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Blonde hair girls with friends.

The "THIRD" Danielle is an amazing 19 year old model who is ready to go from BLONDE BOMBSHELL to BALD BEAUTY!! Shes obviously an early contender for MISS BALD USA 2018, and likely candidate for MISS CONGENIALITY. Is Danielle the BEST BALD CHICK EVER? We think she would get a lot of votes!! NOW SHOWING!! Join us for all the excitement on the sub site!! "Dont get me wrong," she says, "I love my hair, but lately Ive been thinking of cutting it short." While looking through the Classified Ads recently, Doozie found our ad, and said YES to the biggest haircut of her life!! Moments later, Doozie gets a "GONE IN 60 SECONDS" haircut, admitting afterward that "The whole thing was pretty scary." Is she the BEST BALD CHICK EVER? Well let you decide. We will keep you all posted when we organize a PIZZA AND BEER PARTY to honor her return. GOES FROM BLONDE BOMBSHELL TO BALD BEAUTY. Danielle is ready for a haircut, right? In the minutes before her haircut, shes still talking about "chickening out." We assure her its no problem if she chickens out. Moments later, the clipper motor starts. Danielle takes a long look at the clippers. "Are you ready?" we ask. NEW VERSION OF LARA AND DEES HAIRCUTS NOW SHOWING. If youre a fan of NAKED AND AFRAID, check out the new XL series, featuring a freshly clipped girl named Lacey on the Discovery Channel!! If anyone finds pics of Lacey out on the internets, please forward them to Curly at se[email protected] Dee jumps in at the last second and says "Ill do it too," much to our surprise!! NOW SHOWING on the sub.