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PF பணம் Onlineல் எடுப்பது எப்படி? | How to withdraw PF money online in Tamil ? | Hariharan
PF பணம் எடுப்பது எப்படி? | How to withdraw PF money online in Tamil ? | Hariharan PF பணம் Onlineல் நீங்களே எடுப்பது எப்படி?
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Oracle DBA Justin - How to grant a system privilege to a user in an Oracle database
How to grant a system privilege to a user in an Oracle database
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Oracle DBA Justin - How to backup and restore an Oracle database with RMAN (basic)
How to backup and restore an Oracle database with RMAN (basic)
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How to Configure AME in R12 - Assign Roles & Create Grants for User
How to Configure AME in R12 - Assign Roles & Create Grants for User In this video, I have explained how to Configure AME in Oracle R12. 1. Assign Roles to User 2. Create Grant Option For Learning Oracle E-Business Suite.. Check below sites. http://www.oracleerpappsguide.com https://www.facebook.com/LearnOracleErpAppsGuide/ https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/111267855409088676081 Email: [email protected] Happy Learning!.
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23. Grant, Revoke and Grant Table View to other user in Oracle
In this video you will learn many things in simple and easy way. Create User, Create Role, Grant Permission on Role, Pass role to user, Pass table to other user, Grant Table permissions to other user for table access etc are the points you will learn here. For Support =========== Email: [email protected] Contact Form: http://www.learninhindi.com/home/contact Our Social Media ================ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LearnInHindi Twitter: https://twitter.com/LearnInHindi For Training & Videos ===================== For more videos and articles visit: http://www.learninhindi.com Free Java Programming In Hindi Course ===================================== https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOZ3jentlCDAwwhMyoLISrxkXTADGp7PH Free Oracle PL/SQL Programming In Hindi Course ============================================== https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLB5DA82419C2D99B6 Free C Programming In Hindi Course ================================== https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOZ3jentlCDAxKpBLMWogxSdy6BZcsAJq Trips & Tricks Channel ====================== https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGmLfkuCo-3lHHJXRJ9HUMw Programming in Hindi Channel ============================ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCudElIDgwNrybeAvXIy1HZQ
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Oracle - Database Links
Oracle - Database Links
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SQL 001 What is a Relational Database, DBMS or RDBMS?
Special Pricing for YouTube Visitors! Computer Based Training is offering a SPECIAL price of just $149.95 for our complete SQL course, normally offered at $195.00. Just visit our website, purchase your course, and at checkout input the coupon code "Special" in the discount code box. Your final price will $149.95. Our website is www.ComputerBasedTrainingInc.com
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Oracle Financials E-Business Suite - Payables - Accounting 1/7
Oracle Financials E-Business Suite - Payables - Accounting 1/7
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HTC EGrAMS: Electronic Grants Administration and Management System
HTCs EGrAMS® is an enterprise wide grants management solution that efficiently manages end to end grants management activities to help grantor organizations make the most of their resources. EGrAMS® helps efficiently manage the complete grant administration process that involves managing the integrity, security, and redundancy of data, and the turn-around time between process steps. EGrAMS® is a stable, reliable system for grant-giving organizations that face new challenges due to a vast diversity of grant types, reporting requirements, and fiduciary requirements. Check it out at: http://www.htcinc.com/website/insidepage.asp?page_id=174
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Grants With Admin Option - Create roles in Oracle 12c Part - 2
It becomes difficult for DBA to handle granting privileges when there are tons of requests. With admin option is a wonderful feature which reduces stress of db admin and user gets authority to grant specific privileges to other user, this is the pros side and cons is un ethical use of the privileges by certain users. It is necessary for DB admin to monitor activities of users whom this privileges are provided.
