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My funny white  cat
My crazy cat!!! My cat is deaf, since I have taken it from the street,so the vaccum sound its not a problem...
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tuxedo cat, floyd, black and white cat, funny
tuxedo cat. our cat floyd playing in an easter egg box!
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Funny White Cat In Bath
My cat, Piewacket, havingfun in the bath with toilet paper.
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Ask Jupiter - Talking Cat Answers Your Questions
Jupiter, the talking cat, answers your questions! Video by Andrew Grantham: http://facebook.com/klaatu42 twitter: http://twitter.com/talkinganimals Thanks once again to snowbirdy6 for supplying video of her awesome kitties Jupiter and Kona: http://www.youtube.com/user/snowbirdy6
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Official Video: Cat Bath Freak Out -Tigger the cat says 'NO!' to bath
"Like" me on FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tigger-... Follow me on INSTAGRAM: http://statigr.am/tiggerthenobathcat Tweet me: https://twitter.com/TiggerHatesBath My cat Tigger's first bath. He didn't like it much, he's screaming "nooooo!" the whole time. FOR THE RECORD: This bath was absolutely necessary. At the time of the bath, Tigger was really dirty to the point that he was leaving traces of dirt and stains all over my bed, his bed, and the dog's bed (he loves to roll in the dirt with my dog and lay under cars with the neighbor's cat!). You may think cats are clean animals, and don't need baths, but Tigger really doesn't spend much time grooming himself for some reason. I decided to give him the bath this day because he came in with a couple car oil stains on his back which he was unable to clean himself, nor would it have been healthy for him to lick the chemicals off. He may not have been happy about the bath, but it was for his own good. We decided to film it because as soon as I started running the water, Tigger started making funny odd noises we had never heard, so we just thought maybe we should capture it! He is perfectly fine and was back to his usual self 5 minutes after the bath. No harm done! Tigger is a happy, healthy, spoiled, well-loved kitty!
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my black and white cat messing about kittens funny
kittens 7 months, oink nose in called chinny he is male, other is baby female, they love jumping through ribena multi pack card but are getting too big for it now lol. they love there flower haed on elastic best lol.
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目を大きくしながら猫じゃらしを見つめる可愛い白猫 Cute white cat staring at the toy while making the eyes bigger
猫って何かに集中して狙っている時は、目をまん丸にして獲物を狙っている表情が凄く可愛いですよね。これは、猫がおもちゃに視線を集中させている時の動画です。ただ、飛びつかれた瞬間は時々痛い思いをしないといけない時があるのが気になります。 When cats are concentrating on something, the facial expressions aiming at prey by enlarging eyes are pretty cute.This is a movie when I focus my cat's eyes on toys.However, the moment when you catch up with a cat is sometimes worried that there are times when you have to make a painful occasion. 情報サイトを運営しています。 Japan Videography 総合情報サイト https://japan-videography.com/blog/ FaceBook https://www.facebook.com/Sironekomilk/ Twitter https://twitter.com/JVideography instagram https://www.instagram.com/sironekomilk/ チャンネル登録よろしくお願いします。 Please Subscribe my channel http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=sironekomilk #ねこ #Cat #Japanvideography
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Funny cat at 8 am
Funny cat at 8 am
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The Cat at pool made the day Epic Funny!
Funny video made in Istanbul...Cat getting scared by the swimming pool. PUMA
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Ginger cat gives black and white cat Hell.wmv
Ginger cat gives black and white cat Hell, but the black and white cat aint bothered.
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Talking Cat - The New Fish
Can Jupiter be trusted alone with the new fish? Video by Andrew Grantham: http://facebook.com/klaatu42 twitter: http://twitter.com/talkinganimals Thanks once again to snowbirdy6 for supplying video of her awesome kitty, Jupiter: http://www.youtube.com/user/snowbirdy6
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Fat Cat Dancing To Very Random Music
I got bored and decided to do this :D Holy crap!!! Over 3,000 views?!?!?!?!?!? Thanks people :D
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tuxedo cat, floyd, black and white cat, kitten, funny
tuxedo cat. our cat floyd running away from himself!
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My white cat name "White One" walks funny
My white cat walks funny 2/10/2010
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The OMG Cat
The OMG Cat or the WTF cat - funny gobsmacked cat. The cats name is "Choco" and if i told you what she was looking at, I would have to kill you!!!
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Funny Ginger Cat
Yes another cat video on youtube but there can never be too many.
