guys.
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Road Rovers save the day again
The aliens turn out to be human and their leader is Storm. The Road Rovers take him down again.
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Road Rovers - Bad Apple
voices used: Hunter - Kaito Colleen - Miku Blitz - Hiyama Kiyotreru Exile - VCV 0701 Muzzle - Kyousho Rakudaine Shag - Kai Kim this is for a fan game I'll be working on called: Kingdom Hearts: Battle Against Obscurity
Views: 9661 Smashcop1

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