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How to create an user and to grant all privileges to them in Oracle database
This video shows you how to create a new user and to grant privileges to them. Syntax to create a new user: create user username identified by password
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SQL tutorial 47: How to Grant Object Privileges With Grant Option in Oracle Database
In this SQL Tutorial you will learn How To Grant Object Privilege using Grant Data Control Language (DCL) statement along with GRANT OPTION flag. Third SQL Tutorial in the series of user privileges in oracle database ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ►►►Timeline◄◄◄ 1:06- Query 1- How To grant Basic Object Privilege (i.e.SELECT Object privilege) to a user 3:31- Query 2 - How to Grant Multiple Object Privilege To a user in 4:26- Query 3 - How To grant Object Privilege on Column Level 5:30- Query 4- How To Grant System Privilege WITH GRANT OPTION flag 6:06- WITH ADMIN OPTION demonstration ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Celebrating 1000 subscribers. Thanks a lot guys for all your love and support. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ►►►LINKS◄◄◄ List of Object Privilege http://bit.ly/list_of_object_privileges Object Privileges Blog http://bit.ly/object_privileges-in-oracle-database Previous Tutorial System Privilege: http://youtu.be/EQzdtKPiErU Introduction to user privilege: http://youtu.be/iQFb86lM1gs ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Copy Cloud referral link || Use this link to join copy cloud and get 20GB of free storage https://copy.com?r=kb4rc1 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ►Make sure you SUBSCRIBE and be the first one to see my videos! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Amazon Wishlist: http://bit.ly/wishlist-amazon ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ►►►Find me on Social Media◄◄◄ Follow What I am up to as it happens on https://twitter.com/rebellionrider https://www.facebook.com/imthebhardwaj http://instagram.com/rebellionrider https://plus.google.com/+Rebellionrider http://in.linkedin.com/in/mannbhardwaj/ http://rebellionrider.tumblr.com/ http://www.pinterest.com/rebellionrider/ You can also Email me at [email protected] Please please LIKE and SHARE my videos it makes me happy. Thanks for liking, commenting, sharing and watching more of our videos This is Manish from RebellionRider.com ♥ I LOVE ALL MY VIEWERS AND SUBSCRIBERS
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Oracle Application 11i - Responsibility and User Creation
This is the first part of the Oracle Core HRMS Course, In this Tutorial , Users will Learn how to create Oracle Application 11i responsibility and User For More Videos and Tutorials about Oracle Apps and Fusion ERP please visiit http://hrmsnetwork.blogspot.com
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Oracle - grant and revoke
Oracle - grant and revoke
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Handling System and Business Exceptions in an Oracle BPM Application
This video shows you how to use an Event Subprocess to handle both system and business exceptions in an OBPM process. Please see our tutorial Creating Your First Process with OBPM 11g for more information. https://apex.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=44785:24:0::NO:24:P24_CONTENT_ID,P24_PREV_PAGE:4840,29. Copyright © 2012 Oracle and/or its affiliates. Oracle® is a registered trademark of Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Oracle disclaims any warranties or representations as to the accuracy or completeness of this recording, demonstration, and/or written materials (the "Materials"). The Materials are provided "as is" without any warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including without limitation warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement.
Introduction to Oracle Database Administration - Oracle DBA
http://oracledbazerotopro.com This tutorial offers introduction to Oracle Database Administration (Oracle DBA).
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Roles y usuarios
Como crear Roles y usuarios en Oracle utilizando PL/SQL Developer Script -- Create the role create role SOPORTE_TABLA; -- Grant/Revoke system privileges grant create session to SOPORTE_TABLA; grant select any table to SOPORTE_TABLA; grant update any table to SOPORTE_TABLA; ******************************************************************************* -- Create the role create role SOPORTE_EXTERNO; -- Grant/Revoke system privileges grant alter any table to SOPORTE_EXTERNO; grant create any table to SOPORTE_EXTERNO; grant create session to SOPORTE_EXTERNO; grant create table to SOPORTE_EXTERNO; grant create tablespace to SOPORTE_EXTERNO; grant select any table to SOPORTE_EXTERNO; ******************************************************************************* -- Create the user create user MARCELO identified by "" default tablespace USERS temporary tablespace TEMP profile DEFAULT password expire; -- Grant/Revoke role privileges grant soporte_externo to MARCELO; -- Grant/Revoke system privileges grant unlimited tablespace to MARCELO; ******************************************************************************* -- Create the user create user ISACC identified by "" default tablespace USERS temporary tablespace TEMP profile DEFAULT password expire; -- Grant/Revoke role privileges grant soporte_tabla to ISACC;