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Funny cat of Policeman
Funny Policeman, with white gloves and shoes. additionally A punched face.
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Funny Cats - Misty
Misty the cat, a resident at the RSPCA Block Fen Animal Centre, talks about Mati from The Tygrine Cat.
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This is Forrest ...chasing his tail....again....he is 11 and was the runt of his litter so always been just a little slow.... he loves when I put on music and gets excited!
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Maylo the Cat vs Shark !!!!!FUNNY!!!!!LOL!!!!!
Maylo is a 4 Years old British Shorthair Blue. This Video shows Maylos first contact with a Rc Shark. !!!Please Rate!!! Maylo ist ein 4 Jahre alter Britisch Kurzhaar Kater. Maylo sieht den Hai im Video zum ersten mal und ist anfangs etwas verhalten und später sehr verärgert wie man unschwer erkennen kann:)))))
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crazy white cat with toy
nathan is crazy...
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tuxedo cat, floyd, black and white cat, funny
tuxedo cat. our cat floyd chasing a stick!
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8GB Funny Cat Shaped Cartoon USB Flash Drive White
This is a beautiful fashions drive. Just plug into your USB port and your computer will immediately detect and configure the disk without restarting your computer. Read, write, copy, store, delete files just the same way as you use for a floppy diskette or hard drive.
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Funny Mother Cat Attacks Son Kitten
The white one is the mother, the tabby one is the son. They're constantly funny fighting a joke, if they're not sleeping. As seen on http://russiancatspictures.blogspot.com/
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amazing white cute cat shouting
white cat
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China, the funny white cat
this is my cat china watch what she does!
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Very funny cat on treadmill
Good quality big white cat on a treadmill
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White Cat With Funny Look
This cat has a green and a blue eye (heterochromia). He appears to blink his blue eye to the camera. What should he do? -------------------------------------------------------------------- (c)2010 by LN.S Team. Every single right reserved.
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Circus Cats on Parade *AWESOME CAT TRICKS* 1080P
This amazing troupe of white cats astonish a crowd by performing tricks live on french TV new years eve 2009. The trainer does a wonderful job of keeping the cats going.
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Funny Chattering Kitty
Niko loves to chatter at the birdies. I put a birdhouse outside the window, to help indulge his favorite pastime. For those of you who wonder, he has full hearing in both ears, thankfully! He really is my best friend. I'm so happy so many people appreciate him. He's such a silly little guy, but very few get to see that side of him :)
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tuxedo cat, floyd, black and white cat, kitten, funny, lazer pen,
tuxedo cat. our cat, kitten floyd chasing a lazer pen!
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Funny cat on treadmill
Fat white cat tries to burn off his cheesburgers.
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Lion + White Tiger = Cameron & Zabu!
Say hello to Big Cat Rescue's "odd couple" Cameron and Zabu (Male African Lion & Female White Tiger) were rescued from a roadside zoo and circus in New Hampshire in 2004. Subscribe to our Website: http://bigcatrescue.org Follow Big Cat Rescue on Twitter http://twitter.com/BigCatRescue Like Big Cat Rescue on Facebook http://facebook.com/bigcatrescue Add Big Cat Rescue on Google+ https://plus.google.com/u/0/+bigcatrescue Shop for cat themed items http://bigcatrescue.biz THANK YOU!
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White Maneki Neko Solar Power trio three lucky cats bobblehead funny cute
Good luck kitties for your business and home can be purchased on Ebay: asian-image
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funny cats and dogs
i show pics of my cats and dogs
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Fat cat snoring really loud!
HAHA it's just my furry white ball again (: isn't he cute?!
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Three Stooges Hot Dog And Cats Meal .wmv
I've extracted this clip from Three Stooges episode," Malice In the Palace (1949) ". I find it exceptionally funny with eye-watering Larry 's cooking maneuvers.
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Cute Little White Cat Catching a Bug
mobile phone video of my cat jumping up to catch a bug.
blue the kitty frolics in the dirt.
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funny cats
my 2 cats autumn(small orange one) and simon(taller black and white one)
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Black cat White paws
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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Funny cat 旺旺 four baby cats-3/1/4
Eat fish
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Persian kitty cat costume work Fat cat cute White kitty
Kaplan wearing his necktie~ Hard day ~ working!
Views: 4738 Gloria H
Funny Cat Burps
My cat burps when im not looking but i got some on a hidden camera
Views: 40584 BerralandJohnay