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Passagem de argumentos por linha de comando (Parte 1)
Breve explicação sobre a passagem de argumentos para o Python por linha de comando (parte 1)
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PLS-10: Oracle Pl/SQL Cursors With Parameters
Oracle PL/SQL For Full Course Experience Please Go To http://mentorsnet.org/course_preview?course_id=5 Full Course Experience Includes 1. Access to course videos and exercises 2. View & manage your progress/pace 3. In-class projects and code reviews 4. Personal guidance from your Mentors
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Oracle Database: How to Create a User
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Install Oracle Applications E-Business Suite R12 on Any Windows using VMWare Virtual Machine 1/3
Install Oracle Applications E-Business Suite R12 on Any Windows using VMWare Virtual Machine 1/3
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Deliver on Your Project Promises - Webinar Part 2
It's common scenario - the business case for a new system promised exciting and innovative solutions to transform your business? The harsh reality - project plans with deliverables that fall short of expectations, leaving the business searching for solutions that can be delivered alongside corporate applications - all without breaking the bank! Use Low cost - sometimes free - off the shelf tools to develop low-cost, quick to deploy business solutions to integrate with your Operational and ERP applications and deliver the promised business benefits. This Web Seminar makes heavy use of DEMONSTRATIONS OF ACTUAL, LIVE Systems, including •Asset Planning and Forecasting tool for a major oil exploration company •Chalet booking reservations system for a leisure company •Order Processing and Tracking solution for a major TV Shopping Channel •Touch Screen Shopfloor automation system for a hi-tech repair company .....all built quickly and cheaply using Oracle Tools The session is designed to highlight how such technologies can respond quickly and cheaply to user demands to deliver rapid business benefits. The web seminar will showcase low cost or FREE Oracle products such as Application Express, Business Intelligence and Database Options and will be hosted by Alastair Fraser and Grant Newman. Alastair is one of Oracle UK"s top consultants in this area of "Technology for Applications" whilst Grant manages projects for Award Winning partner Inoapps and has many years of experience in implementing large corporate solutions.
Views: 290 Inoapps Limited
Usuarios, roles y privilegios en Oracle database 11g Express edition
Material de apoyo: Contenidos: 4.1 Tipos de usuario 4.2 Creación de usuarios 4.3 Privilegios a usuarios 4.4 Roles http://karenjcs.wix.com/vdatasystem#!unidad-4/ch35
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Cruzsoft Tutoriales - Visual Basic 6.0 y Base de datos
Quieres Descargar Software y muchas otras cosas, pásate por esta pagina. http://adf.ly/12040821/http://www.megasotf.esy.es/ Saludos. Hola amigos. Este video muestra una manera sencilla de cómo podemos vincular una base de datos de Microsoft Acces a Visual Basic 6.0, hay varias formas pero yo siempre trato de ofrecer la forma menos compleja y técnica para quienes empiezan a programar, Te invito a pasarte por mi canal para ver mas Videos. Gracias por tu visita
de lo que es capas un hermano por su hermana chale
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How to revoke privileges from PUBLIC user on Oracle
Oracle Database Audit Best Practices
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SQL with Oracle 10g XE - Using CREATE TABLE to Build a Table
In this video I use the CREATE TABLE command to create three tables: Books, Publisher, and Author. I use these three tables as sample data. The code I entered in is: CREATE TABLE BOOK ( BOOK_ID VARCHAR(4) PRIMARY KEY, ISBN_10 VARCHAR(10), ISBN_13 VARCHAR(13), TITLE VARCHAR(50), CATEGORY VARCHAR(15), PRICE DECIMAL(6,2), BINDING VARCHAR(1), PUB_DATE VARCHAR(4), AUTHOR_ID SMALLINT, PUBLISHER_ID SMALLINT ); CREATE TABLE PUBLISHER ( PUBLISHER_ID SMALLINT PRIMARY KEY, PUBLISHER_NAME VARCHAR(40) ); CREATE TABLE AUTHOR ( AUTHOR_ID SMALLINT PRIMARY KEY, AUTHOR_LAST VARCHAR(25), AUTHOR_FIRST VARCHAR(20) ); I have to create each table individually in the SQL commands window. This video is part of a series of videos with the purpose of learning the SQL language. For more information visit Lecture Snippets at http://lecturesnippets.com.
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Oracle SQL comandos basicos
En esta presentacion vemos los comandos basicos de la consola de comandos del motor de bases de datos Oracle en sus variantes mas simples, utilizando SQLPlus bajo un entorno linux. Visiten mi blog para mas tutoriales en http://descubriendooracle.blogspot.com Descubriendo el Mundo Oracle
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Introduction to Oracle Financials
http://handsonerp.com Topics covered: * Introduction to ERP, Oracle E-Business Suite, and Oracle Financials. * Oracle Financials modules * Modules Interfaces
Views: 183310 HandsonERP
Oracle Database 10g: New Features for Administrators
This course introduces students to the new features in Oracle Database 10g - the database for Grid computing. Students learn how to use Oracle Database 10g new features to increase database availability, to simplify database performance monitoring and tuning through the use of Oracle Database 10g Advisors, and to offer simplified database manageability. The course also covers security and some development platform changes that students need to understand if applications running in databases support the related features. Hands-on practice sessions give students an opportunity to examine many of the new features for themselves. Course Objectives: Implement improved manageability features to simplify database management Utilize database advisors to provide proactive database monitoring Increase data availability through Oracle Database 10g features that offer improved point in time recovery Assist developers using Oracle Database 10g features in their applications ________________________________________ Course Topics: Introduction How DBAs Spend Their Time Oracle Database 10g Manageability Goals Oracle Database 10g Solution: Self-Managing Database Grid Computing Oracle Database 10g: The Database for the Grid Installation Installation Performance Enhancements Installation New Feature Support Automatic pre & post install validations CD pack contents Server Configuration Database Features Usage Tracking Automatic Enterprise Manager Configuration Simplified Initialization Parameters Simplified Database Install Load and Unload Data Cross-platform Transportable Tablespaces External Tables Unload DataPump Export and Import Utilities Automatic Management Automatic Checkpoint Tuning Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor Automatic Shared Memory Tuning Automatic Optimizer Statistics Collection Automatic Undo Retention Manageability Infrastructure Advisory Framework Automatic Routine Administration Tasks Server-generated Alerts / Threshold-based Alerts Automatic Workload Repository Application Management and Availability SQL Access Advisor SQL Tuning Advisor New performance overview charts in EM Rule-based optimization (RBO) obsolescence SQL Support for Analytical Applications MERGE Command Enhancements Partitioned Outer Join Integrating Interrow Calculations in SQL Summary Management Enhancements System Resource Management Setting Idle Timeouts Switching Back to the Initial Consumer Group at End of Call Database Resource Manager - Adaptive Consumer Group Mapping Monitoring the Resource Manager The Scheduler Core Scheduler Features Privileges for Scheduler Components Calendaring Expressions Advanced Scheduler Concepts Space Management Segment Advisor New Segment Resource Estimation Online Segment Shrink Proactive Tablespace Management Undo Advisor Sorted Hash Clusters Improved VLDB Support Bigfile Tablespace Enhanced Partition Management in Enterprise Manager Global Partitioned Indexes - Hash Partitioning Local Partitioned Indexes Manageability Improvements Temporary tablespace groups RMAN Enhancements Flash Backup and Recovery Backup Compression Drop Database Automatic Channel Failover for Backup & Restore Incrementally Updated Backups Simplified Recovery Through Resetlogs Flashback Any Error Flashback Database Flashback Table Flashback Versions Query Flashback Transaction Query Flashback Drop General Storage Management Rename Tablespace Redo Logfile Sizing Advisor SYSAUX Tablespace Copying Files using the Database Server Automatic Storage Management Data mirroring with ASM ASM Dynamic Rebalancing ASM Striping ASM General Architecture ASM Disk Groups Failure Groups Maintain Software Oracle Database 10g Upgrade Paths Easy Upgrade (key DBUA features / one script upgrade) Upgrade Information Tools (pre/post) Security Enhancements VPD Static and Dynamic Policies Column-level VPD Uniform Audit Trail Miscellaneous New Features Transaction Monitoring End-to-End Tracing Logminer Enhancements Resumable Space Allocation Enhancements Regular Expression functions
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Oracle Financials E-Business Suite - General Ledger - Study Road Map
Oracle Financials E-Business Suite - General Ledger - Study Road Map
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PLS-17: Predefined Exceptions in Oracle
PL/SQL For Full Course Experience Please Go To http://mentorsnet.org/course_preview?course_id=5 Full Course Experience Includes 1. Access to course videos and exercises 2. View & manage your progress/pace 3. In-class projects and code reviews 4. Personal guidance from your Mentors
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كيف أقوم بإنشاء إجراء (Procedure)في لغة أوراكل (PLSQL) ?
طريقة إنشاء إجراء في لغة PLSQL يتم من خلاله إضافة موظف جديد في جدول الموظفين ... و هو كمثال توضيحي لطريقة كتابة الإجراء في حال استقباله لقيم ...
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Oracle Tutorial
Oracle Tutorial
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setting grant permissions in oracle 9i sql plus
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Crear Usuarios en Oracle 10g - Parte I
Cómo crear usuarios en Oracle 10g, darle permisos, cambiar password, bloquear usuario, desbloquear usuario, etc... Visiten mi blog para mas tutoriales en http://descubriendooracle.blogspot.com Descubriendo el Mundo Oracle
Views: 8033 Clarisa Maman Orfali